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(Mr. Van Benschoten married (1) a Miss Price and (2)
Julia Knapp, and had the following children by his first
wife: Ellen Dunbar; Edwin S., married Sarah Eliot,
daughter of Andrew J. and Sarah Ann (Bulfinch) Eliot, he
is now deceased, leaving one son Eliot, who married Minnie
Odell, daughter of John and Anna (Rounds) Odell; John
G., married (1) Mary E. Eliot, daughter of Andrew J. and
Sarah Ann (Bulfinch) Eliot, and (2) Nellie Hookway, he
is a merchant residing at Spafford Corners, by his first
wife John had two children, Andrew and Grace, and by his
second wife one small child) ; Richard P. ; Nancy I., married


Perry Norton, son of Erastus and Mary (Isdell) Norton,
she is now deceased, leaving her husband and several chil-
dren, residing in Scott, N. Y. ; Louisa M., married William
Joslin, of Homer, N. Y., no issue; and by his second wife
Mr. Van Benschoten had: Ruth E., resides unmarried with
her mother in Locke, N. Y. ; Charles K., died of yellow fever,
unmarried ; Mary E., died unmarried ; and Herman, married
Augusta Hunahoe of Locke, Cayuga County, N. Y.)

Mary E., died August 21, 1882, age 16 years.
Charles K., died June 6, 1885, age 21 years.
Children of James and Julia (Knapp) Van Benschoten.

Mary E. Eliot, wife of John G. Van Benschoten. Died
October, 1891, age 45 years.

Schuyler, son of Byron and Charlotte (Brown) Van
Benschoten. Died November 20, 1886, age 17 years.
" Too pure for earth, he has gone to Heaven to blossom

(Byron Benschoten married Charlotte Brown, daughter
of Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown. After his decease
his widow married for a second husband Charles Hurd.)



Stephen Vandenburgh. Died February 8, 1882, age 82
years. ■ i^

(He married Maria Calkins, daughter of Abram and Eliz-
abeth Calkins, and by her had the following children : John,
married Minerva Dedrick, resided at Stiles, N. Y. ; Augustin,
married Mary Eggleston, daughter of Dea. Benjamin and
Elizabeth ( Wiltsie) Eggleston, resided in Syracuse, N. Y. ;
Charles, married and died in St. Paul, Minn., he was a
graduate of Yale College, read law and became Judge of
the Supreme Court in the State of Minnesota ; Abram, was
a druggest; Ann, married Jacob Chapman and moved to
Michigan; Caroline and Elizabeth died unmarried at the
ages of 20 and 14 years. Mr. Vandenburgh came to this
"town from Stephentown, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Maria (Calkins), wife of Stephen Vandenburgh. Died
August 25, 1885, age 51 years, 8 months.

(Thorn Hill.)
Caroline, daughter of Stephen and Maria (Calkins) Van-
denburgh. Died August 5, 1854, age 20 years, 2 months.

(Thorn Hill.)
Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen and Maria (Calkins)
Vandenburgh. Died September 2, 1855, age 14 years, 2

(Thorn Hill.)


Francis E., son of James and Betsey Vanderlin. Died
November 2, 1844, age 2 years, 2 months.



Samantha, wife of Aaron Van Patten. Died December
15, 1858, age 39 years, 3 months, 2 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Richard and Charles Vary were important early residents
in the northern end of this town ; the latter was at one time
Supervisor, and at another time Member of Assembly from
the town of Spafford. Charles R. Vary died in California,
but was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, N. Y.)


Benjamin Wallace. Died . Age

(He came to this town from Pittstown, Rensselaer Co.,.
N. Y., with his son, Daniel Wallace, Sr., who married Mary

(Old Borodino.)

Daniel Wallace, (son of Benjamin Wallace) . Died Nov-
ember 21, 1854, age 84 years, 8 months, 21 days.

(He was born in Pittstown, Rensselaer County, N. Y., in
17^8, and came to Skaneateles with his father Benjamm,
wife Mary Low, and four eldest children, Washington,
William, Daniel and Lucy in March, 1805, and from there


moved upon Lot 88, Marcellus, in this town, in February,
1808. By his wife Mary he had the following children,
all born in this town except four eldest above named, who
were bom in Pittstown, N. Y. : Washington, married
Deborah B. Eddy, daughter of John Eddy, Sr., he died in
this town and was buried in this cemetery ; William, married
Amelia Eddy, daughter of Seth Eddy, he and his wife are
dead, and buried in this cemetery; Daniel, Jr., bom April
20, 1802, married Caroline Marshall, daughter of Joseph
Marshall; both dead and buried in this cemetery; Lucy,

married Baker of Onondaga Valley, N. Y. ; Alice

(Ellis) , married John Babcock, Jr., as his second wife, both
dead; Benjamin, married Laura Davis, daughter of Col.
Lewis C. Davis, both dead and buried in Davis Yard (no
stone), he died at New Hope, N. Y., August 11, 1879, age
70 years ; David ; Morgan L., married Olive Eddy, daughter
of Seth Eddy; Charles, married Amanda Wheeler, sister of

Orrin Wheeler of Cold Brook, and (2) Matilda , he

is dead, and buried in this cemetery (no stone) ; and Mary,
married Norton Van Sickland, moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.)


Mary (Low) Wallace, wife of Daniel Wallace. Died
October 7, 1846, age 68 years, 11 months.


Washington Wallace, (son of Daniel and Mary (Low)
Wallace). Died May 11, 1841, age 42 years.
" If ever my children do come nigh
And on this marble cast an eye.
Then on this willow drop a tear
For one that always loved you dear."
(Mr. Wallace was bom in Pittstown, N. Y.; he kept a
public house in the village of Borodino. By his wife,
Deborah B. Eddy, he had the following children: John
Daniel, married Althea Case of Floyd, Oneida County, N. Y.,
he resides (1898) in Geneseo, Livingston County, N.Y.;
Edwin R., married Annie F. Freeman, daughter of Jeffer-
son Freeman, former President of the Merchants' National
Bank of Syracuse, he resides in Syracuse, N. Y.; George
W., married Eunice Barker, daughter of John Barker of
Floyd, Oneida County, N. Y., resides in Borodino N. Y.;
Harriet, died at 22 years, in Floyd, N. Y., unmarried ; Julia,


died young in Borodino N. Y.; and Franklin Henry, died
young in Borodino, N. Y.)


Franklin, son of Washington and Beborah B. (Eddy)
Wallace. Died March. 23, 1837, age 1 year, 10 months.


Julia, daughter of Washington and Deborah B. (Eddy)
Wallace. Died May 15, 1838, age 7 months.


William Wallace, (son of Daniel and Mary (Low) Wal-
lace) . Died January 2, 1881, age 81 years.

(He married Amelia Eddy, and by her had three sons:
Corydon, went West; Benjamin, died in Pennsylvania; and
Ichabod, married Laura Havens, daughter of Ebenezer
Havens, dead.)


Amelia (Eddy), wife of William Wallace. Died March
7, 1872, age 71 years.


Daniel Wallace, Jr., son of Daniel and Mary (Low) Wal-
lace. Born April 20, 1802. Died April 13, 1890.

(By his wife, Caroline Marshall, he had the following
children: Helen M., died young; Simon Bolivar, married
Mary Ann Cornell, daughter of John and Miranda (Cady)
Cornell, he resides in Borodino, N. Y., farmer and lawyer ;
Napoleon Bonaparte, married Harriet D. Redway, daughter
of Almond T. and Martha (Wheeler) Redway, he was a
member of the 13th N. Y. Inft. and 15th N. Y. Cav. Vols.,
War of 1861; Santa Anna, born March 2, 1841, mar-
ried 1866, Florence M. Redway, daughter of Almond T.
and Martha (Wheeler) Redway, (three daughters living),
resides in Borodino, N. Y.; Maria Antoinette; Demetrius

Ypsilanti, married (1) and (2)

, resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; Andrew Jackson, died

at three years; Andrew Jackson, 2d, died in 1868. Mr.
Wallace was a farmer, and at one time a very large land
owner in this town ; in politics he was a Democrat, and in
his party a man of potent influence ; he was a public spirited
man, a good citizen, and was generally respected by his



Caroline (Marshall), wife of Daniel Wallace, Jr. Died
July 25, 1878, age 76 years, 4 months.

Andrew Jackson, son of Daniel, Jr., and Caroline (Mra-
shall) Wallace. Died February 7, 1837, age 3 years.

Andrew Jackson, 2nd, son of Daniel, Jr. and Caroline
(Marshall) Wallace. Died October 28, 1868, age 30 years,
4 months, 25 days.

" None knew him but to love him.
None named him but to praise."
" Faith, Hope and Charity.'

Helen M., daughter of Daniel, Jr. and Caroline (Mar-
shall) Wallace. Died August 19, 1832, age 4 years, 11

Napoleon Bonaparte, (son of Daniel, Jr., and Caroline
Wallace) .

A member of Company " F," 13th Regt., N. Y. Vols. Inft.,
and Sergeant, Company " B," 15th Regt., N. Y. Vol. Cav.
Bom 1829, died 1878.

(He died in Skaneateles, N. Y.; by his wife Harriet D.
Redway he had two children: Hypatia and Florence

Harriet D. (Redway) , wife of Napoleon Bonaparte Wal-
lace. Born 1841, died 1894.

Amanda (Wheeler), wife of Charles Wallace. Died
•September 11, 1844, age 33 years, 1 month.

(Charles Wallace was a son of Daniel and Mary (Low)
Wallace; he is also deceased and buried in this cemetery.

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