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J\lay 6, 1801. 7. Abner, February 13, 1723,
died at Chester, October 3, 1794. 8. Hannah,
November 10. 1724, died October 5, 1806. g.
Prudence, February 12, 1726, died May i,
1775. 10. Moses, February g, 1728, died at
Hopkinton, New Hampshire, 1799.

(I\') Samuel (2), son of Benjamin Hills,
was born at Newbury, August 10, 1710, died
at Chester, New Hampshire, February 2,
1762. He married (first) January 28, 1735,
Rebecca Thurston, of Newbury, who died May
21, 1743. He married (second) November
18, 1743, Elizabeth Swain, of Newbury, who
married (second) Lieutenant Ebenezer Dear-
born and died at Chester, July 31, 1793. Chil-
dren of first wife, all except the first born at
Chester: i. Edmund, born at Newbury, De-
cember 7, 1735. 2. John, March 25. 1738,
died at Candia, February 27, 1818. 3. Parker,
born about 1741, of Candia, in Captain Hut-
chins' company. Colonel Reed's regiment, and
was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill, June
17, 1775. 4. Samuel, March 12. 1743, married
Anne Morse. Children of second wife: 5.
Isaac, August 31, 1744, died September 24,
1824. 6. Stephen, j\Iarch 29, 1746, died at
Chester, January 31, 1831. 7. Elizabeth, Jan-
uary 4, 1747, died 1778. 8. Ilannah, June 5,
1750, married Nathan Morton. 9. Reuben,
August 14, 1752, mentioned below. 10. Rachel,
August 6, 1754, died young. 11. Rebecca,
August 6, 1756, died May 20, 1857. 12. Jo-
siah, October 30, 1758. 13. Dr. Ebenezer,
September 30, 1760, died at Chester, Septem-
ber 22, 1790. 14. Rachel, May 12, 1762.

(V) Reuben, son of Samuel (2) Hills, was
born at Chester, New Hampshire, August 14,
1752, died at Union, JMaine, September 28,
1828. He was at the battle of Bunker Hill, in
Captain Hutchins' company, Colonel Reed's
regiment, of which his brother John was ser-
geant. He settled at Hawke (now Danville),
New Hampshire. About 1784 he removed to
Warren, Maine, and about 1802 to the ad-
joining town of Union. He married, January
18, 1779, Sarah Currier, born December 10,
1758, died November i, 1825, daughter of
Gideon Currier, of Chester. Children: i.
Samuel, born at Danville, November 18, 1779,
died May 16, 1853. 2. Sarah, January 27,
1781, died May 3, 1862. 3. Nathan, War-
ren, July 17, 1784, mentioned below. 4. Reu-
ben, Warren. March 2, 1786, died October 3,
1874. 5. Josiah, April 2, 1788, died iMarch
28, 1875. 6. Isaac, February 12, 1790, died
January 7, 1840. 7. Nancy, January 29, 1793,
died May 25, 1862. 8. Betsey, March 2,
1795, died Alay 8. 1796. 9. Cyrus, January

16, 1797, died October 26, i860. 10. Alden,
July 14, 1800, drowned July 17, 1807. 11.
Charlotte, Union, June 29, 1802, died 1804.
12. Louisa, L^nion, Julv 6, 1804, died June 11,

(VI) Nathan, son of Reuben Hills, was
born at Warren, Maine, July 17, 1784, died
at Union, Maine, August 28, 1858. He mar-
ried, July 9, 1807, Mary Ware, born at Union,
July 8, 1787, died February 25, 1875. Chil-
dren, all born at Union, Maine: i. Vinal, July
27, 1808, mentioned below. 2. Isaac, April
23, 181 1, died October 20, 1886. 3. Mary, Oc-
tober 30, 1813, died March 10, 1814. 4. Polly,
March, 1815, died June 12, 1882. 5. Nancy,
April 30, 1817, died April 8, 1903. 6. Nathan,
September 25, 1820, died November 2, 1881.
7. Caroline, July 11, 1823, died September 13,
1894. 8. Silas, March 29, 1826, died October
26, 1902. 9. Lavina, xApril 21, 1828, died De-
cember 23, 1904. 10. Matilda, April 18, 183 1,
married William B. Lawrence.

(VII) \'inal, son of Nathan Hills, was born
at L'uion, Maine, July 27, 1808, died at North-
port, Alaine, February 6, 1866. He was col-
lector, selectman and treasurer of the town,
and represented his town in the Maine legis-
lature. He resided at Northport. He mar-
ried Cordelia Robbins, born at Union, July 9,
1807, died November 20, 1890. Children,
born at Northport: i. Spencer R., Decem-
ber 25, 1833, died March 6, 1894. 2. Ade-
laide, October 30, 1835, died April 16, 1836.
3. Oscar, September 10, 1837, died June 18,
1903. 4. Cyrus C, September 12, 1841, mar-
ried Adella S. Fuller. 5. Isaac, mentioned

(VIII) Dr. Isaac, son of Vinal Hills, was
born at Northport, Maine, April 15, 1843.
He attended the public schools of his native
town and the East Maine Conference Semi-
nary at Bucksport for two terms. At the age
of eighteen he enlisted in the Union army in
the civil war. Company B, Nineteenth Maine
Regiment. He took part in many engage-
ments and was wounded at the battle of Get-
tysburg. He returned home in December,
1863, and during the following year was clerk
in the clothing store of E. C. Smart at Ban-
gor. During the next nine years he was in
the employ of the firm of Philip & Morse,
Boston, dealers in clothing. He was clerk in
the store of Jordan Clark & Company, one
year; with Miner Beal & Company two years
and with Knowles & Leland, clothing dealers,
four years. He began to learn the art of
dentistry in 1875 at Skowhegan, Maine, in
the offices of Dr.^Leavitt, and in 1876 started



in business for himself. He had his office
at Lincolnville two years. Since 1878 he
has been located in the city of Belfast, Maine.
For thirty years he has practiced in the same
office in which he began. He is a leader in
his profession, one of the veteran dentists of
the state. Dr. Hills is independent in poli-
tics; a member of Phoenix Lodge of Free
Masons, Belfast, and of Seaside Grange,
Patrons of Husbandry, Belfast. He is a mem-
ber of the Unitarian church. He married,
1873, at Lawrence, Massachusetts, Catherine
Josephine Welch, born in Canada, daughter of
Robert and Alice Ann Welch, of Lawrence.
Children: i. Cordelia, born at Northport,
Maine, October 23, 1874, married Marion E.
Brown, of Belfast; child, Katherine Cushman
Brown. 2. June Katherine, born at Lincoln-
ville, June I, 1877, graduate of New England
Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachu-
setts ; teacher of music ; founder and secretary
of the Brookline School of Music, a school of
high repute. 3. Alice Ada, born in Belfast,
P'ebruary 13, 1880, teacher of calisthenics in
Boston. 4. Maine, born at Belfast, October
30, 1883, educated in the public schools of Bel-
fast, now traveling salesman for the Mitchell-
Woodbury Company, Boston, dealers in china
and crockery.

(For ancestry see John Hastings I.)

(HI) Robert, son of Dea-
I^ASTINGS con Walter and Sarah

(Means) Hastings, was born
probably in Haverhill, Massachusetts, in 1653.
He married, in 1676, Elizabeth Davis, daugh-
ter of James and Elizabeth (Eaton) Davis.
Children: i. Catherine, born November 7,
1677. 2. Elizabeth, January 3, 1679. 3. Rob-
ert, March i, 1681, married Elizabeth Bailey,
sister of Edna Bailey, wife of his brother, John
Ha.stings. 4. Ann, October 15, 1684. 5.
George, April 24, 1688. 6. John, September
3, 1691. 7. Esther, January 19, 1693.

(IV) John, youngest son of Robert and
Elizabeth (Davis) Hastings, was born in
Haverhill, Massachusetts, September 3, 1691.
He married. May 2, 171 7, Edna, daughter of
Joseph Bailey, and granddaughter of Richard
Bailey, of Rowley, who is said to have come
from Yorkshire, England, some time from
1630 to 1638; he is represented then as a lad
of some fifteen years, a very pious person,
called on to pray for the safety of the ship
during a storm encountered on the passage ;
the ship was the "Bevis," one hundred and
fifty tons. Richard Bailey was one of a com-
pany to inaugurate at Rowley the first cloth

mill in America; his death occurred between
1647 3nd 1650, aged thirty-three to thirty-five
years perhaps, just in the young flush of mid-
dle life. Richard Bailey left one son, Joseph,
who was a leading man in state, church and
army ; a selectman in Bradford and a deacon
from the formation of the church there till his
death ; he in turn left eight son? and daugh-
ters, among" whom were Elizabeth and Edna,
who married Robert and John Hastings, re-
spectively, as aforementioned. Children of
John and Edna (Bailey) Hastings: i. John,
born January 23, 1718. 2. James, May 4,
1720. 3. Abigail, August 12, 1722. 4. Jonas,
January 12, 1727.

(V) John, eldest son and child of John and
.Edna (Bailey) Hastings, was born in Haver-
hill, ^lassachusetts, January 23, 1718. He
married (first) Rebecca Bailey, and (second)
Mary Amy. Children of first wife: i. John,
born April 11, 1744. 2. Richard, October 12,
1745. 3. Rebecca, 1746. 4. Jonas, November

9, 1747. 6. Timothy, April 12, 1750, died
young. 7. Amos, February 3, 1757. Children
of second wife: 8. Levi, June 6, 1762. 9.
Evan, July 12, 1764, died unmarried. 10.
MoUie, September 12, 1766, died young. 11.
Joshua, June 7, 1768. 12. .Abigail, August 2,
1770. 13. Ann, March 3, 1772. 14. David,
June 17, 1774.

(\T) General Amos, son of John and Re-
becca (Bailey) Hastings, was born in Haver-
hill, ]\Iassachusetts, February 3, 1757. He
went to Bethel, Maine, in March, 1778, on
snowshoes from Fryeburg with Benjamin
Russel, his wife and daughter, but returned to
Fryeburg and afterwards to Haverhill, ]^Iassa-
chusetts. where he was married, September

10, 1778, to Elizabeth Wiley, of Fryeburg,
Maine, born January 12, 1737, sister of Jeru-
sha Wiley, wife of John Grover, and subse-
quently returned to Bethel, ?^Iaine, and settled
at Middle Intervale, where the first town
meeting was held at his house. He was a
man of influence among his fellow townsmen.
He was a soldier of the revolution, was pres-
ent at the battle of Lexington and helped to
dig the intrenchments and build up the breast-
works at Bunker Hill, where he also took part
in that memorable engagement. He came out
of the war with a captain's commission, and
afterward was promoted colonel and later
brigadier-general. Children of General Amos
and Elizabeth (Wiley) Hastings: i. Jonas,
married a Miss Baker from Baker's Hill,
Newbury, New Hampshire ; settled in Grant-
ham. New Hampshire. 2. Amos, married De-
borah Howard and lived in Fryeburg. 3. Bet-



sey, married Samuel Russcl ; moved to Michi-
gan. 4. Liiciuda, born April 24. 1785, died
May 5, i/yo. 5. Susanna, born May 31, 1788,
married Jcseph Gay, of Raymond ; moved to
Saratoga, New York. 6. Timothy, born Oc-
tober 31. 1 79 1, married Hannah Bean. 7.
Lucinda, born April 17, 1794. married Thomas
Fletcher. 8. John, born May 6, 1796. 9.
Huldah, born April 17, 1798, married Na-
thaniel Barker, of Newry.

(\'II) John, son of General Amos and
Elizabeth (Wiley) Hastings, was born in
Bethel, Maine, May 6, 1796, died April 5,
1859. He was the well known village black-
smith at Bethel Hill, and lived in that locality
many years. "A model smithy was John
Hastings, who long carried on the business at
Bethel Hill, and he was a fine specimen of
muscular manhood. He died when by no
means old, and that was the fate of most of
his father's family. He left a number of sons
who have made their mark and honored their
native town." He married, Mav 25, 1820,
Abigail Straw, of Newfield, Maine, who was
born March 24, 1799, died in Bethel, Novem-
ber 7, 1874. Children: i. Gideon .\lphonzo,
born February 18, 1821, married, October 3,
1847, Dolly Keyes Kimball. 2. David Rob-
inson, August 26, 1823, married jNIary J. El-
lis, and lived in Fryeburg. 3. John Decatur,
June II, 1825, married Emma B. Kimball. 4.
Daniel Straw, August 13, 1828, died July 31,
1833. 5. Solon S., August 25, 1832, died June
2, 1833. 6. Moses Mason, December 2, 1834,
married Louise Gould and lives in Bangor. 7.
Agnes Straw, August 8, 1837, married Wil-
liam O. Straw. 8. Daniel Straw, May 5, 1840.

(Vni) Daniel Straw, youngest son and
child of John and Abigail (Straw) Hastings,
was born in Bethel, Maine, May 5, 1840. By
profession he is a civil engineer, a stock
rancher by years of practical experience, and
more recently a moderate farmer by way of
employing leisure time. His earlv education
was acquired in public schools in Bethel and
afterward at Goulds Academy, and after leav-
ing school he took up the study of practical
civil engineering with the view of making that
his business occupation. For six years he
worked on the line of the Portland & Og-
densburgh railroad, surveyed and established
the line of that road through Crawford Notch
in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.
During its construction he was an engineer on
the line of the Boston and Maine road from
Berwick to Portland, and later on the narrow
guage road from Bridgton Junction to Bridg-

ton. In 1880 Air. Hastings, then known in
engineering circles as one of the most capable
and efficient men of his profession in the east,
was employed by the Northern Pacific Rail-
road Company to survey and establish a line
of railroad from Superior to Ashlaml, then
farther west into Montana, and it was he
who surveyed that part of the road between
the towns of Billings and Benton on the
Northern Pacific route. In 1884. while en-
gaged in his engineering and railroad con-
struction enterprises in the west, Mr. Hast-
ings became so deeply interested in ranching
and stock raising that he purchased thirtv-two
hundred acres of land at Judith Basin in Mon-
tana and devoted his attention to an entirely
new field of activity, and one which had for
him an especial attraction and turned out to
be a perfectly satisfactory investment. On the
ranch he kept eight thousand head of sheep,
one hundred and fifty head of horses and one
hundred head of cattle. In 1900 he sold of?
the stock and returned to his old home in
Bethel, where he was born, and conducts a
small farm, which was his father's, but his
purpose is to return again to Montana and
turn his fertile acres there into a wheat farm.
During his many years of residence in other
parts of the country, Mr. Hastings never has
forgotten his "down east" home, and always
has maintained some connection with its in-
terests and associations : Bethel Lodge, F. and
A. M., of which he has long been a member;
the Democratic party in whose ranks he has
always claimed a place ; and his relatives and
a large circle of acquaintances, whom he es-
teems and by whom he is highly regarded. He
also has business interests in the town and
now is president of the Bethel National Bank.
Mr. Hastings married, September 29, 1868,
Eugenia L. D. Roberts, daughter of James G.
Roberts, of Hanover, Maine. Children : i.
Mabel, born in Bethel, August 29, 1869, mar-
ried Ernest M. Skinner, of Dorchester, ]\Ias-
sachusetts. 2. Han^ld. born in Bethel, April
5, 1873, was educated in Bethel and for four
years was a student at Kent's Hill school,
later taking a collegiate course at W'esleyan
University (classical department), Middleton,
Connecticut, and was educated for the profes-
sion of law in Boston Law School. He was
admitted to the bar in both ]\Iaine and ]\Ias-
sachusetts, and is now engaged in general
practice in Boston. He married, June 30,
1903, Euphemia Dick Inglis, who died April
22, 1908: one child, Euphemia Dick Llastings,
born April 21. 1908. 3. Edith, born in Bethel,



April 22, 1884, graduated from Gould Acad-
emy, Bethel, and the Emerson School of Ora-
tory, Boston ; now teacher of physical culture
and oratory in Superior, Wisconsin.

(For early gcneratious see preceding sketch.)

(\'II) Captain Timothv, son
HASTINGS of tleneral Amos and Eliza-
beth (\\iley) Hastings, was
born October 31, 1791, and died in Bethel,
Maine, March 11, 1844. Mis home was on
the north side of the river Ijelow Maysville,
and he was engaged chiefly in farming pur-
suits. He was for many years one of the
officers of the town and was a member of the
state legislature for several terms. His wis-
dom and sound judgment brought many to
him for advice. His house was ever open to
ministers of the gospel, and he was generous
to all who needed assistance. Captain Hast-
ings married Hannah, daughter of Josiah
Bean, and by her had six children: i. Mary,
born December 5, 1810, married, October 16,
1832, Leander Jewett. 2. Timothy, born Oc-
tober 16, 1814, died August 21, 1880; mar-
ried, November 28, 1838, Sarah A. Stowe. 3.
Cyrene, born April 12, 1818, died January 26,
i860; married, July i, 1838, Orange C. Frost.
4. O'Niel R., born July 17, 1822, married,
April 4, 1845, Mary Ann Small. 5. Sarah
Jane Straw, born June 25, 1828, married
(first) Albert Small, (second) Hon. Charles
W. \\'alton. 6. St. John, born March 12, 1832.
(\TII) St. John, son of Captain Timothy
and Hannah (Bean) Hastings, was born in
Bethel, Maine, March 12, 1832. He was a
farmer and lived on the old homestead near
the mouth of Sunday river. Like his father
he was generous and hospitable, a staunch
friend and a worthy citizen. He married.
May 15, 1853, Elizabeth Wyman, daughter of
Josiah and Betsey (Carter) Athcrton,"of \Va-
terford, Maine. They had eight children: i.
Fannie Carter, born January 6, 1855. 2.
Maria Athertdn, born December 24, 1857. 3.
Sarah Straw, liorn December 10, 1859. 4.
Major William, born August 25, 1861. 5.
Henry Harmon, born March 25, 1865, gradu-
ated from Bowdoin College, 1890, teacher,
1891-1900; lawyer, residing at the old home-
stead; member of the state house of repre-
sentatives in 1905, and of the state senate
1907 and 1909. 6. Charles Harris, born No-
vember 6, 1867. 7. Cora \\'allon. born Janu-
ary 29, 1872, died August 6, 1899; gradu-
ate of Bates College, 1S94. 8. Carrie Jewett,
born August I, 1875.

(IX) Charles Harris, son of St. John and

Elizabeth Wyman (Atherton) Hastings, was
born in P.ethel, Maine, November 6, 1867, and
received his elementary and secondary educa-
tion in Bethel public schools and Gould Acad-
emy, and his higher literary education in Bow-
doin College, from which he graduated in
1891. After leaving college he spent four
years in post-graduate work in social science
and history at Johns Hopkins University
and Chicago University. He then took
up library work in the departmental li-
braries of Chicago Universit\-, where he re-
mained until 1899. In December of that year
he accepted a position at the Library of Con-
gress and is now chief of the card section
there. On 'September 5, 1895, ]\Ir. Hastings
married Alice Duncan, daughter of Captain
Albert and Helen (Dunlap) Otis, of Bruns-
wick, J^laine. Captain Otis was a master ma-
riner. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings have four
children : i. George Sands, born July 27, 1899.
2. Atherton, born February 14, 1901. 3. Helen,
born June 2. 1904. 4. Elizabeth, born January
24, 1906.

This ancient patronymic is sup-
DUNN posed to be derived from the
Gaelic dun, meaning a heap, hill,
mount; and by metonymy, a fortress, castle,
tower. Another origin would be from the
Saxon dintii, signifying brown, swarthy. The
former derivation is favored by the coat-of-
arms. The illustrious Irish family of Dunne
have as their heraldric blazon : Azure, an
eagle displayed, or. Crest : In front of a
holly bush a lizard passant, or. Motto : Mul-
hich abu (The sununit forever). The name
was anciently written O'Duin, whence come
the forms Doyne, Dun, Dunn and Dunne. In
England and Ireland there are many people of
prominence bearing this surname ; among
them Albert Edward Dunn, member of parlia-
ment ; Right Rev. A. H. Dunn, bishop of Que-
bec : and some surgeons of eminence and offi-
cers in the army and navy. Among contem-
porary Americans are Jesse James Dunn, a
Democratic politician and associate justice of
the supreme court of Oklahoma ; Mrs. Martha
Baker Dunn, the writer of Hallowell, Maine;
Edward Joseph Dunne, the bishop of Dallas,
Texas ; and Finley Peter Dunne, the immortal
Mr. Dooley.

The earliest American pioneer of the name
of Dunn appears to be Richard, who was a
freeman at Newport, Rhode Island, in 1655 ;
and served as deputy in 1681, 1 705-7-8-9-1 1.
William Dunn, born in the north of Ireland,
came to Pennsylvania in 1769, served in the

l.aii.1:, aisisri.-.c: J-uV Co



revolution, and founded Dunnstown in Clinton
county ; he left a numerous posterity. There
were many of the name in New England by
the middle of the eighteenth century, for no
less than forty-nine Dunns are found on the
Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls.

(I) Peter Dunn, the first of this line of
whom we have definite knowledge, was born
in Gorham, Cumberland county, JXIaine, about
1780. and settled at Dunn's Corner, now
IMount Vernon. Elaine. His father is sup-
posed to have come from Salem, Alassachu-
setts, but no records can be found ; and his
grandfather was one of the Scotch-Irish im-
migrants, who have contributed brain, brawn
and character to this country. Both the father
and the grandfather served in the revolution.
Peter Dunn followed the occupation of farmer
and carpenter and lived and died at Blount
Vernon. He married Dolly Bartlett : chil-
dren : I. Joshua, born jNIarch 17, 1805. 2.
Elvira, July 25, 1810. 3. Elbridge G., Octo-
ber 14, 1812, whose sketch follows. 4. Rich-
ard, February 9, 1815. 5. Peter, May 9, 1817.
6. Sarah, August, 1820. 7. Albion K. P., Jan-
uary, 1821. 8. William P., February 25, 1823.

(II) Elbridge G., third child of Peter and
Dolly (Bartlett) Dunn, was born at Mount
Vernon, Maine, October 14, 1812, and died
at Saint John, New Brunswick, September 24,
1900. He remained at home till nineteen years
of age when he went to Frederickton, where
he worked as carpenter. In 1839 he moved to
Fort Fairfield, Aroostook county, and was en-
gaged in the construction of the barracks. He
subsequently took up his abode in Ashland,
where he was engaged in farming and lum-
bering until 1867, when he went to Saint John,
New Brunswick, where he was engaged in the
milling and lumbering business on an exten-
sive scale until his retirement, a short time be-
fore his death at the goodly age of eighty-
eight. Mr. Dunn was a very successful busi-
ness man, and accumulated a handsome prop-
erty. In disposition he was modest and retir-
ing, and had no time to engage in politics.
About 1846 Elbridge G. Dunn married Lou-
isa, daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Lovejoy)
Brackett, of Ashland, Maine. She was born
July 25, 1821, and died at Saint John, New
Brunswick, December 21, 1894. (See Brack-
ett, ATII.) Children: i. Caroline S. 2.
George Bancroft, whose sketch follov\'S. 3.
Mary L., married Edward J. Johnson, who is
engaged in the insurance business in Win-
chester, Massachusetts. 4. Elbridge G. (2),
who died January 4, 1904.

(III) George Bancroft, elder son of El-

bridge G. and Louisa (Brackett) Dunn, was
born at Ashland, Maine, June 18, 1849. II2
was educated in the schools of his native town,
and spent one year at Houlton Academy and
one year at the Institute of Technology, Bos-
ton. From 1866 to 1868 he was engaged in a
business office in the latter city, and then re-
moved to Saint John, New Brunswick, where
he worked for his father in the mill and in
the woods until he engaged in the lumber
business on his own account. For many years
George B. Dunn was a large lumber oper-
ator and manufacturer, having mills in Saint
John, and doing a big logging business. Of
late years he has dealt chiefly in standing tim-
ber, owning immense tracts of land, and sell-
ing the trees to those who would cut and log
them. Nobody in Aroostook county has been
more prosperous in a business way than Mr.
Dunn, and nobody has more friends. He is a
director of the Presque Isle National Bank,
and also of the First National Bank of Houl-
ton, J\Iaine. He belongs to Houlton Lodge,
No. 835, Brotherhood of the Protective Order
of Elks, and attends the L'nitarian church.
On September 19, 1877, George Bancroft
Dunn married Lucinda Rich, daughter of
Andre and Delia (Rich) Gushing, who was
born at Frankfort, Maine, in 1851. (See
Gushing below.) Children, bom in the parish
of Lancaster, Saint John, New Brunswick :
I. Louise Gushing, July 7, 1878, was gradu-
ated from Radcliite College in 1901, and mar-
ried, August 2, 1905, Robert William Sawyer
(2), son of Robert William and Martha
(Paul) Sawyer, of Bangor, Elaine. Mr. Saw-
yer was graduated from Harvard University,
and from Harvard Law School, and is now a
practicing lawyer in Boston. Mr. and Mrs.
Sawyer have children: Robert W. (3) and a
child unnamed. 2. Deborah Briggs, May
14, 1880, married Dr. H. M. Chapman, of
Bangor, Maine: one child, George D. Chap-
man. 3. George Elbridge, ]\larch 22, 1883, is
in business with his father.

Lucinda Rich (Gushing) Dunn was a de-
scendant of William Gushing (i), through
Thomas (2), William (3), John (4), Thomas
(5), Peter (6), Matthew (7), which see else-
where, and (8) Daniel Gushing, eldest child of

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