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1897, residing in Illinois. From Litchfield, Conn., Mr.
David Norton first settled in German, Chenango County,


N. Y., and from there came to this town in 1814, and settled
on what was afterwards known as the McDaniels Farm, in
the northwest corner of lot 44, Tully, Cold Brook. From
there he moved ot Truxton, N. Y., but died in this town.

(Cold Brook.)
Dniah (Wilton) , wife of David Norton. Died February

7, 1844, age 73 years, 7 months, 13 days.

' Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

(Cold Brook.)
Sally Merry, wife of Harvey Norton, Died October 6,
1839, age 29 years.

" Gone but not forgotten."
(Harvey Norton was a son of David and Dinah (Wilton)

(Cold Brook.)
Martha A., daughter of Lauren and Prudence (Town)
Nbrton. Died October 19, 1835, age 7 years, 6 days.
" Sleep on, sweet babe, and take thy rest,
God called thee when he saw it best."
(Lauren Norton was a son of David and Dinah (Wilton)

(Cold Brook.)
Stephen Norton, (son of David and Dinah (Wilton)
Norton) . Died January 21, 1844, age 36 years.

(Stephen Norton married Else Ripley, daughter of Jona-
than and Ruth (Corey) Ripley, and by her had two children :
Vinal, resides at Brookins, Brookins County, Dakota; and
Parmenas, married Sarah Viola Rice, daughter of Thomas
and Mary (Homan) Rice, and resides in Spafford, N. Y.
These two sons were brought up by Seymour Norton, their

Elsie (Ripley), wife of Stephen Norton. Died January

8, 1844, age 36 years.

Esther, daughter of Erastus and Mary (Isdell) Norton.
Died March 2, 1856, age 5 years, 20 days.

(Erastus Norton was a son of Moses and a grandson of
Ozias Norton, both of Litchfield, Conn. Moses Norton
married Percy Barber, and came to this town at an early
date and settled on Lot 33, Tully, and from there moved to
Eaton Rapids, Mich., where he died. His father, Ozias^


it is claimed, was a soldier in the Revolution, and that Moses
was a soldier in the War of 1812. By his wife, Percy-
Barber, Moses Norton had the following children, part or
all of whom were born in this town: Lauren, married
Lydia Bacon, daughter of John Bacon; Everis, married

Catherine Picket; Harmon, married Pullman; Bird,

married and resided West; killed in War of 1861;
Philo, married and resided West; Erastus, born September
3, 1818, dead, married Mary Isdell, daughter of Andrew and
Mary (Harris) Isdell, wife resides in SpafFord, N. Y. ; Peris
L., married Sarah A. Thayer, daughter of Sanford W. G.
and Sally (Miner) Thayer; Theda, married Peter Picket;
Esther, married Royal Pulsipher; and Amanda, married a
Mr. Williams, of Appalaccean, Pa.

Erastus Norton, (son of Moses and Percy Barber Norton)
married in Spafford, Mary Isdell, and by her had the fol-
lowing children, all born in Spafford: Emily, married
Charles Burdick, son of Christopher A. and Eugenia Jane
(Nash) Burdick, resides in SpafFord, N. Y. ; Mary Jane,
resides at home, unmarried; Willard, married Mary A.
Doty, daughter of Warren and Emily (Tinkham) Doty,
(they have one daughter, Angeline, unmarried), resides in
Homer, N. Y., Carpenter, member of 122d N. Y. Vols. Inft.,
War of 1861, has been Supervisor of this town; Perry, mar-
ried Nancy Van Benschoten, she is dead, four children —
he was a member of Company I, 149th N. Y. Vols. Inft.,
War of 1861, resides at Glen Haven, N. Y. ; Helen, married
Wallace Gordon, husband dead, she resides in SpafFord,
N. Y. (two children, Edith and Maud) ; Ida, married
Charles Emerson Barker, son of William and Betsey Ann
(Knapp) Barker, residing at SpafFord (one child), Merritt
C. Barker, attending a medical college at Cleveland, 0. ; and
Bruce Isdell, married Mary Howard, of Gloversville, N. Y.
(no issue) . Erastus Norton was a carpenter by trade, has
been Town Collector and To^vn Clerk.)

(Cold Brook.)

Myron, son of Lauren and Lydia (Bacon) Norton. Died
August 4, 1832, age 8 years, 1 month.

" So fond desires are often crossed.
And parents' hopes in death are lost."

(Lauren Norton was a son of Moses and Percy (Barber)
Noton.) (Cold Brook.)


(Robert Norton married Susan Hill, sister of Alexander
Hill, formerly of Scott, N. Y., and came from Cambridge,
Washington County, N. Y., and settled on Ripley Hill, near
the county line. This family is supposed to have buried
its dead in Scott, N. Y., but by reason of its connection with
Spafford families, its record is given here. The children of
Mr. and Mrs. Norton, as shown by the public records were :
Horace, married (1) Prudence Frink, and (2) in Scott,
N. Y., in 1898 he resided in San Francisco, Cal.; Peter,
resided in San Francisco, Cal. ; Reuben, resided in San Fran-
cisco, Cal. ; James Hill, married Charlotte Barker, daughter
of Darius and Mary (Cooper) Barker, died in 1879, and
left no wife or issue ; Harriet, married Dr. Robert Sidney,
she died in Scott, N. Y. ; Mary A. Norton, resides in Scott,
N. Y. ; Eveline, married George Churchell, son of Peter and
Lucinda (Crane) Churchell) ; Angeline, married Horace
Prindle, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Moon) Prindle, hus-
band dead and she resides in Syracuse, N. Y.; Edward,
married and resided West.)


In memory of Joshua Nye, who died April 27, 1811, in
the 43rd year of his age.

(Old Borodino Cemetery.)


William O'Farrell. Died December 11, 1863, age 79
years, 3 months, 14 days.

(William O'Farrell came to this town before 1814, and
settled that year on Lot 24, Tully, in Spafford Hollow, where
he remained until his decease; by his wife Dinah, he had
the following children ,as appears by his will, dated Feb-
ruary 28, 1863, probated March 14, 1864 : Elihu A., died
unmarried; Francis A., he was a minister; William M.,
married (1) Esther Rainey, daughter of Robert Rainey, and

(2) Clara , he died in Tully, December 2, 1869,

(leaving two children: Esther, wife of James Stuckey of
Marcellus, and Chester H. O'Farrell, also of Marcellus,
N. Y.) ; Rev. David M. D., he married and moved to Illinois,
(leaving one daughter here, who married Menzies Stebbins
of Bromley, (Otisco Hollow), who died in February, 1899) ;


John W., married a Soper ; Maria, marriejd Alanson Bouhan ;
Catherine, married Noah Parmele; Caroline, wife of Milo
E. Jacobs, son of Elias and Betsey G. Jacobs, they moved
West; and Henry F. O'Farrell. Mr. O'Farrell was a man
of prominence in town affairs, and at various times held
responsible town offices, among which were: Supervisor,
Assessor, Overseer of the Poor, Commissioner of Highways,
Collector, Constable, and Justice of the Peace.

There was another William O'Farrell, who also resided in
Spafford Hollow, but how related to the foregoing family,
if at all, is not known. In his will, dated February 3, 1868,
probated September 27, 1869, and in the application for
its probate, no mention is made of any wife or children
but of the following: Mary O'Farrell, his mother, of Mel-
rose, Canada; Mary Pitt and John O'Farrell, his sister and
brother, of Melrose, Canada; Joanna Ryan, his sister, of
New London, Canada; John, Rhoda and Maria Sullivan, of
Ireland, children of his deceased sister, Nancy Sullivan ; and
Joseph, Daniel, Mary and Margaret O'Farrell, of New
London, Canada, children of his deceased brother, Patrick
O'Farrell. One of the witnesses to this latter will was
Adeline Stebbins, the daughter of Rev. David M. D|
O'Farrell, son of the first William O'Farrell, above

(Spafford Hollow.)

Dinah, wife of William O'Farrell. Died August 29, 1868,
age 87 years, 1 month, 13 days.

" Peaceful in life, triumphant in death."

(Spafford Hollow.)
F. Garretson, son of Rev. David M. D. and A. O'Farrell.
Died September, 1844, age 2 years, 1 month, 4 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)
Charles W., son of Rev. David M. D. and A. O'Farrel.
Died October 20, 1850, age 1 year, 17 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)
Esther (Rainey), wife of William M. O'Farrell. Died
January 31, 1862, age 54 years, 8 months, 23 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)
William Emory, son of William M. and Esther (Rainey)
O'Farrell. Died October 1, 1855, age 23 years, 4 months.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Charlotte C, daughter of William M. and Esther
(Rainey) O'Farrell. Died November 7, 1857, age 19
years, 1 month, 4 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)
' John R., son of William M. and Esther (Rainey)
O'Farrell. Dated February 6, 1859, age 24 years, 1 month,
23 days. (Spafford Hollow.)


Timothy Olmstead. Born in Litchfield, Conn., August 3,
1772. Died April 27, 1855, in the 83rd year of his age.

(In the application for letters of administration upon his
estate, made by his son, Hirah Olmstead, then of Onondaga,
N. Y., mention is made of his widow, Abigail Olmstead, and
his children: Ebenezer, of Galway, Saratoga County,
N. Y. ; Alpheus, of Clinton, Rock County, Wisconsin ; Sally,
Randall; and Isaiah Olmstead, both of Spafford, N. Y.;
Hirah, the petitioner, and also mention is made of grand-
children (without naming them), who were children of
Chloe Chase and Elijah B. Olmstead, his deceased daughter
and deceased son. His widow renounces in favor of the
petitioner, who received letters.)

(Borodino.) ,

Abby J., wife of Isaiah Olmstead. Died February 2,
1885, age 74 years.

(Isaiah Olmstead was a son of Timothy and Abigail Olm-
stead.) 1810-1892.


Charles H., son of Isaiah and Abby J. Olmstead. Died
October 1, 1839, age 3 years, 17 days.


Jerry Olmstead. (Jere on stones.) Died December 18,
1846, age 84 years, 11 months, 18 days.

(Among his children by his wife, Mercy, was Isaac Olm-
stead, who married Eunice Case, daughter of Isaac and
Polly Case.)


Mercy, wife of Jerre Olmstead. Died April 29, 1861, age
92 years, 9 months, 13 days.



Isaac Olmstead, (son of Jerry and Mercy Olmstead).
Died May 25, 1890, age 81 years, 9 months.

(In his will, dated March 5, 1887, probated June 16, 1890,
Isaac Olmsted mentions his wife Eunice, and his children :
Jeremiah, married Lavina Fish, of SpafFord, N. Y. ; Mary J.,
married Francis Ide, son of Henry and Harriet (Colton)
Ide, of Spafford, N. Y., and his grandchildren : Eva, David,
Isaac, Lee, and Jay Olmstead, Adda Streeter, Pearley Olm-
stead, and Grant Ide, all of Borodino, N. Y.)

Eunice (Case), wife of Isaac Olmstead. Died April 24,
1893, age 81 years, 3 months.

Frank, son of Jeremiah and Lavina (Fish) Olmstead.
Died June 1, 1861, age 3 years, 2 months, 10 days.
" No sweeter flower did ever bloom,
Nor lovelier infant find a tomb."



Elisha F. Olmsted. Bom May 10, 1805, died March 19,

(He married Harriet Calkins, sister of Charles Calkins,
and had one son, Parmelie Olmsted. He was not known to
be related to the other Olmstead families of this town.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Harriet (Calkins), wife of Elisha Olmsted. Born De-
cember 7, 1807, died January 4, 1893.

(Thorn Hill.)


Rachel (Fisher) , wife of Osmor Orton. Died September
13, 1842, age 62 years, 2 months, 5 days.

(Osmor Orton, before 1817, settled on Lot 2, Tully, in
Spafford Hollow, just south of Otisco Lake and west of the
inlet to that body of water; he married Rachel Fisher,
daughter of Amos and Margaret Fisher, and is supposed to
have had by her the following children: John, married
Lydia Ann Collins, daughter of John and (Lucy Burdick)
Collins, he and his wife died in Michigan; Zenas, married
Sally , he died in Spafford, N. Y.; Henry, moved to


Preble, N. Y. ; and Clarissa, who died in Michigan, un-
married. There may have been others. Uriah Roundy
thinks Osmor Orton had other children: Amos, Nelson,
Sally, Lucy, Louisa and Philip.)

(Davis Yard.)

^enas Orton, (son of Osmor Orton and Rachel (Fisher)
Orton). Died February 21, 1862, age 63 years, 4 months.

(Uriah Roundy says: Zenas Orton married (1) Hannah
Coon , and (2) the widow Harris. His daughter, Olive,
married Tensart Wilbur, she died 1899, at the age of 77
years.) (Borodino.)

Orson E., son of Zenas and Sally Orton. Died April 15,
1855, at 17 years, 8 months, 20 days.


Ann Eliza, daughter of Peter and Nancy (Williamson)
Ostrander. Died December 30, 1851, age 2 months.

(John L Ostrander, Jr., son of John I. and Catherine
Ostrander of Albany, N. Y., married Anna Muer (Soctch),
and by her had the following children : John, v/as a printer,
and died of cholera in New Orleans, La. ; Ames, was killed
in the Mexican War; Peter, married Nancy Williamson,
daughter of Cornelius and Eliza (Ostrander) Williamson,
he was a printer by trade; William H., married Renett
Weed of Albany, N .Y., he was a merchant and accountant,
and resided in Tully, N. Y., he at one time was in a bank
at Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Alexander, married Mary King of
Suffield, Hartford County, Conn., he was a harness maker
and resided in Tully, N. Y. (They were father and mother
of George A. Ostrander of Syracuse, N. Y., who died 1915) ;
Philip, married and resided in Syracuse, N. Y., member of
Company " A," 149th N. Y. Vols. Inft., engraver by trade,
dead; Robert, married Anna Russel of Hartford, Conn.,

harness maker and teacher; Thomas, married ,

his wife, after his decease, married Charles Tallman, of
Syracuse, N. Y., as his third wife; Gloriana; Catherine,
married Harvey McCune; and Eliza, married Charles Tall-
man, of Syracuse, N. Y. Mr. Peter Ostrander came from
Albany to Tully, but at one time resided on a cross road
in Spafford Hollow, according to a statement of William M.
Tuttle, formerly of Otisco Hollow, now of Vesper, N. Y.)



Timothy Owen. Died April 27, 1878, in his 92nd year.

(In an obituary notice, published at the time of his
decease, it was stated that, " he was born at Tyringham,
Mass. ; moved with his parents to Navarino, N. Y., when he
was 15 years of age; two years later he worked clearing land
at the foot of Skaneateles Lake, where the village of that
name now stands; he then went to Sempronius, where he
lived four years, and then bought the farm knov/n as the
Owen farm, one and one-half miles north of Stafford Cor-
ners, where he resided until 1857; he then moved to Boro-
dino, where he lived until his death. July 16, 1842, he
joined the Free Will Baptist Church. By his wife, Lydia,
he had one daughter, Polly Ann, who married George W.
Breed, son of Rufus and Mehitable Breed.)


Lydia, wife of Timothy Owen. Died June 21, 1870, age
83 years.


In an application for a pension by Daniel Owen of Spaf-
ford, dated September 1, 1820, he makes the following
claim: That he served in the War of the Revolution as
a member of Capt. William Hull's Company, in the Regi-
ment commanded by Col. Charles Webb, of Connecticut
Troops, in the service of the United States; that he served
for the period of one year and vfas discharged at Morris-
town, N. J., in 1776; that he had a wife, Lydia, and a
daughter and a granddaughter, who resided with him in
Spafford. The Connecticut records show that the regiment
in question, during the time stated, served for a short time
along the coast of Long Island Sound, then, on requisition of
Washington, was accepted as Continentals and ordered to
Boston, where it remained until the evacuation of that place
by the British. The regiment was then marched to New
York, and took part in the battle of White Plains, and then
at Trenton, N. J. The Martyr Spy, Capt. Nathan Hale,
executed by the British in New York City, was a member
of this regiment.

Mr. Owen purchased, on March 17, 1824, eighteen acres
of land on the Nunnery road, on Lot 12, Sempronius ; these
lands were afterwards conveyed by his widow, Lydia Owen,
and his daughter, Eunice C. Snyder, then of Cortland. N. Y.,


March 31, 1841. After his decease his pension was con-
tinued to his widow, who was on the pension list in 1841
and 1842, and therein described as of Spafford.


Amos Palmer. Died June 9, 1823, age 50 years, 7

(Amos Palmer, born October 29, 1772, according to family-
tradition was from Rhode Island, came from there first to
Brookfield, Madison Co., N. Y. After a short residence at
the latter place, he moved to the East Side Hill, in this town,
on or before 1809, and remained there until he moved to
the farm now occupied (1899) by Arthur Hall, on Lot 23,
Sempronius, September 22, 1822. By his wife, Mary-
Barber, bom July 27, 1771, and whom he married Octolber
4, 1795, he had the following children: Charity, born
October 25, 1796, married Benjamin Hewett, May 16, 1830;
Polly, bom April 9, 1798, married John Churchell, April 14,
1818; Amos, Jr., bom October 1, 1800, died young; Daniel,
bom May 30, 1804, married Betsey Oliver, March 21, 1827;
Willet, bom May 2, 1806, married Mercy Babcock, February
10, 1834, resided in Skaneateles, N. Y.; Reuben S., bom
September 12, 1809, married Hannah Hall, November 29,
1834, resided in Spafford, on the old homestead and died
without issue; James V., bom May 24, 1811, married
Lydia Belknap, February 20, 1833, resided in Auburn,
N. Y.; Sally, bom September 18, 1812, married Edward
Robinson, January 1, 1845; Julania, bom June 19, 1815,
married Ira Babcock, April 13, 1834; and Hezekiah Gorton,
born May 1, 1817, married Cynthia Capron, daughter of
Benjamin Capron, September 29, 1840.


Mary Barber, wife of Amos Palmer. Died November 5,
1845, age 74 years, 3 months, 3 days.


Reuben S. Palmer, (son of Amos and Mary (Barber)
Palmer) . Died April 21, 1883, age 73 years, 7 months, 8

Hannah Hall, wife of Reuben S. Palmer. Died January
2, 1875, age 69 years, 1 month, 5 days.


(She was bom November 27, 1805, and was the daughter
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Macumber) Hall.)


Joel Palmer. Died February 2, 1841, age 71 years, 8
months, 17 days.

" And he shall be like a tree planted by the river of water
That bringeth forth his fruit in his season." Etc.

(Mr. Palmer came to this town early, but his first
recorded deed transaction was of 270 acres, on Lot 31, Tully,
dated April 29, 1816. He afterwards owned land on lots
1, 22, 32, 33 and 41, Tully. By his wife. Amy, he is known
to have had at least two children: Randall, married
Meribah Ripley, daughter of Jonathan and Ruth (Corey)
Ripley; and Hosea, married Sophia Burdick, daughter of
Thompson and Tabitha (Wilcox) Burdick, when married he
first went to house keeping on the northwest corner of Lot
32, Tully, in a house long since gone to decay, on a small
farm then reached by a private way, and now entirely
isolated from any highway ; from there he moved to Pennsyl-
vania, where he died ; his widow then came to Scott, N. Y.,
where she died and was buried in Seventh Day Baptist
cemetery at the latter place.

Hosea Palmer (son of Joel and Amy Palmer) , by his wife,
Sophia Burdick, had four children : Adison ; Tabitha Ann,
married Hosea Borden Potter , son of Stillman Potter ;
Barton, died unmarried ; and Lucy, married Porter Brown ;
all of Hosea's four children resided in Scott, N. Y.)


James M., son of Randall and Meribah (Ripley) Palmer.
Died July 30, 1826, also his twin brother, died February 3,

" Sleep on, sweet babes, and take thy rest,
God called thee home when he thought best."

(Randall Palmer, son of Joel and Amy Palmer, married
Meribah Ripley, daughter of Jonathan and Ruth (Corey)
Ripley. His wife was born February 6, 1803, and died in
Scott, N. Y., where she was buried in the Seventh Day
Baptist Cemetery at that place.) (Spafford.)

In memory of Mrs. Samantha Palmer, consort of Mr.
Dyer Palmer. Died September 20, 1826, age 23 years.

(In 1826, at the time of the decease of his wife, Mr.
Palmer resided on the East Side Hill, on Lot 13, Sempronius,


but in 1829, when he sold the lands he owned on that lot,
he resided in Homer, N. Y., and his second wife, Sabrina,
joined him in the deed.)

(Stanton Yard.)

Lyman Palmer, son of Dyer and Samantha Palmer. Died
April 3, 1826, age 10 months, 10 days.

(Stanton Yard.)

No genealogy of Spafford families would be complete
without reference to Gilbert Palmer and his son, John
Palmer, who were, without question, the first settlers within
the limits of the present town, although we have no recora
that any dead of this family were deposited in any of our
cemeteries. Mr. Joshua V. H. Clark, in his excellent history
of the County of Onondaga, says : Mr. Palmer came here
in the Fall of 1794 from Dutchess or Westchester County,
N. Y., and settled on Lot 76, Marcellus, for which he served
as a soldier in the Revolution, and he gives a very graphic
description of an accident which befell his son, John, by the
felling of a tree, etc., a story which is familiar to all readers
of that and subsequent histories of this county. We Have
no data at hand to prove the incorrectness of the date which
Mr. Clark fixes, as the time of Mr. Palmer's arrival here,
but as he is incorrect in some of his statements about Mr.
Palmer, we think it possible he may have been misinformed
on that subject. His deed of Lot 76, excepting State's Hun-
dred Acres, is dated September 21, 1792, and is from
Thomas Ostrander, the original soldier, who served for the
lot. In this deed he is described as a farmer from York-
town, or Amawalk, Westchester County, N. Y. Mr. Palmer
probably was a soldier of the Revolution, and we are
inclined to the belief that he came originally from Connecti-
cut, where his name appears (or another of the same name)
in the Militia of that State, for the reason that many of the
Palmers in this State came originally from Stonington,
Conn. The name of Gilbert Palmer also appears in the
Militia of this State, and he possibly may have served in
both States ; but no Gilbert Palmer served in New York in
any regiment or levy, entitling him to draw bounty lands in
this State. It seems to us more probable that Palmer came
here earlier than the Fall of 1794. He conveyed from time
to time the lands which he owned, but in no conveyance was
he joined by a wife; he was probably a widower while he


resided here. In one deed of lands on lot 76, he conveyed
to a Samuel Palmer, — this was in 1806, — but the next year
the latter and wife, Elizabeth, conveyed away these lands,
and no more is known of Samuel, or of any record that the
two Palmers named in this deed were related to each other.
In his deeds to John Palmer he speaks of him as his son.
We have no record of any children of Gilbert Palmer other
than his son, John, and all we know of him is, that he came
from Westchester County, was a tailor, resided on Lot 76,
Marcellus, until about 1814, that he then sold out and moved
into the village of Borodino, and carried on his avocation of
tailor there until the Spring- of 1819, and then moved to
Hannibal, Oswego County, N. Y. Mr. Clark says Gilbert
Palmer died about 1839. It is possible that he and his son,
John, both died in the latter place. The given name of
John Palmer's wife was Rachel.

A Mr. Ziba Palmer, at an early date, resided in Spafford
Hollow, near the head of Otisco Lake, who is credited
with a family of twenty-two children, but of him we have
no further record.


Samuel Parker. Died October 25, 1853, age 67 years.
(Mr. Parker came to this town from Greenwich, Wash-
ington County, N. Y., and first settled on what is now known
as the Breed farm, on Lot 11, Tully, where he lost his first
wife. Amy. From there he moved to Spaffod Hollow, where
he died. His second wife was the widow, Rebecca White.
He was a member of Capt. Asahel Roundy's Company, in
the 96th Regiment, of New York Militia, in the War of
1812. His children were: Marietta, married Frank
Smith; Isaac, Amasa, and Polly, married James Goodwin.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
Mrs. Amy, wife of Samuel Parker. Died June 14, 1831,
age 42 years, 10 months, 9 days.

" Because a man goes to his long home.
Mourners go about the streets."
(This grave is in an open field, standing alone on the
Breed farm, where her husband resided at the time of her

(Breed Farm.)



William Patten, (son of William Patten). Died March

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