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appointed major at Saco (he settled Black
Point), and at the same time was directed to
assist in keeping court at York. In 1663, when
New Hampshire was a royal provmce, it was
governed bv a president and eight councillors
appointed bv King Charles II, and Brian Pen-
dleton was one of the councillors. In 1672 he
was relieved of military duty and his regi-
ment was placed under command of Major
John Leavctt. He was commissioner of York
county in 1675-76. On June 12, 1676, he pur-
chased seven hundred acres of land in West-
erly, Rhode Island, from John Paine, of Bos-
ton, and gave to his son James a life interest
in the estate.

Brian Pendleton was possessed of a large
estate, probably larger than that of any other
man in Portsmouth. A description of him,
probably written by Edward Randolph, was as
follows: "Major Brian Pendleton, a man of
Saco river, of great estate, but very precise,
independent, beloved by all his fraternity, being
an enemy to both the king's interest and to Mr.
George's interest, also a great ring leader of
others to the interest of his power." He was
recruited in the Ancient and Honorable Ar-
tillery in 1646. Abstract of the public service
of Major Brian Pendleton, taken from the
records of the governor and company of the
Massachusetts Bay colony in New England :
"Brian Pendleton, member of the court at
Newton April 18, 1637; grand juror Boston,
March 17, 1637; representative to the court,
March 17, 1638 and May 2, 1638; appointed
commissioner, Sudbury, September 4. 1639;
appointed to train the company at Sudbury
September 4, 1640: magistrate to settle suit,
May 26, 1646; deputy at Strawberry Branch
May 18. 1653; commissioner to lay out land
at Colhithuit May 26, 1647 ; auditor of magis-
trates expenses March, 1648; deputy at Bos-
ton general court May 10, 1648; appointed
commissioner at Isle of Shoals ]May 18, 1653;
deputy at Portsmouth May 3. 1654; associate
judge at Strawberry Branch October 23. 1651
and at Kittery May 18, 1653; commissioner
at Portsmouth October 19, 1658. re-appointed
October 2, 1663 ; commissioned captain at
Portsmouth October 13, 1664; appointed mag-
istrate of York county Maine colony May 20,
1668; commissioned major October 23, i668;
appointed associate judge of York county May
12, 1675. re-appointed May 5, 1676." Major
Pendleton returned from Saco to Portsmouth,
New Hampshire, in 1676 and died there in
1687. He was survived by his wife Eleanor,

son James, and daughter Mary, who married
Seth Fletcher.

(II) Captain James, son of Brian and
Eleanor Pendleton, was born in England about
1628 and died in Westerly, Rhode Island, No-
vember 29, 1709. He is mentioned as of
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Westerly,
Rhode Island, Stonington, Connecticut, in
1674, and Westerly again September 17, 1679,
w-here he took the oath of allegiance. ^lay
28, 1676, he w-as appointed justice of the
peace, and in 1687-88 was justice of the in-
ferior court of common pleas. He married
(first) October 22, 1647, Mary Palmer, who
died November 7, 1655, having borne him
three children: i. James, November i, 1650,
died young. 2. Mary. 3. Hannah. Pie mar-
ried (second) April 29, 1656, Hannah Good-
enow, who died in 1709, daughter of Ed-
mund and Anna Goodenow. The children of
this marriage were : 4. Brian, September 27,
1659, died young. 5. Joseph. December 29,
1661. 6. Edmond, June 24. 1664, died 1750;
married Mary , and had Edmond, Han-
nah, Mary, Rebecca and one other daughter.
7. Ann, November 12, 1667, married, October
18, 1693, Eleazer Brown, born August 4, 1670,
died November 30, 1704 : had Jonathan, James,
Eleazer, Anna. Ebenezer. Mary, Hannah, Pa-
tience, Abigail and Ruth Brown. 8. Caleb,
August 8, 1669, died 1746; married and had
James. Sarah, Hannah, Caleb, Elizabeth, Brian,
Ann, Read, Susannah and Ruth. 9. Sarah,
died young. 10. Eleanor, married William
Walker. 11. Dorothy, died 1747: married
Nicholas Cottrell, died 1716, and had Nicholas,
Nathaniel, Samuel, Marv and Dorothy Cot-

(HI) Ensign Joseph, son of Captain James
and Hannah (Goodenow) Pendleton, was born
in Westerly. Rhode Island. December 29. i6fii,
and died in September, 1706. He took the
oath of allegiance September 17, 1679, and
was town clerk of Westerly in 1702-03-05.
After his death his property inventoried as of
the value of one hundred and fifty-five pounds,
seventeen shillings, and included three beds,
twelve chairs, pewter, two wheels, gun, two
oxen, ten cows, six yearlings, three steers, a
bull, seven calves, twenty-three sheep, nine
geese. He married (first) July 8, 1696, De-
borah Miner, who died September 8, 1697,
daughter of Ephraim and Hannah (Avery)
Miner. He married (second) December 11,
1700, Patience Potts, who died in 1706, daugh-
ter of William Potts. By wife Deborah he
had Deborah, born August 29. 1697, and by
second wife Patience he had Joseph, born



March 3, ijoj; William, March 2^, 1704;
Joshua, February 22, 1706.

(IV) Colonel William, son of Ensign Jo-
seph and Patience (Potts) Pendleton, was born
in Westerly, Rhode Island, March 23, 1704.
He married (first) Lydia Barrows, and (sec-
ond) Mary McDowell, of Chesborough, Con-

(V) Captain Peleg, son of Colonel William
Pendleton, was born in \N'esterly, Rhode
Island, February 12, 1732, died July 12, 1810.
He was a mariner and frequently was at the
eastward previous to the revolutionary war.
He came to [Maine about 1782, and according
to tradition lived for a time in Islesborough,
but in 1783 removed to that part of Prospect
which now is Searsport. "It is safe to say that
his sons and his grandsons have all been master
mariners, and the sails of their ships have
whitened every sea known to commerce."
Captain Pendleton married in Stonington,'
Connecticut, September 7, 175S, Ann Park, "a
woman fit to be the wife of an emigrant to a
new country." She died March 20, 1817.
They had eleven children, all born in Westerly :
I. Peleg Jr., June 22, 1760, lost at sea about
1781. 2. Ann. June 4, 1762, did not settle in
Maine. 3. Abigail, December 2, 1764, died
December 7, 1764. 4. Thomas, June 4, 1767,
died June 8, 1801. 5. William, July, 1769,
lived in Islesborough and Searsport ; married
(published) January 9, 1795, Nancy Pendle-
ton, of Islesborough ; he died in Searsport in
March, 1824; his children, born in Islesbor-
ougli, were Nancy, April 27, 1797; Lois,
April 12, 1799; Peleg, May 8, 1801, married
Betsey Brown; Joseph, April 11, 1803, and
others. 6. Joseph, twin with William, July,
1769, lived and died in Islesborough. 7. Abi-
gail, August II, 1771, died 1815; married
Eben Griffin, of Searsport. 8. Lydia, twin

with Abigail, August 11, 1771, married

Wilcox, of Stonington, Connecticut, and did
not settle in Maine. 9. Greene, June 21, 1774.
10. Prudence, October 5, 1777, died Novem-
ter 24, 1854; married Alexander Nichols, of
Searsport, who died !March 6, 1824. 11.
Phineas, September 26, 1780, lived in Sears-
port, married and had twelve children.

(VI) Captain Greene, son of Captain Peleg
Pendleton and Ann Park, was born in West-
erly, Rhode Island, June 21, 1774, died in
Searsport, Maine, April 12, 1863. He mar-
ried, in 1795, Nancy Park, who was born in
October, 1776, died October 6, 1839. They
had nine children: i. Nancy, born October
12, 1797, died March, 1863; married James
.Stowers, had one child, Abbie Stowers. 2.

Abigail, June 26. 1800, died July 11, 1881 ;
married Martin liailey, had one child. Abbie
Bailey. 3. Catherine, August 14, 1802, died
November 17, 1879: married William Clif-
ford, and had Edward, William G., Ann and
Alvena Clififord. 4. Greene, September 2,
1804, died July 16, 1874: married (first) Mary
Brooks; (second) 1847, Sarah, widow of
Charles M. Pendleton; had by first wife
Christopher B., Brooks and Everett Pendle-
ton. 5. John P., April 20, 1807, died Decem-
ber 2, 1847; married Amanda Sherbourne, had
Sarah, Mary, Amanda and Andrew S. Pen-
dleton. 6. Benjamin, May 13, 1810, died July
29, 1851 ; married Nancy Nichols, had Esther
H. (Griffin) and Martha A. (Erskine). 7.
Charles N.. April 13, 1813, died May 16, 1862;
married Sarah Park, had Charles H., born'
November 31, 1838, died June 2, 1862; Al-
bert N., November 16, 1840, died August 5,
1862; Edmund B., April 28, 1843, died June
10, 1872; William C, August 23, "1845; Sarah
P. (Staples), July 13. 1848; Clifton A., Sep-
tember 22, 1850; Ada B. (Noyes), September
12, 1856. 8. Christopher L., F"ebruary 17,
1816, died August 22, 1854; married Myra
Haines, g. James Hervey, January 13, 1819.

(VII) James Hervey, son and ninth child
of Greene and Nancy (Park) Pendleton, was
born in Searsport, Maine, January 13, 18 19,
died February 22, igoS. He married, De-
cember 12. 1841, Esther H., daughter of
Phineas and Nancy ( Gilmore) Pendleton. She
died September 6. 1907. Their children, all
born in Searsport, Maine, were: i. Emily
Jane, March 31, 1846. 2. Frank Irving, No-
vember 10, 1848. 3. James Nelson, November
I, 1853. 4. Prudence Griffin (McGilvery),
October 17, 1857.

(VIII) Captain Frank Irving, son of James
Hervey and Esther H. (Pendleton) Pendle-
ton, was born in Searsport, Maine, November
10, 1848, and was educated in the public
schools of that town. At the age of sixteen
years he went to sea and for several years
followed the coastwise trade. At the age of
twenty-one he was made master and for a
number of years traded between the gulf states
and England. He was an energetic man and
a good trader and soon accumulated the capital
necessary to purchase an interest in the ves-
sels which he sailed. From 1880 until the time
of his retirement in 1901 he engaged in trade
with various foreign countries, including China
and Japan, the latter of which only a few
mariners had the courage to visit. During this
time he was captain of the "John C. Potter,"
"David Brown," "Nancy Pendleton," "William



H. Connor" and "Mary L. dishing." At the
time of his retirement in 1901 Captain Pendle-
ton returned to Searsport and was soon after-
ward elected president of the Searsport Na-
tional Bank and of the Searsport Savings
Bank. He also has serve(^ as selectman and
member of the school board. He is a mem-
ber of Mariners' Lodge, .A.. F. and A. M.,
Searsport Chapter. R. A. M., is a Republican
and is a consistent member of the Congrega-
tional church. On November 24, 1874, he
married Ella J. Er.'ikine. and by her had two
children, Benjamin Franklin and Irving Ers-
kine, twins, born December 23, 1879, the
former of whom died August 7, 1880. Mrs.
Ella J. ( Erskine) Pendleton died December
.24, 1879. Mr. Pendleton married (second)
Harriet (Erskine) Gilmorc, a sister of the first

(IX) Irving Erskine, son and only sur-
viving child of Captain Frank and Ella J.
(Erskine) Pendleton, was born in Searsport,
Maine, December 23, 1879, and received his
early education in the public schools of that
town and of Bucksport Seminary. Later on
he entered the Maine Wesle}an Seminary at
Kent's Hill, and graduated from there in
igoo. He then entered the dental department
of Tufts College, graduating from there with
the degree of D. AI. D. in 1903. He at once
began the practice of his profession in Lewis-
ton, Maine, where he has built up a large and
profitable clientele. He is a Mason, belongs to
Rabboni Lodge, No. 150, A. F. and A. M., of
Lewiston ; King Hiram Chapter, No. 9, R. A.
M.; Dunlap Council, of Lewiston, and past
patron of the auxiliary Order of the Eastern
Star. In politics a Republican and in religion
a Congregationalist. .

Though the Perrv familv were
PERRY settled in the southern Jialf of
England, chiefly in Somerset,
Cornwall, Gloucester and Esse.x counties, it is
thought by some that they were of Welsh
origin. The Hon. Amos Perry, of the Rhode
Island Historical Society, and for many years
its librarian, was strongly inclined to th'ii
opinion. Among the Welsh names appears
Ap Flarry (or son of Harry), which later
became Parry and was soon corrupted to
Perry. On early record in England and
America it was written : Pury, Pary, Perrie
and Parrie, but Perry has since been uni-
versally adopted.

(l) John Perry, the .American ancestor of
this family, was born in England and came
to this country 1631, it is said, with Rev.

John Eliot, who (in a letter called him
"cousin"), and settled in Roxbury, ]Massachu-
setts, where he was made freeman, March 4,
1633. Was a member of Eliot's church and
died in Roxbury, September 21, 1642, where
he was buried. He left a widow Ann and
three children : Elizabeth, born January 25,
1637-38; John, September 7, 1639; Samuel,
March i, 1640-41.

(II) John (2), eldest son of John (i) and
Ann Perry, was born in Roxbury, Septem-
ber 7, 1639. He married, March 23, 1665,
Bethia, daughter of Daniel Morse, of Sher-
born, Massachusetts. John (2) removed to
Medfield before 1665 and thence to Sherborn,
1674, where he died May 4, 1713. His wife
born March 24, 1648, died also at Sherborn,
June 3, 1717. They had seven children : John,
born 1667, married, 1691, Sarah Hill; Samuel,

_i674, married Joanna Lovct, and Joseph, his
twin brother, married Martha, sister of Joanna
Lovet; Nathaniel, died 1756, married Abigail
Mason; Bethia; Mary; and Eleazar, married
Mary Holbrook.

(III) Nathaniel, third son of John (2) and
Bcthiah (Morse) Perry, was born at Sherborn
and died September 7, 1756. He married .Abi-
gail Mason, who died March 15, 1728. They
had three children (and perhaps others) :
Abigail, born 1715, married Joseph Whitney;
Nathaniel, 171 7, and Moses, July 28, 1719.

I HI) Eleazar, fourth son of John (2) and
Bethiah (Morse) Perry, was born at Sher-
born, June I, 1680, and married, June 19,
1705, Mary Holbrook. They had a son,
Eleazar (2), born June 2, 1706, but no others
recorded. There seems to be no definite rec-
ord of the parentage of Ephraim. but of the
Slierborn Perrys Nathaniel and Eleazar are
the only ones likely to have been his father, and
possibly the fact of Eleazar's marriage with a
Holbrook — the same being the name of Eph-
raim's wife — is an indication that Eleazar was
father of Ephraim.

(IV) Ephraim, son of Eleazar and Mary
(Holbrook) Perry, was born in Sherborn
about 1720. -According to the records, he
married (first) in 1742, Hannah Holbrook,
born September 11, 1720, died June 2j, 1744.
He married (second) Mary Babcock. They
had four sons: Ebenezer, born March 2y,
1746; Jesse, October 22, 1747; John, October
30, 1749; Jonathan, December 7, 1751.

(V) John, third son of Ephraim and Mary
(Babcock) Perry, was born in Sherborn, Oc-
tober 30, 1749. About 1764 he moved to Fox
Island, Maine (now \'inalhaven). The names
of John and William Perry are signed (with



others) to the petition dated 1785, appealing
to the commonwealth of ^Massachusetts for
protection of their property at Fox Island
which they had occupied and cultivated "for
about twenty years." John settled first on
what is now Crabtrees Point and also took
up a lot between Perry's Creek and Seal Cove
on South Island. About 1779 he was living
on South Island and cultivating a small patch
of land, and was one of the sufiferers from
foragers during the occupancy of Castine by
the British. One day "a party of fifteen," it
is said, visited his cornfield and began to
help themselves, when he secured his gun and
shot down two of them and then fled to the
grounds, hiding in the hollow of a tree for
forty-eight hours, till the danger was passed.
This old English flint-lock gun is still pre-
served by descendants. At another time he
was picking up birds near the river and some
British ordered him to come ashore, which
he agreed when he "had gathered all the
birds." Watching his opportunity while they
waited, he paddled off in the opposite direc-
tion, escaping the shower of bullets that fol-
lowed him. Several times after, though the
British strove in vain to capture him, he man-
aged his escape. During the war of the revo-
lution he was commissioned captain of the
boat "Fl}-" by the governor of Massachusetts,
to operate against the enemy in Fox Island
and vicinity. In the war of 1812, Captain
Perry moved to Rockland, Maine. He died in
1842, aged ninety-three years, and was buried
on his farm at Northport, though in his old
age he had lived in Vinalhaven. Pie was twice
married. The first wife was Miss Woster,
and the second "widow Perry." The David
Woster who came from England about
1744 (and was born 1732) settled at
Vinalhaven in 1762. He \vas doubtless
the father of John Perry's first wife. Their
children numbered thirteen, among whom
those of Thomaston were: Captain Eph-
raim, born 1788; Captain Robert, mar-
ried, August II, 1821, Dolly Spear and (sec-
ond) Mellicent Eaton, September 2, 1827. He
died of fever. New York City, January 31,
1851 : Lucy, married Captain Benjamin Thom-
as. She died February 23, 1851.

(VI) Captain Ephraim, eldest son of John

and (Woster) Perry, was born at

Vinalhaven in 1788. He married, November
10, 1814, Nancy, daughter of John and Re-
becca (Blackington) Crockett, and sister of
Hon. Knott Crockett. She was born Decem-
ber 10, 1789. and died December 22, 1861.
Captain Perry was a master mariner and ship

owner and spent his life at sea. Children of
Captain Ephraim and Nancy Perry : Angelia
M., born I\Iarch 30, 181 5, married Joseph 'fur-
bish, of Rockland, and died November 4, 1851 ;
Sophia C, May 10, 1817; Knott Crockett
(Captain), April 27, 1820, married, Septem-
ber 18, 1843, Deborah I,. Grant; Ephraim M.,
February 2, 1823, died January 17, 1862; John
I., January 25, 1826: Oliver .-\., died April 9,

(\'II) John Jarvis, third son of Captain
Ephraim and Nancy (Crockett) Perry, was
born in Rockland, Maine, January 25, 1826,
and was educated at the schools in Rockland.
He first started business with his uncle, Hon.
Knott Crockett, who was the first mayor of
Rockland, and at his death he succeeded him in
the shipping business and general merchan-
dise, also in the manufacture of lime. He
built the second (known as the patent) lime
kiln erected in the state of Maine. He mar-
ried, August 4, 1852, Mary Frances, daughter
of Orin and Marj' Wealthy Cowl. Their chil-
dren were : Jarvis C, treasurer of the Se-
curity Trust Company, Rockland, Maine ; Orin
Francis and Benjamin Cowl.

(VIII) Orin Francis, second son of John
Jarvis and Mary F. (Cowl) Perry, was born
at Rockland, Maine, October 10, 1858. At
nineteen years of age he went to sea and con-
tinued five years, becoming a master mariner.
In 1880 he began the manufacture of lime at
Rockland, with his brothers, and has been en-
gaged in that business until the present time.
In 1901 he sold out to the Rockland Rock
Port Lime Company and was retained by them
as the New York manager and later was ap-
pointed general manager of the entire business.
He is a member of the Building Material Ex-
change and its former president : member of
the Building- Trades Employers' Association ;
member of the Maine Society of New York.
He is a Congregationalist in religion, and a
staunch Republican in politics. He served in
both branches of the city legislature of Rock-
land with credit to himself and satisfaction to
his constituents. He married, April 7, 1887,
Marie A., daughter of Captain E. R. Nash, of
Rockland. Children : Anna Louise, Grace
Adelaide, Nettie Frances. Orin F. and Gladvs.

Andrew Greely, immigrant an-
GREELY cestor, was born about 1617,

and died at Salisbury, Massa-
chusetts. June 30, 1697. His name appears on
the Salisbury records first in 1640, but he
w^as probably settled there some time before
that date. He was a miller, and settled on the



part wliich is now included in Seabrook. Xew
Hampshire, and built his mill on Kane's river,
to grind corn. About I650 he added a saw-
mill. Soon after the completion of the mill he
removed to Haverhill. He was constable of
Salisbury in 1653. and was a member of the
planting and prudential committee. He was
often on committees to lay out land and settle
boundary lines. He was appointed to seal
leather i'n 1677. In 1655 he entered into an
agreement with Bartholomew Heath to main-
tain a corn mill for the inhabitants of Haver-
hill. In 1669 he was chosen to keep the ferry
at Haverhill. He went bonds for his son Ben-
jamin who died and left his debts unpaid.
Andrew was obliged to sell his house and
property in Haverliill and returned to Salis-
bury, wliere he lived with his son Andrew on
the old homestead until his death. He mar-
ried Mary Moyse, wdio died December 24,
1703. daughter of Joseph and Hannah Moyse.
Children, born at Salisbury: i. Philip, Sep-
tember 21, 1644. 2. Andrew-, December 10,
1646, mentioned below. 3. Mary, July 16,
1649. 4. Josejih, I'"cbruary 5, 1652. 5. Ben-
jamin, December g, 1659. 6. Westwood, Jan-
uary 29, 1659: probably died young.

(II) Andrew (2), son of Andrew (i)
Grecly, was born at Salisbury, December 10,
J 646, and died there November 26, 1736. He
was a miller and resided on the homestead.
He took the oath of allegiance before Cap-_
tain Bradbury, December 17, 1677. and was
admitted a freeman in i6go. He was high-
way surveyor in 1677. 1683-84, and constable
in 1678-79. He received nine acres of land
in the division May 18, 1681. He deeded all
his property to his son Andrew before he died.
He married at Salisbury, June 12, 1673, Sarah
Brown, born December 6, 1654, died June 23,
1727. daughter of Henry and Abigail Bro\s-n,
of Salisbury. Children, all born at Salisbury:
I. Andrew, October 8, 1674, died November
16, 1693. 2. Henry, September 28, 1676, died
January 16, 1693-94. 3. Mary, December 5,
1678. 4. Abigail, June 24, 16S1. 5. Joseph,
November 24, 1683, mentioned below. 6.
Sarah, October 21, 1685. 7. Rachel, May 19,
1688. 8. Hannah, July 29. 1692. 9. Judith,
June 13, 1696.

(III) Joseph, son of Andrew (2) Greely,
was born in Salisbury, November 24, 1683,
and died at East Kingston, New Hampshire,
January 15. 1 761. He was a blacksmith and
removed to Kingston, which afterward became
East Kingston, about 1720. He was one of
the original petitioners for the new town of
East Kingston in 1738, and was moderator of

the first town meeting. January 10, 1738-39,
and at other times. He held at various times
the offices of constable, assessor, highway sur-
veyor and selectman. He was on a committee
to call the minister. His will was dated No-
vember 26, 175.4. and proved January 28, 1761.
He married Elizabeth (jilman. Children: I.
Samuel, born at Salisbury, September 3, 1712.
2. .Andrews born at Gloucester, March 17,
1713-14. 3. Joseph, born at Gloucester, Octo-
ber 8, 171 5, inentioned below. 4. Jonathan,
born at Salisbury, September 20, 1718. 5.
Elizabeth, born at Kingston, September 14,
1 72 1. 6. Mary, born at Kingston, April 9,

(IV) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (i) Greely,
was born at (Gloucester, Massachusetts, Octo-
ber 8, 1715, and died at Gihnanton, New
Hampshire, June 5, 1792. He was one of the
petitioners for the town of East Kingston, New
Hampshire, in 1738. On March lo, 1739-40,
he with others was given permission to build a
pew "in the front gallery in our meeting house
behind the seats, from the end of the men's
seats to the brace in the woman's gallerv." He
served as selectman of East Kingston many
years, and was measurer of lumber in 1761.
He was elected clerk of the parish of Brent-
w^ood, New Hampshire, in 1765, and until
1782, about which time he probably removed
to Gilmanton. In March, 1782, he was on a
committee at Ciilmanton to lay out a high-
way. He married, at Kingston, December 2,
1741, Elizabeth Dudley, born at Brentwood,
October 20, 1722, died at Gilmanton, May 7,
1809, daughter of Jonathan and Doriah
(Bean) Dudley. Children, all born at Kings-
ton: I. Sarah, born May 7, 1743. 2. Samuel,
August, 1745, died October 26, 1746. 3. Sam-
uel, September 16, 1747. 4. Elizabeth, August
8, 1749. 5. Eleanor, October 11, 1752. 6.
i\Iary, April 28, 1755. died August 28, 1760.
7. Joseph, February 22, 175S, died September

1, 1760. 8. Noah, July 29, 1760. 9. Mary,
December 31, 1762. lo. Joseph, May 22, 1765,
mentioned below.

(V) Joseph (3), son of Joseph (2) Greely,
was born at Kingston, New Hamjishire, May
22, 1765. He settled in Readfield. Alainc.
About 1812 he started for Bath, Maine, to en-
list for the war, and was lost from a boat on
the way from Hallowell to Bath. He married,
at Readfield, Sarah Wyman, born at Sterling,
Massachusetts, February 25, 1768, died about

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