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being then an orphan without means. Mr. Tucker's executors paid him $500 which he
put to interest, and then entered the office of Drs. Delamater & Loomis, of Palmyra,
working for his board, tuition and use of books. A year later Dr. Delamater went to
Fairfield to practice, taking young Selby with him. The latter spent eight months in
the academy in that place, four months in the medical college (each year for seven
years), and later went with Dr. Delamater to Little Falls where they remained a year,
then went to Willou^hby, Ohio, where our subject assisted the doctor in his practice and
graduated at Willoughby University. Dr. Delamater then went to Cleveland, leaviug
the practice with our subject, who remained here and in Northern Ohio following his
profession about seventeen years, including one year in partnership with Dr. Delamater
in Cleveland. In 1861 he enlisted and was placed in charge of the 3d 0. Y. C. as sur-
geon, which position he held two years, when partly disabled by fever. He was two
years in the hospitals of Nashville, Tenn., as surgeon, when he became permanently and
totally disabled and returned to Ohio. In 1873 he and family sought a quiet home in
Williamson, where they settled on a farm and have since resided, Dr. Selby receiving a
small pension. In 1846 he married Sarah Agnes Fisk, of Ashtabula, 0., and they had
seven children : Mary, Emma, Amos, Jared, Stephen, and Nellie, who died aged two
and one-half years, and one who died in infancy. Jared Cone Selby, his father, was
born May 2, 1787, and died February 22, 1826, at New Orleans aged thirty-eight years.
He was a past master Mason. His father was Jeremiah Selby who came from East
Haddam, Conn., about 1800 with his wife and seven children, making his way in a
small boat of his own construction to a point one and one-half miles west of Palmyra
on Mud Creek, where he located and built a grist mill and about 1805 moved to Pult-
neyville and built and operated a grist and saw mill till his death. He died September
15, 1811, aged sixty-six, and his wife Sarah Cone, died July 4, 1822. His father was
William Selby, M. D., who came from Selby, Yorkshire, England, about 1702. He was
a direct descendant of the first Selby, who was a Saxon sea captain and was the founder
of Selby.

Foskett, James G-., was born in Walworth December 29, 1848, son of Hiram and
Jane (Laird) Foskett, he a native of Walworth, born on the farm now owned by out-
subject May 8, 1815, and she of New Jersey, born April 9, 1810. She had been
previously married to Asaph G-. Foskett, a brother of Hiram Foskett, and had one child.
Asaph C Foskett was killed by a threshing machine on the homestead. The paternal
grandfather was David Foskett, born in Massachusetts, who came to Walworth in 1811
and settled on the farm owned by subject. He owned about 300 acres, was assessor


for sixteen years, justice of the peace eight years, and died September 15, 1849, aged
seventy-one years. His wife was Naamah Robinson, a native of Vermont. The father
of subject owned 150 acres of land now owned by subject. He died July 28, 1892,
and his wife October 15, 1888. Our subject was reared on the farm he owns and edu-
cated at Macedon Academy and Lima Seminary, owns 150 acres and now lives retired.
He has built a new barn and made other improvements. He married, February 15,
1883, Charlotte M. Johnson, a native of Macedon, and daughter of Herman and Bell
(Packard) Johnson. He was station agent at Macpdon and died in 1873.

Gould, William E., was born in Ontario May 2, 1837, son of Israel and Sally A. (Amy)
Gould, he a native of Canada, born in 1803, and she of Saratoga county, born in 1811.
The father of Israel was Daniel Gould, a native of New York, who came to Walworth
in 1804, where he spent the remainder of his life. His wife was Carlinthy Woodcock
a native of Lake George, by whom he had thirteen children. He was in the war of
1812. Subject's father was a man well informed, especially in mathematics. He settled
on a farm in Ontario now owned by subject, where he died. He was one of the largest
farmers in that town, owning about 300 acres. He died October 11, 1868, and his wife
May 5, 1844, aged thirty-three years. Subject was educated in Walworth Academy.
He owns 140 acres where he resides and sixty-three acres in Ontario, follows general
farming, and raised hops in Ontario fourteen years. He was a dealer in produce and
coal at Union Hill nine years. He was assessor seven years, is a member of Wayne
Lodge No. 41G, F. & A. M. He sent a substitute to the late war. He married, in 1862,
Malinda J. Brown, a native of Perrington, Monroe county, by whom he has three chil-
dren, the youngest a son, George W., who died at the age of twenty-one, Nora J., at
home, who graduated from the Brockport Normal School and was six years principal of
Adams School of Duluth, Minn.; Mary A., wife of Arthur L. Hatch, a merchant of
Lincoln in partnership with Mr. Kennedy and our subject. The firm is known as Ken-
nedy, Hatch & Co. She is a graduate of Brockport Normal School and has one
daughter, Marjorie G., born December 24, 1892.

Galloway, James, was born April 27, 1765, in Orange county and moved to Newton,
Chemung county, where he lived two years on the farm of John Jenkins, the surve} r or.
From Newton (now Elmira) he came to Palmyra April 27, 1790, locating on lot 37, now
owned and occupied by his son James. He bought the land of Jenkin & Swift for one
shilling eight pence per acre, and after clearing and planting two acres he returned to
his former home for his family. They lived three months in their covered wagon, then
built a log house, which was replaced in 1802 by a frame structure. His wife died in
1799, leaving five children John, Mary Ann, Hannah, Archer, and Polly; and he mar-
ried in 1819 Nancy, daughter of James Fosket. He had three children by his second
wife, James, Jerome B., Julia Ann. His widow, Nancy Galloway, died December 28,
1878, aged eighty- nine. His own death occurred July 21, 1840. To correct an error
in another work it may be stated that James Galloway purchased a soldier's right at
the close af the Revolution, of 640 acres in Onondaga county. This occurred before
he moved from Orange county and has no connection with the purchase of lot 37.
John, the son of James by his first wife, bought fifty acres of land near Palmyra. He
married Miss Betsey Cornwell. Their children were Duane, Thomas, George and Al-
mon. He took a contract to dig eighty rods of the Erie Canal. Thomas drove the oxen.
His brother, Duane, held the scraper. Thomas was born in Palmyra, July 28, 1809,
on the farm he now occupies. His mother died when he was nine years old. In
1823 he moved to Michigan with his father. In 1828 he returned to Palmyra. At the
age of twenty-one he came into possession of thirty-two acres of land, from his grand-
father (his birthplace). In 1836 he built a frame house and married Miss Ruby Giff-
ord, by whom he had six children, Milfred, Harriet and Carlton, Emma, Willis and
Helen. His wife died July 1892. The homestead consists of 160 acres.


Freer, John, was born in Palmyra August 11, 1846, son of Isaac and Sarah (Beam)
Freer, natives of New York, he was born in 1805 and she in 1818. They came to So-
dus and after a short time went to Wisconsin and finally came to Williamson, and in
1858 settled on a farm in Walworth where Mr. Freer died in 1871 and his wife died in
Williamson in 1892. Subject was reared on a farm, and educated in the common
schools and Walworth Academy. He has always been a farmer, except four years
proprietor of Walworth hotel. He owns forty-two acres of land and makes a specialty
of raising fruit, having six acres of berries. He married twice, first, Agatha M. Briggs,
by whom he had three children : George, deceased ; Wellington and Frank. Mrs.
Freer died in 1880, and in 1884 he married second Ella Beckwith a native of Sodus, born
January 30, 1861, daughter of William and Sarah (Nye) Beckwith, he a native of Ar-
cadia, born in 1835 and she of Sodus, born in 1839. They now reside in Williamson.

Mason, Charles, was born in Williamson, N. Y., November 13, 1824. He is the
eighth of ten children of John and Eleanor Williamson Mason, both natives of New
Jersey, who came to Williamson in 1811. Mr. Mason was drowned November 13, 1831,
and his wife died July 10 1859. At seven years of age our subject started in life for
himself. He has been a cooper and farmer and owns 118 acres of land, following farm-
ing and growing small fruits. Mr. Mason has been highway commissioner for six years.
March 10, 1847, he married Iantha Gibbs, of Williamson, born December 18, 1829, a
daughter of Amasa Gibbs, who settled the farm where our subject now resides, and who
was also in the war of 1812. Mr. Mason and wife have two daughters and one son:
Harriet, at home ; Jennie (wife of W. H. Shafer), who has one son, Durfee, else-
where mentioned in this work. The father of our subject was a carpenter and mill-
wright, and also a cabinet maker. He built the Penfield mills, and the first M. E,
Church at Pultneyville. He also built the mill at Marion, owned by Mr. Cogswell.

Gilbert, Charles D., a native of Walworth, was born November 8, 1850, son of Daniel
and Betsey (Thomas) Gilbert, he a native Fabius, Onondaga county, born September
1, 1804, and she of Brookfield, Madison county, born December 12, 1806. The paternal
grandfather of subject was Apollus Gilbert, who died in Fabius in 1808. His wife was
Joanna Dunbar. Daniel Gilbert was an expert horse shoer and worked for the stage
line a number of years. In 1838 he came to West Walworth, bought a lot and built a
house and worked at his trade, and in 1852 purchased the farm where the family reside.
He died December 18, 1874. He married in Manlius in 1826 Betsey, daughter of
Asahel Thomas, born June 24, 1772, in Connecticut. His wife was Rebecca Pitkin,
born in Connecticut September 29, 1772. The children of Daniel and wife were
Benager Gilbert of Fairport ; George W., of Meckling, S. D. ; Frank L., of Walworth;
Charles D., our subject ; Aldisa, who died in 1887, wife of Loren Sweet, by whom she
had one child, Fred G. ; and Eliza, who died March 31, 1894. She was the wife of
Jacamiah Furman, of Fairport, by whom she had three children : Clara, deceased,
Lewis G., and Gilbert J. Subject was postmaster of West Walworth from April 16,
1887, to November, 1888, and resigned.

Hogan, A. N, is a son of Ashley Hogan, who came to this locality in 1826, clearing
with his own axe a farm of 100 acres, about one and one-half miles east of the farm
now occupied by his son, three miles north of Savannah. He was a man of some note
in his town, serving as supervisor of the poor, highway commissioner, etc. His first
wife, Rhoda Horton, bore him eight children, of whom the subject of our sketch is the
sole survivor. His second wife was Fannie Scott, of Butler, who died three years later
leaving no children. Mr. Hogan married third, Mary Carter, by whom he had three
children, two now living. A. N. Hogan married September 10, 1836, Polly Ketchum,
of this town, and they had five children: Phena, Anna E., Etta, Rhoda and William
Nelson. The latter now conducts the farm, his father being engaged as a veterinary
surgeon. He has also for fourteen years been overseer of the poor, also trustee of
school and gospel lot.


Van Dyke, Mrs. Ralph, nee Polly Risley, is the widow of Ralph Van Dyke, who died
here June 25, 1876. Ralph Van Dyke was a worthy pensioner of the war of the Re-
bellion. He enlisted in 1863 in Company K, 50th N. Y. S. Engineers, and served as
corporal until the close of hostilities. Polly Van Dyke is the mother of seven children :
Ellen, Cornelia, Irene, George, Isadore, William and Juliet. George is an engineer and
boatman, unmarried, residing with his mother.

Wooster, Hiram 0., better known as ''Dock,' was born in the town of Ontario July
14, 1833. He is the fourth of seven children of Frederick N. and Emeline Wooster.
He has always been a farmer running a threshing machine f >r twenty-five falls. He
resided in Ontario until 1860 when he moved into the town of Walworth and in 1869
he purchased what is known as the Deacon Bancroft farm. This he exchanged for a
house and lot at Macedon Centre where he lived one year, after which he returned to
West Walworth and purchased a farm of 100 acres, known as the Joseph Gould farm,
on which he has since lived. He married in 1858 Martha Gould, daughter of Israel
Gould, of the town of Ontario, by whom he has one son, Fred M., who married Ella J.
Snow, daughter of the Rev. S. W. Snow, of Saratoga county, by whom he has two
children, Carl and Ruth. Fred lives at Union Hill, where he deals in coal, lumber, and

Yeomans, Albert, was born in Walworth January 20, 1848, a son of Eliab and
Phoebe (Walters) Yeomans, of Cairo, Greene county, the former born November 27,
1812, and the latter April 20, 1818. The grandparents were Gilbert and Sally Yeo-
mans. Eliab owned a farm of 210 acres, which was left to the family, and sixty-two
acres of which is now owned by our subject. Eliab died in 1873, and his wife survives.
Of their children, one son and four daughters are now living: Sarah, wife of W.
Mandeville, wholesale boot and shoe dealer, of Rochester; Lucy, wife of C. F. Sweezey,
of Marion ; Ella, wife Alderman M. B. Adams, of Rochester ; and Clara, who resides
on the homestead. Our subject was reared on the farm, educated at Walworth Acad-
emy and Business Institute, of Rochester, and in 1870 married Clara Billings, daughter
of Benjamin and Susan Billings, of Macedon. They have two daughters, Florence and
Edith. Mr. Yeomans makes a specialty of fruit growing and is a dealer inland fertiliz-
ers. He is a charter member of Walworth Grange, of which his wife is a member also.

Swadling, Stephen, was born in Sussex county, England, October 11, 1828, a son of
Stephen and Martha Swadling, the former having died there in 1831. His widow mar-
ried John Hook, by whom she had six children. Mr. Hook died in 1877, and his wife
in 1884, aged eighty years. Our subject came to America at twenty one years of age.
He owned a farm in Walworth which he sold, and came to Ontario in 1866, purchasing
a farm of fifty acres, following general farming and also evaporation of apples, the out-
put being about 4,000 yearly. Mr. Swadling married, August 20, 1854, Mary C,
daughter of Elijah and Mary Sova natives of Canada, who came to Ontario, where Mr.
Sova died in 1890 His widow resides with her daughter. Mr. Swadling and wife
have had eight children : George, who married Lucenia Warren, by whom he has four
children, Ada, Maud, Earl, and Ettie ; Charles married Mary Lutze and has two chil-
dren, Grace and Stephen 0.; Etta is the wife of Ira Boughton, by whom she had two
children, Eva and May. Mrs. Boughton died in 1881; Thomas, who married Clara
Lincoln, and has one child, Dora ; Lida, wife of Richard Lincoln, and has three chil-
dren, Stephen, Clinton, and Harrison ; William married Ella Parker, by whom he has
one child, Stephen ; Emma, wife of Joseph McCrea, by whom he has two children,
Jennie and Glenn ; and Jay, who married Lula Deright.

Downing, Fred B., was born in Walworth April 4, 1874, son of Elias W. Downing, of
Long Island, born December 24, 1824. The father of Elias was Silas Downing a native
of Long Island, who came to Walworth and settled on the farm where our subject now


resides, where he died in 1848. His wife, Henrietta, died in 1878. The father of sub-
ject was a farmer and owned at his death fifty-five acres, the family now having ninety-
six acres and follow general farming and fruit raising. Mr. Downing died December

2, 1887, and his wife resides on the farm. Subject was reared on a farm and educated
in the common schools, and has the management of the homestead. Caroline
Downing is a daughter of David and Almedia (Thompson) Powell, he a native of
Dutchess county, born in 1808, and she a native of Penfield, born in 1815. Mr. Powell
came to Walworth in 1831 and settled on the farm now owned by his son, Edwin
Powell, where he died in 1877 and his wife in 1889. Blias W. Downing married
Caroline Powell December 5, 1855. She was born in Walworth June 11, 1837, and
they had six children: George H., who married Kate H. Buzzell, and resides in Michi-
gan; Alice, at home ; Benjamin W., who died in 1867 ; Francis, who died in 1864 ; Fred
B., who married Delia B. Reed and resides at home ; and Etta May, who resides at

Reed, R. T., was born in Macedon October 14, 1832, son of Nathan S. and Mary A.
(Tedman) Reed, natives of Macedon, where the mother died in 1835, when subject was
an infant. His father then married Mary A. Rice, by whom he had seven children.
The paternal grandfather of subject was Paul Reed, a native of Massachusetts, born in
1773. His wife was Lois Stone, born in 1775, and they came to Macedon in 1795,
where he died in 1852, and his wife died Walworth in 1856. Subject's father was born
in 1803, has lived retired forty years. He lived where our subject does for three years
and then lived in West Walworth for some time, but for twenty-five years has lived
in Fairport where he resides, aged ninety-one. Our subject was educated in Macedon
Academy. He has always been a farmer, and he and father owned 200 acres and sub-
ject of sketch owns seventy-one acres and follows general farming. He is a member
of Walworth Lodge No. 254. F. and A. M. He married in 1853 Mary A. Hoag, a
native of Duanesburg, Schoharie county, by whom he has nine children, Charles W.,
who married Mary Bartels, and resides in Iowa; Emma J., wife of E. A. Furman ;
Eva, wife of Seymour Aldrich, of West Walworth ; Florence A., wife of W. A. Ford,
of Macedon ; John F., who married Verna Furman and resides at home ; Lewis, who
married Maggie Frush and lives in Fairport; Albert S., at home; Delia B., wife of
Fred Downing, and Carrie E., wife of Willis Main of West Walworth.

Stuck, Henry, born in Galen April 22, 1821, when twenty-one years of age, pur-
chased a farm in Savannah ; in 1863 he sold the place and and purchased the one where
he now resides. He is a substantial and much respected citizen, a Prohibitionist in
politics and has served as assessor of the town many years. Emeline, his wife, daugh-
ter of John Cay wood, born at Galen September 16, 1823; her present home has been
her home since childhood. Both are members of the Methodist Protestant Church.,
They were married in Savannah February 22, 1844. Their children are George A.,
born January 31, 1845, resides in Selma Ala., at business, manufacturer of aluminum
alloy products at Rome, Ga., married Lizzie Foster of Selma, Ala.; Wallace, born June

3, 1852, died October 30, 1860 ; Gustavus, born September 2, 1854, a carpenter by
trade, now residing on the home farm ; his wife is Maggie, daughter of John Davis, of
Savannah; Willie M., born October 11, 1858, a carpenter by trade, lives at Mt. Clem-
ens, Mich.; a son died in infancy April 26, 1861 ; Dora L., born February 7, 1863, also
died in infancy, November 10, 1863, and Everett, born June 1, 1865, a skilled mechanic
is with the National Cash Register Co. at Dayton, Ohio, his wife is Flora A., daughter
of Avery W. Lamb, of Rome, N. Y.

Hicks, George, Macedon,was born in Dover, England, county of Kent, December 25,
1842. He came to this county in 1871, on the day that peace was proclaimed between
the French and Prussians. He worked at his trade in Wayne county, Ontario, first,
then moved to SoduSj where he worked for some time. He next moved to Manchester,


and from there to Rochester and various other towns, finally settling in Wayne county
where he bought a place at Ontario Center and remained ten years, then moved to this
town, where he has since resided, working at his trade and at farming. He has been
twice married, and has one child. He is a Republican, a Granger, and has held the
office of school trustee.

Reeves, J. Dupha, was born in the town of Arcadia, on the farm where his mother
now resides, January 7, 1844. He was educated in the common schools and Eastman's
Commercial College at Poughkeepsie. He is a farmer and merchant miller by occupa-
tion. In he spring of 1881 he was elected supervisor of the town, re-elected in 1882,
again in 1889, serving up to the present time. October 8, 1867, he married Alice R.
Welcher of his native town, and they have eleven children : R. Newell, Ida A., Glen B.,
Delia M., Mary A., Martha A., J. Herve, Alice A., Paul D., Park M., and Ruth M.
Glen B. married Florence Smith of this town. Mr. Reeves' father, James H.,was born
in Palmyra. He was educated in the schools of his day, was a miller and farmer. He
married Cordelia A. Adams of the town of Williamson, and they had eight children :
Simeon, Peter, Mary, Martha J., Dupha, Raymond J., Dupha, who died in infancy and
George, who died in 1880. Mr. Reeves' grandfather, Paul Reeves, was born on Long-
Island in 1780. He married Sarah Ware of Delaware county, and located in Bast
Palmyra before 1800. At this time Garnargwa Creek, generally known as Mud, was a
navigable stream. His grandfather received a grant from the Legislature to erect a
dam on that stream, which was completed by him and Mr. Reeves' father in 1802, at
the place known as Mud Mills in early times, but more recently Excelsior Mills. His
grandfather sold out the mills at Mud Creek in 1814, went to Williamson and erected
another mill. The ancestry of this family is English and Welch.

Wigglesworth, A. G., furniture and undertaking, was born at Palmyra April 1, 1841,
and has always resided here. Matthew W., the father, a native of Yorkshire, England,
came to America and located at Palmyra in 1836 with his wife, Elizabeth (Hudson)
Wigglesworth, and a family of four sons and six daughters. Mr. Wigglesworth was
educated at the Palmyra Classical Union School, followed farming until 1873, then
located in Palmyra in the coal and produce trade till 1891, when he sold and embarked
in the furniture and undertaking business. He was assessor three years, and overseer
five years. In 1862 he married Emma L, daughter of Noah Palmer, one of the pio-
neers of the county, and they have one son, Orla A., and one daughter, Alta.

Thompson, Harry P., was born in Ontario, January 19, 1857, the third of eight chil-
dren of Edward and Mary (Paine) Thompson, natives of England. They came to
America in 1856 with a family of two children, and settled on a farm in Ontario. In
1872 he went to the town of Williamson and bought a farm, where he spent the re-
mainder of his days, dying in March, 1869. Mrs. Thompson still resides on the home-
stead, at the age of sixty-five years. The rest of the family still survive, except one
daughter, Annie, who died at the age of twenty-six years. Subject was reared on a
farm and has always followed farming. February 19, 1874, he married Mrs. Clara L.
(Bishop) Marsh, widow of Manley Marsh, and daughter of J. M. Bishop of Ontario.
Mrs. Marsh had one son, Fay Marsh, who is still at home. He was born February 24,
1872, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have had one son, Floyd O, born August 25, 1875. In
1889 he purchased the farm he now owns in Ontario, where he is engaged in general
farming and fruit growing. He has thirteen acres of apples, eleven acres of raspber-
ries, three acres of strawberries, is putting out eight acres of peaches, and has one and
one-fourth acres of grapes. In politics he is a Republican, and the family are Baptists
in religion.

Tiffany, Reuben was born in Middlesex, Ontario county, December 3, 1814, a son of
Garden and Rebecca (Slaton) Tiffany, both of Pennsylvania. The grandfather was
John Tiffany of Massachusetts, who was descended from Squire Humphrey Tiffany,


of England. Garden Tiffany came to this county when young and took up 400 acres,
part of which is still owned by the family. He died March 31, 1856. Reuben T. was
educated in the common schools, and engaged in teaching for several years and was
also superintendent in Macedon. He was a public-spirited, generous man, and is re-
membered by a large circle of friends. He died on the old homestead in 1893. His
first wife was Mary A. Everett of Macedon ; and his second was Mary A. Peacock,
widow of Samuel Peacock. Their children were as follows : Milton J., who died aged
seventeen years, March 23, 1868; and Alice, wife of Charles R. Dryer, M.D., of Victor,
who now has a chair in the Terre Haute Normal School. He has been lecturer on
chemistry in the Fort Wayne Grammar School, and is city chemist. Mrs. Dryer was

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