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15, 1872, age 77 years, 1 month, 28 days.

(William Patten, Sr., was a native of Massachusetts,
where he was a soldier in the Revolution ; his son, William,
was bom in Oneida County, N. Y., where he settled after
the war of the Revolution. The latter was a clothier by
occupation and came to this town about 1817, and settled
in what is known as Factory Gulf, where, in connection with
Elijah Manley, he conducted the clothing works at that
place; soon afterwards his brother-in-law, Edmund C.
Weston, took the place of Mr. Manley, and the business was
subsequently conducted by Mr. Patten and Mr. Weston. Mr.
Patten first married Fanny Rathbone, daughter of James
and Margaret (Ashley) Rathbone, and (2) Elizabeth Davis,
daughter of Farrand and Esther Davis, and widow of
Samuel Rice. By his last wife he had one son : George A.
Patten, now a resident of this town.

George A. Patten, born December 30, 1842, married
Lovillie, daughter of Peter and Charity (Rainey) Churchell,
and by her has two children : Alton W. ; and Flora E., mar-
ried Emmett L. Gordon, of Preble, N. Y. Mr. George A.
Patten was a member of Company D, 122d Regiment, N. Y.
Vols., war of 1861, and has an honorary military record;
he was in battle at Antietam, Williamsport, Fredericksburg,
Deep Run, CJettysburg and Wilderness; in the latter battle
he was wounded.)


Fanny (Rathbone), wife of William Patten. Died
October 23, 1839, age 37 years, 9 months, 27 days.


Elizabeth (Davis), wife of William Patten. Died April
17, 1851, age 42 years, 5 months, 27 days.

(Thorn Hill.)


Dinah, wife of Dr. Ebenezer Patterson. Died June 30,.
1836, age 69 years, 11 months, 7 days.)

(Dr. Ebenezer Patterson, according to family tradition,
was of Scotch extraction and came from Vermont, first to
Burlington, Otsego County, N. Y., and from there to this.


town, where he died and was buried in this cemetery. (No
stone.) By his wife, Dinah, he had the following children:
Calvin, married (1) Sarah Thompson, and (2) Asenath
Warner, widow of William Case; Volney, married Susan
Green, moved to Chautauqua County, near Sinclairville,
N. Y., in 1855, and died there ; Jonathan, married Polly Ann
Knapp, daug-hter of Peter and Dinah (Guion) Knapp, he
moved to Ohio and died there ; Lovina, married Zerah Baker,
son of Elijah Baker, moved to Ohio; Roxana, married Simon
Baker, son of Elijah Baker, moved to Marietta, N. Y., about
1854, and died there, had several children, among whom
were Ashbel and Marcus Baker; and Anna, who died in 1914,
age 14 years.) (Spafford.)

Anna, daughter of Ebenezer and Dinah Patterson. Died
February, 1814, age 14 years, 5 months.


Calvin Patterson, (son of Dr. Ebenezer and Dinah Pat-
terson). (On stone Paterson). Died December 29, 1866,
age 78 years, 9 months, 23 days.

(He was bom at Burlington, Otsego County, N. Y., and
came to this town about 1812, and settled first on Ripley
Hill, near the Ripley farm, (43 and 32, Tully) . These lands
he sold in 1829 and settled on the Skaneaieles and Homer
road, about one mile north of the Village of Borodino, on
lot 75, Marcellus, where he remained until his decease. He
had no issue by Asenath Warner, his second wife, but by
Sarah Thompson, his first, had: Chester, bom in 1810 in
Burlington, Otsego County, N. Y., married Caroline Hut-
chens, daughter of Col. Phineas and Margaret (Giberson)
Hutchens, February 28, 1834, in Spafford, N. Y., he died in
Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Laura, born in Spafford, married Amos
Christler and died in Navarino, N. Y. ; George W., born in
Spafford, married Martha Rathbone of Marietta, N. Y., he
died in June, 1896, in Fairmount, N. Y. ; Sarah, died in
Spafford, 1819, age 11 months; Sarah, 2d, born in Spafford,
married Samuel H. Stanton, husband dead, and she now
(1899) resides in Spafford. His second wife was buried
by the side of her first husband, William Case.)


Sarah (Thompson) , wife of Calvin Patterson. Died May
22, 1851, age 61 years, 4 months, 22 days.



In memory of Sarah, daughter of Calvin and Sarah
(Thompson) Patterson. Died June 14, 1819, age 11
months, 7 days.


Chester Patterson, (son of Calvin and Sarah (Thompson)
Patterson). Died July 20, 1887, age 77 years.

(Chester Patterson, bom at Burlington, N. Y., in 1810,
resided with or near his father on Ripley Hill, and also
north of Borodino. By his wife, Caroline Hutchens, he had
the following children, born in this town: Margaret, bom
1834, died at 11 months ; Margaret, 2d, born in 1836, died in
1874 in Skaneateles, married Sherman Brown, of Scott,
N. Y., and was buried in Borodino Cemetery; Francis H.,
bom May 3, 1841, married Mary E. Ambercrombie of Chit-
tenango, N. Y., member of Co. "D," 122d Regt., N. Y. Vols.,
War of 1861, served about three years, resides in Syracuse,
N. Y. (has two children: Alice M., married Emmett D.
Scribner, Syracuse, N. Y., and Roswell H., married Sarah
Johnson, resided in Cleveland, Ohio) ; Marcus, born April 7,
1847 (twin), married (1) Attaresta Prindle, and (2) her
sister, Mary E. Prindle, daughters of Rensselaer and Char-
lotte (Vincent) Prindle; and Martha, born April 7, 1847
(twin) , married Thomas Kelly, resides in Skaneateles, N. Y.
(and has two children: Maud and Mabel, aged (in 1898)
about 16 and 11 years respectively) .


Caroline Hutchens, wife of Chester Patterson. Died
December 6, 1890, age 78 years.


Attaresta Prindle, wife of Marcus Patterson. Died May
18, 1874, age 26 years, 6 months.

" How calm she sleeps in her lonely home
Where the cares of life can never come."
(Marcus Patterson, son of Chester and Caroline (Hutr
chens) Patterson, by his first wife, Attaresta, had one child :
Ellis C, and by his second wife, Mary E., has : Frank, born
July 4, 1882 ; Grace, bom March 22, 1884 ; and Blanche, born
October 11, 1888 ; all residing with Mr. Patterson near Boro-
lino, N. Y. Mr. Patterson has been Supervisor of the



Horace Pease, farmer, born in Enfield, Conn., September
14, 1784, married Betsey Watts, October 27, 1805, first came
to Manlius, N. Y., and from there to this town about 1810,
where he settled on a farm on Lots 32 and 33, Tully, in Cold
Brook. After many years he moved to Salem, Wisconsin,
where he died April 12, 1863. By his wife, Betsey Watts,
he had a large family, all, but one or two of the eldest, were
born in this town, the others in Manlius. They were:
Lucius, born 1807, died June 24, 1816 ; Aaron, born Febru-
ary 25, 1811, married Julia Weatherby and resided in Iowa;
Minerva E., born February 15, 1813, married (1) George
Coddington, and (2) James Morwick, September, 1847,
she resided first in Syracuse and later in Adrian, Mich.;
Galusha J., bom February 28, 1815, married and resided in
Adrian, Mich.; Spenecr A., born February 23, 1817, mar-
ried (1) Hannah Paddock in 1839, and (2) Julia A Olden
in 1851, resided in Mantillo, Marietta County, Wisconsin.
He was lawyer, doctor, printer, and Member of the Wis-
consin Legisalture; Charlotte A., born March 30, 1819,
married Edmund Whipple, resided in Iowa ; Almira S., bom
April 29, 1821, married Henry Osborne, resided in Auburn,
N. Y. ; Allen W., born August 19, 1823, married and resided
in Salem Racine County, Wis.; and Mary A., bom August
2, 1825, married Samuel Whipple and resided in Indiana.
Mr. Pease was of the seventh generation, in line of descent
from Robert and Margaret Pease, who came to Boston,
(then to Salem), Mass., in 1634, in the ship Francis, from
Ipswich, England, and prior from Great Braddon, County
of Essex, England, as follows : Horace, Gideon, John, John,
John, John, Robert. The family home of this branch of the
Pease family was Enfield Conn., where it resided for six
generations, including Horace, who was born and passed his
boyhood there. (See Pease Genealogy, by Austin F. Pease,


Madison D| Peck, (son of Samuel Peck). Died January
6, 1879, age 62 years, 4 months, 2 days.

(Samuel Peck's wife, who was a Manley, also died in
this town and was buried in this cemetery. Their son,
Madison D., died unmarried.)



Dolly Peck, 1828-1893.

Samuel Peck, J., (son of Samuel Peck.) Died February
14, 1835, age 7 years, 11 months, 19 days.

(Samuel Peck, the father, moved from town.)



Martha, wife of Albert Perkins. Died January 19,
1848, age 33 years, 7 months.


Hopkins Perkins formerly resided in Cold Brook, in this
town; by his wife, Polly, he had several children: A
daughter, married Alphronus Phillips, she died in Cold
Brook, and her husband afterwards married Martha Jane
Taf t, daughter of Bazaleel Taft, Phillips was a blacksmith ;
Nelson, married Susan Andrews, daughter of Rev. Benjamin
and Mary Andrews ; Calista, married Dudley Andrews, son
of Rev. Benjamin and Mary Andrews; Anice, married
Nelson McDaniels, son of John and Polly (Hankins)
McDaniels, she died in Buffalo, N. Y. ; Delos, died unmar-
ried; and Cornelia, residing (1898), in Buffalo, N. Y.,


Erastis, son of Daniel and Eliza Phelps. Died April 17,
1827, age 1 year.

(Mr. and Mrs. Phelps came to this town from Cambridge,
Washington County, N. Y., about May, 1827, and settled on
Lot 12, Sempronius. Mr. Phelps was probably a brother or
the wife of Isaac Anthony. He moved from town about


William Henry, son of Darius and Alzina (Hall) Plum-
mer. Died February 15, 1845, age 1 year, 8 months, 18

(Darius Plummer married Alzina Hall, daughter of
Simeon and Hannah (Wilcox) Hall, and by her had several
children ; he resided at one time in a house owned by Capt.
Asahel Roundy, standing near his sawmill at the top of the
Buck Tail Road, on Lot 22, Tully. (He moved out of town.)




Philip Picket. Died January 13, 1852, age 78 years.

(His wife, Hannah, died in 1839, and after her decease
he married Anice Churchill, daughter of Chauncey and Cath-
erine (Merry) Churchill, and widow of Chester Sharp.

(Cold Brook.)

Hannah, wife of Philip Picket. Died February 18, 1839,
age 69 years.

(Cold Brook.)

Diana Picket, daughter of Peter and Theda (Norton)
Picket. Died September 9, 1827, age 2 years, 19 days.

(Mrs. Picket was a daughter of Moses and Percy
(Barber) Norton. Peter Picket built, about 1826, the Saw
Mill (now known as Taft's Mill) , standing on Lot 44, Tully,
in Cold Brook, just east of the M. E. Church and Cold Brook
Cemetery) .

(Cold Brook.)


Jacob Pollock. Private Company " I," 149th Regt., N. Y.
Vols. Inft. Died October 9, 1886, age 70 years.

(Jacob Pollock married (1) Bothwell, daughter ol

Major Henry Bothwell, of Spafford Hollow, and (2) Par-
melia Babcock, daughter of John, Jr., and Ellis (Wallace)
Babcock. After his decease his second wife married George
W. Breed. Mr. Pollock had several children by his first



Helen, daughter of Nelson and Almina Potter. Died
June 3, 1847, age 8 years, 1 month, 16 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)

A John Potter also resided in Spafford Hollow, who had
four children: Rufus, John, Harry, and Susan.


Albert Powers, (son of Isaac and Chloe (Hall) Powers.)
Born June 7, 1822, died November 7, 1890.

(Isaac Powers came from Moravia, N. Y., to Thorn Hill;
his wife, Chloe Hall, gave birth to fifteen children, all
dying in infancy except the following: Orpha, married


Russel Manley and resided in Moravia, N. Y. ; Louisa, mar-
ried Mr, Lucien D. Wait, jeweler, of Skaneateles, N. Y. ;
Melvin, married Harriet Barnes, and moved to Michigan,
where he married a second time (dead) ; Charles, moved
to Michigan, where he married twice, (dead) ; he had a son,
Charles, Jr., who resided in 1898 in SpafFord, unmarried;
Simeon, married and residing in Minnesota; Ira, married
and resided in Moravia, N. Y., he has two sons, Dwight ana
Charles, who reside at the latter place ; and Albert, married

(1) Wait, and (2) Cynthia Ack'-es, daughter of

Joseph Ackles.

Albert Powers, born at Moravia, N. Y., by his first wife,
Wait, had two children, and by his second wife, Cjmthia
Ackles, three, as follows : Annette, married William War-
ner of Cold Brook; Henry, married Nancy Durr, he was
killed in a railroad accident in Homer village, N. Y., buried
in this cemetery (no stone) ; Matilda, married Albin Fisher
of Spafford; John W., married (1) Nettie Warner, daughter
of Edward Warner, and (2) Carrie Hazzard, daughter of
George Hazzard; and Hiram, who died unmarried.)

Cynthia Ackles, wife of Albert Powers. Born April 17,
1825, died March 28, 1892.

Hiram Powers, (son of Albert and Cynthia (Ackles)
Powers. Born October 10, 1866, died September 6, 1886.

Maud M. Powers, daughter of John W. and Clara (Haz-
zard) Powers. Died July 7, 1893, age 9 months, 14 days.
(Mrs, Powers is called by her husband Carrie Hazzard.)



Rhoda, wife of Benjamin Pressey. Died December 24,
1841, age 87 years, 3 months, 25 days.

(Davis Yard.)
Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Pressey. Died September
2, 1854, age 64 years, 4 months.

(Davis Yard.)

Among the children of Moses Pressey were: Emeline,

married (1) David Cooper, and (2) Reuben Maxson; Mary,

married (1) Col. Lewis C. Davis as his second wife, and (2)


Herman Barnes; Amanda; and LaFayette; the last two
supposed to have been adopted.


Jane (Mills) Preston, (wife of Robert Preston). Died
October 29, 1866, age 38 years.

(She was a daughter of Alexander Mills.)

Erastus, son of Alexander and Mary Preston. Died Nov-
ember 2, 1881, age 1 year, 9 months, 10 days.



Samuel Prindle, a soldier of the Revolution. Died Sep-
tember 12, 1850, age 92 years.

(Samuel Prindle, born 1758, blacksmith by trade, was a
soldier during the Revolution, in the Massachusetts Line
(Continentals) , and served for a period of about three years
and nine months, first in Capt. Williams' Company in CoL
Patterson's regiment, for about nine months, and after-
wards in Captains Stoddard and Hollister's companies of
Col. Poor's regiment. After the revolution, according to
family tradition, he first settled in Rutland, Vermont, and
from there came to Rensselaer County, N. Y., where he lost
his wife, whose name is not known. After the decease of
his wife, which was before 1820, he came to this town, and
resided with his daughter Rhoda and his son, Samuel, Jr.,
on the East Side Hill, until his decease. He was a pensioner
of the United States during the major part of his residence
in this town. His children were : Samuel, supposed to have
died single; Rhoda, died single; Reuben, supposed to have
died single in Pennsylvania; Moses, born June 21, 1789,
married Purlina M. Patchen, after his decease his wife
married (2) Dr. Reuben T. Breed, son of Allen and Lucy
(Taylor) Breed; Betsey, married Mr. Potter; a daughter,
married Conrad Kellyer; and Joseph, born February 26,
1791, married Elizabeth Moon, daughter of Silas and Anna


Moses Prindle, (son of Samuel Prindle). Died October
21, 1835, age 46 years, 4 months.


" Here to the dreary grave confined,
He sleeps in death's dark bloom,
Until the eternal morning wakes
The slumber of the tomb."

(Moses Prindle came to this town from Greenwick, Wash-
ington County, N. Y., where he married his wife, Purlina
M. Patchen, and settled on Lot 32, Sempronius, in the Spring
of 1818, and there remained until his decease. His children
were: Clarinda, married William B. Thompson, son of
Reuben and Sally Thompson, moved to Jackson County,
Michigan; Truman, moved West; Polaski, he was a physi-
cian and studied medicine with Dr. Isaac Morell, of Boro-
dino, N. Y., he died in Michigan ; Oscar, born September 13,
1828, married Melinda Rich, only daughter of Dorr and
Anna (Becker) Rich, (one child only, died young) ; and
Fernando C, married Mary Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of
Jonathan and Esther (Woodworth) Johnson, resides in
Spafford, farmer, no issue.)


Purlina M. (Patchen), wife of Reuben T. Breed, formerly
wife of Moses Prindle. Died October 27, 1861, age 61
years, 4 months, 10 days.

(She was born June 17, 1800; by her second husband she
had one child, Helen, who married Edwin Johnson, son of
Jonathan and Esther (Woodworth) Johnson, both dead and
buried in this cemetery.)
, (Spafford.)

Hon. Joseph Prindle, (son of Samuel Prindle) . Died May
17, 1859, age 68 years, 2 months, 22 days.

(Mr. Prindle came to this town with his brother Moses,
with whom he resided on Lot 32, Sempronius, until he pur-
chased (in 1818) his home farm on Lot 41, Tully, where he
resided until his decease. He was prominent in town
affairs, and amongst other offices at one time was a member
of the New York Legislature. His children born in Spaf-
ford, by his wife Elizabeth Moon, were : Samuel H., bom
April 12, 1815, was killed accidentally, unmarried ; Minerva,
married Col. William W. Legg, son of Capt. Otis and Polly
(Sabin) Legg, both dead, and buried in Borodino cemetery;
Rensselaer, married Charlotte Vincent, daughter of Michael
Vincent, of Scott, N. Y., both dead, and buried in Borodino
cemetery ; Joseph Addison, married Anna Manning, he was


a teacher and preacher, and resided in Oswego, N. Y.; and
Horace, married Ang-eline Norton, daughter of Robert and
Susan (Hill) Norton, he is dead, widow resides in Syracuse,
N. Y.)


Elizabeth (Moon), wife of Hon. Joseph Prindle. Died
December 12, 1868, age 75 years, 3 months, 14 days.


Samuel H., son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Moon) Prindle.
Died December 12, 1846, age 31 years, 8 months.


Oscar Prindle, (son of Moses and Purlina M. (Patchen)
Prindle. Died November 10, 1883, age 55 years, 2 months,
27 days.


Infant son and only child of Oscar and Malinda (Rich)
Prindle. Died April 29, 1870.

" Gone but not forgotten."


Rensselaer Prindle (son of Hon. Joseph and Elizabeth
(Moon) Prindle). Born in Spafford, Onondaga County,
N. Y., June 15, 1822. Died April 15, 1899, age 76 years,
10 months.

(Mr. Prindle, by his wife, Charlotte Vincent, had the fol-
lowing children, all born in Spafford on Lot 41, Tully:
Mary E., married Marcus Patterson, son of Chester and
Caroline (Hutchens) Patterson, as his second wife, resides
near Borodino, N. Y. ; Attaresta, married Marcus Patter-
son as his first wife, dead, buried in this cemetery; Jay
Lester, married Sarah E. Cotteral, daughter of John and
Sarah Mary (Barker) Cotteral, resides in Spafford, N. Y. ;
and Edgar, married Helen Lyon, daughter of Spencer K. and
(Baxter) Lyon. Mr. Prindle was bom and always resided
on part of the homestead farm, on Lot 41, Tully.)


Charlotte E. Vincent, wife of Rensselaer Prindle. Bom
in Saratoga County, N. Y., October 7, 1826. Died January
27, 1886, age 59 years, 4 months.




Shadrack Pullman, son of John and Mabel (Pettis) Pull-
man. Died June 12, 1832, age 4 years, 10 months, 3 days.

(John Pullman, son of Psalter and Elizabeth Pullman,
married Mabel Pettis, daughter of Joseph Pettis, who for-
merly resided on Randall's Point, Lot 41, Tully, on the east
side of Skaneateles Lake. (The Pettises came from St. Law-
rence County, N. Y.) Psalter Pullman (perhaps from
Rhode Island), came to this town about 1815, and settled
on what was subsequently known as the Rathbone Barber,
Jr., farm. Lot 32, Sempronius, where he remained, clearing
the land, until about 1830, when he and all his family,
except John and one daughter, went West. His children,
bom in Spafford, were: Joseph M., born October 16, 1815,
married March 17, 1840, Susanna Needham, settled in Niles,
Michigan; Lewis married and settled in Grand Rapids,
Michigan; among his children were: George M. Pullman,
the Palace Car magnate; John, married Mabel Pettis,
daughter of Joseph Pettis, he at an early date resided on the
Skaneateles and Homer road, on Lot 31, Tully, where he kept
the tavern, called the " Nimble Sixpence," he moved to Wis-
consin, where he died; Nathaniel, married Nancy ,

he was a preacher and went West; Moses, moved West;
Esther and Abigail, one of the latter married Harmon Nor-
ton, son of Moses and Percy (Barber) Norton.

John Pullman (son of Psalter and Elizabeth Pullman),
by his wife, Mabel Pettis, had the following children, in
addition to those named in this record as buried in this
cemetery: Jessie, married Christina Havens, daughter of
Clark and Roby (Barber) Havens, resided in 1898 in Niles,
Cayuga County, N. Y. ; Charles, went West; and Fred,
resided in Skaneeateles, N. Y.)


Polly E., daughter of John and Mabel (Pettis) Pullman.
Died October 20, 1838, age 16 years, 3 months, 20 days.


Thankful M., daughter of John and Mabel (Pettis) Pull-
man. Died October 26, 1838, age 14 years, 6 months, 4
days. (Spafford.)

Emily, daughter of John and Mabel (Pettis) Pullman.
Died January 8, 1839, age 7 months.




Elizabeth Purdy. Died February 14, 1872, age 71 years,
7 days.

(She was the mother of Hiram Purdy.)



William Quick. Died January 31, 1890, age 68 years. ^

" We miss thee."
(Mr. Quick was a tailor by occupation; he was born in
London, England, and from there came first to Canada,
where he lost his first wife, whose name is unknown. He
came from Canada to Spafford Comers about 1850. and
there married Jane French, adopted daughter of Samuel
and Rachel French, as his second wife. After residing at
the latter place several years, he moved to the village of
Borodino, where he remained until about 1885. He then
moved to Auburn, N. Y., the place of his decease. By his
first wife he had: Henry, died unmarried; William, mar-
ried Adelia Cornell, daughter of John and Miranda Cornell,
resides at Navarino, N. Y. ; and Charles B., married Eliza
J. Hayford, daughter of Benjamin and Eliza (French)
Hayford, he is dead; and by his second wife, William
Quick had: George B., married and resides at Weedsport,
N. Y. ; James M., married (1) Sarah Jane Grinnell, daughter
of Ansel Grinnell, and (2) Martha Grinnell, daughter of
Evelyn P. Grinnell, resides in Auburn, N. Y.; and Frank,
married Mary Howe, daughter of Henry Hov/e, resides in
Homer, N. Y. Mr. Quick's widow now resides in Auburn,
N. Y.)

Henry Quick, (son of William Quick). Died April 29,
1862, age 22 years.

Sarah Jane (Grinnell), wife of James Quick. Died June
24, 1885, age 30 years, 10 months, 26 days.


Silas Randall, (son of Silas and Hannah (Fish) Ran-
dall) . Died February 26, 1877, age 85 years, 8 months, 27


(Silas Randall, Sr., was a son of Capt. John Randall of
Foster, R. I., and came to this town prior to 1814 and settlea
on Lot 31, Tully; after remaining here for a short time, he
sold out his interest in the lands in question to his son,
Silas, Jr., and according to family tradition went West,
perhaps to Ohio. His son, Silas, Jr., after remaining here
five or six years with his father, who then lived in a log
house, situate about 40 or 50 rpds west of the present Ran-
dall residence, on the homestead farm on Lot 31, Tully,
went back to Foster, R. I., and there married Mercy Har-
rington, sister of John Harrington, formerly of this town,
residing on Lot 41, Tully, and brought her here where she
remianed until her decease; he then married Anna Alvord,
widow of Alva Wadsworth, for a second wife. Silas Ran-
dall, Sr., had another son, Henry Randall, who came with
him to this town, and resided with his wife, Anna, after
1814 on survey fifty acres in the northeast comer of Lot 41,
Tully; he was drowned in Skaneateles Lake, while boating
a load of wheat to the village of Skaneateles. Silas Randall,
Jr., by his wife, Mercy Harrington, had the following chil-
dren, all born in this town : Robert, married Mary Ann Fay,
daughter of John and Isabel Fay, they are dead, (their chil-
dren were: Mary Jane, married Abraham Craig; Sarah,

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