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Enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers.'
'ob viii. S.

T t is asserted after much reflection, that there is scarcely an important fact in the annals
lis country but either had its origin or hecame intimately involved in a point of Gene-
— Sir Harris Nicolas, in ' Memoir of A. Vincent,' p. 4.








BEFORE YOU i - 1 N > ! I H TilE 30< >K .


The preface being usually disregarded by the majorit) of readers,
I have ventured to give those who may consult this book the
foregoing necessary advice. No dictionary can be profitably
used, or its author fairly judged, unless the plan upon which it
is compiled be first comprehended. The following pages will,
I hope, serve to make my method clear, and render my book
easy to be understood.

In compiling a catalogue of this kind, it would have been,
had it been possible, more satisfactory to have confined its refer-
ences to pedigrees presumably true. It is not asserting too
much to say that most pedigrees are to some extent false; nor
is this to be wondered at when we consider that the object of
their compilers is too often to gratify the vanity and flatter the
pride of the ignorant and the purse-proud. The critical reader
will be enabled, by consulting these references, to see almost at
a glance how new men have been 'joined on' to old families,
and how frequently one author has copied the errors of
another without having made the slightest attempt to verify
his statements, or even had the honesty to acknowledge
the sources whence the information he repeats has been

It will be asked ; and very properly, what kind of genealogy
I have considered a pedigree of sufficient importance to be
catalogued here. My answer is, that as a general rule, I have
included any descer t of three generations in male line. A
pedigree, therefore, which sets forth the descendants of A in the


families of B, C, and D, is referred to under such of the families
of B, C, and D, as happen to have three generations in male
line given in it ; if there be only two and an heiress, it is not
noticed. Exceptions to this rule are, however, frequent in
references to works such as Peerages and Baronetages, my
object being not so much to index every existing genealogy as
to place the intelligent student in a position to find out the
sources from which he may obtain a clue to the particular pedi-
gree he is searching for. This observation also applies to the
references given to ' Notes and Queries,' a new feature in this
edition, and which in no degree pretend to supersede the neces-
sity of consulting for purposes of genealogical reference the
general indexes to that periodical. So far, indeed, as ' Notes
and Queries ' is concerned, reference is often made only to one
or two out of many articles relating to a particular family ; but it
will be found sufficient to give those consulting the book a clue
to further information, as the articles in that publication are
headed by references to such as have previously appeared
in it.

The titles of the works here indexed are given as briefly as is
consistent with rendering them easy of identification. Where
it occurred to me that a doubt might arise as to the book
intended, I have added the place and date of publication in
parentheses, and trust that the reader indifferently acquainted
with genealogical and topographical literature will have no
difficulty in finding the book he may require in any ordinary
library catalogue.

Of late years it has become a custom to reprint genealogical
articles from the publications of Archaeological Societies, and
such like works. These, at first sight, appear to be independent
family memoirs, and are calculated to mislead the unwary
into the idea that they are privately-printed family histories
of great rarity. Such ' pulls ' have been carefully excluded /
from this guide, unless they contain additional matter to
that given in the work in which their contents originally

When, as is frequently the case with county histories, a book
has passed through more than one edition, reference is made to
the best or most easily accessible edition In consulting the.


following pages it is therefore necessary to bear in mind that
references to

Dugdale's Warwickshire are to the 2nd Edition (Thomas's).
Chauncy's Hertfordshire ,, 1st ,,
Erdeswicke's Survey of Stafford-
shire „ 3rd „
Whitaker's Deanery of Craven 1 ,, 1st „
Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis ., 1st ,,
Hunter's Hallamshire ,, New ,, 1869 fol.
Ashmole's Berkshire ,, 2nd ,,
Morant's Essex „ 2nd ,,
Blometield's Norfolk ,, 8vo. ,,
Hasted's Kent „ fol. ,,
Hutchin's Dorset „ 3rd ,,
Gregson's Portfolio of Fragments ,, 3rd
Dallaway's Sussex ,, 1st „
Burton's Leicestershire ., 2nd ,,
Thoroton's Nottinghamshire „ 2nd ,,
Whitaker's History of WhalJey ,, 4th ,,
Baines's Lancaster „ ,, of 1836.
T. Nicholas's County Families of

Wales „ 2nd „

Ormerod's Cheshire „ 2nd ,, (Helsby's).

Watson's History of Halifax „ 1st ,,

Wo tton's English Baronetage „ ,, of 1741.

The references to ' Glover's ' Derbyshire ' are to the 4to>

fdition, and the figures in parentheses refer to the 8vo edition.

Those portions of the publications of the Powys-land Club

hich have been re-issued as ' The History of Llangurig ' and

The Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire/ are referred to under those


The references to ' Topographical Miscellanies,' 1792, 4to., of
which work, edited by Sir E. Brydges, only one volume was
issued, have the places under which pedigrees will be found in
parentheses, there being no continuous pagination.

When a pedigree is on a folding table, the page which it faces

1 The pages in parentheses refer to the third edition, which has been
published since the first edition of this work was compiled.


is given. To some books no page is cited; in such cases it must
be understood that they are not paged.

It should be remembered when consulting the references to
Burke's ' History of the Commoners,' that the second and sub-
sequent editions of that work bear the title ' Landed Gentry.'
In these the pedigrees (except in a few instances) being in
alphabetical order, the page where a pedigree will be found is
not given, the number appended being that of the edition
in which it is contained. When, as often happens, more than
one family of the same name occurs, its place of residence is
given in parentheses, a plan necessary to avoid confusion, and
to show that more than one genealogy will be found in the
edition referred to. The abbreviation add. = addenda ; supp. =
supplement ; corr. = corrigenda. To the fifth edition there are
two supplements. The sixth edition was re-issued in 1882,
with an amended supplement.

Eeferences to Burke's ' Extinct Baronetcies ' are added to this
edition; this work contains a large number of pedigrees not
to be found elsewhere. These pedigrees being in alphabetical
order, no page is given ; but to those of Baronets of Ireland
and Scotland, and descents which are subsidiary to others, the
page has been added in order to render them easily found.

The words ' Caermarthenshire Pedigrees/ ' Cardiganshire Pedi-
grees,' and ' Pembrokeshire Pedigrees/ refer to a book entitled
' Pedigrees of Caermarthenshire, Cardiganshire, and Pembroke-
shire, in continuation of Lewis Dwnn, to about the years
1700-10. From the MS. of John Philipps Allen Lloy '
Philipps, Esq., of Dale Castle, co. Pembroke. Typis Medi
Montanis, 1859.' Fol. Privately printed by Sir Thomat
Phillipps, Bart. Sir Thomas Phillipps printed a considerable
number of pedigrees on separate sheets, many of them signed with
his initials and sometimes the date of the year when printed,
thus — T. P., 1870. I have marked all those I know with the
initials T. P., and the date when given. An extensive collection
of them will be found in the Bodleian Library, from whicl
most of my references are taken.

As a general rule, the surname of a family is the heading
under which its genealogy should be sought ; but to this one
exception is frequently made, viz., where there is a peerage title.


In searching therefore for titled families, it is necessary to look
both under the surname and also under the title, reference
being unavoidably made now to the one and again to the other.
When a family has a double surname the references to both
names should be consulted. It must also be borne in mind
that many names are spelt in several different ways, so that it is
necessary to look under all the various ways in which any
name can be spelt. Cross references have been added to assist
the reader, especially to such as are not familiar to those who
are unaccustomed to genealogical researches.

To have given references in this work to the pedigrees con-
tained in all the Peerages and Baronetages which have been
published during the last two hundred years, would have
increased its cost and size without being a proportionate aid to
the reader. But in this edition references to the most important
Peerages and Baronetages, e.g. Dugdale's 'Baronage,' Brydges'
'Collins,' Edmondson's ' Baronagium Genealogicum,' etc., etc.,
have been added. Lists of the principal works of this class
will be found in Mr. Eichard Sims's ' Manual for the Genealogist,'
a book so well known as to render it unnecessary to repeat them
here. Peerages of England at p. 180, Scotland at p. 187, and
Ireland at p. 188. There is also a list of Koyal Genealogies at
p. 178. Since my first edition was issued the Index Society
has published (vol. v.) 'An Index of Hereditary English,
Scottish, and Irish Titles of Honour,' by Edward Solly, F.B.S.,
F.S.A., a valuable work, and indispensable to every genealogical
inquirer who wishes to make a complete search in reference to
any name one of whose bearers has been raised to the dignity of
a Peer or Baronet.

Private Acts of Parliament frequently contain much genea-
logical information; a collection in thirty-nine folio volumes is
in°the Guildhall Library, with MS. pedigrees by Sir George

The numbers of the Session Papers, printed by order ot the
House of Lords, which are given as references to the evidence
taken on claims to Peerages and to vote at the elections of Irish
Peers refer to the number at the bottom of each paper. The
volume in which the paper will be found can be ascertained
by referring to the General Indexes to the Sessional Papers.
Though these give the page as well as the volume, it would be


useless here to refer to the page, because it is the MS. page of
the copy arranged for the library of the House of Lords, and not
the page at which the particular paper inquired for would be
found. An explanatory note to this effect will be seen at the
commencement of the General Indexes.

Mention of other works of the same kind as this may not be con-
sidered out of place. Sims's ' Index to the Heralds' Visitations '
is a useful guide to the MS. collections in the British Museum,
though inaccurate and incomplete. The 'Heraldic Calendar,'
by William Skey, published in 1846, gives a list of pedigrees
and arms recorded in Ulster's Office at Dublin Castle. Whit-
inore's 'Handbook of American Genealogy' contains much
information relative to the pedigrees of English families whose
descendants have settled in America ; it reached a third edition
in 1875. Durrie's 'Alphabetical Index to American Genealogies/
(2nd Edition, Albany, U.S.A., 1878,) gives references to the
pedigrees in books published in America, and may frequently
be consulted with advantage by English readers. There is a
useful list of claims to Scottish Peerages, from 1788-1838, in
the 'Gentleman's Magazine' for April, 1839. A catalogue of
foreign genealogies will be found in Moule's ' Bibliotheca
Heraldica,' pp. 619-648. 'L'Art de verifier les Genealogies des
Families Beiges et Hollandaises,' par J. Huyttens (Brussels,
1865, 8vo.), is a work similar to several of those already

In inquiries of a genealogical nature, biographical memoirs
should not be overlooked, as they often supply information of
great value. Phillips's ' Dictionary of Biographical Preference '
is an index to the best-known biographical dictionaries.

In deference to the wishes of many persons who have told
me that they have derived advantage from this book, I give a
list of the volumes issued by the Harleian Society explanatory
of their contents : —


i. The Visitation of London, 1568.

ii. The Visitation of Leicestershire, 1619.
iii. The Visitation of Rutland, 1618.
iv. The Visitations of Nottingham, 1569 and 1614.

v. The Visitations of Oxford, 1566, 1574, and 1634.
vi. The Visitation of Devon, 1620.
vii. The Visitation of Cumberland, 1615.


Vol. viii. Le Neve's Catalogue of Knights.
ix. The Visitation of Cornwall, 1620.
,, xi. The Visitation of Somersetshire, 1623.
„ xii. The Visitation of Warwickshire, 1619.
„ xiii. and xiv. The Visitations of Essex, 1552, 1558, 1570, 1612, and

„ xv. The Visitation of London, 1633-4, vol. 1.
„ xvi. The Visitation of Yorkshire, 1564.
„ xvii. The Visitation of London, 1633-4, vol. ii.
„ xviii. The Visitation of Cheshire, 1580.

It should also be added that Surtees Soc, vol. xli., is Tonge's
Visitation of the Northern Counties, and vol. xxxvi. Dugdale's
Visitation of Yorkshire in 1665-6. Camden Soc., vol. xliii., is
the Visitation of Huntingdon, 1613. The Visitations of Lanca-
shire, 1533, 1567, 1613, and 1664-5, will be found in the vols,
of the Chetham Soc, lxxxi., lxxxii., lxxxiv., lxxxv., lxxxviii.,
xcviii., and ex.

' The Scottish Nation,' by William Anderson, Edinburgh,
1863, 8vo., three vols., though professedly a biographical
dictionary, contains extensive pedigrees of many Scottish
families, and should be referred to by those seeking information
as to their genealogy.

An index, embracing as this does the pedigrees contained in
every important genealogical and topographical work, as well
as those in many of minor importance, is certain to contain
some errors both of omission and commission. For such I crave
indulgence, and, to use the expression of an old heraldic writer,
' All errors and mistakings as shall fall out, I intreat the Learned-
modest Reader to correct with his Pen.'

Lastly, it is a pleasant duty to render thanks to P. E. Stodart,
Esq., Lyon Depute, Michael J. Shaw Stewart, Esq., the Eev. W. G.
Dimock Fletcher, M.A., and to many of my correspondents, for
the valuable assistance they have given in the preparation
of this edition, which will, I trust, be found much more com-
plete than the former, and prove serviceable to all interested
in genealogical investigations.


60, Onslow Gardens,

London, S.W.


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