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of temperance. He left two children : W. H., who now resides in Lock Berlin, and
Mary Antoinette of Syracuse. William H. was educated in Lock Berlin, and at the age
of twenty-nine married Martha L., daughter of Absalon Tyndall, by whom he has one
son, Loring H. In 1880 Mr. Gilbert bought part of the Cookingham estate, and also
now owns his father's estate. He is a prominent man in his town, having served as
justice of the peace twelve years. He is a steward and trustee of the M. E. Church.

Morse, John J., was born in Walworth, January 9, 1848, a son of Amos and Lucina
(Finley) Morse, natives of Walworth. The father of Amos was Jedediah, one of the
earliest settlers of Walworth, who first settled in Connecticut, then came to Walworth,
where he died. The father of Lucina was John Finley, son of Charles, a native of
Ireland, who was also one of the early settlers who owned at time of his death about
240 acres of land in Walworth, where he died. Amos Morse is a farmer, owning 100
acres in Walworth, where he now lives. Mrs. Morse died in 1867. John J. was edu-
cated in the public schools and Walworth Academy and has followed farming chiefly,
though he has been engaged in mercantile pursuits both in Michigan and New York
and has also acted as traveling salesman for the Buffalo and Syracuse Fertilizing Co's. ;
now the Crockers of Buffalo. He now owns the place known as the Joel Pratt farm,
which comprises 125 acres, in which he has a beautiful residence, and the place is con-


sidered one of the best in the county. Mr. Morse also owns a fine residence in the
village of Ontario, where the family now reside. He has served as assessor and is a
member of the Wayne County Lodge No. 416, F. & A. M., of the K. 0. T. M., Cyrene
Tent No. 203 and is a charter member of the A. 0. U. W, of Ontario, also a Granger.
February 1, 1871, he married Celia M. Griswold, a native of Afton, Chenango county, and
a daughter of Charles and Lydia (Colburn) G-riswold, natives of Rose, this county, the
father of Charles having been one of the earliest settlers of Rose. Mr. Griswold died
January 12, 1893, and his widow resides in Palmyra. Mr. and Mrs. Morse have had two
children ; Nellie L. wife of F. L. Pollock of Geneva, manager of the Singer Sewing
Machine Co. and Myrta E., who resides at home.

Bills, William, was born in Kent county, England, May 28, 1827, son of Richard and
Mary Bills, natives of England who came to Palmyra in 1832 and thence to Penfield and
finally to Walworth, where Mr. Bills died in 1879 and where Mrs. Bills still resides.
The grandfather was Richard Bills of England, who came to Palmyra in 1833 and died
in Walworth in 1858. His wife was Elizabeth Bills who died in Walworth in 1854.
Father of our subject was a mason by trade, spent his last days as a farmer and owned
a small farm in Walworth. Subject was educated in the common schools of Penfield,
started in life as clerk in West Walworth, carried mail from here to Palmyra by East
Walworth two years, and was there on a farm and also clerking for Mr. S. L. Miller,
his father-in-law. He then purchased a small farm about 1850, followed farming for a
number of years, and was also connected with the mercantile business. In 1892 he
purchased the store, a two story building 24x30 ft, where he has since been in business,
carrying a general stock. Mr. Bills has been constable, collector one term, commis-
sioner of highways eighteen years, which office he still holds. He married in 1849
Caroline A. Miller a native of Walworth, and daughter of S. L., and Charlotte (Chase)
Miller. Subject and wife have had four children : George W., W. J., Charles L. and
and Burtus H., all of whom live in Walworth, W.J. being in the store with his father
and the other engaged in farming. Mr. Bills owns a farm of 140 acres, and follows gen-
eral farming and fruit raising. He was postmaster from November 26, 1875, to April
16, 1887.

Brinkerhoff, Hon. George W., was born in Wolcott, October 23, 1838. Called from
the plow, like Cincinnatus, to serve his country in the halls of legislation, and upon the
field of battle, he achieved renown as a soldier and a statesmen. He went into the field
as a private soldier, of the famous Ninth Heavy Artillery, participating in all of the most
important battles, and by personal bravery gained rapid promotion, soon becoming
captain of his own company. He was also brevetted major for gallant service by Abra-
ham Lincoln. In 1891 he was elected to the Assembly by nearly one thousand ma-
jority and at Albany was largely instrumental in the passage of measures of great im-
portance. One of these was a bill providing for the abolition of county clerk's or sheriff's
fees, the beneficent effects of which are now appreciated by the tax paying people. In
October, 1860, he married Marie Frost of Wolcott, and they have four children, Leslie,
Ernest, Eliza and Delia. In his present retirement to his pleasant home upon a farm of
200 acres he needs not title save that which is his by inheritance, the grand old name of
" gentleman."

Bockoven, W. H., was born in the town of Galen, January 23, 1832. His father,
Samuel, came from New Jersey with his parents, who were among the early settlers in
Wayne county. Samuel learned the blacksmith trade, and moved into the village of
Clyde. W. H. Bockoven was educated in the common schools and in 1868 bought the
VanAmburgh property of 100 acres, and in 1892 the Alfred Griswold property of 100
acres, now raising a large amount of fruit and peppermint. He married Elizabeth Roy,
daughter of Israel Roy, and they have one son, Elmer R. Mrs. Bockoven died in 1890
at the age of fifty-two. Onr subject is prominent in town affairs, and has served as


commissioner of highways for two terms. W. H. was for thirteen years interested in
blacksmithing and carriage making. Elmer R., son of our subject, is the owner of a
farm of 100 acres willed him by his grandfather, Israel Roy, who died in 1892 and
since coming of age has been interested in the grocery and glass business Samuel
Bockoven carried on the blacksmi thing and carriage making trade at Lock Berlin for a
great many years, moving into Clyde in his old age. He was born in 1800 dyincr in
1876. Elmer R. is also interested in Western real estate. ' °

Frawley, Jacob, was born in Alsace, France, April 1, 1837. He was the second of
two children of Henry and Eve Frawley natives of Alsace, France, where they died
Our subject was only two years of age when his father died, and he was brought up by
an uncle, Jacob Frawley. At the age of seventeen he came to Oneida county and
there lived until 1869 when he came lo Walworth and settled on the farm he owns of
130 acres. He and his wife are members of the M. E. Church. He married in 1850
Hannah Hartman, a native of Germany, who came to the United States when a child
with her parents, Frederick and Hannah Hartman. He died in Fond du Lac Wis
where his wife resides. Subject and wife had two children : George, who married Lena
Kuttruff in 1882, by whom he has one daughter, Clara ; and Charles, who married Lena
Wagner of New York in 1891.

Van Eenwyk, John, a native of Williamson, was born June 14, 1854, and is the old-
est child of Henry and Maria Van Eenwyk, natives of Holland, and who came to Wil-
liamson in 1850. His wife was the widow of Phillip Brezine, elsewhere mentioned in
this work. Our subject is a farmer and owns fifty-two acres and is a Republican He
and his wife are members of the Reformed Church of East Williamson. In 1876 he
married Cornelia Cuvelier, of Williamson, and they have four children ; Ma°-o-i e M
Frank, Henry and Bertha. bb

Catchpole, Robert, an enterprising man, was born in England in 1823, son of Robert
Catchpole , a farmer, and a grandson of Daniel Catchpole, both natives of England
When fourteen yerrs of age our subject went to sea and sailed five years when he
shipped an American vessel, landed in New York City, thence to Albany on boat via
canal to Montezuma, thence to Geneva, where he spent manv years in farming and
threshing. He came to Huron in 1848 and purchased a farm. He soon engaged in
the manufacture of lumber and was the first one to ship sawed cord wood to Toronto
across the lake. In 1854 he purchased a schooner and shipped freight from Sodus
Bay to Genesee river, and followed this business four years. In 1858 he purchased his
present farm consisting of 140 acres, on which he erected commodious and modern
buildings. He has also built and sold many yachts, and in 1894 erected for his own use
the handsome yacht " Resort Belle." He married ;in 1848 Elizabeth Bond of England
Mr. Catchpole served three ypars as poormaster. Mr. Catchpole has on the stocks two
fine yachts, one to be called " Resort Belle " and to be run on Great Sodus Bay the
other being built to run on the Great Lakes. '

Brundedge, Philip, was born in Oneida, June 20, 1828, the oldest of two children of
Hiram and Parmeha (Louk) Brundedge, natives of Oneida county, the former born in
Weston, October 4, 1803, and the latter Januarv 27, 1808. Thev came to Penfield in
1831. He died in Ontario, Wayne county, N. Y., in 1860, and his wife in 1870
Subject was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools. He has always
been a farmer and owns a farm of 110 acres, on which he has resided since 1853. He
married in 1848 Malora Sherman, a native of Ontario, Wavne county, and daughter of
Henry J., and Fanny (Scott) Sherman, he a native of Bedford, Mass., and she of
Covington, Vt., and early settlers of Webster, coming there in 1813 and he was in the
war of 1812. They had seven children, two of whom were killed in the Civil War
William A., and Daniel J., the former killed at Antietam, the latter lost an arm at Bull
Run, and died of his injuries soon after reaching home. Subject and his wife have had


five children : Calvin S., who married Emma Crandall, and has one son, Edgar L. ; H.
Duane, who married twice, first Annett Ray and they had four children : Winnie M.,
Eva H., Stanley, and Bessie R. ; H. Lafayette, who married Alice Cary, by whom he
had one child, Ada M. ; Carrie M., wife of George Woodhams, by whom she had one
child, Norma C, Mrs. Woodhams died in 1892 ; and Alberton P. The mother of
Malora Brundedge taught the first school in District No. 11 of Ontario.

Ramsdell, Frank G., Macedon Center, was born November 21, 1866. William II.,
his father, was born in January, 1840. The grandfather was Gideon Ramsdell, whose
occupation was farming and contracting, as was also William H., the father. He atone
time was a noted man in this line, owning some very valuable timber land in Savannah,
Wayne county. He married Emma G. Westover, and they had three children: Louisa
M., George, and our subject, Frank G. He is at present situated on the homestead in
Macedon Center. Although quite a young man he is prominent in the line of work,
and looked upon as a first-class farmer, having a large dairy connected with his farm,
makes it a very profitable business. Subject married, January 18, 1893, Sarah Emma
Webster. He it a member of the Masonic fraternity, and also of the Grange.

Viele, Lucius H., representative of one of the oldest and best known of the leading
families of Butler, was born in a log home, near the site of his present handsome home,
December 26, 1838. His father is Charles J. Viele, a pioneer in the business interests of
Butler and of Wolcott, and now retired from active life. His mother, Angeline, died
JanuaryS, 1889. Lucius Viele received a liberal education at Falley Seminary. Mr.
Viele has large farming interests in Central Butler, which engross most of his attention.
He married, January 8, 1868, Emily L., daughter of Webster Mackin, of Eaton, N.Y.
They have two children : Charles W. and Harriet E., both of whom are graduates of
the Leavenworth Institute at Wolcott, and Charles, of the Rochester Business Uni-
versity, and Harriet, also a graduate of Cazenovia Seminary. In the center of one of
Mr. Viele's cultivated fields, but as sacred as if enclosed, is a grave of antique interest
bearing this inscription : " Sarah Mills. Departed this life December 9, 1809, in the
sixty-fifth year of her age." She was the widow of Captain Mills, of Revolutionary

Snyder, William Henry, a native of Herkimer county, was born September 24, 1844,
a son of Martin Snyder, whose father was also Martin Snyder, and born in the same
county. His wife was Tina Archer, whose mother lived in Oneida county, for one
hundred and four years. Our subject's father was a farmer, who came to Huron in
1865, with his wife, who was Catherine Peeler. Their children were Reuben, Calvin,
and William H. Our subject came to Huron in 1865, and in 1862 enlisted in Co. K.,
9th Heavy Artillery and participated in all the battles of that regiment. He was
wounded at Cold Harbor in a hand-to-hand conflict in the Confederate lines, returned
to his regiment and participated in the following battles : Ocequan Creek, September
19, 1864, Cedar Creek, October 19th, Fisher's Hill, Petersburg and Richmond and Sail-
or's Creek. Was captured on picket line in front of Petersburg at night and escaped
by crawling under a brush pile. His rank was sergeant and he served three years. His
brother, Calvin, joined the same company, and was wounded in 1864 and died later at
City Point. In 1865 William purchased his farm and has made tobacco his special crop.
In 1867 he married Eliza E., daughter of Philip and Charlotte Thomas of Huron. Their
children are Flora A., widow of Edwin Cleveland of Rose, born in 1870 and Horace O,
1873. Our subject is a member of G. A. R. Keeslar Post, No. 55, and a Democrat, and
has served as inspector several terms.

Seeber, James W., was born in Huron, February 10, 1850, a son of Jacob W., and
Alvira (Chase) Seeber, the other children being: Anna M. ; Mason; Smith, who en-
listed in the 9th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, and died at Martinsbur^ during service of
fever; William, a sailor, who was drowned in Lake Ontario on June 17, 1871 ; and


Frances. Jacob, the father, was a native of Madison county, born in 1808, and was a
son of William Seeber, also of this State. Jacob came to Huron about 1841, and died
here in 1800. His widow now lives with James W., and is in her eightieth year. She
is a daughter of Daniel and Jane Servis Chase, a native of Minden, Mass., who died in
1874. aged ninety-nine years, nine months and fifteen days. After the death of her
husband Mrs. Seeber and her son Smith conducted the farm until 1861, and after the
death of Smith the farm was conducted by her alone until in 1882 our subject purchased
it. He lost his house by fire, but has replaced it with a larger and more commodious
one. The place consists of eighty-six acres. In 1871 he married Mary, daughter of
Martin and Abida McLanglan ot: Huron, who was born in this town March 8, 1851.
They have had three children: M. Dewey, born October 14, 1879, and died June 19,
1894; Willie F., born February 8, 1876; who died aged eighteen months; and J.Clay-
ton, born May 29, 1884. Mr. Seeber is an Odd Fellow and a Eepublican, who cast his
first ballot for U. S. Grant. Mr. and Mrs. Seeber are members of the Huron Grange
No. 124.

Cahoon, William Reynolds, was born in Little Falls, Herkimer county, February 14,
1823, a son of Reynolds Cahoon, born about 1786 in Salisbury, the same county, and
he was a son of Benjamin, a native of Rhode Island, and a ship carpenter by trade, who
died at Middleville. In 1844 Reynolds came to Huron, where he bought the farm now
occupied by William R. He married Bathania Whitoomb, and had six children : Salome
S., Benjamin S., William R.. Lyman, Emily J., and Mary A. He died in 1879, aged
ninety-three years, and his wife in 1874, aged seventy-five. William R. learned the
carpenter's trade, which he followed about forty years, and in 1892 he and his son
bought the homestead farm, of eighty- three acres. In May, 1847, he married Jane
Utter, of Sodus, daughter of John M. Utter. She was born in January, 1824, and their
children are : Charley E. and Clara J., who died aged six years. The former married
Imogene Nichols, and has one child, William, born May 5, 1881. They also live on the
homestead farm. Mr. Cahoon is a Masor, and a Republican, and has served as excise
commissioner in Sodus.

Terbush, Mrs. Sophronia (Tory) was born in Madison county in 1831, daughter of
John and Lany (Adle) Tory. Subject's mother died when she was young and she was
adopted by Jacob and Alvira (Chase) Seeber, and came with them to Huron in 1841.
In 1855 she married George Walker a native of Butler, whose father was John Walker,
by whom she had two children, Edward F., born in 1856, and Clarence, born 1861, who
died when twelve years of age. Mr. Walker enlisted in Co. H, 25th N. Y. Infantry,
and died in Tennessee in 1862. In January, 1877, she married William Terbush a
farmer of Huron, born in Rockland county, who died in 1889 aged eighty-four. Mrs.
Terbush is a member of the Huron Grange, and since her husband's death has conducted
her farm of fifty acres very creditably.

Trowbridge, Noble P. (deceased), was born in Arcadia September 21, 1830, educated
in the common schools and finished at Newark Academy. At the age of twenty-four
he married Mary, daughter of Gideon Robinson of Lyons. In 1870 he gave up his farm
and bought a residence in Newark. He was one of the substantial men of his town,
identified in advancing the best interests, his aid was freely given to all worthy enter-
prises. At his death February 22, 1883, at fifty- three years of age, his loss was felt
among a large circle of friends and relatives. Alfred Dunn (deceased), was born in
Narrowsburg, Pa., November 4, 1836, with his parents, James Dunn and wife and pur-
chased the Dorsey property south of Lyons. Alfred was educated at the Lyons Union
School, and at the age of twenty-seven married Elizabeth, daughter of Gideon Robin-
son of Lyons. Our subject was one of the prominent farmers and builders in his town,
erecting a number of private residences. He was a large producer of tobacco and pep-
permint, and after erecting a still, produced essential oils. He took an intelligent in-
terest in educational and religious matters, being a member of the M. E. Church of Ly-


ons. He died in July, 1886, in his fifty-fourth year, leaving a wife and large circle of
friends to mourn him.

Wilson, Eoyal P., was born in Williamson, N. Y., June 19, 1853. He is the only
grandchild of Ralph and Rebecca Sheffield Wilson, natives of Middlesex, Conn., who
came to Williamson about 1810 and settled near Pultneyville and there lived and died.
Mr. Wilson was a farmer by occupation and died in 1886 and his wife in 1873. Our
subject learned the miller's trade and followed it for ten years at Pultneyville, and pre-
vious to this was a sailor on the lakes. He engaged in farming near Pultneyville,
which he sold in 1889 and purchased the farm he now owns of 125 acres, on which he
follows general farming and fruit growing. Mr. Wilson is a Democrat. June 20, 1878,
he married Nettie, daughter of Jacob De May of Holland, who came to Williamson in
1871. Her father died in Holland in 1868 and her mother in Williamson in 1871. Mr.
and Mrs. Wilson have seven children : Royal F., who died at the age of five, Leland A.,
Claude R , Roy A., Ella M., Stanley who died in infancy, and Ruth.

Hurlburt, John, of Macedon, was born the town of Ontario, February 23, 1835. His
father was Charles Hurlburt, born May 29, 1807, who died January 26, 1884. aged
seventy-six years. January 29, 1834, be married Margaret Gregory. Of this mar-
riage our subject was the eldest son. The others were: Lyman, born March 30, 1836,
died April 30, 1892, aged fifty-seven ; Charles, born November 17, 1837, died October
16, 1874, aged thirty-seven years; he left a widow who resides in Manchester; Theron,
born January 38, 1846, died September 25, 1883, aged thirty-seven years. Charles
Hurlburt, the father, came to this town in 1862, where he died. In politics our sub-
ject is a Democrat.

Wood, Mason Garton, born in Lyons August 7, 1849, was a son of Richard and
Rebecca (Garton) Wood, natives of England. Richard was a farmer, came to America
in 1843, and settled in Wayne county. Their children were: Louise, Percilla, and
Ann, who were born in England; Sophia, William W., Mason G., Phoebe, and James
R. Mr. Wood has followed the vocation of farming throughout, and came to Huron,
Wayne county, in 1879. In 187S he married Eliza Blanchard, born in 1851 and
daughter of Benjamin Blanchard, who came to Huron about 1834 with his parents,
Elijah and Roxina (Mitchell) Blanchard. Elijah was prominent in the early days, and
was foreman many years on the large farm owned by the Shaker Colony in Huron. He
raised two children : Benjamin (deceased) and Anna E. He was an active business
man, for many years engaged in buying and shipping wood to Toronto. He died in
April, 1890, aged seventy-one years. Mr. and Mrs. Wood have one child, Benjamin
Blanchard, born in March, 1888. Mr. Wood has acted as agent for the Lummis and
Purdy estates for several years and is at present their confidential agent.

Thatcher, Cyrus, was bom in Ontario June 12, 1812, the third of thirteen children of
Peter antl Phoebe Thatcher, he a native of Rhode Island, born July 13, 1783, and she a
native of New York, born November 24, 1785. They came to Ontario in 1810, and
here Mr. Thatcher died February 1, 1847, and his wife April 30. 1866. Cyrus married,
in 1837, Mercy Gage, born in 1815, and daughter of John and Abigail (Harrington)
Gage, he a native of Chesterfield, N. H., born May 17, 1789, and she a native of Rhode
Island, born August 4, 1786. After living in Walworth two years they came to On-
tario in 1819. Mr. Gage died October 12, 1869, and his wife December 14, 1863. Mr.
Thatcher and wife have had five children : E. Sophronia, James H., Riley L., died in
the late war in 1865; E. Lurissa, and Frank, who died in 1884. Mr. Thatcher was
originally a Democrat, but a Republican after the organization of the party. Mrs.
Thatcher is a member of the Second Advents. Mr. Thatcher was captain of State
militia, and his father was captain in the war of 1812. Mr. Gage was also in the war
of 1812. E. Lurissa married Albert W. Hathaway a native of Macedon, born July 17,
1841, by whom he had seven children. Mr. Hathaway was a son of Abram Hathaway,


a native of Cattaraugus county. His wife was Deborah Barnura, a relative of P T
Barnura. They came to Macedon at an early date, where he died in 1842, and his wife
resides in Dunkirk, N.Y. Frank died in 1884. E. Lurissa is living.

T.SiT n ' J8I i«V, b0r ^ n ? 0l i and April 4 ' 1859 > is the youngest of nine children of
James born in 1814 and Sarah (Cappon) Goossen, born in 1817, natives of Holland who
came to Rochester in August, 1862. He afterward came to Marion and engaged^n
farming on fifty acres, winch he sold after three years and rented a 350 acre farm on
£ J!, re 7i n j d th !' ee ^ ears - ? e went t0 Kalamazoo, Mich., and purchased a farm
which he traded for city property there, later went to Oshtemo and engaged in farming
and then traded for the farm he settled in Marion when he came from Holland which
he now owns. He now lives retired, aged eighty, and his wife aged seventy-seven! Sub-
ject was educated m the common schools of Marion and Kalamazoo. He started selling
fl° ^ Z™*?*' firSt ° n f ° 0t ^ afterward with a wagon; and in 1879 commenced in
q ! «ql S g f p° W 0wns '/" d , carries the la rgest stock in Marion. He married, May
°'/B Sara h Goossen of Kalamazoo, a native of Marion and daughter of Abraham
and Catharine (Farmeau) Goossen, natives of Holland.

Warner, Erotus, born in Madison county September-12, 1850, oldest of five children
of R. K., and Ramoma (Vai Warner. He was reared on the farm and educated in
TrS^W J , and K haS always followed farming and evaporating fruit. He married in 1872
Ellen Wake, born in 18o3 and daughter of John and Marietta rRice) Wake. Mrs.
Wake died in 1853. Mr. and Mrs. Warner have two sons and one^ daughter: Melville
E Oscar Czar and Florence May. Mr. Warner now has 105 acres, and makes a specialty
W o U f mE^ g * ^ ^ member of the Gran g e and of * h e A O. U.

Tv^A^^ Ma ^ 27 ' 1M8 > a son of James and

Si^fl Tt TwS the l 0Tm ^ a Dative 0f 0neida count y born Ja nuary 31,
1815, and the latter of Walworth. The parents of James were James and Gertrude
Peacock who m 1816 came to Wayne county. The great-grandparents of our subiec!

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