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Alonzo E. Drown ; children : i. Julia T., born
June 25, 1884 ; ii. Angle F., September g,
1888; iii. Edith M., February 19, 1891. 4.
Nellie C, April 12, 1867, married Oscar C.
Randall, November 21, 1888; child, Walter
Trefethen Randall, born July 20, 1898. 5.
Walter Sherman, born July 31, 1869.

(II) John Waterman, fourth son of
George and Sarah (Thompson) Trefethen,
was born in Bremen, Maine, May 3, 1843,
and died in Portland, June 2, 1896. He set-
tled on Monhegan Island and took up the vo-
cation of fisherman or dealer in fish. From
this island for many years he made trips in
his own boat to other parts along the coast,
going often as far as Cape Ann and Cape Cod.
In the course of time he accumulated con-
siderable propertv and removed to Portland,
where he opened a wholesale and retail market
and dealt in fish, lobsters and other sea food.
Good management brought its reward, and he
prospered, extending his business, engaging in
salting and curing fish. This branch of the
business also prospered, and Mr. Trefethen
and his successors conducted as large a busi-
ness and employed as many men as any other
concern in the state. He married. January
8, 1863, Mary Adelaide Sterling, born Octo-
ber 22. 1844, daughter of Abraham and Lydia
W. (Reed) Sterling, the former born in 1826,
and the latter October 24, 181 5. on Peak's
Island. Both are now living. Following is
some account of the ancestrv of Marv A.



Sterling: Lord Sterling came from Burden,
England. He married, and among his chil-
dren was a son Josiah. who kept a tavern and
was also a sea captain ; he was washed from
his vessel and drowned off Kittery in a storm
in 1822. He married Alary Trefethen; chil-
dren : John, Josiah, Luther, Louise, Mary

and Phebe. John married Patience ,

and Josiah married Hannah Tluirman. Abra-
ham Sterling, a grandson of Josiah and Mary
(Trefethen) Sterling, lived at the home of
his grandfather on Monhegan Island until he
was seven years old, and then went to sea as
a cabin boy. At fourteen years of age he was
master of a vessel and followed the coasting
trade, and when freight was scarce he went
fishing, as is shown by papers in the United
Stales custom house as early as 1836. At
seventeen he was owner of his vessel. When
forty-four years old he engaged in deep-sea
fishing which he followed for ten years. Near
the end of that period he was wrecked on
Monhegan and nearly frozen to death. After
thirty-seven years of seafaring he lived ashore
and was government inspector of mackerel.
In 1863 he settled on Peak's Island, and the
following year began the manufacture of fish
oil, the daily output being about nine barrels
a day. Later he built a store at Peak's Island
and dealt in ship stores and supplies. Abra-
ham Sterling married Lydia W. Reed, daugh-
ter of Joseph and j\lary (Brackett) Reed. Jo-
seph Reed was a sea captain of Kittery, and
his wife was a daughter of John Brackett.
Children of Joseph and Alary Reed: i. John
Brackett. 2. Mary. 3. Eliza, married Na-
thaniel Merrill. 4. Jane, married Melzer Dil-
lingham. 5. Joseph. 6. Thomas R., married

Matilda and became the father of the

famous statesman, Thomas Brackett Reed. 7.
\\'illiam Cobb. 8. Daniel Cobb. 9. Lydia
Wyer, married Abraham Sterling ; children : ■
Jane, Joseph, Henry, Alpheus, Eliza Ellen,
Robert, Mary A. 10. Emily T. Besides rais-
ing six children of his own, Mr. Sterling took
six waifs and reared and educated tliem. He
has now fifty seven grandchildren and twenty-
six great-grandchildren. Children of John \V.
and Mary A. (Sterling) Trefethen : i. Charles
Newell, born January 13, 1865, see forward
2. Melville Waterman, May 21, 1869. see for-
ward. 3. Clara M., January 10. 1873, mar-
ried George E. Crockett. 4. Ida Florence. Sep-
tember II. 1877. married William A. Skinner,
of the Clark-Eddy Company, and died Sep-
tember II, 1904.

(II) Newell Fales, youngest son and child
of George and Sarah (Thompson) Trefethen.

was born on Monhegan Island, April 8, 1848,
and died March 26, 1904. He early went
fishing along the coast as an employee, and
later engaged in business for himself as a
dealer in lobsters, on a small scale, about 1873.
He was successful in this, and having a keen
eye for business and forecasting the time when
every available spot in and about Portland
would have a much enhanced price for build-
ing purposes, he engaged in the real estate
business, buying property in South Portland
and on Peak's Island, which is now worth
many times more than he paid for it. In
common with the others of his line in Port-
land, he believed in protected industries and a
strong central government, and to secure these
things he steadily voted the Republican ticket.
In religious belief he showed his independ-
ence of thought and action by leaving the
Congregational church to join the Aletho-
dist. Mr. Trefethen married, on Monhegan
Island, Georgie A. Davis, who died in 1903.
Two children: i. Leslie, deceased. 2. Fan-
nie, who is residing with Walter Sherman

(HI) Charles Newell, eldest child of John
W. and Mary A. (Sterling) Trefethen, was
born on Peak's Island, January 13, 1865. He
attended the public schools of South Port-
land, graduating from the high school in
1882, and subsequently attended Shaw's Busi-
ness College. He then engaged in assisting
his father in the fish business, in 1895 became
a partner, and at the death of his father suc-
ceeded to the management of the business. He
is also a stevedore and employs from one
hundred to three hundred men in loading and
unloading vessels. He is director in the In-
dependent Cold Storage and Ice Company of
Newport, Rhode Island ; president of the Port-
land Cold Storage Company and the Trefethen
& Webster Lumber Company ; treasurer of
Spear Auto Company : member of retail fish
firm of Cobb & Trefethen. For a number of
years he has resided in South Portland. He
is a Republican ; he has taken a leading part
in the politics of .South Portland, serving as
selectman in 1898-9Q-1900, and mayor in 1901-
02. In religious faith he is a Universalist.
He is a member of Portland Lodge, No. 188,
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks ;
Elizabeth City Lodge, Independent Order of
Odd Fellows : Bayard Lodge, Knights of
Pythias, and the Power Boat Club. Mr.
Trefethen married (first) in South Portland,
February 5, 1889, Elva B. Tilton (see Tilton).
Married (second) in Deering. September,
1892. Minnie W. Ramsdell. daughter of Wins-


„■-.£ .i:sZi. - ici.; .'i.i >



low D. and Mariah R. (Lawrence) Ramsdell,
of Lubec. Win slow D. Ramsdell was born
April 15, 1823, died in Deering, February i,
1904. son of William and Nancy A. (Lyons)
Ramsdell, of Lubec. Mariah R. (Lawrence)
Ramsdell was born December 22, 1825, died
in Portland, March 12, igo8, daughter of
Jonathan Lawrence, of Pembroke, Maine.
Children of Winslow D. and Mariah R. (Law-
rence) Ramsdell were nine, five of whom
died young, and the remaining four were as
follows: I. Adelaide L., married (first) Fred
Ingraham, who perished on the steamer "Port-
land," and (second) Charles R. Stockton, of
Boston. 2. Fred H., left home at eighteen
years of age and was never afterward heard
of. 3. Frank C, married Lottie M. Cash;
children, Fred H. and Ray ; Frank C. died
December 30, 1908. 4. Minnie W., mentioned
above as wife of Charles N. Trefethen. Chil-
dren of Charles N. and Minnie W. (Rams-
dell) Trefethen: i. Phyllis Adeline, born Au-
gust 8, 1893. 2. John Waterman, July 8,

(Ill) Melville Waterman, second son of
John W. and Mary A. ( Sterling) Trefethen,
was born on Peak's Island, May 21, 1869. He
attended the public schools, graduating from
the Cape Elizabeth high school, and took a
■course in Shaw's Business College in Port-
land, after which he went into the fish busi-
ness with his father and finally became super-
intendent of the same, a position he now holds.
He is a stockholder in the Portland Cold
Storage Company. He has been one of the
leading Republican politicians of South Port-
land for many years, having been a member
■of the city committee and a leader in the party.
He was deputy sheriff of Cumberland county
under O. T. Despeasex during the years 1899-
1900. In 1902 he was nominated for high
sheriff of Cumberland county, and again in
1904, but was defeated. In 1908 he was again
nominated by the Republican party of the
county, and was elected over King S. Ray-
mond, the Democratic nominee. Mr. Tre-
fethen is the first Republican elected to that
office in Cumberland county for many years.
He is a member of Hiram Lodge, No. 180,
Free and Accepted Masons, of South Port-
land ; Lodge No. 198, Benevolent and Pro-
tective Order of Elks ; South Portland Re-
publican Club; Lincoln Club, being a member
of its executive committee for fourteen years.
Mr. Trefethen married, in South Portland,
January 2"], 1 89 1, Florence Mabel Frank, born
in South Portland, November 18, 1868, daugh-
ter of Charles and Hannah Augusta (Pickett)

Frank, the former of whom was born De-
cember 8, 1835, and the latter July 21, 1839.
Mr. and Mrs. Trefethen have one child, Ger-
trude, born December 27, 1903.

The family of which Charles A.
TILTON Tilton is a representative is of

Dutch descent, and was founded
in this country by three brothers, one of whom
settled at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts,
one in New Hampshire, and one in Maine,
from which the line herein treated is de-

(I) Gibbs Tilton, grandfather of Charles A.
Tilton, was a Friend (Quaker) in religion.
He married Huldah Chase, born at Durham,
Maine, February 10, 1777, died at Chelsea,
Maine, having attained the remarkable age of
ninety-seven years. They were the parents of
six children, as follows: Zadoc, Jane, Han-
nah, Bethiah, Stephen and Hezekiah.

(II) Stephen Tilton, father of Charles A.
Tilton, born at Vassalboro, Maine, December
12, 1802, followed the occupations of farming
and school teaching, having taught seventy-
seven terms of school to the entire satisfaction
of all interested. He was a Methodist in re-
ligion and a Democrat in politics. He was a
Christian in every sense of the word, a main-
stay and support of the church, many years
a class leader, and died in the full faith of
the gospel he had preached and practiced all
his life. Died at LTnity, Maine, March 27,
1898, aged ninety-five years, three months,
fifteen days. He married Julia Cozzens, born
at Sherborn, Massachusetts, 1793, died in Jan-
uary, 1856, at Jackson, Maine. Children :
Martin \'an Buren, born at Jackson, Maine,
November 8, 1835, resides in Dixmont, Maine;
farmer by occupation. Charles A., see for-

(III) Charles A. Tilton was born at Jack-
son, Waldo county, Maine, April 22, 1837, on
a farm. He attended the common school in
the vicinity of his home, and the knowledge
thus acquired was supplemented by a short
term at the high school. In 1858, at the age
of twenty-one, he left home and went to sea,
fishing from Gloucester, Massachusetts, but at
the expiration of two years abandoned this
pursuit and began to learn the trade of stone
cutting in Portland, Maine, which occupation
he followed until 1865. He then engaged in
the stove, tinware, plumbing, heating, paint
and oil business, in which line he continued
until July 16, 1904, when he disposed of his
br.siness to his son, Charles J. Tilton, and
William E. Allen. He was one of the most



successful business men of South Portland,
building his business up to large proportions
from a small beginning, he having only three
hundred dollars capital when he began his
mercantile career, but by dint of perseverance
and strict attention to all particulars he stead-
ily advanced and in due course of time became
a leading factor in the business world. He
has always been keenly alive to the interests of
his town, being among the first to forward
anv good cause, and his influence has always
been felt on the side of justice and right. Un-
til recent years he has been a staunch adherent
of Democratic principles and policies, but now
casts his vote for the candidate who in his
opinion is best qualified for office, irrespective
of party affiliation. He served in the capacity
of town clerk one year ; selectman seven years,
four years of which he was chairman of the
board ; treasurer two years ; representative to
state legislature two terms, 1889-91, during
which period he served on a number of im-
portant committees, such as towns and state
prison, and was secretary of all the committees
of which he was a member, rendering efficient
and capable service. He is consulted by his
townspeople on all matters of importance, and
his advice and counsel is always followed with
gratifying results. He is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal church, in the affairs of
which he takes a deep interest; in 1908 was
elected by the Maine conference, lay delegat©
to the general conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church which convened at Balti-
more, May 6 to June 2. igo8, an honor which
he appreciates more highly, if possible, than
any other ever conferred upon him by his
many friends. He has always been a member
of the official board of the church, for more
than twenty years served as class leader and
leader of the church choir, and for more than
twelve years was superintendent of the Sun-
day school. He is a member of Knights of
Pythias, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
and Golden Cross, being the treasurer of the
latter organization, in which capacity he has
served for several years, and also having filled
nearly all the other chairs in same. I\Ir. Til-
ton married, November 8, 1863, at Westport,
Maine. Arabine J. Hartlctt, born at Westport,
October 17. 1838. daughter of Joel and Mary
Bartlett, who were the parents of six chil-
dren, namely : Andrew, Jason R., Joel, Caro-
line. Arabine J. and Scott. Mr. Bartlett was
a seaman and farmer, served one term in state
legislature, as town clerk and in other offices
of trust and responsibility. Children of Mr.
and Mrs. Tilton : i. Elva 1?., horn Julv 21,

1865, died October 8, 1889; married, Febru-
ary 5, 1889, Charles X. Trefethen, a sketch of
whom precedes this in this work. 2. Charles
J., born November 28, 1867, married, June 6,
1890, Addie Wallace; two children: Albert
D. and Belle B. 3. Ada C, born January 12,
1872. married. May 12, 1898, John E. Fisher.
4. Helen Meta, born February 22, 1876, mar-
ried Ernest Kecne; one child, Neil T. Keene,
born March i, 1908.

(For preceding generations see Gowen Wilson I.)

(HI) William Wilson, son of
WILSON Joseph Wilson, was born Au-
gust 28, 1686, at Kittery,
Maine. He settled and always lived on or
near the estate on the west side of Spruce
Creek. He bought land of W^illiam Lewis,
December 29, 1709, a fifty-acre grant of date
May ID, 1703. He bought of the other heirs
their rights, and became the owner of his
father's and grandfather's homestead, besides
other land in the vicinity. He married, April
25, 171 1, Hopewell (Furbish) Hutchings,
widow of Enoch Hutchins Jr., whom she mar-
ried May 13, 1693. Her first husband died
April 3. 1706. She was taken captive by the
Indians during one of their raids, and carried
to Canada in 1705. There were two Enoch
Hutchins — father and son — killed by the In-
dians, both living near the head of the East-
ern Creek. The father was killed in 1698, and
the son in April. 1706, as stated, a year after
his wife and children were captured. A child
of Enoch was slain. A tradition tells the story
of the wooden shoe. Mrs. Hutchins and one
son, a boy of ten or twelve years, were carried
off after the savages had brutally killed her
youngest child before her eyes and had killed
or fatally wounded her husband. (This ac-
count does not correspond with the dale of his
death.) The boy was barefoot, and the jour-
ney through the woods injured his feet, so
his cantors gave him a pair of wooden shoes
to wear, but the shoes pinched him, and in his
exasperation he seized a tomahawk and with
a single blow split one of them from his feet.
The adroitness with which he dealt the blow
without touching his foot with the weapon, so
pleased his captors that they finally released
him and his mother. The boy kept the mate to
the broken shoe, and it has been handed down
to posterity, better preserved perhaps than the
story that goes with it. Mrs. Hutchins gave
birth to a child while in captivity at Spriel,
Canada. The children of Enoch and Hope-
well Hutchins: i. \\'illiam. born Augi:st i,
1694; ii. Thomas, September 20, 1696; iii.



Enoch, September 11, 1697; iv. Mary Cather-
ine, at Soricl, September, 1705. William Wil-
son died intestate, and his son Benjamin was
appointed administrator February 9, 1770.
Children of William and Hopewell W'ilson : i.
William, born January 27, 1711-12; mentioned
below. 2. Daniel, February 22, 17 13- 14. 3.
John, August 19, 171 5. 4. Mary, September,
1717, died in infancy. 5. Benjamin, Decem-
ber 22. 1718.

(I\') Williain (2), son of William (i)
Wilson, was born in Kittery, January 27,
1711-12. He is the ancestor of the present
owners of the Wilson property on the west
;side of Spruce Creek. He married Edah Bryar,
daughter of William and Alary (Cutt) Bryar,
in 1732-33. She was born in Kittery in 1712.
Children: i. Edmund. 2. Daniel. 3. .Anne.
4. Hannah. 5. Sarah.

(V) Edmund, son of William (2) Wilson,
was born in Kittery, May 20, 1743, and died
there March 14, 1825. He married, October
27, 1764, Susannah Gunnison, born Decem-
ber 4, 1746, died January 30, 1834, daughter
of Samuel and Jane { Fernald ) Gunnison, of
Kittery. They lived on the old homestead at
Kittery. Children, born at Kittery: i. Wil-
liam, April 8, 1767, died 1834. 2. Richard,
September 19, 1768, died 1848; married, July
10, 1791, Polly Fernald. 3. Jane, March 22,
1770, married John Bradeen, of Cornish, died
1847. 4- Eady, born March i, 1772, married
Roger Deering, of Kittery, died 1856. 5. Su-
sannah, married Thomas Guptill, of Cornish,
died 1812. 6. Betsey. March 5, 1777, died
1873 ; married W'illiam Briar, of Boothbay,
Maine. 7. Sally, born December 5, 1778; mar-
ried Samuel Hanscom, of Bow'doin, Maine,
died 1866. 8. Edmund, April 22, 1780, men-
tioned below. 9. Samuel Gunnison, Decem-
ber 16, 1781, died 1847; married Margaret
McFarland. 10. Hannah, October 24, 1763,
died 1858. II. Alice, September 22, 1785,
died 1819. 12. Colonel Gowen, September 19,
1788, died 1878; married Nancy Wentworth,
daughter of William and Wait (Salisbury)
(or Fernald) W'entworth ; their son Albert S.
now or lately possessed the old Wilson home-
stead on the west side of Spruce Creek.

(VI) Edmund (2), son of Edmund (i)
Wilson, was born in Kittery in 1780, and died
there in 1855. He married (first) Elizabeth
McCobb, of Boothbay, in 1805. She died in
1813. and he married (second) in 1814, Mar-
tha Pinkham. She died in 18 18, and he mar-
ried (third) in 1819, Betsey Young, who died
in 1840. Children: i. Ora, born 1805, died
j886; married, 1830, Mary Young, of Bristol,

sister of Edmund's third wife : children : i.
Emeline, born 1831, married, 1865. Rev. Ed-
ward J. White: ii. Rev. Gowen C, born 1833;
Congregational clergyman, living at Deering,
Maine ; married Martha B. Chamberlain, of
Bangor; (children: Charles Fred, born 1863;
Mary Chamberlain, 1867; Anna Burr, 1868;
Emma Darling, 1872; Martha Keen, 1875).
iii. Rev. Edwin Parker, born 1835, a Congre-
gational clergyman, settled in Deering, married
\'irginia Farnsw-orth, of Brighton, Maine;
(children: Marion F., born 1878, and Grace
Phillips, 1891); iv. Almira Jane, born 1837,
died unmarried, 1874; v. Ira Jr., 1842, died
1844; vi. Antoinette, born 1845, '•''-"d 1846;
vii. Mary Eliza, born 1847, resided in Jeffer-
son; viii. Leroy, born and died 1850. 2. Par-
ker, born 1806, died 1871 ; married Mary
Young, widow, of Wiscasset, Maine; children:
i. Mary Parker, born 1837, died 1871 ; ii. Hat-
tie Spear. 3. Samuel, born 1808, died 1884;
without issue. 4. Martha, born 1809, died 1886,
married Benjamin T. Elwell, then of Belfast,
and died at Petten without children. 5. Mary,
born 1811, died 1812. 6. Edmund, born 1812,
died 1866, married (first) Jennie E. Amos
and (second) Sarah Elizabeth Durham, who
died in 1878; children: i. Emily Redington,
born and died in 1844; ii. Eunice Emily, born

1848, died 1849; iii. Ada Frances, born 1854,
died 1857; iv. Jenette Frances, born 1857, died
1863; V. Alabel Elizabeth, born 1863, married
Harry Perkins Stearns. 7. Horace Alden,
born 1815, died 1871, married, 1848, Susa
E . born at Margaret, county Kent, Eng-
land ; children : i. Horace E., born in Belfast,

1849, died 1879, married Martha D. Wallis, o'f
Brooklyn, and has son Horace E., born 1878;
ii. Mafia E., born 1861 ; married J. M. Seavey ;
child, Agnes E., born 1878; iii. William L.,
born in Liverpool. England, 1852 ; iv. Ernest
Alden, born in Kennebunkport, Maine, 1861,
died 1863 ; v. Thomas H., born in Brooklyn,.
New York, 1863, died i8go; married Lillian
Hunt, and had child Henrietta, born i8go. 8.
Helen, born 1820; died 1843. 9- Joseph
Young, born 1821 : died 1873; married Eliza-
beth K. Chase, of New Castle, Maine, in i860;
children: i. Elsie Keene. born 1861 ; ii. Jo-
sephine Young, 1865 : iii. Elsie Keene. married,
1887, Ralph S. French, of Thomaston, Maine,
no children. 10. Antoinette, born 1825, died
1841. II. Albion Keith, born 1827, died 1831.

12. Otis Dow, born 1830, mentioned below.

13. Alonzo, born 1832, died 1859; married,
1857, Carrie E. Achorn, of L^nion, Maine, and
has one son Everard Irving, born 1896. 14.
Maria Louisa, born 1835; died 1856.



(\'I1) Otis D. Wilson, son of Edmund Wil-
son, was born in 1830. He was educated
in the public schools. In 1864 he want to the
Isthmus of Panama as assistant civil engineer,
and worked for several years upon the con-
struction of the Panama railroad, now owned
by the United States. Upon his return he car-
ried on a farm at Belmont, Maine. Later he
moved to Searsmont. Maine, where he now re-
sides. Mr. Wilson is a Republican in politics ;
he has been selectman, and was county com-
missioner for six years, and county treasurer
a number of years, retiring in 1907 on account
of his age. He is a justice of the peace, and
has devoted much of his time to conveyancing
and to settling estates. He is a man of the
highest integrity, and has held many private
and public trusts with ability and honor. He
has shown himself to be of unusual capacity
and sound judgment. He is held in the high-
est esteem by the people of his county and
town. He married, in 1852, Grace A. Pendle-
ton, born in Northport, Elaine, died in 1888.
Children: i. Howard Augustus, born 1853,
died 1854. 2. Manly Otis, born 1854; mar-
ried Estelle Davis, of Waldo, Maine, in 1880;
children : i. Stanley Davis, born 1881 ; ii.
Edith Carrie, 1882; iii. Amy Laurel, 1884. 3.
Lester Alonzo, born 1856; married in 1883,
Cora L. Davis, of Waldo ; children : i. Ethel
Maude, born 1884 ; ii. Hazel Lenore, about
1887; iii. Evelyn Marion. 1893. 4. Helen An-
nette, born 1858, married, 1883, Sidney B.
Kenne, of Appleton, Maine, now of Somcr-
ville, ^lassachusctts; child, died in infancy. 5.
Dr. Everard Allen, mentioned below. 6. Ed-
mund, born and died 1862. 7. Ednnmd, born
1865; married, 1893, Lena A. Partridge, of
Belfast, Maine, a druggist; no children.

(VIH) Dr. Everard Allen Wijson, son of
Otis Dow Wilson, was born in Belmont,
IMaine, in i860. He attended the public
schools and Kent's Hill Academy. He began
his business career as a druggist in partnership
with Dr. Kilgore, with a store at Belfast,
Maine. After fifteen years as an apothecary
he sold out his business interests and began the
study of medicine at the University of Ver-
mont Medical College, where he was graduated
in 1892, He was appointed demonstrator of
anatomy at the University of \'ermont, and
was for a vear and a half head house surgeon
of the hospital at Burlington, Vermont. He
opened an office and began to practice in Bel-
fast in 1894, and has enjoyed an excellent
practice to the present time in that city. He is
a Democrat in politics, and is city physician of
Belfast. He is a member of Timothv Chase

Lodge of Free Masons ; of Corinthian Chap-
ter, Royal Arch Masons; of King Solomon
Council, Royal and Select Masters ; and char-
ter member of Silver Cross Lodge, Knights of
Pythias, Belfast, and member of the Uni-

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