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(II) "William (2), eldest child of William
(i) and Elizabeth Hersey, was probably born
in England and came to New England with his
parents in 1635. He was an energetic, intelli-
gent, and trusted citizen ; was made a free-
man, 1672: constable, 1661 ; selectman, 1678,
1682, and 1690. His will, made in 1689, was
proved January 2-j, 1692. He died September
28, 1691. His first wife, whom he married
about 1656 or 1657, was Rebecca, daughter of
Thomas and Alice Chubbuck. She was bap-
tized in Hingham, April, 1641, and died June
I, 1686, aged forty-five years. The Chris-



tian name of his second wife, as appears by his
will, was Ruhamah. There is no entry of this
marriage nor of her death, on the Hingham
records. I lis children, all born in Ilingliam,
by wife Rebecca, were : William, John,
James, Rebecca, Deborah, Hannah, Elizabeth,
Ruth, Mary, Joshua, Judith (died young),
and Judith.

(III) William (3), eldest child of William
(2) and Rebecca (Chubbuck) Hersey, was
born in Hingham, October 11, 1657. He was a
solilier in Captain Johnson's company, De-
cember, 1675; was constable, 1694; and repre-
sentative, i6q8 and 1699. After 1704 he re-
moved with his family to Abington. He mar-
ried, first, June 12, 1683, Mary, whose sur-
name is unknown. She died October 17, i6go.
He married, second, October 2, 1691, Mrs.
Sarah ( Langlee ) May, widow of Jonathan
May, and daughter of John and Sarah (GilU
Langlee. She was born in Hingham, March
15, i66S. The children by the first wife were:
Deborah, David, Isaac and William ; by the
second wife: Sarah, Stephen, Joseph, an in-
fant, and Hannah.

(IV) Joseph, third child of William (3)
and Sarah (Langlee) Hersey, was born in
Hingham, November 9, 1697. His wife's,
name was Sarah. Their sons were : Joseph
(died young), Joseph, James and Jonathan.

(V) James, third son and child of Joseph
and Sarah Hersey, moved to Maine and set-
tled in New Gloucester, where he spent the
greater part of his life. He had si.x sons :
James, Noah, Amos. Reuben, Simeon, and
Levi, whose sketch follows.

(V'l) Levi, youngest son of James Hersey,
was born in New Clloucester, Maine, and set-
tled on Harris Hill, in that town where he
made agriculture his lifelong occupation. His
wife's family name was Tobey. They had
four sons: Samuel, Stillman, Simeon and
Levi, the subject of the next paragraph.

(VH) Rev. Levi (2), son of Levi (i) Her-
sey. was born in New Gloucester, in 1803, and
died in Buckficld. March 12. 1885, aged eigh-
ty-two years. After residing some years on
the old homestead, he removed to .A.uburn,
where he was a merchant as early as 1835. He
aLso resided in.Lewiston. In 1836. during the
great religious revival of that period, he ex-
perienced religion, and united with the Free
Will Baptist Church, and entered upon the.
work of the ministry which he carried on till
about the close of his life, preaching in Harps-
well sixteen years, also in Phippsburg, Bath,
and Richmond and Buckfield. and residing in
each of those towns during his pastorate there.

Mr. Hersey was a man of strict integrity,
strong emotions, and deeply interested in the
salvation of souls. His labors were unremit-
ting and successful, and many owed their con-
version to his noble example and efficient
teaching. He married first, Sarah Hooper
Pierce, born in Westbrook, (October 13, 1808,
and Auburn, Maine, May 12, 1843.

He married, second, March 18. 1844, Mary
Jane Scott Hersey, who was born in Minot,
December 16, 181 5, and died July i, 1894.
She was the daughter of Amos and Mary
(Freeman) Hersey. Her father Amos re-
moved from Hingham, Massachusetts, to
Minot, Maine, and settled on Hersey Hill. He
was the son of .Amos, who was the son of
(V) James, of this sketch. The children of
Rev. Levi (2) Hersey by his first wife, Sarah
Pierce, were: George R., Augustus M., Levi
E., and Charles H. By his second wife, Mary
Jane Hersey, he had one child, Oscar H., who
is mentioned at length below: i. George R.
was born in 1827, and died in 1891. He mar-
ried Louisa P. Rich, of Harpswell, by whom
he had one child, Ella, born 1856. 2. Au-
gustus M., born 1829, died in July, 1870. He
wedded Lucy F. Leach, of Bath, by whom he
had one child. Bertha. 3. Levi E., 1831, died
in 1862. He married Ellen Mclntyre. of
Phippsburg. They had two children : Clar-
ence E. and a daughter. 4. Charles IL, 1842,
married Carrie Kimball, of Bethel, Maine, and
now resides in Keene, New Hampshire.

(Vni) Oscar Henry Hersey, only child of
Rev. Levi (2) and Mary Jane (Hersey) Her-
sey, was born in Freeport, April 9, 1852. He
attended the common schools, and subsequently
received instruction in Bath high school and
Litchfield .Academy. He left school in 1871,
and during the following years taught in
Harpswell, Richmond, Hebron and Buckfield,
twenty-one terms of public school and eigh-
teen terms of singing school. Perhaps he
would have made teaching his life work had
his health remained good ; but being compelled
by ill health to seek some other vocation, he
entered upon the study of law in the office of
Hon. George D. Bisbie, in 1875, where he read
until March, 1877, when he was admitted to
the bar of Oxford county, and began a prac-
tice there which covered a period of twenty-
two years. He removed to PortlantI in Feb-
ruary, 1899, 3"^ irom that time till Novem-
ber, 1905, he was associated in practice with
Judge Enoch Foster, the firm name being Fos-
ter & Hersey. Since the last mentioned date
he has practiced alone. While a resident of
Oxford county he was school supervisor sev-

'^^^/^ ^-^^^



eral years, county attorney from 1886 to i8gi,
representative to the legislature in 1891, rep-
resenting the classed town of Paris, Buckfield
and Woodstock, and state senator from 1893
to 1895. After his removal to Portland he
was elected alderman from Ward Nine. Up
to this time he had been a Republican and
did yeoman service in the interests of his
party ; but declining a renomination for a sec-
ond term in 1903. Mr. Hersey has always
acted in accordance with the dictates of his
conscience, and his record as a public officer
has ever been that of faithful and efficient
servant of the people. In Masonry he is a
member of Evening Star Lodge, No. 147, of
Buckfield ; Mt. Vernon Royal Arch Chapter,
No. I ; and Portland Commandery, Knights
Templar, No. 2, of Portland ; also of Nezin-
scot Lodge, No. 104, I. O. O. P., of Buck-
field. Oscar H. Hersey and Ida Anna Berry,
of Buckfield, were married at Buckfield,
Maine, August 3, 1879. She was born in Au-
burn, August 19, 1858, daughter of Charles
H. and Cynthia (Harris) Berry, of Auburn.
Three children have been born of this union :
Augustus M., October 30, 1880; Carrie B.,
April 16, 1883; and Avilla M., May 20, i8gi.

(For first generation see preceding sketch.)

(II) John, fifth child of Wil-

HERSEY liam and Elizabeth Hersey, was

baptized in Hingham, August

9, 1640, died August 7, 1726. He was a tailor.

He was a constable in 1701, and resided on

South street. West Hingham. He married at

Dedham, May, i66g, Sarah , born

1649-50. died January 17, 1732, aged eighty-
two. Their children, all born in Hingham,
were: i. Sarah, March 13, 1669-70. 2. Ju-
dith, September 28, 1672, died December 24,
1672. 3. Nehemiah, December 13, 1673, died
February 8, 1674. 4. Abigail, February 2,
1674-75. 5. Maria, January 12, 1677-78. 6.
Jael, June i, 1680, died October 20, 1681. 7.
Daniel, see forward. 8. Peter, August 20,
1687. 9. Flannah, November 6, i68g. 10.
Betsey, baptized September 18, 1692, died Jan-
uary, 1693. II. Jeremiah, June 18, 1697.

(Ill) Daniel, second son and seventh child
of John and Sarah Hersey, was born April 23,
1682, died May 20, 1766. He was a cooper.
Constable in 1726, and resided on Hersey street
in the house built by him in 1730, which is still
in good condition. He married, Deceinber 28,
1710. Mary May, born in Hingham, September
3, 1687, died January 10, 1760, daughter of
Jonathan and Sarah (Langlee) May or Mayes.
Their children, all born in Hingham, were: i.

Mary, October 14, 1711, married, December

28. 1732, Theophilus Wilder. 2. Jonathan.
February 2, 1713-14, married. November 19,
1741, Sarah, daughter of David and Eliza-
beth (Ripley) Whiton ; died October 2, 1760.
3. Sarah, April 19, 1718, married (first) No-
vember 13, 1745, Zaccheus Blossom; (second)
Isaac .Sprague, widower. 4. Isaiah, see for-
ward. 5. Susanna, December 6, 1730, married
Benjamin Stowell.

(IV) Isaiah, second son and fourth child of
Daniel and Mary (May) Hersey, was born
January 29, 1720-21, died March 20, 1803. He
was a cooper. Constable in 1768-70, and re-
sided on Hersey street. Fie married, Decem-
ber 14. 1743, Margaret, born in Hingham,
February 22, 1721-22, died November 16, 1809,
daughter of Matthew and Sarah (Fearing)
Sprague. Their children, all born in Hing-
ham, were: i. Isaiah, see forward. 2. Israel,
twin of Isaiah, born October 24, 1744, died
October 3, 1823; married, January 29, 1767,
Priscilla, born August 20, 1741, died May 4,
1814, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Stodder)
Sprague. 3. Margaret, November 25, 1746,
married, January 30, 1766, Abijah Hersey. 4.
Mary, January 18, 1750-51, died February 14,
of tlie same year. 5. Zadock, January 16, 1752-
53; married, July 30, 1775, Abigail, born June

29, 1754, daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah
(Hersey) Lewis; died at Pembroke, Maine,
January 13, 1850. 6. Mary, October 9, 1755;
married, December 31, 1772, Jeremiah Hersey
Jr. 7. Reuben, August 10, 1757; married
(first) November 11, 1779, Mary, born June
7, 1758, died December 2, 1822, daughter of
Dr. Daniel and Mary (Lane) French, of Wey;
(second) February 18, 1824, Celia, born Sep-
tember 25, 1769, died March 13, 1829, daugh-
ter of Welcome and Sarah (Gill) Lincoln; he
died November 28, 1845.

(V) Isaiah (2), eldest child of Isaiah (i)
and Margaret (Sprague) Hersey, was born
October 24, 17.^4, and died at Passamaquoddy,
Maine, February 14, 1830, aged eighty-six.
He was constable in 1782 and 1785, and re-
moved with his family to Passamaquorldy in
1787. He married, October 30. 1766, Rebecca,
born in Hingham, .August 18, 1745, died in
Passamaquoddy, January 12, 1831, daughter of
Isaac and Leah { Stodder) Sprague. Their
children, all born in Hingham, were: i. Re-
becca, July 30, 1767, died May 26, 1772. 2.
Perez, see forward. 3. Caleb, October 20,
1770, died March 30, 1771. 4. Caleb, see for-
ward. 5. Rebecca", January 8, 1774, married
Abraham Bridges. 6. Joanna, March 4, 1776,
married, July 17, 1794, Isaac Hobart. 7.



Adna, June 23, 1778, dicii August 4, 1851,
married Sarah Leighton. who died May 5,
1848. aged seventy-four years, and resided at
Passamaquoddy. 8. Leah, April 2, 1781 ; mar-
ried Samuel Leighton. 9. Isaiah, August 5,
1783. died November 7, 1867, married Lydia
Gardner, who died December 19, 1862, as^ed
eighty-one years, three months. 10. Thirza,
July 16, 1786, married Charles Stoddard.

(\'I) Perez, eldest son and second child of
Isaiah (2) and Rebecca (Sprague) Hersey,
was born September 25, 1768. in Hingham,
Massachusetts, and died in Pembroke. Maine,
October 26, 1820. He came with his father to
Maine in 1787, and resided and died in Passa-
maquofldy. He married Catherine Benner.

(\"II) John Henry, son of Perez and Cath-
erine (Benner) Hersey, was born May 28,
1810, in Pembroke, Maine, where he resided.
He was married November 25, 1833. to Con-
stance Young Mayo, who was born November
3, 1806. at South West Harbor, Maine, daugh-
ter of Isaac P. and Rosanna (Young) Mayo.
Isaac P. Mayo was born May 17, 1774, a son
of Joshua and Lydia (Pepper) Mayo, and
went with his parents to South West Harbor,
where they landed July 3, 1778. He was mar-
ried in December. 1804, to Rosanna Young,
daughter of Ezra and Constance Young. Their
marriage took place at the home of the bride's
father, at Bar Harbor, and the bride's father
performed the ceremony, he being at that time
the only justice of the peace on the Island,
and resided at Duckbrook. John Henry Her-
sey's children were: Joanne Mayo, Margaret
Steel, Rebecca .Mmeda, Susan Livermore and
John Edwin. The mother died February 23,
1856, and Mr. Hersey married, September 9,
1856, Margaret Beeman, of New Brunswick.
Her children were : Ida Emeline and Emily
Jane. The latter died before four years old,
and the former became the wife of Thomas

(VHI) Susan Livermore, fourth daughter
of John Henry and Constance Young (Mayo)
Hersey, was born September 9, 1843, in Pem-
broke, and became the wife of Heman Nicker-
son Hersey, of Pembroke.

(VI) Caleb, third son and fourth child of
Isaiah and Rebecca (Sprague) Hersey, was
born March i, 1772, in Pembroke, and died
March 8, 1865, in the same town, where he
resided through life. He was married to Lydia
Dunbar, who died November 13, 1858, aged
eighty-eight years. They had a son and
daughter. Caleb and Lydia. The latter was
born in August, 1800. and married Jarcd Her-
sey. She died April 7, 1869.

(VII) Caleb (2), only son of Caleb (i) and
Lydia (Dunbar) Hersey, was born March 13,
1799, in Pembroke, and died Alarch 27, 1866,
in that town, where he passed his life. He
was married there December 21, 1823, to Eliz-
abeth de Forest, who died May 4, 1855, at the
age of forty-eight years. Following is a brief
account of their children: i. Eliza .Ann. born
May 15, 1825, married Benjamin B. Hersey,
and died March 11, 1865. 2. Caleb Washing-
ton, born July 4, 1827, resided in Pembroke;
married Mary Eliza, daughter of Samuel Her-
sey. 3. Sarah Lydia, born July 8, 1830, died
at the age of twenty-six years, unmarried. 4.
Henry Jackson, born December 12, 1833, died
at the age of twenty years. 5. Heman Nicker-
son, mentioned at length bfelovv. 6. Charles
Emerson, twin of Heman N., born February
12, 1836, died at the exact age of sixty years;
he married Rebecca Almeda, daughter of John
Henry Hersey. 7. Darius de Forest, born Jan-
uary 23, 1841, now resides in Oshkosh, Wis-
consin; he married (first) Sarah McCurdy,
and (second) Mary Jackson.

(VIII) Heman Nickerson, third pon of
Caleb (2) and Elizabeth (de Forest) Hersey,
was born February 12, 1836, in Pembroke, and
died June 13, 1892. He was educated in the
rural schools of Pembroke, and in early life
was a teamster in the employ of the Pembroke
Iron Works. Subsequently he was for several
)ears employed as a puddler by the same com-
pany. In 1873 he removed with his family to
South Boston, where he and his brother,
Charles Emerson, learned the Seamens-Martin
process of manufacturing steel. They were
among the first to become acquainted with this
process and were employed by the Norway
Iron Company for several years thereafter.
During a part of this time Heman N. was one
of its superintendents. He was sent out by
the company to start the operation of steel fur-
naces, the first at St. Albans, X'ermont, in July,
1878, subsequently at Worcester, ^lassachu-
setts, and Chester, Pennsylvania. Several
months were spent in each place. In 1887,
owing to ill health, he was compelled to give
up his work, and return with his family to the
old homestead in Pembroke, where he spent
the last four years of his life. He was a sup-
porter of Republican principles, a member of
the Baptist church at South Boston and of
several fraternal organizations. He affiliated
with the Crescent Lodge, F. and A. M., and
Crescent Chapter, R. A. M., both of Pem-
broke ; also with Bethesda Lodge, I. O. O. F.,
and Unity Lodge, A. O. V. W., both of South
Boston. He was married July 25, 1859, to



Susan Livermore, daughter of John Henry
Hersey, of Pembroke. His twin brother mar-
ried her sister, as hereinbefore related. She
was born September 9, 1843, in Pembroke,
and survived him more than fifteen years, dy-
ing in Sanford, Maine, December 11, 1907.
They had a son and daughter, Will Osmar
and Eva Lillian. The latter graduated from
the schools of Freeport, Maine, took a special
two years' course at Boston University and
the Gorham Normal school, and is now teach-
ing in Dunstable, Massachusetts.

(TX) Will Osmar, only son of Heman Nick-
erson and Susan Livermore (Hersey) Hersey,
was born January 9, 1867. in Pembroke, and
was about six years of age when his parents
removed to South Boston. He attended the
public schools there, the Denysville Academy
and the Academy at St. Albans, Vermont. He
took a year's course at the Boston English
high school, was prepared for college in the
Boston Latin school, and was graduated from
Bowdoin College in the class of 1892. While
preparing for and pursuing his college course,
he engaged in teaching in the common schools
of JNIaine. For three years he was principal of
the high school at Bridgton, Maine, and six
years in Freeport, same state. Li 1902, he
was called to Sanford, ]\Iaine, as principal of
the high school and has ever since been en-
gaged in that position. He has been elected
union superintendent of schools for the Fair-
field-Oakland district, his duties to begin July
I, igo8. He holds the first teacher's Hfe cer-
tificate of the first grade, issued in the state of
Maine. Professor Hersey takes an active in-
terest in the progress of his nation and gives
his political support to the Republican party.
He is actively identified with the Masonic or-
der, being a past master of Freeport Lodge,
No. 23, A. F. and A. ]\L, and is now affiliated
with Preble Lodge. No. 143, of Sanford. He is
past high priest of White Rose Chapter, No.
.S4, R. A. M., of Sanford, and is a member of
Mount Vernon Council, No. 2, R. and S. M.,
of Brimswick. He is also a member of Clover
Chapter, No. 138, O. E. S., of Sanford, and
of Cumberland Lodge, No. 30, and Ruhamah
Rebekah Lodge, No. 53, L O. O. F., the for-
mer of Bridgton and the latter of Springvale,
Maine. He is a member of the Theta Delta
Chi, Greek letter fraternity. Eta Chapter,
Brunswick, Maine. He is a past patron of the
Eastern Star Chapter, and past grand worthy
patriarch of the Sons of Temperance of Maine.
He was married June 10, 1902, at Everett,
Massachusetts, to Lila Pendleton Harden, born

March 30, 1872. in Angora, Pennsylvania. She
is a graduate of Colby College, in' the class of
1895. They have one child, Carl Kenneth,
born October 27, 1904, in Sanford. Rev.
Cushman Ebcn Harden, the father of Mrs.
Hersey, was a Baptist clergyman, who filled
pastorates at Bristol, Pennsylvania, Harring-
ton, Sedgwick, Hebron and Jefiferson, Maine,
and has also been state missionary. He was
a corporal in Company C of the First Heavy
Alaine Artillery and received a wound in the
service. He died at Appleton, Maine, Novem-
ber 15, 1897. He married Abbie Susan Whita-

(For preceding generations see William Hersey I.)

(HL) John, second son of Wil-
HERSEY Ham (2) and Rebecca (Chub-
, ^ bock) Hersey, was born in

Hingham, Massachusetts, August 9, 1640, and
died there August 7, 1669. He was a tailor,
and a constable in 1701. The name of his wife
was Sarah, who died January 17, 1731. Chil-
dren : Sarah, Judith, Nehemiah, Abigail, Mar-
cia, Jael, Daniel, Peter, Hannah, Betsey and

( IV ) Daniel, second son of John and Sarah
Hersey, was born in Hingham April 23, 1682,
and there died January 10. 1760. Daniel was
a cooper, made a constable in 1766, and re-
sided on Hersey street in a house he built
which is now standing. He married Mary,
daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Langley)
May; children: Mary, Jonathan, Sarah,
Isaiah and Susanna.

(V) Jonathan, eldest son of Daniel and
Mary (May) Hersey, was born at Hingham,
February 2, 1713, and died there October 2,
1760. Fie learned the cooper's trade with his
father. He married Sarah, daughter of David
and Elizabeth (Ripley) Whiton ; she was born
at the aforesaid place, August 20, 1720, and
died January 28, 1794. Children : Jonathan,
Deidama, deceased : Sarah, Lydia, Juliette,
Deidama, Daniel, David, Peter and Ezekiel.

(VI) Jonathan (2), eldest child of Jona-
than (i) and Sarah (Whiton) Hersey, was
born in Hingham. October 28, 1742, and died
in Roxbury, Massachusetts, at a very advanced
age. Following in the footsteps of his paternal
ancestor and of several generations of the Her-
seys he was a cooper. He served in the revo-
lution. He married Margaret Tower, Septem-
ber 6, 1776, but she lived only till June 13,
1777. Married (second) Mary, daughter of
John Berry; she was born in Hingham, May
19, 1754, and died in Roxbury, November,



1832. Children: Lydia, Jonathan, Margaret,
Mary, and Henry Johnson, who removed to
New York state.

Here is an unfortunate break in the con-
tinuity of succession, but the Kersey family
herein treated have grounds for believing they
sprang from the old patriarch William, and
Elijah, to whom we come now, was born on
Long Island, New York, March 24, 1790, and
died at Linneus, Maine, in 1875. He emi-
grated from his island home to St. John, New
Brunswick, in 1810, residing there and at St.
John until in 1832 he became one of the pio-
neers of Aroostook county, settling in Lin-
neus, then an embryo town. He farmed for a
living and burnt charcoal. He married Annie
Bell, of Buxton, in 1817; she was born April
II, 1794, and died at Linneus, about 1887.
Giildren : John B., Samuel B., Mary A.,
Catherine M., Eliza S., William G. and Sarah

Samuel B., son of Elijah and Annie (Bell)
Hersey, was born June 14, 1821, at St. John,
New Brunswick, and was brought to Aroos-
took county by his father when a child. He
belonged to ^Iaine■s most numerous army of
workers, the cultivators of her fertile soil,
which is at once the source of its greatest in-
come, the nursery of its great men and the
foundation of its happy homes. He married
Elizabeth, daughter of William White. Chil-
dren: Alpheus C, deceased; Mary, Ira G.,
Annie E. and Samuel M.

Ira G., son of Samuel B. and Elizabeth
(White) Hersey, was born in Hodgdon,
Aroostook county, March 31, 1858. His early
nurture was secured in the village school of
his native town, with a classical course at
Houlton Academy. Choosing the law as a
profession he read with Lyman S. Strickland,
of Houlton, one of the then leaders of the
Aroostook bar. Young Hersey was admitted
to practice at the September term, 1880, pass-
ing a highly creditable examination, both to
himself and his proficient preceptor. The
same year he engaged in active practice in the
county seat and has ever maintained a good
standing in the profession and in the com-
munity. Mr. Hersey is much sought after by
those who have recourse to the courts to re-
dress their wrongs. He is thorough in prep-
aration, and in conducting a case in court he
brings out all there is in it of both law and fact
and is never surprised or discomfited by the
unexpected tactics of the other side, but is
ready with counter moves. He at one time co-
operated in political matters with the Prohibi-
tion party and was honored with the nomina-

tion for governor. He made a splendid run,
but of course in Republican Maine nothing else
than a Republican landslide is expected, and
with the exception of the Garcelon regime the
state has been ruled by Republican governors
for a long period. Mr. Mersey, though still a
Prohibitionist in principle, believes the best
practical good is to be obtained in working
through one of the great parties and to that
end he allied himself with the party of Blaine,
Reed and Manley. Since joining that party
he has been elected as city attorney of Houl-
ton. In this position he has brought to the
discharge of the duties a public conscience
and an unalterable disposition to uphold the
laws. Mr. Hersey is one of the clean men in
politics and stands for civic righteousness; he
is the present representative-elect from Houl-
ton to the Maine legislature. The fraternities
to which he belongs «re subordinate lodge In-
dependent Order of Odd Fellows, the Canton
of Houlton, the Aroostook Encampment, No.
41. He is at present grand master of the
Grand Lodge. He is connected with Monu-
ment Lodge, No. 96, Ancient Free and Ac-
cepted Masons; Aroostook Chapter, No. 20;
witli St. Aldeniar Commandery, at present
eminent commander ; with Aroostook Council,
No. 16, of Presque Isle ; with the Maine Con-
sistory of Portland ; with Kora Temple,
Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine, of Lew-
iston. He is also a member of the Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks. He married
Annie, daughter of William Dillen.

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