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Nichols House. This same year he took up
his residence in Dexter, Maine, and there en-
gaged in the livery business for five years, at
the expiration of wdiich time he once more
adopted Bangor as a residence, and eventually
acquired the Fisher House stables, which he
conducted till his death. He was in the habit
of attending upon the worship of the Baptist
church, aiding materially toward its support,
though not a member of any religious sect.

Mr. Nichols married Martha Ann Edmunds,
daughter of Elauson and Philena (Chandler)
Edmunds, who was born in Farmington,
Maine, in 1830. Children: i. Frederick W.,
born September 10, 1852, died February 20,
1891. 2. Minnie F., born September 29, 1844;
married Charles Hathaway, of Boston. 3.
Charles' W., born October 14, 1857; lives in
Bangor. 4. Flenry L., born February 26,
1854; resides in Garland, Maine. Elauson
Edmunds, I\Irs. Nichols' father, was born
September 28, 1801, and Mrs. Edmunds, nee
Chandler, was born January 25, 1804. The
subject of this memoir died May 4, 1905. He
was one of the old-time whips of iMaine in the
days before the iron moguls. He was a gen-
tleman of the old school, now rapidly disap-
pearing, and brought to us the manners and
customs of colonial times which had been
transmitted to him and through him to us.
Strange as it may seem to relate, and the in-
stances are exceedingly rare in his line of
business, nevertheless it is strictly true, he
never indulged in intoxicating liquors of any
kind, and never used tobacco in anv form.



Although not among the
PARCHER original settlers of York
county the Parcher family
-was established in Pepperellborough (now
Saco) at an early period, antedating the
American revolution by many years, and the
name appears in the town records from the
year 1747 to the present time.

(I) Elias Parcher was born in Pepperell-
borough, August 20, 1747. The christian
name of his wife was Olive, who according
to the records, was born October 24, 1753,
and their children were: I. Anna, born Sep-
tember 23, 1772. 2. Asa, August 3, 1774. 3.
Daniel, January 15, 1777, died young. 4.
Mary, March 23, 1779. 5. George, see suc-
ceeding paragraph. 6. Daniel, March 25,
1784. 7. Betsey, March 2-j, 1786. S. Pa-
tience, August 5, 1789. 9. Sally, January 11,
1792. 10. Elias, November 2},, 1794. The
mother of these children died January 16,


(II) George, third son and fifth child of
Elias and Olive Parcher, born in Pepperell-
borough, September 18, 1781, died in Saco
in 1852. His intention to marry Eunice
Gould was published July 15, 1803, and they
were married October 2, of that year. She
bore him children: i. Samuel, born July 5,
1804. 2. Daniel, December 20, 1806. 3.
Sally, December 27, 1808. 4. Oran, Alay 8,
181 1. 5. Jane, Alay 18, 1815. 6. Olive, Au-
gust 21, 1817. 7. Eliza, October 21, 1819. 8.
Ruth, December 23, 1822. 9. George, see
next paragraph. 10. Franklin, Septemljer 18,

(III) George (2), fifth son and tenth child
•of George (i) and Eunice (Gould) Parcher,
born in Saco, March 10, 1825, died April i,
1908. He was reared upon a farm and fol-
lowed agriculture to some extent after at-
taining his majority, but much of his time
during his active period was devoted to the
public service, in which he attained an hon-
orable record. Prior to the incorporation of
Saco as a city he was a member of the board
of selectmen, and under the municipal govern-
ment served upon the board of assessors for
several years. He also represented Saco in
the lower branch of the state legislature two
terms, and for a period of fourteen years he
was an inspector of customs in Portland. In
politics he was a Republican. He is a Master
Mason, affiliating with Saco Lodge, No. 9.
He was a member of the Cutts Avenue Free
Baptist Church. He married Emma Chase,
born in Scarborough, Maine, November 5,
1827. She became the mother of eight chil-

dren : Olive, Georgia, Jennie, Sumner Chase,
Octavia, Clarence, Eva and Bell, the last-
named of whom died in infancy.

(iV) Sumner Chase, eldest son of George
(2) and Emma (Chase) Parcher, was born in
Saco, December 3, 1853. He was educated in
the Saco public schools, including the high
school, and after concluding his attendance at
the latter he was engaged in teaching for one
year. At the age of eighteen he obtained a
clerkship in the Biddeford postofifice, where
he remained for two years, and in October,
1873, lie entered the York National Bank,
Saco, in a similar capacity. In 1882 he was
advanced to the position of assistant cashier,
and from 1892 to the present time he has
served with ability as cashier of that institu-
tion. For the past eighteen years he has been
a member of the board of directors, and for
the same length of time has served as a trus-
tee of the Saco and Biddeford Savings Insti-
tution. For seventeen years he has been a
director of the Saco Alutual Fire Insurance
Company; is also a trustee of Thornton
Academy and of Laurel Hill cemetery. Po-
litically he acts with the Republican party,
and has served as a member of the board of
aldermen for four years. He is a member of
Saco Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted
jNIasons; York Chapter, Royal Arch Masons;
Bradford Commandery, Knights Templar, No.
4; a thirty-second degree Mason; and Saco
Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
He is a member of the Cutts Avenue Baptist

In 1874 Mr. Parcher married Ida :\L Stock-
man, daughter of John W. and Adelia F.
(Morse) Stockman, of Biddeford. She is
probably a descendant of John Stockman, of
Salisbury, iMassachusetts, who was married
there May 10, 1671, to Mrs. Sarah Bradbury
(nee Pike), daughter of Alajor Robert Pike
and widow of Wymond Bradbury (see Brad-
bury). Mr. and Mrs. Parcher have two chil-
dren: Carl C, born May 9, 1876, and Lucia
M., born November 27, 1884. Both are grad-
uates of Thornton Academy. Carl C. Parcher
pursued a commercial course at the Burdette
Business College, Boston, and is now clerk
and collector for Messrs. J. G. Deering &
Sons, wholesale and retail lumber dealers,
Biddeford. He married Reta M. Proctor,
daughter of Thomas D. Proctor, of Saco, and
has one son, CliiTord R., born September 8,
1900. Lucia M. Parcher possesses musical
talents of a high order which were cultivated
at the New England Conservatory of Music,
Boston. She is now the wife of Fred H.'



Dow, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a manu-
facturing confectioner, whose speciahy is the
Utopian brand of chocolates. They have one
son, Harold Parcher.

The family of Rich was very nu-

RICH merous in the vicinity of Truro and
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the
early history of that place, and many of them
were mariners. The first of the family was
Richard Rich, who was a mariner, and the
first record of him is when he removed from
Dover, New Hampshire, to Truro, in 1681
being made a freeman; he died in 1692.

(1) Lemuel Rich, with his wife, Elizabeth
(Harding) Rich, removed from Truro, Mas-
sachusett's, to Gorham, Maine, about 1762, and
he and his wife died in the same month,
March, 1791, both being between eighty-live
and ninety years of age. He is undoubtedly
a descendant of Richard Rich, who was in
Truro in 1681, but the descent has not yet been
traced. His children were: i. Ezekiel, born
November 25, 1738. 2. Lemuel, 1740. 3.
Samuel. 4. Martha, December 2, 1744. 5.
Zcphaniah, baptized February 8, 1747. 6.
James, born April 2, 1749. 7. Deliverance. 8.
Mary. 9. Sarah, November 23, 1755. 10.
Joel.' II. Barnabas. 12. Amos, May 17, 1759.

(H) Samuel, third son of Lemuel and
Elizabeth (Harding) Rich, was born about
1742, in Truro, ^lassachusetts, and probably
removed to Gorham, Maine, with his father, in
1762, a few years later removing to Machias,
Maine. He married (first) Sarah Fogg and
(second) Sarah Bracy, and had children as
follows: I. Samuel, born October 9, 1778.
2. Lemuel, June 10, 1780. 3. Ezekiel, 1784.
4. Betsey, married IMicah Jones Talbot. 5.
John. 6. James. 7. Joseph, born January 5,
1790. 8. Daniel F., born July 10, 1792. 9.
Sally, September 10, 1794. 10. Ruth, July 5,

(HI) Joseph, sixth son of the seven sons of
Samuel Rich, was born January 5, 1790, and
December 13, 1828, married Nancy Wood.
Their children are: i. James Alonzo, died
April 5, 1837. 2. Ruth Elizabeth, born April
14, 1831, married Jonathan Glover. 3. John
Joseph, born February 6, 1833, died April 6,

1834. 4. John Joseph. 5. James Alonzo, born
April II, 1838. 6. William Kilby, born Feb-
ruary 24, 1 84 1.

(IV) John Joseph, third son of Joseph and
Nancy (Wood) Rich, was born March 4,

1835, at Pembroke, Maine, and died March 5,
1866. He married, September 10, 1858, Be-
linda, daughter of James Nutt, born March

24, 1832, died October 22, 1889. James Nutt
was born in 1797, in Whitefield, Maine, and
married Sarah Brown, by whom he had nine
children. John Joseph and Belinda (Nutt)
Rich had two children: i. William James,
born June 28, 1859. 2. Laura Nutt, born Feb-
ruary 16, 1861, married George i\I. Spofford,
now living in Ayers Village (Haverhill),

(V) William James, the only son of John
Joseph and Belinda (Nutt) Rich, was born
June 28, 1859, at Pembroke, Maine, and at-
tended the public schools of his native town
until 1877. He then entered the Maine State
College, class of 1880, though he did not grad-
uate, but entered the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, from which institution he
graduated in 1884. He spent some time as
assistant to the professor of mining and metal-
lurgy at the Institute, from 1886 to 1889 he
was assistant chemist at the Cambria Steel
Works at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and then
was employed at the office of Locks and Ca-
nals, at Lowell, Massachusetts. In 1889 he
was appointed fourth assistant examiner at
the United States patent office in Washing-
ton, being appointed from Lowell, and now
holds the position of principal examiner. After
locating in Washington, he entered the
Georgetown University, from which he re-
ceived the degree of LL. B. in 1898, and was
admitted to the bar of the District of Colum-
bia, and in 1899 received the degree of LL. M.
In 1902 Mr. Rich took a special course at the
George Washington University, covering the
laws regarding patents. He is an able mem-
ber of his profession, and is well fitted for his
special line. He belongs to the University
Club, the Sons of the American Revolution,
to the Maine Society of Washington, to the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows and to
the iilasons. November 6, 1889, he married
Mary Elizabeth McDonald, and they have had
four children: i. Donald Upton, born Au-
gust 26, 1890, in Washington. 2. Malcolm
Nutt, born October 19, 1893, in Washington.
3. Katharine Mary, June 12, 1895, in Prince
George county, Maryland. 4. Norman Pres-
cott, October 5, 1899, in Washington, died
July 5, 1901, at Cape May Point, New Jersey.

The family of this name early
JEWELL settled in New England to es-
cape the religious persecution
they were compelled to suffer in England.
Many individuals of sterling character traced
their descent to the immigrant ancestor. The
name expresses fondness and preciousness



and some one who was very fond of its first-
born called him "jewel" to represent their
feelings toward him. The Jewells were of
fighting revolutionary stock and stood by
their country in its hour of need.

(I) Thomas Jewell was of Braintree as
early as 1639. His will was dated April 10
and probated July 21, 1654. His widow,
Grizell Jewell, married (second) March 9,
1656, Humphrey Griggs, who died in 1657.
She survived him. Children of Thomas and
Grizell Jewell were : Thomas, Joseph, Na-
thaniel, Grizell and Marcy.

(H) Thomas (2), eldest child of Thomas
(i) and Grizell Jewell, was of Hingham and
Amesbury. He removed to Amesbury about
1687, and lived in that part of the town now
South Hampton. He married, October 18,
1672, Susanna Guilford; children: Mary,
Thomas, Ruth, Hannah (died young), John,
Hannah, Samuel and Joseph.

(HI) John, fifth child and second son of
Thomas (2) and Susanna (Guilford) Jewell,
was born in Hingham, June 29, 1683. He
went with his parents when four years old to
Amesbury, where he ever after resided. He
married, January 9, 1702, Hannah Prowse,
born in Amesbury, March, 1676, daughter of
John and Hannah (Barnes) Prowse. Chil-
dren : Abigail, Thomas, Hannah, John and
Barnes. Hannah (Prowse) Jewell married
(second) September 19, 1715, Peter Thomp-

(IV) Thomas (3), second child and eldest
son of John and Hannah (Prowse) Jewell,
was born in Amesbury in 1704, and died in
the town of his nativity. He married Judith
Lancaster, February 19, 1732; children:
Henry L., John, Sarah, Judith, Hannah and
Ann. ]\Ir. Jewell married (second) Marion

(V) Henry L., eldest son and child of
Thomas (3) and Judith (Lancaster) Jewell,
was born in Amesbury, December 19, 1732,
and died in South Hampton, New Hampshire.
He once lived in the vicinity of Concord, New
Hampshire. He served in the army around
Quebec, and was wounded in the leg in that
engagement. He married Sarah Gould ; chil-
dren : Henry, Enos, Joseph and Thomas. His
widow accompanied Henry and Enos to
Litchfield, Kennebec county, JNIaine, where she
married, and her death occurred at Hallowell
at an advanced age.

(\T) Enos, second child and son of Henry
L. and Sarah (Gould) Jewell, was born in
Amesbury, Massachusetts, 1759. He resided
in Ogdensburg from 1796 to 1800, returned

there in 1804 and his death occurred there in
1 83 1. He married Deborah Hall about 1780;
children : Sarah, Deborah, Enos, Susannah,
Edward, John, Rebecca, Susannah, Salathiel,
Ivorv, Enos, Mary, Samuel and Deborah.

(VII) Enos (2), fifth son and eleventh
child of Enos (i) and Deborah (Hall) Jew-
ell, was born in Amesbury, January 4, 1784.
He was one of the early settlers of Canaan,
Somerset county, Maine, where he cleared
wild land, cultivating it and making it highly
productive ; he follow^ed farming as a liveli-
hood throughout the active years of his life.
He married (first) in 1807, Fannie, daughter
of Elder Fairbanks, of Winthrop, Jvlaine.
Married (second) March 28, 1847, Irene
Bean. Children: Catherine, Anson, Syl-
vanus, Elijah, Fanny, Clarissa. Henry, Alfred,
Albert, Mary, Enos, George Washington and
Rufus IMoody.

(\TII) Rufus jNIoody, youngest son of
Enos (2) Jewell, was born in Canaan, i\Iaine,
December 27, 1828. He received a common
school education, was a farmer and speculator,
engaging some years in the produce business,
a Republican in politics and a Universalist in
religion. He resided at Waterville and Fair-
field, Maine. He married (first) in Skowhe-
gan, lilaine, Marcia Whitman, who died in
Waterville, 1862. Children: Rosanna, Wal-
lace H., Albert. Married (second) Laura
Wyman, of Kingsbury, Maine; children:
Emma and Fred. Rufus Moody Jewell died
at Fairfield, ]\Iaine, November 22, 1868.

(IX) Albert, youngest son and child of
Rufus Moody and' JVIarcia (Whitman) Jewell,
was born in Skowhegan, I\Iaine, July 11, 1854.
He w^as educated in the common schools of
Canaan, Waterville and Benton. He was cm-
ployed for some years in the saw mill of E. J.
& G. W. Lawrence, of Fairfield, and was
eventually made superintendent of the entire
business. In 1895 he established a plant in
Fairfield for the manufacture of shipping
crates, known as the Albert Jewell Crate Man-
ufactory, and in 1906 admitted to partnership
his son, Ralph A. Jewell. They employ about
thirty hands, and their average output of
crates amount to 450,000 annually. ]\Ir. Jew-
ell is a Republican, an attendant of the Uni-
versalist church, and a member of Siloam
Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted ]\Iasons. of
Fairfield; Teconet Chapter, St. Omar Com-
mandery, of Waterville; Kora Temple, j\Iys-
tic Shrine, at Lewiston ; Eastern Star of Fair-
field. Mr. Jewell married Myra, daughter of
Freeman aiid Harriet (Osborn) Reynolds, of
W'inslow. Children : Blanche, Catherine, Net-



tie B., Nettie Jewell, died in infancv, and
Ralph A.

(N) Ralph A., son of Albert and Myra
(Reynolds) Jewell, was born in Fairfield,
June 26, 1883. He was educated in the com-
mon schools of Fairfield, W'aterville high
school, Coburn Classical Institute, and Shaw's
Business College of Augusta, Maine. He is
engaged in business with his father as afore-
mentioned. He is a Republican in politics,
and a member of Asylum Lodge, Ancient Free
and Accepted Masons, Fairfield; Teconet
Chapter, W'aterville ; St. Omar Commandery,
Knights Templar, Waterville; Kora Temple,
Mystic Shrine, Lewiston. He married, in
1907, Arlene Clark, of Skowhegan, Maine.

Jonathan Saunders was a
SAUNDERS young unmarried man in
Norway, ;\Iaine, at the time
of the incorporation of the town in 1797. He
was born in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, in
1776, died in Norway in 1838. He married,
about the year 1800, Susannah Weeks, of
Gray, who died January 23, 1827, aged forty-
five years. They had four children: i. Ann,
born November 30, 1802, died April 16, 1883.
She married and had Elmira S., born No-
vember II, 1833, married E. R. Merrill; and
W'ellington R., born 1840, who was a sergeant
in Company H of the Eighth Illinois Regi-
ment, and died from wounds received in the
battle of Shiloh, August 19, 1863. 2. Joseph,
October 8, 1804 (see post). 3. John, Novem-
ber 7, 1806, died in Norway, Maine, June 20,
1874; married, September 24, 1830, Sally M.
Lord, of Minot, who died February 16, 1879,
and had ten children. 4. Isaac, July 24, 1814,
married (first) November i, 1834, Mary
Shaw, by whom he had nine children ; married
(second) at Buckfield, in November, 1861,
Sarah J. Thomas, of Peru, and had four chil-

(II) Joseph, son and second child of Jona-
than and Susannah (Wrecks) Saunders, was
born October 8, 1804. He lived in Poland,
Maine, where he owned and managed a farm

for the greater part of his life. He married
Charlotte Merrow, of Minot, Maine, and had
one child, Samuel W.

(III) Samuel W^, only son and child of
Joseph and Charlotte (^lerrow) Saunders,
was born in Poland, Maine, April 13, 1832,
and spent his earlier years at home, attending
the local schools and assisting his father in
carrying on the farm. He later went to Au-
burn, Maine, and from there to Lewiston. He
married (first) Fannie M. Haskell, daughter
of Cephas Haskell, of Sweden, Alaine, and by
whom he had two children: i. Anson, born
in 1861, died in infancy. 2. Ernest, October
22, 1871. Married (second) Mary E. Me-
serve, and by her he had Frances B., Stella "SI.
and Charles M.

(IV) Ernest, second child of Samuel W.
and Fannie M. (Haskell) Saunders, was born
in Auburn, Maine, October 22, 1871. His
parents removed from Auburn to Lewiston,
Maine, when he was about nine years old, and
he w'as educated in the public schools of the
latter city. When he was about sixteen years
old he started in business as a market gar-
dener on a tract of land in Lewiston owned
by his father, and continued in this line with
success for about five years. He then turned
his attention to the culture of flowers and in
this branch of trade has been eminently suc-
cessful, winning a state-wide reputation and
doing business on a large scale, having at
present thirty-five thousand square feet under
cover of glass. Mr. Saunders is also well
known in fraternal circles of Lewiston, has
taken the thirty-second degree in Masonry and
is in his second year as master of the Blue
Lodge, and is a member of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias,
Improved Order of Red Men, Knights of the
Golden Eagle, and of New England Order of
Protection. A Republican in politics. He
married, June 25, 1906, Mary, daughter of
John M. and Nettie (Budlong) Crawshaw, of
Auburn, Maine, and has one child, Fannie
Estelle, born in Lewiston, May 15, 1907.



This name is found witli numer-
GROSS ous spellings such as Grose,
Grosse and Groce. besides that
used by them in the early records of England
and Xew England. The family is an ancient
one in England, and is frequently mentioned
in the records of Cornwall and Norfolk be-
tween 161 1 and 1639. It came into England
in the French form de Gross and was un-
doubtedly of German origin. It has no con-
nection with the Brunswick, Maine, family
whose name is spelled Grows.

(I) Isaac Gross, a native of England and
brewer by occupation, was granted lands in
the great allotment of land at Muddy River,
and was among the original inhabitants of
the colony of Alassachusetts Bay. His will
was dated ]\Iay 29, 1649. He had sons : Ed-
ward and Clement.

(II) Clement, son of Isaac Gross, was born
at Boston, England, and was an infant when
he came with his father to Massachusetts. He
was a brewer, and in 1678 was an innholder.
His first wife bore the christian name of Mary,
and was the mother of Simon, mentioned be-
low ; Elizabeth (dieil young); Edmund (died
young) ; Elizabeth, born ]\Iarch 5, 1658 ; Isaac
and \^'illiam. March 3, 1665. His second wife,
Ann, was the mother of Edmund, born ]\Iarch
2'j, 1669, and Ann, March 18, 1671.

(III) Simon, son of Clement and ]\Iary
Gross, was born 1652 and resided in Hing-
ham, where he died April 26, 1696. He was
a boatman and was evidently successful, as
the inventory of his estate amounted to one
hundred and ninety-six pounds, five shillings
and three pence. Administration was granted
to his widow, Mary. He married. October 23,
1675, in Hingham, Mary Bond. Children :
Simon, born .August 4, 1676 ; Thomas, Feb-
ruary 4, 1678; John, April 3, 1681 ; Josiah,
August 2, 1683 ; Micah, mentioned below ;
Alice, April 26. 1689, married John Crowell.
of Truro; Abigail. June 28, 1692.

(IV) Micah, fifth son of Simon and Hilary
(Bond) Gross, was born February 20, 1686,
in Hingham, and settled in Truro, Massachu-
setts, after ]\Iay, 1709. He died there in 1753,
and was buried in the Old North cemetery.
His first wife, IMarr, died in 1724, aged thir-
ty-five years, and he married Hannah, daugh-
ter of Constant and Jane (Neat) Freeman,
who died in 1758, aged fifty-four years. His
children by first wife were : Simon, born ^Nlay
30, 1709, in Hingham; Ebenezer, 1713; Israel,
1718; Mary, 1720, married, in 1741, Roger
(2) Stevens. His children by second wife

were: Micah, born 1726. lost at sea; Jonah,
1728; Joseph, 1731, lost at sea; Benjamin,
1733; Hannah, 1740; and John, 1744.

(V) Israel, third son of Micah and Mary
Gross, was born in 1718 in Truro, Massachu-
setts, where he was a prominent resident, liv-
ing in the valley south of the graveyard, in
the district known as "Old Orchard." He
subsequently occupied a house in the village
of Truro, where his last days were spent. He
married (first) Elizabeth Rich and (second)
Lvdia Paine. The children by first wife were:
Isaiah (died young); Samuel, born 1743;
Jaquaniah, 1745; Elizabeth, 1748, married
Isaiah .\tkins in 1764; Mary, 1749, married
Barzillai Smith; Joseph, 1751 ; Delia, 1755,
married John Collins in 1774, and died in
181 1. The children by second wife were:
Micah. born 1764; Lydia, 1769; Israel, 1772.

( \'I) Samuel, second son of Israel and Eliz-
abeth (Rich) Gross, was born in 1743 in
Truro. ^Massachusetts, and removed to Bruns-
wick in what is now Maine, in 1760. He pur-
chased land from Pajepscot Company and
lived in Brunswick until his death. He mar-
ried i\Iary, daughter of Aaron Plinckley, of
Brunswick (see Hinckley \') ; a list of their
children is not on record.

(\TI) Israel (2), son of Samuel and Mary
(Hinckley) Gross, was born in Brunswick,
and was a lumberman and saw-mill operator.
He was thrown in the Androscoggin river
while handling logs and his body was buried
in the Old cemetery, at Harding's Crossing.
The records of Brunswick do not give the
date of either his birth or death or the names
of any of his children. He married, Decem-
ber 2-/, 1798. Anna Spear, presumably a
daughter of Robert and Margaret (Smart)
Spear, who were married January 16, 1773. i"
Brunswick. Israel Gross had two sons : Sam-
uel, who died at sea. and John Spear, and a
daughter. Thurza, who married a Parshley, of

(\'III) John Spear, son of Israel (2) and
.Anna (Spear) Gross, was born June 17, 1807,
in Brunswick, where he passed his life and
died December 3. 1882. He was a well-to-do
farmer and resided in the district of Bruns-
wick, known as New Meadows. He was a
member of the Baptist church and universally
esteemed throughout the town. He was se-

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