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20, 1860. Hannah Vanderpool died January 30, 1879, aged sixty-three years, and Mr.
Vanderpool married, second, March 4, 1880. Mrs. Eliza A. Smith of Clyde, the mother
by a former husband of William E. Ellis, the latter now a resident of Clyde. William
E. Ellis was one of the thirty-six officers and men who went out in the ill-fated Pro-
teus under Lieutenant Greeley in 1881. His scholarly note-books record in detail the in-
credible hardships they endured, until driven to insanity and cannibalism. His body
was recovered from Lady Franklin Bay, where he met so lonely and terrible a death in
1883, and is interred at Clyde, N. Y.

Wood, Alonzo D., an influential and prosperous farmer and business man, is the son
of Seth Wood, who died in 1847, greatly respected. The latter had been for eight
years justice of the peace, and died an incumbent of that office. His wife was Melinda,
daughter of John Dunham, by whom he had nine children, seven now living : James,
Seth, William, Laura, John, Julia, Alonzo, Helen and Gaylord. Alonzo was born May
18, 1838, was educated at Sodus Academy and Falley Seminary, beginning life for him-
self on a farm in Conquest, Cayuga county, December 30, 1866. He married Anna M.,
daughter of H. O. Baggerly, of Savannah, by whom he has two sons, Howard C, born
June 31. 1874 ; and Stanley D., born May 6, 1885. Mr. Wood was for some time en-
gaged in school teaching prior to his marrirge. He now conducts a large and product-
ive farm besides dealing in agricultural implements, machinery, etc. He a staunch
Republican, and has served as overseer of the poor, and justice for four years each.
In 1884-85 and 1886 he served on the Board of Supervisors.

Wilsey, Irving, is the only son of Eli Wilsey, who was born in Columbia, Cayuga
county December 5. 1830. Eli married Harriet, daughter of William H. Snyder, Sep-
tember 12, 1855, and in 1870 they came to Savannah, and purchased a farm of 100
acres, lying two miles northwest of the village. Eli's death occurred December 12,


1893, and his widow, Harriet, remains upon the homestead farm, which is now operated
by her son. Irving was born November 3, 1870, and married November 26, 1891,
Augusta E., daughter of Edwin Tallman, of Savannah, and they have one daughter,
Lula, born October 20, 1892.

Williams, Albert, was born in Savannah August 5, 1848. His parents, Smith and
Phoebe Williams, were among the earliest settlers here. Smith died July 6, 1892, his
widow surviving him. Albert married November 15, 1876, Gertrude, daughter of
Thomas and Harriet Gerow, of Phelps, Ontario county, and they have four children:
Howard S., born August 7, 1877; Carl G., born December 25, 1878; George A., born
April 26, 1880, and Maud, born May 22, 1882. Mr. Williams operates 100 acres of
land, making a specialty of the breeding of Holstein cattle for dairy purposes.

Widrig, Russell, is the son of Michael Widrig, of Herkimer county, who removed to
Clyde in 1833, and died in 1849. His wife, Martha, reared a family of ten children, all
but one of whom are still living, the youngest one being past fifty years. Russell has
one sister in Wayne county, Mary, widow of the late Jedediah Carter, of Savannah.
Martha, wife of Michael Widrig, died in 1870, aged seventy -five years. Russell's
grandfather, George Widrig, born in Germany, came to America when ten years old,
acquiring a collegiate education in New York. He served as a private through the
Revolution, and a brigadier-general in the war of 1812, his son Michael, acting as aid-
de-camp to him. Russell, born at Frankfort, Herkimer county, November 25, 1822,
educated at Clyde High school, supplemented by reading and self-directed research, is
a man of much ability and force of character. He has served as commissioner of high-
ways several terms, besides other offices. December 25, 1853, he married Euretta
Woodward, who became the mother of Russell A., born December 11, 1854, died Feb-
ruary 22, 1863 ; Richard H., born November 13, 1860, died February 24, 1863, and
Martha M., born September 6, 1856, now the wife of John Anderson, of Savannah, and
mother of four children.

Wiley, C. C, was born August 29, 1850, in a log house upon the site of his present
home. His parents, C. B. and Nancy Wiley, came here in a canoe and settled amid the
wilderness. C. B. Wiley for many years engaged beside farming in the production and
sale of lumber. He died November 12, 1891, and his wife January 1, 1892. C. C.
Wiley was educated at Falley Seminary and married February 12, 1873, Kate, daugh-
ter of Charles Long, of Savannah. They are located on a farm of 110 acres, two miles
south of Savannah. Their children are : May, born December 27, 1874; Grace, born
April 3, 1876; Charles, born November 25, 1879, and LeRoy, born May 3, 1891.

Westcott, George H., born at Galen, May 18, 1850, and in 1859 his father, the late
Heman Westcott, came to the present homestead, three miles northeast of Savannah.
Heman Westcott was born in Ira, Cayuga county, April 28, 1812, coming to Butler in
1886, where he married Julia A., daughter of Philip Van Northwick, December 31,
1826. Julia was born in Columbia county in 1817, and she had eight children, of whom
but three survive : Harriet, Electa and George, the former married and residing in
Michigan. Heman Westcott was a successful and prosperous farmer, a kind father and
loving husband, and when he died March 14, 1894, Savannah mourned the loss of a
worthy pioneer and a good citizen. George H., the present representative of the house
of Westcott, was born May 18, 1850, and married December 23, 1871, Sarah L., daugh-
ter of Sylvester Secor, of Savannah, and is now eligibly situated upon a farm adjacent
to that owned by his late father. His wife, Sarah L., was born in Savannah Novem-
ber 20, 1847. She is the mother of six fine children : Lillian B., born November 20,
1871 ; Cora E., born May 17, 1874; Archibald B., born February 10, 1879; Charles A.,
born July 26, 1882 ; Howard, born August 4, 1885 ; Harrison, born March 4, 1889.
Mr. Westcott is a man of ability and enterprise, an uncompromising Republican,, and
beside farming does a large business in breeding fine horses, chiefly Percherons.


Bilby, Joseph, born in New Jersey February 8, 1820, is the third son of eight
children of William and Mary (Sharpe) Bilby, natives of New Jersey, who came to
Marion in 1827 and here Mr. Bilby died in October, 1861, and his wife in 1863. He
was a blacksmith by trade. Our subject was reared a farmer until seventeen years
of age, learned the shoemaker's trade, and followed it in Marion most of his life. He
owns fourteen acres of land in Marion. He has been highway commissioner. He
married in August, 1853,' Mary M. Morgan, a native of Oswego county, and daughter
of Isaac and Mary Morgan, natives of England, who settled in Oswego county, but
died in Pultneyville.

Bilby, John H., born in New Jersey, November 28, 1817, was the second of six chil-
dren of William and Mary Bilby. Subject was reared a blacksmith, but in 18f>9 bought
the farm he owns of seventy-two and one-half acres, and has since followed farming.
He married, February 8, 1838, Cynthia Luce, a native of Palmyra, and daughter of
William Luce, of Long Island, who is descended from Israel Luce, of Wales, the latter's
son having came to America about 1676. William Luce came to Palmyra in 1796,
where he died in 1891. His wife was Lydia Goldsmith, who died in 1874. The father
of William was Benjamin Luce, who served through the Revoluionary War. Mr. and
Mrs. Bilby have had one daughter, Louisa M., wife of Henry C. Allen, and they have
one son, Elmer J. Allen, who married Carrie Pulver, who has one son, Wayne.

Boss, John, born in Williamson, N. Y., November 2, 1824, is the third son of Isaac
and Sarah (Dedie) Boss, natives of Holland and mentioned in biography of Cornelius
Boss. John Boss was reared on a farm and has always followed farming, except
one year in the grocery business in Marion. He now owns a portion of the Boss
homestead, and makes a specialty of fruit growing. He married in 1883 Lena Ver-
bridge, of Sodus.- She is the daughter of Peter and Lisa Verbridge, natives of Hol-
land who came to America in 1852 and settled in Pultneyville, where the mother
died in 1893, and Mr. Yerbndge now resides with Mr. Boss. Mr. and Mrs. Boss,
are members of the Reformed church, of Marion.

Bowen, Seth, was born in Tyre, Seneca county, March 15, 1824. His father,
Silas, was a native of New Jersey and came to Seneca county in 1810. He mar-
ried Sarah Lumm, who was of English descent. Seth Bowen laid the foundation
of his education in the l^g school house of his district". At the age of twenty-three
he married Caroline, daughter of Jediah Jenkins, and they have two children, Mrs.
Mary Cuyler and Frank Bowen. In 1871 he bought the Asaph Whittlesey property
of 160 acres, raising fruit, hay, grain and stock. Our subject is one of the leading
farmers in his town.

Bishop, Alvin, was born in Albany, N. Y,, January 22, 1863. His father, R°v. E.
Sherman Bishop, a clergyman of the New York M, E. Conference, alter a service of
thirty years has retired to his home at Milton, on the Hudson. Alvin Bishop was
educated in the schools of Fishkill, New York, and Hancock, N. Y., entering Union
College in 1881, took the classical course and graduated in 1885. In 1887-89 he was
appointed principal of Monticello Classical Institute ; then during 1889-91 was prin-
cipal of Woodstock, Vt., High School. In 1891 he came to Clyde as principal of the
Clyde High School, graduating in 1893 one of the largest classes in the history of the
school, having an average attendance of 475 to 500. At the age of twenty-two he married
Mary Louise, daughter of Horace Goodrich, of Schenectady.

Brockmyre, Chris., was born in Seneca Falls December 25, 1852 educated in the
Clyde High School, and at the age of twenty-five married Emma, daughter of Loami
Beadle, by whom he has five children : Christopher, Marvin, Clarence, Clifford and
Ethel. In 1855 he came to Wayne county with his stepfather, John Seigmund, who
purchased a farm. He died in 1884, and at the time of his death was one of the largest


farmers in the town of Galen, having 290 acres of land and raising large quantities of
hay, grain and stock. He was sixty-two years of age when he died. Our subject in
1876 established the grocery on lock fifty-three which he now carries on, carrying a
large stock of general merchandise, hay and grain, and taking an intelligent interest in
school and religious institutions.

Burghduff, W. R., only son of Jesse Burghduff, was born where he now resides No-
vember 3, 1858. His father, now seventy-eight years of age, was also born here. His
grandfather, Jacob, born in. the city of Albany, was one of the earliest settlers in this
locality. William Burghduff's wife is Elizabeth, daughter of Addison Chapman of
Westbury, and their children are : Claude, born November 30, 1879, and Bula, born
February 9, 1882. Her father's family are also remarkable for longevity and at one
time, in 1884, there were represented at the Burghduff home four generations, Jacob,
Jesse, William and Claude Burghdoff, and Curtis, Addison, Elizabeth and her son
Claude of the Chapman family.

Bacon, Rufus J., was born in Skaneateles, Onondaga county, 1818. His parents, Ru-
fus and Martha Bacon, came to the town of Butler in 1832, when Rufus died August
18, 1849, at eighty years of age. He was the eldest of eleven children. His mother
died June 19, 1857. Mrs. Rufus Bacon is a sister of Mrs. John McCourtie, and they
are the daughters of the late well known Eleazer Smith of Butler. Her four daugh-
ters are Phebe A., born May 2, 1843, Martha P., born December 9, 1848, Sarah, born
July 3, 1853, Florence, born April 5, 1857.

Bacon, Nathan, born in 1822, is the son of Rufus Bacon of Sennett, N, Y., who died
at the age of seventy years in 1861. Nathan has been a resident of Butler since 1852.
Both himself and wife are members of the M. E. Church. January 1, 1854. he married
Lavina, daughter of the late Eleazer Smith of Butler, by whom he had three children :
Mary E., Frances M., and Sumner S.

Brewster, A. K, was born at Sterling, 1825. Morgan Brewster, his father, was born
at Palmyra, Wayne connty, and was well known as a hotel proprietor at Wolcott, and
at Red Creek. He died in 1889, and his wife, Melinda Lyan, died two years later.
Our subject, educated at Red Creek Seminary, has been engaged in mercantile and other
lines af business, at one time operating a stage line between Wolcot and Clyde, in con-
nection with a livery. In 1876, he purchased a farm near Wolcott. His first wife,
Evelyn, who died in 1860, left one son, Frank L. The present Mrs. Brewster was
Cyrilla Lawrence, of Copenhagen, to whom were born three children. George A,,
Fred H., and Anna Belle, the latter becoming Mrs. E. B. Cossolman. Her death oc-
curred August 7, 1892, at twenty-three years of age. She left one son, Earl Cossol-

Britton, Joseph, born in Williamson, September 21, 1833, and was the second
child of Richard and Ann Wake Britton, natives of Warthell, Yorkshire, England, he
born in 1797 and she in 1807, and who were married in 1829. The father of Richard
was John Britton, who lived and died in England. Richard Britton was a veterinary
surgeon and farmer, and settled where our subject now resides, and owned at one time
147 acres of land. He was a Republican, and poormaster for two years. He and his
wife were members of the M. E. Church. He died in 1886 and she in 1871. Our sub-
ject was educated in Sodus Academy, and he has spent his life where he now resides
and owns sixty- five acres of land. He is a Republican and has been assessor ten years.
He and his wife are members of the Presbyterian church. October 27, 1864, he mar-
ried Elizabeth Clark, of Williamson, born March 5, 1839, and daughter of John and
Elizabeth Clark. Our subject has one daughter, Carrie M., born 1865, and the wife of
Elmer V. San tee, a merchant of Watertown, whom she married February 18, 1892.


Buckles, Abram, was born in Williamson August 2, 1856. He is a son of Jacob and
Anna (Wamesfelder) Buckles, natives of Holland. They came to America in 1847 and
settled in Williamson, where they have since resided and followed farming. The
grandfather, Adrian, died in Holland in 1830, and his wife Maggie (Deflue) Buckles,
died on the ocean while on the way to America in 1847. Adrian Buckles was a
wagonmaker by trade. Abram was reared on the farm and worked on the homestead
till 1887, when he bought the plank road steam saw mill, where he has since been en-
gaged in the manufacture of lumber. He also has a feed mill and a cider mill. They
attend and support the M. E. Church. In 1883 he married Lucinda Resue, of William-
son, and they have one daughter, Maud. The parents of Mrs. Buckles were Josiah and
Annie Resue. He died in 1871, and his wife resides on the farm.

Budlong, A. P., Macedon, was born December 22, 1824, son of John Budlong, who
was born in 1798. The latter was a farmer and business man, and a dealer in cattle.
He married in 1816 Abigail Langley, and they reared seven children : Jenks, Dewain,
Nathan, A. P., our subject, Samuel, Charlotte and Abigail. He married second in 1833
Widow Hill, by whom he had these children, John R., Walter F., and Hettie M. Our
subject is a farmer. He married first Hannah Arnold, by whom he had two children,
Nathan and Cora. His second wife was Cornelia Pulver. Mr. Budlong held the office
of assessor.

Baker, David O, Macedon, was born on the farm now owned by John E. Baker,
within a few yards of his farm. April 28, 1846. His occupation has been farming, but
in early life he taught school six winters. He married in 1873 Margaret J. Longstaff,
of Macedon, and settled where he now lives, owning about 100 acres, three acres in
timber. They have two children, David G., jr., and Mary E., both at home attending
the district school and Macedon Union school. Our subject is excise commissioner,
also assessor, and is a member of the Royal Templars and the Orange.

Bentley, Joseph W., Macedon, was born in Queensbury, Warren county February
17, 1840. Warren Bentley, his father, was born in Warren county August 28,
1815, son of Richard Bentley, a native of Rhode Island, who came to this State at an
early day. His occupation was speculating in lumber, etc. He married Dina Vaughn,
and they had seventeen children, thirteen of whom grew to maturity. At present
there are six living. He settled in Queensbury, near Lake George. Warren Bentley
married Calista Jenkins, born in Queensbury, Warren county, January 25, 1819, daugh-
ter of Murray Jenkins, and they had seven children, all now living. The occupation of
our subject has been farming except in the year of 1862, when he went to the oil region
in Pennsylvania. He conducted a lumber yard and general merchandise store for W.
Ames & Co., in the village of Pioneer near Titusville, which position he held four
years. He married Axie Vaughn of Erie county, in 1867, at which time he gave up
his position and went to Michigan, where he lived one year. He then came to Genesee
county and then to Cleveland, Ohio, where he spent the summer. In 1869 he came to
the farm he now owns, consisting of seventy- five acres. He has two sons, Fred W.
Ames and Herbert Lee. Fred W. is a physician and graduated from the New York
Homoeopathic Medical College May 3, 1894, and went to Buffalo May 15, 1894, to
assume charge of the Buffalo Homoeopathic Hospital. Herbert Lee graduated May 25,
1894, from the Buffalo Law school. Subject never aspired to public office.

Bullis, Abraham, Macedon, was born in Farmington, Ontario county, September 4,
1854. His father, Dr. Abraham R, was a native of Vermont, born July 8, 1815. He
was a graduate of Geneva Medical College, and took up his practice in Farmington
and Macedon. He married Lydia P., daughter of John Lapham, of Macedon, a
descendant of the old pioneer family of Laphams so widely known in this part of
Wayne county, who came to this part of the State in 1790. John L. Bullis, brother of
our subjeet, is captain in the regular army of the United States, also Indian agent in


New Mexico. The children of Abraham R. Bullis are : John, Mary, Charles, Abraham
R., our subject ; Lida and Nettie. Mary, Charles, and Nettie are deceased. Lida is the
wife of Major Weni, of the regular army. Our subject is a graduate of Cornell University,
graduating as a civil engineer in 1882, also in mathematics in 1881. He married
Josephine Breese in 1884, daughter of J. D. Breese, of Macedon, and they have two
children, Charles and Nettie. Our subject is a prominent member of the Masonic
Lodge No. 665, of Macedon.

Blaine, C. G., was born in the town of Varick, Seneca county, March 23, 1856, was
educated in the Ovid Academy and graduated from the University of Michigan in
1882, taking the law course. He came to Lyons in 1882 and entered the office of
Major Roys and in 1883 was admitted to the bar of Wayne county, and entered into
general practice. In 1889 he bought the George H. Cramer insurance business, and in
1894 also bought the Charles E. Crandall agency, doing the largest line of insurance and
handling real estate and placing loans in Lyons. At the age of twenty-eight he mar-
ried Cassie A., daughter of Amos Desmond, of Galen, and they are the parents of one
son, Carlton A. Our subject is a very active business man, identified in advancing the
best interests of his town and the leading events of the day, and is recognized as a man
of sterling integrity and worth.

Baltzel, G. H., the eldest son of Henry Baltzel, who came to Lyons from Alsace Sulz
in 1842, was born in Lyons January 12, 1851. He was educated in Lyons, and at an
early age became his father's assistant in his many enterprises, paying special attention
to the boot and shoe trade, which, at the death of his father in March, 1878, he con-
tinued, being at the present time one of the leading merchants and carrying one of the
largest stocks of fine footware of all kinds in Wayne county. Retiring and unassum-
ing he has done much to advance the best interests of his town as any of his towns-
people, having in connection with his brother, W. H. Baltzel, erected the well known
Baltzel block.

Baltzel, W. H., was born May 5, 1855, in Lyons. His father, Henry, came from
Alsace Sulz to Lyons in 1842, first engaged in the hotel and boot and shoe business, and
gradually acquired a large amount of real estate, and at his death, in March, 1878, was
one of the wealthiest and most prominent business men in the town of Lyons, leaving
a large estate to his ten children. W. H. Baltzel was educated at Lyons Union School
and finished at the Rochester Business University, after which he engaged in the dry
goods and provision business, and, in connection with his brother, Henry, erected one
of the largest blocks in Lyons, containing four stories and the Baltzel House. At thirty-
one years of age he married Jennie B. Reads, of Syracuse, and they have three chil-
dren : Irene, Pauline, and Marjorie. Our subject is one of the prominent business men
in his town, identified in advancing its best interests, and is recognized as a man of nigh
business ability and strict integrity.

Boeheim, F. W. & Son, Furniture and Undertakers. — The firm is composed of F. W.
Boeheim, came from Wurtemburg, Germany, in 1850, settled in Lyons and established
himself in the same business now carried on by himself and sons in 1854. Starting in a
small way he soon began to acquire a competence, and in 1880 took into the firm the
eldest son, Frederick, and in 1891 the youngest son, Charles. In 1891 he bought the
Leonard property on Water street which they rebuilt, making one of the largest busi-
ness blocks in Lyons, occupying four floors and carrying the largest and most complete
line of furniture and undertaking goods in Wayne county. F. W. Boeheim married
Philopena Gehres, daughter of Daniel Gehres, of Germany, and they have four chil-
dren: Frederick, Philip, and Charles, and one daughter, Mrs. William Buisch, of
Lyons. Frederick married at twenty-three Sallie Buisch, of Lyons, daughter of
George Buisch, and they have one son, Frederick. Charles married at twenty-one
Libbie, daughter of Adam Frey, and they have three children : Charles E., Bessie, and


Clara. Our subjects are noted among the business community as men of energy and
high business ability, identified in advancing the best interests of their town, where
they have been selected to fill many positions of trust and of recognized worth and
sterling integrity.

Barton, Daniel, was born June 12, 1830, on the old Barton homestead in Lyons, which
at the time of his birth was a log house. His father, Elisha. was a prominent farmer in
his town. Daniel was educated in the common schools, attending school during the
winter and working on the farm during the summer. At the age of twenty-five he mar-
ried Eliza, daughter of David Griffiths, who died in 1857, and in 1859 he married Soph-
ronia, daughter of James Miller, of Arcadia. They have had three children, two of whom
are living: Bernard M., and Lillie B. Eliza died in 1880, at the age of twenty-three.
In 1869 he bought the Captain Merry property of 100 acres, raising mint, hay, grain and
stock. Our subject is one of the leading farmers in his town, elected as assessor in
1893. He took an active interest in educational and religious matters.

Barton, Theodore, was born in Putnam county, January 7, 1828, came to Wayne county
in 1829 with his father, Elisha, and was educated in the common schools of his day, to
which he has added through life by reading and close observation. At the age of twenty-
seven he married Jeannette, daughter of Philip Pulver, of Lyons, and they have one
daughter, Ida. In 1856 he bought the Ben Carroll property of sixty-five acres, and
in 1869 bought part of the Captain Merry property of thirty-three acres, having sixty-
nine acres of some of the best farm land in Wayne county, raising mint, hay, grain
and stock, Our subject is one of the prominent farmers in his town, filled the office
of commissioner of highways, and a liberal supporter of educational and religious in-

Beadle, Judd, was born in the town of Marengo. March 28, 1859. His father, Orrin,
the proprietor of Beadle's Hotel for fifty years, is also a native of the county. Judd
Beadle was educated in the common schools, to which he has added through life by

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