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earlier organization, but all of its records were burned in 1852, leading
to the reorganization. The officers for 1894 are as follows: Edward M.
Rodenberger, W. M. ; Clarence B. Palmer, S. W. ; Walter B. Slade,
J. W. ; Charles Elliott, treasurer; J. J. Findley, secretary.

Savannah Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 764 was organized in 1875, and
chartered in the following year. The first officers under the charter
were: J. A. Munson, W. M. ; A. E. Casey, S. W. ; J. N. Westbrook,
J. W. ; J. B. Carris, treasurer; A. S. Farnum, secretary. The charter
members of this lodge were as follows: J. A. Munson, C. H. Graves,



James N. Westbrook, Alexander Gregg, H. E. Newton, John Williams,
A. D. Wood, Nathan Fitch, B. G. Clark, John McGonegal, A. E. Casey,
A. J. Holdridge, Andrew Pearsal, E. S. Wood, ,R. Widrig, and William
Faulkner. The past masters : J. A. Munson, A. S. Farnum, and J. K.
Bigsby. The officers of the lodge for 1894 are: H. W. Smith, W. M. ;
L. C. Sherman, S. W. ; D. B. Reamer, J. W. ; C. B. Jepson, treasurer;
W. R. Wiles, secretary. This lodge now has about eighty-three mem-

Raymond Chapter No. 100, Order of the Eastern Star, was organized
in Savannah in June, 1803, with fourteen members, and the following
officers: Mrs. L. C. Sherman, W. M. ; Mrs. R. H. Kelley, W. A. M. ;
Mrs. J. M. Hill, secretary; Mrs. Charles B. Jepson, treasurer. These
officers hold until January, 1895.

Macedon Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 665, was organized and chartered
June 9, 1868, with fourteen members. The first worthy master was
Noah W. Hare, who held the office from 1867 to December, 1869. The
following have held that office since: W, C. Lawrence, 1870-71; S. N.
Gallup, 1872-73; Lyman Bickford, 1874-75-76 and 1880; Henry H.
Reed, 1877-78-79, 1881-82, and from 1885 to 1891, inclusive; C. S.
Lacey, 1883-84; G. P. Kaiser, 1892-93. For 1894 the following are the
elective officers: Harvey Greenfield, W. M. ; Charles H. Parker, S. W. ;
Frank G. Ramsdell, J. W. ; William B. Billings, treasurer; Robert P.
Magee, secretary. Elective officers: E. J. Fulton. S. D. ; Walter R.
Possee, J. D. ; Rev. C. L. Paddock, chaplain; A. Brennan, S. M. C. ;
G. H. Kraus, J. M. C. ; Charles W. Kipp, tyler. January 1, 1894, the
lodge had sixty-six members.

Red Creek Lodge No. 560, F. & A. M., was instituted in 1856, with
the following officers: Rev. S. P. Crosier, W. M. ; James H. Coope,
S. W. ; G. H. Preston, J. W. ; E. H. Brown, treasurer; Philip Turner,
secretary; I, F. Mosher, S. D. ; Jerome Barr, J. D. The lodge pros-
pered until 1874, when the books and property were burned. A new
charter was granted in April of that year. Meetings were held in the
woolen factory during that summer, and later in Becker & Hall's hall to
about L877, when the lodge removed to Woleott, and has remained there
since. In Masonic year ls'.H the name of the lodge was changed to
Woleott Lodge No. 560. The successive worshipful masters of this
lodge has been as follows: Rev. S. I*. Crosier, James H. Coope. I. F.
Mosher, F. M. Pasco, D. D. Becker, George Copeland, I). D. Becker,
again, Charles Cromwell, William Lytic, J. Byron Smith, Garry Salis-


bury, Jefferson W. Hoag. The other officers for L894 are: F. A. Pre-
vost, S. W. ; C. H. Hamner, J. W. ; B. J. Worden, S. D. ; Rolla Stew-
art, J. D. ; N W. Merrill, treasurer; Frank Hale, secretary.

Rose Lodge No. 590, F. & A. M., was chartered in 1805, with the fol-
lowing members : James M. Home, M. T. Collier, Lucius H. Dudley,
John J. Dickson. George Catchpole, Seymour Covel, Eugene Hickok,
Seymour Woodard, James Covel, Samuel Gardner, and P. J. Thomas.
The warrant was issued June 22, 1866. The following first officers were
installed: James M. Home, W. M. ; M. T. Collier, S. W. ; L. H. Dud-
ley, J. W. ; M. C. Klink, secretary; Samuel Gardner, treasurer; P. J.
Thomas, S. D. ; Charles Covel, J. D. The officers in 1894 are as fol-
lows: John E. Kaiser, W. M. ; Orrin C. Calhoun, S. W. ; Orrin Livings-
ton, J. W. ; D. B. Flint, treasurer; E. Hickok, secretary. The lodge
has seventy-two members.


The Independent Order of Odd Fellows has had a long and honorable
life in Wayne county, most of the lodges having been formed in the
years 1845-46; but the earliest organization was Wayne Lodge No. 148,
which was instituted in 1843 with ten members. John Chipman was
N. G., and H. S. Fisher, V. G. This lodge continued its work until
1852, when the charter was surrendered. The membership at one
period reached 150, but had declined to sixty in 1852.

The second lodge of Odd Fellows in Palmyra was Pierian Lodge No.
243, which was instituted August 3, 1870, with the following charter
members: Lewis B. Keeler, P. G. ; Samuel B. Mclntyre, R. L. Pritch-
ard, Clarence A. Hersey, and Albert F. Duell. S. B. Mclntyre was in-
stalled N. G. ; G. R. Pritchard, V. G. ; C. A. Hersey, secretary; and
A. F. Buell, treasurer. Meetings were held weekly in rooms in Cuyler's
block. For some unexplained reason this lodge eventually declined and
finally suspended work to be succeeded by the Phil Sheridan Lodge.

Phil Sheridan Lodge No. 430, I. O. O. F., was instituted October 25,
1888, with the following charter members: George H. Crandall, Dorr
Kent, Charles H. Soper, A. Moison, A. R. Knapp, W. A. Parker, E. B.
Sutton, Frank A. Chase, H. W. Green, D. L. Congdon, A. C. Buell,
F. A. Sawyer, W. H. Selleck, Alanson Freeman, Joseph S. Benedict,
W. H. H. Osborne, Charles W. Powers, R. F. Poyzer, W. H. Dixon,
John Devoist, F. G. Crandall, W. J. Vail, G. A. Williams, S. T. De La


Mater, Fred Smith, James Palmer, J. W. Hersey. Of these, five —
Messrs. Crandall, Kent, Freeman, Soper, and Benedict — were members
of the old lodge. The first officers were as follows: George H. Cran-
dall, N. G. ; W. H. H. Osborne, Y. G. ; R. F. Poyzer, permanent sec-
retary; Charles W. Powers, recording secretary; A. R. Knapp, treas-
urer; R. F. Poyzer, W. ; W. A. Parker. C. ; W. H. Dixon, R. S. N. G. ;

F. A. Sawyer, L. S. N. G. ; Jno. Devoist, R. S. V. G. ; F. A. Chase.
L. S. V. G. ; F. G. Crandall, I. G. ; H. \V. Green, O. G. ; W. J. Vail,
R. S. S. ; D. L. Congdon, L. S. S. The officers elected June 28, L894,
are as follows: John Anderson, N. G. ; R. N. Backus, V. G. ; R. F.
Poyzer, secretary; F. A. Chase, treasurer.

In the latter part of the year 1845 five petitioners, including Zina
Hooker, Joseph Congdon, Isaac Miller, Aaron Brooks, and one not now
known, resolved to organize a lodge of Odd Fellows for the town of
Galen. This resulted in the formation of Galen Lodge Xo. 198 in Jan-
uary, 1846. The first tw r o principal officers were Zina Hooker, X. G. ;
and Joseph Congdon, V. G. In the renumbering of lodges in this State
in 1848 this lodge became No. 36. It enjoyed a fair degree of prosper-
ity until 1860, when it was discontinued. Siloam Encampment, which
was connected with the old lodge and had existed about ten years, sus-
pended two years earlier than the lodge. Upon the petition of J. Scott,

G. P. Livingston, J. Curry, X. Hovey, J. T. Van Buskirk, P. Simons,
P. Furlong, P. Sloan, and B. Brewster, Clyde Lodge No. 300 was or-
ganized on the 19th of February, 1872, with the following officers: J.
Scott, N. G. ; G. P. Livingston, V. G. ; James Curry, secretary; J. T.
Van Buskirk, W. ; N. Hovey, treasurer; D. L. Stow, C. ; P. Simons,
R. S. N. G. ; A. E. Adams, L. S. N. G. ; P. Furlong, L. S. V. G. ; B.
Brewster, I. G. ; P. Sloan, O. G. A room for this lodge was fitted up
in Sloan's block, Glasgow street, and weekly meetings were held. The
membership is now about sixty. The following officers were elected in
July. L894: A. E. Littlejohn, N. G. ; A. C. Burnette, V. G. ; B. X. Mar-
riott, secretary; W. E. Meade, treasurer; Thomas Howes, R. S. X. G. ;
H. Fiske, L. S. X. G. ; C. A. Sloan, W. ; A. F. Groescup, C. ; F. A.
Haugh, R. S. S. ; J. G. Groesbeck, L. S. S. ; C. H. Tuck, R. S. V. G. :
John Stock, L. S. V. G. ; C. S. Eldridge, J. G. ; C. H. Ford, O. G. ; J.
F. Ford, Rep. to G. L. ; A. E, Adams, proxy.

Canton Galen Xo. 49, I. O. O. F., was mustered August 8, IS'.'o, with
twenty-two members and the following officers : C. H. Ford, captain;
Thomas Howes, lieutenant; 1). L. Edwards, ensign; J. W. ll.Shipler,


clerk; E. F. Stoetzel, accountant. These officers were re-elected in
April, 1894. The company is uniformed.

Newark Lodge No. 196, I. O. O. F., was originally instituted on the
1st of January, 1840, with James D. Ford, N. G. This lodge ceased to
work in 1859, through loss by fire. Their building, finished and dedi-
cated March 27, 1849, was burned with all the lodge property. On
October 19, 1870, the lodge was instituted as Newark Lodge No. 250,
with the following charter members and officers: C. G. Pomeroy, N. G. ;
AY. S. Bartle, V. G. ; H. F. C. Mayer, secretary; J. D. Ford, treasurer;
and Peter McGregor and Moses P. Hamm; of these only Mr. Hamm is
living. The following have served the lodge as N. G. : C. G. Pomeroy,
E. P. Soverill, D. L. Ford, H. M. Shepard, L. S. Pratt, Solon Briggs,
W. L. Willett, James Garlock, H. J. Pierson, S. Stuerwald, A. H.
Yanderbilt, C. E. Burleigh, Wesley S. Drake, Peter C. Howe, James
R. Brainard, W. B. Randolph, Richard P. Groat, Sylvanus Krum, Uri
Hutchins, Reeves S. Welcher, Latham Coffin, Jacob E. Stever, P. E.
Nellis, Cyrus A. Tator, Charles W. Sherman, George F. Palmer, Leman
H. Purchase, Levi A. Loveland, Andrew D. Soverill, Frank G. Bailey,
James T. George, Leonard Cozzens, Irving W. Colburn, James A.
vStiles, Arthur Blackmar, Fred C. Shaw, Jacob H. Bender, George C.
Brewer, D. J. Rehklau, A. E. Pike, John S. Hedden, Willard B. Gar-
lock, Silas D. Borroughs, George W. Muth, L. S. Pratt, W. M. Filkins,
Oscar D. Vanderbilt, L. H. Morse, Rev. Mr. Barber, George C.
Pierson. This lodge has been prosperous and now numbers about
eighty-five members. On April 26, 1876, the lodge hall in the Storv
Block was formally dedicated. Officers elected July 1, 1894: George C.
Pierson, N. G. ; E. D. Miller, V. G. ; Ralph Conklin, secretary, Warren
S. Bartle, treasurer.

W.ayne Encampment No. 85, I. O. O. F., was instituted at Newark,
October 7,. 1875, with the following charter members: Solon Briggs,
W. S. Bartle, C. Pell, A. H. Van Derbilt, E. E. Burleigh, L. Coffin,
J. H. Pulver, W. L. Willett, P. McGregor.

The first Odd Fellows organization in Lyons was Lyons Lodge No.
75, which was organized in October, 1846, with the following five mem-
bers: William W. Sanford, N. G. ; William H. Sisson, V. G. ; and Morton
Brownson, John Frazier, and a Mr. Lawton. The first meeting was
held in the Wayne County Hotel, and later a room in the third story of
the Hartnagel building was leased for a term of years, and properly
fitted up. The lodge prospered for a time, and had more than one


hundred members; but it closed in 1867, when its members numbered

Lyons Lodge No. 317, I. O. O. F., was organized in April, 1872, in
the Center building, and in June, 1874, removed to the third story of
Gavitt's Block. A little later rooms were furnished in the third story
of the Center building, and taken on a long lease. The six charter
members were: Joseph McCall, N. G. ; Cornelius Pell, V. G. ; G. W.
Cramer, secretary; Andrew Fries, treasurer; and M. vS. Leach and
Horace Utter. The officers elected for 1894 are as follows: Valentine
Kaiser, N. G. ; Charles Barnhardt, V. G. ; P. F. Seaman, secretary: A.
T. Robinson, treasurer; W. E. McCullom, representative to Grand

Component No. 17, of Grand Canton Stebbins, of Rochester, was
organized at Lyons in June, 1893, and has a membership of thirty-two.
Nelson Morris is captain, and C. S. Thompson, clerk.

Bay Shore Lodge No. 606, I. O. O. F., was organized at North Rose
village, August 20, 1891, with A. R. Proseus, N. G. ; G. W. Seager,
V. G. ; and F. E. Soper, secretary ; the lodge then had fifteen members,
and has since increased to about twenty-five. The following persons
have held the office of N . G. : A. R. Proseus, G. W. Seager, Clark Halli-
day, Warren W. Morey, A. M. Gray, Elmer E. Mitchell. The follow-
ing officers were installed July 14, 1894: B. T. Drury, N. G. ; C. W.
Oaks, V. G. ; C. Halliday, secretary; A. M. Gray, treasurer.

North Sodus Lodge No. 454, I. O. O. F., was initiated September 22,
1876, with six charter members as follows: Alonzo Barnes, J. Henry
Zelsche, Millard S. Robinson, S. G. Brumfield, Charles M. Sentell,
Albert Dodd. The first officers elected were: Alonzo Barnes, N. (i. ;
Albert Dodd, V. G. ; M. S. Robinson, secretary; S. G. Brumfield,
treasurer. The officers for 1894 are as follows: S. N. Parker, N. G. ;
Charles Edwards, V. G. ; G. F. Hendricks, secretary; J. Stebbins,
treasurer. The lodge has a membership of forty-three.

East Ridge Lodge No. 415, I. O. O. F., of Sodus, was initiated in
August, 1849, and its charter was granted from Baltimore, Md., in De-
cember, 1850. It continued in existence until 1857, when it disbanded.

Butler Lodge No. 504, I. ( ). O. F., was initiated December 29, 1882,
with twenty-two members. Its charter was granted October 13, 1882.
The first officers were: N. De L. Bowen, N. G. ; Dr. James F. Munn,
V. G. ; X. R. Hurd, secretary; James L. Wadsworth, treasurer. The
lodge was instituted by district deputy G. M. James T.George of Newark,


assisted by others from abroad. The successive N. G.'s of the lodge
have been: James F. Mtmn, M. D., E. H. Cady, J. E. Rogers, Andrew
J. Bradway, De Witt C. Wheeler. H. O. Baggerly, jr., Henry W. Cro-
foot, James L. Wadsworth, Ensign L. Adams, D. P. Mitchell, William
H. Clapp, Henry D. Wetmore, Charles C. Taylor, Alexander C. Clapp,
Selden E. Helmer, Thomas S. Law, Dudley S. Reed, James Wheeler,
George W. Williams, Hurley H. Hopkins, Dr. William J. Coppernoll,
Selden E. Helmer. The officers for 1894 are as follows: Silas D. Cro-
foot, N. G. ; James Shannon, V. G. ; D. P. Mitchell, secretary; William
H. Clapp, treasurer. Gorham H. Wilson is delegate to the Odd Fellows
Home Association at Lockport, the first from this lodge. The member-
ship is fifty.

Ontario Shore Lodge No. 495, of Wolcott, was initiated February 9,
1882, with H. L. Bowen, J. Madison Henslee, W. A. Coventry, J. A.
Merrill, Albert Dodd, and S. H. Foster as charter members. The first
officers were: Rev. H. L. Bowen, N. G. ; J. Madison Henslee, V. G. ;
S. H. Foster, secretary; J. A. Merrill, treasurer; W. A. Coventry, P. G.
Forty-five candidates were initiated. The officers for 1894 are as
follows: Walter Darling, N. G. ; R. B. Smith, V. G. ; E. H. Kellogg,
secretary; E. E. Shafft, treasurer.



Mention has made in an early page of this work that one of the meas-
ures adopted by Charles Williamson for the encouragement of settlers,
was the holding of fairs for the advancement of agriculture in Western
New York. It was his intention to continue them semi-annually. The
first fair held in Ontario county was at Geneva in 1807, and a notice in
the newspaper announced the exhibition in October of a large number
of cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, etc. , with samples of wheat and other
grains from different parts of Genesee county. The next fair was held
on the first Tuesday in May, 1808.

Of the annual appropriation of $20,000, provided by the Legislature
in March, 1818, to be distributed in various counties of this State and


to be used in aid of agriculture through premiums offered at fairs, On-
tario county received $1,000. In February, 1819, a meeting was held
at which the first Ontario County Agricultural Society was formed. A
premium list was afterward prepared, and the first fair held, beginning
October 18, at Canandaigua.

We need not follow the fortunes of that organization further than to
note that Wayne county farmers had their share in its exhibitions and
general prosperity. In 1830 an exhibition of flowers, fruits, and gar-
den vegetables was held in Lyons, which awakened considerable inter-
est and was well attended. Other similar exhibitions were held in New-
ark, Lyons and Palmyra, at some of which limited numbers of live
stock were shown.

In December, 1838, a meeting was held in Lyons and the Wayne
County Agricultural Society was organized. The following first officers
were elected: president, Hon. John Boynton; first vice-president. Dr.
C. S. Button; second vice-president, Samuel Hecox; third vice-presi-
dent, Samuel E. Hudson; fourth vice-president, Reuben H. Foster;
fifth vice-president, J. P. Bartle; secretary, Hamilton Rogers; execu-
tive committee, C. S. Button, F. Hemingway, John Baker, Samuel
West, Abel Fairchilds: committee on field crops, William R. Smith,
William D. Cook, A. G. Barney.

After the adoption of the constitution this society had ten years of
unexampled prosperity. The annual fairs were held at Palmyra, New-
ark, Lyons, Clyde, and Rose Valley, the place selected each year at the
annual meeting.

At the meeting in Lyons, in December, 1848, the following officers
were elected: president, J. D. Ford; vice-presidents, E. N. Thomas,
Samuel Hudson, Jacob Furgeson, A. G. Percy, John Barrodale, Jede-
diah Wilder, Joel Hale; recording secretary, N. B. Caswell; corres-
ponding secretary, J. J. Thomas; treasurer, P. W. Kenyon;- executive
committee, W. P. Nottingham, Cullen Foster, Daniel Kenyon, Daniel
Jenison, E. Flint.

At this meeting an important resolution was adopted, indicating both
that the society was not in as prosperous a condition as formerly and
that the belief was general that a permanent location should be secured
as one means of renewing former prosperity. Six years later, in De-
cember, 1851, it was finally resolved "that the fairs of the society shall
hereafter be permanently located at Lyons." Tocarryout tin's purpose
a new society was organized under a legislative act passed April 13,


1855, and* on the 23d of that month the old society met in Lyons, paid
their liabilities, transferred the money remaining- in the treasury (about
$300) to the new society, and disbanded. At a meeting- held May 15,
1855, the following officers were elected: President, De Witt Van Slyck;
vice-president, Robert Ennis; secretary, P. P. Bradish; treasurer, Wil-
liam D. Perrine; directors, E. N. Thomas, A. G. Percy, E. B. Kellogg,
S. Tincklepaugh, Alfred Hale, Henry Teachout.

Subscriptions were solicited in Lyons, and the citizens promptly gave
$1,700, and the Board of Managers purchased eleven acres of land on
the Clyde River, a little east of Lyons village, possessing natural feat-
ures that render it one of the best sites in the State for spch purposes.
The board erected a large hall 56 x 80 feet, with galleries, at a cost of
$1,200, the land having cost $1,710. The building was burned in 1877
and a short period of discouragement and apathy succeeded. During
two years, fairs were held first. in Wolcott and next in Sodus. About
1879 the Lyons Driving Park Association was formed and bought six
acres lying on the west side of the fair grounds, and constructed on the
whole a half-mile track. A joint lease was made in the same year be-
tween the two societies for ten years, each organization to have exclu-
sive use of the grounds during fairs and races, and all revenues accru-
ing from other sources were to be divided equally between the two or-
ganizations. The arrangement created dissatisfaction which culminated
in 1881 in the erection of the present fair building by the Agricultural
Society, and the beginning of litigation, which ended only in the dis-
bandment of the Driving Park Association in 1886. J. C. Myers was
made president of the Agricultural Society in 1885, at which time he
bought in the entire stock of the Driving Park Association amounting
to $3,400, and transferred it to the Agricultural Society. This action
gave the latter society possession of eighteen acres of land and build-
ings. In the meantime it had become badly involved in debt and liti-
gation, but under the energetic direction of Mr. Myers and his associate
officers, a very successful fair was held in 1885, the premiums were paid
in full, debts were extinguished and additional structures erected on
the grounds. In 1889 Mr. Myers declined the presidency and another
period of decline set in, continuing until the spring of 1894, at which
time a debt had accumulated of over $1,800. Mr. Myers was then
again induced to accept the presidency of the society, and an effort is
now in progress to place its affairs in prosperous condition. The officers
of the society for 1894 are as follows: president, Joseph C. Myers; vice-



president, Dwight Chamberlain; secretary, William E. Collum ; treas.
uaer, C. M. Baltzel.

The following named persons, among others, became life-members of
this society : R. L. Adams, William H. Adams, John Adams, Walter
Akenhead, Philip Althen, Silas Bashford, Clark Bartlett, P. P. Bradish,
W. L. Belden, S. W. Belden, Henry Baltzel, George H. Boehmler, J.
S. Boice, E. W. Bottom, B. J. Bradley, M. Brownson, James M. Brad-
ley, John Bradley, Daniel Chapman, E. C. Cosart, F. E. Cornwell, Co-
lumbus Croul, George W. Cramer, William Clark, Frederick Deck, Mrs.
M. Dunn, Robert Ennis, Elizur Flint, S. B. Gavitt, Daniel Goetzman,
L. Griswold, N. W. Geer, H. Graham, William Howlett, Amos Har-
rington, Thomas Harrington, S. S. Herrick, S. D. Holmes, John Hano,
H. G. Hotchkiss, Alfred Hale, Jacob Jeheer, S. H. Klinck, William H.
King, M. S. Leach, Heman J. Leach, Edwin B. Leach, S. Lewis, Isaac
Lovejoy, John Lay ton, E. G. Leonard, Joseph McCall, N. R. Mirick,
Milton Mirick, H. C. Mead, J. T. Mackenzie, Z. Moore, William D.
Perrine, J. B. Pierce, H. W. Putney, E. B. Price, F. H. Palmeter, A.

D. Polhamus, Charles Pickett, Caleb Rice, Aaron Remsen, Erastus
Rogers, B. R. Rogers, Thomas Rogers, James Rogers, G. R. Rudd,
John Robinson, D. R. Rozell, John C. Roys, William H. Sisson, E. W.
Sylvester, B. R. Streety, John H. Spencer, Samuel Scott, jr., Lyman
Sherwood, William Smelt, Newell Taft, Henry Teachout, E. N. Thomas,

E. P. Taylor, E. G. Thurston, Job Travice, De Witt C. Van Slyck,
William Van Camp, William Van Marter, B. P. Van Marter, Michael
Vanderbilt, John Vanderbilt, P. R. Westfall, John Westfall, Daniel
Westfall, W. W. Wormwood, John Walter, Harvey Warren, Denison

The Palmyra Union Agricultural Society. — About the time that
measures were adopted for the permanent location of the County Agri-
cultural Society in Lyons, the farmers of the southwestern and western
parts of the county organized the society bearing the above title. The
date of organization was June 26, 1856, and the following were elected
the first officers: President, Martin Butterfield ; vice-presidents, Stephen
Hyde, William H. Teller, Russell Stoddard; secretary, Carlton II.
Rogers; treasurer, Joseph C. Lovett; directors, Luther Sand ford,
Stephen K. Williams, Theron <1. Yeomans, Daniel dates, William H.
Rogers, and Jacob C. Pettitt. Besides these men the following were
charter members: A. Salisbury, L. Robinson, Joel Foster, F. D.
Rogers, A.' J. Downing, J. M. Briggs, J. G. Philipps, William R. John-


son, George H. Cuyler, W. P. Nottingham, A. Sherman, and W. F.

This society purchased about twenty acres of land of Daniel dates in
1856 at a cost of $3,000, and a floral hall was erected the same year.
The first fair was held in the fall of 1856, and they have been continued
annually ever since, all of which have been successful. The society as
a whole has been prosperous; premiums have been paid in full; several
dividends on stock have been paid and there is now (1894) about $700
in the treasury.

The officers of this society for 189-4 are as follows: President, Charles
D. Johnson (served since 1879 and was recording secretary from 1864 to
1889); corresponding secretary, E. S. Averill (served since 1868); re-
cording secretary, P. F. Aldrich; treasurer, David S. Aldrich.

The following persons have held the office of president of this society :
Martin Butterfield, 1857; Luther Sanford, 1858-59; Eliab Yeomans,
1860-61; Abraham I. Carle, 1862; Henry J. Foster, 1863; N ahum War-
ner, 1864-65; William P. Nottingham, 1866-69; Henry Sawyer, 1870;
William P. Nottingham, 1871-77; Henry M. Clark, 1878-79; Charles
D. Johnson, 1880-94.

The Agricultural, Horticultural and Mechanical Association of Galen
was organized at Liberty Hall in Clyde, December 22, 1849, and had
quite a successful existence until a few years since, when it was closed

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