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Keziah. January 24, 1841-42: their children,
baptized at Wareham : Consider, John, Pa-
tience, Lydia. Jemima, Kcziah, baptized ^larch
31, 1745, Faith. Hope. His widow Keziah
married Adonijah Muxom, and was admitted
to the Sharon church, November 11, 1744.
Joseph Benson and Joseph Jr. lived also at

(IV) Joshua, son of John (3) Benson, was
born at Rochester, January 29, 1705. He re-
moved to Wareham and Middleborough. His
son Joshua is called Jr. some years after his
marriage. Children: i. Ichabod. mentioned
below. 2. Joshua Jr., born .August 7, 1746.
married Sarah Ellis; was lieutenant in the
revolution from ^Middleborough. 3. Eliza-
beth, July 4, 1749. 4. Consider, was lieutenant

in revolution from Middleborough ; resided
near the Methodist church. South Middle-
borough, and was one of the donors of the
cemetery there in 1768. 5. Isaac, in revolu-
tion from Middleborough, Colonel Theopliilus
Cotton's regiment, 1775.

(V) Ichabod, son of Joshua Benson, was
born in Middleborough about 1740. He mar-
ried (intention June 29, 1776) Mrs. Abigail
Griffith, of Middleborough. He was a soldier
in the revolution, in Captain William Shaw's
company (first Middleborough), .April 19,
1775, and marched to Marshfield; also in Cap-
tain Philip Amidon's company. Colonel Dean's
regiment, 1781, at Rhode Island; he is also
credited with service from Alendon, Massa-
chusetts, in Captain Reuben Davis' company.
Colonel Luke Drury's regiment, 1781. He
died at Livermore, Maine, in 1833. and is
buried there. Other soldiers of the family in
the revolution were Joshua Jr., John, Roland,.
Isaac, Asa, and Aquila, of Middleborough.
Although a record of the birth of Ichabod
Benson cannot be found, it appears to be cer-
tain that he was the son of Joshua, for we
find three gravestones standing in a field now
owned by a Mr. Cushing, in Wareham, Mas-
sachusetts. One marks the grave- of a boy
named Morrison, and one bears the inscrip-
tion of "Polly" six years old, daughter of
Ichabod and Abigail Benson. The other
stone bears the following inscription : "'In
memory of Joshua Benson who died October,
ye 9, 1781 in the 78 year of his age."

"Death is a debt to Nature due,
Which I have paid and so must you."

The age given at death is not correct, if the
date of birth given above is correct, but an
error of one or two years would not be im-
possible in those early days of imperfect rec-

After the revolution. Ichabod removed to
Bakcrstown. Maine, of which he was one of
the pioneer settlers. When the town of Poland
was incorporated he was elected moderator of
the first town meeting, August 21, 1799. This
town was later divided into Minot and Poland,
and September 21, 1801, he was elected repre-
sentative of the town to negotiate with the
of the town into IMiiiot and Poland. He was
general court of Massachusetts for the divisio-
a farmer and prominent citizen. July 5, 1805,
he was chosen a member of the committee
which built the first Minot Centre Meeting
House. His children : i. Sarah E. 2. Betsey.
3. Ichabod Jr. 4. .Stephen, mentioned below.
5. Clarissa, married William Swett, of Otis-
field, Maine, later lived at Portland, Maine.



6. Wealthy, married, August 5. 1805, Dr. I'.on-
jamin Chandler. 7. Joshua, lived in Roxhury.
Massachusetts. Although twice married, he
left no children. He acquired a large prop-
erty and at his death owned a large amount
of real estate in Roxhury. His will, dated
September 14, 1874, after making numerous
bequests and providing annuities for his widow
and sister, Sarah E. Holmes, of Lewiston
(widow of Ezekiel Holmes, AI. D.), during
their lifetime, gave all the real estate and
residue of his estate to Bates College, Lewis-
ton, Maine, section eight of the will being as
follows: "All the rest, residue and remainder
of my estate however described or wherever
situated I give, devise and bequeath to the
Bates College of Lewiston in the State of
Maine subject to the conditions that the said
College shall provide the means of a college
education in the said Bates College to all such
male lineal descendants of my late father
Ichabod Benson as are of suitable age, and
are in suitable mental condition to receive and
profit by the same, who are known to said
College, or who may apply for the benefit of
this provision of mj' will for the term of sev-
enty-five years, and it is my will and I do
hereby direct that the surplus which may be
paid to said College by my executors under
the provision of this will be appropriated by
said College for the education of the said
male descendants of said Ichabod Benson in
the same manner and for the same time as
hereintofore provided with respect to the
residuary estate." The property which by
the article of the will above quoted is located
in the Roxbury district of the city of Boston,
and since the death of the testator, w-hich oc-
curred a few years after the date of the will,
has become enhanced in value. Before the
termination of flie seventy-five years of the
trust, it is probable that the estate, together
with the surplus that is annually paid to the
College and the accumulations thereof, will
reach a very large sum, a very small amount
having been used to pay the expenses of edu-
cating beneficiaries up to the present time
(January, 1909).

Dr. Peleg Benson, born at Middleboro,
1766, removed to W'inthrop, Maine; married
Polly Page, died at W'inthrop. 1848. His son,
Samuel P. Benson, born at Winthrop, 1825,
graduated from Bowdoin College, studied law,
and practiced at Winthrop; member of state
legislature 1834 and 1836; secretary of state
of Maine, 1838-41 ; elected to thirty-third
congress as a Whig; re-elected to thirty-
fourth congress as a Republican. After his

retirement from congress he resumed the prac-
tice of law, and was appointed one of the
overseers of Bowdoin College ; died at Yar-
mouth, Maine, August 12, 1876.

(\T) Stephen, son of Ichabod and Abigail
Benson, was born at Middleboro, Massachu-
setts, June 8, 1777, where he lived until after
the close of the revolutionary war. Ichabod
Benson and family, including Stephen, moved
from Middleboro, Massachusetts, to Bakers-
town, Maine, soon after peace was established.
Rev. Jonathan Scott (records December 2,
1800, at Poland) married Stephen Benson and
Rebekah Cummings, both of Poland. Soon
after his marriage he moved to the town of
Otisfield, and from there to Livermore; later
to Buckfield ; from Buckfield he moved to
Waterville, in 1834, and located in the west
part of the town, where for many years he
kept a public house called "Benson's Tavern,"
v.'hich was the station for the Bangor and
Portland stages. At that time all hotels kept
a bar or tap-room where liquors w^ere sold,
but for many years no liquors were dispersed
at the Benson House. i\Ir. Benson also owned
a large farm which he managed successfully.
He was deeply interested in the Baptist church
and all public affairs of the towns. His death
occurred at the hotel, August 29, 1852, and
Rebekah, his wife, died at the same place, De-
cember 14, 1854. Both are buried in the
cemetery at Oakland, Maine. Children of
Stephen and Rebekah Benson :

1. Seth Ellis, born November 30, 1801, see

2. Rebecca, born at Poland, Maine, Octo-
ber 29, 1803, died at Turner, Maine, October
6, 1874. Alarried Isaac Teague, of Turner;
children : i. Benjamin Franklin, born at Tur-
ner, married Louisa Holmes, of Turner, and
died at Auburn, IMaine ; children : Arthur A.,
born October 4, 1853 ; Ada, born June 14,
1862; Edith, ii. Isaac Newton, born in Turner,
June 2, 1835, married, January i, 1856, Han-
nah B. Jones, of Turner; died at Lewiston,
Maine, August 4, 1867; children: William H.,
born October 6, 1857, married, July 11, 1876,
Carrie F. Wormwood ; Ella Alay, born Lewis-
ton, January 28, 1862, married, November 14,
1882, George H. Hale and they have a son,
John T., born Lewiston, June 14, 1890.

3. Sewall, born at Poland, November 19,
1806, died at San Francisco, October 7, 1874;

married ■ ; child, Ellen, married William

B. Story, and their children were : William
B. ; Frank ; Grace, married Frank Nash ; Al-
bert, married Zillie Hayford, January i, 1887.

4. Benjamin Chandler, born at Poland, Feb-



ruary 17, 1809, died at Oakland, October 8,
1894; when a boy he lived with his uncle, Dr.
lienjamin Chandler, in Hebron, where he was
educated. Later he lived at Oakland, where
he was engaged in the manufacture of car-
riages and sleighs for many years. He was
selectman, representative tO the legislature,
active in church work, and president of Oak-
land National Bank. He married, in 1837,
Lucy D. Hitchings, of W'aterville, born June
9. 1802, died March 23, 1879. Children: i.
Eliza, born November 2, 1839, died June 5,
1906; married Marcus M. iiartlett; child,
Alice May, born June, 1864, died 1896. ii.
Elizabeth Cummings, born March 15, 1842,
married, June 9, 1857, Albert A. Parker; chil-
dren: Carrie Eva, died February 4, 1909;
married, October 25, 1882, Walter H. Davis
and they have a son, Alyron M., born at Au-
gusta, July 12, 1 886,; Fred Chandler, born
October 25, 1862, married, September 6, 1891,
Clara Hilton,, and they have a son, Alton A.,
born June 16, 1893; ^lyon A., born Septem-
ber 12, 1865. iii. Annie M., born Oakland,
August 4, 1846, married, June 28, 1871, Emu-
lus N. Small, and they have a son, Dean Ben-
son, born April 8, 1879, married, June 27,
1907, Alice l>. Bassett. iv. Mary Kimball,
l)orn Oakland, January 13, 1850, died June 3,
1902; married, June 10, 1871, William K.
I'inkham, who died February 7, 1902. v.
Alice Hitchings, born June ii, 1854, married,
October 16, 1878, Chester E. A. Winslow, and
they have one son, Arthur Eugene, born No-
vember 13, 1884, graduated from Dartmouth
College, 1906, married, February 3, 1909,
Elizabeth Tyrrell Stobie.

5. Russell Cummings, born at Poland, De-
cember 2, 181 1, died at Oakland, August 10,
1887; lived at Oakland, Maine, and was a
very devout Christian, and deacon of the Bap-
tist church. He was an expert tempcrer of
axes, also carried on a farm. Married, De-
cember I, 1836, Abigail S. Dunbar, of Sharon,
Massachusetts, born January 31, 181 5. Chil-
dren : i. Adelaide, born at Sharon, Massachu-
setts, November 20, 1839, married, December
15, 1858, Ephraim Sawyer; children: Edmund
J., born January 18, i860, died September 7,
1867, and Elizabeth Agnes, born June 23,
1869, married, September 20, 1899, George E.
Martin, of Somerville, Massachusetts, and they
have one son, Russell Saw^yer, born in Boston,
April 26, 1904. ii. George Tyler, born April
17, 1841, educated in public schools at Oak-,
land ; learned trade of carriage ironer ; en-
listed April 30. 1861, in Company G, Third

Maine Infantry, Captain F. S. Hazeltine, and
Colonel Oliver O. Howard plater General
Howard), assigned to Army of Potomac, was
at battle of P^irst Bull Run, Williamsburg,
Seven days fight near Richmond, Malvern Hill,
Second Bull Run, Chantilly, besides various
minor engagements ; honorably discharged De-
cember 7, 1862, on account of physical dis-
ability, and was unable to do any work for
four years. He w-as made postmaster at Oak-
land by President Garfield, and served effi-
ciently for six years. Married, December 16,
1869, Susan E. Pollard, of Waterville; chil-
dren : Louise May, born at Waterville, No-
vember 20, 1872; Ellen Shaw, born at Oak-
land, October 15, 1874, married, September 4,
1895, Herbert L. Wilbur, son of L. K. Wil-
bur, of Easton, Massachusetts; children: Her-
bert Hudson, born Oakland, January 22, 1901,
John Benson, Oakland, July 25, 1904, Eliza-
beth, Geneva, New York, March 4, 1906. iii.
Herbert Alonzo, born August 14, 1843, died
January 22, 1909; married, December 14,
1867, Sabra P. Townsend, of Oakland; chil-
dren: Oral T., born October 24, 1868, mar-
ried, April 7, i8g6, Nellie Gallagher, and Ruel
Allan, born y\pril 7, 1877. 'v- Martha W.,
born Oakland, married, June 3, 1873, Frank
Sawtelle ; children : Fred W., born June 4,
1877, married, September 24, 1900, Greta
Bigelow, of Winthrop, Maine, and their chil-
dren are: Ralfe B., born July 22, 1902, Ben-
son S., October 2, 1905, Charles K., May 8,
1907; Ina C, born March 14, 1880, married,
December 25, 1900, James W. Eastman, of
Fryeburg, Maine; children: Clili'ord, born
February 25, 1902, Harold T., January 23,
1904, Robert D., December 21, 1905. v. Sarah,
born 1852. vi. Edward Curtis, born 1854,
died March 21. 1888; married, November 25,
1875, Carrie E. Blake; children: John Will-
iam, born January 10, 1877, married, Septem-
ber 27, 1905. Maude Isabelle Foss, of Wayne;
Alice A., born September 17, 1878, married,
September 17, 1896, George H. Blaisdell, and
their children were : Edward Russell, born
October 3, 1898, Helen Cora, November 15,
1899, Arthur Herbert, December 30, 1901 ;
Leon C, born April 11, 1881. He married
(second) July 15, 1900, Hattie McClure
Brown, vii. Cora Louise, born at Oakland,
married, August 17, 1875, Charles H. Benja-
min; children: Marion, born October 9, 1881,
Barbara, April 17, 1890, Harold, March 18,
1892, died October 21, 1896.

6. Albert, born at Livermore, October 30,
1817, died at Boston, Massachusetts, October





13, 1847, leaving a widow, Anna L. (White)
Benson. He was the first ticket agent at Bos-
ton of the Boston & Maine railroad.

7. George Burder, born at Buckfield, May
26, 1824, died at Oakland, June 16, igoo. He
lived at Buckfield until ten years of age, then
moved to Waterville and practically spent all
his life there. He lived in the western part
of the town which was later set off and called
West Waterville, and subsequently changed to
Oakland. He married, August 14, 1849, E^'
vira M. Conforth, daughter of Colonel Robin-
son and Rosetta (Young) Conforth, and
granddaughter of Robert Conforth, who came
from England and settled first at Readfield in
■I 797. where he built a woolen mill which he
operated for several years; he also built for
himself a brick house, the first to be built in
the town ; the house is now standing and oc-
cupied ; he later moved to Rhode Island, where
he died. Colonel Robinson Conforth owned
a carding mill at Oakland, which he operated,
but later sold it and moved to the town of
Springfield, Penobscot county, where he
cleared a farm and lived on it until his death
in 1871. George B. and Elvira M. Benson
•celebrated the fiftieth anniversary o^iheir mar-
riage, August 14, 1899, at Oakland, and all
their five children and many grandchildren
were present. Children: i. Albert White,
born June 23, 1850, educated in public schools
at Oakland, went to Bangor and was em-
ployed at Maine Central railroad station as
telegraph operator ; was appointed ticket agent
.in 1870 and has held the position since that
time. Married, January i, 1875, Sarah Gil-
man Smith, daughter of Oilman P. Smith, of
Bangor. Children : Kate Lillian, born No-
vember 20, 1875, married, September 4, 1899,
Frank Holbrook Davis, of Bangor, and their
■children are: Plelen i\Iaud, born May 10,
1900, and Albert Benson, September 25, 1903;
Frank Smith, born November 17, 1878, mar-
ried, November 19, 1908, Edith F. Libby, of
Auburn ; Hazel Marguerite, born December

23, 1885-.

Charles Cummings, born at

Wayne, Maine, March i, 1852, educated in
public schools at C)akland; in 1869 he was
employed as messenger at the Western Union
Telegraph office in Lewiston, where he learned
to be a telegraph operator, and was manager of
the Lewiston office 1870 to 1872, when he
went to Bangor for a few months as Asso-
ciated Press operator. In 1873 went to Bur-
lington, Iowa, where he was manager of the
Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Company's office.
On account of illness, he returned to Maine in
1874 and was appointed agent of the Maine

Central railroad at Lewiston in 1876, where
he remained until 1898, when he was elected
city treasurer of Lewiston, receiving the un-
usual compliment of the unanimous vote of
the city council. He served for several years
as a member of the Republican city committee
of Lewiston, was chairman of the committee
in 1890-91-92; member of the Republican
state committee of Maine representing Andro-
scoggin county for four years ; member of
Lewiston city council in 1889, alderman, 1890-
91, and water commissioner, 1893-99. Since
retiring from the office of city treasurer, Mr.
Benson has been engaged in the banking busi-
ness in Lewiston. iii. Rosetta C, born at
Oakland, June 27, 1865, educated in public
schools of the town and at Waterville Classi-
cal Institute. She married, August 26, 1874,
Frederick H. White, of Boston, son of Alfred
and Eunice (Allen) White, of Topsham,
Maine. After residing in Boston one year,
removed to Lewiston, Maine. Children : Al-
fred Benson, born at Lewiston. February 25,
1876, attended the public schools, entered
Bowdoin College, graduating in the class of
1898, and from Harvard Law School in 1901,
and has since been enga'ged in his chosen
profession in Boston and New York ; Saint
John, born June 24, 1879, who in early youth
displayed marked evidence of the rare gifts
which he possessed, having a spiritual, artistic
and poetic temperament that found primary
expression in music, of which he was pas-
sionately fond and to which he devoted un-
tiring energy. Before reaching his teens grave
shadows of disease appeared, but so insidious
was its development that before it was fairly
recognized by attending physicians it was be-
yond control. After a most valiant and heroic
struggle for health, the life that was so sweet,
promising and happy was peacefully and
cheerfully surrendered on March 3, 1899. Mrs.
Rosetta C. White is well and favorably known
from her active and prominent work with
women's clubs. Deeply interested in educa-
tional, social and civic movements, she was
a pioneer in the service. She has served
the local, district, state and national federa-
tions with credit and success. In 1907 she
was elected state president of the Maine Fed- •
eration of Women's Clubs, filling the office for
two consecutive years. Li^nder her adminis-
tration the scope of the organization was
broadened and intensified. Although promi-
nent, she is retiring and womanly. To her
the home is of first importance, and she ad-
vocates club work as a help and inspiration
to the home life. While not professional, she



has literary taste and ability, many of her
addresses, sketches and poems have received
honorable mention, iv. Harry Robinson, born
at Oakland, Maine, July 9, 1859, and received
his education in the public schools of that
town. He married, November li, 1885, in
Lewiston, Sarah C. Allen, born at East Au-
burn. August 13. 1864, and has since lived
in Winthrop, where he was station agent for
more than twentv years. Children: Susan
Marie, born March 16, 1887; Edith Mae,
April 3. i888: Charles Willard, May 9, 1889;
Fred Greely, February 19. 1892; Clyde Allen,
August 23,' 1896; Mildred Emily, September
12, 1897: Bessie Louise, August 29, 1898. v.
Willard. born at Oakland. Maine, May 7, 1867,
educated in public schools of Oakland, lived in
Bangor and Bar Harbor several years, where
he was in the employ of the Maine Central
Railroad Company : later entered the service of
the Canadian Pacific Railroad and was the
representative of that company in Boston for
several years ; subsequently engaged in the life
insurance business. He married, March i,
1899, in Boston, Dorothy Magoon, daughter
of James D. and Hannah (Wood) Magoon,
of Providence, Rhode Island, and now resides
at Waban, Massachusetts.

(VH) Seth Ellis, oldest son of Stephen
Benson, was born at Otisfield, Maine, No-
vember 30, 1 801, died at Bangor, November
24. 1870. He married Eleanor Grace Deane,
of Portland, and lived in Boston for several
years, later moving to Bangor. He was for
many years prominent in business circles of
Bangor, taking especial interest in the public
schools and all public affairs. He was active
in church work, and like all the Bcnsons, a
Baptist. Children: i. Seth Ellis, born in Bos-
ton, January 4, 1828, died October, 1903; mar-
ried Hannah Elizabeth Hall, of Rockland,
Maine : he lived in Melrose, Massachusetts,
for many years, where he was a prominent
citizen. 2. Sarah Ellen, born in I'oston, Octo-
ber 28, 1830, died in Lancaster, New Hamp-
shire, May 9. 1897; married. March 9, 1852,
Frederick Elias Shaw; children: i. Mary Ella,
born September 3, 1854, married, June 8,
1875, Daniel Stone Page, of Maiden, Massa-
chusetts ; children : Ethel Montgomery, born
.•\pril 2. 1876. married, September 19, 1907,
Henry Scldcn Johnston; Marguerite Cutter,
born June 26. 1879. married. April 15. 1904,
Walter Albert Hcrsey, and they have two
children: Winthrop Page, born March 15,
1906, and Francis Prescott, born December i,
1907; Bertha Benson, born December 21, 1882 ;

Dorothea Shaw, born April 30, 1889; Donald
Shaplcigh, born June 21, 1893. ii. Nellie Ben-
son, born June 11, 1856, died February 7,
1905. iii. Elizabeth Phillips, born November
25, 1857, married, December 2, 1881, Walter
H. Lynch ; child, Lawrence Deane, born De-
cember 14, 1899. iv. Harriet Emerson, born
September 26, 1859, married June 2, 1882,
Dr. J. W. Whidden; child, Harold Franklin,
bom November 10, 1884. v. Annie Deane,
born October 4, 1861, married, October 23,
1883, W'ilbur F. Burns ; child. Hazel Deane,
born December 27, 1884. 3. George Henry,
born in Boston, December 28, 1833, <i's^ ^t
Pensacola, Florida, in 1863, while serving in
the United States army. 4. Mary Eliza, born
at Boston, December 20, 1835, "J'^d at Bangor,
October 4, 1880; married, June 13, 1867,
George Savery, of Bangor. 5. Benjamin
Chandler, born at Bangor, November 15, 1838,
died at Georgetown, D. C, September 5, 1862,
in service of his country. 6. Annie Rebecca,
born at Bangor, June 27, 1841, died there
October 9, 1878; married, December 25, 1867,
Edwin Houston, of Bangor. 7. Stephen Deane,
born at Lincoln, Alaine, February 3, 1844,
educated m public schools of Bangor, enlisted
in Company A, Second Maine Infantry, also
served in Company A, Thirty-first Alaine In-
fantry, wounded twice at battle of Fredericks-
burg, also twice at Spottsylvania, and left the
service with rank of first lieutenant. Mar-
ried. January 5, 1871, at Bangor, Adelia Eve-
lyn Pendleton, and he has since resided there.
Children : i. Harry Deane, born at Bangor,
September 13. 1S72, married. June 26, 1901,
Susan E. McCann ; child, Henry Deane, born
at Bangor, October 9, 1906. ii. Bessie Pendle-
ton, born at Bangor, July 7, 1882. 8. Charles
Russell, born at Bangor, October 14, 1846,
married (first) Martha Godfrey; (second)
Sarah Nickerson, of Boston; (third) Georgia
Kimball, of Boston. 9. William Francis, born
at Bangor, February 21, 185 1, died February
24, 1851.

In August, 1907, thirty or more of the de-
scendants of Stephen and Rebekah Benson met
at Blake"s Island in Lake Messalonskee, Oak-
land, and before leaving the island organized
the Stephen Benson Association, the object
being to hold annual meetings at that place
in future years. George T. Benson was elected
president and Alice H. Winslow secretary-
treasurer. This association has met every
year since at the same place in the month of
August with increased interest and larger at-



Philip Stanwood first ap-

STANWOOD pears in New England his-
tory in the town of
Gloucester, on Cape Ann, in 1652, and in the
records is frequently mentioned as Goodman,
thus indicating the certain distinction in social
position which was accorded him. He was
fence viewer in 1654 and afterward, select-
man in 1658 and four times afterward. He
died August 7, 1672, and his witlow Jane
afterward married John Pearce. Philip and
Jane Stanwood had children : Philip, John,
Mary, Jane, Samwell (Samuel), Jonathan,
Naomi. Ruth and Hannah.

(H) Jonathan, son of Philip and Jane
Stanwood, was born in Gloucester, Massachu-
setts, March 29, 1661. Little is known of his
life except that he lived to attain the age of
eighty-four years, and died in 1745, leaving
real and personal property of the appraised
value of about two hundred pounds. He mar-
ried, December 2"]^ 1688. Mary Nichols, of
West Amesbury. Children: i. Jonathan, born
December 6, 1689, died April 27, 1693. 2.
Thomas, born April 5, 1692, died February 6,
1715. 3. Rachel, born August 14, 1694, died

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