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2, 1703, in Beverly, Mary Daland, (and by her had: Robert
and Lydia), and (2) Elizabeth Savery at Marblehead, and
by her had : John, Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, Joseph, Abra-
ham and Thomas.

Robert Roundy, (son of John and Mary (Daland)
Roundy), was born January 7, 1704, in Beverly, and died
in Lempster, N. H., June 17, 1797 ; he was a weaver by trade
and settled in Windham, Conn., where he remained, during
the birth of his children, and until the decease of his wife,
April 3, 1781, and then went to Lempster to reside with his
son, Samuel, where he died and was buried. By his wife,
Elizabeth Green, he had : John, Samuel, Robert, Elizabeth,
and Mary.

John Roundy, (son of Robert and Elizabeth (Green)
Roundy), born August 23, 1726, in Windham, died in Rock-
ingham, Vt., married Mary Bass, born in Windham, Conn.,
June 20, 1729, daughter of Thomas and Dorothy (Parish)
Bass, and by her had : John, Almond, Elmariah and Uriah.
Mr. Roundy was elected at the organization of the town of
Rockingham, as its first Representative. He was commonly
called Captain in the public records, and all his sons served
as soldiers in the War of the Revolution.

Uriah Roundy, (son of John and Mary (Bass) Roundy) ,
born October 27, 1756, died May 1, 1813, in Rockingham,
Vt., married Lucretia Needham, daughter of Daniel and
Hannah (Allen) Needham, born in Norwich, Conn., Sep-


tember 9, 1760, died in Michigan, December 5 1848, she at
one time resided with her son, Asahel Roimdy, in Spafford,
N. Y. Mr. Roundy, by his wife, Lucretia, had the following
children, all bom in Rockingham, Vermont: Daniel, born
Deecmber 1, 1780, died December 3, 1847, married (1)
Laura Hoyt, and (2) Ruth Baird, December 23, 1821, at
Spafford, N. Y., he first settled in Spafford and then moved
West, where he died ; Hannah, born June 19, 1782, married
Silas Baird, in Rockingham, Vt., June 28, 1804, she and her
husband both died in Ripley, Chautauqua County, N. Y.,
where their descendants remain ; Asahel, born July 29, 1784,
djed February 1, 1857, married Hannah Weston at Skan-
eateles, N. Y., January 19, 1809, daughter of Jonathan and
Maiy Weston ; Lucy, bom March 9, 1797, died June 2, 1850,
married Lauren Hotchkiss, they were father and mother of
the Rev. Velona Hotchkiss, D. D., Baptist Devine, who died
in Buffalo, N. Y.; Shadrack, bom January 1, 1789, died July
2, 1872, in Salt Lake City, Utah, married Betsey Quimby;
Naomi bom February 1, 1791, died June 7, 1820, married
John Baird; Lucretia born March 6, 1793, died unmarried;
Maria, bom May 10, 1794, died 1890, married John
Hutchens in Spafford in 1816, (brother of Col. Phlneas
Hutchens of this town) , descendants mostly in Wisconsin ;
Uriah, born April 10, 1796, married (1) Polly Lyon at Spaf-
ford, sister of Daniel and David Lyon, and (2) Rena Bristol.
He died in Iowa in 1870 ; Mary, born May 28, 1798, married
Baxter Lyon; Almira, bom April 20, 1800, died April 8,
1883, married (1) Warren Sabin in 1822, and (2) Morgan
Williams in 1842; and Matilda, bom October 22, 1803,
married George Humphrey, resided in Medina, N. Y.

Daniel Roundy, (son of Uriah and Lucretia), by his wife
Laura Hoyt, had : Lucretia, born August 17, 1810, married
at Spafford, Joel H. Grout, son of John and Elizabeth
(Clark) Grout, husband died in this town and she moved to
Chicago, 111., and by his second wife, Ruth Baird, (bom
October 15, 1799, at Granville, Washington County, N. Y.,
died in Illinois in 1893) , he had the following : Jay, died
at Manteno, Iowa, February 2, 1893, married Sarah Ger-
main, January 1, 1853; Jane, bom April 8, 1823, died
young; Dr. Daniel Curtis, bom 1824, died in Chicago,
111., June 1897, married Elizabeth Young. He was
a soldier in the War of 1861, Capt. 4th Wis. Cav. Vols., and


also Surgeon in 37th Wis. Inft. Vols., wife died November
6, 1898 ; Spencer Beard, died in Brooklyn, N. Y., January 6,
1861, unmarried; and Porter W., married Ann Young,
resides at Davenport, Iowa, he was also soldier in the War
of 1861, 2nd Lieut. 4th Wis. Cav. Vols., and Hospital
Steward in 37th Wis. Inft. Vols.

Shadrack Roundy, (son of Uriah and Lucretia), was
one of the trustees of the Free Will Baptist Church in Spaf-
ford, at its organization, December 13, 1825, and left that
church about 1832, and joined the Mormons and followed
their movements, first to Pennsylvania, then to Ohio, then
to Nauvoo, and finally at Salt Lake, Utah, where he died.
In the latter church he was prominent, and from time to
time held civil, military and religious offices with the Mor-
mon organization, and by that people was recognized at
the time of his decease, as patriarch and saint. By his wife,
Betsey Quimby, he had the following children, several of
whom were born in Spafford: Lauren Hotchkiss, bom
August 21, 1815, married (1) Johanna Carter, 1843, (2)
Jane Coyle, and (3) Martha; Julia Rebecca, born April 5,
1817, died in 1837 in Missouri, unmarried; Bishop Lorenzo
Wesley, born in Spafford, June 18, 1819, accidentally
drowned in Colorado River, May 24, 1876, married (1)
Adeline Whiting in 1843, she died in 1845, and he married
(2) Susannah Wallace, and (3) 1858, (Plural wife) Pris-
cilla Parish. (By his first wife he had two children, by
his second eight, and by his third (plural) seven children.
His descendants are numerous, residing in Utah ; Lauretta,
born November, 1821, married David H. Beck at Nauvoo,
111., 1841, and moved to Utah (she had ten children) ;
Samantha, bom June 2, 1824, married John David Parker,
February 3, 1846, no issue ; Bishop Jared Curtis, bom Jan-
uary 5, 1827, in Spafford, married (1) Lovisa Jenny, Jan-
uary, 1852, (2) Eliza J. Snyder in 1855, (3) Elizabeth
Drake, January, 1879, and (4) Ellen M. White, December
20, 1883, the last three were plural wives, he died May 21,
1895,. By his first wife he had nine children, and by his
last (plural) he had five children, by the other two plural
wives he had no issue, his descendants are numerous in
Utah,; Almeda Sophia, bom March 7, 1829, in Spafford,
and married John David Parker, February 3, 1846, the
husband of her sister Samantha, as his plural wife, both


being married the same day, she has had ten children,
resided in Utah; William Kelsham, born November, 1831,
died August 14, 1839 ; Nancy Jane, bom May 23, 1834, died
July 6, 1885, has been twice married and had nine children ;
and Malinda, born June 23, 1838, died March 8, 1842, at
Nauvoo, 111. The descendants of Shadrack Roundy in Utah
will exceed two hundred in number.

Uriah Roundy, (son of Uriah and Lucretia), came to
Spafford early, and there married his first wife; he was also
a member of the Free Will Baptist Church, and joined the
Mormon Exodus from Spafford about 1833, and went to
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois, but when the Latter Day
Saints started for Salt Lake City he left them near Council
Bluff, Iowa, and renouncing polygamy joined and assisted
in oganizing, at Gallows Hill, Iowa, the Reformed Mormon
Church, which exists at that place to this day. He died in
Iowa. His children by his first wife v/ere mostly bom in
Spafford, they were : John, bom December 6, 1818, married

(1) Sarah Shearer, and (2) Frances J. Jones, farmer,
resides at Moulton, Iowa, has had nine children ; Mary, died
at 28 years, married Gilbert Miller ; David LaFayette, died
in infancy; Washington, bom in Spafford, September 26,
1824, married (1) Serelda Her, and (2) Alvira Williams,
and (3) Mrs. Nancy Black, he has had eleven children,
farmer, has been a member of the Iowa Legislature, resides
at Manteno, Iowa; Jenette, born 1826, married Thomas
Putnam, eight children, resides in Iowa; Asahel, bom Sep-
tember 10, 1828, married Sarah Vanausdall, March 20, 1853,
at Gallows Hill, Iowa, he died June 6, 1878 ten children
residing mostly in Shelby County, Iowa; Ahna, died in
infancy; Zebedee, bom in 1834, and died in 1855; and
Martha, married Alexander Black and had eleven children.

Capt. Asahel Roundy, (son of Uriah and Lucretia), came
to this town or horseback from Rockingham, Vt., about
1807, and two years afterwards married his wife, Hannah
Weston, with whom he became acquainted while she was
teaching school at Spafford Corners, she coming here for
that purpose on horseback, from her home in Skaneateles
Village; by her he had the following children, all born in
Spafford: Lucretia, bom April 25, 1810, died in Syracuse,
N. Y., married (1) Dr. Horatio Smith of Otisco, N. Y., and

(2) John Lathrop at Syracuse, N. Y., November 24, 1852,


she died without issue, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syra-
cuse, N. Y. ; Gordon N., born December 4, 1811, died Feb-
ruary 17, 1896, at Turner, Illinois, married Maria L. Kimble,
October, 1840, (his children, all bom in Turner, Illinois,
are: Charles Franklin, Asahel Madison, James E., (the
foregoing died in infancy), Mary Ellen, Maria Louisa,
Charles William, Lucy Jane, Margaret Elvira (died in
infancy), Carrie Elizabeth, Franklin Gordon, and Kate
Linda) ; Mary Ann, born January 31, 1813, married Dr.
John Collins, April 4, 1832, at Spafford, husband dead, and
she resides, 1899, with her son, Capt. George K. Collins, in
Syracuse, N. Y. ; Lizana, born March 29, 1814, married Sey-
mour N. Wood, June 9, 1831, husband dead, and she resides
(1899) with her daughter, Mrs. M. Adelle Miller, at Onon-
daga Valley, N. Y.; Nancy M., bom June 28, 1816, died
April 18, 1895, married Levi Hurlbut, December 13, 1838,
both dead, and buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse,
N. Y. ; Asahel Madison bom April 29, 1818, died August 19,
1857, married Melissa Andrews, daughter of Rev. Benjamin
and Mary Andrews, his widow resides in Auburn, N. Y.,
his only child : Adelphene, died unmarried at Auburn, N. Y. ;
Uriah, bom July 24, 1819, married Mary Ann Tinkham,
daughter of Russel and Mary (Cook) Tinkham, April 3,
1842, resides in Spafford, N. Y., has been Loan Commis-
sioner, Justice of the Sessions, Supervisor, Justice of the
Peace, Postmaster and Excise Commissioner; Franklin,
bom April 28, 1822, died in Michigan, January 30, 1896,
married Orissa Fisher, daughter of Dakin and Sally
(Youst) Fisher, blacksmith by trade, and was farrier in
Company '' G," 4th Mich. Cav. Vols, in the War of 1861 ;
and Prof. Charles Orlando, born May 18, 1823, died Sep-
tember 30, 1892, married Nancy Burroughs of Skaneateles,
N. Y., October 26, 1848, he was a teacher and A. M. from
Hamilton College, among other places he taught was as
Principal of the Skaneateles Academy, Moravia Academy,
and Syracuse High School, his widow still survives and
resides at Moravia, N. Y. Capt. Asahel Roundy received
his rank as Captain from the State of New York, he com-
manded a Company in the 98th N. Y. Militia in the War
of 1812, in a short tour of duty at Sacketts Harbor, N. Y.,
in the Fall of 1814. He was prominent in town affairs, ana
during his active life held prominent town offices, such as


Supervisor, and Justice of the Peace, he was also Post-

Uriah Roundy, (son of Capt. Asahel and Hannah), Dy
his wife, Mary Ann Tinkham, has two children : Adelbert,
bom April 14, 1848, at Spafford, N. Y., married Juliette
Little, daughter of Hon. Feremorz Little of Salt Lake City,
Utah, merchant, residing at Salt Lake, Utah, (four children
born at latter place : Mary, Florence, Jay T., and Dorothy) ;
and Jay C, bom July 3, 1851, married (1) Alice A. Hill,
daughter of William and Mary Jane (Vincent) Hill, and
(2) Nettie Warner, daughter of Edward Warner, rancher,
resides at Haden, Fremont Co., Idaho, (three children:
Pearl, Frank, and Adelbert). Mr. and Mrs. Roundy also
had one adopted son, Charles Weston, who was a first cousin

of Mr. Roundy, being a son of Columbus and

(Delano) Weston of Skaneateles, N. Y., he was a member
of the 76th Regt. N. Y. Vols. Inft., War of 1861, and is now

Franklin Roundy, (son of Capt. Asahel and Hannah),
moved to Dorence, Branch Co., Mich., where he died ; by his
wife, Orrissa Fisher, he had the following children, two
first of whom were born in Spafford, and the others in
Michigan: Flora Elizabeth, bora March 26, 1852; Evan-
geline, born October 1, 1853 ; Asahel, bom January 25, 1858 ;
and Charles, born February 15, 1860. The widow of Mr.
Roundy is still living in Michigan.

Charles 0. Roundy, (son of Capt. Asahel and Hanah),
by his wife Nancy Burroughs had five children, the first
four in Syracuse, and the last in Moravia : Frances Adelle,
born May 23, 1852 ; Mary Ella, born March 29, 1858, mar-
ried and resides in Moravia, N. Y. ; Sarah B., bom Decem-
ber 25, 1859, married and esides in Moravia, N. Y. ; Charles
B., bom March 7, 1868, died January 9, 1871 ; and Charles
0., born September 20, 1872, married and resides in Skan-
eateles, N. Y. Mr. Roundy's widow is still living and
resides at Moravia, N. Y.


Hannah (Weston), wife of Capt. Asahel Roundy. Died
October 22, 1855, age 68 years, 1 month.

(She was born at Fitzwilliam, N. H., September 22, 1786,
and came to Skaneateles Village with her parents on or
before 1800, and resided in early childhood in a log house,


situate between the Skaneateles and Hamilton Turnpike and
the Lake, on the site of the present residence of Mr. Poor in
that Village.)


Uriah Roundy. Born July 24, 1819, died May 29, 1902.

Mary A. (w.). Bom June 29, 1820. She is now

Asahel Madison Roundy, (son of Capt. Asahel and
Hannah (Weston) Roundy) . Died August 19, 1857, age 39
years, 3 months, 20 days.

(He was a merchant at Spafford Comers at the time of
his decease.)


Charles Weston, adopted son of Uriah and Mary Ann
(Tinkham) Roundy. Died July 10, 1865, age 21 years, 9

(For three years he was a member of Company " D," 76th
Regt. N. Y. Vols. Inft.)



John Rowen. Died October 15, 1858, age 79 years.

Nancy, wife of John Rowen. Died September 17, 1847,
age 58 years.

" Oh ! how sweet to sleep in Jesus."
Sophia M. (Berry), wife of John J. Rowen. Died May
19, 1879, age 65 years, 2 months, 24 days.

(John J. Rowen, son of John Rowen, married Sophia M.
Berry, daughter of Jonathan and Thankful Berry; they
had one daughter, who married a Mr. James Murphy and
now resides in Spafford.)



Jehiel Rust. Died February 16, 1845, age 78 years, 4
months, 16 days.

(Mr. Rust came to this town before 1815, and that year
settled on a farm of 60 acres on Lot 74, Marcellus, pur-
chased of Alexander M. Beebe ; by his wife Polly he left no
issue. In his will dated March 23, 1837, and pobated May


3, 1848, he mentions his wife Mary and Zipporah and John
Chappell, children of Martin Chappell.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Polly, ^vife of Jehiel Rust. Died July 7, 1842, age 73
years, 11 months, 11 days.

(Thoni Hill.)

In memory of Lucy Ann H. Sanford, who died June 10,
1837, in the 4th year of her age.



Samuel G. Seely. Died September 10, 1852, age 77 years,
8 months, 2 days.

(He came to this town before 1807, and settled on a farm
situate in the southwest comer of Lot 12, Tully, where he
remained until the timeof his decease. He was a member
of Captain Asahel Roundy's Company, in the 98th N, Y.
Militia, and served a short tour of duty near Sackett's
Harbor, N. Y., in the Fall of 1814, in the War of 1812. By
his wife, Adah Fowler, he had: Polly, married Lemuel D.
Smith of Cold Brook, N. Y., (eleven children) ; Cynthia, she
died October 6, 1869, age 70 years, unmarried; Sally, mar-
ried, Alvin Churchill, son of John and Martha Churchill,
both dead, and buried in Cold Brook Cemetery; Huldah,
married William Bell; Philura, married (1) Mr. Eldridge,
and (2) Russel M. Burdick, she had one son, Samuel
Eldridge, by her first husband, and a daughter, Mary Bur-
dick, married William Cullen Bockus, by her second hus-
hand; Hiram, married Betsey Jane Jacobs, daughter of
Elias and Betsey J. Jacobs, of Spafford Hollow, both dead,
and buried in this cemetery; Adelia, married James Bell;
and Clarissa, died February 9, 1826, age 17 years.)


Adah (Fowler), wife of Samuel G. Seely. Died June 13,
1852, age 77 years, 10 months, 2 days.


Clarissa. Died February 9, 1826, age 17 years, 5 months,
3 days.

Cyntha. Died October 6, 1869, age 70 years, 25 days.

Daughters of Samuel G. and Adah (Fowler) Seely.



Hiram Seely, (son of Samuel G. and Adah (Fowler)
Seely). Danied January 1, 1883, age 68 years, 2 months,
7 days.

" He has gone to his loved ones."
(He resided on the old homestead with his father, where
he died ; by his wife, Betsey Jane Jacobs, he had : Marcus
N., died March 14, 1892, age 53 years, married Orissa T.
Filkins, daughter of George D. and Margaret (Fisher)
Filkins, wife still living in Syracuse, N. Y. ; and Orlando
R., married Anna Eddy, farmer, resides in Homer, N. Y.)

Betsey J. (Jacobs), wife of Hiram Seely. Died April
19, 1881, age 63 years, 5 months.

" She rests in Heaven."

Marcus N. Seely, (son of Hiram and Betsey J. (Jacobs)
Seely. Died March 14, 1892, age 53 years.

(By his wife, Orissa T. Filkins, he had two children:
Eugene, died young in 1862; and Carrie, married Herbert
C. Faxton of Syracuse, N. Y., husband works for Solvay
Process Company. Marcus resided during his lifetime on
the old Seely Homestead, on Lot 12, Tully, he was a

Eugene, infant son of Marcus N. and Orrissa T. (Filkins)
Seely. Died in the year 1862.

Francis Irvin, son of Orlando R. and Anna (Eddy) Seely.
Died November 5, 1881, age 8 years, 8 days.



Amasa Sessions, son of Nathaniel and Irene (Wales)
Sessions). Died November 13, 1838, age 59 years.

(Amasa Sessions was born in Union, Conn., June 30,
1779, and came to the tovvTi of Skaneateles in October, 1798 ;
he was supposed to have been descended from Samuel Ses-
sions, who came to this country from. Wantage, Berkshire
Co., England, in 1630, and settled in Andover, Mass., as fol-
lows: Samuel, Alexander, Nathaniel, Amasa, Nathaniel,
Amasa. His father, Nathaniel Session, was born in Pomfret,
and settled in Union, Conn., where he died, October 5, 1824 ;


he married (1) Irene Wales, November 16, 1775, she died
December 3, 1793, and he married for a second wife Fanny-
Chandler. Amasa Sessions, in a letter dated in 1838, in
speaking of his father, says : " My father, Nathaniel, died
at Union in 1824, age 74, and my mother in 1793. They
were members of the Congregational Church. He had two
wives, by whom he had six children each : Amasa, Ebenezer,
(bom May 11, 1781), of Skaneateles; Susan Wright, at
Vernon, N. Y. ; Irene, died at Chautauqua; Lydia Chap-
man, in Onondaga; Nathaniel, with his six sons and three
daughters, in Ionia, Mich,; Col. Moses Chandler Sessions,
at Union, Conn. ; Polly, died at Union, Fanny Eaton, Darius
and Eliza Webster, with their families, are at Macomb Co.,
Mich. ; and Hannah, at Marcellus."

Amasa Sessions, (son of Nathaniel), married (1) Sila

, (2) Phebe Robins Smith, and (3) ,

resided on Lot 59, Marcellus, in the town of Skaneateles,
N. Y., where he died. In the same letter, spoken of above,
he says : " I have nine children by my second wife, with
whom I lived twenty-nine years, to wit : Sila Bennett, wife
of Bennett, publisher of Baptist Register, and my youngest,
Phebe, (Hon. Sidney Smith says her name was Elizabeth
and not Phebe) , who dwells at Utica, N. Y., Alonzo, Job S.,
George M., Amasa, John, Darius, and Jane M. Yates, all at
Ionia, on Grand River, Michigan." John Sessions, became
a lawyer and settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., with an office at
No. 10 Wall St., New York City; and Alonzo Sessions,
settled in Ionia, Michigan, where he became a man of
wealth and influence, he not only held from time to time
various town offices, but was Sheriff of his county, and
Lieut. Governor of the State of Michigan, he was a member
of the State Constitutional Convention, member of the State
Legislature, and President of the First Ionia National Bank,
and the Farmer's Insurance Company. All three of Amasa
Sessions' wives were born in Connecticut.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Sila Sessions, (wife of Amasa Sessions) . Died January
20, 1808, age 29 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Phebe (Smith), wife of Amasa Sessions. Died May 25,
1837, age 53 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Dea. Ebenezer Sessions, (son of Nathaniel and Irene
(Wales) Sessions) . Died December 25, 1855, age 74 years,
7 months, 13 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Mary, wife of Dea. Ebenezer Sessions. Died November
11, 1858, age 80 years, 3 months, 19 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
In memory of Susan, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary
Sessions. Died April 7, 1839, age 27 years, 4 months, 7

(Thorn Hill.)


Chester Sharp. Died May 11, 1840, age 72 years.

(He married Anice Churchill, daughter of John and
Martha Churchill, and had among other children, Mary A.,
who married Ranford R. Bates. His wife, who survived
him, married (2) Philip Pickett.)

(Cold Brook.)

Harriet E., daughter of John Wm. and Lydia A. (Under-
wood) Sharp. Died February 23, 1843, age 1 year, 5

(John Wm. Sharp, son of Chester and Anice (Churchill)
Sharp, married (1) Lydia A. Underwood, and (2) Phebe
Isdell, daughter of Andrew and Mary (Harris) Isdell, and
widow of William Bacon. He practiced law in Justice's
Courts, and was a farmer by occupation. He had a
daughter by his first wife : Olive A., who married William

(Cold Brook.)


James Shaw. Died November 14, 1858, age 63 years.

(Mr. Shaw, for many years before his decease, resided
near the westerly line of Lot 45, in the town of Tully, in a
little huddle commonly called " Shawville," and kept a small
store at that place; he had a very respectable family of
girls, who married into well known Spafford families.)

(Spafford Hollow.)



Vv'illiam Shelden. Born December 3, 1756, died July 27,
1805, at Stepheiitown, N. Y., married November 18, 1779,
at Stephentown, N. Y., Abigail Udell, bom August 4, 1762,
died May 12, 1836, at SpafFord, and was buried at Thorn
Hill. Mrs. Sheldon, after the decease of Mr. Sheldon, mar-
ried Hezekiah Mason, November 14, 1811. Several of the
children of Mr. and Mrs. Shelden also came to this town,
they were as follows: Abigail, bom December 25, 1780;
William, bom January 20, 1783; Benjamin, born January
5, 1785 ; Lionel, born October 16, 1787 ; Allen, born August
11, 1789; Alanson, born December 19, 1791, died May 16,
1819 ; Anna, born June 10, 1794, died September 5, 1867, at
Spafford, N. Y., married Asa Mason, son of Hezekiah and
Sally Mason, May 10, 1812, she was buried in Borodino
Cemetery ; Asa, born April 13, 1796 ; Erastus, born June 17,
1798, died August 21, 1832 ; Diadama, born June 10, 1800,
died March, 1801 ; and Diana, born July 30, 1804, died at
residence of Hon. Sidney ^mith, in Skaneateles, N. Y., May
19, 1892, married Charles A. Calkins, May 21, 1831, and
settled at Thorn Hlil, her husband was bom September 2,
1805. Diana was the mother of Jennie A. Calkins, second
wife of Hon. Sidney Smith, and George A. Calkins, of
Chicago, 111. She was buried in Lake View Cemetery,
Skaneateles, N. Y.


Caleb Sheldon, son of Joseph and Jemima (Carr) Shel-
don, was bom in Rensselaer County, N. Y., near Stephen-
town; his parents came from Massachusetts and Connecti-
cut. He married Lillis Howard, daughter of Sylvester
Howard, at Stephentowm, N. Y., and settled at Rutland,
Jefferson County, N. Y., and from there came to this town
in 1837, and settled on a farm east of Borodino Village,
where he resided for many years. He died at Onondaga
Valley, and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery. His chil-
dren were: Catherine, died unmarried, buried Oakwood
Cemetery, Syracuse, N. Y.; Lansing, married Emily A.
Cleveland, daughter of Benajah and Mary (Clark) Cleve-
land, wife died at Syracuse, (Oakwood Cemetery), and he
resides at 207 Cortland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.; Sylvester


Howard, married Jane Ferry, daughter of Chester and
Saba (BufRngton) Ferry, both dead, and buried in Oakwood

Lansing Sheldon, (son of Caleb and Lillis), by his wife

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