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plush renmants and seconds. When the citi-
zens decided that a larger school building was
needed, and the old one was to be sold, Mr.
Emery saw his opportunity for a larger store,
and buying the building, removed the same to
a vacant lot on Washington street and added
largely to its length. Having need of still
more room in i8g8, further addition was made,
making this the largest store building in San-
ford. Mr. Emery has never taken an active
part in political matters, often remarking that
his father, an active politician, only made ene-
mies, and he preferred to devote his energies
in other directions. He has always taken a
leading part in all public enterprises, and was
treasurer of no less than six corporations and
organizations. For several years he has been
the largest individual taxpayer in Sanford, and
in December, 1899, purchased the Springvale
Cotton Alills property and dwelling houses.
Plis success may be attributed to hard work,
strict attention to business and honorable
dealings. He is a member of Riverside Lodge,
No. 12, Knights of Pythias, and attends the
Congregational church. He married, January
II, 1870, Elizabeth F. A., born in Sanford,
October 29, 1847, daughter of Hon. Increase
S. and Miriam W. (Bodwell) Kimball. They
have had children: i. Frank M., born De-
cember 9, 1870, married, August 2, 1890.
Elice A. Spinney. 2. Miriam K., born April
30, 1872, died June 28, 1872. 3. Walter K.,
see forward. 4. Herman B., born June 9,
1877, died December 3, 1883. 5. Faith Eliza-
beth, born August 11, 1884.

(X) Walter Kimball, second son and third
child of Samuel Benton and Elizabeth F. A.
(Kimball) Emery, was born in Sanford,
March 26, 1873. He was the recipient of an
excellent education, passing through the com-
mon schools of his native town, the seminary
at Kent's Plill, the Nichols Latin .School at
Lewiston, and Gray's College in Portland. He
entered the business of his father in 1892 and
was taken into partnership in 1900, the firm
name being S. B. Emery & Company. This
was continued until recently, when a stock
company was formed known as the S. B.
Emery Company, of which Walter K. is a
director. He is a member of Preble Lodge,
Free and Accepted Masons ; White Rose Chap-



ter, Royal Arch JMasons ; St. Armand Com-
mandery of Kennebunk; Riverside Lodge,
Knights of Pythias ; Sagamore Tribe, Im-
proved Order of Red Slen. He married

(first) December, 1895, , and has one

child: Ford, born September 22, 1896. He
married (second) November 16, 1906, Lillie,
daughter of Caleb Lamb, of Belmar, JMaine.

(For early generations tee preceding sketches.)

(V) Simon Emery, third son of
E3iIERY Daniel and Margaret (Gowen)

Emery, was born in Berwick,
;\Iaine, January 6, 1702. He married, Octo-
ber 21, 1725, Alartha, daughter of Nathan
Lord Jr. He made his will November 8,
1760, and the same was proved November 22,
1760. He signed the Kittery Memorial,
March 20, 1757; was on the alarm list, 1757;
grand juror, 1744-50; surveyor of highways,
1745-46-48. He died November 10, 1760. His
wife died April 29, 1760. Their children: i.
Martha, born August 6, 1726, died May 5,
1773 : married Ebenezer Lord. 2. Simon, born
November 26, 1727; married, January 17,
1746, Elizabeth Bane. 3. Margaret, born
July I. 1729, died January, 1822; married,
December 21, 1750, Noah Tecker. 4. Stephen,
born Alarch 21, 1730; married, March 6, 1753.
Sarah Hodgdon. 5. Samuel, born 1732 (see
post). 6. John, born May 15, 1734, died
April 10, 1810; married (first) Adah Amcry,
(second) May (Bragdon) Dunning. 7. Mary,
born February 15, 1737-8, died July 29, 1824;
married January 30, 1755, Japhet Emery. 8.
Meribah, born March 20, 1740, died February
24, 1838; married about 1760, Jabez Dame.
9. Sarah, born September 3, 1742, died Jan-
uary 25, 1825; married May 18, 1762, Captain
Jonathan Tibbetts. 10. Charles, born August
16, 1745, died May 14, 1823; married (first)
Ann Hodgdon, (second) October 11, 1803,
Jane \'ance.

(VI) Samuel Emery, son of Simon and
Martha (Lord) Emery, was born in Kittery,
IMaine, in 1732, and married (first) April 15,
1756, Abigail Shackley ; (second) January 29,
1785, Abigail, daughter of Eleazer and Ann
(Emery) Ferguson. He lived in Emery
Town, Kittery, and died June 25, 181 1. His
children: i. Samuel, born May 12, 1757, was
a revolutionary soldier; married October 21,
1784, Eunice Ferguson, sister to his father's
second wife. 2. Simon, born May i, 1758;
married December 23, 1781, Elizabeth Men-
dum. 3. Isaac, born June 9, 1760 (see post).
4. Israel, born !\Iay 18, 1763: married March

18, 1791, Prudence Emery. 5. Jonathan, born
August, 1764, died young,

(VH) Isaac Emery, son of Samuel and
Abigail (Shackley) Emery, was born in Kit-
tery, Maine, June 9, 1760, and died in Par-
sonsfield, Maine, November 22, 1825. He
married, December 19, 1782. Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Joseph Kingsbury. She died February
15^ 1846. In 1802 he removed to South Par-
sonsfield. Maine, He was a farmer. He had
eight children, all but the two youngest of
whom were born in Kittery, or what is now
Eliot: I, Joseph, July 26, 1788, died at sea,
August 19, i82i. 2. Hannah, Alarch 7, 1791,
died August, 1876; married David Campbell,
3. Lovey, September 26, 1792, died February
3, 1883, unmarried. 4. Mary, January 11,
1795, died November 4, 1857. 5. 'Hiram, Oc-
tober 25, 1796 (see post), 6. William, April
2, 1799, died April 25, 1884; married Novem-
ber 29, 1827, Sabrina Drew. 7. Ivory, Au-
gust 19, 1802, died March 4, 1890, unmarried.
8, Temple H., August 19, 1804; married Octo-
ber 7, 1831, Sarah Weymouth.

(Vni) Hiram Emery, son of Isaac and
Elizabeth (Kingsbury) Emery, was born in
Eliot, Maine, October 25, 1796. He was a
carpenter and wheelwright, and lived in Po-
land, Maine, from 1828 to 1850, when he re-
moved to North Falmouth, where he died Oc-
tober 31, 1876. He married May 11, 1825,
Margaret Young, of Surry, Maine, born Au-
gust 15, 1804, daughter of Samuel and Betsey
(Brown) Young. Children, all born in Po-
land, Maine: i. Ehzabeth A., April 28, 1829,
died February 12, 1843, 2, Esther E,, July 21,
1830, died unmarried, January 5, 1906, 3, Jo-
seph M., October 7, 1832, died September 15,
1837, 4. Martha D,, June 21, 1834: resides
on the old homestead at North Falmouth,,
Maine, 5, Abbie L., born April 2, 1836, mar-
ried November 14, 1853, James Larry ; he en-
listed in Company C, Thirtieth ilaine Volun-
teers, and died in the service, July 6, 1864, 6,
Joseph H,, August 8, 1838, died in Missouri;

married, October 14, 1863, Delia A, ;

she died December 11, 1905, 7. George B,,
C)ctober 12, 1844, died April 2, 1845. 8.
Thomas J., December 26, 1845 (^^^ post). 9,
Hiram J,, November 23, 1849, died September
7, 1850,

(IX) Thomas J, Emery, son of Hiram and
Margaret (Young) Emery, was born in Po-
land, IMaine, December 26, 1845, and grad-
uated from Bowdoin College, A. B,, in 1868.
He then went to Hingham, Massachusetts,
where he taught for a time in the Derby



Academy, and then took a position in the
English high school in Boston, where he taught
five years, at the end of which time he entered
the Boston University, from which he grad-
uated in 1876, with the degree of LL. B. The
following year he was admitted to the Suf-
folk County bar, since which time he has been
engaged in a general law practice in Boston.
He was for a time a member of the faculty of
the Boston University Law School. From
1881 to 1883 he was a member of the Boston
city council, and from 1889 to 1893 was a
member of the school committee.

The name suggests men of
DRU.MMOXD science, theology, engi-
neering skill and poetic
genius in Scotland. In current encyclopedias
we find Henry Drummond F. R. S. E. F. G. S.
LL. D. (,1851-1897), theologian and scientist;
Thomas Drummond (1797-1840), inventor of
the Drummond Light. William Drummond,
of Hawthorndale (i 585-1641). poet, friend of
Ben Johnson and author of "Notes in Ben
Jonson's Conversation."

(I) Alexander Drummond, progenitor of
the Drummonds in America, and either a na-
tive of Scotland who migrated to the North
of Ireland, or born in Ireland of Scottish
parentage, was a Scotch Presbyterian by faith
and inheritance, and came to America with
a family of grown up children, fully imbued
with the religious views of that sect, and a
number of grandchildren, in 1729, to gain that
freedom that neither Scotland or Ireland af-
forded, and located in Georgetown, Maine. He
buried his wife in Coppa, Ireland, before he
undertook this journey to and settlement in
the New England states. His life in George-
town was of short duration, as he died there
in 1730 at an advanced age.

(II) Patrick, son of Alexander Drummond,
was born in Coppa, Ireland, June 11, i6p4, and
came with his venerable father and sisters to
Georgetown, Maine, in 1729, and he married
as his second wife Susanna, daughter of the
Rev. Robert Rutherford, a Scotch Presb\-
terian clergyman, who was a pioneer preacher
of that denomination to settle in Maine east
of the Kennebec river, and of the same fam-
ily that gave to Scotland Samuel Rutherford
(i6oo-i66r). the theologian, controversialist,
silenced for preaching against the Article of
Perth, and banished to Aberdeen, 1636; Rec-
tor of St. Andrews University, and commis-
sioner to the Westminster Assembly.

fill) John, son of Patrick and Susanna
(Rutherford) Drummond, was born in

Georgetown, Maine, September 2-j, 1744, mar-
ried Mary, daughter of Daniel and Alargaret
(Stinson) McFadden, and they had children.
The father died in Georgetown, September 10,

(IV) John (2), youngest son of John (i)
and Alary- (McFadden) Drummond, was born
in Georgetown, Maine, April 13, 1772, a
posthumous son. He, with his brother, Ruth-
erford Drummond, were brought up by the
widowed mother, residing in Georgetown un-
til after he became of age, and on June 10,
1793, they sold their real estate in Georgetown
to Alexander Drummond, and they sought a
new home near Seven Mile Brook, in Anson,
and there the Ijoys, Rutherford and John,
cleared a farm, planted a large field of corn
which gave great promise of an abundant
crop, but on the night of August 31, 1794, it
was killed by an untimely frost. This so dis-
couraged the young farmers that they aban-
doned their farm and returned down the river
to Vassalboro, where Rutherford purchased a
farm on July 24, 1795, it being the most north-
ern farm in \"assalboro, next to the \\'inslow
line on the river road, and here Rutherford
lived for many years and most of his children
were' born on the farm. John went beyond the
boundary line that divided the towns of Vas-
salboro and Winslow, but on the same river
road, and purchased the Parker farm, about
one mile up the river from his brother, and he
lived there many years, but later bought a
place three-quarters of a mile north on the
same road, where he died December 24, 1857.
He had married December 2. 1795, Damaris,
daughter of Colonel Josiah and Silence (How-
ard ) Hayden, and fifth in descent from Rich-
ard Williams, one of the principal founders of
Taunton, Massachusetts Bay Colony. She was
born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Febru-
ary 18, 1775, and died in Winslow, Maine,
September 3, 1857, but little more than three
months before the death of her husband. Chil-
dren : Clark, Charles, Robert R., Mary, Sibyl,
John W., William E. and Manuel S.

(V) Clark, oldest son of John (2) and
Damaris (Hayden) Drummond, was born
July 5, 1796, on his father's farm on the Ken-
nebec river, at Winslow, Maine, and he was
educated in the district school and worked on
his father's farm. He married, June 5, 1821,
Cynthia, daughter of Captain Mordecai and
Sarah (Burgess) Blackwell, born in Sand-
wich, Massachusetts, January 9, 1799, and on
"The Old Farm" in the town of Winslow,
Maine, ten children were born, named in the
order of their birth : Myra V., Micah B., Jo-

0. ^ . h:jJf'f/ //////( //a.



siah Hayden (q. v.), John Clark, Cynthia A..
Everett Richard (q. v.). Sarah B., David H.,
Carohne R. and Charles L. Drummond. Be-
sides carrying on the farm Clark Drummond
engaged in the occupation of lumberman, and
when a young man he purchaseil "The Old
Farm." which was the Ijirthplace of three gen-
erations of the Drummond family. Clark, his
son Joseph H. and his daughter Myra S., also
his daughter Sarah Jenkins, and two of the
children of Sarah. Clark Drummond died on
"The Old Farm" in September, 1888, after
living on the same farm and in the same house
for ninety-two years and two months. His
wife died on the same place February 8, 1868,
twenty years before his death. He was en-
sign of the militia company of Winslow, and
was drafted for service in the war of 1812,
and he served for sixty days, being mustered
at Augusta, and ordered to Edgecomb, where
he was discharged. He was a pensioner for
ten years; served for many years as justice of
the peace and as a selectman of Winslow.

(VI) Josiah Hayden, second son of Clark
and Cynthia (Blackwell) Drummond, was
born in Winslow, Maine, August 30, 1827. He
graduated at Waterville College, A. B., 1846,
and received from his alma mater, then Colby
University, the honorary degree of LL. D. in
1871. He was a lawyer; representative in the
Maine legislature for three terms ; speaker of
the house for two terms ; state senator ; at-
torney general of the state four terms, 1860-
64 ; grand master, grand high priest, grand
master (Council), and grand commander
(Commandery) Knights Templar of the state
of Maine; as a Free and Accepted Mason he
was general grand high priest of General
Grand Chapter, U. S. A. ; general grand
master. Grand Council, U. S. A., and grand
commander of Supreme Council, Thirty-third
North Masonic Jurisdiction, U. S. A., for
twelve years, chairman of committee on for-
eign correspondence of Grand Lodge of Maine
twenty-seven years. He married, December
10, 1850, Elzada Rollins, daughter of Benja-
min and Lucetta (Foster) Bean, of New York.
He is the author of "Maine Masonic Textbook
for the Use of Lodges."

(\T) Everett Richard, fourth son of Clark
and Cynthia (Blackwell) Drummond, was
born in Winslow, Maine, September 14, 1834.
He attended the public school of Winslow,
Vassalboro Academy, Waterville Academy and
the Maine \\'e5leyan Seminary at Kents Hill.
He studied with his brother, Josiah H., in a
law office in Waterville, and was admitted to
the bar of Kennebec countv in 1858. He

joined his brother in forming a partnership,
and the\' remained together in Waterville in
the practice of law up to iSrjo, when his lirother
removed to Portland, and he soon after formed
a partnership with E. F. Webb, which was
continued up to 1863. His fellow citizens
elected him to the office of city councilman and
three years to the board of aldermen, and two
years served as president of the board. He
served as treasurer of the Waterville Savings
Bank from 1874; was made a trustee of the
Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Kents Hill in
1874, and has served as treasurer of the semi-
nary since May, 1897. In 1867 he joined other
leading Methodists of the city of Waterville in
organizing a Methodist church, and he was
superintendent of the Sunday school 1867-85 ;
trustee and treasurer of the church from its
organization, except three years of the time
as treasurer, and treasurer of the Sunday
school since 1885. He became by right of
inheritance of Colonel Josiah Hayden a mem-
ber of the Sons of the American Revolution,
Maine Society, and he was initiated into the
mysteries of Masonry in Waterville Lodge,
and served as secretary of the lodge for sev-
eral years, and was standard bearer of the
Grand Lodge of Maine for two terms. He
married, December 26, 1859, Aubigne M.,
daughter of Benjamin W. and Lucetta (Fos-
ter) Bean, of New York, and their children
were: i. A'iola B., born in Waterville, March
3, 1862, married Robert Scott Thomes, and
lives in Portland, Maine. 2. Clark W., De-
cember 6, 1863, married Anna Marie Veth,
and left a daughter, Hildegarde Veth. He
died February 27, 1899. 3- Albert Foster,
May 26, 1866, received his school training in
the public school of Waterville, the Coburn
Classical Institute, and was graduated at
Colby College, A. B., 1888 ; was clerk in the
Waterville Savings Bank, of which his father
was treasurer, and on May i, 1898, was elected
assistant treasurer. The children of Albert
Foster and Josephine (Prince) Drummond
are : Louise, Prince A., Katherine S., Clark
and Everett R. 4. Aubigne Ellen, November
22, 1868, married Elwood T. Lyman and re-
sides in Warwick, Rhode Island, with their
children : Everett L., Elwood A., Sidney P.
and Howard Wyman of the eighth generation
from Alexander Drummond, the immigrant
ancestor of the Drummonds of America.

It is a matter of history that

BUTLER Nicholas Butler, the ancestor of

all of the name on the island,

was a resident of jMartha's Vineyard as early



as 1662, when with sunie twenty others. Nich-
olas Norton among them, he formed a band
for defence against the Gay Head Indians, a
fierce and w^arhkc tribe wlio were accnstomed
to commit depredations of rapine and murder
upon the defenceless inhabitants, h'amilies of
the name were numerous in the early settle-
ment of the island, but the connecting links in
the line of descent from the immigrant have
not been secured for all tiie various branches.

(I) About the middle of the eighteenth cen-
tury, Benjamin and Elijah Butler are found
residents of Martha's Vineyard, but what ties
of relationship existed between them is not
known. Benjamin Butler always resided upon
the island and died there in 1821 at an ad-
vanced age. He was the father by a first mar-
riage of Benjamin Butler ; of Mchitable, who
married Jonathan Pease ; and of others. And
by a second marriage, with Sarah Gould, of
Ephraim G. Butler ; of Sarah, who married
Joseph Francis ; Simeon, who married Abigail
Norton and settled in New Vineyard ; and of
Hannah and William, who died unmarried.

(H) Benjamin (2), son of Benjamin (1)
Butler by a first marriage, was born at j\lar-
tha's \'ineyard, Massachusetts, in 1748, and
died in Avon, in February, 1828. He re-
moved to Farmington, Maine, in 1790, and
purchased of Joseph Sylvester river lot No.
23, east side, the same long owned and occu-
pied by Thomas Hunter Esq. By trade he
was a house carpenter and took lead in build-
ing the first dwelling houses upon the river.
He had charge of framing the Center meeting
house in 1803, and was the contractor for
building the first bridge erected upon the river.
It was opposite the Center Village and was
completed in 1808. He married, in 1769, Amy
Daggett, and had thirteen children, ten of
whom were born on the island and three in
Farmington: 1. Nancy, born February 2,
1770, marrieil, March 4, 1805 (pub.), David
Paine. 2. Amy, February 10, 1772, died Feb-
ruary 24, 1772. 3. Mary, March i, 1773, died
May 17, 1773. V. Mary, August 30, 1774,
died April 12, 1844; married, December 24,
1800, Elisha Bradford. 5. Benjamin. August
30, 1776, married (first) December 24, 1800,
Huldah, daughter of Joseph Bradford ; mar-
ried (second) November 1, 1847, Mrs. Kath-
erine L. Johnson, widow of Thomas Johnson.
He was captain of artillery and selectman of
his town in 1818. 6. Zimri, October 25, 1778,
died October 29, 1778. 7. Ebenezer Cheney,
April 8, 1780, went to the province of On-
tario in 1824, where his death occurred; mar-
ried, March 12, 1802 (pub.), Betsey Johnson.

He possessed great physical strength and many
stories are still told of his wonderful power
and agilit)'. 8. Ralph, September 27, 1782
(see post). 9. Melindy, February 5, 1786, died
in 1836; married, January 12, 1804 (pub.),
James Paine. 10. Levina, December 28, 1788,
died January 18, 1790. 11. Levina, April 20,
1791, died April 25, 1791. 12. Lovey. April
19, 1792, died in 1838; married. May 11. 1809,
John Paine, of Anson. 13. William, October
10, 1795, died April, 1849; married, April 23,
1818 (pub.), Betsey, daughter of Captain
David Davis, of Industry.

(III) Ralph, son and eighth child of Ben-
jamin (2) and Amy (Daggett) Butler, was
born on the island, Martha's Vineyard. Sep-
tember 27, 1782, and died Phillips, Maine,
June 6, 1868. He removed to Farmington,
Maine, and first lived on river lot No. 2, east
side, and removed thence to Avon in 181 5. He
married, November 10, 1806 (pub.), Mary
Stevens. Their children were : William O.,
Whiting, Lorenzo, Harrison, Ralph, living in
Dorchester, Massachusetts, aged ninety-seven
years ; Caroline, Mary, Benjamin, Melinda,
Emily, Nancy.

(IV) Benjamin (3), youngest son of Ralph
and Mary (Stevens) Butler, was born in
Phillips, Maine, March 10, 1828. He received
a good common school education, became a
school teacher and taught in Franklin county,
Maine, for sixty terms. But during the
greater part of his life he has been occupied
with farming. Fie served as selectman of
Avon for a period of from thirty to forty
years. Since the organization of the Repub-
lican party he has been its loyal supporter and
served as representative in the legislature in
1875. He married, 1857, Susan H. Badger,
born in Falmouth, Maine, in 1833, died March
10, 1900. Mr. Butler now lives with his son
in Phillips. Maine. His children: i. William
B., born May 7, 1858, treasurer of the Phil-
lips Hardware Company, Phillips, Alaine. 2.
Whiting L., April 12, i860, engaged in the
lumber business in Rangeley. 3. Ida M.,
March 12, 1862, now lives on the old home-
stead. 4. Frank W., October 4, 1864. 5.
Amos K., May 11, 1867, lawyer, engaged in
practice in Skowhegan, Maine. 6. Ernest C,
March 17, 1872, lawyer, in partnership with
his brother in Skowhegan. 7. Frank Webster,
October 4, 1864 (see post).

(V) Frank Webster, son of Benjamin (3)
and Susan H. (Badger) Butler, was born in
Phillips. Maine, October 4, 1864. He attended
school at Phillips and later the state normal
school at Farmington, where he graduated in



1887. He taught school for three years, one
year in Aroostook county, and two in Frank-
Hn county, and in 1888 took up the study of
law in the office of P. A. Sawyer in Phillips.
In August, 1889, he went into the law office of
J. C. Holnian in Farmington and in 1890 was
admitted to the bar. Since then he has been
engaged in the practice of his profession in
Farmington. For seventeen years he was
register of the probate court, to which office
he was elected in iSgo. In politics he is a
Republican and for four years w'as a member
of the Republican state committee. Mr. But-
ler is prominent in fraternal circles, a member
of Alpha Lodge, K. P., of Farmington ; Maine
Lodge, No. 20, F. and A. M., of Farmington ;
Franklin Lodge, No. 44, R. A. C. ; Jeptha
Council, No. 19; Pilgrim Commandery, No.
19; Kora Temple of Lewiston. In his religious
faith Mr. Butler is a L^nitarian. He married,
October 2, 1891, Alice E., daugliter of Joseph
and Sarah G. Harmon Smith, of Marshfield,
jMaine. Their children are Frances Alice, born
August II, 1900; and Benjamin, August 7,
1905. Four of the ancestors of Mrs. Butler
came over in the "IMayflower," viz. : John Til-
ley and his wife Elizabeth, their daughter,
Elizabeth Tilley, and John Howdand, who
married Elizabeth Tilley. Her great-great-
grandfather, Captain Stephen Smith, was an
officer in the revolutionary war.

The bearers of this well known
BUTLER name have been distinguished

in the various professional
walks of life, and have served their country
well and faithfully in military anti political

(I) Rev. Benjamin Butler was born in
Windham, Connecticut, April 9, 1729, and
died at Nottingham, New Hampshire, Decem-
ber 26, 1804. He was graduated from Har-
vard College in the class of 1752, and settled
in Nottingham in 1758, becoming the second
minister of the Congregational church. He re-
ceived a settlement of three hundred and
thirty-three dollars and thirty-three cents, and
a salary of three hundred and fifty-one pounds
sterling. After officiating for a • period of
twelve years he requested his dismissal, con-
sidering that his tastes and feelings were not
adapted to the work. It is related that upon
retiring from the pastorate and designing not
to preach any more, he committed, his manu-
script sermons to the flames, rem irking that
"they gave more light then than e\er before."
His residence was situated where now stands
the house of Colonel Joseph Cilley, and he

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