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Emily A. Ferry, had : Harriet, married Henry Hinman, son
of George and Ruth (Smith) Hinman, as his third wife,
resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; and Lansing Grant, married
Anna Hastings of Onondaga Valley, and resides in Syracuse,
N. Y.


Em-ily J., daughter of Jacob W. and Sarah Sherwood.
Died February 5, 1848, age 17 years, 4 months, 21 days.


Helen, daughter of William I. and Betsey (Boughton)
Skellie. Died July 30, 1848, age 20 years, 7 months, 20

" She was a dear daughter, kind sister and dear friend,
To her happiness and wishes was ready to attend.
In her long and painful iMness not a word of complaint.
She was always a tried and obedient Saint."
(William I. Skellie came to this town from Cambridge,
Washington County, N. Y., about June 1, 1826, and settled
on a farm on the east side of the Skaneateles and Homer
road, on Lot 42, Tully; he married Betsey Boughton,
daughter of Azer and Elizabeth (Nickerson) Boughton, of
Washington County, N. Y., and by her had: Amanda D.,
married Nathan Culver, son of Moses and Amy (Boughton)
Culver, of Cambridge, N. Y., husband dead, and she resides
(1899) in Syracuse, N. Y.; James V., married Esther W^il-
liamson, daughter of James and Hannah Williamson, of
Spafford Hollow, she died in Scott, N. Y., his residence not
known, (two children buried in this Cemetery) ; Helen, died
in Spafford, July 30, 1848, unmarried; Marion B., married
Helen Newell, son of Stephen and Mary (Cuykendall)
Newell husband dead, and in 1898 she resided in Buffalo,
N .Y. (one child, Skellie H. Newell) ; and Josephine C,
married Elisha Hewett of Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs.
Skellie died in Scott, and were buried in the Seventh Day
Baptist Cemetery at that place.)



Harley J., son of James and Esther (Williamson)
Skellie. Died September 28, 1863, age 13 years, 11 months,
24 days.


Florence Virginia, daughter of James and Esther (Wil-
liamson) Skellie. Died December 20, 1849, age 1 year, 20

" This lovely bud was nipped so soon.
To rise and bloom beyond the tomb."


William Skellie, a nephew of William I. Skellie, formerly
resided in the Nunnery neighborhood in this town, he mar-
ried Lucinda Foster. He was a blacksmith by trade, and
once worked in the Village of Borodino. He moved to
Chautauqua County, and was at one time employed by the
Chautauqua Park Assembly Association — dead.

Alexander Skellie also came from Cambridge, Washing-
ton County, N. Y., and about April 26, 1828, settled on Lot
10, Sempronius, his wife's given name was Martha.


Ruth, wife of Ira Smith. Died August 23, 1851, age 59
years, 5 months, 17 days.

(Ira Smith came to Spafford and settled on Lot 23, Tully,
in Spafford Hollow, on or before January 1, 1829 ; his chil-
dren were: William; Franklin, married Marietta Parker,
daughter of Samuel and Amy Parker; Ira, Jr., married
Emeline P. Dunbar, daughter of Thaddeus and Caroline M.
Dunbar, he moved to Michigan; Chester; Louisa, married
(Gordon Bailey; and Abigail, married Alphonso Kinney.)

(Spafford Hollow.)

Marietta (Parker), wife of Franklin Smith. Died May
8, 1855, age 42 years, 8 months, 1 day.

(Spafford Hollow.)

Caroline, daughter of Ira and Emeline P. (Dunbar)
Smith. Died February 10, 1851, age 1 year, 6 months, 12

" This lovely bud was nipped so soon
To rise and bloom beyond the tomb."



Alice A., daughter of Ira and Emeline P. (Dunbar)
Smith. Died October 10, 1852, age 1 month, 20 days.
" Alice ! thine angel visit cheered our lone hearts awhile,
Then left us. Oh, why is it thou did'st not longer stay."


Horace Smith. Died August 8, 1862, age 61 years.
" Our Father."

(Mr. Smith came to this town from Fabius, N. Y,, before
1848, and settled on the farm now (1899) owned by Col.
Edwin S. Jenney, on Lot 32, Sempronius; from there he
moved to a farm on Lots 32 and 33, Tully, in Cold Brook,
about 1855, and there remained until his decease. His
children, excepting the youngest one, were by his first wife,
whose name is not given; he married for a second wife
Clarissa G. Reynolds, who survived him, and after his
decease married Albert Foster, for his second wife. His
children, m.entioned in the petition of his wife, Clarissa G.,
dated August 25, 1862, for Letters of Administration upon
his estate, were : Joseph R., of Salmon River, Oregon Terri-
tory; Harriet E., wife of David Spaulding of Monticello,
Cowlitz Counts^ Oregon Territory ; Mary C, wife of Henry
S. Alvord of Homer, N. Y. ; Horace, of Homer,. N. Y. ; Maria
J., wife of Thomas H. Alvord, of White Water, Kings
County, Washington Territory; Levi G., of White Water,
Kings Co., Washington Territory; Rollin C, of Jacksonville,
Oregon Territory; and Frederick R., (then a minor) of
Spafford, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)

Eliza Smith, (wife of David Smith). Died September
26, 1887, age 64 years.

" Dear Mother."

(David Smith lived in the Kellogg Settlement, in Cold
Brook, in the town of Scott; his wife Eliza was from Caze-
novia. Josie E. Smith, daughter of David and Eliza Smith,
married a Mr. Collins. Flora A. Smith, another daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, died unmarried.)

(Cold Brook.)

Josie E. Smith, daughter of David and Eliza Smith. Died
November 14, 1880, age 26 years.

(Cold Brook.)

Flora A. Smith, daughter of David and Eliza Smith. Died
June 19, 1885, age 28 years. (Cold Brook.)


Lucilla, daughter of Lemuel D. and Polly (Seeley) Smith.
Died October 31, 1842, ag-e 2 years, 3 months, 14 days.

(Lemuel D. Smith resided in Cold Brook; he married
Polly Seeley, daughter of Samuel G. and Adah (Fowler)
Seeley, and by her had the following children, in addition
to the two whose deaths are here recorded in this cemetery :
Melvina, unmarried ; Parmelia, married a Mr. Harrington -,
Julania, married a Mr. Goodwin; Welcome S., married a
Miss Knight; Dwight, married a Miss Knight, a sister of
his brother Welcome's wife; Jane, unmarried; Louisa,
unmarried; and Alvira, married a Mr. Webster.)

(Cold Brook.)

Ann Eliza, daughter of Lemuel D. and Polly (Seeley)
Smith. Died January 21, 1852, age 19 years, 8 months, 29

(Cold Brook.)

Isaiah D. Smith. Died November 28, 1868, age 78 years,
2 months, 11 days.

(Mr. Smith came to this town from Bennington, Genesee
County, N. Y., January 24, 1819, and settled on Lot 10,
Sempronius; his first wife, Rachel, died in 1826, and he
then married the widow Juliette Hall.)


Rachel, wife of Isaiah D. Smith. Died March 5, 1826,
age 30 years.


Juliette (Hall), wife of Isaiah D. Smith. Died Decem-
ber 15, 1861, age 55 years, 6 months.

• (Borodino.)

Caroline, daughter of Isaiah D. and Rachel Smith. Died


Helen, daughter of Isaiah D. and Rachel Smith. Died
April 13, 1842, age 3 years, 2 months, 22 days.


Sarah L. (Smith), wife of William B. Smith. Died
August 8, 1874, age 21 years.

(William B. Smith, son of Isaiah D. and Juliette (Hall)
Smith, married Sarah L. Smith, daughter of Jessey Smith) .


In memory of Job Smith. Died January 16, 1827, age
80 years.


(He was bom in Norwalk, Conn., and married there
Elizabeth Keeler; from there he first settled in Greenfield,
Greene County, N. Y., and from there came to this town,
about February 25, 1806, and settled on a part of the State's
Hundred Acres, on Lot 74, Marcellus. He was Paymaster
in the War of the Revolution. By his wife, Elizabeth
Keeler, who was also born in Norwalk, Conn., he had the

following children: William, married Mary , he

was a farmer and settled in Richmond, Ontario County,
N. Y., he never came to this town; Sarah, married Mr.
Shepard in Greene County, N. Y., she never came here, she
had a son, Cyrus Smith Shepard, who resided with his
maternal grand parents in this town, and went to Califor-
nia, where he died; Elizabeth, died unmarried at Thorn
Hill; Stephen, married Freelove Green, he was a farmer
and carpenter, and died at Thorn Hill, December 27, 1825 ;
Phebe, married Amasa Sessions as his second wife, she died
at Thorn Hill, she had a son, Alonzo Sessions, vv^ho settled
in Ionia, Michigan, and became very wealthy, he was Presi-
dent of a bank in Ionia, Member of the Michigan Legislature
on several occasions. Sheriff of the county of his residence,
President of the State Constitutional Convention of Michi-
gan, and once Lieutenant Governor of that State. Another
of her sons : John Sessions, was a lawyer in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
and married Elizabeth Fisher, a niece of Bishop Hunting-
ton, of Syracuse, N. Y. She also had a grandson, John
Sessions, Jr., who was also a lawyer, and married a
daughter of Bishop Huntington ; Lewis, married Chloe Ben-
son; Charles, married Sophia Bull, he died in Skaneateles
at the age of 34 years ; Seth, married Lois Hecox, sister of
Col. Warren Hecox of Skaneateles, he moved to Lyons,
N. Y. ; and Cyrus, married Lucinda Harvey, daughter of
Medad and Anar (Buell) Harvey, he was a merchant and
settled in Marengo, Wayne County, N. Y. From there he
moved to Clyde, and then to Chautauqua County, N. Y.
From Chautauqua County he moved to California, where
he was engaged in the milling business at the time of his

Lewis Smith, (the fourth son of Job) , was a Lieutenant
in Col. Warren Hecox's Regiment of New York Militia, in
the War of 1812, and served in a short tour of duty in
defence of Sackett's Harbor, in the year 1814, and was dis-


charged at Smith's Mills, N. Y. He was prominent in town
and county politics, he served as Supervisor and Justice of
the Peace in the town of Marcellus, (now Spafford), as
Sheriff of the County of Onondaga (1826 to 1828) , and was
Member of Assembly in the New York Legislature, 1820,
1821, 1829, and at the time of his decease, which occurred
at Thorn Hill, at the age of 43 years. He was a farmer and
resided on a farm on Lot 74, Marcellus, adjoining that of
his father, Job Smith. His wife was Chloe Benson, daughter
of Elkanah Benson, a native of Mendon, Mass., and who,
at the time of the marriage, resided at a place known as
" Benson Street," at the southwest comer of the town of
Skaneateles. By his wife Chloe, Mr. Smith had the follow-
ing children, all bom in this town near Thorn Hill: Hon.
Sidney, born in 1815, married (1) Adeline E. Blodgett, of
Chautauqua County, N. Y., and (2) Jennie E. Calkins,
daughter of Charles A. and Diana (Shelden) Calkins, after
marriage he resided on the old homestead until 1870, and
then settled in Skaneateles Village, where he resided until
his decease in 1900, he held various offices in his native town,
among which were: Justice of the' Peace, Supervisor,
Town Superintendent, and Inspector of Schools, and Mem-
ber of Assembly in the New York Legislature, in the yeai
1857, he claimed in 1899 to be the oldest living native of
the Marcellus end of the town of Spafford ; Mary, residing
(1898) in Skaneateles, unmarried ; William, he was educated
in Homer Academy and Yale College, and first settled In
Baltimore, Md., where he taught school and studied law.
From there he moved to Missouri, and then to Sacramento,
Cal., where he engaged in the mercantile business. He died
of cholera at the latter place in 1850, unmarried ; Stephen,
married Lucy Culver, daughter of Judge E. D. Culver, of
Brooklyn, N. Y., he is a prominent physician in New York,
City, where he was appointed Commissioner of Charities in
1881, Commissioner of Lunacy in 1882, and Delegate to the
International Sanitary Congress, held in Paris in 1894, he is
especially remembered for his generous gift of a valuable
medical library, to the Medical College connected with the
Syracuse University; and Job Lewis, married Mary Ann
Hana and settled in New York City. He was a graduate of
Yale College, and became a prominent physician and surgeon
in the latter city, he was also an instructor in the medical


schools in New York City, and is well known to the medical
fraternity, as the author of a valued work on the Diseases
of Children. He died in New York City in 1897. There
are no known descendants of Job Smith at this time residing
in the town of Spafford.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Mrs. Elizabeth (Keeler), wife of Job Smith. Died
August 31, 1835, age 87 years.

(Thorn Hill.)
Elizabeth Smith, (daughter of Job and Elizabeth
(Keeler) Smith) . Died August 14, 1848, age 72 years.

(Thorn Hill.)
Stephen Smith, (son of Job and Elizabeth (Keeler)
Smith) . Died December 27, 1825, age 46 yars.

(Thorn Hill.)
In mmory of Asa Smith, who departed this life Septem-
ber 11, 1821, age 56 years.

" Within this tomb by death o'er come
A tender husband rests.
With love sincere his children dear

He frequently caressed,
A master's part with generous heart

It's known he acted well ;
May those he's left of him bereft
His virtuous ways excell."
(His wife and children moved to Michigan.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Jared Smith. Died March 26, 1870, age 76 years, 16

(Jared Smith married Rhoda Harvey, daughter of Medad
and Anar (Buell) Harvey, and by her had the following:
Emeline, married Shepard Earl, son of William and Polly
(Pitts) Earl; Harriet, married Ebenezer Coming Cowles
of Otisco, N. Y.; Lydia, married William Briggs, son of
Daniel Briggs ; and Seth, married and resided in Michigan.
At the time of his decease Mr. Smith was the owner of what
is now known as the Alanson Colton Farm, near Borodino.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Rhoda H. (w.), died August 16, 1890, age 91 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Among the members of the Smith family who have

resided in this town, whose names do not appear above, are


the following: Isaac Smith and family, who resided on
the east side of Spafford Hollow : Azariah Smith, resided on
or owned 160 acres of land, in a square farm, in the north
west corner of lot 34, Tully ; Alvah Smith and wife, Clarissa,
settled on lot 69, Marcellus, on or before 1804 ; Amasa Smith
and wife Mercy purchased land on lot 77, Marcellus, March
9, 1818; Chester H. Smith purchased land on lot 12, Sem-
pronius, January 18, 1859 ; David Smith purchased land on
lot 77, Marcellus, in 1803, and sold to Lemuel Smith in
1803; Daniel S. Smith of Owasco, N. Y., purchased land
on lot 69, Marcellus, September 3, 1817; Ephraim Smith
sold land on lot 75, Marcellus, September 25, 1815 ; James
Smith and wife, Sarah Ann (Barber) , lots 32 and 33, Tully,
1827, to 1840; Jedediah Smith and wife, Caroline, lots 22
and 23, Tully, 1832-4; John Smith and wife Lois, lots 89
and 76, Marcellus, 1828 ; John Smith and wife Lucinda, lot
22, Tully, 1811 to 1823; Josiah Smith, lot 89, Marcellus,
1822; Lemuel Smith and wife Sally, lots 77 and 76, Mar-
cellus, 1803 to 1830; Lemuel P. Smith, lot 77, Marcellus,
1827-8 ; Levi Smith and wife Lucy, lots 76 and 89, Marcellus,
1828 ; Lester I. Smith and wife Lydia, lots 10 and 11, Sem-
pronius, 1827, 1830 ; Lyman Smith and wife Sally, lots 10,
11 and 12, Sempronius, 1827 to 1857 ; Oliver Smith and wife
Abig-ail, lot 77, Marcellus, 1808 to 1828; Oliver S. Smith,
lot 77, Marcellus, 1811 ; Samuel Smith, lots 44 and 45, Tully,
1825 ; Sylvester Smith and wife Lucretia, lot 24, Tully, 1814
to 1821; Thomas Smith and wife Lydia, lot 32, Tully, 1827;
Welcome Smith, lot 89, Marcellus, 1829, 1832 ; and William
S. Smith, lot 12, Sempronius, 1859.


In memory of Eliza Sornborger, daughter of Henry
Somborger. Died September 4, 1852, age 16 years.

(After her decease her father and mother moved to Chau-
tauqua County, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)


There were several families of Spauldings who resided
in this town in years past, many of whose members inter-
married with other well known Spafford families, but the


history of these has been so fully and well told in the excel-
lent genealogy of that family, that we omit any further
statement of them here, referring the reader to that valued
work for further information on that subject. None of
that name are here now.


Ellen Bro-wn, wife of Clark Spencer, and daughter of
Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown. Died September 22,
1859, age 21 years, 9 months, 15 days.
" When lingering disease involved this house of clay,

How sweet to look beyond my house and long to fly away."



Franklin, son of Solomon and Lucy Sprague. Died Jan-
uary 9, 1835, age 6 years.

(After the decease of Solomon Sprague, his wife Lucy
married John Babcock, Jr., as his third wife; she survived
her last husband, and was one of the administrators of his



Mary (Shearman), wife of John Stanton. Died August
4, 1838, age 88 years, 9 months, 1 day.

(Samuel H. Stanton, in 1898, in speaking of his grand
parents and their family said : " My grandfather, John
Stanton, was bom in Rhode Island, and there married my
grandmother Mary Shearman, who was also bom in that
State. After their marriage my grand parents moved to
Pownal, Bennington County, Vt., where my grandfather
died. After his decease my grandmother moved to this
town, and resided with her son, Benjamin Stanton, until
her decease. The children of John and Mary (Shearman)
Stanton were : John, died in Otsego County, N. Y. ; Thomas,
died in Otsego County, N. Y. ; Samuel, died in New Lisbon,
Otsego County, N. Y. ; Clark, died in Italy, Yates County,
N. Y. ; Joseph, died in Michigan ; William, died in Mayfield,
Chautauqua County, N. Y. ; Lodowick, died in Michigan;
Benjamin, married (1) Sally Noble, and (2) Amy Perkins,


sister of Hopkins Perkins of this town ; Sally, married John
Noble of this town; Susannah, married John Lawrence of
Spafford; and Polly, married Russel Johnson. John Stan-
ton, my grand father, was a brother of Mary Stanton, the
wife of Joseph Lewis, formerly of this town, buried in
Lewis Yard.")

(Stanton Yard.)

Benjamin Stanton, (son of John and Mary (Shearman)
Stanton) , Died Februaiy 5, 1871, age 91 years, 22 days.

(He was bom in the town of Pownal, Bennington Co.,
Vt., January 11, 1780, and married (1) Sally Noble, and
(2) Amy Perkins. By his first wife he had one child:
Sally, married Israel Knapp, she died in Alleghany County,
N. Y. ; and by his second wife had : Sheldon, married Ruth
Shearman, daughter of Peleg Shearman of this town, died
in Allegheny County, N. Y. ; Melinda, married Samuel
Shearman, son of Peleg Shearman, died in Allegheny
County, N. Y. ; Allen J., married (1) Anna Rainey,
and (2) Aurilla Clark, died in Spafford; Julania,
married Sylvanus N. Grout, son of John Grout, died in
Scott, N. Y. ; John, married Rebecca Fish, died in Eau
Claire, Wis.; Polly, married Samuel Shearman as his
second wife, and moved to Alleghany County, N. Y. ; Samuel
H., married Sarah Patterson, daughter of Calvin Patterson,
he died February 14, 1899, age 76 years, and his widow
now resides on the old Stanton Homestead, on Lot 13, Sem-
pronius, in this town; and Rhoda, married Delos Billings,
moved to Alleghany County, N. Y.

Samuel H. Stanton, bom in this town, at the time of
his decease left surviving his widow, Sarah Patterson, and
the following children: Emmet; Mark Stanton, Mrs. John
H. Purchase; Mrs. Milton Emmons, residing in Spafford;

C P. Stanton of Luddington, Mich. ; Mrs. W.

F. Fairbanks, of Scottville, Mich., and Elmer E. Stanton,
of Grand Rapids, Michigan.)

Samuel H. Stanton, 1821-1899.

Sarah T. Patterson (w.), 1825-.

(Stanton Yard.)

Amy (Perkins), wife of Benjamin Stanton. Died March
31, 1872, age 89 years, 4 months, 20 days.

(Stanton Yard.)


Frank, son of Samuel H. and Sarah (Patterson) Stanton.
Died March 25, 1876, age 21 years, 10 months, 10 days.

(Stanton Yard.)

Infant sons of Samuel H. and Sarah (Patterson) Stan-
ton, who died March 6, 1858, and October 12, 1860.

(Stanton Yard.)

Asaph Stebbins, who died April 21, 1828, age 61 years.

(Letters of Administration were issued upon his estate
to his brother, Sylvanus Stebbins, of Little Valley, of
Cattaraugus County, N. Y., but, the petition not being pre-
served, no statement of the family connections are given.
In the sale of his farm of 100 acres, in the north west
corner of Lot 89, Marcellus, and 17V2 acres on the south-
west corner of lot 76, Marcellus, the following persons con-
veyed to his brother, Sylvanus Stebbins, in 1828: John
Stebbins and Mary, his wife, Heman Stebbins, Erastus
Stebbins and Ruth, his wife, Levi Smith and Lucy, his wife
John Smith and Lois, his wife, Chester Ferry and Roxa,
his wife, Fowler Preston and Melissa his wife, Joel Lanson
Preston, and Dwight Preston of Granby, Mass. In 1831
Russel Preston of Clyde, N. Y., son of Joel Preston of
Granby, Mass., also quit claim his interest in the same land
to the same grantee.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Charles W., son of Menzus and Adeline E. (O'Farell)
Stebbins. Died August 28, 1881, age 4 years, 8 months,
and 18 days.

(Menzus Stebbins married Adeline E. O'Farrell, daughter
of Rev. D. M. D. O'Farrell of Spafford Hollow. Mrs. Steb-
bins died at or near Shawville (now called Bromley), in
Spafford Hollow, February 3, 1899, at the age of 60 years,
leaving her susviving her husband and two children : David
and Menzus Stebbins) .

(Spafford Hollow.)

Lovina (Nodine), wife of Elisha B. Stevens. Died
October 16, 1862, age 42 years, 3 months, 19 days.

(Elisha B. Stevens, son of Elisha Stevens, married
Lovina Nodine, daughter of Jeremiah, Sr., and Maria
(Strope) Nodine.)

(Cold Brook.)



Mrs. Sally Stone, wife of Benajah Stone. Died June 16,.
1825, age 41 years, 11 months, 10 days.

" Afflictions sore a long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain,
'Till God was pleased to give me ease
And free me from my pain."

In memory of Norman, son of Joseph and Polly Stone.
Died January 9, 1831, age 17 years, 3 months, 5 days.

(Joseph and Polly Stone conveyed lands on Lots 10 and
12, Sempronius, and Lot 89, Marcellus, to John K. Stone of
Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont, October 16,



Alexander R. Streeter. Died December 8, 1863, age 80
years, 3 months.

(He settled on Lot 10, Sempronius, on or before 1815; by
his wife Susan Carpenter, he had at his decease the follow-
ing children : Calvin, married Malentha Babcock, daughter
of Elihu and Hannah Babcock; Harriet, married Orrin
Eddy of Borodino, (both dead) ; Ada L. Howard, of Oak
Grove, Wisconsin ; Dorcas Garthwait, of Bolivar, Alleghany
County, N. Y. ; Milton, married (1) Mary Manley, and (2)
Nancy A. Clark, his death preceded that of his father;
Sarah A., married Ashbel Baker, she and her husband
both died before her father, leaving one daughter, Sarah A.
Baker; and one daughter who married a Mr. Manley, she
died before her father and left the following children : Rob-
inson, Henry, Alanson E. Manley, and Jane Robinson.)


Susan (Carpenter) , wife of Alexander R. Streeter. Died
August 23, 1864, age 83 years, 3 months.


Calvin Streeter, (son of Alexander R. and Susan (Car-
penter) Streeter) . Died February 22, 1889, age 84 years,.
4 months, 22 days.

(He married Malentha Babcock, and by her had two sons
who survived him: George J., died at Borodino, May 10,.


1891, age 50 years, married Lucinda Crane, he had a
daughter Dora, who married David Becker, son of John
Becker; and Cyrus Streeter, who at one time resided on
Lot 12, Sempronius. Calvin Streeter also formerly resided
on Lots 10 and 12, Sempronius.)


Malentha (Babcock) , wife of Calvin Streeter. Died May
6, 1875, age 66 years, 8 months,

" What peaceful hours we once enjoyed,
How sweet their memory still.
But they have left an aching void
This world can never fill."

(Her father and mother were buried at Thorn Hill.)


Mary (Manley) , wife of Milton Streeter. Died December
25, 1848, age 39 years, 7 months, 16 days.

(Milton Streeter died January 13, 1864, and was buried
in this cemetery. (No stone.) In the application for
letters upon his estate, made by his widow, Nancy A.
Streeter, mention is made of the following children : Alex-
ander Streeter, Franklin W. Streeter, and Caroline Case,

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