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for the academy. In the Weekly Visitor of
September 2, 1820, the following notice ap-
peared : "Saco Academy. The Trustees of
this institution respectfully inform the public
that the term will commence Monday the nth
of September next. Their funds having been
lately increased by the liberality of individuals
they have engaged as a permanent instructor
Rev. Phineas Pratt, a gentleman every way
qualified for so important a trust. Students
can be accommodated with board in respect-
able families at the moderate price of $1.75
per week. T. G. Thornton, R. C. Shannon,
Seth Storer, Jun., Com." Three thousand
dollars was required by the charter to be raised
and secured for the endowment of the acad-
emy before land was granted, and almost four
thousand dollars was contributed by eighty-
three persons, a very large amount in those
hard times, and among those who contributed
one hundred dollars was the name of Dr.
Thornton. November 21, 1821, a committee
was appointed to draw up a subscription paper
and obtain fifteen hundred dollars to increase
the funds of the institution. Dr. Thornton
gave ten shares of Saco bank stock, valued at
one thousand dollars, and thirty-one others
contributed six hundred and forty-three dol-
lars. In consequence of this gift the legisla-
ture of ]ilaine passed : 'An Act to change the
name and style of Saco Academy in the County
of York. Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives in Legislature as-
sembled, that from and after the passing of
this act, the name and style of the said Saco
Academy shall cease, and the said academy
shall henceforth be called and known by the
name and st\ le of Thornton Academy, any law



to tlie contrary notwithstanding : and nothing
in this act contained shall be constituted, to im-
pair any of the riglits or liabilities of said
corporation." This act passed January 25,

1822. Dr. Thornton was a representative in
the general court of Massachusetts in 1795-
96-98-1803, and was a candidate for congress
at the election on the first .Monday in .\pril,

1823, but as neither candidate was elected at
that time he withdrew his name from the con-
test. He had a large house in Saco, and
President Monroe and General Lafayette w-erc
entertained there. This mansion was con-
verted into a hotel known as the "Thornton
House," after the death of Dr. Thornton, and
was destroyed by fire in January, 1851. It
was located at the corner of Maine street and
Thornton avenue.

(8) Sarah Cutts, one of the children of
Dr. Thomas Gilbert and Sarah (Cutts) Thorn-
ton, married Moses Emery, as mentioned

(III) Jonathan, third son and fourth child
of John (2) and Mary (Shatswell Web-
ster) Emery, was born in Newbury, Mas-
sachusetts Bay Colony, May 13, 1652. He
took the oath as a freeman, April 19, 1691,
having already been present at Newbury, De-
cember 3, 1675, as a soldier in King Philip's
war, and he took part in the great Narragan-
sett fight, December 19, 1675. and received a
wound from an Indian arrow in the shoulder.
He married. November 29, 1676, ]\Iary, daugh-
ter of Mr. Edward Woodman, and they had
ten children, as follows, all born in Newbury :
Mary. September 25, 1677; John, 1678; Jona-
than, February 2, 1680; David, September 28,
1682; Anthony, November 13, 1684: Stephen,
June 13, 1687, died 1688; Sarah, December 18,
1688, married Ambrose Berry ; Stephen, June
24, 1693; Edward, November 10, 1694; James,
baptized .\pril 10, 1698. Jonathan Emery
made his will February 6, 1722-23, and it was
proved October 7, 1723. His estate was
valued at two hundred and two pounds, two
shillings, ten pence. He died in Newbury,
September 29, 1723, his wife having died six-
teen days before his demise, the date of her
death being September 13, 1723.

(IV) James, youngest child of Jonathan
and Mary (Woodman) Emer}-, was baptized
at the first church at Newbury, April 10, 1698.
He was a farmer. He married, December 10,
1719, Ruth Watson, of Haverhill, and they
lived on a farm in that town up to about
1725, when they removed to Dracut. The
first three of their eleven children were born
in Haverhill and the remainder in Dracut. On

March 30, 1757, James Emery petitioned the
general court of Massachusetts for remunera-
tion for e.xpenses incurred as follows : That
his son, Ambrose, a minor, "Enlisted himself
in the Alajestie's Service and the Expedition
carrying on against Crown Point, in the year
1756, under the command of Captain Butter-
field, and after he was dismissed (discharged)
at Lake George, as he was returning home, he
was taken sick at Glasgo, and not able to
travel; and when tidings thereof was brought
to your Petitioner he sent a man and horse
to fetch his son home, which occasioned con-
siderable charge to your Petitioner, accord-
ing to the accounts herewith exhibited." He
was successful in his petition and receive(i as
recompense for the services named three
pounds, nine shillings, six pence. The chil-
dren of James and Ruth (Watson) Emery,
born in Haverhill, were: David, October i,
1720; Jonathan, November 23, 1722- Eliza-
beth, July 6, 1724. Those born in Dracut
were: Anthony, 1726; James, died November,
1755; Moses, said to have been master of a
ship; Alary, spinster in Dracut, living May 4,
1792; John, 1736, killed at Fort William
Henry in a battle with the Indians Septem-
ber 18, 1756; Ambrose, February 25, 1738-
39; Edward, July 26, 1741 ; Nathaniel, March
8. 1743-44, a soldier in the .\merican revo-
lution with splendid record. He married
twice, but there is no record of children by
cither marriage. James Emery made his will
May 3, 1762, at which time he stated in the
instrument that he was "now Inlisted a soldier
in his Majestie'd Service.'' He died at Dracut
before April 4, 1763, but there is no record of
the dates of his birth or death of either him-
self or of his wife.

(V) Jonathan, second son of James and
Ruth (\\'atson) Emery, was born in Haver-
hill, Massachusetts, November 23, 1722. On
December 7, 1753, he entered the intention of
his marriage to Jonathan Brown with the town
clerk of Dracut, and the date of his marriage
is not preserved. His wife was the daughter
of John and Hannah Brown, of Dracut, and
she was born August 4, 1735. They lived at
Dracut, removed to Winthrop. Maine, and
finally settled at Fairfield, Maine, in 1771,
and was probably the first settler of that town.
He located on the west side of the Kennebec
river, on a hill, and the place became known
as Emery Hill. He was both a carpenter and
farmer. His benevolence became proverbial
and his home was the stopping place for trav-
elers, all being much welcome, and from none
would he receive pay. When General Arnold



made his famous expedition into Canada, his
army passed through the place and while his
boats and baggage were being transported by
land over the carrying-place provided to avoid
the rapids in the river at that place, General
Arnold made the Emery homestead his head-
quarters for two weeks, and during this time
his services as a carpenter were called into
requisition in repairing the boats damaged by
the rough passage over a poor road. He
served as an Indian scout for eight years,
assuming this service, it is said, in order
to revenge the death of his brother John,
killed by the Indians at Fort William
Henry, Lake George, New York. He was
an intimate friend of the Rev. Paul Coffin.
His wife, Jerusha (Barron) Emery, the
mother of his children, died in Fairfield,
Maine, 1781, and he married the Widow Whit-
ten, who outlived him, but bore him no chil-
dren. She died about 1810 and he died in
Fairfield in June, 1807. The seven children of
Jonathan and Jerusha (Barron) Emery, born
in Dracut, were: David, September 24. 1754:
Jerusha ; Hannah ; John ; Thankful, Septem-
ber 10. 1763; James, 1766; Briggs H., No-
vember II, 1767. Those born in Fairfield
were: Jones, 1770 or 1771 ; Samuel, June 15,
1773; Rachel, January or February, 1777.

(VI) Samuel, sixth son and ninth child of
Jonathan and Jerusha (Barron) Emery, was
born in Fairfield, Maine, June 15, 1773. He
married, in February, 1801, Deidamia, sister
of Alice Johnston, who married his brother,
Jones Emery. Deidamia Johnston was born
in Vassalboro, IMaine, April 2, 1783, and their
fifteen children were born in Fairfield, where
the father died March 7, 1839, and the mother
February 20, 1851. Children: William. No-
vember 20, 1801 ; Butler A., January 15. 1803;
Louisa Cain, November 4. 1804, married
James Sands and had no children ; John J.,
August 28, 1806; Lucy J., March iS, 1808;
Samuel, May 22, 1810; George B., September
27, 1811 ; Deidamia P., June 7, 1814; Darius
B., June 16. 1815; Thankful C, April 23,
1817: P'aulina, December 3, 1818: Briggs H.,
August 25, 1820; Thomas J., March 7, 1823;
Parthenia D., February 8, 1825; Augustus F.,
April 4, 1828, never married and lived in
Benezetta. Pennsylvania.

(\'II) William, eldest child of Samuel and
Deidamia (Johnston) Emery, was born in
Fairfield, Maine, November 20, 1801. He
married, December i, 1833, in Clinton, Maine,
Julia Ann Reynolds, born in Clinton, June 6,
1813. They had ten children; the first two
born in Clinton, jMaine, the next six in

Phillipsburg, Maine, the ninth in Augusta,
Maine, and the last in Fairfield, Maine. This
would make the parents to have lived in Clin-
ton, Maine, from the time of their marriage
up to 1637, in Phillipsburg, Maine, up to
1853; in Augusta, Maine, 1853-54; in Fair-
field, Maine, after 1855. The father died in
Fairfield, January 17, 1866, and November 16,
1872, his widow married, in Augusta, John
H. Weeks. The children of William and
Julia Ann (Reynolds) Emery were: William
Gardiner, November 11, 1834; Lucy Jane, De-
cember 7, 1836, married George Packard;
Daniel Webster, October 24, 1839 ' Esther Da-
vis, July 4, 1841 ; Freeman Henry, November
8, 1844, a soldier in the civil war in the Nine-
teenth Maine and Eleventh \''eteran Reserve
Corps, wounded at Gettysburg and lived after
the war at Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania; George
Evans, August 19, 1846; Mary Emma, Octo-
ber I, 1849; Matilda Helen, May i, 1852;
Hollis Campbell, born in Augusta, Maine, Jan-
uary 3, 1854 ; Charles, born in Fairfield, Octo-
ber 3, 1846.

(VIII) Daniel Webster, second son and
third child of William and Julia Ann (Rey-
nolds) Emery, was born in Phillipsburg,
Maine, C)ctober 24, 1839. Pie was brought
up in Phillipsburg, where he received his
school training, and in 1861, on the outbreak
of the civil war, he enlisted in Company F
of Fairfield, Third Regiment Maine Volunteer
Infantry, May 28, 1861, and was mustered
into the United States service as corporal,
June 3, 1861. He was promoted to sergeant,
September 11, 1861, and received his com-
mission as first lieutenant of Company F, Au-
gust 19, 1862. He was in the first battle of
Bull Run, July i, 1861, and with his regi-
ment formed part of the regiment of the Poto-
mac in the Peninsular campaign under Mc-
Clellan, where he saw service at Yorktown,
Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Fair Oaks, where
he was wounded in the knee. Peach Orchard,
Glendale Malvera Hill, Georgetown, White
Oak Swamp and Mimocracy. On being or-
dered to withdraw from the Peninsula his
regiment saw their next battle at Manas-
sas, under Pope, and like the first, under i\Ic-
Donnell on the same field, at Bull Run in
1861, it resulted in disaster and retreat to
Washington. He was then engaged at Freder-
icksburg under Burnside, and at Chancellors-
ville under Hooker, in which battle he was
wounded in the side. He was mustered out
with his regiment, June 28, 1S64, and August
31, 1864, married Rose Bowman, daughter of
James and Anne (Lander) Lawrence, early



settlers of Fairfield, whose parents came from
Sandwicli, Massachusetts. Rose Bowman
Lawrence was born in Fairfield, November
12, 1844, and they had three children. He
engaged in the lumber business, and held after
the war various political positions under the
government, including chief clerk in the office
of the state treasurer at Augusta. lie became
a Mason of high degree, a member of the
Grand Army of the Republic, and in 1907
removed to Colorado. The children of Dan-
iel Webster and Rose Bowman (Lawrence)
Emery were: Walter Howard, born in Au-
gusta, Maine, July 21, 1864; Ernest Webb, in
Fairfield, Maine, December 19, 1872, and
Creswell Alton, in Pittston, Maine, Septem-
ber I, 1882.

(IX) Ernest Webb, second son of Daniel
Webster and Rose Bowman (Lawrence)
Emery, was born in Fairfield, Maine, Decem-
ber 19, 1872. He was educated at the pub-
lic and high schools, and was clerk in the
office of a nurseryman in Augusta, and subse-
quently in Rochester, New York. In 1891 he
was appointed as assistant librarian in the
Maine State Library, held this position for
fifteen years, and March 23, igo6, was made
state librarian for a term of years to expire
March 23, 1909. He affiliated with the Re-
publican party, the Unitarian denomination, the
Masonic fraternity and the military order of
Sons of Veterans. He married, June 30, 1897,
at Augusta, I\Iaine, Flora Etta, daughter of
Andrew Davis and Henrietta Temperance
(Knowles) Ward. Mr. Ward is a hardware
dealer in Augusta and his children are : Jo-
seph Burton, F'lora Etta and David Carl Ward.
Flora Etta Ward was born in Augusta, Alaine,
September 18, 1874, and the children by her
marriage to i\Ir. Emery are: Lawrence Ward,
born September 12, 1898, and Esther Webb,
February 9, 1907.

(For preceding generations see John Emery I.)

(R') Daniel, fourth son of James
EMERY Emery, born September 13, 1667,
died October 15, 1722. He re-
sided in Kittery and Berwick, and was a noted
surveyor. He was surveyor of Kittery from
1706 to 1713: selectman several years. In
1718 he was one of the commissioners to mark
the line between Kittery and Berwick. He
was moderator in 1707 and 1718. He was
elected deacon of the Berwick church in May,
1703, and elder November 21, 1720. His will
was dated April 5, 1722, and proved Novem-
ber following. He married, I\Iarch 17, 1695,
Alargaret Gowen, alias Smith, born Novem-

ber 15, 1678, died November 21. 1751. Chil-
dren born in Berwick: i. Daniel, June 25,
1697. 2. Noah, December 11, 1699. 3. Simon,
January 6, 1702. 4. Zachariah, March 12,
1704-05. 5. Margaret, March 3, 1707, mar-
ried Stephen Tobey ; died s. p. 1795. 6. Caleb,
October 17, 1710, mentioned below. 7. Ann,
March 19, 1712-13. 8. Joshua, June 30, 1715.
9. Tirzah, September 19, 1717. 10. Iluldah,
August 4, 1720.

(V) Caleb, son of Daniel Emery, was born
in Berwick, IMaine, October 17, 1710. He
was king's attorney in 1761. He was a law-
yer, a farmer and tanner. He read law with
his brother Noah and was admitted to the
court of common pleas in 1750. He was a
lawyer of ability and of peaceful character,
discouraging litigation even after he had en-
tered the legal profession. He married .Mary
Hambleton and had a son Caleb, mentioned
below. Probably other chiklren.

(\T) Colonel Caleb (2), son of Caleb (i)
Emery, born April 6, 1741, died at Sanford,
Maine, iMarch 4, 1825. At seventeen years of
age he was a soldier in the French and Indian
war; at Lake George in 1758; probably in
Captain James Gowen's company. Colonel
Jedediah Preble's regiment from April to Sep-
tember ; in Sir William Pepperell's expedition
in 1759; corporal in Captain Joshua Moody's
company from November, 1759, to January,
1 761 ; sergeant in Captain Simon JefTerd's
company from December, 1761, to May, 1762.
He removed from Berwick to Sanford about
1773, where he resided for more than fifty
years, a tanner, shoemaker, potash manufac-
turer, trader, innholder, one of the most promi-
nent men of the town. He served in the revo-
lution from May 19 to July 18, 1777, in Cap-
tain Abel Moulton's company. Colonel Jona-
than Titcomb's regiment ; w'as a member of
the committee of safety in- 1782; was captain
in the militia in 1785, major in 1786, colonel
in 1788. He was town clerk in 1780: select-
man several years ; representative to the gen-
eral court in 1785-86; deputy sheriff in 1784-
86; justice of the peace; postmaster. He was
one of the nine original members of the church
in 1786, and its first deacon. In politics he
was a radical Federalist. He was one of the
original grantees of Porter, Maine, and in
1793 built the first sawmill in that town. He
married (first) in 1764 Elizabeth Gowen, bom
September 15, 1743, died August 17, 1799.
He married (second) February 21, 1802,
Elizabeth Emery, died February 26, 1812,
daughter of Simon and Elizabeth (Bean)
Emery. He married (third) in 1812 I pub-



lished November 14) Mrs. Hannah Gould,
born 1746, daughter of Rev. John and Su-
sanna (Swett) Hovey, and widow of James
Gor.ll. of Kennebunkport, Maine. Children :
I. WiUiam, born March 23, 1765; mentioned
below. 2. Elizabeth, born October 21, 1771.
Probably others.

(VH) WiUiam, son of Caleb (2) Emery,
born Alarch 23, 1765, died March 2, 1848. He
resided in Sanford. IMaine. He married, De-
cember 3, 1786, r^lary Salter, born ]\larch 8,
1761, died May 2, 1842, daughter of Captain
Titus Salter, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Children born in Sanford: i. Caleb, June 17,
1787, mentioned below. 2. Thomas S., May
13, 1789. 3. William, April 10, 1791. 4.
John S., June 11, 1793. 5. Elizabeth B.. Au-
gust I, 1795, married, October 5, 1817, Henry
Hamilton Jr. : died April 2, 1818. 6. ^lary
A., November 3, 1797, died August 29, 1882,
unmarried. 7. Hannah B., September 16,
1799. 8. Sarah, December 10. 1801. 9. Abi-
gail, ]\Iarch 31, 1804, died October i, 1825,
unmarried. 10. Samuel B., August 29, 1806
(mention of the last named and descendants
forms part of this article).

(yUl) Dr. Caleb (3), eldest son of Will-
iam Emery, born in Sanford. Maine, June 17,
1787, died February 16, 1831. He married,
October 14, 1813, ]\Iary Ann, born March 19,
1794, died August 8, 1872, daughter of Rev.
Samuel Chandler, of Eliot. He resided at
Eliot. i\Iaine, where he was a practicing phy-
sician. He was captain of the militia at nine-
teen ; member of the Massachusetts JMedical
Society in 1820; member of the governor's
council of Maine in 1830. His death was sud-
den. Children born at Eliot, Elaine: i.
Chandler Spring, July 25, 1814, mentioned be-
low. 2. Sarah S., September 16, 1816, died
in ]\Ialden, Massachusetts, February 21, i860.
3. Elizabeth S., April 9, 1818, died July 5,
1849. 4. Caleb, April 3, 1820, died in Augusta,
Georgia, December 16, 1872. 5. Lydia S.,
October 8, 1822. 6. William H., November
19, 1827.

(IX) Chandler Spring, son of Dr. Caleb
(3) Emery, was born in Eliot, Maine, July
25, 1814. He attended the schools of Eliot,
and entered Bowdoin College, but on account
of the death of his father was obliged to leave
before graduating. He removed to Florida
and settled in Mandarin, where he practiced
his profession. Later he removed to Jackson-
ville, and was judge of the municipal court
there for many years. He married Elizabeth
Saunders, born in Jacksonville, Florida. He
died suddenlv Tulv 20. 1880. Children: I.

Chandler S., born in Jacksonville, physician
in Florida. 2. Caleb J., born April lO! 1846,
mentioned below. 3. Alpheus Spring, resided
in Jacksonville, Florida. 4. Anna Maria, born
Eliot, IMaine, died in Jacksonville, 1903. 5.
William, born Jacksonville, Florida, died in in-
fancy. 6. Thomas, born Jacksonville, died in

( X ) Dr. Caleb Joseph, son of Chandler
Spring Emery, was born in Alandarin, Florida,
April 16, 1846. He was educated in the pub-
lic schools of Mandarin and at the Lavilla In-
stitute at Lavilla, Florida. In 1863 he was
appointed surgeon steward of the L'nited
States steamship "Yantic" and served during
the civil war and until 1866, when he came
north and took up the study of medicine under
Dr. Parsons, of Ayer Junction, ;\Iassachu-
setts. In the fall of 1869 he entered the
Brunswick IMedical School, from which he
was graduated with the degree of M. D. in
1871 ; attended Harvard ^Medical College in
1870. He opened an office in Biddeford,
]\Iaine, and has practiced in that city to the
present time. He has taken high rank in his
profession and enjoys a large practice. In
politics Dr. Emery is a Democrat, and has
taken an active part in municipal politics. He
has been a member of the board of health for
several years ; three years a member of the
school board and city physician for many
years. He has been a member of the com-
mon council and board of aldermen, two years
in each body, with an excellent record as a
city official. He was United States pension
examiner for many years. He is a prominent
and popular Free Alason, member of Dunlap
Lodge, York Royal Arch Chapter, Maine
Council, Royal and Select ^Masters, and of
Bradford Commandery, Knights Templar, In
religion he is a L'niversalist, He married, Au-
gust 6, 1876, Luella D,, born April 15, 1844,
daughter of Samuel Bassick, of Belfast, Maine,
Children born at Biddeford: i. Grace Chand-
ler, born April 14, 1879, a student at Tufts
Dental College. 2. Helen B., born August 10,
1886, attended the public schools of Bidde-
ford, graduating from the Chicago Musical
College in 1905 and is now a student in St.
Gabriel's school, Peekskill, New York.

(Mil) Samuel B., youngest child of Will-
iam and ;\Iary (Salter) Emery, born in South
Sanford, Maine, August 29, 1806, died Sep-
tember 25, 1880. He received a common
school education, and after peddling tinware
a few years formed a copartnership with his
nephew, William L. Emery, for the purpose
of carrving on a tin and stove business. After



se\cic;i Min.>.>->tul years he sold out, and asso-
ciating himself with his elder brother, William,
in the general mercantile business at Spring-
vale, and later with Samuel Lord, carried on
trade until 184G. In that year he erected a
store at the Corner, in which he traded in
association with various partners until 1869.
He was cashier of the ^lousam River Bank,
1856-57: president of Sanford Bank, 1860-
61. He was deputy sheriff for several years,
sheriff by appointment in 1856, served the
town on the board of selectmen for five years
and was treasurer for three years, discharging
his duties with zeal and ability. During the
civil war he rendered especially valuable serv-
ices to the town. He was an ardent Demo-
crat, and as such was several times a candi-
date for county offices. He was jealous of
the reputation of his party and resented any
remarks against it as he would against his
own character. He was of a generous dis-
position, and many a poor man owed him a
debt of gratitude. He married, February 27,
1832, Alice, born June 3, 1803, died January
17, 1879, daughter of Moses and Rachel (Car-
roll) Pray, of Sanford, Maine. Their chil-
dren were: i. Harriet A., born November I,
1832, is unmarried and resides in Washington,
D. C, where she is a clerk in the treasury
department. 2. Benjamin F., born June 16,
1834, died in Sanford, May 28, 1882. 3.
Moses W., born April i, 1836. 4. Charlotte
S., born July 25, 1838, married John B. Bod-
well : died in Logan, Kansas, April 9, 1882.
5. Samuel Benton, see forward.

(IX) Samuel Benton, third son and young-
est child of Samuel B. and Alice (Pray)
Emery, was born October 15, 1848, on the
Emery homestead in Sanford, where he re-
sided with the exception of two or three years
until October, 1898, when a residence was
bought at Melrose, Massachusetts. He at-
tended school at Lebanon Academy and Maine
State Seminary, Lewiston. At the age of
eighteen years he entered the store of his
father as clerk, and on January i following
formed a copartnership with his father under
the firm name of S. B. Emery & Son. This
was continued until the health of his father
failed, and for two years he was associated
with his brother, Moses W., and then the busi-
ness was sold to Nowell & Bennett. After
several months spent in various occupations he
contracted with the Sanford Mills Company
for the handling of their waste products and
commenced the manufacture of mattresses for
the trade. Iking convinced that there was a
demand for a furniture store in Sanford, he

added furniture to his business. The first lot
received consisted of about two carloads of
common varieties. The business prospered
and later carpets, crockeryware, wall papers
and general housefurnishings were added. A
further contract was made with the Sanford
Mills Company about 1882 for the sale of their

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