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Artemus D., William H., as above noted noted ; and Armeda L. Mr. Hyde was super-
visor of the town in 1864-65. He died January 5, 1892. Mr. Hyde's grandfather,
Henry W., was born in Vermont June 29, 1774. He was a pioneer settler and physi-
cian of this town. Mrs. William H. Hyde's father, George W. Jackson, was born in
Lyons August 11, 1832. He was educated in the common schools and Starkey Semin-
ary. He was a farmer by occupation. October 27, 1857, he married Elizabeth Agett,
of Lyons, by whom he had two daughters and one son: Mary E., Bertha J., and James
A. Mr. Jackson died July 6, 1884. His father, Cyrus, came to Lyons in 1811 on
horseback. He was then a young physician, and made several trips back and forth to
New York city for medicine on horseback. It was said by the Fox sisters that Artemus
W. Hyde was a firm believer in spiritualism. The family wishes this to be emphatically
denied, it being a pure fabrication on their part.

Hill, Gilbert and Noadiah, came from Columbia county in 1845, and settled about two
miles southwest of Sodus village. They were sons of Caleb Hill, whose father Caleb
Hill, sr., came from England and settled in Vermont. Noadiah Hill was supervisor of
the town one term, and took an active part in political affairs. In 1867 he returned to
Columbia county, where he died. Gilbert Hill died in Sodus in 1889. He married
Sylvia Smith, of Columbia county, and their children were: Eunice (Mrs. T. H. Hath-
away) ; John C, Noadiah M., and Henry, all of Sodus. Noadiah M. settled on the
homestead and is a farmer. He married Eva L. Pulver. John C. Hill is a thrifty and
enterprising farmer. He has held the office of collector of the town, is a member of
Sodus Lodge No. 392, F. & A. M., and of Wayne Chapter ; and is also a member of
Sodus Grange and the Presbyterian church of Sodus. He married Lydia M. Brayton,
and they have one son Gilbert.

Hoeltzel, George, was born in Alsace, France (now Germany), December 30, 1836,


and came to the United States with his parents in 1840. They located in Lyons. Wayne
county. He was educated in the district schools, and is a farmer. June 27, 1867, he
married Lena Schwab, of Arcadia, and they have three children : Albert G-., Emma M.,
and Minnie R. August 12, 1862, he enlisted in Company D, 9th Heavy Artillery, and
was in the following engagements : Cold Harbor, Monocacy Junction, Winchester,
Cedar Creek, and others, and was honorably discharged May 3, 1865. Mr. Hoeltzel's

father, Michael, was born at the old home in Alsace in 1794, and married Dorathy ,

of his native place. They had seven children : Dorathy, Elizabeth, Michael. Frederick,
Sally, Henry, and George, of whom Michael, Dorathy, Elizabeth, and Henry are
deceased. Mrs. Hoeltzel's father, George Schwab, was born in Alsace, May 14, 1814,
and came to the Unites States with his parents when sixteen years old, locating in this

town. He married Magdalene , also of this town, by whom he had five children:

Elizabeth, Philip, Lena, Barbara, and George. Mrs. Schwab died January 9, 1854, and
her husband June 4, 1884.

Hart, Samuel C, was born in Coonsville, Ontario county, February 29, 1814, son of
Thomas R. and Lorinda (Granger) Hart, he a native of Rhode Island, born January 21,
1786, and she of Connecticut, born March 4, 1788. The grandfather of subject was
William Hart, who lived in Rhode Island most of his life, and died in Manchester,
Ontario county. The maternal grandfather was Jacob G ranger, a native of Connecticut,
and an early settler of Galen, where he died. Mr. Granger and wife had four daughters
and two sons. The father of subject came to Ontario when a young man, and finally
went to Seneca county where he died July 15, 1860, and his wife June 8. 1823. He
married three times. His second wife was Amelia Eddy, who died March 23, 1841.
His third wife was Nancy Lemunion, who died in Watertown in 1892. Subject has
been a farmer and has also followed various occupations. He came to Rose in 1841
on the farm he traded to William Dodd for ninety-six acres one and one-half miles
southwest of Rose Valley, and has lived where he now resides thirty-eight years. He
owns 138 acres in Rose and an interest in a small place in Junius, Ontario county. He
married in 1836 Ann Witherel, a native of Vermont and daughter of Abel Witherel,
who lived in Vermont, but died in New York, and the wife of subject was reared by
Ira Lathrup, of Rose. They have five children : Mary J., who died in 1864, the wife of
George Knox, by whom she had one child, Lillie, deceased ; Ira L., who married
Cornelia Cushman, by whom he had six children : Susan, deceased ; Addie, Belle, Frank,
Charles, and Bert; Ann E., wife of Daniel Seager, of Huron, both deceased; Marion,
born in 1851, who married Salina Cushman, by whom he has had nine children :
George H„ Mary A., Clinton M., Ida J., Alice E., Nettie M., John L., Rosie, Vina B. ;
and William, born July 3, 1863, educated in the common schools, and is a farmer.

Horton, William 0., a native of Vermont, was born March 14, 1834, son of Abraham
and Sarah (Bingham) Horton, he a native of Springfield, Mass., and she of New Hamp-
shire. He died in Vermont in 1838, and his wife in 1863. He was a soldier in the war
of 1812. Our subject was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools. He
started when a young man, came west, and at the close of the war came to Rose Valley
and engaged in shoemaking, which he has since followed. He married in 1866 Sarah
Brewer, a native of Bennington, Vt., by whom he has had five children : Mary, Willie,
Hattie, and two who died in infancy. Mr. Horton is a member of Sherman Post No.
401, G. A. R. He enlisted in 1861 in Bonton's Battery, 1st III., served a short time,
and was wounded at Shilo. He re-enlisted in Company K, Vt. Vcls., and served until
the close of the war. He was in the following battles : Shilo, Fort Donaldson, Vicks-
burg, Grand Gulf, Bolton, Champion Hill, Fort Hudson, Baton Rouge, Nashville, on
Red River expedition, and New Orleans, Mobile, and many skirmishes. He was
wounded five times. When a young man subject spent three years in California.

Hopkins, E. Horace, was born in Queensbury, Washington county, in 1820, and is a
son of Thomas, whose father, James, came to Sodus about 1822, and purchasing a farm


in the south part of the town, became a prosperous farmer. He was a leading member
of the Sod us Centre Baptist Church. He married Mary Bramer, and they had eleven
children : Nicholas, who served in the Avar of 1812. He settled in Michigan, where he
died ; Esther died in infancy ; Elizabeth married James McMullen ; Jeremiah died in
early manhood ; Eunice married Samuel Fuller, and settled in Michigan; John B. settled
in Washington county ; Mary and Hannah died in childhood ; Freeman settled in
Kalamazoo, Mich., where he died ; James; and Thomas, who served in the war of 1812.
He settled first in the south part of the town, and the following year purchased a farm
near the Point. Three years later he settled on the south line of the town, purchasing
a farm, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a successful and prosperous
farmer, and was a prominent member of the Sodus Centre Baptist Church, of which he
was deacon many years. He married Samantha Fuller, and they had ten children :
Emily, Mary, E Horace, Betsey J. Clark, Amanda, Thomas, Daniel, Samantha, and
Alonzo. E. Horace Hopkins, with the exception of a residence of ten years in Lyons,
has always lived in Sodus, and has always followed farming. He is a member of Sodus
Grange and the Sodus Centre Baptist Church. He married Emeline, daughter of Gaius
Granger, of Sodus, by whom he had three children: Marion, who died in childhood;
Catherine (Mrs. George Negus, of Sodus) ; and Emily (Mrs. Albert Harris, of Sodus).

Hanby, James E., was born in Sodus October 31, 1853, and is a son of Charles, jr.,
born September 19, 1809, whose father, Charles, sr., came from London,' England, in
1832 and settled in the east part of Sodus, purchasing a tract of land. Charles Hanby,
sr., died in 1849. His children were: Joseph, Elizabeth, Charles, Thomas, Peter, James
and Henry. The father of subject settled in Sodus and was one of its enterprising and
prosperous farmers. He married twice, first, Harriet Jackson, and their children were :
Ann, Charles J., and Harriet P. His second wife was Catherine Gates, and their chil-
dren were : Joseph G., Mary L., Catherine E., Lewis B.. James E., Hannah and Esther
J. Mr. Hanby died June 22, 1887. James E. Hanby settled in Sodus on the old home-
stead, and is one of the enterprising and prosperous farmers of the town. He is also
a dealer in agricultural implements, and is a member of Sodus Lodge No. 392, F. & A.
M., and Sodus Grange. He married, in 1893, Carrie 0., daughter of James Van Slyck,
of Sodus.

Hulett, William J., came from Onondaga county in 1837 and settled in the west part
of Sodus, north of the Ridge road. He was a farmer and for several years a sailor.
He married Mary A., daughter of Henry Mumford, and their children are : Louise (Mrs.
C. C. Fields, of Sodus), and Charles H. He was for a number of years a sailor on the
lakes, and since 1877 has been engaged in farming. December 23, 1877, he married
Mary A. Felker, of Sodus, and they had one son, Leslie J.

Hartnagel, Leonard, was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, July 14, 1832, was edu-
cated in their excellent schools, and came to the United States in 1851, at the age of
nineteen, first locating in Lyons. March 10, 1859, he married Margaret Zimmerle, of
Lyons, and they have three children: J. George, who is a resident of Rochester; C.
Edward and L. Ella, who reside at home. Mr. Hartnagel's father, George, was born
at the old home. He married Margaret Hanner, and they have five children. Both of
his parents are now deceased. Mrs. Hartnagel's father, Jacob Zimmerle, was born in

Switzerland, and married Sadie , by whom he had six children. He died when

Mrs. Hartnagel was three years old, and her mother died in 1875.

Horn, John P., was born in Sodus in 1850 and is a son of Conrad Horn, who came
from Germany about 1835 and settled at Lyons, and in 1838 settled in the southeast
part of Sodus, where he purchased a farm and engaged in farming. He also engaged
in the manufacture of lime, and died in 1883. He married Dorathea Lang and their
children were : Henry, who settled in Galen, and is a farmer ; he married Eliza
Benning ; Caroline, who married George Hopp, and, for her second husband, Eli White ;


Barbara, who married George Richards, of Newark ; Lena, who married Michael Brier,
of Fairville; Emma, who married Theodore Pultz, of Sodus; Eliza, who is unmarried :
Jennie, who married John Rogers, of Arcadia; William, who married Fannie Burcroff,
settled in Sodas and is a lime manufacturer; Edward, who is a farmer on the old
homestead ; and John P., our subject, who is a farmer and resides in Sodus. He is a
member of the Sodus Grange and married Hannah Hanby.

Grant, Willis, is one of fourteen children of James and Nancy Grant, of Butler. He
enlisted in the 9th Heavy Artillery and suffered amputation of the right leg at Cedar
Creek, as the result of a rifle ball wound. His reminiscences of those " times that
tried men's souls " and when his own life was despaired of, are characterized by unusual
modesty. James Grant gave his sympathetic and material assistance toward the
abolition of slavery, and his house was a Mecca for the fugitive. January 14, 1851,
being then twenty-two years of age, Willis married Mary M., daughter of Drayton
Phelps, of Butler, and they have eight children : Horace, Emma, Charles, Bertha, Orena,
Drayton, Nathan, and Arthur. An elder daughter, Nancy, died when three years of
age in 1854.

Gilbert, William, born in Sodus August 12, 1834, is the oldest son of five children of
Roswell and Harriet (Crandall) Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert came to Williamson with his
parents when five years of age and died in Sodus in February, 1893, aged eighty-five.
His wife died April 30, 1889, aged seventy-nine. Subject was reared on a farm, edu-
cated in the common schools, and has alsvays followed farming. He is a member of
the P. of H. of Marion, and he and wife are members of the Christian church, of
which he has been deacon four years. He married, in 1857, Helen S., daughter of
Simon and Caroline Adams, of Marion, where he died in 1854, and she in 1885.

Gridley, Edward, was born in Sullivan county, N. Y., December 9, 1837. His father,
Charles Gridley, was a native of Schoharie county, and came to Wayne county in 1875.
He died in 1878, aged seventy-seven. Edward Gridley was educated at Saratoga in
the common schools. In 1862 he enlisted in Company H, 9th Heavy Artillery, U. S.
Volunteers, and was wounded in the left shoulder in the battle of Cold Harbor June 1,
1864, and for a number of months was not expected to live. He was honorably dis-
charged February 11, 1865, returned to Clyde and married in the fall of the same year
Betsey M., daughter of John Braden, by whom he has one daughter, Mrs. Mary L.
Flynn. Our subject was elected collector in 1865, and takes an intelligent interest in
educational and religious matters.

Graham, E. P., second son of Henry and Eliza (Ross) Graham, late of Rose, was born
September 7, 1848. Henry Graham, a pioneer settler of Rose, a prominent Democrat,
finding in farming and horticulture his principal occupation, died in October, 1878, aged
seventy-six. Elmer was educated at Clyde and Canandaigua Academy, and in 1878
acquired by purchase a farm of 200 acres in Butler, devoted chiefly to small fruits and
dairy products, and embellished with handsome buildings. In 1876 he married Nettie,
daughter of Lewis Beach of Varick, Seneca county.

Gautz, Philip, was born in Galen October 11, 1839. His father, Philip, was a native
of Reichwiller, Germany, and came to the United States in 1830 with the grandfather,
Beldazar Gautz, coming to Wayne county by canal boat. He then went to Lyons, and
from there to the town of Galen, where his descendants all reside. He had four chil-
dren : George, Philip, Fred and Eva, who died, aged fourteen. Philip Gautz, jr., laid
the foundation of his education in the common schools, to which he has added through
life by reading and close observation. At the age of twenty-two he married Magda-
lena Shuler, daughter of George Shuler, and they have two sons: Philip Edward, who
died at twenty-seven years of age, the result of an accidental discharge of a gun. He
married Lizzie, daughter of Lewis Streeter, and they had one daughter, Edna Philopene.


The younger son, Milton F., is still with his parents. In 1863 he bought the John
Wells property, also the Adam Learn property, the David Closs property and the Philip
Wells property, having 500 acres of land and raising large quantities of mint, fruit, hay,
grain and stock, making a specialty of milk dairying, producing 300 quarts per day.
Our subject is one of the largest farmers in Wayne county.

Gridley, William H., of Macedon. was born in Sullivan county July 29, 1853.
Charles, his father, was a native of this State, and married Mary M. Skinner of Sullivan
county, by whom he had these children : William H., Edward, Louisa M., Lewis, who
died, aged four years, and Charles. He was a farmer and a dealer in lumber. After
the death of his first wife he married Mary Ricard of Saratoga county, by whom he
had two children : Lewis, deceased, and George, now of Saratoga Springs. The mother
of our subject was of Revolutionary ancestry, her grandfather having been a soldier in
that war, and her father in the war of 1812. One of her uncles, Israel Skinner, M.D.,
who was a man of note, wrote a history of the Revolutionary War, a copy of which is
in the possession of the family. The father of our subject was hurt in the building of
the Delaware & Hudson Canal, which caused his death. William H. came to Wayne
county over forty years ago, and began as a thresher, working by the month. He
spent about seven years in Galen, then married Phoebe, daughter of Stephen Y. Wat-
son of Galen. He then bought part of the Watson farm, and after eight years Mr.
Watson bought it back, and our subject removed to his present farm in Macedon of 180
acres. Mr. and Mrs. Gridley have these children : Emma May, Edward Watson, and
Charles Albert. Mrs. Gridley claims birthright to the Friends' Church. Our subject is
a member of the Grange.

Gage, Austin J., was born in the town of Macedon April 11, 1842. His father, Abial
D. Gage, was a native of Albany county, born December 17, 1802. He settled in this
town in 1827, buying a farm which he worked up to 1865, when his son came into pos-
session. Austin J. Gage was educated at the Macedon Academy, and was also gradu-
ated from the Eastman Commercial College of Poughkeepsie. He practiced the profes-
sion of surveying until he succeeded his father to the farm. In 1869 he married Hel-
len M. Butler of Rome, and they are the parents of three children, all at home. Mr.
Gage is a Republican and has served twelve years as commissioner, and at present is
inspector of elections.

Grimm, George F., was born in Lyons December 2, 1867. His father, Henry, was
one of the largest farmers in Lyons, having bought a residence in Lyons. His son now
carries on the farm, raising fruit, hay, grain and stock. George F. was educated in the
Lyons Union School, afterwards returned to his father's faim. At the age of twenty-
six he married Mary, daughter of Abram Tack of Sodus. Our subject is one of the in-
telligent young men of his town, taking an active interest in the leading events of the
day. Conservative and independent in character.

Gates A. H., was bora in the town of Ontario May 28, 1844. His father, William F.,
was a large farmer and prominent citizen in his town. A. H. was educated in the dis-
trict schools and at the academies of Walworth, Macedon, and Lima. In 1864 enlisted
in Co. B, 8th N. Y. Cavalry, joining his regiment in the Shenandoah Yalley, and served
under Generals Phil Sheridan and Custer, and received an honorable discharge at the
close of the war. Returning to Ontario in 1867 he was appointed deputy county clerk
and in 1872 was elected clerk of his county, and at the expiration of his term was again
appointed deputy and has served continuously from 1867 up to the present time, with
the exception of three years. Our subject is one of the best known men in town,
identified in advancing its best interests, the leading events of the day, and is recog-
nized as a man of sterling worth and integrity.

Groat, Frederick, jr., was born in Phelps, Ontario county, January 31, 1865. His
father, Frederick Groat, came from Germany. He was educated in the common schools,


to which he has added through life by reading and close observation, being a self-made
and self-educated man. In 1886 he entered the employ of Hoffman & Robinson and
learned the watch making and jeweler's business. In 1893 he established himself in
the same business, and now carries a large line of diamonds, watches, clocks, silver
ware, musical instruments and optical goods, of which he makes a specialty, having the-
most complete line of optical goods in Wayne county. At the age of twenty-seven he
married Carrie P., daughter of C. M. Hattler of Lyous. Subject is one of the active
business men of his town, identified in all the leading events of the day.

Goldsmith, David, was a native of Palmyra, born on the place now occupied by his
son, George W. Paul, grandfather of the latter, located on a farm three and a half
miles north of Palmyra, taking up 300 acres of land, and there he died. David married
Eliza Smith, who came from Trenton. George W. was the elder of two sons, his
brother Festus, dying at the age of six years. George W. was born in 1847, was reared
on his present farm, and here he has always lived, owning 110 of the original 300 acres.
In 1870 he married Mollie Mungmaster, of Palmyra, by whom he has one child, William
G. Goldsmith.

Goldsmith, Thomas, and his brother Festus, were sent from Orange county in 1792 by
their father, Thomas, to Palmyra, to improve a purchase of 1,000 acres. The following
year their father came with the rest of his family, driving forty head of cattle through.
Thomas first mentioned, came to Port Gibson in 1798, locating on a farm given him by
his father. Here he died in 1850 and his wife in 1867. Allen T. Goldsmith was born
in 1824, and has all his life followed farming, having in connection been a maltster for
the past twenty years. In 1854 he married Caroline Lakie, and they have four chil-
dren : Fred, Lizzie, Anna and Kate.

Gage, B. F., was born at Port Gibson, N. Y., Februry 21, 1853. His father, William,
born in Dutchess county, came to Wolcott in 1866, being engaged in farming. They
have five children, of whom subject is the eldest : Eliza J., Isabelle, Harriet and Der-
rick. Maria Gage now lives at Huron with the youngest son, Derrick, William Gage
having died March 1, 1888. B. F. received an academic education at Pittsford, giving
his attention to farming since 1871, at which time he came to Savannah, purchasing the
farm in 1886 on which he now resides. For the four years succeeding 1887 he served
as overseer of the poor at Savannah. November 15, 1877, he married Rebecca, daugh-
ter of Smith Williams of Savannah. Mr. Williams died July 6, 1892, his widow, Phoebe
D., daughter of Seth Crandle, surviving him. Rebecca Gage has one brother, Albert
Williams of Savannah, and two sisters, Emma and Amanda, the former wife of Henry
Severance, and the latter wife of Frank Bryant of Fayette, Seneca county. The chil-
dren of B. F. and Rebecca Gage are: Alfred M., born April 11, 1884, died October 29,
1885 ; Nellie C, born August 6, 1887, and Cora R., born January 18, 1892.

Goss, James W., of Savannah, was born in Galen, November 24, 1861, a son of James
W. Goss, also born in Galen, and for many years a grocer at Lockport. The latter died
in 1875. He married Hannah, daughter of Walter Brockway, of Savannah, where she
now resides. Our subject passed an uneventful boyhood in his native town, and Octo-
ber 1, 1881, he married Dora Y., daughter of N. C. Yought, of this town, who was
born November 2, 1861. Their children are Fred, born October 7, 1882 : Bessie, born
May 5, 1885 ; Jennie V., born July 23, 1887 ; and Nicholas, born July 29, 1889. Mr.
Goss is one of a family of six children, none now living except himself and two broth-
ers, Darwin and Frank, both of this place. Mr. Goss is one of the leading tonsorial
operators of Savannah, and has many warm friends. At the present writing he and his
wife have just returned from a sojourn in Tennessee, whither they went with the hope
of benefit to Mrs. Goss's health, and to escape our inclement winler.

Gregg, Alexander, of Savannah, was born in Ireland February 27, 1840, emigrated in


1856, and came direct to Clyde, where an elder brother was settled. He first entered
the employ of A. Field at Clyde, but after a severe illness in 1856 he went to Palmyra
and learned the cooper's trade, at which he worked for the next two years in various
places. In Ithaca Mr. Gregg made his first business venture, in the coopering line,
which in five years, by his personal attention and industry, expanded into a plant em-
ploying sixteen men. In 1863 he married Mary E. Murphy, daughter of James and
Ellen (Kelley) Murphy, of Clyde, by whom he has had these children : Robert James,
born September 18, 1864, died March 5, 1872 ; Ellen Amelia, born November 15, 1866;
Katharine Rebecca, born June 27, 1868; Minnie, born December 4, 1870, died April 19,
1872 ; Alexander George, born March 12, 1872, died in infancy; Mary Jane, born July
6, 1873; Anna, born May 29, 1875; Mark Alexander, born September 8, 1876.
Katharine R. was married February 10, 1891, Willett R. Wiles, of Savannah. In 1864
Mr. Gregg left Ithaca, selling out his factory there, and opened a grocery business in
Savannah, which he conducted until the fire in 1885, which destroyed the building and
most of the stock. In 1886 he rebuilt on the same site, a fine business block m.der a
handsome opera house, and took as partner E. L. Adams, adding dry goods and general
merchandise. He has now a large trade. Mr. Gregg is prominent in the Episcopal
Church, a Knight Templar and charter member of Lodge No. 764, and was postmaster
under Cleveland. The family occupy an elegant home on Main s'treet.

Greene, Almon C, dealer in evaporated fruits, grain and produce, is a native of Mace-

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