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years. According to Savage, this was in 1638;
other authorities place it at 1635. He settled
in Rowley, Massachusetts, and was a man
of recognized piety and influence in the com-
munity. He was one of the company to set up'
the first clock mill in this country, at Rowdey.
He died there February, 1648. being buried
on the sixteenth. His wife, Edna Holstead,
survived him, and after his death was married.
September 15, 1649, to Ezekiel Northend, of

(II) Deacon Joseph, only child of Richard
and Edna (Holstead) Bailey, born about 1635.
settled on the Merrimack, in the north part
of Rowley, near the Newbury line, in what
is now Groveland. He was a leading man
of Bradford, where he was selectman twenty-
three years, between 1685 and 1710, and dea-
con of the church there in 1682, until his death,
October 11, 1 712. He married Abigail Trum-
bull, who survived him and died November 17,
1735. Their children were: Abigail, Richard,
.Anne, Elizabeth, Joseph, Edna, Deacon and

(III) Joseph (2), second son of Deacon
Joseph (i) and Abigail (Trumbull) Bailey,
was born February 13. 1683, in Bradford, and
lived in the West Parish of Newbury. He is
described as a yeoman, and sold his house and



land in Byfield parish in 1751. He died April
4, 1755. having devised his homestead to his
son. He was married February 14, 1710, to
Abigail Webster, who survived him and died
February 5, 1767. Their children were: Jo-
seph, John, Ezekiel, Mary, Abigail, Samuel
and Elizabeth.

(I\) Joseph (3), eldest child of Deacon
Joseph (2) and Abigail (Webster) Bailey, was
borji January 13, 1711, in Xewbury, and lived
in that town, where he died November 14,
1748. He was married ]March 15, 1733, to
Martha Boynton, of Rowley, who survived
him, and was married September 27, 1769, to
Timothy ]\lorss. Children of Joseph and Abi-
gail (Boynton) Bailey were: Sarah, Nathan,
Richard, ]\Iartha, Asa. Abigail and Elizabeth.

( \' ) Nathan, eldest son of Joseph and ]\Iar-
tha ( Boynton ) Bailey, was born in West New-
bury, Massachusetts, 1735. He "was laid away
as dead with throat distemper when he was
young."' He was married February 8, 1757, to
Sarah Pillsbury, born 1738, died 1815. He
removed to Pondleboro, Maine, in 1763, and
died in 1819. He was sergeant in Captain
Daniel Scott's company, Colonel Joseph
North's regiment, guarding and retaking a
"I\Iast Ship" in Sheepscott river, 1777, also in
Captain Timothy Heald's company. Colonel
Samuel McCobbs' regiment, 1779, in Penob-
scot expedition. Children of Nathan and Sarah
C Pillsbury) Bailey: i. John, born in Newbury
(probably in the west part of the town), Feb-
ruary 27, 1758; "a w-orthy member of the
Calvanistic Baptist Church 63 years," and
who died in 1841 ; he was married to Mary
Turner, and they had : i. Margaret, born Feb-
ruary 24, 1777, married John Heath; ii. Na-
than, born August 7, 1 781. married Betsey
Boynton ; iii. !Mary, born July 25, 1782, mar-
ried Joseph Jewett ; iv. Thomas, born Febru-
ary 16, 1784: V. Sarah, born February 14,
1786, married Ezekiel Peaslee; vi. Eleanor,
born December 18, 1790. married Henry Coop-
er : vii. Micajah, born Alarch 27, 1792, mar-
ried Rachel Bailey ; viii. John, born April 9,
1795 ; ix. Hannah, born August 25, 1798. mar-
ried John Chania : x. Eliza, born July 30, 1799 :
xi. Susan, born September 18, 1801, married
Henry Hutchings, who was killed in the Mex-
ican war. 2. Joseph (q. v.). These families
settled in various parts of the state of Maine
and in New Brunswick: Thaddeus, born in
West Newbury, Massachusetts, November 28,
1759. was a Baptist clergj'man, and died about
1844; ]\Iicajah, was a Baptist clergyman, and
died aged about seventy years ; Richard, born
1743, was second lieutenant in Captain Dan

Scott's company, Second Lincoln county regi-
ment, commissioned August 23, 1776; defend-
ing and retaking "Mast Ship" in Sheepscott
river, September 10, 1777, two days; Captain
Scott's company. Colonel Jo. North's regiment,
enlisted June 30, 1779; Captain ITcald's com-
pany, Colonel Sam McCobb's regiment; dis-
charged .\ugust 25, 1779; two months seven
days in Penobscot expedition. He married Su-
sannah Pillsbury, a sister of his brother Na-
than's wife, went to Maine in 1763, settled in
Pondleboro. His wife was born in 1745 and
died 1846. and it is said of her that she could
say : "Arise daughter, go to thy daughter, for
thy daughter's daughter has a daughter." Lieu-
tenant Richard Bailey died in 1812. Asa, born
after 1746. married Abigail, daughter of Ezra
and Abigail (Low) Chase, of West Newbury,
a descendant of Aquila Chase, the immigrant
ancestor of the Chases who came to the Mer-
rimack Valley in 1646, had eleven children
and died in 1670. Asa and Abigail (Chase)
Bailey had five children : Elizabeth, born
after 1748; Abigail, twin to Elizabeth, mar-
ried Lieutenant Joseph, son of Jonathan and
Lydia (Bancroft) Noyes, was in the revolu-
tionar}' army about seven years as captain of a
company of marines on the brig "Pallas," and
they had eight children.

(VI) Joseph, son of Nathan and Sarah
(Pillsbury) Bailey, was born in Pownalton,
Massachusetts, now in Maine, August 10,
1767, "was manifestly a subject of grace in
the year 1790, united with the Baptist church,
Balltown, now Whitefield, IMaine; began to
preach in November, 1794, was ordained as
pastor of that church June 20. 1796, was a
bold defender of that denomination, belong-
ing to the old school until his death March
22, 1848," in Balltown, now Whitefield. He
was a representative in the general court of
Massachusetts for nine sessions, 1814-22-23-
24. being a staunch Democrat and elected by
that party; was a member of the constitutional
convention. He married (first) Rachel Foun-
tain, born April 9, 1769, in Bristol, died Feb-
ruary 22, 1816; married (second) 1818 Mary
Shaw, born September 27, 1789. in Hallowell,
died September 23, 1876, in Whitefield. It is
said of Rev, Joseph Bailey that he received his
first instruction in the house of a neighbor, who
instructed a class of boys. He used pine board
as a slate and a chunk of crude lead as a pen-
cil. The children of Rev. Joseph and Rachel
(Fountain) Bailey were: i. Elizabeth, bom
April 2, 1789, married Nathaniel Carleton,
.April I, 1810, and had six children: Joel,
Ambrose, Rachel B., Cyrus R,, Elizabeth M,,



George W. 2. Daniel, died young. 3. Jo-
seph," born January 17, 1799, married Susan
Palmer and had eight children ; Emeline A.,
Harriet, Daniel P., Susan Jane. Ann Arietta,
Abigail P.. Harriet Emma and Joseph Henry.
4. Benjamin, born February 24. 1805, married
Charlotte Pahner and had three children:
Rachel F., Bradford and Charles E. 5. Sarah
Ann, born October 25, 1807, married William
Goodwin and had one child, Charles C. The
children of Rev. Joseph and Mary (Shaw)
Bailey were: 6. Elbridge, born November 5,
1820.' 7. Nathaniel, born 1827. 8. Augustus
(q. v.).

(\'n) Augustus, youngest child of Joseph
and Mary (Shaw) Bailey, was born in White-
field, Maine, April 5, 1832. He attended the
district school at Whitefield Plains, and when
only a mere lad went to sea, shipping as a
sailor before the mast, receiving as wages six
dollars per month and his board. His ves-
sel was the schooner "Brilliant," Captain Mc-
Fadden, and he remained with the schooner for
two or three voyages. His next vessel was
the "Caroline," under the same captain in the
■coastwise trade. He settled in Gardiner in
1850, and apprenticed himself to a carriage
maker, mastering the trade in two years.
Thereupon he purchased the carriage-making
shop and business from J. D. Gardiner, and
he conducted a reasonably profitable trade for
fifteen years, after which he sold out and en-
gaged in the fire and marine insurance busi-
ness, and in 1908 had been in that business in
Gardiner for forty-three years. He was
elected by the Republican party, of which he
was always an active worker, a member of
the common council of the city of Gardiner,
and he served by continuous re-election for
seven years and was then promoted to the
board of aldermen and served in that office
for several years as president of the board.
He was also for eleven years a director and
treasurer of the Gardiner high school. Gov-
ernor Burleigh appointed him inspector of
prisons and jails in 1892, and he served un-
der successive governors up to 1900. He was
a notary public for thirty-five years. He affil-
iated with the Masonic fraternity as a mem-
ber of Herman Lodge. Ancient Free and Ac-
cepted Masons, of Gardiner, was advanced to
the Lebanon Chapter, Adoniram Council,
Maine Commandcry, Knights Templar, No. i,
of Gardiner, and to past master of Herman
Lodge, past high priest of the chapter; past
thrice illustrious of the Council ; past com-
mander of Maine Commandery, Knights Tem-
plar ; permanent member of the Grand Lodge

of Maine; junior grand warden in 1883, and
permanent member of the Council by reason of
being past right worshipful deputy grand mas-
ter. He is also a permanent member of the
Grand Commandery of Maine, having been
past commander of the Maine Commandery,
Knights Templar, No. i. He is representa-
tive of the Grand Lodge of Arizona, near the
Grand Lodge of Maine; also Grand Council at
Indiana, near the Grand Council of Maine. He
is also a member of Gardiner Lodge, Knights
of Pythias, and a charter member of the lodge.
His religious belief is that preferred by the
Universalist denomination, and he is a parish
clerk of the L'niversalist church in Gardiner.
He was married in 1855 to Abbie, daughter of

Solomon and (Philbrook) Plummer. of

Windsor. The child of this marriage is Willis
H., born 1857, a telegraph operator for the
Maine Central railroad. He married (second)
June 17, 1863, Annie C. Theobald, of Dres-
den, born June 4, 1838, died November 15,
1902, daughter of Captain Charles and Julia
(Saunders) Theobald, and the children by his
seconl marriage are : Julia Saunders, born in
Gardiner, Maine, February 22, 1866, married,
September 15, 1891, Frank Smith Maxcy, and
has three children : .Alice Steward, born July
I!, 1892; Louise Theobald, May 13, 1894;
Ellis Grossman, August 25. 1902. 2. Alice
Isabel, born October 2, 1868, married. May
15, 1891, William Grant Ellis. 3. Annie The-
obald, born March 31, 1875, unmarried.

There were several ancestors of
BAILEY this name' among the pioneers of

New Englaiid. and their de-
scendants are very numerous throughout the
L'nited States. The name was actively identi-
fied with the formative period in New Hamp-
shire's history and it is still connected in a
worthy way with the social, moral and material
progress of the commonwealth. There are
many other lines than the one herein traced.

(I) John Bailey was a resident of Salis-
bury, ^Massachusetts, whither he came from
Chippenham, in Wiltshire, England, sailing in
the ship "Angel Cjabriel. ' which left England
in April, 1635. He was cast away at Pema-
quid (now Bristol, iMainc), in the great storm
of August 15, 1635. He was not accompanied
by his wife, but several children, among whom
was son John, came with him. He was a
weaver by trade, and was living in Salisbury
in 1650, removing thence to Newbury in the
spring of 1651. He died there November 2,
1651, being called "Old John Bailey." In his
will he mentioned "My brother John Emery,



Junior, of Xewbury, overseer." His home-
stead in Salisbury he bequeathed to his son
John. His children born in England were :
John, Robert and two daughters, who were liv-
ing in England when he made his will.

(H) John (2), eldest child of John (i)
Bailey, was born in 1613, in England, and was
a weaver in early life; after settling in New
England he became a husbandman. He re-
mained in Salisbury until 1643, when he moved
to Newbury and there passed the remainder
of his life. He was a selectman in 1664, and
a freeman in 1669. In that year and the fol-
lowing, his wife was engaged in the practice of
midwifery. He died in March, 1691. He mar-
ried, about 1640, Eleanor Emery, and she re-
mained his widow until her death, which oc-
curred previous to September 23, 1700, when
administration was granted upon her estate.
Their children were : Rebecca, John, Sarah,
Joseph, James, Joshua (died young), Isaac,
Joshua, Rachel and Judith.

(HI) Joseph, second son of John (2) and
Eleanor (Emery) Bailey, was born in Xew-
bury, April 4, 1648. He took the oath of
allegiance and fidelity at Newbury, February,
1669. About 1700 he removed to Arundel or
Kennebunk, Maine, where he remained until
1703, when he left probably on account of In-
dians. He returned in 1714, and was killed by
Indians in October, 1723, at the age of sev-
enty-five. He bought land in "Cape Porpoise,"
Arundel or Kennebunkport, in 1692 and 1700,
and was at Casco Fort, March, 1704; he was
selectman of Arundel, 1719. He married
(first) Priscilla Putnam, daughter of John, of
Salem \'illage, Danvers, who died November
6, 1704; (second) Sarah Poore, daughter of
John Poore, and widow of John Sawyer. His
•children were : Rebecca, Priscilla, John. Jo-
seph, Hannah, Daniel, Mary, Judith, Lydia
and Sarah.

(I\') John (3), eldest son of Joseph and
Priscilla (Putnam) Bailey, was born in New-
bury, September 16, 1678, was baptized Octo-
ber 20, 1678, and died in 1747, aged si.xty-
nine. He married (first) Mary Bartlett, who
was born April 27, 1684, ^^ Newbury, died
March 19, 1708, daughter of John and Mary
Rust Bartlett. He married (second) Sarah
Butler, widow of Job Goddings, of Ipswich,
their intentions being published October 6,
1711. John Bailey's will mentions eight chil-

(V) Deacon John (4), son of John (3) and
Mary (Bartlett) Bailey, was bom in Newbury,
March 10, 1701. He was in Newbury when
his first child was born and at Marblehead

when his second was born. December 14,
1727, he was admitted a citizen of Falmouth
(Portland), Maine, and January 29, 1728. he
paid the admission fee of ten pounds which
payment is said to have been an exception to
the general practice, as most of those admitted
never paid the price. December 3, 1729, there
was "laid out to Benjamin Ingalls, John
Bailey, Benjamin Larabee and Company ad-
joining on the falls called Sacarape — being
the third falls on the Prcsumpscot river in the
town of Falmouth for the privilege of laying
their timber and boards on a certain tract of
land on each side of the falls," the boundaries
of which are duly set out in the record. Upon
the southwesterly side of the large island at
this place, Ingalls, Pearce. Larabee and Bailey
built a saw mill. In 1739 John Bailey sold to
Joseph Conant a "part of a mill and stream of
water, for which he agreed to pay one hundred
and fifty pounds." January 24, 1737, John
Bailey, tailor, and his brother, Joseph, cord-
wainer, bought Larabee's interest in the prop-
erty. In the year 1731 Deacon Benley bought
of Joshua Brackett for forty-five pounds, three
acres of land "where deacoa Bailey's house
now stands, as the same is now fenced and
improved, being part of a tract of land which
George Cleeve sold Michael ?iIilton." This lot
Jane Bailey sold to Anthony Brackett in 1770
for si.xteen pounds. In 1732 a seventy-nine
acre lot was laid out to John Bailey at the
"Narrows of the Neck," with other lots. The
lot next westerly of the Bailey lot which was
assigned to Rev. Thomas Smith, John Bailey
bought in 1735. Deacon Bailey lived in a one-
story house, to which a story was added by his
son Benjamin, and is now standing on the
northerly side of Congress street, between
Libby's Corner and Bradley's Corner, Deer-
ing, and occupied by Miss Helen M. Bailey,
the descent being from Deacon John to son
Benjamin, grandson Jeremiah, great-grandson,
Captain Francis H., and great-great-grand-
daughter, Helen M., August 18, 1750. Dea-
con John Bailey ''in consideration of divers
good causes" gave to his "well-beloved son,
John Bailey, of Falmouth, who was his eldest
son," "a gore of land adjoining on the north
west end of fifty acres that I have given my
sun John by will." By the Portland record it
appears John Bailey made a will February 20,
1770, and died August 26, 1770, in possession
of his Saccarappa mill property which he or-
dered divided after his decease among his
heirs. His widow, who was his administra-
trix, sold some of his land after his death.
Deacon Bailey was a man of high character



and much in public affairs. January 21. 1728,
John Bailey and hi.s wife were admitted to the
church. In 1735 Deacon Bailey was chosen
tax collector of Falmouth. In 1750, when the
bridge at Stroudwatcr over Fore river was
made a toll bridge by act of the general court
of Massachusetts, he was chosen tax collector.
When Stroudwatcr parish was organized in
1764, he became its clerk and held that posi-
tion till his death. John Bailey had by his first
wife eight children: John, Mary, Joseph, Sa-
rah, Rachel, Elizabeth, William and David.
September 29, 1741. Deacon John Bailey and
Jane Curtis, of Gorham, had their intentions
of marriage published. She was the widow of
Captain John Curtis, a prominent man of Gor-
ham and formerly of Gloucester, Massachu-
setts. Of this union was one child, Benjamin.
(\'I) Benjamin, only son of Deacon and
Jane (Curtis) Bailey, was born April 15, 1746,
and died at Falmouth, September 26, 1812.
He was a farmer and bricklayer. He suc-
ceeded to much of his father's landed property.
His will was made September 18, 1812. He
married, in Falmouth, 1772, Mary Blake, born
1754, died August 24, 1817. Children: i.
Thomas, born August 18, 1773, died May 10,
1851 : married Eleanor Ellery Sawyer, born in
Hunnewell, Gloucester, Massachusetts. 2.
Susannah, born January 17, 1775, died De-
cember, 1856; married Charles Charley, born
in Stroudwatcr, Maine. 3. Thankful, born
Jime 23, 1777, died April i, 1826; married
"Charles Curlis, born in Brunswick, Maine. 4.
Affiah, born March 31, 1779, died June 23,
1859; married John Martin, born in Haverhill,
New Hampshire. 5. John, born May 20, 1781,
died November 29, 1810; married Charlotte
Martin, born in Haverhill, New Hampshire.

6. George, born March 31, 1783, see forward.

7. Jeremiah, born December 19, 1785, see for-
ward. 8. Mary, born April 22,. 1787, died
May, 1869; married John Mitchell, born in
Westbrook, New Hampshire. 9. Benjamin,
born March 23, 1789, die"d March 18, 1828;
married Susan Riley, born in Dover, New
Hampshire. 10. Dolly, born January 3, 1791,
died July 18, 1827; married William Porter-
field, born in Stroudvale. 11. Samuel, born
February 21, 1793, died June 18. 1859. 12.
Sarah, born February 26, 1795, died ^Iay 16,
1836; married John Jordan, born in Farming-
ton, New Hampshire. 13. Isaac Watts, born
January n, 1797, died April 16, 1872; mar-
ried Bertha , born in Saccarappa. 14.

Frederick Augustus, born December 18, 1799,
died September 10, 1879; married Mary Wil-
son, born in New York.

(VII) George, son of Benjamin and Mary
(Blake) Bailey, was born March 31, 1783,
died April 11, 1841. He was a wheelwright
and lived at the old homestead. Some years
before his death he engaged in the practice of
botanic medicine, then very much in vogue.
He married, January 24, 1808, Elizabeth
(Betsy) Webb, who was born in F"almouth,
Alarch 4, 1785, died January 18. 1853. Their
children were: i. \\'alter W., born November
12, 1808, died May 16, 1833; he married Maria
Lincoln Hobart. 2. Elizabeth Ann, born Jan-
uary 7, 1812, died January 27, 1890. 3. John,
born November 7, 1813, died in Washington,
D. C, March 11, 1897: he married Abbie
Nichols \\'hite. 4. Alphcus, born April 8,
1816, died in Portland, August 11, 1853. 5.
George Albert, born February 2, 1820, died
December 26, 1877. 6. Charles Edw-ard, see

(VIII) Charles Edw-ard, youngest child of
George and Elizabeth (Betsy) (\\'ebb) Bailey,
was born in the ancestral home, April 15, 1822,
died in Westbrook, April 26, 1899. He was
educated in the ])ublic schools and at West-
brook Seminary. He learned the wheel-
wright's trade and carried on that business in
Portland until he retired from active life. He
married, November 26, 1879, at her home in
Deering, Annie Noyes, who was born in Pow-
nal, Februar)' 13, 1844, daughter of Thomas
and Lucretia (LawTence) Noyes, of Yar-
mouth, who were the parents of two other
children, as follow's : Elizabeth, born July 31,
1842, died in Boston, May 9, 1906; Alice, born
July 28, 1846, died December 29, 1885, at
Leeds ; she married Joseph I-". Moody, of Mon-
mouth, Maine, and had four children : Ralph
L., married Lila E. Hilton; Harry L., mar-
ried Sadie Hanley, and has one child. Carle-
ton H. ; Annie B., born 1884, died December
24, 1901 ; William Thomas, born October 25,
1884, died April "19, 1889. Thomas Noyes,
father of Annie (Noyes) Bailey, was born
June 21, 1803, died May 4, 1871, and his.wife
was born July 13, 1808, died June 25, 1869.

(VII) Jeremiah, son of Benjamin and Mary
(Blake) Bailey, was born December 19. 1785,
died June 23, 1858. He married Eunice Jones,
born 1791, died October 21, 1849, daughter of
Captain John Jones, a soldier in the revolu-
tionary war. Their children were: i. Fran-
cis Henry, born June 7, 1823, see forward. 2.
Helen Alaria, born October 3, 1826, see for-

(VIII) Francis Henry, son of Jeremiah and
Eunice (Jones) Bailey, was born June 7, 1823,
died September 26, 1893. He was a sea cap-

■ •'"'— rrpji'^

\'3K\ E=E









tain and followed the sea many years, going
as a boy of fourteen in the brig "Susan Jane,"
and during his career had many interesting
experiences and visited ditterent portions of
the globe. He was one of the "Forty-niners,"
going to California by way of the Isthmus of
Panama. He married Susan Jordan, who died
several years prior to his death.

(VIII) Helen Maria, daughter of Jeremiah
and Eunice (Jones) Bailey, resides in the old
Bailey homestead on Congress street, Deering,
where many generations of the family were
born and reared. The old house, which at an
early period had a stockade built around it to
protect the family from the raids of the In-
dians, is in good repair, although almost two
hundred years old. Aliss Bailey has many in-
teresting family relics, among them the sword
carried by her father in the war of 1812 and
the canteen made of wood. The Eastern Ar-
gus, a leading paper t)f Portland, has been a
daily and weekly visitor to the old home for a
period of one hundred and five years, through
manv srenerations.

There are many distinct' fam-
BARKER ilies of Barkers, which bear dif-
ferent coats-of-arms and re-
side in various counties of England. The per-
sons who first bore this name doubtless made
it their business to strip bark from trees and
bring it to town for sale : consequently there
was a Barker wherever there was a Tanner.
The Barkers of county Salop begin their pedi-
gree in the year 1200 with Randulph de Cov-
erall, W'hose descendant \Mlliam changed his
name to William le Barker about a hundred
years later. In the seventeenth century there
was a Robert Barker, of London, the King's
printer, who issued the first edition of King
James's Bible. This Barker, who died in 1645,
belonged to a Yorkshire family and is sup-
posed to be the grand-nephew of Sir Christo-
pher Barker, K. B.. Garter King of Arms.
The wife of Governor Edward ^^'inslow, who
was a printer by trade, was Elizabeth Barker,
and is thought by some writers to have been
related to Robert Barker, the King's printer,
but there is no direct evidence in support of
this theory.

In America the Barker name is frequently
found among the early settlers, but it is not
known whether the different immigrants were
nearly related or not. The first bearing the
patronymic on this side the water appear to be
the brothers. Robert and John Barker, who
were at Duxbury. Massachusetts, in 1632, and
afterwards removed to Marshfield. James and

Thomas Barker were at Rowley, Massachu-
setts, in 1640, where Thomas was made a
freeman on May 13 and James a freeman on
October 7 of that year. It is not known
whether these men were brothers or not. Rich-
ard was at Andover, Massachusetts, in 1645,
and was one of the founders of the church
there. Edward Barker was at Boston in 1650,
and James was at Newport, Rhode Island, in
165 1, and was chosen deputy governor of the
colony in 1678. There is a group of Barkers

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