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the Potomac and Department of the South, 1863 ;
Armv of the James and Potomac, 1864. In the ses-
sion of 1S65 he received the thanks of the Legisla-
ture for himself and command for services rendered
in the capture of Fort Fisher, Jan. 15, 1865, and
on the 2.5th anniversary of that achievement, Jan.
15, 1390, his fellow members adopted commemo-
rative and eulogistic resolutions. He was ap-
pointed Collector of Customs, District of Oswe-
gatchie, N. Y., August 14, 1866, and served until
March 4, 1S67. He was appointed Special Agent U.
S. Treasury, March 4. 1867, which office he resigned
in 1880. He was President of the St. Lawrence
County Agricultural Society, 1874 to 1878 ; President
of the" State Agricultural Society, 1880, and Trustee
and Secretary of the Board of Control of the New
York Agricultural Experiment Station from its or-
ganization in 1880. He voted for the Democratic
ticket trom his majority until 1860, when he voted
for Douglass; was Democratic candidate for the
Assembly in the 1st district of St. Lawrence county
in 1860: and was Postmaster of De Peyster from
March 3, 1857, until July, 1^61. He was a member
of the Assembly in 1884, serving on the Committees
on Roads and Bridges. Militia and Agriculture, be-
ing Chairman of the latter, and Chairman of the
Special Committee to investigate armories : in 18S5,
serving as Chairman of Federal Relations and mem-
ber of ^\'ays and Means, Roads and Bridges and
Militia; in 1886. serving as Chairman of Insurance,
and member of Appropriations and Expenditures of
the Executive Department; in 1887, serving on the
same committees as in 1886; in 188s, receiving a
plurality of 2,125. and serving on Insurance, Military
Affairs, Public Lands and Agriculture; in 1889. re-
ceiving a plurality of 2,C67, and serving as Chairman
of Excise, and member of Insui-ance and Military
Affairs, and was chosen to the present House by a
plurality of 1,918, his opponents being Calvin Mit-
chell CDem.) and Geo. B. Johnston (Pro.) His plu-
rality in 1886 was 1,632; in 1885, when he ran as an
Independent Republican, 471 ; in 1883, 1,967 ; and his
majority in 1884 was 2,542.

2d District. (Towns of Canton, Colton, Edwards,
Hermon, Lisbon, Madrid, Norfolk, Pierpont, Rus-
sell and Waddington.) ^Y1LLIAM H. KIMBALL
(Rep.), of Canton. Mr. K. was born in Chicago,
111., September 25, 1842: received- a classical and
academical education at Jefferson County Institute,
Watertown, N. Y'., and Cayuga Lake Academy,
Aurora, N. X.\ and is a banker, being President of
the St. Lawrence County Bank at Canton. He has
always been a Republican, and has been Supervisor
of Canton since J878, being Chairman of the Board,
1882-"84. He was a member of Assembly in 1887,
serving on the Committees on Banks, Internal Af-
fairs, Excise. Civil Divisions, Sub-Committee of the
Whole and the Special Committee to investigate the
coal strike; in 1888, .serving as Chairman of Excise
and member of Railroads, Banks and Indian Affairs ;

in 1889. serving as Chairman of Railroads and mem-
ber of Excise and Petitions of Aliens, and was re-
elected by a plurality of 1,736, his opponents being
Charles N. Conkey (Deni.) and Henry P. Forbes
(Pro.) His plurality in 1886 was 2,788; in 1887,
2,063; in 1888, 2,774.

3d District. (Towns of Brasher, Hopkinton, Law-
rence, Louisville, Massena, ParishviUe. Potsdam
and Stockholm. ) WILLIAM BRADFORD (Rep. ),
of Louisville. Mr. B. was born of Irish and New
England parentage at Louisville, St. Lawrence
county, November 17, 1834; was educated in the
common schools, and is a farmer. He has always
been a Republican, having cast his first vote for
John C. Fremont, in 1856. He was Supervisor from
1866 to 1S6S, and from 1873 to 1878, and now holds the
office of Justice of the Peace. He has also been a
member of the Republican County Committee most
of the time for the past sixteen years, and was sup-
ported by the Third Assembly district lor the Sena-
torial nomination in 1875. He was a member of As-
sembly in 1870, "71, serving on the Committees on
Public Lands and Manufacture of Salt, and was
elected to the present House by a plurality of 1,9.32,
his opponents being Otis H. Wells (Dem.) and Jus-
tin B. Palmer (Pro.) The Republican pUirality in
1888 was 2,850.

Saratoga County.

Population, in 1865, 43.892 ; in 1875, 55,233.

1st District. (Towns of Ballston, Charlton. Clif-
ton Park, Galway, Half Moon, Malta, Milton. Provi-
dence, Stillwater and Waterford.) CORNELIUS R.
SHEFFER (Rep.), of Mechanicville. Mr. S. was
born in the town of Clifton Park, Saratoga county,
]\Iay 28, 1S43. and educated in the common schools ot
Clifton Park. Jonesville Academy, 1861, and West
Poultney Academy, 1863. He was formerly engaged
in mercantile business, and is now a maimfacturer
and speculator. He was Postmaster from 1876 to
1882. and Supervisor of the town of Halfmoon, 1884,
'85. He was elected to the Assembly by a plurality of
803, his opponents being Samuel Magee (Dem.) and
Abram Yan Yrankeii (Pro. ) The Republican plu-
rality in 18SS was 730.

2d District, (Towns of Corinth, Day, Edinburgh,
Greenfield, Hadley, Moreau. Northumberland, Sara-
toga, Saratoga Springs and Wilton.) FRANK MAR-
CELLUS BOYCE(Dem.), of Saratoga Springs (485
Broadway.) Mr. B. was born at Schodack, Rens-
salaer county, August 3. 1851, and was educated in
the common schcols of Saratoga Springs and Albany
Medical College, 1672, and College of Physicians and
Surgeons, New York, 1873. He is a physician and
surgeon. He has always been a Democrat; was
Coroner, 1878-'81 ; village Trustee. 1881-'88, and is
Supervisor of Saratoga Springs at the present time.
He was elected to the Assembly by a plurality of
94. his opponents being Monroe L. Kathan (Rep.)
and James M. Chapman (Pro.) The Republican
majority in 1883 was 3,092.

Schenectady County.

Population, in 1865, 20,898 ; in 1875, 22,892.

(Dem.), of Schenectady. Mr. Y. was born in
Watervliet, Albany county, October 12, 1863. His
family is one of the oldest and most numerous in
Central New Y'ork, and he is able to trace an un-
broken line ot male ancestors to the Holland immi-
gration in 1665. His mother's maiden name was
Lansing. His boyhood was divided between farm
work and winter terms in a public school, and be-
fore entering higher schools he managed his father's
farm two years. He then attended the Union Clas-
sical Institute, Schenectady, graduating in l.'!81, and
Union College, where he remained two years. En-
tering Cornell University in September, 1883. he
graduated thence two years later. "While a student
at Cornell University, he was connected for one
year with the staff of the Ithaca Daily Sim. He
then taught school for a time and studied law in the
offices of lion. S. W. Jackson and D. Cadv Smith,

Evening Journal Almanac, 1600.


Schenectady. Subsequently he entere'l the Albany
Law School, graduated in »887. was immediately ad-
mitted to the bar, and has since practiced law in
Schenectady, being also interested in real estate in
partnership with Mayor Henry De Forest. He is a
member of the 37th Separate Company, N. G. S. N.
Y., and of the Mohawk Club of Schenectady, and is
a Warrior in the Schaugh-naugh-ta-da tribe of Red
Men. Thougli his father and grandfather were Re-
publicans, Mr. Van Vranken has been a Democrat
since his majority, and has gained repute as a stump
speaker in two presidential campaigns. He was
elected to the Assembly by a plurality of 5S7, his op-
ponents being Austin A. Yates (Rep. ), who was
elected to the last House by a plurality of 260, and
W. T. Wemple(Pro.)

Schoharie Connty.

Population, in 1865, 33,353; in 1675, 32,419.

ALONZO B. COONS (Dem. ),of Sharon Springs.
Mr. C. was born of German ancestry at An\es, Mont-
gomery county, September 3, 1841, and was educated
at common schools, Ames Academy, 1856-''59, and
New, York Conference Seminary at (Jharlotteville,
1860. In early life he was clerk in a country store
and taught school. He is now a lawyer. Duriiig
the rebellion he acted with the Republicans, but
has since been a Democrat. He was District At-
torney of Schoharie county, 1881-85 ; member of
Assembly In 1S88, serving on the Committees on Ju-
diciary and Privileges and Elections ; and was elected
to the present House by a plurality of 1,762, his oppo-
nents being Joseph D. Hubbard (Rep.) and Henry
D. Wells (Pro.) The Democratic plurality in 1886
was 1,382.

Schuyler County.

Population, In 1865, 18,441 ; in 1875, 18,828.

CHARLES T. WILLIS (Rep.), of Tyrone. Mr.
W. was born in Waterloo, Seneca county, February
7, 1841 ; educated in common schools, and is a miller,
farmer and merchant. He was elected to the As-
sembly by a plurality of 614, his opponents being
John C. Vine (Dem.) and Hezekiah S. Berry (Pro.)
The plurality of Hon. Fremont Cole in 1888 was 352.

Seneca County.

Population, in 1865, 27,653 ; in 1875, 27,299.

JOHN H. STEVENS (Dem. ), of Lodi. Mr. S. was
born at Lodi Centre, N. Y., March 12, 1843, educated
in common schools and Ovid College, 1865, and is a
farmer and grain, fruit and stock buyer. In Au-
gust, 1864. he enlisted as a private inCompanyG,
15th Engineers, N. Y. S.Vols. ; was promoted to Ser-
geant and held that grade until discharged at the
close of the war. He has always been a Democrat,
and was Town Clerk, 1872-75, Supervisor, 1876, '77,
Justice of the Peace. 1878-81. Though his town is
strongly Republican he has been elected each time
by good majorities. He was elected to the Assembly
by a plurality of 522, his opponents being John F.
Crosby (Rep.) and Wm. Schoonmaker (Pro. ) The
Democratic plurality in 1888 was 337.

Steuben County.

Population, in 1865, 66, 192; in 1875, 73,923.

1st District. (Towns of Avoca, Bath, Bradford,
Campbell, Cohocton, Dansville, Fremont, Howard,
Prattsburgh. Pulteney, Thurston, Urbana.Wavland,
Wayne and Wheeler.) PETER P. PEALER (Dem.),
of South Dansville. Mr. P. was born at Fishing
Creek, Columbia county. Pa., December 10. 1842, and
educated in the public schools of his native town.
Previous to his twenty-fifth year he worked in coal
mines, as driver on the canal, and as farm laborer, |
and has since been a farmer. He has alwavs been a
Democrat ; was Assessor. 1879-'85 ; Supervisor, 1885,
'86; and was elected to the Assembly by a plurality
of 488, his opponents being Charles H. McMaster
(Rep.) and Daniel H. Lewis (Pro. ) The Republi-
can plurality in 18SS was 618.

2d District. (Towns of Addison. Cameron, Canis-
teo. Corning, Caton, Erwin, Greenwood, Hartsville, '

Hornellsville, Hornby, Jasper, Lindley, Rathbone,
Troupsburg, Tuscarora, West Union and Wood-
hull.) MILO M. ACKER (Rep.), of Hornellsville.
Mr. A. was born at Hartsville, Steuben county, Oct,
3, 1853. Until twenty-one years of age, he worked at
home on a farm during summers, and In the logging
camps of Pennsylvania during winters. During
his leisure moments he studied and read Industri-
ously, attending common schools a short time, and
Andover School, from which he graduated with high
honors. While in attendance at that school, he
worked for his board. He was a farmer until 1881,
when he entered the office of Judge Hakes, at Hor-
nellsville, as a law student. He was admitted to
the bar in 1883, and became a member of the firm in
1885. In 1879 and 1880, he was Supervisor of the
town of Hartsville • and was Police Justice of Hor-
nellsville In 18S5. He was a member of Assembly In
1888, serving on the Committees on General Laws,
Charitable and Religious Societies, Claims and Re-
vision ; in 1889, serving on Judiciary, Charitable and
Religious Societies and Civil Divisions; and was re-
elected by a plurality of 1,335, his opponents being
Metier D. Ellison (Dem. ) and Daniel H. Lewis
(Pro.) His plurality in 1887 was 650, and in 1888,

Suffolk County.

Population, in 1865, 42,896; in 1875, 52,088.
JAMES H. 'PIERSON (Rep.), of Southampton.
Mr. P. was born at Southampton, May 26, 1838. His
ancestors came from England to thiscountrjMn 1640,
an<l settled In Southampton in that year. He was
educated at Southampton Academy ; has been a far-
mer, and is engaged in the real estate and Insurance
business. He has always been a Republican ; has
been Supervisor of his town since 1881, and Chairman
of the Board since 18861; and was elected to the As-
sembly by a plurality of 410, his opponents being
Selah S. Brewster (Dem.) and Ellis Smith (Pro.)
The Republican plurality m 1888 was 570.

Sullivan County.

Population, in 1865, 32,741 ; in 1875, 34,935.
WM. R. ROSE (Rep.), of Phillipsport. Mr. R.
was born in Deerpark, Orange countv, April 6, 1834,
and educated at district schools and academies at
Goshen, N. Y., and Bethany, Pa. He is a merchant ;
was Superintendent of the Poor of Sullivan county
three terms, from 1880 to 1889; and was elected to
the Assembly by a plurality of 103, his opponents
being Edwin H. Binney (Dem.) and Jas. A. Kay
(Pro. ) The Republican plurality in 1888 was 141.

Tioga County.

Population, in 1865, 23,163; in 1875, 31,744.
ABRAM L DECKER (Rep.), of Waverlv. Mr.
D. was born at Summitville, Sullivan countv, N. Y.,
September 21, 1850; educated at public schools, El-
mira Academy, lS62-'65; East Genesee Conference
Academy, Ovid, N. Y., 186.5-'67 ; entered Sophomore
year at Genesee College, Lima, N. Y., where he re-
mained one year. After leaving college he learned
the trade of a tanner at Wellsburg, N. Y., 1869-'7l •
was Superintendent of Wellsburg tannery eight
years ; and has been In that business for himself at
Waveriy since 1879. He has alwavs been a Republi-
can ; was Clerk of the Board of Trustees of Wells-
burg. 1872; Police Justice of Wellsburg, 1875-78;
member of the Board of Education of Waveriy. 1882-
87; and Supervisor of the town of Barton, 18«7-'88.
He was a member of the last House, serving as
Chairman of the Committee on Charitable and Reli-
gious Societies and member of Public Education and
Grievances ; and was re-elected by a plurality of 793,
his opponents bein? Samuel H. Daniels (Dem.) and
Joseph W. Knapp (Pro.) His plurality in 1888 was

Tompkins County.

Population, in 186.% 30.966; In 1875, 32,915.
NELSON STEVENS rRep. \ of West Grot on. Mr.
S. was born at W</st Groton. December 10, 1830; edu-


Evening Journal Almanac^ 1890.

cated al common school and Geneva Academy, 1846,
and is a farmer. He was Justice of the Peace, 1860-
■^, 'S3-'89; Supervisor tive years; Justi< e of the
Sessions two vears ; and was elected to the Assembly
by a plurality of 650, his opponents being Nicholas
Piersoa(.Dem. ), and Alpheus H. Porter (Pro.) The
Republican plurahty iu 188S was 1,197.

Ulster County.

Population, in 1865, 69,813 ; in 1875, 88,271.
I'stDi^'trict. (1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and 9th wards of
the^citv of Kingston and towns of Hurley, Kingston
Saugerties and Woodstock.) JAMES HERVEY
EVERETT (Kep. ), of Kingston. Mr. E. was born
at Bath, Steuben county, February 11, 1S37. His
father Rev Ebenezer Everett, was a descendant of
Richard Everett, one of the original founders of Ded-
ham Mass in 1636. His father had three sons, all
of whom served in the late war with the rank of
Captain. James H. Everett was educated in the
common schools. He left home at the age of 15 and
learned the tinsmith's trade at Durham, N. Y.,
where he resided from 1852 to 1862. He eventually
bought out his emplover, and carried on the stove
and tinware business during 1861 and 1862, when he
left it and enlisted in the 120th Regiment, N.Y. Vols.,
then forming at Kingston. He w^as mustered into
service August 22, 1862, as Second Lieutenant of Co.
K, and subsequently promoted to Captain, ranking
from July 2, 1863. He was mustered out with the
regiment at the close of the war with the brevet
rank of Major. He was wounded at Gettysburg and
in front of Petersburg. After the war he resumed
business at Durham but sold out and removed to
Kingston in 1866. Since 1869 he has been engaged
in the wholesale flour and grain business. He has
served on the statf of the Fifth Division, N. G. S. N.
Y , as Major, and was the first Commander of the
Pratt Post No. 127, G. A. R., of Kingston. He was
elected to the Assembly by a plurality of 286, his op-
ponents being Theodore D. B. Frear (Dem.) and
Abram D. Rose (Pro.) The Republican plurality
in 1S88 was 330.

2d District. (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th wards of
Kingston, and towns of Esopus, Lloyd, Marbletown,
Marlborough, Platteklll and Rosendale.) JACOB
RICE (Dem."), of Rondout. Mr. R. was born at
Treves, Germany, March 7, 1847 ; educated in the
public schools of Rondout, and is a furniture dealer
and manufacturer. During the war he served as a
private in Company H, 192d N. Y. Vols. He was
Coroner of Ulster county, lS82-'85; member of the
last Assemblv, serving on the Committees on Agri-
culture, Civil Divisions and Affairs of Villages, and
was re-elected by a plurality of 131, his opponents
being Jo.seph H. Hasbrouck (Rep.) and A.Stone
(Pro.) His plurality in 1888 was 5.

3d District. (Towns of Denning^ Hardenburgh,
Gardiner, Olive, New Paltz, Rochester, Shandaken,
Shawangunk and Wawarsing.) GEORGE H. BUSH
(Dem.), of EUenville. Mr. B. was born at Green-
field, Ulster county, N. Y., February 18, 1857 ; edu-
cated in the public schools of EUenville and Cornell
University ; and is a lawyer. He has alwavs been a
Democrat; was Clerk of the Assembly Committee on
Railroads in 1.S82; was chosen Justice of EUenville
in March, 1887, which office he held until June 20,
1*S8, when he resigned to become a candidate for
the Legislature. He was elected to the last Assem-
bly by a plurality of 404, and served on the Commit-
tees on Internal Affairs, Roads and Bridges and the
Special Committee to investigate the ceiling frauds;
and was re-elected by a plurality of 441, his oppo-
nents being Wilbur F. HiU (Rep.) and John Blake

Warren Connty.

Population, in 1865, 21,138 ; in 1875, 22,295.

SCOTT BARTON (Rep.), of Elbow. Mr. B. was
born at Horlcon. Warren county, February 27, 18.54;
educated in district schools, Warrensburgh Academy,
1S72, '73, and Eastman's Business College, Pough-

keepsie. N. Y., 1874. He is a merchant. He has al-
w^ays been a Republican ; was Town Clerk of Hori-
con, 1875-'81 : Supervisor of same town, 1.H82, '83;
member of the last House, serving on the Commit-
tees on Printing. Engrossed Bills, Affairs of VUlages
and Expenditures of the House; and was re-elected
by a plurality of 427, his opponents being Godfrey R.
Martme (Dem.) and J. B. Randall (Pro.) His plu-
rality in 1888 was 987, and the Democrats carried the
district in 1887.

Washington County.

Population, in 1865, 46,244 ; in 1875, 48,167.

1st District. Towns of Argyle, Cambridge, Eas-
ton. Fort Edward, Greenwich, Jackson, Salem and
White Creek.) CHARLES W. LARMON (Rep.), of
Salem. Mr. L. was born at Eagle Bridge, Rensse-
laer county, N.Y., August 5, 18.57, of American parent-
age ; educated in the common schools of Mechanic-
ville, Salem, Troy Conference Academy and Fort Ed-
ward Institute ; and is a dealer in produce, grain and
coal. He was Supervisor of the town of Salem, 1885-
'88, serving as Chairman of the Board in 1886; mem-
ber of the last House, serving on the Committees on
Appropriations, Affairs of Villages and Military Af-
fairs ; and w-as re-elected by a plurality of 1,503, his
opponents being Frank Morgan (Dem.) and John
Shiland (Pro. ) His majority iu 1888 was 2,037.

2d District. (Towns of Dresden, Fort Ann, Gran-
ville, Hampton, Hartford, Hebron, Kingsbury, Put-
nam and Whitehall.) ALBERT JOHNSON (Rep.),
of Comstocks. Mr. J. was born in Cranberry town-
ship, Butler county, Penn., June 15,1837. He is of
Scotch descent on his father's, and Irish descent on
his mother's side. He was educated in the com-
mon schools of Pennsylvania and New York, brought
up on a farm, was a canal boatman for fifteen years
and is now a farmer and hotel-keeper. He was Su-
pervisor of the town of Fort Ann from 1882 to 1888,
and was elected to the Assembly by a plurality of
183, his opponents being Rufus R. Davis (Dem.) and
Luther Temple (Pro. ) The Republican plurality in
18S8 was 1,526.

Wayne Connty.

Population, in 1865, 47,498 ; in 1875, 49,882.

1st District. (Towns of Butler, Galen, Huron,
Rose, Savannah, Sodus, Williamson and W olcott.)
JOHN P. BENNETT (Rep.), of Williamson. Mr.
B. was born in Williamson, July 10, 1824, and edu-
cated at Marion Academy and Rochester Collegiate
Institute. He was formerly a farmer and now con-
ducts a planing mill and lumber yard business. He
was a Whig until the formation of the Republican
party in 1856 ; was Sheriff' of Wayne countv, 1862-"65.
'68-'71, and has been Supervisor of the town of WU-
liamson for the past eleven years. He was member
of Assembly from the 2d district of Wayne county
in 1854 and 1855 ; and was elected to "the present
House by a plurality of 872, his opponents being
David D. Becker (Dem.) and Byron J. Case (Pro.)
The Republican plurality in 1888 was 1,378.

2d District. (Towns of Arcadia, Lj'ons, Macedon,
Marion, Ontario. Palmyra and Walworth.) RICH-
ARD P. GROAT (Rep.), of Newark. Mr. G. was
born at Ghent, Columbia county, N. Y., March 29,
1822, educated in the district schools, and is a black-
smith by trade, but is not engaged in any business at
present. He was keeper of the Wayne County Alms
House. 1861-'70; Sheriff, 187 4-'76; and Deputy Col-
lector of Internal Revenue, 1878-'87. He was a mem-
ber of the last House, serving as Chairman of the
Committee on Federal Relations, and member of
Canals and State Charitable Institutions ; and re-
elected by a plurality of 1,080, his opponents being
Frederick F. Lewis (Dem.) and Spencer Post (Pro.)
His plurality in 1888 was 752.

Westchester County.

Population, in 1865. 101,197; in 1875, 100,660.

1st District. (Towns of Greenburgh. Mt. Pleasant
and city of Yonkors.) JAMES IRVING BURNS

Evening Journal Almanac, 1890.


(Rep.), of Yonkers. Mr. B. was born In Riddofonl,
Maine, August 10, 1843 ; prepared for college at Wise-
well's Military Academy ; studied in Madison Uni-
versity, 1859, '60, and Union College, 1S61, "62, when he
graduated, receiving the degree of A. IJ- He has also
received the degrees of LL.B. from Columbian Law
School, Washington, D. C, and A. M. from Madison
University. He was formerly a lawyer and Superin-
tendent of Bonded Warehouses, in the New York
Custom House, and is now manager of the Knicker-
bocker Subscnptian Agency of New York ciiy. He
was trustee, secretary and treasurer of Rutgers
Female College, New York city, for seven years, and
is president of the Spring Creek and Rockerville
Water and Mining Company. He has always been a
Republican ; was Alderman of Yonkers, \SS3, "84, de-
clining re-election ; was a member of Assembly in
1887 and 1888, serving on the Committees on Cities
and Railroads; and was elected to the present House
by a plurality of 1,493, bis opponents being James
Prendergast (Dem.) and Jonathan Pierce (Pro.)
The Republican plurality in 1888 was 99. The dis-
trict is naturally Democratic.

2d District. (Towns of Harrison, Mamaroneck,
New Rochelle, North Castle, Pelham, Rye, Scars-
dale, White Plains, East Chester and Westchester. )
BRADFORD RHODES (Rep.), of Mamaroneck.
Mr. R. was born in Beaver county. Pa., February
25, 1849, and is the son of William Rhodes, Sr., a life-
long resident of that county. He is a German on
his father's side, and Scotch-Irish on his mother's.
His grandfather (also named William) removec^from
Rhode Island to Western Pennsylvania in 1795, and
married Miss Margaret Eberhardt shortly afterward.
Bradford Rhodes' father married Miss Mary Maria
Baird, of Columbiana county, Ohio. The subject of
this sketch being the eldest son, and his father, a
farmer having a large family to support,he was obliged
to practically educate himself; he attended the com-
mon schools of Beaver county while young, and by
teaching school winters and working on his father's
farm summers, he was soon able to pay his way, and
secured a high-class academic education, graduating
from Beaver Academy. He was afterward Principal
of the old Darlington Academy, in Western Penn-
sylvania. In 1864, when under 17 j'ears of age, he
enlisted in the 134th Pennsylvania Volunteers (Col.
M. S. Quay's regiment), and passed the physical
examination, but the mustering officer would not
swear him in on account ot his youthful look,
and he was obliged to return home. In 1872 he
removed to New York city with less than ten
dollars in his pocket. He at once secured em-

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