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Elijah, Ebenezer, David, Lydia, Mary, Me-
hitable, Hannah and Daniel.

(VII) Elijah, second son and child of Dan-
iel and Mary (.'\llen) Blaisdell, was born at
York, Maine, 1766, died in Sidney, Maine,
January 5, 1849. He married, October 11,
1787, Polly Emery, of York, born October 6,
1768, died in York, October 22, 1821 ; she was
a descendant of Anthony Emery, of Romsey
Hants, England. Children : John, Eleanor,
Daniel, Charlotte, Mary, Keziah, Elijah, Han-
nah, David. Mehitable and Hosea.

(Vni) Hosea, youngest son and eleventh
child of Elijah and Polly (Emery) Blaisdell,
born in York, December 22, 1810, died August
2B, 1891. He was a tanner by trade, and fol-
lowed that occupation at Mechanic Falls and
West Waterville. At the latter place he owned
two tanneries. He moved to Winthrop. Maine,
about 1845, settled the Ladd estate, and finally

located on the Dr. Snell farm, on which he
remained five years. He then moved to Sid-
ney and purchased the old Sam Blaisdell
farm ; this was in 1848. He cultivated this
farm nine years, and then moved to the Delano
farm in the same town, coming to Waterville
Village in 1867. He was a Republican, and
was honored by his party associates with the
nomination for selectman of Sidney, when in
that stronghold of Republicanism nomination
was equivalent to election. He married (first)
Lucinda Ladd, of Sidney; three children: one
died in infancy and Nancy Roseltha and Lu-
cinda Isabella. He married (second) Nancy
Ladd, who bore him one child, Martin. Nancy
(Ladd) Blaisdell died April 4, 1888.

(IX) Hon. Martin, only son and child of
Flosea and Nancy (Ladd) Blaisdell, was born
March 24, 1845, '" Winthrop. The common
schools of Sidney, Waterville, and the Water-
ville Academy are credited with his educa-
tional equipment. Schooling days over, he as-
sisted his father in carrying on the farm. At
his father's death he took possession of the
farm. For two years he was a partner in the
firm of Rcddington & Blaisdell, furniture deal-
ers, Waterville. He is an active Republican.
He was in the city council five years, street
commissioner one term, selectman one term,
being elevated to the mayoralty in 1902-03.
His fraternal membership includes : Water-
ville Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons ; Ticonic Chapter, Waterville ; St.
Omar Commandery, Knights Templar, Water-
ville; Waterville Lodge, No. 905. Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks: Canibus Club.
He is vice-president of the Waterville His-
torical Society. His administration of the af-
fairs of the city was signalized by the erection
of a new City Hall, which is an addition to the
architectural beauty of the city, and reflects
great credit on Mayor Blaisdell's sound busi-
ness judgment. He married Annie, daughter
of Samuel Flitchings, of Waterville. They
have no children.

The family of Arnold is of
ARNOLD great antiquity, having its or-
igin among ancient princes of
Wales, according to pedigree recorded in the
College of Arms. They trace from Ynir,
King of Gwentland, who flourished about the
middle of the twelfth century, and who was
paternally descended from Ynir, the second
son of Cadwaladr, King of Britons, which
Cadwaladr built Abergaveny in the county of
Monmouth, and its castle, which was after-
wards rebuilt by Hamlet, ap Hamlet, ap Sir



Druce, of Balladon in France, and portions of
the wall still remain.

(I) Spencer Arnold kept a grocery store in
Bradford, Maine, after he had abandoned the
stage route which he maintained between Au-
gusta and Bangor for many years. He was
married, and they had five children, as fol-
lows : Ambrose, Spencer, John S., Jesse Mar-
tin (q. v.), and Alartha J.

(II) Jesse Martin, son of Spencer and
Nancy Arnold, was born in Palermo, Maine,
June 5, 1829, and received a district school
education. He at the same time was clerk in
a grocery store, and he engaged regularly in
that business in Bangor, Maine, as a young
man. He then engaged in the lumber business
for a few years ; was in the business on his
own account. From this he went into the
fancy goods trade, and during the civil war
carried on the grocery business. After the
war he established a wholesale boot and shoe
business in Bangor, which he carried on dur-
ing the remainder of his life. He was mar-
ried to Elizabeth, died April 23, 1908, daugh-
ter of Thomas Perry, and they had two chil-
dren : I. Herbert A., born June 5, 1861, Ban-
gor, died January 13, 1908. Educated in pub-
lic schools, entered his father's business, sub-
sequently made treasurer, as referred to later.
He was a member of Masonic Lodge, chapter
and commandery. Married Mildred W. Trim,
of Bangor. No children. 2. Harry Lin-
coln (q. v.). Mr. Arnold died in Bangor,
Maine, 1893.

(III) Harry Lincoln, second son of Jesse
]\Iartin and Elizabeth (Perry) Arnold, was
born in Bangor, Maine, November 22, 1864,
attended the public schools of his native city,
and on leaving school entered into business in
his father's store, and in 1885 became a part-
ner. The business was incorporated in 1889,
under the laws of Maine, as a joint stock com-
pany of which Asa Cushman, the largest stock-
holder, was made president, and J. M. Arnold,
treasurer. On the death of Asa Cushman,
H. L. Arnold was elected president, and on the
death of J. M. Arnold, in 1893, Herbert A.
Arnold was made treasurer. He was initiated
into the Masonic order by election to member-
ship in the St. Andrews Lodge, Ancient Free
and Accepted Masons, No. 83, and he be-
came a member of Mt. Moriah Royal Arch
Chapter, No. 6, Bangor Council, Royal and
Select Masters, St. Johns Commandery,
Knights Templar, No. 3, and to the Scottish
Rite bodies : Eastern Star Lodge of Perfec-
tion, Palestine Council, Princes of Jerusalem,
and Bangor Chapter, Rose Croix, and Kora

Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Lewiston, Maine.
His club affiliations include the Tarratine and
Masonic clubs, of Bangor, Maine. A Repub-
lican in politics. He wa.s married October 11,
i8f)9, to Mabel Howe, daughter of John Stur-
gis and Emil_\- (Woodward) Potter, of New-
ton, Maine, and their first child, Frances, was
born in Bangor, July 17, 1902.

The Bartletts of New Eng-
BARTLETT land are numerous and of

various stocks. The immi-
grant ancestor of the family of this article has
left no record of the place of his nativity or
the date of his arrival in America, but it is
probable that he was born in England, and
arrived in Massachusetts only a short time
before 1668.

(I) Joseph Bartlctt was an early settler in
Cambridge New Town, or Newton,
chusetts. The cellar hole of his dwelling
house was still visible upon the hillside occu-
pied by the Baptist Theological Seminary, near
the railroad station in Newton Centre, when
Francis Jackson wrote the "History of New-
ton," in 1854. Joseph Bartlett mortgaged his
house and four acres of land to Thomas Pren-
tice Sr. in 1675. He married, October 27,
1668, Mary Waite; children: Mary, Joseph
and Mercy (twins), Elizabeth and probably
John and Sarah.

(II) Joseph (2), eldest son of Joseph (i)
and Mary (Waite) Bartlett, was born in Cam-
bridge, March 5, 1673, and died June, 1750,
aged seventy-seven years. His first wife, Han-
nah, was the mother of : Thomas, Benjamin,
Elizabeth, Joseph and Ebenezer. She died
December, 1730, and he married (second),
1732, Mercy Hyde, who died in 1734.

(HI) Ebenezer, son of Joseph (2) Bartlett,
of Newton, was born in 171 1, and died in
1788, aged seventy-seven, on the paternal
homestead, where he lived through life. He
married (first) June 24, 1736, Ann Clark, who
died in 1742; (second) Anna Ball. Children
of first wife : Eunice, Sarah, Mary, Enoch
(died young) and Enoch. Children of second
wife : Jonathan, Anna, Mercy, Elisha, Esther,
Moses, Thaddeus, Mary, Sarah, Stephen, Abi-
gail and Peregrine. Enoch, Moses, Thaddeus,
Stephen, Jonathan and Peregrine settled in
Bethel, Maine, on the Androscoggin river.

(IV) Stephen, seventh son of Ebenezer
Bartlett and fifth son of his second wife, Anna
Ball, was born April 24, 1765, in Newton, and
was a pioneer settler of Bethel, Maine. He
located on the north side of the river, in that
part of the town that is now Hanover, cleared



the farm where his descendants continued to
reside for several successive generations, and
died there February 14, 1832. He married,
October 23, 1787, Dorcas Barbour, of Gray,
Maine, born July 19. 1769, died October 28,
1841, surviving her husband more than nine
years. Their children were : Ebenezer, Elha-
nan, William, Beulah, James Armenas Swan,
Dorcas. Sarah and Sophia Clark.

(V) Elhanan, second son of Stephen and
Dorcas (Barbour) Bartlett. was born Septem-
ber 2, 1791, in Hanover, and always lived upon
the paternal homestead, where he died April
13, 1883 (?). He was an industrious and
successful farmer, a man of sound judgment,
and respected and esteemed by his fellow citi-
zens, who repeatedly elected him to official
positions in the town. He was a Democrat in
political principle, and did not affiliate w-ith
societies of any kind. He married Johanna
Willis, of Hanover; children: Zenas, Willis,
Susanna, Cyrus, Beulah Foster, and Hester
Ann. The eldest daughter died at the age of
twenty-three years. The second became the
wife of James Roberts, and the third married
Elias S. Bartlett.

(\T) Zenas W.. eldest child of Elhanan and
Johanna (Willis) Bartlett, was born .August
10, 1818, in Hanover, and was educated at
Gould Academy, Bethel, and Yarmouth Acad-
emy. He pursued his medical training at
Bowdoin College, and received the degree of
Doctor of Medicine in 1840. He began the
practice of his profession at Rumford, Maine,
whence he removed to Dixficld. where he was
very successful, and died in 1870, at the age
of fifty-two years. He married, in 1840,
Leona E. Roberts, born 1817, in Hanover, who
died in 1879. *" Di.xfield. daughter of Joshua
and Sally (Powers) Roberts. Children: i.
Flora E., born in 1841, died in Auburn, Maine,
1908; she became the wife of Dr. C. E. Phil-
oon, in 1873, and was the mother of three
children : Georgie, born February 2, 1874; By-
ron Strickland, 1876, died 1900; and Loverno,
born 1878, died 1882. 2. Susan B., 1844, has
Hved in Dixficld most of her life with her
brother Cyrus W. 3. Zenas, born 1846, died
1885; married, 1873, Ella E. Cobum, Carth-
age; children: Ella E., born 1874; Grace E.,
1884. The elder married Orson Paine, in
1895, and is the mother of: Harold, born
1896; William, 1898; George Byron, 1904.
Leona. 1905. The younger married Harry M.
Towne, in 1907. 4. Cyrus W.. born 1849, re-
sided in Dixfield, and died 1908. 5. George
D., mentioned below.

(Vni) George D., youngest child of Dr.

Zenas W. and Leona E. (Roberts) Bartlett,
was born March 25, 1855, in Dixfield, Maine,
and began his education in the public schools
of that town. He graduated from the Maine
Wesleyan Seminary at Kents Hill, in the class
of 1877, and five years later was graduated
from the Wesleyan University at Middletown,
Connecticut. Since that time he has engaged
continuously in teaching, beginning as princi-
pal of the hign school at Dixfield, Maine, and
for the last eighteen years has held a position
in Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. Mr.
Bartlett has taken no active part in political
movements, but has always maintained estab-
lished principles and acts with the Republican
party. He is a member of the Phi Nu Theta
college fraternity of \\'esleyan University, and
of the L'niversity Club, of Brooklyn.

The ancestral home of this
BARTLETT family is in Stopham, Eng-
land, and members of the
family came to England with William the Con-
queror, and were actively engaged at the battle
of Hastings.

( I ) Richard Bartlett, immigrant ancestor,
was born in Wiltshire, England, in 1575, and
died in Newbury, Massachusetts, May 25,
1647. ^^c '^^■^s 3. shoemaker by trade, one of
the earliest settlers of Newbury, hai?ing been
resident there prior to 1637. His family Bible
— one of the famous "Breeches Bible" — is now
owned by William Bartlett, of Lowell, Massa-
chusetts, who received it from his father, the
Rev. Samuel C. Bartlett, late president of
Dartmouth College. It contains the records of
the births of his children and the statement :
'■Richard Bartlett bought this book Anno-
Domini 1612." One of his descendants was
Hon. Josiah Bartlett, of New Hampshire, one
of the signers of the Declaration of Independ-
ence, and a foreinost citizen of the state. In
the oral will of Richard Bartlett. proved Sep-
tember 29, 1647, it is stated that John had al-
ready received his share ; bequeathed to Chris-
topher, Joane and her four daughters ; to
Richard and John, who received the "Great
Bible." His children were : Joane, born Jan-
uary 29, i6io; married William Titcomb ;
John, born November 9, 1615 ( ?) ; Thomas,
January 22, 1615; Richard, see forward;
Christopher, February 26, 1623; Anne. Febru-
ary 26, 1625.

(II) Richard (2). third son and fourth
child of Richard (i) Bartlett, was born in
England, October 31, 1621. He was called
a shoemaker and yeoman on various records,
and resided first in Oldtown, Newbury, re-



moving finalh' to Bartlett's Corners, near Deer
Island, in the Merrimac river. He was re-
puted to be a facetious, genial and intelligent
man, and represented the town in the general
court. His will was dated April 19, 1665, and
was proved July 18, 1698. He married Abi-
gail , who died March 8, 1686-87, a"^

had children : Samuel, born February 20,
1645-46, married. May 23, 1671, Elizabeth
Titcomb; Richard, born February 21, 1648-
49; Thomas, born September 7, 1650; Abigail,
born March 14, 1653, married. May 27, 1700,
John Emery, died in 1723; John, see forward;
Hannah, born December 18, 1657, died un-
married; Rebecca, born May 3, 1661, married,
September 5, 1700, Isaac Bagley, died 1723.

(III) John, fourth son and fifth child of
Richard (2) and Abigail Bartlett, was born
in Newbury, June 22, 1655. and died there
May 24, 1736. His entire life was spent in
Newbury, and he was a tanner by trade. He
married, October 29, 1680, Margaret Rust ;
children: i\Iary, died young; John, IMary, Na-
thaniel, Dorothy, Sarah, Hannah, Nathan, Abi-
gail, Alice, Seth, Gideon, Elizabeth and Re-

(IV) Nathan, third son and eighth child of
John and Margaret (Rust) Bartlett, was born
in Newbury, December 23, 1691, and died in
1775. He was also a tanner by trade, and
removed to Kittery, Maine, in 171 3. He mar-
ried, March 10, 1715, Shuah, daughter of
Captain John and Phebe (Littlefield) Heard:
children : Shuah, born January i, 1716, mar-
ried, November 15, 1732, Dr. Edmund Coffin;
Mary, born March i, 1717-18, married (first)

Thomas Dennett, (second) Lord;

Nathan, born April 30, 1720, died May 7 same
year; Phebe, born i\Iay 8, 1721, married, Feb-
ruary, 1739, John Dennet, of Portsmouth ; Abi-
gail, born December 6, 1723, married (first)
1741, John Shapleigh, (second) Moses Hans-
com, died June 3, 1800; John Heard;
Hannah, born Cktober 29, 1728, married,
June 9, 1745, Robert Cutts ; Nathan, born
November 3, 1730. died May 21, 1736;
James, born May 20, 1732, died December 17,
1738; Sarah, born December 25, 1735, died
following January; Nathan, born March 31,
1737, married Sarah Shapleigh; Sarah, born
May 26, 1741, married (first) March 28, 1782,

Stephen Ferguson, (second) Went-


(V) Nathan (2), younger son of Nathan
(i) and Shuah (Heard) Bartlett, was born
March 31, 1737, in Kittery, and died in that
town, June 18, 1775. He married, June 9,
1755, Sarah, daughter of Captain John and

Dorcas (Littlefield) Shapleigh. She died in
December, 1805, having survived her husband
more than thirty years ; children : Dor-
cas, James, Shuah, Nathan, Alice, Mary, Lu-
cretia and Sarah.

(\T) James, eldest son of Nathan (2) and
Sarah (Shapleigh) Bartlett, was born No-
vember 24, 1759, in Kittery, and was a soldier
of the revolution. He married, May 30, 1782,
Lois, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Rog-
ers) Hill, of Kittery, and died October 30,
1836, and was survived almost two years by
his wife, who passed away October 3, 1838.
Their children : Elizabeth, Shuah, James,
John Hill, Nathan, Sarah and William. One
of these daughters married a York, and there
probably gives rise to the bestowal of that
name upon one of her nephews. '

(VII) William, youngest child of James and
Alice (Hill) Bartlett, was born October 4,
1797, in Kittery, and resided in New Port-
land, Maine. He married, March 11, 1824,
Abigail Burbank, and they were the parents of
three sons and four daughters.

(VIII) William York, son of William and
Abigail (Burbank) Bartlett, was born about
1830, and passed his early childhood on one of
the Fox Islands, constituting the town of
Vinal Haven, Maine. When he was nine years
old he ran away from home and never re-
turned. He made his way to Gray, Maine,
after leaving home, finding a home and occu-
pation on the farm of James Libbey, where
he remained many years. He settled event-
ually in Belgrade, and became one of the most
prominent and influential citizens. For more
than thirty years he was postmaster of Bel-
grade. He married (third) November, 1866,
Elizabeth i\I., daughter of James M. and Eliza-
beth (Gay) Humphrey, of Augusta, Maine,
Children, born in Belgrade, and all dying be-
fore the age of twelve years, except William
R, : I. William R., born October 16, 1867;
mentioned below. 2. Ina Mabel, November 5,
1868. 3. Effie Lizzie, October 22, 1870. 4.
James Elmer, September 27, 1873. 5. Irvine
LeRoy, June 7, 1876.

(IX) William R., son of William York
Bartlett, was born in Belgrade, Maine, Octo-
ber 16, 1867. He had to begin work in early
vouth, but he realized the value of an educa-
tion and worked his way through Kent's Hill
.Academy, where he was graduated in 1887.
He then started at the bottom of the ladder
in the railroad business, as brakeman on the
Maine Central railroad. He won his promo-
tion from time to time until he became a pas-
senger conductor. While still in the railroad



business lie became a partner in a retail furni-
ture store in Lewiston. Maine. When his
partner died he resigned his position as con-
ductor and took charge of the business of
which he has since been sole proprietor. Mr.
Bartlett conducts his business under the title
of Lewiston Second-hand Furniture Company,
but deals extensively also in new furniture.
His store is at 28 Main street. His trade has
grown steadily from year to year. Mr. Bart-
lett is a Republican. Twice he was nomi-
nated for the board of aldermen by his party,
and though defeated by a small margin, his
district being Democratic, he had a large
complimentary vote. He is a member of the
Lewiston Board of Trade. He is a prominent
Free Mason, a member of Raboni Lodge, of
Lewiston: Chapter 9, Royal Arch Masons, of
Lewiston Commandery, Knights Templar. He
married, November 8. 1892, Josie Belle,
daughter of Charles and Mary A. (French)

The Barrett family of which
B.-\RRETT some account follows is now
represented by the second and
third generations in America, the ancestor, Jo-
seph Barrett, having come from France and
settled in Canada.

(I) Joseph Barrett was born in the south-
ern part of France in 1800. came to America
and settled in province of Quebec, Canada.
While a young man he was employed as a
shoemaker; but later, soon after coming to
America, he became proprietor of a hotel in
St. Louis, province of Quebec, Canada, which
he conducted for some years, and where he
died. He married Olive Cabana, born in Mon-
treal, 1840. daughter of Charles and Julia
(Fortier) Cabana, and they had three chil-
dren : Joseph, who is proprietor of a hotel in
Westbrook, Maine: Louis, who died young;
and Felix, next mentioned.

(H) Dr. Felix Barrett, third and youngest
son of Joseph and Olive (Cabana) Barrett,
was born in St. Louis, province of Quebec.
Canada, August 9, i860, and on the death of
his father was left to the care of his mother
when only five months old. At two years of
age he was taken by his mother to Vermont,
and the family settled at Lsland Pond. After
a residence of five years there they moved
to Windsor, -where they lived until Felix was
sixteen years old, when they removed to West-
brook, Maine. Dr. Barrett was educated in
the public schools of Windsor and Westbrook,
graduating from the high school at the latter
place in 1881. He took his medical training

at the Lnited States Medical College of New
York, from which he received the degree of
Doctor of Medicine in 1883. He first practiced
in Kennebunkport, Maine, where he remained
till November, 1890, when he settled in West-
brook. Soon afterward, feeling the need of
a more comprehensive and thorough medical
education, Dr. Barrett took a course in medi-
cine at Bowdoin College, which he completed
in 1893. Subsequently he took a post-graduate
course in the University of New York, paying
special attention to electro therapeutics. With
his natural qualifications and thorough profes-
sional training, he is finely equipped for his
work and has a flourishing practice in a gen-
eral way. He makes a specialty, however, of
electro-therapeutics. He is a member of the
Cuinberland County Medical Association, the
Maine Medical Association, the American
Electro-Therapeutic Association, the American
Medical Association, and is president of the
Westbrook Medical Club. He is a Republican,
is much interested in public aflfairs, and for
several years has been a member of the West-
brook board of education, but has no desire
for political ofifice. He is a Mason of high
degree, being a member of Warren Philip
Lodge, No. 186: Eagle Royal Arch Chapter,
No. 11; Council No. 15, Royal and Select
Masters ; and Commandery, Knights Templar.
Also of Presumpscot \'alley Lodge No. 4,
Knights of Pythias; Court City, No. 8441,
Independent Order of Foresters ; and Camp
No. 10611, Modern Woodmen of America.
Dr. Barrett and wife are active members of
the Congregational church, the Sunday school,
and the Christian Endeavor Society. Dr. Bar-
rett married, at Westbrook, May 26. 1887,
Cora Isabel Cloudman. who was born in South
Windham, April, 1861, daughter of Francis
A. and Lile (Bodge) Cloudman. They have
two children : Flora, born August 7, 1888 ; and
Frances, born March 9, 1890.

Timothy Dunton. founder of
DUNTON the fam'ily in Westport, Maine,

is thought to have been the
immigrant. According to family tradition he
was of Scotch ancestry. He was born about
1720. He was a Freewill Baptist in religion.
Among his children was Timothy, mentioned

(II) Timothy (2), son of Timothy (i)
Dunton, was born about 1750 in Westport,
Maine, and came to Boothbay about 1795. He
bought the farm at Back River where the late
Miles Lewis lived, and other parcels of land
afterward. He married (first) September 5,



1776, Nancy Smith, died June 4, 1804. He
married (second) Rlargaret Pinkham. Chil-
dren, bom at Boothbay : i. Jenny, 1777, died
unmarried. 2. Nancy, 1779, settled at White,
Maine; married Andrew Dustan. 3. Israel,
1783, settled at White. 4. Timothy Jr., 1786,
mentioned below. 5. Lucy, 1790, settled at
White; married Jonathan Robinson. 6. Sall\',
1792, settled at White. 7. Prudy, 1794, mar-
ried Joshua Loring. 8. William, 1797, mar-
ried Sally Knight ; settled at Liberty. 9. Abi-
gail, 1798, married .Aaron Bradstreet ; settled
in Liberty. 10. Charlotte, September 22, 1803,
married Alfred Matthews. 11. Alaria, mar-
ried, November 22, 1817, Edmund Matthews.
12. Lucinda, married, March 30, 1819, Brad-
ford Boynton.

(III) Timothy (3), son of Timothy (2)
Dunton, was born in Boothbay in 1786 and
died in 1857. He was educated in the com-
mon schools and followed the occupation of
farming. He removed from Boothbay to Lib-
erty, Maine, when a young man and lived the
remainder of his days at Liberty. He married
Sophia Frances Southard, of Richmond,
Maine. Children: i. John Southard, born
March 7, 181 7, mentioned below. 2. Frank-
liji. died in Liberty. 3. Isaac, died at East
Belfast. 4. Clarissa. 5. Mary. 6. Sarah Jane.
7. Eliza. 8. Sophia. By a second wife he had
Rosea and Oscar, both soldiers in the civil
war, one killed, one died from disease ; and

(IV) John Southard, son of Timothy (3)
Dunton, was born in Liberty, Maine, March 7,
1817. He was brought up on his father's
farm and educated in the public schools at

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