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while the father (Edward I) was absent in
foreign wars ; served on a commission to rec-
oncile the king and barons ; was chancellor of
the exchequer; intercessor with the king for
the Earl of Norfolk and Hertford; married
Helena, daughter of Geoffrey de Stanton.

(VII) Adam de Carleton, married Sarah,
daughter of Adam de Newton.

(VIII) Adam de Carleton, married Sinella
■ , supposed to be a Plantagenet.

(IX) John de Carleton, was conspicuous
as commissioner with the chief men of Eng-
land in making treaty with Flanders.

(X) Henry de (Tarleton, county Lincoln,
13th year Richard II; married Alicia .

(XI) Sir Thomas de Carleton.

(XII) Sir Walter de Carleton, married

(XIII) Thomas Carleton, of Sutton, Lin-
colnshire ; married ■ Skerne.

(XIV) John Carleton, of Sutton and Wal-
ton-upon-Thames ; died 1450; married Anne



(XV) John Carleton, married Alice Dan-

(X\T) John Carleton. lived in 1500: mar-
ried Joyce, daughter of John \\'albeck and
wife Margaret Culpepper, cousin of Queen
Catherine, wife of Henry VIII.

(XVII) Edward Carleton. fifth son of John
Carleton, settled in East Clanden, Surrey,
1371 ; is ancestor of the Carletons of London,
Surrey, Arundel and America.

(XVIII) Erasmus, son of Edward Carle-
ton, was a citizen and mercer of St. Bartholo-
mew, London ; married Elizabeth .

(XIX) Edward, son of Erasmus Carleton,
"born in England, 1605, is the immigrant an-
cestor of the family in America. He settled
on the plantation of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers,
1638-39, and became one of the founders of
the town of Rowley, Massachusetts. Next to
the minister, he was the largest owner of land
there. He was given the title of "Mr.," re-
served usually for ministers and people of high
social or ofificial station. He was admitted
freeman May 18, 1642 ; was deputy to general
court, 1644 to 1647; commissioner to hear
small causes, 1648; returned to England 1650-
51. and died there about 1661. He married
Eleanor Denton (Garth originally, of old
Roman ancestry). He left some estate in New
England, part of which came to his son John.
Christopher Babbage and Jeremiah and Xehe-
miah Jewett received letters of administration
on behalf of the children of Hannah Carle-
ton. his widow, November 29, 1678. Children :
I. John, bom 1630. see forward. 2. Edward,
October 28, 1639. 3. Mary, June 2. 1642. 4.
Elizabeth, March 26, 1^)44.

(XX) John, son of Edward Carleton, was
born in England, 1630; married Hannah,
daughter of Joseph and Mary (Mallinson)
Jewett, born in England, June 15, 1640. Jo-
seph Jewett was son of Edward Jewett. of
Bradford, West Riding of York, baptized De-
cember 31, 1609, married Mary Mallinson, Oc-
tober I, 1634. John Carleton was a leading
man in the town of Haverhill, where he died
January 22, 1668. Children, born in Haver-
hill : I. John, born 1658, married Hannah Os-
good. 2. Joseph, March 21, 1662, see forward.
3. Edward, March 22, 1664. 4. Thomas,
September 9, 1667, married Elizabeth .

(XXI) Joseph, son of John Carleton, was
born in Rowley. March 21, 1662. He settled
in Newbury, and married Abigail, daughter
of Christopher Osgood, the immigrant from
England. Children, born in Newbur)- : Jo-
seph, David, Jonathan, Moses, Jeremiah, Mary
and Abigail.

(XXII) Jeremiah, son of Joseph Carleton,
was born in Newburyport (Newbury), 171 5.
He married Eunice Taylor, born 171 7. He
resided at Newtown. New Hampshire, and
Amesbury, Massachusetts, a town adjoining.
He was a carpenter and millwright, and dealt
in lumber. In 1750 he removed to Litchfield,
New Hampshire, and in 1756 to Lyadebor-
ough, settling on land now owned by E. C.
Curtis, thirty rods northeast of the corner of
land where the stone fire-dogs and old cellar
may yet^ be seen. In the spring he returned
to Litchfield, and in his absence the Indians
killed his stock and burned his cabin. In 1760
he again went to Lyndeborough, hewed the
timber, and built the house that is yet stand-
ing on the farm. In 1761 he built a saw mill
and other buildings thirty rods below the
bridge on the road from Johnson's Corner to
Wilton, and sawed the boards for his house
and others, doing a good business. He planted
eight acres of corn the first season. He was
greatly annoyed at first by bears. He died in
1769, his wife surviving him twenty-five years.
He was a very religious man. and he and his
wife used to walk to Amherst to attend
church, before the road was made, finding
their way by the blazed trail. Children: i.
Osgood, see forward. 2. Jeremiah, married
Lois Hoyt; soldier in French and Indian war
at sixteen ; lieutenant at Bunker Hill ; resided
on homestead. 3. Mary, married Reuben
Batchelder. 4. Abigail, married Adam John-
son, and (second) Ensign David Putnam, sol-
dier in the revolution. 5. Timothy, killed by
accident at raising of Wilton church. 6. David,
killed at battle of Bunker Hill. 7. Ebenezer,
soldier in the revolution : fought at Bunker
Hill; settled in New Chester (now Hill) New
Hampshire, and died there December 8, 1836.

(XXIII) Osgood, son of Jeremiah Carle-
ton, born 1740, enlisted May 2, 1758. in Cap-
tain Fay's company. Colonel Ebenezer Nich-
ols's regiment, from Litchfield. He was in
service in 1759, aged eighteen, stating his
residence as \\'oburn, in regiment of Colonel
Eleazer Tyng, in the invasion of Canada, un-
der General Amherst. He was in Captain Jo-
seph Newhall's company. Colonel Jacob Bay-
ley's regiment, at Louisburg. January, 1760.
While in the army in Nova Scotia his mathe-
matical skill was recognized, and he was made
part of the working force of navigators and
artillerists of the king's army and navy, and
served five years under Major-General John
Henry Bastide, director and engineer of king's
ordnance at Louisburg and Annapolis. He
was surveyor in New Hampshire and Vermont



after the war. He went to Boston with his
company and fought in the battle of Bunker
Hill, where his brother was slain. He was
sergeant in Captain Woods's company, Colonel
Paul Dudley Sargent's regiment. In 1776 he
became quartermaster of the Sixteenth Conti-
nental Infantry Regiment, then lieutenant, as-
signed to the corps invalid. He bore dis-
patches from Boston to Philadelphia, and
money from the treasury of the Bay Province
to the Continental congress, or to paymasters
in the field. In 1794 the legislature required
towns to prepare manuscript maps of their
boundaries, and Carleton was placed in charge.
He constructed maps of Massachusetts, the
district of Maine : and his map of Boston,
1795, published in volume 10, of the Boston
record commissioners' report, is famous. He
constructed a map of a large grant on the
Penobscot river, and a map of Massachusetts,
issued before January 30, 1798. He was the
leading surveyor and civil engineer of his day.
He wrote "Practice of Arithmetic," published
1810. having a wide sale and large use. He
was a charter member of the Society of the
Cincinnati in Massachusetts. He .settled in
Boston in his later years, and conducted a
school of mathematics, surveying and naviga-
tion, that became famous. He published
"The American Navigator," i8oi ; "South
American Pilot," 1804; and for a series of
years prepared the Thomas Almanacs. He
certified to the correctness of "The American
Pilot" of 1791. His commission as lieutenant
in the revolutionary army has been preserved.
His widow received a pension in her old age.
He died May or June. 1816, on a visit to
Lyndeborough. He married Lydia Johnson,
of Haverhill. Children: i. Ebenezer, born
March 12, 1780, see forward. 2. Osgood
West. May 9, 1783. 3. John, February 18,
1785. 4. David. April 18, 1787.

(XXIV) Ebenezer, son of Osgood Carle-
ton, born in X'ew Hampshire. March 12, 1780,
died May 13, 1853. He settled in Winthrop,
Maine, and followed farming all his life. He
married (first) Abigail Ireland, November,
1802. She died April 18. 1820. He married
(second) Februarv 7, 1821. Cynthia Arnold,
who died April i, 1851. Children: i. Eben-
ezer Jr., born October 27, 1803, see forward.
2. Osgood, see forward. 3. Sophronia, April
23, 1807. 4. Polly, ]\Iarch 17, 1809, died
June 30. 181 1.

(XXV) Ebenezer Jr., eldest son of Eben-
ezer Carleton, was born October 27, 1803, died
January 17. 1888. He was educated in the
common schools of the neighborhood, and

later in life engaged in farming at Hermon
Pond, Maine. He was an Adventist in re-
ligion, and an old line Whig in politics. He
was a public-spirited citizen, active in ad-
vancing the interests of the community, and
was respected by all who knew him. He mar-
ried, about 1830, at Cambridge, Maine, Eliza-
beth, born in Newfield, New Hampshire, Au-
gust 31, 181 2, died December 12, 1880, daugh-
ter of John W. and Love (Foy) Burbank. the
latter of whom was born November 28, 1789,
died October 22, 1870, daughter of Major-
General James Foy. and the former of whom
was born July 15, 1783, died November 24,
1S61. He was a son of Hale B. and Eliza-
beth (Corlis) Burbank, the former of whom
was drowned while swimming his horse across
the Androscoggin river, and the latter having
been the widow of General John Moore Corlis.
Children of John W. and Love (Foy) Bur-
bank; I. David H., born January 16, 1808,
died November 25, 1874. 2. John Corlis, Feb-
ruary 22 . 1809. 3. IVIahala, February 24,
181 1, died March 24. 1812. 4. Elizabeth, Au-
gust 31, 1812. aforementioned as the wife of
Ebenezer Carleton. 5. Samuel, N'ovember 4,
1814. 6. Ursula, August 16, 1816. afterwards
mentioned as the wife of Osgood Carleton. 7.
Tnomas, April 14, 1819, died November i,
1 86 1. 8. Joseph M., February 15. 1821, died
September 19, 1826. 9. Arville. June 20,
1826. died September 6, 1826. 10. Alvah,
April 2T,, 1827, died 1887. 11. Joseph M. (2),
February 26, 1831, died January 17, 1888.
Alvah Burbank enlisted in 1861 in the First
Maine \'olunteers. His regiment was most all
killed, only eight men left. They were put in
the Eighth ]\Iaine Regiment, where he served
until the end of the war. He was the tallest
man in the army, being six feet and eight
inches in height. Children of Ebenezer and
Elizabeth (Burbank) Carleton: i. John P.,
born April 19. 1832. 2. Samuel O., October
25, 1835. 3. Eben P., October 26, 1838,
served as a soldier in the civil war. He en-
listed in Company B. Thirty-first Alaine Vol-
unteers, and was discharged when the war
was over. He carried dispatches and put in a
stolen order at the battle of Spottsylvania,
where thev captured five thousand men on the
I2th of ;\Iay, 1864. The rebels had a corps of
sharp sticks to keep them back, but they threw
the sharp sticks over the breastworks onto
the rebels as they lay in the ditch so they had
to surrender. They gave up in five minutes
and put up the white flag. The prisoners
were taken to the higher officers by Sergeants
Mitten, Toby, McCarty and Carleton. 4.



Laura A.. June 29, 1841. 5. Corlis A., June
8, 1843, died January 18, 1862. 6. Roxanna
J., August 8, 1845, ^ied January 7, 1864. 7.
Helen L., November 14, 1847. '8. Theora A.,
October 7. 1850. died August 18, 1880. 9.
Addie I., August 8, 1855, married, at Lowell,
Massachusetts, (first) June 1, 1874, Frank A.
Robinson, born in New Bedford, Massachu-
setts. March 3. 1852, died September 25, 1884;
one child, \csta S. Robinson, born in Lowell,
Massachusetts, April 23, 1875, died at Walla
Walla, Washington, January 19, 1892. She
married (second) at Colfax, Washington, Oc-
tober 21, 1885, Martin Meuli, mentioned be-
low; children: Milton Martin, born at Union-
town. August 19, 1887; Irvin Louis, born at
Uniontown, December 28, 1894, died February
12. 1895.

Martin Meuli was born at Nufenen, Canton
Braubunden, Switzerland, October 24, 1838;
his father was a lawyer and councilman in
his native country. Martin Meuli landed in
San Francisco, California, August, 1854, re-
mained there about one year, sold newspapers
on the street and fruit on the boats between
San Francisco and Oakland : he went to a
private night school to learn French. He left
there in summer of 1855 for Toulumne coun-
ty, Columbia, and worked there in a brewery
part of the time. The remainder of the time
he was mining up to 1857. In the spring he
left there for Siskiyou county, Indian Creek,
and worked there in a general merchandise
store for about one year. In the early spring
of 1861 he left in company with a party of
prospectors for Northern Idaho, landed in
what since has been created Shoshone county.
Pierce City, Idaho, in June, 1861. He fol-
lowed the mining work up to 1871, and was
one of five who discovered Warrens Mines in
spring of 1862. In July, 1871, he established
an express line from Pierce City to Moose
City, Idaho, a distance of one hundred miles.
For five months of the year he had to go on
snowshoes; not a public house the whole dis-
tance, and had to camp out. In spring of 1873
Mr. Meuli and Peter Haurcade, long since
deceased, started stock raising and running a
meat market in Pierce City. Idaho. June 14,
1877, the Nez Perce Indian war broke out and
in three months he lost all he had made in
the fifteen years previous, and had very little
left. He was one of the first volunteers, being
sergeant under Colonel McConnell. He and
his partner started again with a few head of
cattle the Indians left them and continued up
until 1884. In the month of May they dis-
solved partnership and Mr. Meuli moved to

Lewiston, Idaho, in fall of 1885. After his
marriage he went to Uniontown and bought a
hotel and livery stable. In 1888 the railroad
was completed into Uniontown. He started
then the M. & M. stage line to Lewiston,
Idaho, and made a contract with the railroad
company to transfer their express, freight
and passengers to Lewiston. until 1898. when
the road was completed to Lewiston. He is a
member of the Colton Lodge of Masons,

(XXV) Osgood, son of Ebenezer Carleton,
born April 14, 1805, in Winthrop, Maine, died
October 11, 1888, in Augusta. He was a
farmer in early life, and later learned the trade
of carpenter and became a builder. He mar-
ried, November 26, 1835, Ursula, born August
16. 1816, died January 21, 1899, daughter of
John W. and Love (Foy) Burbank. Children:
I. Charles H., born August 29, 1836, died De-
cember 10, 1865. 2. Harriet M., August 23,
1838, married Samuel B. Chapin. 3. Helen
L., March 26, 1840, died November 19, 1846.
4. Joseph F., 1841, died 1846. 5. Ursula B.,
1845, 'i'sd same year. 6. George H., 1846,
died 1847. 7. Helen .A.. 1848, married Wil-
son Parmalee : she died 1894. 8. Reuel Will-
iams, see forward. 9. Edward Everett, see

(XX\'I) Reuel Williams, son of Osgood
Carleton. was born in Augusta, Maine, May
1 7- 1S53. He was educated in the public
schools of Augusta, and then learned the trade
of painter, working as a journeyman for sev-
eral years in Augusta, Maine, and Chicago,
Illinois. After his return from the west he
established, in 1894, an electrotyping foundry
in Augusta, and has continued with much suc-
cess in this business to the present time. In
politics he is a Republican. He is affiliated
w^ith Augusta Lodge, F. and A. M. ; Cushnoc
Chapter,' R. A. :\I. : Alpha Council. R. S. M. ;
Trinity Commandery, K. T. He is a member
of Augusta Lodge. I. O. O. F. ; of the Macca-
bees, and of the Ancient Order of United
Workmen. He is a member of the L^niver-
salist church. He married (first) July 22,
1876, Angie Walker, born October 13, 1851,
died October 14, 1889. Married (second)
September t2. 1894. Lottie M. Cornforth. born
in West Watcrville. May 21, 1871. daughter
of Hiram and Melora (Smith) Cornforth.
Her father was born in West Waterville. No-
vember 2. 1834, son of Robert Cornforth. born
in Readfield. 1805. and Mary A. (Hesketh)
Cornforth ; Mary A. was daughter of John
and Alary (Ayers) Hesketh: Robert Corn-
forth was son of Robert Cornforth, who came




from England before 1800, and settled at
Readfield. Her mother was born in West
Watcrville, July 11, 1835, daughter of Abra-
ham Smith, born in Rowley, Massachusetts,
December 17, 1783, and Charlotte (Mnrston)
Smith, born in Barnstable, Massachusetts,
March 22, 1790, daughter of Isaiah and Bet-
sey (Lawrence) Marston, who came to Water-
ville in May, 1800. Children of Reuel W.
Carleton by first marriage: i. Alice Maudell,
born October 4. 1877. 2. Queenie Ella May,
October 21, 1879, died May 21, 1902. 3.
Lilla Belle, October 19, 1881, married, July
17, 1907, Hiram A. Stebbins. Children by
second marriage : 4. Raymond Williams, July
9, 1897, died" April, 1898. 5. Ruth Willa,
March 28, 1902. 6. Louis Henry, April 9,
1904. 7. Florence Louise, June g, 1906.

(XXVI) Edward Everett, son of Osgood
Carleton, was born in Augusta, Maine, July
9, 1855. He learned the trade of sign and
fancy painting, working at his trade in Au-
gusta. When nineteen years of age he left
his native town and located in Portland, same
state, where he engaged in the door, sash and
blind business, continuing in same up to the
present time (1909). He is a Republican in
politics. He married (first) February 20,
1878, Minnie, born May 6, 1857, died October
15, 1883, daughter of Nathan D. Roberts, of
Portland, Maine. Married (second) Gertrude
E. Bussell, born in West Newfield, March 21,
1861. Children of first wife: i. Mabel Lou-
ise, born June 22, 1880, married, August 11,
1901. Edward L. Demmick. 2. Harold Rob-
erts, January 8, 1883. married, April 19, 1905,
Alice M. Dyer, of South Portland, Maine ;
child, Earl Osgood, born January 26, 1908.
Child by second wife : 3. Bernice Burbank,
born December 21, 1889.

(For ancestry ^ee preceding sketch.)

(XXII) Joseph, son of Jo-
CARLETON seph Carleton, was born at
Bradford, November 9, 1698,
The family remained for several generations
at Rowley, Bradford, Boxford and vicinity.
His homestead is now known as the John
Tappan place in Groveland, formerly Brad-
ford. He married (first) October 30. 1729:
(second) Mary Goodridge, of Newbury, Oc-
tober 12, 1742. Children, born in Bradford:

1. Micah, January 12, 1730-31, married Sarah
Bailey (see Poor's Merrimac Valley families) ;
son Jonathan, born July 19, 1760, settled at
Vassalborough, IMaine, and had a large family.

2. Sarah, February 14, 1732-33. 3. Amos,
February 8. 1737-38, married INIary Edwards,

February 17, 1777. 4. Joseph, married, July
27, 1773. Mehitable Heald ; he died at Brad-
ford. April II. 183 1, aged eighty-two. 5.
David, married perhaps (second) November,
1787, Martha Currier. And others, doubtless.

(XXIII) David or Jonathan, son of Joseph
Carleton, or a nephew, was born about 1750.
He married and had children: i. John, born
August 23, 1780, mentioned below. 2. Levi,
father of James Henry Carleton, who gradu-
ated from West Point and attained the rank
of major-general of cavalry in the civil war;
he was in charge of the troops that discovered
the bones of those killed at Mountain Meadow
massacre and he erected a cairn to mark the
spot of burial. 3. Jacob. And other children.

(XXIV) John, son of David or Jonathan
Carleton, was born in Frankfort, August 23,
1780, died May 13, i860. He married Huldah
Cole, born June 22, 1785, died February 4,
1859. He settled in Frankfort, Maine, near
what is now known as Ellingwood Corner in
W^interport. He was a farmer and cattle dro-
ver and later in life kept the tavern at Carle-
ton Corner, now Ellingwood Corner. At the
so-called battle of Hampden he was wounded
in the knee, causing permanent lameness, and
he was afterward Icnown as "Lame John" to
the old settlers. This wound eventually caused
his death. He was buried near the homestead
at Carleton Corner, Winterport. This town
was incorporated from Frankfort territory in
i860. Children : i. Washington A., captain
of a volunteer company in the Aroostook war,
stationed at Houton, Maine, with his brother
Jonathan in the same company. 2. John C.
"L., now living at Winterport; prominent Re-
publican since the party was organized. 3.
Susan, married William Young. 4. Hannah,
married James Young. 5. Polly, married

Young. 6. Rachel, married

\^errill. 7. Nancy, married Cook. 8.

Jonathan A., mentioned below. 9. A daugh-
ter who married a Littlefield.

(XX\^) Jonathan A., son of John Carleton,
was born at Frankfort, July 8. 1814, died
March 29, 1864. He married, November 20,

1836, Eliza Willev. of Wolfborougli, New
Hampshire, born February 11, 1814, died Au-
gust 21. 1886. He was in a volunteer com-
pany commanded by his brother, Captain
Washington A. Carleton. in the Aroostook
war, stationed at Houton. He was a farmer
and shipwright. Children, born at Winterport,
then Frankfort: i. Huldah, November 28,

1837, died November i, 1840. 2. John W.,
November 26, 1838, served in the civil war in
the Third Maine Battery, which later became

1 8/4


part of the Eisjhteenth Maine : living at Win-
terport. 3. James W. W., May 26, 1840, died
August 26, 1864. at Alexandria, \'irginia, of
typhoid fever contracted during the siege of
Petersburg, \'irginia ; was honorably dis-
charged from his first enlistment December 20,
1863, as corporal of Company M, First Regi-
ment, Maine Artillery ; re-enlisted in the Third
Maine Battery (later the Eighteenth). 4.
Amos H., July 27. 1841. died May 9, 1863, at
New Orleans. Louisiana, while serving in the
civil war in Company D, Twenty-sixth ]Maine
Regiment, from wounds received in the battle
of Irish Bend. April 14, 1863. 5. Joseph S.,
November 11, 1842, died September 30, 1844.
6. Huldah E.. April 18, 1845, died about 1880
at Dexter, Maine; married, March 20, 1864,
Stephen F. Wheeler, of Dexter. 7. Joseph H.,
July 14, 1847, mentioned below. 8. Susan E.,
March 27. 1849, died March 8, 1858. 9. Jon-
athan L., February 21, 1857. a farmer, living
at \\'interport.

(XX\T) Joseph H., son of Jonathan A.
Carleton, was born in Wintcrport, Maine, then
Frankfort. July 14, 1847. He was brought up
on the Carleton homestead and has always
lived there. He was educated in the public
schools of his native town. He is a well-to-do
farmer and influential citizen. In politics he
was a Republican. He served on the board
of selectmen at Winterport in 1899-1900. He
is a member of the Sunrise Grange, Patrons
of Husbandry. He married, .August 25, 1867,
Mary E., born at F'rankfort, .Vpril 4, 1850,
daughter of Solomon, born September 5, 1806,
died 1892, and Susan (Sullivan) Wheelden,
born .August 20, 181 1, died 1888. Susan was
daughter of David and Susanna (Rogers)
Sullivan, a descendant of the Rogers family
of Plymouth colony, and of "Mayflower"
stock. Children, born at Winterport : i. Amos
Franklin, May 15, 1868, mentioned below. 2.
Louise S.. December 4, 1872. married Patrick
J. Cuddy, of Winterport ; children : Herman
E. and Norman J. Cuddy.

(XXVII) -Amos Franklin, son of Joseph H.
Carleton, was born at Winterport, May 15,
1868. He attended the public schools of his
native town and graduated from the State
Normal school at Castine, Maine, in 1887.
For eight years he taught in the public schools
of Winterport and Flampden. From 1895 to
1903, a period of eight years, he was superin-
tendent of the Winterport Water Company.
He has been active in public life. He is an
influential Republican in politics, and in 1903-
04 represented Winterport in the state legis-

lature, serving on the committee on education
and demonstrating special fitness for legisla-
tive work. He was for about four years su-
perintendent of schools of Winterport, and
from 1 90 1 to 1904 was one of the selectmen
of that town. He was elected high sheriff of
Waldo county in 1904. and since January i,
1905, has resided at Belfast, the county seat,
in the official residence near the penal insti-
tutions of which he has charge. He is a mem-
ber of Howard Lodge, No. 6g, Free Masons,
of Winterport ; of Garfield Lodge of Odd Fel-
lows, of Winterport ; of the Grand Lodge of
Odd Fellows of the state of Maine: of .Mizpah
Rebekah Lodge and of Sunrise Grange, No.
241, Patrons of Husbandry, of Winterport.
He is an attendant of the Methodist Episcopal
church. He married, December 30, 1892, Elta
M., born at Newburgh, ]\Iaine, January 16,
1875, daughter of Charles F. and Juliette
(Doble) Robinson, of Winterport. Children,
born at Winterport: i. Marjorie J., March
13, 1894. 2. Ida S., January 16, 1896.

Before the general adoption of
D.W IS surnames in Great Britain, the

Welsh people were accustomed to-

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