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father. He married Ellen, daughter of Calvin Winchell, by whom he has one child,
Seth C. ; Marilla, wife of Edgar Davis, of Central Falls, R. I. ; and Bertie R., at home.

Olmstead, John H, was born in the town of Amsterdam, Montgomery county, and
came to Phelps, Ontario county, with his parents when he was about four years of age.
His father died in Galen when subject was thirteen years old, and he was sent to Steuben


county. He afterward returned to this county, and made his home with Roderick
Price, working summers and attending district schools during the winter. April 11,
1844 he married Ruth, daughter of Samuel and Jane Lucas, of Arcadia, who was born
March 20, 1822, and has resided where she now lives sixty-five years. They have eight
children : Ruth A., Samuel L., John H., jr., Frank, Lorin R., Frances A., Adelia, and
Theodore H. Mr. Olmstead's father, Dorus, was born in Amsterdam in 1787, and mar-
ried Margaret Hendrick of his native town, by whom he had ten children : Adelia,
Abijah A., Catherine A., Phoebe, Abigail, Margaret, Marian John Id., as above, Peter
and Charles. He died in 1832 and his wife October 17, 1848. Mrs. Olmstead's father,
Samuel Lucas, was born in Middletown, Conn., in 1790, and married Jane Gardiner, of
Rhode Island. They came to Western New York in 1812, and had four children : Alma,
Miranda, Angehne and Ruth. He died in 1860 and his wife in 1824.

Ostrander, Melvin, was born in Phelps, Ontario county January 19, 1825, and came
to this homestead with his parents in his tenth year. He was educated in the common
schools and has always followed farming. November 20, 1855, he married Emma G-.
Harrington, of Arcadia, formerly of Junius, Seneca county, and they have had three
sons : William H., born December 10, 1860, who is a farmer at home; Dorman D., born
June 1, 1864, and is now a nursery salesman for C. W. Stuart & Co. He married Mary
ONeil, of East Palmyra and they have one son, Claire J., born June 14, 1888, and
Clarence M., born October 15, 1869, who died in infancy. Mr. Ostrander's father,
William, was born in Columbia county in 1776. He married twice. By his first wife
he had these children : Levi, Hiram, Mary, Robert L., Silas, Anna, Harmon, Eliza,
William, Phoebe, Marvin and Melvin as above. Mrs. Ostrander died when her youngest
son was less than three years old, and he married second Mrs. Mary Turbush, of Phelps,
and they had one daughter, Harriet. He died in September, 1855. Mrs. Ostrander's
father, Isaac Harrington, was born in Otsego county March 3, 1793, and married Melinda
Waterman. They had fourteen children. Mr. Harrington was a soldier in the War of
1812. He died in September, 1856, and his wife in 1867. Mr. Ostrander has resided
on this homestead sixty years.

Nellis, Peter E., was born in Arcadia August 24, 1846, educated in the Hnion School
and Academy of Newark. He has conducted a liquor store here for the past sixteen
years, and also owns a farm in the town. He has been connected with the fire depart-
ment since its organization in 1859, first as torch boy, and is now its chief engineer.
December 28, 1872, he married Caroline L., daughter of T. S. and Betsev A. Hooper of
Newark, and they have two daughters, Blanche H. and E. Viola. Mr. Nellis's father,
Azariah, was born at Fort Plain, Montgomery county April 14, 1822, and was a con-
tractor on public works. He married Margaret A. Failing, of Arcadia, by whom he had
five children : Bmogene, Peter E., Josephine, Georgiana and Margaret. He died in
1872, and his wife resides with her only son. The paternal great-grandfather was a
soldier in the French and Indian war. The ancestry of the family is Dutch and Ger-

Nicholoy, William H., was born in Arcadia on the homestead north of the village of
Newark October 23, 1844, and was educated in the Union School and Academy of
Newark. His early life was spent on the farm. In 1861 he came to Newark and
became a partner with Edward Blackmar in the clothing and dry goods business,
and was also with E. B. Marian one year in a general store. In 1871 he formed a
co-partnership with S. B. Van Duser under the firm name of Nicholoy & Van Duser,
selling dry goods, carpets, and custom clothing, and was subsequently changed to
Nicholoy & Co., which continued till April 14, 1892. February 14, 1890, he was ap-
pointed postmaster of Newark under the Harrison administration. July 5, 1870, he
married Alice E. Eddy, of Taunton, Mass., and they have five children : Henry E.,
Emma B., Mary A., Ella, and William Everett. The eldest son is the assistant post-
master and his oldest daughter stamp clerk. Mr. Nicholoy is one of the elders in the


Presbyterian church, and is also president of the Enterprise Seed Company, which was
organized January 1, 1894. His father, Jacob, was born in Arcadia, three miles
north of Newark, January 14, 18.19. January 21, 1842, he married Harriet B. Van
Tassal, formerly of Columbia county, and they have thirteen children: William H.,
Julia A.. Catherine A., Harriet D., Esbon T., Alice E., Frances A., Mary L., Jacob H.,
Lillie A., George Mellan, Jennie V., and Sarah E. The ancestry of the family is Dutch,
German and English.

Norris Family, The. — The pioneer of this family in Wayne county was Job Baldwin
Norris, who came to Sodus in 1816, and took up a farm. He was a native of New
Jersey, and was a son of John Norris, a pioneer in that State, and a soldier in the
Continental Army. John married Susan Baldwin, and settled in Mayence, Cayuga
county, and later in Wayne. Job married Pamelia Foster, by whom he had four chil-
dren : Rufus F., Mary. Samuel H., and Frances. Samuel settled on the homestead, and
though he has taken an active interest in all local affairs, has never cared for office. His
first wife was Diantha Bennett, and his second, Arvilla D. Shirtz, by whom he has
one son, William R., who lives near his father, engaged in farming and fruit evaporat-
ing. Rufus F. Norris settled on a farm in the south part of the village of Sodus and
became one of the leading men of the town. He was largely instrumental in the build-
ing of the Sodus Point and Southern Railroad, of which he was vice-president and
director for several years, and also one of the commissioners of the Lake Ontario Shore
Railroad. He married Louise Kingsley, by whom he had these children : Ellen, Elliott
B., Kingsley F., and Louise. Elliott B. Norris was born in Sodus June 25, 1845, and
with the exception of the years 1867-68, when he was engaged in the mercantile trade
at Greenville, Pa., has always lived there, being one of the largest farmers of the town,
as well as one of its most progressive and enterprising business men. He is engaged
in the buying and shipping of live stock, and was for several years engaged in the pro-
duce business at Sodus. Since 1874 he has followed fruit evaporating. He is a
prominent and active Democract, and in 1885 was candidate for member of Assembly.
In 1890 he was again nominated, and elected. Mr. Norris was the author and intro-
ducer of a bill making the sheriff and county clerkships salaried offices. He is a mem-
ber of the Patrons of Husbandry and a charter member of Sodus Grange No. 73, of
which he has been master many years. He is also chairman of the Legislative Com-
mittee of the State Grange. In 1868 he married Georgianna Chipman, of Wolcott,
and their children are: Mabel I., Floy E., Amy L., Louise E., and Mark Elliott. Will-
iam R. Norris was born September 16, 1855, in the town of Sodus, son of Samuel H.
Norris. He has always followed farming, takes an active part in politics, and has been
candidate for supervisor. He married, in 1881, Carrie E. Synder, of Sodus.

Morse, Rollin E., was born in Newark May 8, 1842, educated in the Academy, and
began as clerk in his father's store in 1857. In 1860 he became a merchant tailor and a
dealer in men's furnishing goods until January, 1890, when he bought the Kenyon drug
store, and has since done a successful drug and stationery business. October 16, 1860,
he married Emma C, daughter of Dr. Lewis Hernck, of Albany, and they have had
two children : Louis H. and Nellie, who died aged seven years. Horace H., father of
our subject, was born in 1817, and began business as a merchant in Port Gibson, com-
ing to Newark in 1836, where he engaged in the grocery, and later in the dry goods
business. He married Mary Vanderhoof, of Plainsville, Ontario county, and they had
one son, Rollin E. Horace H. died June 6, 1887, and his wife In 1884. The ancestry
of the family is English and Dutch. Mrs. Morse's father, Dr. Herrick, was born in
Maiden, N.Y., in 1816, and was a noted physician of his day. His sugar coated pills,
and Dr. Hemck's plasters, have a world-wide reputation. His wife was Emma Potter,
a relative of Bishop Potter, and they had four children: Helen E., Emma C, Richard
P., and Robert L. Dr. Herrick died in 1878, and his wife in 1888. Mr. Morse is a
member of Newark Lodsje No. 83, F. & A. M., and of the I 0.0. F. No. 250.


Miller, Mrs. Mary L. — Her father, John Flyn, was born in Waterford, Ireland, in
1822, was a farmer by occupation, and married Mary Powers, of his native place, and
came to the United States in 1849, first locating at Auburn, N. Y., afterwards at
Newark, where they made their permanent home. They had thirteen children, nine of
whom survive: Michael, who resides in Newark ; Mary L. ; Thomas is a resident of
Canada; John resides in Newark; William is a resident of Canada; Nellie, now Mrs.
William Tusk ; Anna, Catherine, and James. Mary L. married William M. Miller, of
Camden, Oneida county, N. Y., and they have two children : William A., and Rose E.
The son was educated at Eastman's Commercial College, Poughkeepsie ; the daughter is
being educated in the academy. The son works in the factory of the Wayne County
Preserving Company, of which Mrs. Miller is superintendent. In 1886 she organized and
started the Lake Port Preserving Company in Canada, and superintended it two years,
then returned here and has b^en superintendent the past five years. Mrs. Miller's
efficiency commands good pay. In Canada she received one hundred dollars per month
and board for herself and two children. Her father died in 1886, aged sixty-four
years, her mother still survives. Mrs. Miller is a devoted Catholic, and is interested in
the welfare and prosperity of her church.

Mills, Dr. William R., was born in the town of Arcadia, July 20, 1861. When six
years old his parents moved to Washington, D. C, where they remained three years and
then returned to Lyons. Here he was educated in the Union School and academy, and
then entered the West Winfield Academy, where he graduated in 1879. He taught
school in various places for seven years and then began the study of dentistry with Dr.
Forrester of Lyons. He afterward went to Philadelphia and attended the dental college
in that city, from which he graduated in 1889, and then began a successful practice in
Newark. Dr. Mills' father. Gustavus Mills, was born in the town of Columbia, Herkimer
county, in 1817. He was reared on a farm and educated in the schools of his day. In
1861 he became a sutler in the 17th Inf., N. Y. Vols. ; was captured and spent six months
in Libby prison, and after this was in the paymaster's department at Washington for
three years, then became a commercial traveler. In 1840 he married Nancy Petrie, of
his native county. Eight children were born to them, two dying in infancy and six
still living: Emma, Marsh, Mason, Lizzie, John, and William, as above noted. Mr.
Mills died in 1891, and his wife now resides with her son, Dr. William Mills. The
ancestors of both the paternal and maternal sides served in the Revolutionary war and
in the war of 1812.

Miehl, Philip, was born in Alsace, France, in 1834. His father was Jacob Miehl.
Philip came to America in 1853 and settled in Rome, N. Y., where he remained until
1862, then went to Rochester, and in 1864 settled in the town of Sodus, south of the
village. He is a cooper by trade, which business he conducted until 1889, then pur-
chased a farm wh ; ch he has since operated. From 1880 to 1889 he was commissioner
of highways for the town of Sodus. He is a member of the Grange at Sodus, and of
the Presbyterian church at Joy. He married first, Thorita Hennager, by whom he had
two sons and a daughter. Christopher, the older son, settled in Williamson, and is a
wagonmaker ; Philip is a blacksmith at Alloway ; and Mary married William J.
Cheatham, of Joy. Mr. Miehl married second, Mary A. Yight, and they had one
daughter, Catherine, wife of James Robertson, of Rochester. For his third wife he
married Sarah F. White.

Miller, E. Alvin, was born in Saxony, Germanv, November 26, 1356, where he re-
ceived his education and learned the trade of florist and nurseryman, receiving several
diplomas as a reward for his efficiency. He came to the United States June L, 1876,
locating in Rochester, and entered the employ of Elwanger & Barry, where he remained
seven years. September 21, 1882, he married Catherine M. Roth, of Rochester, formerly
of Germany, and they have one son, W. Henry, born June 9, 1883. The family came


to Newark in 1884, Mr. Miller entering the employ of Jackson, Perkins & Company as
foreman of their extensive nurseries. Mr. Miller's father, William, was born at the old
home in Germany, and married Sophia Hotsuth, of his native country, by whom he had
six children, four of whom survive: E. Alvin, as above ; Bertha, Anna, and Minnie, all
reside at the old home. Mrs. Miller's father, Henrv Roth, was born in Hesse, Germany,
in 1827. He married twice, first, Ann Smith, by whom he had one son, Adam H. Mrs.
Roth d<'ed, and he married second, Catherine M. Seibert, and they had two children :
Elizabeth, and Catherine M., as above. The family came to the United States, locating
in Rochester, where they have earned a competency. Mr. Miller is a member of the
A. O. U. W., No. 116.

McDermott, John B., was born in Newark, August 4, 1864, was educated in the
Union School and Academy, and at the age of sixteen was employed in the American
Express office at the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. station, and on the removal of the office to
the village, February 1, 1883, he was given charge of the same, which includes the
National Express. Since March 1, 1891, he has also been manager of the Western
Union Telegraph office at this point. His father, Thomas, was born in Ireland, in 1836,
came to America when a boy, and married Nora McCarty, of Macedon, Wayne county.
Their three children were : John B., as above ; Michael J., and Sarah A. Thomas is
section foreman on the N. Y. C. & H. R. R R The family are members of St.
Michael's Church at Newark, our subject being also a member of the Benevolent Legion.
He has served as town clerk three years, and is now serving three years' term as village

Miller, the late William R., was born in Kinderhook, N. Y., in 1823, was educated in
the district schools, and followed farming. November 20, 1849, he married Almira
Pultz, of his native town, by whom he had two children : Amasa L., who married Ruth
Frisbie ; and Charles W., who married Lillie M. Gosline of this town, and has one
daughter, Nellie H. The family moved here in 1872. Mr. Miller died October 17,
1889. William M. Pultz, father of Mrs. Miller, was born in Columbia county in 1806,
and married first, Margaret Pultz, by whom he had three children, Almira, Charles and
Mary. Mrs. Pultz died in 1848, and he married second, Julia A. Cookingham of his
native place. He died January 23, 1878, and his widow resides with Mrs. Miller, aged
eighty-five. Mary Yanderbilt, a sister of Mrs, Miller, died April 20, 1871. Mr. Pultz
and his second wife came to this county to reside in 1871.

Moody, Charles R., was born in Williamson in 1817, and is a son of Col. Cephus
Moody, who came from Amherst, Mass., in 1810, and settled in Williamson, Wayne
county. Taking up a tract of land he engaged in farming. He was a carpenter by
trade and for many years carried on an extensive business in that line in Williamson
and surrounding towns. He was a stirring business man, for a time kept tavern at
Williamson, and was a partner in a mail route from Rochester to Oswego. He took
an active part in political affairs, being deputy sheriff for several years and poormaster
fifteen years. He was active in military affairs, served in the War of 1812, afterward a
member of the State militia, and for several years was colonel of the 242d N. Y. Regi-
ment. Colonel Mood} 7 was twice married, first to Jane Nash and they had two chil-
dren, both of whom died in infancy ; and for his second wife he married Sally E. Por-
ter and their children were Charles P., Sidney C, Arvilla S., Eleanor L. and Albert J.
Colonel Moody died in 1879. Charles C. settled in Williamson and engaged in farming,
and in 1866 settled in Sodus, west of the village where he has since resided. He has
been a buyer and shipper of live stock, and has been active in political affairs, having
been deputy sheriff se\eral years, and has held various other political offices. He was a
member of the 242d N. Y. State militia several years, and was lieutenant colonel at the
time of its disbandment. He is a member of the Sodus Presbyterian Church, is a
member of the I. O. O. F., and R. S. of T He married in 1850 Carolme De Kroeft,
and they had these children : William D., Byron E., Josephine and David C. (deceased).


Mrs. Moody died December 6, 1877, and February 18, 1879, he married Frances E.
Brown. Byron E. settled in Sodus and is a farmer. He married Jennie Corts. Will-
iam D. settled in Canada and engaged in the live stock and produce business. In 1890
he returned to Sodus and resides on the homestead. He married Hattie Hadberson.

Miller, Samuel B., was born in Canandaigua October 23, 1826, and came to this
homestead with his parents in 1827. He was educated in the common schools and has
always followed farming, until he retired in 1888. January 2, 1856, he married Sarah
A. Hoffman of this town. Mr. Miller has been assessor of the town six'years. Mr.
Miller's father, James, was born in Pittstown, Rensselaer county, in 1790, and went to
Cayuga county when a young man. He married Eliza Benson, of Owasco Cayuga
county, and they had ten children, Susan, Cordelia, Edwin, Caroline M., Augusta,
Samuel B., as above, Sarah, Sophronia J., Horton and Eliza. Mrs. Miller's father,
William Hoffman, was born March 24, 1804, and married Harriet Krum of his native
place. They had four children, Margaret, Sarah A., Ambrose and Franklin. The
family came to this town in 1837. Mr. Hoffrmn died July 15, 1893, and his wife in
1881. Mr. Miller's father, James, was represented in the War of 1812. His brother,
J. Horton, was a lieutenant in the late war in Company A, 150th Inf. N. Y. State
Yols., and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.

Mason, William H., was born July 3, 1831, in Marion, Wayne county. Jesse Mason,
his father, was born at Cheshire, Mass., April 26, 1787, a son of David. The Mason
family are descended from Scotch ancestry, came to America in an early day and settled
in Massachusetts. Jesse Mason came to Marion about 1810 with his father and engaged
in farming. He was supervisor of Marion one term and in 1823 was elected to the
General Assembly, and held many minor offices. He studied law and although never
regularly admitted to the bar enjoyed an extensive and successful practice. He was
one of the organizers of the Christian Church of Marion and an active member of the
same. He removed to Sodus in 1832 and several years later settled east of that vil-
lage on the State road, purchasing a farm there, on w_:ich he spent the remainder of his
life. He died September 12, 1847. He married Patience Skinner November 12, 1809,
at Pownal, Yt., and they had eighteen children: Lyman H., who d ; ed in infancy; Ann
S., Jane, who died in childhood ; Caroline, Lyman H., who died in childhood ; Edwin.
David J., John, who died in childhood; Mary A., Arvilla, who died in infancy; Lois
L., Jesse, who died in childhood ; Carleton H., Harriet J., Marcia Y., Alfred J., Ptollin
D. and William H. Oar subject in early life was a sailor for several years, then en-
gaged in farming, and is one of the extensive and prosperous farmers of Sodus. Dur-
ing the building of the Sodus Point and Southern railroad he was a contractor on the
same. He is a prominent member of the Sodus Point M. E. Church. He married in
1854 Cornelia, danghter of James Sergeant, who died in 1892, leaving one daughter,
Allie, Mrs. Clarence Button of Sodus.

Miller, Frederick O, was born in Mecklinburg, Scherwin, Germany, October 10, 1843,
and came to the United .States when he was twenty-one, locating in Lyons. He is a
farmer and milk dealer. March 26, 1867, he married Sophia Merke, of Lyons, formerly
of his native place, and they have three children : Charles, wno married Julia Feicock
of this town ; James, who is a farmer with his father and Ella L., who resides at home.
Mr. Miller's father, Christian, was born at the old home July 2, 1805. He married
Dora Corman of Germany, and they had seven children": Louise, Mary, Louis, Jennie,
William, Frederick C. as noted, and Charles. Mr. Miller died in 1873, and his wife in
1862. Mrs. F. C. Miller's father, Louis Merke, was born in Mechlinburg, Scherwin,
Germany, June 25, 1824. He married M'nnie Helwie of his native place, and they
had eight children : Sophia, Louise, John, William, Henry, Charles, Eliza and Lois. Mr.
Merke died January 6, 1888. The family came to the United States in 1862, locating in


Marble Bros. — John W. was born in the town of Arcadia in Marbletown November
28, 1842, was educated in the common schools, and has always followed farming. De-
cember 25, 1874, he married Mary E. Robison of Huntsburg, Ohio, and they have one
son, Ray W., born April 14, 1879, who is a student in the Union School and Academy at
Newark. His brother, Warren F., was born at the old homestead December 5, 1848,
was also educated in the common schools, and is a farmer with his brother, John W.
December 1G, 1874, he married Josette Moss of Huntsburg, Ohio, and they have one
son, George B., born July 2, 1879, who is a student in the same institution. Our sub
ject's father, James, was born in Marbletown, July 29, 1819, was educated in the schools
of his day and was a farmer. He married Lorinda Dusenbergof Phelps, Ontario county,
and their children were : John W., as noted ; Elizabeth and Warren F. Mr. Marble died
April 21, 1891, and Irs wife September 29, 1887. Mrs. John W. Marble's father, Har-
vey II. Robison, was born in 1792, the first white child born in the town of Phelps.
He married twice, for his c econd wife Emily Durham, by whom he had three childien :
James, Harry, who died in infancy, and Mary E , who died in Livingston county He
died in 1854, and his wife in 1858. Mrs. Warren F. Marble's father, William C. Moss,
was born in Burton, Geauga county, Ohio, in 1808. He married Maria J. Robison of
Phelps, and they had seven children : Charles, Elizabeth, Ford, Josette as noted, Mar-
vin, Almira and Jessie M. He died in 1870, and his wife survives him.

Langdon, Thomas, was born in Phelps, Ontario county, December 5, 1836, was edu-
cated in the district schools, and at the age of eighteen came to Newark and became a
clerk for James Bennett. In 1859 his father's family came to the New York Central
Station, where they kept the Langdon Hotel, until the death of the father in 1875, when
o ir subject took the management entirely. February 21, 1866, he married Ruth A.
Wilber of this town, and they have had three children : a son who died in infancy ;
Mary E. and Caroline. March 11, 1885, Mary E. married B. J. Palmer, of Palmyra,
and they have four children : Bennie L., Earl, Carolyn R. and Charles W. December 5,
1888, Caro'ine married Chauncey I. McCoy, of Newark. She died January 11, 1892.
Mr. Langdon's father. Eben D., was born at Fort Ann, Washington county, December 8,
1803. He married, first, Eleanor Haight, by whom he had one son, Henry. He mar-
ried, second, Mrs. Hannah Brown, born November 18, 1802, and they had two children :
Thomas, and Anna M., who married Benjamin F. Bennett of this town. Eben D. died
March 20, 1875, and his wife April 12, 1876. Thomas is a member of Newark Lodge
No. 83, F. & A. M. and Newark Chapter No. 117, R. A. M., Palmyra Council No. 26,
R. & S. M., Zenobia Commandery No. 41, K. T., of Palmyra.

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