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Company, and George is an expert mechanic in the employ of the Hibbard Basket
Works. Addie was the wife of James L. Cox, and died in 1890.

Wells, Edward B., is an enterprising young man, born in Huron, June 25, 1861, son
of Samuel S. Wells, a native of Rose, whose father was Rufus Wells, a shoemaker by
trade. Subject's father was a farmer, and served as superintendent of schools several
terms. His wife was Flavia Wells, and their children were: Helen, William H,
Irving S., Preston S., Edward B., Cornelia L., wife of Bracket K. Reed, of Colorado.
Subject was educated in Leavenworth Institute in Wolcott, and has always given his
attention to farming. He is now conducting his father's farm, consisting of 118 acres,
making a specialty of tobacco and fruit. He served as inspector of elections two

Wamesfelder, Daniel, born in Williamson, February 21, 1861, is the sixth of sixteen
children of Philip and Dinah (Enesse) Wamesfelder, natives of Holland, born in 1822
and 1825 respectively. They came to America about 1847, bringing one son, Isaac, who
was born in Holland in 1846. He has always followed the mason trade and farming.


He now has a farm in the town of Williamson, which is carried on by his son Daniel.
His father was Jacob Wamesfelder, who lived and died in Holland. He was the father
of fifteen children, of whom five came to America. Jacob was a farmer and garden
seed grower. Daniel has always followed farming. In 1885 he married Libbie, daughter
of Fred and Sarah Mentz, natives of Germany. Our subject and wife have had three
sons: Philip, Fred and Frank. They attend and support the M. B. church.

Watson, Harvey O, was born on the old homestead, November 4, 1860. His father,
Levi, was also born on the Watson homestead, February 28, 1835. The grandfather,
Stephen G., was a native of Bucks county. Pa. The family were of English and Dutch
extraction, came to the town of Galen and purchased a farm in 1824, and which is still
in the family. Levi Watson married at the age of twenty-two Mary, daughter of
Daniel Chase, and they have two children : our subject and Sarah Watson. He was a
prominent farmer, and died in 1890, aged fifty years, leaving a wife and children to take
up his many plans and carry them to completion. Harvey C. married at twenty-five
years of age Julia E., daughter of Henry Backman, and they have three children :
Raymond, Ella and Ruth. The family is one of the oldest in the county, and for the
past seventy-five years have been identified in advancing its best interests.

Weed, Benjamin, was born in the town of Galen, August 23, 1828. His father,
Selleck, was a native of New Canaan, Conn. He came to Galen in 1811, and purchased
one hundred acres of land. He died in 1853, aged sixty-six years. Benjamin was
educated at the Clyde High School and the Lyons Union School after which he taught
school seven winters, working on his father's farm during the summer. At the age of
twenty-five years he married Sarah, daughter of Joseph Watson, and they have four
children : Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, Mrs. Alice Wendell, and Lucy C, and Mabel E. In
1854 subject purchased pait of his father's farm of eighty acres, on which he has erected
new buildings and the handsome residence. In 1863 he bought part of the Stephen
Waterbury property, and in 1870 bought another portion of the same property, having
164 acres, and raising fruit hay, grain and stock. Our subject is identified in educational
and religious matters.

Welch, P. J., was born in Clyde May 18, 1861. His father, Patrick, came to the
United States from Ireland and settled in Clyde. P. J. Welch was educated in Clyde,
after leaving school entered the employ of Charles A. Howe, remaining fourteen years.
In 1884 he established his present business in the center of Maine street, and is now
carrying one of the finest and best selected stocks of mercantile tailoring, gents' fur-
nishing goods, hats, caps and ready-made clothing in Wayne county. At the age of
twenty-seven he married Mary L. Moriarity, and they are the parents of one daughter,
Irene. Subject is collector and treasurer of Clyde No. 132 Catholic Benevolent Legion.

Williamson Brothers. — This firm began the manufacture of cigars at Palmyra in 1870,
at first with but two or three workmen, but now employing a force of eighteen or
more, having an exclusively wholesale trade in cigars of their own manufacture, and
also in cut goods in tobacco. Their special brands are ■' J. K. W." and " Fine Stock."
Their factory was built in 1887, a three-story frame structure, twenty by fifty feet, the
top story being added in 1892. Both the brothers are natives of Palmyra, their father,
John, a native of New Jersey, having located here in an early day, and died in 1892.
His wife was Marcia Haver, who died in this town. John K. Williamson was born in
1850, educated at the Hudson River Institute, and graduated in the commercial course
in 1866. He married in 1874 a daughter of David P. Sanford, one of Palmyra's oldest
dry goods merchants. W. W. Williamson served three years in the 111th N. Y. Regi-
ment during the late war. He has served as collector of the town one year, assessor
three years, trustee four years, and president of the village in 1891. In 1871 he mar-
ried Margaret Young, a native of Buffalo, by whom he has had three sons and three
daughters, of whom two sons and one daughter survive.


Whitney, 0. F, born in Ontario July 19, 1823, the only child of Cornelius and Mil-
licent (Gould) Whitney, the former a native of Connecticut, born April 30, 1790, and
the latter of Granville, Washington county, born April 25, 1790. They came to On-
tario from Aurelius, Cayuga county, where they had lived two years, in 1816. He was
a farmer and wa« school commissioner in Ontario. He died September 29, 1875, and
his wife August 21, 1872. 0. F. was reared on a farm, educated in the common school
and Walworth select schools, also Ontario select schools. He has always been a farmer
and located on the farm he now owns April 14, 1837. He has ninety-three acres of
land, and follows general farming and sheep raising. Mr. Whitney was a Republican
until 1882, since which time he has been a Prohibitionist. He and family are members
of the Presbyterian Church. He married September 30, 1846, Laura, daughter of Dr.
Loami Whitcomb, a native of Washington county and an early settler of Ontario, where
he lived and died. Mrs. Whitney died February 7, 1882, and Mr. Whitney married
February 24, 1885, the widow of Dr. E. J. Whitcomb and daughter of Cyrus Thatcher
of Ontario. She had one daughter by her first husband, who is now Mrs. O. F. Nash,
of Williamson, N. Y. The father of Cyrus Thatcher was Peter, a native of Rhode
Island, who came to Ontario in 1809, and died in 1846. The wife of Cyrus was Mercy
Gage. Cyrus Thatcher died in Ontario in 1890, where his wife now resides.

Wells, Albert, born at Boyleston August 1, 1854. His father, John, established the
business in Wolcott. Albert took charge of the market, now located on Maine street,
in 1875, and since the death of his father in 1891, has also operated a farm of 175 acres
in Butler, which forms a valuable adjuncts to his retail business in meats, etc. He mar-
ried in 1884 Emma, daughter of Peter Waldorf, of Wolcott, by whom he has four chil-
dren : Lillian, Wilber. Mary and Laura.

Wright, Warren H., was born May 24, 1828, at Vernon, Oneida county. His parents
Thomas and Sally (Mills) Wright, came there in 1815, the earliest settlers in this im-
mediate locality, reclaiming from the virgin forest one-third of the one hundred and
fifty acres now comprised in the homestead. January 1, 1860, Warren married Eliza
daughter of Ezra and Electa K. Stone of Cato, Cayuga county. They have two chil-
dren : Elizabeth, born July 4, 1861, the wife of John Waldron, of Sterling, and the
mother of three children : Bertha, Elmer and Bessie Waldron ; and Burton born
February 11, 1867. Mrs. Burton Wright was Bessie Acker, of Fairhaven, and their
daughter is named Estelle.

Westcott, John H., son of John Forbes and Abigail Easton Westcott.. J. F. West-
cott moved into Butler from Vermont in 1828, and was until his death, which
occurred January 1, 1894, a prime mover in the various business interests of the locality.
At Butler Centre and at South Butler he had for a long period of time a blacksmith
shop, besides operating cooper shops with an annual capacity of 15,000 barrels. John
Westcott went from his desk as a school boy at South Butler into the thick of the Civil
War in 1864 with the 98th N. Y. S. Vols., but found himself physically unable to with-
stand the privations of a soldier's life, and was honorably discharged February 18
1865. He married Charlotte, daughter of Harlow Demmon, of Huron, by whom he
had five children : Charles L, Eugene, a traveling salesman with business headquarters
at Auburn; Demmon, in partnership with Eugene; and Howard. September 12, 1893,
Mr. Westcott was bereft of his faithful wife, and before half a year had elapsed, of his
only daughter, Emma.

Wilson, John, a native of Ireland, where he was born in 1830, emigrated to America
at thirteen years of age. His father, the late Hugh Wilson, was a mason by trade.
John Wilson is a farmer, residing in the southern part of Wolcott, near the point where
the four towns of Wolcott, Huron, Rose, and Butler meet. He is a member of the
Order of Patrons of Husbandry.


Wetherel, Darius, became a resident of Wayne county nearly sixty years ago, remov-
ing from Richmand, Ontario county, where he was born September 11, 1816. Of a
retiring disposition his whole life since 1840 has been spent upon the farm, now his
home, and where his wife, Jeannette died in 1890 at the age of seventy-eight years.
Of the four children born they all died in infancy but one daughter, Narcissa W. Burnett,
who is again an inmate of her father's home, the prop of his declining years.

Wiggins, William H., of Red Creek, is a veteran of the late war, having served three
years in the famous 9th Heavy Artillery, enlisting in 1802. He was born in Wolcott in
1840, son of the late Richard Wiggins, a physician, of whose five children William is
sole representative. In 1808 he married Aurilla Garnor, of Wolcott, and they have two
children, Mary C, born May 18, 1870, now engaged in school teaching, and George,
born August 28, 1873. Mr. Wiggins is now engaged in farming on the farm where he
located in 1870.

Watson, Garhardus L., was born in the town of Galen, March 3, 1831. His father,
Joseph C, was a native of Bucks county and came to Galen in 1824. He died in 1872,
aged seventy years. G. L. Watson was educated in the common schools, to which he
has added through life by reading and close observation. He returned to his father's
farm, teaching several winters and working on the farm during the summer. At the age
of twenty-four he married Ellen, daughter of Robert Catchpole, by whom he has two
children, George C, and Mrs. Lillian Wing. In 1873 inherited and purchased the old
homestead of 104 acres, which has been in the family since 1825. In 1855 he bought
the James Rogers estate, in 1859 bought part of the Weed estate, having 200 acres,
and raising fruit, hay, grain and stock. Our subject is one of the leading farmers in his

Wilcox, H. H., was born in Manchester, Ontario county, November 20, 1823, a son
of Earl and Jane (Stewart) Wilcox, he a native of Palmyra, born March 30, 1794, and
she of Massachusetts. The grandfather, William Wilcox, was born in Rhode Island,
April 24, 1770, and at the age of eighteen (1788) came to .Palmyra. March 7, 1793, he
married Ruth Durfee, they being the first couple married in Palmyra. They prospered
and became possessed of 500 acres of land, their residence being three-quarters of a mile
east of Palmyra Station. They had five sons and five daughters. The grandfather was
a farmer and for many years captain of the Light Horse Military Company, with whom
he was very popular. Earl, the eldest of the family of William, was born March 29,
1794, and at the age of eighteen was drafted as a soldier, being the only one drafted in
that town. He married Jane Stewart, September 24, 1815, and became a farmer. He
was a well informed man, but never cared for public office. He had six sons and one
daughter, of whom our subject was the fourth. He was born November 20, 1823, at
Manchester, Wayne county, and came to Marion in 1S26, where he has lived ever since,
engaged in farming. He owns 142 acres of the old homestead, and is a member of
Williamson Grange No. 338. January 22, 1850, he married Mary E. Button, of England,
born in July, 1831, a daughter of William and Mary Button. Mr. Wilcox has one son,
Francis, born October 21, 1854. He was educated in Marion Collegiate Institute, and
has always resided at home. December 12, 1877, he married Eliza A., daughter of
Augustus and Amanda Beach, and they have one daughter, Mildred M., born October
25, 1891. Francis is a member of Williamson Grange, and also of the K. O. T. M.

West, Solomon B., was born in Oneida county December 11, 1799. His father was
James, a native of New York, in which State he lived and died at Verona. The wife
of Solomon West was Relief Pierce, born in Grafton, Mass., December 12, 1801. Her
father, Amos Pierce, a native of England, came to the United States with two brothers.
He settled in Watertown, Jefferson county, and then went to Grafton, Mass., where he
died, aged eighty-three. His wife was Mollie Weston, of native of Vermont, by whom
he had nine children. Solomon West and wife came to Marion in 1836. He was a


carpenter by trade and died in 1872, aged seventy-two years, and his wife now resides
in Marion at the age of ninety-three. They had six children, of whom three are now
living : Albert A., born in Verona, Oneida county, February 12, 1836, educated in
Marion Collegiate Institute, and at the age of sixteen went to Palmyra, where he
learned the tanners' trade. He has worked at his trade in Boston, Springfield, Mass.,
Worcester, and spent four and one-half years in California, going there in 1864. He is
at present engaged in the hardware trade in the village of Marion, where he has been
sixteen years. He served nine months in Company H, 9th Mass. Volunteer Infantry,
enlisting in 1862. In 1862 he married Katie Winslow, of Buffalo. Mr. West is a mem-
ber of John B. Burred Post, No. 444, G. A. E. A. G. West born October 4, 1832, is a
tinsmith in Canandaigua. His wife is Delia Landon, and they have one son, Roswell.
He served one year in 160th N. Y. Volunteer Infantry, enlisting 1864. James was
born September 4, 1841, educated in Marion Collegiate Institute. He clerked in a drug
store in Marion and in 1872 went to Detroit, where he has since been engaged with the
Detroit Stove Works, and at present is shipping clerk. He is a Free Mason, and has
served one year in the 111th N. Y. Volunteer Infantry, enlisting in 1862.

Van Fleet, B. D., was born in Phelps, Ontario county, June 27, 1857. His father,
Cornelius, is a prominent farmer in that town. B. D. Van Fleet was educated in the
common schools and finished at the Geneva High School, after which he taught school
three years and then established the grocery business at Mitchell's Station and at Dub-
lin ; and in 1892 came to Alloway and established the same business. In 1893 he
bought the David Trimmer property, and is now the largest dealer in general merchan-
dise in the town of Alloway. At the age of thirty-one he married Nettie, daughter of
William Thorn, of Junius, Seneca county, and they are the parents of one daughter.
Our subject is one of the active business men in his town, identified in educational and
religious matters.

Meade, M. W., was born in the town of New Lisbon, Otsego county, N. Y., April
17, 1838. His father, George W. Meade, was a native of New Lisbon, and a Baptist
minister, and was engaged in active service for more than twenty years. He died at
Parma, in the sixty-eighth year of his age. M. W. Meade was educated in the com-
mon schools, finishing at Phelps Academy. In 1855 he came to Clyde, and engaged in
farming on his father's farm, which he purchased in 1870. He has also made the sell-
ing of agricultural implements a part of his business for twenty years. In 1850 he mar-
ried Emily, daughter of John W. Millius, and they have four children : James H., Will-
iam E., G. L. Meade, and M. B. Meade. Our subject has been steward of the M. E.
Church for twenty-five years, and his wife has had charge of the infant class for more
than thirty years.

Mather, Elisha B., was born in Rochester in 1851. His father was Elisha, the son of
Dr. Elisha Mather, a native of Connecticut, and the pioneer of the family in Wayne
county. The family is of English descent, and traces its ancestry back to Increase
Mather, the father of Cotton Mather. Dr. Elisha Mather settled in Wayne county
about 1825, being a man of affairs, enterprising and interested in all that concerned the
good of his adopted town and county. He was one of the founders of Hobart College,
Geneva, and a prominent member of the Episcopal Church. He had two sons : Robert
and Elisha, jr. The latter was for many years a successful attorney in Rochester, and
later in life came to Sodus Center and engaged in the milling business and farming.
He married Catharine Barker, and they had three children : Elisha B., Susan P. and
Elizabeth S. Elisha B. on reaching manhood engaged in 1871 in the mercantile trade
in Sodus, which business he has carried on ever since. He is engaged in the manufac-
ture of quick lime and is extensively engaged in fruit evaporating also. He is a mem-
ber of Sodus Center Episcopal Church, and his wife was Anna, daughter of John
Preston, of this town.


Main, Marquis S., was born in North Stonington, New London county, Conn.,
September 15, 1834, son of Avery and Laura Baldwin, he a native of Stonington,
Conn., born in 1806, and she a native of Fenner, Madison county, born in 1816. He
and wife came to West Walworth in 1863, where he died April 17, 1892, and his wife
resides with her children. He was a mason by trade and a farmer. Subject was edu-
cated in the common schools and Oneida Castle and Cazenovia Academies. He taught
school one term, and then engaged in farming, which has been his principal occupation,
was also agent for Lester Bros., selling phosphate and sold first of that brand in the
town. He owns 229 acres in Walworth and follows general farming and fruit raising,
last year evaporating 22,000 quarts of black caps. He was assessor. He married,
September 21, 1858, Mary J. Ten Eyck, a native of Chenango county, and daughter of
Jacob and Sarah (Duncan) Ten Eyck, natives of Dutchess county, who settled in Chenango
county, and he died in Madison county in 1882, and she in 1835. Subject and wife had
seven children: Florence, Luella, Edith, who died aged eighteen; Jennie, Marcus A.,
Willis J., and Edward E. Mr. Main is also engaged in evaporating apples and does an
extensive business. He is one of the wealthiest men of the town. •

Mestler, Nicholas A., was born in Alsace, Germany, March 14, 1857, and in 1870
came to the town of Lyons. He was educated in Germany and at the Lyons High
School, after which he taught school eleven years. At the age of twenty-five he mar-
ried Rosa Kriess, and they have three children : Grover, Bertha and Florence. In 1890
he established his present business, and is now carrying one of the largest and best
selected stocks of general merchandise in Lock Berlin and its vicinity, keeping a wagon
for distribution. Our subject is recognized as one of the self-made men of the town of
Galen, buying and handling a large part of the produce of his town.

Mason, D., was born April 6, 1849, and is the only son of Charles and Iantha Mason,
mentioned elsewhere in this book. He was educated at the Sodus Academy, and en-
gaged in farming and coopering, and makes 5,000 barrels yearly. He also owns ninety
acres of land and follows general farming, He is a Democrat. In 1880 he married
Lillian Kelsey, and they have two children, Charles J., and Elsie. Mrs. Mason died in
1885, and Mr. Mason married Mary Roby in 1889, and they had one daughter, Jessie,
who died in April, 1893.

Lawrence, Walter, was born in New Jersey, November 21, 1825. Walter Lawrence,
his father, was a native of New Jersey, coming to New York State at an early age. He
settled at Farmington, Ontario county, and from there came to Macedon, where he
worked at the carpenter's trade and then engaged in farming. He married Susan
Johnson, of New Jersey, and they were the parents of nine children, Walter being the
sixth child. Walter Lawrence, jr., is a farmer, having been engaged in farming all his
life, and at present owns a farm of 89 acres of fine land. He married Phebe F. Fritts
of Onondaga county, and to them nine children were born. In politics he is a Re-

Lane, John D., was born in Canada, May 22, 1805. His father, Thomas Lane, was a
native of Charleston, N. Y., but moved to Canada during the time of the late war, re-
turning to Victor in this State at the close of the war. He married Luthelia Dickson,
and they were the parents of ten childreu, John D. being the seventh child. John D.
Lane is now eighty-nine years old. He has always followed farming as an occupation,
and now owns a farm of 253 acres, which is worked by his son. He married Hannah
Hodes, and to them thirteen children were born. Mr. Lane has always been a Democrat.

Knowles, George H., was born in Lyons July, 1836. His father, John, came from
Newburg to Lyons in 1811, and then moved to Butler and was a farmer. George W.
was educated in the Lyons Union School, to which he has added through life by read-
ing and close observation. After leaving school he entered the employ of his


brother in the drygoods business, then succeeded his brother, continuing the business
four years. He established the produce and forwarding business in 1860, and in which
he is still engaged. Mr. Knowles is a Democrat, and in 1874 was president of the'vil-
lage, also was appointed sheriff of his county in 1890 to succeed Charles Reed deceased.
Subject is one of the largest buyers and shippers of produce in the town, where he is
identified in advancing its best interests and the leading events of the day, and is recog-
nized as a man of sterling worth and character.

Keller, Dwight, was born in Newark September 5, 1835. His father, Jacob, came
from Columbia county when he was a boy about 1810 to Newark, learning the hatter's
trade. He continued the business for some years, and then purchased a farm. Dwight
was educated in the schools of Newark, and at the age of twenty-five married Sarah C,
daughter of Reuben Richmond. In 1866 he bought the Daniel Cole property of sixty
acres, in 1867 bought part of the Richmond estate, also part of the Allen estate, having
140 acres and raising grain, fruit, hay and stock. Our subject is one of the substantial
farmers of his town, taking an active interest in educational and religious matters.

Kellogg, Ethan B., is one of Huron's representatives, born in Butler, Wayne county,
in October, 1841, son of Charles B. Kellogg. His wife was Marietta McKoon, born in
July, 1819, daughter of Rev. William and Lucy Ann (Cole) McKoon. They had four
children : William B , Ethan B., John C. and Lucy Ann, wife of J. Byron Smith, of
Wolcott. Mr. Kellogg died in 1854, and his wife in 1879. The grandfather of Mr.
Kellogg was Benjamin Kellogg. In 1862 subject enlisted in Company H, 9th N. Y.
Heavy Artillery, under Col. Joseph Willing. He was stationed at Fort Mansfield, Md.,
in defense of Washington, and in March, 1864, was discharged on account of physical
disability, from which he has never recovered. In 1883 subject moved to Huron and
purchased land near Rice's Mills, where he has since resided. He was appointed town
clerk in 1889, and served as collector one term in the town of Wolcott. In January,
1869, he married Harriet, daughter of Jonathan C, and Levinne H. (Doolittle) Rice, and
they have had these children : Charles J., born December 25, 1873, and Yinnie Mae,
born October 17, 1876. Subject is a member of the G-. A. R., Keeslar Post, No. 55, of
Wolcott, also a member of the A. 0. TJ. W. Charles J., his son, married November 4,
1893, Ada C. Lock wood, of the town of Butler, and they reside with subject of sketch.

Kellogg, Henry', was born in Galen July 20, 1847. His father, Ethan B. was a
native of Franklin county, Mass., born October 24, 1808, a son of Benjamin, who came

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