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founder of some of the largest enterprises in his county. In 1859 he established the
business of growing small fruits, making a specialty of raspberries, being the first
grower ot the Ohio raspberries. He has now between thirty and forty acres of nur
sery stock, small fruits, etc.

Sautler, Edward, was born in Utica, September 4, 1865, a son of Christian who came
from Germany in 1849. Edward was educated in the High School of Utica and fin
ished at the business college of that place, after leaving which he engaged in' the boot
and shoe business. February 5, 1889, he came to Lyons and established the business
known as Hattler, Sautler, & Co., which was dissolved in 1893, and then established his
present business, carrying one of the largest lines of boots and shoes and rubber cr 00 ds
in Wayne county. They have the finest goods produced by the trade, and Mr Saut-
tler is one of the leading merchants in the town, having made a high record for integ-
rity and uprightness. &

Smith, Arthur H., was born in St. John, N. B., July 2, 1847. He is a son of Thomas
who came to Wayne county in 1848 and engaged in the malting business until 1884'
when his son, A. H., became a partner with him in the business. In 1887 he sold out
to A. H. Smith and J. K. Southen, of Boston, the stvle being the Smith Maltino- Com-
pany, which firm continued up to 1890, when A. H. Smith withdrew and built & a malt
house for himself. In 1892 he associated with F. H. Topping of Philadelphia the firm
being Smith & Topping, who continued the business until it had a capacity of 200 000
bushels. The mas built a malt house in Weedsport. He died in 1890 aged eighty-three
years. A. H. Smith married at the age of twenty-three, Mary B., daughter of David
O Bockoven, and they have two children, Arthur H, jr., and Mrs. Anna Wood Both
Mr. Smith and his father have been prominently identified with the best interests of
their town.

Norton, Luther M., was born in the town of Groveland, Livingston county Feb-
ruary 26, 1832, was educated in the common schools and at the Genesee Wesleyan
Seminary at Lima. He attended in addition to this the Genesee and Wyoming Semi-
nary at Alexander, and was a successful teacher eight years. He studied law in the
meantime, and was admitted to the bar to practice in the Supreme Court in 1855 since
which he has had a successful practice. He has resided in Newark since 1851 In the
fall of 1869 he was elected county judge, serving one term. In the fall of 1891 he was
re-elected to the same position, the term being now six years. In 1853 he married
Sarah M. Stilson of Mt. Morns, Livingston county, and they have three children ■ Flora
A., wife of William Palmer, of Palmyra, by whom she has two children. J. Bradley and
Grace. Mr. Palmer is deceased. The other children are Grace M„ who was educated
in the Elmira Female College, and is teaching in Iowa; and Willis I., who married
Maud, daughter of William Hicks of Phelps. Judge Norton and family are members
of the Baptist Church.

Catlin, Charles M., was born in the town of Phelps, Ontario county, August 22 1844
and came to this county with his parents at the age of nine years, locating in South
Sodus. He was educated in the common schools and in early life was a farmer Au-
gust 9, 1862, he eniisted in Co. D, 111th N. Y. Vols., and was promoted corporal ser-
geant, then commissary sergeant. June 11, 1865, he received his honorable discharge
and upon his return engaged in the lumber trade. He is also the proprietor of a steam
saw mill, to both of which occupations he gives his attention. December 25 1865 he
married Margaret A. Mitchell of this town, by whom he has six children ■ Mattie L
wife of Frank Oderkirk : Minnie R., wife of Lyman W. Riggs ; Charles J who is in


business with his father; Carrie B., Eugene D., and Bertie B. Mr. Catlin is a member
of Vosburg Post No. 99, G. A. R. His father was William Catlin, born in Phelps about
1810, who married Lucy Cummings of his native town, and they had five children :
Caroline, Mary, Charles M., Joseph W., and Lucy (who died young). He died in 1854
and his widow survives. Mrs. Catlin's father was Jeremiah Mitchell, born in Lyons in
1812, who married Martha Pope of Galen, and they had seven children: Rhoda J.,
John H., Calvin, Margaret A., Albert, Jeremiah and Edward. Both parents reside in

Mitchell, Edward C, was born in the town of Arcadia April 21, 1858, was educated
at Sodus Academy, and is one of Arcadia's enterprising farmers. June 2. 1881, he mar-
ried Adeline Ford of Sodus, and they have two daughters, May and Ethel. Mrs.
Mitchell's father, Alonzo Ford, was born in Sodus, November 3, 1834. February 20,
1858, he married Ellen N. Lester of Sodus, formerly of Wyoming county, and they
had one child, Adeline. Mr. Ford died September 7, 1869, and his widow resides with
her daughter, Mrs. Mitchell.

Horn, George A., was born in Cayuga county September 22, 1853. He was educated
in the public schools, and is a patent right dealer by occupation. He is also putting an
invention of his wife's upon the market, an ingenuious device, or pattern for cutting
dresses. Our subject married Mrs. Henrietta Gray nee Sherwood, who is traveling in
the interests of her own invention. Mr. Horn's father, Lewis, was born in Kent, Eng-
land, March 23, 1826, and came to the United States with his parents at the age of five.
Tney located in Rose Valley, where he was educated in the common schools and is
now salesman for his son, George A. March 25, 1850, he married Mrs. Sarah A. Bene
diet, nee Burghdorf, of this county, and they have two sons: George A. and L. Duane,
who married Aggie Kelley, of Grand Rapids, Mich. The family is of English and
German descent, and residents of Newark.

Van Dusen, John H , was born in the town of Marion, Wayne county, April 12, 1830.
He was educated in the common schools, and follows farming. August 2, 1862, he en-
listed in Co. A, 160th N. Y. Vols., and when his company was organized he was made
third sergeant, was taken prisoner, paroled, and wounded in action in the right arm,
before Bisland, La., on April 12, 1863. He was honorably discharged in 1865, and May
10th of that year he married Mary A. McFarlan, of Watertown, Jefferson county, and
they have five children : Clara, wife of Lawrence McMaster, who has two children ;
Tinie, wife of Edward Haley, of Blossburg, Ba,, who has one child ; Drsue, wife of
Arthur Wheeler, of Canandaigua ; Ida M., wife of Charles M. McCoy, of Kane, Pa. ;
and Charles T., a fruit grower and farmer who resides at home. Mrs. Van Dusen's
father was John McFarlan. born in Canada in 1804, who had four daughters : Margaret,
Mary, Ethel and Kittie. He died in 1885.

Carl, Amos D., was born on the old homestead, in the northeast part of the town,
January 28, 1849. He was educated in the district schools and follows farming. He
has married twice, first to Hannah J. Sebring, by whom he had four children : Nora B.,
Francis J., Earl S. and Grace. Mrs. Carl died in 1890, and February 25, 1891, he mar.
ried Ida Cummings of Rochester, and they have one daughter, Minnie F. Mr. Carl's
father, Samuel, was born in Maine in 1800, and came here with his parents when
a child, the journey being made in a covered wagon. He married Jane Drake of
this town, and they had eight children : Catharine, Amos D., Sarah J., Benjamin F.,
Joseph D., Mary, Ella and Jehiel. The father died about 1878, and his widow survives.
Mr. Carl's grandfather, Benjamin, came here when the country was a wilderness, and
suffered all the hardships of pioneer life.

Travers, Mrs. Jane A., was born in Arcadia. The late George W. Travers was a native
of Wayne county, born November 17, 1840, and was educated in the district schools.


His early life was spent at farm work, and his mother died when he was seven years of
age. February 4, 1866, he married Jane A. Miller, of the town of Arcadia, hy whom he
had three children: William, who died in infancy ; Hattie M., who died in her eleventh
year; and Nettie A., who resides with her mother. Mr. Travers was a railway con-
ductor on the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. and died April 25, 1892. Mrs. Travers's father,
Silas Miller, was born ia the town of Phelps, Ontario county about 1816. (See Edgar
D, Miller's history in this work).

Mitchell, Albert, was born in the old homestead in the town of Arcadia, November 6,
1847. He was educated in the common schools and has always followed farming. He
owns a fine farm in Ingham county, Mich., on which his oldest son is located, while he is
farmer for his aged parents here. December 13, 1868, he married Caroline Sebring of
this town, and they have three sons: Lyman J., Charles A., and George H. Lyman
married Mahala Darling, of Jackson county, Mich., and they have one son, Hugh D..
born February 13, 1893. Mrs. Albert Mitchell's father, Philip Sebring, was born in
Dutchess county March 2, 1809, and married Lydia Gilllet of Lyons, born in Dutchess
county August 30, 1817, by whom he had ten children ; James, Alfred, a soldier in the
Rebellion, who died from starvation in Salisbury Prison, North Carolina; Ira, also a sol-
dier; Edgar, Susan, who died aged twelve; Caroline, Hannah J., who died aged thirty-
nine • Charles A., Fannie and Sylvester. He died September 2, 1866, and his wife died
August 15 3 1883.

Frisbie, Alexander, was born in Canaan, Columbia county, N. Y., September 19, 1824,
was educated in the public schools, and has followed farming. In 1851 he married
Mary A. Lay of his native county and they had four daughters: Phoebe and Ruth
(twins). Susan and Judith, all deceased except Mrs. Ruth Miller of East Newark. Mrs.
Frisbie died July 28, 1888, mourned by a bereaved husband and daughter. Mr. Frisbie
has built up his success by his own perseverance and energy, The Frisbie family came
originally from France, they being Huguenots who fled to Wales, and from there came
to the United States.

Ehrhardt, George, was born in Alsace, France (now Germany), February 6, 1825, and
came to this country with his parents when five years old in 1830, and they located in
Lyons, this county. April 10, 1856, he married Lena Schimp, of his native town, and
their children are as follows : Diedrich, who married Helen Baltzel, and has three children,
Frank, Grover, and Belle; M. Jane, who married Jacob Hartman, of Palmyra, and has
three children, Diedrich, Anna M , and Raymond ; George H., who married Mary
Heidenreich, and has three children, Rupert, Eveline, and Edna (who {died young) ;
Philip E., who married Elizabeth Rasche, and had one child, Raymond E. (who died
young) ; Rosa M., who married George Baltzel, and had four children, Albertine M.,
Mabel R., Esther M., and Ruth L. Mr. Baltzel died in June, 1892; E. Belle, who is a
teacher, and resides at home ; Louisa (deceased) ; William F., and Frederick, who are
farmers, and living at home. Mr. Ehrhardt has owned the homestead farm since 1872.

Sheer, the late Jacob, was born in Alsace, France (now Germany), May 30, 1826, and
at the age of eleven years came to the United States with his parents, where he was
educated in the public schools. They finally came to the town of Lyons, and later to the
town of Arcadia. July 25, 1850, he married Elizabeth Ehrhardt, and they had eight
children, four sons and four daughters: George H., who died in infancy ; Mary L., who
married John Benning, of Lyons; Albert D., who married Louisa Kaiser, of Fairville,
and is a postal clerk ; George E., a farmer at home for himself and his mother. He mar-
ried Clara Austin, of this town ; and Helen A., who married William H. Welcher, now
of Lyons ; Harold, Emma E., and Caroline D. are deceased. Mr. Sheer died February
7, 1889. The father of Mrs. Sheer was Dederich Erhardt, who was born in Alsace, and
married Dorothy Brock, of his native place. They had six children, Lena, Dorothy,


George, Philip, Elizabeth, and a daughter. This excellent family came to the United
States in 1830.

Craver, Phillip H., was born in Rensselaer county, July 15, 1825, and came herewith
his parents in 1841. He was educated in the district schools and has taught school
winters several terms. He is a farmer by occupation. November 14, 1863, he married
Martha Burnett, of this town. Two children were born to them, James A., a farmer at
home with his father, and Emma, who also resides at home. The son was educated in
the public schools and the Commercial College at Rochester. Mr. Craver's father,
David I., was born in Rensselaer county, February 5, 1796. He was a farmer and
mechanic by occupation. He married Elizabeth Fellers, of that county. They had
three children, Phillip H, Charity, and Melissa. He died April 5, 1885, and his wife
October 1, 1882. Mrs. Craver's father, William Burnett, was born in Rensselaer county,
March 3, 1802. On August 24, 1822, he married Betsey Budd, of Columbia county, by
whom he had eight children.

Bennett, Clark, was born in Niagara county in 1856. His father was Orrin S., a son
of Thomas Bennett, who came from Vermont in an early day and settled in Barre,
Orleans county. In 1873 Orrin S. removed to Wayne county and settled in Sodus.
He was a carpenter by trade, which he followed for some time, and later engaged in
farming. He married Salome Baldwin, by whom he had two sons, Clark T. and
Orlando. Orrin S. died in 1893. Orlando Bennett settled in Sodus Point. On arriving
at manhood our subject was engaged in farming for several years, but since 1882 has
had charge of the mercantile business of E. B. Mathes, at Sodus Center. In 1880 he
married Florence, daughter of John Brant. She died in 1887, leaving two children,
Ross and Lulu. In 1888 Mr. Bennett married Helen Proseus.

Patrick, the late Isaac N., was born in Pittsford, Monroe county, November 7, 1822,
and came to this town with his parents when three years old. He was educated in the
district schools and was always a farmer. December 23, 1869, he married Mary Ann
Derry, who was born April 10, 1840, in Fendrayton, Cambridgeshire, England. They
had two children, Sarah E., who married John C. Penoyer, of Bristol, Ontario county,
and has three children ; and Walter J., who was horn February 8, 1865, was educated
in the district schools and at Newark Union School and Academy, and is a farmer on
the home farm. February 7, 1884, he married Julia A. Bloom, of this town, and they
had one son, Newton J., born April 17, 1888, who died August 7, 1893. Isaac N. Pat-
rick died March 22, 1888, mourned by a bereaved wife and family. He was a member
of the Masonic order. His father, John, was born March 1, 1788, and was a captain in
the war of 1812, and a Mason. Mrs. Patrick's brother, Aldred Derry, was a soldier in
the late war in the cavalry branch of the service, and was promoted to the position of
captain. John Patrick was a manufacturer of plows. The Patrick family located on
this homestead about 1828. The ancestry of this family is Scotch and English.

Blakely, La Mott M., a native of the State of New York, was born in Wyoming
county in the year 1830, where h's parents, who were natives of Vermont, settled in
1817. His mother's parents were English, and his father's were Scotch. In his younger
days he attended school in Wyoming county, and later at Honeoye and Richmond
Mills, Ontario county, and completed his education at the East Bloomfield Academy.
He began business in the lumber trade in Iowa and Illinois, and later extending his
operations to the Missouri river, became a heavy shipper of lumber from points on the
Mississippi river to all points on the Missouri river below St. Joseph, and continuing
the business until the breaking out of the Rebellion, which closed for the time all traffic
on the Missouri. At the close of the war he went to Atlanta. Georgia, where he
engaged in an extensive cotton trade, which later he pursued at Washington, Newbern,
and Greenville, North Carolina, handling at one time a large portion of all the cotton
received at these ports. Still later he resumed the lumber trade and became one of


the heaviest operators in the South. These operations extended over twenty years, and
Georgetown, S. C, and Washington, and Newbern, N. C, were the principal points of
these operations. During his long stay in the South he won the respect and good will
of the southern people, and few, if any, has more warm friends in the sunny south to-
day. He returned to Lyons a few years ago, where his people had resided since 1848.
From the time of his return he has taken great interest in the advancement of Lyons.
He has served as member of the board of trustees ; was made an alternate delegate to
the national convention at Minneapolis in 1892, and last March was elected president
of the village, and has been active in matters tending to improve the village, especially
the streets and water courses. His administration has been characterized both by
public improvements and the economical expenditure of public money.

Grenell, Herman, was born in Galen, March 9, 1843, son of Herman and Lydia (Cobbj
Grenell, he a native of Massachusetts, and she of Phelps, Ontario county, and came to
Galen when Mr. Grenell was eight years old, with his parents, John and Lucy Grenell,
natives of Massachusetts. Mr. Grenell died in April, 1885, and his wife in 1890. Sub-
ject was reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. He has always been a
farmer and owns seventy-five acres in Galen and 200 in Rose. He married in 1865,
Marion C. Griner, a native of Clyde, and daughter of Barney and Phoebe Griner, early
settlers of Clyde, where they died. Mr. Grenell and wife had three children : Eugene,
who married Ida Glove, by whom he has one child, Florence ; Lydia, wife of Edward
Luffman, who died aged twenty-two years leaving one child ; and Ada at home.


Adams, William H., Gen., 115
Agricultural fair, the first, 159

Horticultural and Mechanical Asso-
ciation of Galen, 163

Society, Ontario, 160

Palmyra, Union, 162
Sodus, 164
Wayne County, 160
Aldrich, W. F., 117
Alloway, 246
Alton, 214

Angell's Corners, 277
Arcadia, cemeteries in, 364

churches of, 377 et seq.

first town meeting in, 358

pioneers of, 360 et seq.

schools of, 365

statistics of, 363

supervisors of, 359

topography of, 357
Arcadian Weekly Gazette, the, 142
Arne, David, Dr., 129
Arnold, George H., 120
Ashley, Robert, Dr., 129

R. W., 117
Attorneys of Wayne county, 112
Averill, E. S. , 132
Bank, Briggs National, 271

First National, of Newark, 373
of Palmyra, 187

Lyons National, 245

of Lyons, 245

Wayne County, 187
Bankers of Clyde, 271

of Lyons, 245

of Newark, 373

of Wolcott, 297

Banks of Sodus, 211
Barless Brothers, the, 145

Romain C, Dr., 129
Bashford, Coles, 117
Bennett, Josiah, Dr., 128
Bonnicastle, 425
Bottum, Edward W., Dr., 125
Burgess Brothers (W. C. and F. D.),

Burnham, Edwin K. , 134
Burr, H. N., Dr., 143
Butler Center, 435

churches of, 435 et seq.

first town meeting in, 428

pioneers of, 429 et seq.

schools of, 434

statistics of, 433

supervisors of, 428

topography of, 42 7
Camp, John H., 116
Canal schemes, 71
Chapin, Graham H., 115
Churches of Arcadia, 377

Butler, 435

Galen, 277

Huron, 425

Lyons, 246

Macedon, 344

Marion, 392

Ontario, 326

Palmyra, 191

Rose, 415

Savannah, 356

Sodus, 215

Walworth, 400

Williamson, 316

Wolcott, 300



Civil divisions, original, of New York
State, 1

list, 96
demons, Anson B., 133
Climatology, 5
Clyde Electric Company, 270

fire department of, 269

glass manufacture in, 272

malting interest in, 274

manufacturers of, 272 et seq.

mineral springs in, 272

pioneers of, 264

presidents of, 267

Times, the, 139

water supply of, 270
Colvin, Darwin, Dr., 126
Cooper, George W. , 142
County Poorhouse, 164
Court, Chancery, 104

County, 106

house, the first, 111

of Appeals, 102

Special Sessions, 109

vSupreme, 103

Surrogate's, 107
Courts, evolution of the, 101
Crafts, Alfred P., Dr., 129
Crandall, F. G., 133

Packing Company, 189
Crittenden, Hulburt, Dr., 131
Culver, Charles, Dr., 130
Curtis, E., 144
David, William G., Dr., 130
Democratic Herald, the, 140
Dickson, John J., Dr., 128
1 )istrict attorneys, 109
East Palmyra, 190

Williamson, 316
Eddy Brothers (M. Allen and William S.),

Ehart, Albert M., 140
Ely, Linus, Dr., 130
English duplicity, 27
Erie Canal, 67
Fairvillle, 376

Families, list of heads of, settled west of
pre-emption line in 1790, 33

Fish, H. H., 142
Forte, Irwin A., 140
Fruit culture, 93
Fruitland, 326
Furnace Village, 300
Furnaceville, 326
Galen, cemeteries of, 26:>

churches of, 277 et seq.

first town meeting in, 255

pioneers of, 256 et seq.

roads of, 254

schools of, 262

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topography of, 251
Garlock Packing Company, 189
Genesee country, the, in 1792. 36
in 1796, 37

Road," the "Great, 35
Geology, 4
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Globe Manufacturing Company, 189
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first town meeting in, 420

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schools of, 424

statistics of, 424

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Hyde, Zenas, Dr., 124
Hydeville, 377
Indian remains, 13
Indians, Cayuga and Seneca, 11

in Wayne connty, 9

part taken by the, in the early wars, 12
Iron ore, 8

Jerome, Hiram K., 115
Jesuits and the Indians, 11
Jewell, Ezra, 115
Johnson, Lawrence, Dr., 130
Joy, 214

Judges from Wayne county, 107
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Kirkland, Samuel, Rev., 12
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sr., John, Dr., 130
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by State commissions, 25
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Limestone, 8
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Livingston, George P., Dr., 131
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Lux, Albert C, 141
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Advertiser, the, 135

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Courant, the, 138

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Musical Academy, 237

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Republican, the, 134, 136

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village, fire department of, 244
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et seq.

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cemeteries in, 335

Center, 342

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Historical and Geographical Society,

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Mann, Hiram, Dr., 130

Map of Central and Western New York
in 1809, 40

Genesee lands, between 20 and 21
Lake Iroquois, 3
Western New York, 22
outline, of pre-emption lines, 16

Marbletown, 377

Marengo, 276

Marion, cemeteries in, 388
churches of, 392
Collegiate Institute, 389
Enterprise, the, 144
first town meeting in, 383
Horse Trotters' Association, 164
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schools of, 389
statistics of, 390
supervisors of, 384
topography of, 382
village, 390

Mason, Clark, 119

Masonic, 146 et seq.

Clyde Lodge, No. 341, 149
Galen Lodge, No. 367, 149
Humanity Lodge, No. 283, 147
No. 406, 159
Macedon Lodge, No. 665, 154
Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 112, 151
Newark Lodge, No. 83, 150
Palmyra Lodge, No. 248, 151
Pultneyville Lodge, No. 159, 146
Red Creek Lodge, No. 560, 154
Rose Lodge, No. 590, 155
Savannah Lodge, No. 764, 153
Sodus Lodge, No. 392, 147
Walworth Lodge, No. 254, 153
Wayne Lodge, 153
Griswold Chapter, 201, 150
Newark Chapter, No. 117, 151
Palmyra Eagle Chapter, No. 79, 152
Raymond Chapter, No, 100, E. S., 154
Wayne Chapter, No. 276, 147
Palmyra Council, No. 26, 152
Zenobia Commandery, No. 41, 152



.May. William, Dr., 130

Meadville, or Lockpit, 277

Medical Society, Wayne County, 121

Wayne County Homeopathic, 124

Middleton, George H., 118

Military Tract, the, 21

Mormonism, 76

Morris Reserve, the, '21

Robert, and the London Associa-
tion, 28

Newark Academy, 366
Fair Association, 164
tire department, 372
incorporation of, 371
pioneers of, 867 et seq.
presidents of, 371.
Union, the, 142
Weekly Courier, the, 141

New York and Genesee Land Company,

State Custodial Asylum, 374

Newsgatherer, the, Macedon, 144

Niagara Genesee Land Company, 17

Norris Fruit Evaporator, 211

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