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wife of Alexander Case.)


By the record of deeds, it appears that a Josiah Streeter
at a very early date resided on Lot 10, Sempronius, and
died there; that on February 18, 1812, letters of adminis-
tration upon his estate were issued by the Surrogate of
Onondaga County, to Lydia Streeter, his widow, and that,
among three or four others, Alexander R. Streeter was heir
by descent to his lands, and conveyed the same.

Another family of Streeters formerly resided at or near
Borodino, whose descendants still remain, and whose lineage
is traced to Stephen Streeter, born in England and settled
in Gloucester, Mass, in 1639, as follows : Stephen, Stephen,
John, John, John, William.

William Streeter, was bom in New Cambridge, New
York, January 6, 1788, resided in Charlton, and died in
Skaneateles, N. Y., March 1, 1846. By his wife, Elizabeth
Russel, bom in Berne, Albany County, N. Y., died in Skan-
eateles, January 16, 1847, he had the following children
bom at Charlton : John, bom October 13, 1813, died in Wis-
consin in 1866; Joseph R., bom April 21, 1817; James


Alonzo, born September 7, 1821, married November 2, 1848
Chloe North, resided at Maple Grove, Mich. ; Reuben, bom
April 10, 1824, died September 4, 1838; Sarah E., bom
October 11, 1826, died November 9, 1845; Phebe, bom Jan-
uary 23, 1829, died about 1850 ; Jane Ann, born March 19,
1831, married James Nesbit, son of Robert and Nancy
(Wallace) Nesbit, resides near Borodino, N. Y. ; Marvin
Timothy, born October 25, 1836, married January 15, 1860,
Mary D. Tinkham ; Nelson R., bom October 7, 1838, married
June 20, 1860, Adeline F. Randolph, resides at Groton,
Tompkins County, N. Y.; and Caroline E., born November
25, 1843.


Charles Strong, (son of Capt. Strong of Tully). Bom
September 17, 1830.

(He married Margaret M. Hultz.)


Hon. Sidney Smith says : " William Strong was a large
farmer in the Marcellus part of Spafford, owning more
than 300 acres; residing upon the farm now owned and
occupied by Frank Harvey. He sold out and left about
1836, and went to Chautauqua County, N. Y.; he had a
large family."

Margaret M. (Hultz), wife of Charles Strong. Bom
April 18, 1828, died December 10, 1893.


Parnal, widow of Asher Strong. Died December 27,
1823, age 71 years, 5 months, 11 days.

(Thom Hill.)


Mary, daughter of William and Lydia Strope. Died June
27, 1835, age 2 years 11 months, 26 days.

(Before 1815, Peter Strope (sometimes called Strobe)
came to this town with his wife Louisa, and settled on ten
acres of land on the southwest comer of lot 12, Sempronius,
and there remained until his decease between 1829 and 1831.
On March 3, 1831, the following persons united in quit
claiming the lands above mentioned, to George Strope,
(Strobe) supposed to be his son: Levi Applebee, Gilbert


A. Applebee, Mary Golden, Jeremiah Nodine and Maria, his
wife, John Strope (Strobe), Nicholas Strobe, William
Strobe, Delaney Strobe, Israel Russell and Catherine, his
wife, and Joseph Strobe, all of SpafFord, N. Y.

(Cold Brook.)


Ellis Taft. Died July 3, 1857, age 75 years.

(He was born at Woodstock, Tolland County, Conn., and
from there moved to Mameroneck, Westchester County,
N. Y., where he kept hotel for several years. From there
he moved to Cold Brook, in this town, where he remained
until his decease. He married at Mameroneck, October 8,
1809, Cynthia Knapp, daughter of Peter and Dinah (Guion)
Knapp, and had the following children born at the latter
place: Sally Ann, married Ziba D. Baker, son of Josiah
Baker, she was the mother of Mrs. Benjamin McDaniels
of this town ; Mary, married John W. English, she died in
Adrian, Mich., but was buried in this cemetery; Emily,
died young; and Peter E., married Caroline B. McDaniels,
daughter of John and Polly (Hankins) McDaniels, he died
in Oswego and she in Auburn, N. Y. Mr. Taft was a
brother of Bezaleel W. Taft of this town, and of Mrs. Mary
Mellen, wife of Dr. David Mellen of Hudson, N. Y. Mr.
Ellis Taft's family are all now deceased.)

(Cold Brook.)

Cynthia (Knapp), wife of Ellis Taft. Died April 18,
1868, age 88 years.

(She was born May 13, 1780.)

(Cold Brook.)

Bezaleel W. Taft. Died February 17, 1872, age 72 years.

(He was also bom at Woodstock, Tolland County, Conn.,
and before coming to this town resided with his brother
Ellis, at Mameroneck, N. Y. He married (1) at New York
City, Nancy Palmer, who was the mother of all his chil-
dren, and after her decease he maried (2) Lucia Norton,
daughter of David and Dinah (Wilton) Norton, and widow
of Peris Miner. He came here about the same time as his
brother, and settled near him in Cold Brook, on the western
part of Lot 44, Tully, His children were : John P., married
Laura L Miner, daughter of Peris and Lucia (Norton)
Miner; Marcia, married Gilbert E. Smith, formerly of Syra-


cuse, nov/ deceased, she resides in McGrawville, N. Y.;
Thomas J., married Lucinda Mabie, daughter of Martin and
Gertrude Mabie, resides at East Scott, N. Y. ; and Martha
Jane, married Alphronius PhilHps as his second wife, he is
now deceased and she resides with her sister, in McGraw-
ville, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)
Nancy (Palmer), wife of Bezaleel W. Taft. Died May
22, 1863, age 65 years.

(Cold Brook.)


William. Taylor. Died July 1, 1882, age 63 years, 3

(Mr. Taylor and his wife, Charlotte Hunt, were both bom
in England; their children were: Mary A., residing in
Borodino, unmarried; George married Mary Nesbit,
daughter of Robert and Nancy (Wallace) Nesbit; and
Minnie E., married James Sweet, late P. M. at Borodino and
son of Joseph N. and Margaret (Nesbit) Sweet) .



Sanford Thayer, (son of Capt. Jerijah and Cynthia
(Case) Thayer.) Bom June 9, 1787, died August 26,

(He was born in Windham County, Conn., and from there
first settled in Vermont, where he married his first wife,
Rebecca Prisby, at Vernon, December 1, 1808. From Ver-
mont he moved to Cato, N. Y., and then to Cold Brook,
where he died ; he married Sally Miner for his second wife.
His first three children were by his first wife, and the others
by his second wife, Sally Miner. They were as follows:
Polly, born January 25, 1812, married Walter Brown,
resided at Vernon, Vt. ; Sophronia, born November 6, 1816,
married Laurence T. Washburn, resided in Vernon, Vt.j
Chauncey, born July 15, 1817, married (1) Herliam Crouch,
and (2) Almira Preston, resided in Vernon, Vt.; Sanford,
bom July 19, 1820, he was an artist, and settled and died in
Syracuse, N. Y., married Nancy H. Smith, (two children,
both deceased), he and his v/ife both dead; Salmon, bom


December 4, 1822, married Eliza Weston, he was a black-
smith and resided at Alleghan, Michigan; Sarah A., bom
July 10, 1825, married Peres L. Norton, son of Moses and
Percy (Barber) Norton, settled in Lanesburg, Pa. ; Stephen
P., bom August 27, 1827, married Harriet L. Nicholson and
settled in Oswego, N. Y. ; Susan, born July 10, 1830 ; Serena
M., born May 10, 1832, married Charles Goodyear, resided
in San Francisco, California; and Sylvanus L. M., bom
December 30, 1834, married Mary Hinton, he was a black-
smith and moved to Homer, Calhoun County, Mich. Mr.
Thayer was descended from Thomas Thayer, who came
from England and settled in Braintree, Mass., and was made
freeman in 1636, as follows: Thomas, Fernando, Josiah,
Josiah, Zephaniah, Jerijah, Sanford. He was by trade a

(Cold Brook.)

Sally (Miner), wife of Sanford Thayer. Born October
9, 1796, died September 15, 1859.

(She was a daughter of Luke and sister of Peres Miner
of this town.)

(Cold Brook.)


Reuben Thompson. Died November 15, 1838, age 56
years, 7 months.

" Respected while living, lamented though dead,
His sanctified spirit to Jesus had fled."

(His wife Sally is also buried in this cemetery, but has
no stone. In his will, dated September 27, 1838, and pro-
bated February 15, 1839, he mentions his wife, Sally
Thompson, and his children, Nathan P., married Margaret
Hutchens, daughter of Col. Phineas and Margaret (Giber-
son) Hutchens; William B., married Clarinda Prindle,
daughter of Moses and Purlina (Patchen) Prindle; and
Edward R., married a Miss Parsons and went West.)

Sally, widow of Reuben Thompson. Died June 6, 1849,
age 62 years. (Stone.)


Nathan P. Thompson, (son of Reuben and Sally Thomp-
son) . Died April 5, 1869, age 58 years, 7 months, 11 days.

(By his wife, Margaret Hutchens, he had besides the two
children recorded here: Sarah, married Alanson S. Fred-


erick, son of Jacob and Rachel (Newkirk Frederick, both
dead; and Jane Ellen, married Frank Proper, resides in
Homer, N. Y. Mrs. Thompson was still living in 1899,
residing with her daughter, Jane Ellen, in Homer, N. Y.;
since deceased.)


Caix)line, daughter of Nathan P. and Margaret (Hut-
chens) Thompson. Died October 6, 1843, age 3 years, 8
months, 15 days.


Libbie Bemice, daughter of Nathan P. and Margaret
(Hutchens) Thompson. Died January 25, 1853, age 11
months, 16 days.


Mary P., daughter of William B. and Clarinda (Prindle)
Thompson. Died February 18, 1850, age 11 years, 1 month,
1 day.

" My Lord did call I quiet went
To meet and with him dwell,
The last great debt I now have paid
And bid the world farewell."
(Mr. Thompson and his wife, Clarinda, after decease of
their daughter, Mary, moved to Michigan, where they both
died. They had one other child : Byron, who married, and
in 1898 resided in Jackson, Michigan.)


Lyman Thompson, (a brother of Reuben) , and his wife,
Nancy, from 1829 to 1837 resided in this town, and owned
lands at different times on lots 31, 32, and 43, Tully, and 75,
Marcellus, and had children : Zipporah, married Mr. Enos ;
Bezaleel, ; Amanda ; and Lyman, Jr. They all moved West.

There was also a Nathan Thompson and wife Electa, who
resided and owned lands on Lot 75, Marcellus, from June
24, 1815, to September, 1828, and perhaps later. And also
an Amasa M. Thompson, who conveyed, without wife, and
owned lands on lots 10 and 12, Sempronius, from October
15, 1834 to 1837.

Zipporah, widow of Nathan Thompson. Died May 3^
1825, age 64 years.

(Thorn Hill.)



Jonas Terbush. Died November 20, 1840, age 63 years,
2 months, 26 days,

(Mr. Terbush resided on the west side of Spafford Hollow,
the first farm south of the Buck Tail Road ; in the petition
for letters of administration upon his estate, dated Decem-
ber 9, 1840, and made by his wife, Polly Terbush, mention
is made of the following children : Susan ; Jane ; Davenport ;
and Anna Maria, married Chester Kimbal, all of Spafford,
N. Y. ; and Lorenzo, of Auburn, N. Y. ; Julia Ann of Liberty,
Pa.; Peter F., of Little Rock, Arkansas; and John o±
Natchez, Mississippi. They were all then of full age,
except: Susan, Jane, and Davenport, who were minors.)

(Spafford Hollow.)

Polly W., wife of Jonas Terbush. Died March 4, 1842,
age 59 years, 9 months, 15 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Adah (Windsor), wife of Capt. Daniel Tinkham. Died
February 28, 1851, age 82 years, 3 months, 19 daj^s.

(Daniel Tinkham, son of Hezekiah and Girzel Tinkham,
first settled in Vermont, and from there came to this town
about 1803, and settled on the State's Hundred Acres on
Lot 89, Marcellus. These lands he sold in 1810, and moved
on the east side hill, where he remained until after the
decease of his wife, Adah, when he moved with his son,
Zenas Tinkham, to Summerville, Mich., where he died. His
father and mother : Hezekiah and Grizel Tinkham, had the
following children : Elizabeth, Gehany, Renew, John, Peter,
Sally, Grizel, Nehemiah, Daniel, Samuel, and Philip.

Daniel Tinkham, born April 30, 1767, married Adah
Windsor, bom November 9, 1768, at Smithfield, R. I., who
was the daughter of John and Mary (Smith) Windsor. His
wife was descended from Joshua Windsor, who came to
Providence, R. I., from England as early as 1637, as follows :
Joshua, Samuel, Joshua, John, Adah. She was also
descended from Roger Williams of Rhode Island, as follows :
Roger, Mercy, Joshua, John, Adah. Mr. Tinkham, by his
wife Adah, had the following children, part bom in Vermont
and the balance in this town: John, born December 26,


1790, died unmarried, buried probably at Thorn Hill ;
Mercy, born September 3, 1792, married Calvin Campbell,
died at Grand Ledge, Mich; Russel, born July 21, 1794,
married Mary Cook, died in Spaff ord, N. Y. ; Stephen, born
June 21, 1796, married Roxana Wait, died in Ohio ; Alanson,
born October 5, 1798, married Betsey Grinnell, daughter of
Isaiah Grinnell, died in Orleans County, N. Y. ; Relly, born
December 28, 1800, married Chloe Grinnell, daughter of
Isaiah Grinnell, died in Orleans County, N. Y. ; Praxana,
born February 22, 1803, married John Grinnell, son of
Isaiah Grinnell, she died in Orleans County, N. Y., and her
husband married (2) Tacy Babcock, daughter of John
Babcock ; Zenas, born April 18, 1805, married Lovedy Cook,
sister of Russel Tinkham's wife Mary, she was born July,
1806, and he and she died at Summerville, Mich. ; Almeda,
born December 27, 1807, married Hiram W. Hayes, she died
in Quincy, Mich., and in 1898 her husband was residing in
Pomona, Cal.; Cynthia, born April 29, 1810, married
William Smith, she was living in 1898 in Pomona, Cal. ; and
Adah, born April 17, 1813, died young.)


Russell Tinkham, (son of Daniel and Adah (Windsor)
Tinkham). Died May 31, 1874, age 79 years, 10 months,
20 days.

(He married Mary Cook, daughter of Joseph and Mary
Cook, who were bom in Falmouth, Cornwall, England,
where they were also married and their daughter Mary
born. By his wife Mary he had the following children,
born in this townN John Cook, born May 27, 1817, married
(1) Phebe Harris and (2) Jane Harris, daughters of Wil-
liam and Nancy (Davis) Harris, he died at Glen Haven,
N. Y., but was buried at Grand Ledge, Michigan ; Delevan,
born August 28, 1818, married Lona Babcock, residing in
1898 at Cold Water, Mich. ; Mary Ann, born June 29, 1820,
married Uriah Roundy, son of Capt. Asahel and Hannah
(Weston) Roundy, resides in Spafford, N. Y.; Emily, bom
August 17, 1822, married Warren Doty, she died 1899 at
Homer, N. Y., where her husband is still living; LaFayette,
bom July 30, 1824, married Mary Ann Carr, daughter of
Thurston and Lorane (Green) Carr, resides in Spafford,
N. Y.; Marinda, born July 30, 1826, died young; Charlotte,
bom December 23, 1828, married David Bailey, resides in


Cold Water, Mich.; Lovedy, bom May 3, 1830, married
Oscar Burdick, son of Russel M. and Esther (Whiting)
Burdick, both died in Quincy, Mich. ; and Lovinas, t)orn May
30, 1832, married Elnora Burdick, daughter of Christopher
Avery and Eugenia Jane (Nash) Burdick, resided in Scott,
Cortland County, N .Y., but died in December, 1900.)

Mary (Cook), wife of Russell Tinkham. Died February
11, 1866, age 74 years, 3 months, 3 days.

Marinda, daughter of Russell and Mary (Cook) Tinkham.
Died October 17, 1827, age 2 years, 2 months, 17 days.
" Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,
God called thee when he thought best."

William Henry, son of Zenas and Lovedy (Cook) Tink-
ham. Died April 12, 1851, age 5 years, 4 months, 18 days.



Mr. Isaac Town. Died January 10, 1819, age 62 years,
1 month.

(He married Judith Turner, and by her had the following
children, mentioned in his will, dated December 12, 1818,
and probated February 4, 1819: Alphea, Orrin, married
Lydia Ford; Clark, married Electa Churchill; Simon; Pru-
dence, married Lauren Norton, son of David and Dinah
(Wilton) Norton; Sophia; Matilda; and Sylvia.)

(Cold Brook.)
Judith (Turner), wife of Isaac Town. Died July 15,
1821, age 62 years, 7 months.

(Cold Brook.)
Orrin Town, (son of Isaac and Judith (Turner) Town).
Died October 2, 1842, age 55 years,, 5 months, 12 days.
" Lovely in life, peaceful in death."
(He married Lydia Ford.)

(Cold Brook.)
Lydia Ford, wife of Orrin Town. Died November 14,
1876, age 87 years, 8 months.

(Cold Brook.)


Alfred C. Town, (son of Orrin and Lydia (Ford) Town) .
Died September 20, 1859, age 41 years.

(He married Hannah Dalton, an English woman, and by
her had the following: Orrin L. ; Mary L. ; William J.;
Wesley A. ; and Hattie, who died in 1874, age 13 years.)

(Cold Brook.)
Hannah (Dalton) , wife of Alfred C. TovNm. Died Decem-
ber 5, 1874, age 46 years.

" We miss thee."

(Cold Brook.)
Hattie Town, (daughter of Alfred C. and Hannah
(Dalton) Town). Died November 26, 1874, age 13 years,
3 months.

(Cold Brook.)
Harriet, daughter of Clark and Electa (Churchill) Town.
Died July 31, 1836, age 20 years, 11 months, 14 days.

(Mrs. Clark Town is supposed to have been a daughter of
John and Martha Churchill.)

(Cold Brook.)


Dr. Benjamin Trumbull. Died May 28, 1835, age 46

" There is rest in Heaven."

(Dr. Trumbull resided in the Village of Borodino; in
his will dated May 7, 1835, and probated July 28, 1835, he
mentions his wife, Lydia C. Trumbull, his adopted daughter,
Jane Trumbull, his nephew Benjamin Trumbull, son of his
brother, Jonathan Trumbull, and also Benjamin T. Corning
and Benjamin T. Kneeland for respect shown by being
named after the deecased. In the petition for probate, men-
tion is made of the following brothers and sisters : Jonathan
Trumbull of Spafford, N. Y. ; Asaph Trumbull of New York
City; Philomelia Rolls, wife of John Rolls of Cortland Co.,
N. Y. ; Sarah Warner, wife of Kirtland Warner of Jackson,
Washington Co., N. Y. ; Hannah Peters; and Asiba Hall,
wife of George Hall, each of Hebron, Conn., all of full age.)


Lydia C, wife of Dr. Benjamin Trumbull. Died July 14,
1837, age 50 years.



Jane, (adopted) daaghter of Benjamin and Lydia C.
Trumbull. Died Mavch 15, 1839, age 17 years, 5 months.



Henry Tucker. Died February 4, 1885, age 70 years, 4

(Mr. Tucker in his will, dated September 3, 1881, and pro-
bated April 6, 1885, mentioned his wife, Mary Ann Tucker,
and his children : Adeline ; Jenetti, married Sullivan Carr,
son of Almond Carr; Norman; Mary Jane Edgecomb of
Scott, N. Y. ; Maria Coon of Skaneateles, N. Y. ; and Harriet
French of Auburn, N. Y. The first three mentioned above
were then of Spafford, N. Y.)

(Spafford Hollow.)

Mary Ann, wife of Henry Tucker. Died September 20,
1886, age 69 years, 4 months.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Mary, daughter of Oscar and Caroline (Case) Turner.
Died November 7, 1882, age 4 years, 9 months.

(She was accidentally burned to death, by her clothes
catching fire. Oscar Turner married Caroline Case,
daughter of Aaron G. and Rebecca (Monk) Case.)



Daniel Tuttle, (son of Oliver and Abigail Tuttle) . Died
January 2, 1854, age 73 years.

(Oliver Tuttle, son of Gershom Tuttle, was bom in Clare-
mont, N. H., and from his native place first settled in
Oneida County, N. Y. From there he went to Cincinnatu^,
Cortland County, and then to Otisco, N. Y., about 1798, and
resided on lot 14, Tully, in Otisco Hollow, until his decease.
He is known to have had a son, Daniel, who came to Otisco
when he first settled there, a son William, and perhaps other
children. He and his wife Abigail were among the first
members of the Congregational Church, organized at Otisco


Daniel Tuttle (son of Oliver), married Mary Rogers,
daughter of Benjamin Rogers, and by her had: John
Rogers, born July 13, 1819, died February 7, 1899, in Spaf-
ford Hollow, married (1) Lucy Gambell, daughter of Squire
Gambell of Otisco, N. Y., and (2) widow of Joseph Clark,
deceased, he never had any issue by either wife, but by the
last wife he had five step children : Frances, Anna, Joseph,
Sarah, and Alice Clark, he was buried in Spafford Hollow
Cemetery ; William Nicholas, bom November 25, 1828, mar-
ried Lucy Seviah Howe, daughter of Perley and Dorris
(French) Howe, of Otisco, N. Y., and widow of Joseph H.
Stanley, (he has a son. Rev. Henry William Tuttle, residing
at Manchester, Iowa) , he resided in 1899 on the Skaneateles
and Hamilton Turnpike road, in the town of Otisco, P. O.
Vesper, N. Y. ; Emily A., married Hiram Ingerson, (has
four children : Mary, Emma, Darius, and Sarah) ; and
Darius D., married Abigail Cowles, daughter of Samuel
Cowles of Otisco, and died in Otisco, December 11, 1870,
without issue. The widow of Darius D. Tuttle, in her peti-
tion for letters of administration upon her deceased huS'
band's estate, dated September 4, 1871, besides herself (Abi-
gail C. Tuttle) mentions Mercy Tuttle, his mother, of Otisco,
John R., and William N. Tuttle of Otisco, N. Y., his brothers,
Emily A., wife of Hiram Ingerson of Clay, N. Y., a sister,
and Mary L., wife of Elisha S. Cowles, of Oconomowoc, Wis-
consin, a child of Louisa Price, a deceased sister of Darius
D. Tuttle, then all of full age.)

(Spafford Hollow.)

Mary, widow of Daniel Tuttle. Died June 30, 1887, age
93 years.

(Spafford Hollow.)

Julia Ann, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Rogers)
Tuttle. Died June 27, 1847, age 20 years, 6 months, 23

(Spafford Hollow.)


Mary A. (Snook), wife of John Unckless. Died Septem-
ber 10, 1876, age 69 years.

(John Unckless was bom February 5, 1814, near Bristol,
England; he marride Mary A. Snook, daughter of Dr.
William Snook, and by her had the following children : Ann


Elizabeth, died unmarried in Minneapolis, Minn.; Mary-
Ann, married Mark Harvey, son of Paul and Sally (Hiscock)
Harvey, as his second wife, resides at Borodino, N. Y, ;
John A., married Alice Van Allen, he was a member of the
122d Regt. N. Y. Vols. Inft. in the War of 1861, been Super-
visor of this town, and resides at Borodino, N. Y., carpenter
and teacher; Edward, resides unmarried in Friend,
Nebraska; and Frank, died unmarried, buried in Borodino
Cemetery. Mr. Unckless came to this country about 1832^
and settled in this town in 1862. He was also a member of
Company " D," 122d Regt., N. Y. Vols, in the War of 1861.
He died January 15, 1899 and was buried in this cemetery.
Age 85 years.)


Ann Elizabeth Unckless, daughter of John and Mary
(Snook) Unckless. Died December 15, 1888, age 50 years.



Timothy W. Underwood, (son of Chester Underwood) .
Died March 18, 1877, age 61 years, 7 months, 25 days.
(He married Hettie Ann Townley.)

(Cold Brook.)

Hettie Ann (Townley), wife of Timothy W. Underwood.
Died February 5, 1882, age 63 years, 5 days.
" At Rest."

(Cold Brook.)

Theodore D., son of Timothy W. and Hettie Ann (Town-
ley) Underwood. Died April 1, 1863, age 12 years, 10
months, 14 days.

" None but a parent's heart can tell,
How much it costs to bid a child farewell."

(Cold Brook.)

Frank C, son of Timothy W. and Hettie Ann (Townley)
Underwood. Died August 14, 1861, age 7 years, 3 months,
5 days.

" Our Little Son, gone but not forgotten."

(Cold Brook.)



Lucius Vail. Died March 24, 1852, age 54 years.
(He married Irena Churchill, daughter of John and
Martha Churchill ; after his decease his widow married for
a second husband Harvey Anthony.)

(Cold Brook.)
Irena (Churchill), wife of Lucius Vail. Died May 8,
1881, age 78 years.

(Cold Brook.)
Daniel Vail. Died August 13, 1844, age 73 years, 5
months, 3 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Sarah, wife of Daniel Vail. Died November 10, 1844,
age 69 years, 11 months, 25 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Daniel S. Vail. Died October 27, 1878, age 73 years, 3
months, 12 days.

(In a petition for letter of administration upon his estate,
dated February 1, 1875, by Esther P. Mason, wife of Mor-
timer Mason, son of Hiram and Maria (Green) Mason, the
petitioner states she was the only child of deceased, and
mentions no widow.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Ida, wife of Daniel S. Vail. Died January 2, 1863, age
62 years, 4 months, 21 days.

(Thorn Hill.)


James Van Benschoten. Died June 13, 1885, age 74

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