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twelve children. After her death Mr. Briggs
married a widow named Milliken, by whom
there was no issue. Children of first wife :
1. Charles, married Martha Kinsley. 2. Bet-
sey, wife of Nathan Reynolds. 3. Lurana.

wife of Calvin Gotham. 4. Rispah, wife of
Galen Jones. 5. and 6. Died in infancy. 7.
Daniel, married Tabitha Jones. 8. Roxie,
wife of Stephen Packard. 9. Jennette, wife
of Nathaniel Drake. 10. Ann, unmarried.
II. Tylie, wife of Abijah Gorham. 12. Hi-
ram C.

(II) Hiram C, youngest of the sons of
Daniel aii<l Hannah (Bradford) Briggs, was
born in iiakcrstown, November 12, 1808, died
in 1900. L'ntil within two years of his death
he was capable of and managed his own busi-
ness affairs. In his earlier years he lived
on the old homestead and was a man of con-
siderable prominence, holding numerous of-
fices of public trust and honor. He married
(first) Hannah, daughter of Captain Cyrus
Alden, by whom he had two children : Ben-
jamin F. and Alden G. For his second wife
he married Semira, daughter of William and
Betsey (Jumper) Briggs. By. the last mar-
riage there were born children as follows :
I. William, who died in infancy. 2. Daniel,
born June 13, 1840. 3. Ansel, March 5, 1843.
4. Betsey, October 26, 1844.

(III) Ansel, third child of Hiram C. and
Semira (Briggs) Briggs, was born on the
old Briggs homestead, situated on what is
now a part of Auburn, Maine, and there con-
tinued to reside until a few years ago, when
he retired from active life, turning the farm
over to his eldest son, which insures it being
held in the Briggs family. In this same lo-
cality there are six out of the original farms
still held in the family of those who first
settled upon them in the long-a^o days of
the colonial times of New England. Mr.
Briggs has always been closely identified with
the interests of the Republican party in town,
county, state and nation. He is now serving
(1908) on his seventh year as one of the
board of assessors. He was appointed one
of the trustees of the State Reform school by
Governor Cleaves, and reappointed by Gov-
ernor Powers. He has also served with dis-
tinction as a member of the Maine legislature
for four terms ; he was nominated by acclama-
tion three times. The last time he was nomi-
nated, when the ballots were counted it was
found that he had but one opposing vote. He
married, December 7, 1865, S. Louella, daugh-
ter of Soranus and Mary Ann (Hobbs)
Briggs. Soranus was a son of Daniel Briggs
(2), and grandson of Daniel Briggs (i).
The children of Ansel and S. Louella Briggs
are: i. Mary E., married W. B. Beals, of
.Auburn, Maine ; son, Stanley Bradford. 2.
Hiram S., married Daisy E. Wills, of Au-



brrn: three children: Maurice A., Bernice A.
and Elsie E. 3. Martha A., unmarried. 4.
Herbert L.. married Ardena Given, and now
resides in W'ithrow, Minnesota ; they have one
son, Roy G. Mr. and Mrs. Briggs are at-
tendants of the Universalist church. He is a
member of the Auburn Grange, of which he
has been master and is now serving as treas-

(For preceding generations see Hu5;h Millikeii 1.)

(HI) John (2), eldest son of
MILLIKEX John (i) and Ehzabeih (Al-
ger) Milliken, married Janu-
ary I, 1718. Sarah Burnett. He was a sadier by
trade, lived in Boston, and had his home and
shop "at the corner going down Wentworth"s
wharf." He is recorded as owning, in con-
nection with Elizabeth !\IcCarty, widow, an
estate in Dedham of twenty acres, which tiicy
conveyed by deed for the consideration of
twenty pounds lawful money, dated .'\ugust
18, 1718. His first wife died, and he mar-
ried (second) September 3, 1728, Rebecca
Thomas, who died at Scarboro, Maine, April
25, 1760. He removed with his family to
Scarboro about 1744. before which time he
purchased the right of his aunt, Elizabeth
Palmer, to the Alger estate, known as ''The
Palmer Lot." This purchase was made July
ig, 1727, and with his brother Benjamin he
purchased, June 21. 1727, the right of his
great-aunt, Jane Davis, in the same lot. Jane
Davis was widow of Andrew Alger Jr., and
daughter of Dorcas (-\lger) Collins. In the
same year, wMth his brother Samuel, he pur-
chased the right of his great-aunt, Joanna
(Alger) Mills. When the title to the Algei
estate was established he owned one-half of
the original grant, and the "Palmer lot," con-
taining fifty acres. He did not remove to
Scarboro, however, until after 1744, when he
made his home at Dunstan Landing. The cel-
lar of his home was filled up in 1873 ^y Noah
Pillsbury, who planted an orchard on the site.
Children of John and Sarah (Burnett) Milli-
ken: I. Mary, born in Boston, August 11,
1719; married. November 9, 1745, Benjamin
Earners ; three children, all christened in Trin-
ity Clmrch. Boston. 2. John, .A.ugust 17, 1721 ;
died young. 3. John ( q. v.), February 17,
1723. 4. Thomas, May 31, 1724; married
Sarah Thompson, of Boston; had five chil-
dren, and died in 1774. Her husband was a
Royalist. 5. Sarah, April 29, 1725; married
twice, and by second husband. Joseph Hodg-
don, had a son whose posterity lived in Saco,

(IV) John (3), second son of John (2)
and Sarah (Burnett) Milliken, married Elea-
nor (Libby), v,idow of Benjamin Sallis, of
Bead Point, Scarboro, Maine, August 6,
1761. He died in 1766. Children: i. John
(5), 1760; married Christina Mitchell ;" was
a tanner, farmer and ship owner, and Hved
in Yarmouth more than twenty years. He
was a soldier in the revolutionary war, serv-
ing from the time of his enlistment to the
close of the war in 1783. Alter the war he
built vessels and fitted them for the West
Indies trade, acquired considerable wealth,
and three or more of his ships were captured
by the French, and his heirs were thus in-
terested in the Spoliation Claims. He re-
moved to Belfast, Maine, where he owned the
finest mansion in the town, and next lived
in Mortville, where he owned a farm and
tannery. He had ten children, and died in
Montville, Maine, December 24, 1848, and his
widow, August 8, 1854, aged ninety years. 2
Benjamin (q. v.), born in 1764. 3. Josiah,
born in 1766; lived in Scarboro, where the
Milliken Convent was made in 1792. He was
afterwards lost at sea.

(V) Benjamin, second son of John (4) and
Eleanor (Libby) Sallis Milliken, was born in
Scarboro, Maine, in 1764. He married (first)
Elizabeth Babbridge, by whom he had ten
children, and the mother of these children
died in North Yarmouth, Maine, in 1807, ^"d
was buried in that place. His second pro-
posed marriage was published March 25,
1809, to Lydia, widow of Jeremiah Bean, of
Montville, Maine, by whom he had two chil-
dren. He was a farmer, tanner and currier
in Bucksville village, and he died there Sep-
tember 20, 1 81 8. His widow married John
Dillingham, of North .'Kuburn, Maine, but she
was buried beside her first husband, in Buck-
field, Maine.

(VI) Josiah, third son of Benjamin and
Elizabeth (Babbridge) Milliken, was born in
Scarboro, ]\Iaine, January i, 1803. He mar-
ried Elizabeth Freeman, and settled in Buck-
field, where his father was a farmer, and also
carried on a tannery. He subsequently re-
moved to Portland, Maine, where he died in
1866, and where his widow was still living in
1877. Children: i. Mary Freeman, born in
Portland, Maine, 1827; married Daniel W.
True, merchant, Portland, Maine; she died
July 10, 1900. 2. Weston F"reeman, Septem-
ber 28, 1829; married (first) Martha F. Has-
kell, of New Gloucester, Maine. She died in
Portland, Maine, August 16, 1870, and he
married (second) February 28, 1882, Mary



Webster Palmer, of Orono, Maine, lie was
a prosperous merchant in Portland, a banker,
steamboat man, representative in the Maine
lepislature 1872-76, and collector of the port
of Portland at the time of his death, Novem-
ber 19, 1899. 3. William II., January 17,
1831, married, October 28. 1851, Julia Wy-
man, of Webster, Maine ; he was a member
of the firm of Deering, Milliken & Co., Port-
land, and died there July 25, 1890, leaving a
widow and two children : Minnie M. and Will-
iam H. Milliken. 4. Charles R., December
12, 1833; married, 1857, Elizabeth Roach
Fickett. an<l had three children. He was a
successful business man in Portland and died
in 1906. 5. Seth Mellen (q. v.), January 7,
1836. 6. George, January 18, 1840; married,
September 28, 1864, Ilenrietta A. Barber, of
Portland, Maine, and they had three children.
He was a commission merchant in Portland,
where he died August 8, 1899. 7. Addie, horn
1846, at Portland, Maine; married (first)
Leonard Short, of Loring, Short & Harmon,
booksellers, and (second) John Torrance, Sep-
tember 17, 1900.

(VH) Seth Mellen Milliken, fourth son of
Josiah and Elizabeth (Freeman) Milliken, was
born in Poland, Maine, January 7, 1836. He
received a good practical education in the
public schools of his native town, and at Yar-
mouth and Hebron .Academies, later teaching
school in Mechanic Falls, but soon leaving to
begin a life of business as a general mer-
chandise dealer in Minot, Maine, in 1856. In
1861 he removed to Portland, where he be-
came a partner with his brother-in-law, D. W.
True, in the wholesale grocery business, as
True & Milliken. In 1865 he engaged in the
drygoods jobbing business in Portland, under
the firm name of Deering, Milliken & Co.
This firm continued until about 1895, but
Mr. Milliken gave it little attention, as he
made his residence in New York City, and
established there the house of the same name,
which is to-day one of the largest drygoods
commission houses in the coimtry.

It is of interest to name some of the man-
ufacturing and other corporations in which
he is directly interested in control, as presi-
dent or director. In Maine : Cascade Woolen
Mill. Cowan Woolen Co., Farnsworth Co..
Forest Mills Co., Lockwood Co., Madison
Woolen Co.. Pondicherry Co., Worumbo Mfg.
Co.. Poland Paper Co.. and Saco & Pettec
Machine .Shops. In New Hampshire: Great
Falls Woolen Co. In Massachusetts : Geo.
V.\ Olnev Woolen Co. In .South Carolina:

Abbeville Cotton Mills, Darlington Mfg. Co.,
Drayton Mills, Hartsville Cotton Mills, Lock-
hart Mills, Laurens Cotton Mills, Mills Man-
ufacturing Co., Monarch Cotton Mills, Paco-
let Manufacturing Co., Reedy River Manu-
facturing Co., Spartan Mills, Whitney Manu-
facturing Co. In Georgia : Gainesville Cot-
ton Mills. In Alabama: The Dallas Manu-
facturing Co.

Mr. Millikin is also connected with the
following associations in New York as direc-
tor or trustee: Bowery Savings Bank, Fidel-
ity Bank, New York Life Insurance Co., and
the Trust Company of .America. For nearly
thirty years Mr. \Iilliken was a director of
the Mercantile National Bank in New York.
In the financial difficulties of 1907 he tem-
porarily undertook the presidency of the bank,
and its continuation was largely due to his
firm management and acumen.

.Seth M. Milliken has been closely identified
with the growth of New York since his com-
ing in the sixties. Although not entering to
any great extent into politics, he has always
staunchly supported the Republican party, and
in 1892 was elected one of the presidential
electors of his state, and has been a member
of the Union League Club since the year fol-
lowing his coming to New York. He is also
a member of the Republican Club, Metropoli-
tan Club, Driving Club. Merchants Club, and
the New- England Society in New York, also
the Cumberland Club of Portland and the
Maine Society of New York. He became a
Mason through his initiation into Atlantic
Lodge, A. F. and A. M., Portland, Maine.
With his family he attends the Brick Presby-
terian Church of New York.

On October 14, 1874. he married Marga-
ret L., youngest daughter of Dr. Levi Ger-
rish Hill, of Dover, New Hampshire. She
<!ied in i88i. Their three children are: i.
.Seth Minoti born in Dover, New Hampshire,
July 23, 1875; A. B. Yale University. 1898;
M. D. College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Columbia I'niversitv, 1902; and a practising
physician in New York City. He married.
October 5, 1907, Alida King Lease. 2. Ger-
rish Hill, bom in Dover, New Hampshire,
August 17, 1877: Ph. B., Yale University;
.Sheffield Scientific School. 1898; a commis-
sion merchant in the firm of Deering, Milliken
& Co. 3. Margaret Leighton, born Novem-
ber 23, 1880; married, November 6, 1902,
Harold .Ames Hatch, and their children are :
Harold .Ames Hatch, born .April 2},. 1905;
Margaret Leighton Hatch, born June 8, 1907.





(For preceding generations see Brian Pendleton I.)

(Ill) Caleb, fourth son of
PENDLETON Captain James and second

wife. Hannah (Goode-
now) Pendleton, was born August 8, 1669.
He lived in Westerly, on land given him by his
grandfather, Major Brian Pendleton, as per
deed 1674. He died in 1746: will proved
March 31, 1746. inventory 147 pounds. His
wife, name not given, died in 1745. Their chil-
dren were: James: Sarah, baptjzed July 23,

1793, married Lampheare: Hannah,

baptized July 7, 1695 : Caleb Jr., baptized July
6, 1797: Elizabeth, baptized June 25, 1699,

married Browning: Brian, baptized

June 13, 1701 : Ann. .August 22, 1703, married
Babcock : Read, married John Saun-
ders ; Susanna, married Stephen Wilcox, .Au-
gust 6, 1724; Ruth, married Benoin Smith.

(IV) James, eldest son of Caleb Pendle-
ton, was born in Westerly, 1690, and bap-
tized July 23, 1693. The only mention of his
family is that he had a son Thomas. He
probably removed from Westerly.

(V) Thomas, son of James Pendleton, was
born in Westerly, January 3, 1719. He mar-
ried, 1 741, Dorcas, daughter of Tristram
Dodge, of Block Island. Thomas Pendleton
was a master mariner engaged in whale fish-
ery to Greenland. On one of his voyages he
put in at Castine. Maine, and being greatly
excited with the beauty of the Penobscot Bay,
he determined to settle there. In 1753 he sold
his ^^'esterly estate for one thousand one hun-
dred thirty pounds, and in 1766 removed to
Longue Island (now Islesborough), Maine,
where he took up to nine hundred acres. His
whole family soon followed him. and he set-
tled them on his island land. His own house
was northeast of Dark Harbor. He was very
active in town aflfairs. His death occurred in
1809. and his wife died 1796. Children, all
born in Islesborough : Mark, died aged nine-
teen ; Stephen, died young; Samuel, born
1745; ^Margaret, 1747; Thomas Jr., 1749, was
town officer 1790, bought land at Saunders
Harbor, 1793; Gideon, 1751: Joshua, 1755;
Nathaniel, 1757, married Cynthia Wett: Mary,
1758, married October 2, 1774, Joseph Board-
man : Stephen (2), born February 9, 1763.

(VI) Samuel, third son of Thomas and
Dorcas (Dodge) Pendleton, was born at Isles-
borough, 1745. He married, at Block Island,
in i766,.Bathsheba, daughter of John Dodge,
and sister of Simon Dodge. He settled on
his father's land in this island. His house
was built on Pendleton Cove in 1772. He
bought extra land, including seven small

islands. He was deacon of the First Church,
and greatly respected. His wife died March.
1828. His will was dated March 2, 1822.
Children, born at Isle.<;borough : Dorcas, De-
cember 2, 1767; Bathsheba, 1778, died young;
Joshua, October 17, 1781 ; Mark, 1784; Bath-
sheba (2), 1786; Prudence, March 10, 1788,
married Jacob George, of Prospect, and died
February 18, 1876; Samuel Jr., January 14,
1791 ; Simon D., December 22, 1792.

(VII) Mark, second son of Samuel and
Bathsheba (Dodge) Pendleton, was born at
Islesborough, 1784, and died December 25,
1887. He married, in 1806, Lydia. daughter
of John Ball, of Block Island. Children : Vin-
cent, born January 25, 1807; Simon, Septem-
ber 4, 1809; Mary, February 2. 181 1 ; Dodge,
March i, 1813, died 1893; I-yflia, June 15,
1815; liathsheba. May 16, 1817, married,
December 21. 1837, Daniel Warren; Samuel
R., September 27, 1820, married, October 21,
1848, Elsie Brown, and had son Samuel .\.,
born October g. 1853; Isaac Case, January 19,
1822. married Mercv Nash.

(VIII) Mark (2), third son of Mark (i)
and Lydia (Ball) Pendleton, was born Feb-
ruary 2, 181 1. He is described as "a master
mariner and a gentleman of the old school."
Captain Mark was enterprising, ambitious and
successful, always actively interested in town
affairs. He and his four sons are mentioned
as large ship owners, among the most enter-
prising of Islesborough families, giving largely
to navigation and accumulating wealth." Cap-
tain Mark lived on the estate of his father,
below Bounty Cove, and west of Pendleton
Mountain, where he died April 23, 1888. He
married, March 10, 1837, Eliza Jane, daughter
of Captain Fields Coombs and wife Betsey
(Ames) Coombs, born March 23, 1817. She
survived her husband. Children : Richard P.,
born July 28, 1839, unmarried: Fields C,
1842: "Guilford D., ^larch 4, 1845, married

; Winfield S., September 2, 1847: Eliza

L., November 18, 1850, married Lester A.
Lewis: Mark, September 17. 1852, died 1854;
Emma B., July 8, 1855, died 1863 ; Mark P.,
Januarv 11, i860, representative from Isle-
borough in legislature 1889, and editor and
proprietor of Belfast Age; married, Septem-
ber ID, 1889, Inez L. Matthews, of Bangor.

(IX) Fields Coombs, second son of Mark
(2) and Eliza Jane (Coombs) Pendleton, was
born at Islesborough. November 6. 1842. Af-
ter attending the Islesborough school, at eleven
years of age he went to sea. and returned at
the age of forty-three. Like his father, he
was a shipmaster and owner. He married



(first) March 27, 1863, Lucinda J. Secly, who
died June 25, 1865; (second) October 3,
1866, Mrs. Sabrina P. Brown. Children of
second marriage : Nellie L.. born April 29,
1868. died July 6, 1886; Fields S., March 24.
1870; .Alice L.. Ajiril 3. 1872; Sabrina C,
August 20. 1876; Edwin S., December 4, 1877;
Effie B.. April 13, 1880; Phebe E., January
26, 1884.

(X) Fields S.. eldest son of Fields Coombs
and Sabrina P. (Brown) Pendleton, was born
at Islesborough, March 24, 1870. He was
educated at Islesborough and Castine Normal
Schools, and the .Methodist Seminary, Kent's
Hill, Maine. His first business position was
as salesman in a grocery store at Islesborough,
where he still retains an interest. In 1891
he removed to New York City and engaged
in general commission and ship brokerage
business, under the firm name of Pendleton
Brothers. Like his father and grandfather,
he is a ship owner, and engaged in coasting
trade with West Indies. He married, Jan-
uary 19. 1894. Blanche Collins, of Islesbor-
ough. Their children are: Fields S. Jr.,
Richard, Virginia.

The surname Sau telle is
S.\L'TELLE identical with Sawtelle. Sar-

tell, and various other forms
still in use by different branches of the family.
The family is of ancient English origin.

(I) Richard Sawtell, immigrant ancestor,
born in England, came to Watertown, Massa-
chusetts, and his brother Thomas probably
came with him. As Thomas left no children.
Richard seems to be the progenitor of all of
the name in New England. He was a pro-
prietor at \\'ateriuiJĀ« as early as 1636: went
to Groton, and was town clerk there during
the first three years that records were kept.
1662-64. At the time of King Philip's war.
about 1675, he returned to Watertown. He
''ied an aged man, August 2, 1694, and his
inventory amounting to 147 pounds, eleven
.'-hillings, was filed September 14, 1694. His
wife Elizabeth died October 18, 1694, leaving
will dated May 16, 1692, of which her son
Enoch was executor, appointed November 26.
1694. Richard's will mentions wife Elizabeth,
children ( )badiah, of Groton : Enoch, of
Watertown ; Bethia, John, Jonathan ( de-
ceased), Zachariah, Hannah and Mary. He
owned a twenty-acre right in Groton. Chil-
dren : I. Obadiah, mentioned below. 2. Eliza-
beth, born May 11, 1638, at Watertown. 3.
Jonathan, born August 24, i63() : married,
July 3, 1665, Mary ; six children. 4.

Mary, November 19, 1640; married

Sterling. 5. Hannah, Ixirn December 10,

1642: married Winn. 6. Zechariah,

born July 25, 1643; married (first) Elizabeth
Parker. 7. Enoch, Weaver, of Watertown ;

married Susanna . 8. John, mentioned

in will. 9. Ruth, married, March 9, 1676-77,
John Hewes, of Watertown. 10. Bethia, died
October 12, 1714, aged si.xty-eight ; married,
January 27, 1701, John Green.

(II) Obadiah, son of Richard Sawtell, was
born at Watertown, about 1636. He went
with his father to Groton, and returned there
after King Philip's war. He married Hannah,
daughter of George Lawrence, of Groton and
Watertown. She was assigned to Lieutenant
Jonas Prescott's garrison during the war of
1691-92, designated as Widow Sawtell. Only
two children are known: Obadiah, mentioned
below, and Abigail, born March i^, 1665-6.

(III) Obadiah (2), son of Obadiah (i)
Sawtell, was born about 1658-60, in Groton,
and died there March 20, 1740. He married,
1680, Hannah . Children, born at Gro-
ton : I. Elnathan, March 27, 1683. 2. Josiah,
August 14, 1687; died October 4, 1690. 3.
Hannah, June 8, 1695; married Stephen Hol-
den. 4. Abigail, March 13, 1697; married Jo-
seph Parker. 5. Obadiah, March 18, 1701.
6. Hezekiah, mentioned below.

(IV) Hezekiah, son of Obadiah (2) Saw-
tell, was born in Groton, March 2, 1703, and
died there March 13, 1779. His brother Oba-
diah moved with all his family to Township
No. 4, Charlestown, New Hampshire, where
he was captured May 29, 1746, by the Indians,
returning from captivity in Canada in August
24, 1747, and was killed June 17, 1749, at
Charlestown, by the Indians; married, No-
vember 16, 1721, Rachel, daughter of Samuel
and Abigail (Lakin) Parker, and had si.x chil-
dren who adopted the spelling of Sartwell.
Hezekiah married Joanna Wilson, who died
September 11, 1786, at Groton. Children,
born at Groton: i. Jonathan, June 6, 1724.
2. Hezekiah, December 11, 1725: settled at
Shirley, Massachusetts. 3. Elnathan, October
21, 1728, settled at Shirley. 4. Hannah, Octo-
ber II, 1730. 5. Obadiah, October 11, 1732;
settled at Shirley. 6. Ephraim, January 18,
1734. 7. Richard, June 21, 1737; settled at
Shirley. 8. Elizabeth, June 13, 1739. 9. Na-
thaniel, October 6, 1743: mentioned below.
10. Esther, August 31, 1745. n. Rebecca,
October 8, 1747.

(V) Sergeant Nathaniel, son of Hezekiah
Sawtell, was born in Groton, October 6, 1743.
He was a soldier in the revolution, a corporal



in Captain Henry Farwell's company of min-
ute-men, Colonel William Prescott's regiment,
on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775; ser-
geant in same company, 1775; also in Captain
Joseph Boynton's company, Colonel Xathanicl
Wade's regiment, 1778-9, and in Captain John
Porter's company, Colonel Samuel Denny's
regiment, 1779 (vol. xiii, Mass. Soldiers and
Sailors of the Revolution, pp. 824 and 1857).
He went to Maine and began clearing a farm
in the wilderness. He returned to Groton for
his family. When they reached Minot, Maine,
his wife decitled that that was far enough
for civilization, and he built a log house there,
going ahead to his clearing. He set a line of
sable traps from Minot to Otisfield, a distance
of nine miles, and during the first winter his
two eldest sons, aged eight and ten, cared
for the traps. He built a shack at Otisfield,
where they slept alternate nights alone, after
removing the pelts from whatever game they
found. They continued this lonesome and
hazardous occupation until the middle of win-
ter, when their father returned to Minot. He
married, at Groton, June 9, 1763, Abigail Wy-
man. Children: i. Alice, born at Groton, Oc-
tober 26, 1765. 2. Henry, April 25, 1767, at
Shirley. 3. Nehemiah, July 12, 1769; men-
tioned below. 4. Nathaniel, September 19,
1771. 5. Benjamin, October 11, 1773.

(VI) Lieutenant Nehemiah, son of Ser-
geant Nathaniel Sawtell, was born in Groton,
July 12, 1769. He was ten years old when
he went to Maine with the family, and was
the elder of the two young trappers men-
tioned. He was a farmer at Minot, Maine,
and lieutenant in the state militia. He mar-
ried, about 1798, Polly Haskell. Children,
born at Minot : Nathan H., mentioned below ;
Polly, Abigail. Seth, Betsey, Henry, Jane,
William, Nehemiah, Lorena, Susan.

( \'II ) Nathan Hale, son of Lieutenant
Sawtell, was born at Minot, May 9. 1800, and
died at Livermore, Maine, October 27, 1872.
He was educated in the district schools of
Minot. He removed when about twenty
years old to Turner, Maine, where he was in
business as a farmer. He was afterward
a hotel proprietor at Paris and Poland,

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