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Norman's farm consists of 118 acres, and he follows general farming.

Middleton, Ira, was born in Ontario, January 28, 1855, the youngest of three children
of Joseph and Orsena (Hill) Middleton, the former a native of Johnstown, N. Y., born
November 4, 1812, and the latter born in Macedon, June 12, 1821. The father of
Joseph was William, a native of New Jersey, who came to Ontario in 1813, where he
died in 1842, and his wife, Catharine McArthur, in 1871. The father of Mrs. Joseph
Middleton was Ira Hill, born in Macedon in 1795, who married Fannie Gilbert, of Mas-
sachusetts, born in 1798, and died in 1832. He married Elvira, sister of his first wife.
He died in 1865. Joseph Middleton spent his life in Ontario and followed farming,
owning 300 acres. He was a Republican and served as highway commissioner, assessor,
and supervisor. He died April 10, 1891, and his family now reside on the homestead.
Ira was educated in the Marion Collegiate Institute, and has always resided at home.
He is engaged in farming, and also deals in coal and merchandise. He is a Republican
in politics, and was appointed postmaster in 1887 atFruitland, which office he held until
1893. December 30, 1891, he married Lena Mack, daughter of Philip and Lucina
(Easton) Mack, of Ontario.

Miller, F. L., was born in Lee Center, Oneida county, January 26, 1859, laid the
foundation of his education in the common schools, to which he has added through life
by reading and close observation, being a self made and self educated man. In 1894 he
came to Lyons and established his present business, carrying a large stock of dry goods,
hardware, crockery, fishing tackle, making a specialty of all house furnishing goods.
At the age of twenty-three he married Clara Merchant, daughter of Henry Merchant,
of Central Square, and are the parents of two sons: William H. and Howard L. Our
subject is recognized as one of the most progressive and enterprising merchants in his
town, identified in advancing the best interests, and in the leading events of the day.

Mapes, George, was born in Lyons February 14, 1852. His father, Jacob, came
from Alsace, Germany, in 1840. George was educated in the Lyons Union School, to
which he has added through life by reading and close observation. After engaging in
various enterprises, in 1876 he established his present business of manufacturing cigars,
and is now employing twenty hands, having an output of from 700,000 to one million
cigars yearly, and is one of the best known manufacturers in Central and Western New
York. At the age of twenty-three he married Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Frank of
Lyons, and they are the parents of three children, two of whom are now living: Will-
iam H. and George F. Our subject is one of the most active business men in his town,
and takes an active interest in educational and religious matters.

Munn, John, deceased, was born in Kent, England, and came to the United States in
1820, first settling in Waterloo. He came to Wayne county in 1835. He married
Sarah Filkins, who died in 1845, and afterwards remarried Mrs. Fannie Burnett,
daughter of Gilbert Noolan, and who were the parents of four children, three of whom
are now living: J. F. Munn, M.D., of Syracuse, and George and Frank of Lyons, who
are now managing the estate in connection with their farm adjoining, raising fruit, hay,
gram and stock. George Munn married at twenty-four years of age Eva L., daughter
of Warren C. Depew, of Lyons, and have one son, George D. George was educated at
the Lyons Union School and at the Cayuga Lake Academy, and afterwards taught for
eleven years. Frank was educated at the Wolcott Academy, after which they returned
to the homestead in Lyons, where they are recognized as conservative men of sterling
integrity and moral worth.

Mirick, W. P., was born in Lyons April 5, 1859. His father, Nelson R., was a native
of the town of Rose, came to Lyons in 1857, and was prominently identified in the


business interests of his town. W. P. Mirick was educated in the Lyons Union School,
after leaving which he engaged in active business life establishing a coal and grocery
business in 1881. In 1889 he added the malting business to his other interests, also
conducts a farm of 150 acres one mile west of Lyons. At the age of twenty-nine he
married Ellen, daughter of Van R. Richmond of Lyons. He is a Democrat in politics
and was supervisor of the town in 1890. Oursnbject is one of the most active business
men in nis town, identified in advancing its best interests, and is identified as a man of
high business ability and sterling worth.

Michel, Mrs. Mary (Sedore), was born in Savannah, Wayne county, in 1835, and was
the daughter of John B. and Eunice (Weeks) Sedore, who were farmers. She is the
granddaughter of David and Catherine Sedore of Saratoga. In 1861 she married
Hanry, son of Philip Michel, a native of Gee, Noghern, near the Rhine and Cologne,
and who came to America in 1849. He has five children : Andrew, Henry, Katie,
Adam and Elizabeth. To Mr. and Mrs. Michel has been born one child, Addie, who
died at the age of sixteen. Mr. Michel is a wide-awake, enterprising man. He began
farming at twenty-five, and in time accumulated a large property. His death occurred
in 1392, since which time our subject has conducted the farm. She is one of a family
of thirteen children. She is a member of Wolcott Grange, P. of H., No. 348, and a
lady of business ability.

Myers, J. C, was born in the canton of Arragh, Switzerland, and came to the United
States in 1854, at six years of age. His father, Francis Myers, came direct to Lyons.
J. C. was educated in the common schools, and is pre-eminently a self-made and self
educated man. At the age of tweniy-eight he married Emma, Baltzel, daughter of
Henry Baltzel of Lyons, and they have five children : Nelton Newell, Belle, Frances
and Florence. In 1870 he came to the village of Lyons, and in 1884 established the
hardware and agricultural implements, feeds and produce business. He is a Democrat
in politics, and was a candidate for county treasurer in 1889, also takes an active intelli-
gent interest in educational and religious matters. Subject is one of the leading busi-
ness men in his town, identified in advancing its best interests, and is recognized as a
man of strict integrity and sterling worth.

Moore, Charles H., was born in Lyons, May 4, 1841. His father, Zebulon Moore,
was one of the prominent business men and contractors of Central New York, and at
his death Charles H. took up his many large contracts und business interests and carried
them to a successful completion. He is now associated with his brother-in-law, S, D.
Holmes, in prosecuting large business interests in Canada, where they have accepted
and completed severel large railroad contracts. At the age of twenty-three he married
Catharine L., daughter of Alanson Whitney, of Kendall, Orleans county, and they are
the parents of three children: Zebulon, Mrs. Mary Grace Thornhill, and Bessie. Our
subject is one of the most active business men in his town, taking an active interest in
educational and religious matters.

Munn, William H., was born in Lyons, October 15, 1861. His father, John H., was
engaged in the mercantile and produce business. William H. was educated in the
Lyons Union School. In 1881 he bought the Munn homestead property of ninety-seven
acres, which has been in the family fifty years. In 1890 he bought the Philip Goetzman
estate of forty-seven acres, raising mint, fruit, hay, grain and stock. At the age of
twenty-five he married Katie E., daughter of Cornelius 0. Brundage, and they are the
parents of two children : John H., and Leona B. Our subject is one of the most enter-
prising citizens of his town, taking an active interest in educational and religious

Murphy, John H., was born in Macedon, April 24, 1855. His father, John Murphy,
was a native of Ireland and came to this country in 1849, and settled in Macedon, where


he bought a small place. He married Margaret Coniff, of Ireland, and to them were
born six children, including our subject, John H. Murphy. Mr. Murphy, the son, was
educated in the Union School at Macedon and studied medicine in Buffalo. He is now
engaged in farming, having bought the Van Duzer farm of 140 acres. In 1S84 he mar-
ried Mary J. Dalton, of Lyons, and they are the parents of five children. Mr. Murphy
is an Independent.

Martz, Frederick, is a native of Germany and came to this country eighteen years
ago. He settled in Palmyra, and for eleven years was engaged in farm work, then he
bought the farm he now lives on, consisting of thirty-one acres. He married Mary
Smith, daughter of Frederick Smith, and they have two children. Mr. Martz is a mem-
ber of the German church. In politic 3 he is a Republican.

Mansfield, George, Macedon, was born in England in December, 1848, came to this
county with his parents in 1852, and settled in Brighton, Monroe county. His father
is a blacksmith by trade and worked at it until 1874, when he bought a farm and moved
to Macedon Centre, where he has since continued the business. He married Charlotte
Haygreen, of England, and they had two children, Charles, living in Michigan, and
George, our subject. Subject followed the blacksmith's trade until a year ago, when he
bought the farm of eighty-four acres, which he still owns. He received a common
school and academic education. He married in 1874 Elizabeth Ford, of Highland Mills
Orange county, and they have two children, George and Leroy, who were educated in
Macedon Academy.

Mack, Ira W., born in the old town of Wolcott, June 10, 1835, is the youngest son
of the late John and Hannah Mack. John Mack was a soldier of 1812, and his father,
the paternal grandfather of our subject, of the Revolution. Mrs. Ira Mack is a daughter
of the late Gansevoort Center. Estelle, their older daughter, married Jacob Crounce of
Hannibal, Oswego, N. Y., and Jennie, next younger, maried William Crounce, of Butler.
They have also two sons, Gansevoort, and Ira, jr.

Murphy, Joseph E., was born in New York city, December 21, 1847. His father,
Patrick Murphy, was a native of Ireland and came to the United States when fourteen
years of age in 1830, and settled in Lockport, where he died in 1893 at the age of seventy-
seven. Joseph E. Murphy was educated in Lockport, after which he engaged in the
clothing trade for three years, and then learned the tanner's trade. In 1877 he came
to Clyde and entered the employ of L. B. Denio. Two years later he purchased the
interest of P. S. Nash and formed a partnership with P. Ira Lake, continuing up to
1883, when Mr. Lake disposed of his interest to Thomas M. Ellicott. The firm is the
leading hardware business in Clyde, and makes a specialty of fine plumbing. At the age
of twenty-five years Mr. Murphy married Miss Susie Kimball, of Northfield, Vt., who
died in 1885. In 1889 he remarried, his second wife being Mary Fraher, daughter of
Edward Fraher, of Clyde, and they are the parents of these children : George Harold,
Maude K., and Mary Alice.

Miller, Charles A., was born in Williamson. March 23, 1860, the son of John and
Mary Skinner Miller, he born in Greenfield, Saratorga county, and she in Waterloo,
N. Y. The grandfather of our subject was Philaster Miller, of Greenfield, Saratoga
county, N. Y. John Miller is a farmer and lives a retired life in Pultt eyville. His wife
died when our subject was an infant, and Mr. Miller married Sarah L. Throop, of
Williamson. Our subject was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools.
He now resides with his grandfather.

McKee, Hiram, was born in Webster, Monroe county, July 10, 1846, the only son of
David and Agnes A. (Rodgers) McKee, both of Webster. The former died about 1850,
and the latter in 1892. After the death of her husband Mrs. McKee married second.


Peter Brewer, and removed to Virginia, where she died. Hiram was educated in the
common and select schools of Pultneyville, and August 3, 1863, enlisted in the 8th N.Y.
Cavalry, serving till the close of the war. He was at Winchester, Cedar Creek, Lee's
surrender, and received several wounds. August 4, 1866, he married Mariette, daughter
of Harvey Sherburne, of this county, who died in 1891. They have these children :
Dell, Oliver, May, Clyde, and Marshall. Mr. McKee carries on general farming and
fruit raising, and has served as collector, inspector of elections, etc. He is a member of
Walworth Grange No. 254, F. & A. M., and also of the G. A. R., Fish Post.

Milhan, Martin L., born October 30, 1851, in Williamson, is a son of Martin and
Maria Milhan. He was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools. He has
always been engaged in farming, and owns eighty acres of the old homestead. He is a
member of the P. of H. of Williamson. He married, December 23, 1874, Mary J.
Barclay, who live in Sodus. Mr. Milhan and wife have three children : Effie, who died
in infancy ; Helen L., and Martin S.

McCourtie, John, is the son of one of the sturdy pioneers of Butler, bearing the same
name, who cleared the homestead where our subject now resides, and died there in 1842
at the early age of thirty- nine years. Of his two sons, John and William, the latter is
engaged in real estate and milling business at Kalamazoo, Mich., and John, of whom we
write, is one of the representative farmers of this section, and highly esteemed by all
who know him. His wife is Melissa, daughter of Eleazer Smith, who was also a man
of note in the early days of Butler. They Avere married August 28, 1853, and have two
children: Jennie, born June 10, 1870, and Smith, born December 1, 1859, and who
married Orpha Andrews, of Spring Lake.

Mack. I. T., third son of John and Hannah Mack, who came to Wayne county in 1820,
settling in Wolcott, near Fairhaven, where Isaac was born in 1826, one of a family of
eight. John Mack was a prisoner of the war of 1812, and his father who reached the
great age of ninety-seven years, was a soldier of the Revolution. John Mack died in
1849 at the age of sixty years, and his wife, Hannah, in 1874, when seventy-five. Our
subject has always devoted himself to farming, and has been very successful in that
business, still operating nearly three hundred acres of land devoted to general farming
His wife, Lucy M. Center of Butler, to whom he was married September 30, 1852, is
the mother of six children : Nancy L., the wife of A. W. Park, of Wolcott ; Carrie,
wife of Azael Harder, of Butler; Abraham C, a resident of Kansas City, Mo.; Gibson
B., a graduate of Albany Normal School, and of Eastman Business College ; William G.,
engaged in the acquisition of a medical education, and Elizabeth, wife of Lincoln Har-
der, of Butler.

Mead, Rev. John Calvin, was born in Burdett, Schuyler county, October 8, 1859.
His father, G. J. Mead, was a prominent farmer of his town. The family are of Scotch
and English descent, and were among the earliest settlers in Central New York. John
C. was educated in the common schools, and entered Cook Academy at, Havana,
where his preparation for college was completed. In 1879 he entered Hamilton, taking
the classical course, and graduated in 1880 with the degree of A.B., receiving special
prizes as an essayist and debator; also giving special attention to the study of the law.
In the fall of 1883 he entered the Theological Seminary at Auburn, graduating in 1886,
and the same year was installed pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Canastota, re -
ceiving the degree of A.M. from his Alma Mater. He remained in Canastota six years,
the church body increasing threefold under his pastorate. The death of his mother in
1882 caused several extended trips t ) Europe and in the United States, entering also
the lecture field. In 1892 he came to Clyde and was installed as pastor of the Presby-
terian Church. At the age of thirty-three he mairied Martha, daughter of Abram
Lansing, of Albany. The church under his charge has been invigorated and the mem-
ship increased.


Morrison, Jacob, a native of Holland, born February 9, 1838, was the eldest of five
children of William and Janet Morrison, natives of Holland, who came to Marion in
I860, where they died. Oar subject was reared on a farm, educated in Holland and
Marion, and has followed general farming-. He married in 1864 Sarah, daughter of
William Lookup, by whom he had three children : William, George and Frank. Will-
iam married Nellie Michel; George married Alhe Davis and Frank married Maggie
Meatt. Mrs. Morrison died December 6, 1892.

Murphy, James S., manufacturer of harnesses, dealer in whips, nets, dusters, blankets,
oils, etc., was born in Cold Water, Mich., May 8, 1859, son of Myrtie and Mary
(Keeley) Murphy, natives of Ireland. They came to Palmyra about 1840 and worked
on railroad and canal and soon went to Cold Water, but returned to Palmyra. They
again returned to Michigan and in 1866 came to Palmyra and purchased a farm in Wal-
worth, which he sold and went to Ontario and bought sixty-five acres. He went to
Macedon in 1892 and purchased eighty-two acres, where he now lives. Mrs. Murphy
died September 13, 1891. Subject was educated in Ontario, and in 1882 learned the
harness trade with William G. Beckwith, of Williamson, came to Walworth in 1890,
and has since had a very successful business.

Little. Henry M., was born December 8, 1853, in Macedon. John Little, his father,
was born in 1819. His occupation was farming and drover, handling cattle, sheep,
hogs, etc. For nearly twenty years of his early life he shipped stock to New York
markets of many different States. He held the office of justice of peace two terms in
Murray. He married in 1850 Harriet T. Allen, by whom he had three children: Henry
M., our subject, Emma and Mary, the latter being deceased. Our subject is engaged in
farming and the breeding of blooded stock, also in the drug business. He was educated
at Hulberton and Macedon, where he finished. He has been commissioner of highways,
and for the last two years has been president of the village. He has been vice-presi-
dent of the Trotting Horse Breeders' Association of the State of New York for seven
vears, has many times acted as judge on stock at prominent fairs in the State, and is a
member of the A. 0. U. W., and the Knights of the Maccabees. He married in 1875,
and has two children, Allen T. and Mable D.

Langden, Alonzo, was born in Palmyra in 1822, where he resided till the age of
twenty six years, when he went to Chicago, III, for a year, returning to Palmyra in
1851. He remained here until 1868, then spent another two years in Chicago, a year
in New York, Buffalo, and then returned home. In 1872 he engaged in the rectifying
business, which he followed six years, and then worked at the grocery trade. He sold
his stock in the latter in 1884, but after a year took it back, and has since been engaged
in the grocery business. Benjamin, father of Alonzo, came from the East to Onondaga
county and married Nancy Burden, of New Jersey, whose father, Abraham Burden,
was a soldier in the war of 1812. He died in Chautauqua county. Benjamin Langden
and wife both died in Palmyra. They were the parents of six children, of whom our
subject was the oldest. The latter has been engaged at different times in the distilling
business, but has now abandoned it. In 1862 he bought a farm near Palmyra, and in
1872 purchased a storehouse. In 1846 he married Mary Page, by whom he has two
children, William and George.

Lockwood, B. F., proprietor of the Lyons Sewer Pipe Works, was born in Victory,
June 6, 1850, came to Lyons in 1883, and engaged in the manufacture of sewer pipe,
having the largest and most complete plant in Wayne connty. In 1892 he added a
barrel manufactory to his business, producing from 10 to 25,000 barrels per year, and
10,000 feet of different sizes of cement pipe, 500 yards of sand and gravel and handling
4 to 500 tons of cement per year. At the age of twenty-two he married Jennie
daughter of Alfred Brooks, of Wolcott, and they have two daughters, Mary L., and
Florence E. Our subject is one of the most enterprising men in his town, taking an


active interest in educational and religious matters, and is identified in the leading events
of the day.

Lapham, 0. C, was born in the town of Macedon in August, 1837. His father, 0.
Lapham, was born within half a mile of the farm now owned by bis son, in 1807. He
has always been engaged in farming. His education was acquired in the district schools
of the town. He married Elizabeth Reed, of Macedon. daughter of Paul Reed, and they
were the parents of six children, including 0. C. Lapham. 0. C. Lapham, the son, was
brought up on the farm and has always been occupied in farm work. He was educated
in the district schools of Macedon. In 1867 he married Mary White, daughter of Paul
White, of Walworth. They are the parents of one child, Emery D., who is at present
postal clerk between Cleveland and Syracuse. He has been in the service one and one-
half years. He received his education from the Macedon Academy and Rochester Busi-
ness College. Mr. 0. C. Lapham is a Republican and has served as assessor nine years
and commissioner five years. He is a member of the G. A. R., Post 450 of Macedon,
having served in the war from 1862 to 1865, and was in thirteen battles. Mrs. Lapham
is a member of the Baptist church.

Lotze, John, was born in Germany, August 12, 1837, son of Anthony and Catharine
(Pauline) Lotze, natives of Germany, where they died. He was a wagonmaker by
trade, and died in 1874, and his wife in 1864. Subject was educated in Germany and
at the age of fifteen came to America, located in East Walworth and worked in Marion
on a farm. He then learned the wagonmaker's trade, which he followed thirty years in
West Walworth, where he came in 1856. In 1890 he engaged in the mercantile busi-
ness, which he has since followed. He also handles phosphates and is an insurance
agent, representing various companies. He has been constable, town clerk, poormaster,
has been justice of the peace five years, which office he still holds, and has also been
postmaster four years. He is a member of the Evangelical Association of West Wal-
worth, has been class leader, exhorter, superintendent of Sunday school, and is now
assistant superintendent in the Evangelical Association of the New York Conference.
He is one of the well to do men of Walworfh. He married in 1861 Emma Baehler, a
native of Germany, who came to the United States with her mother, her father having
died in Germany. Mr. Lotze and wife have had one son, Henry J., who was educated
in Walworth, learned the jeweler's trade in Lyons, and is now employed by his father

in the store. His wife is Ettie , by whom he has three children, Carl, Elma, and


Lux, Charles A., was born in Clyde, October 30, 1858. His father, Ernest Lux, was
a native of Wurtemberg, Germany, and came to the United States in 1840, settling in
Savannah. Charles A. Lux was educated at Fort Edward Institute and was graduated
from Cornell University in 1881, after which he came to Clyde and went into business
with his father. Mr. Lux is now doing a large cooperage and coal business and is one
of the leading business men of the town. He married Anna Myers, daughter of DeWitt
C. Myers, and have one daughter, Margaret M.

Lundy, Levi, was born in Eden, Erie county, February 22, 1822. His father, Jacob,
who was a native of New Jersey, settled first in Erie county and afterwards came to
Wayne county. He died in 1871, aged eighty -six years. Levi was educated in the
common schools, after which he worked out for several years, and in 1873 purchased
part of the Nathan Rogers farm of seventy-nine acres. At the age of thirty-one he
married Mrs. Julia Rogers, who died in 1862, and in 1870 he married second, Mrs.
Phoebe Lynch, daughter of Charles Bonnell, and they have one daughter, Mrs. Julia
Sloan. Our subject has been assessor twelve years, commissioner of highways nine
years, and is a member of the Society of Friends.

Laing, Captain John A., born in Boston, Erie county, July 5, 1820, was a son of



Elijah and Elizabeth Laing, natives of New Jersey. They went to Boston, Erie county,
in 1815, where Mr. Laing died in 1822, and his widow married David Pound and went
to Canada, where she reared three children by her second husband. She also died in
Canada. Our subject was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools in
Boston, Erie county, and Waterloo Academy. He learned the carriage painters' trade,

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