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13. (FOSTER'S Alumni Oxontenses.) After his resignation a Mr. Ebrey was allowed .25 by the
Trustees to assist the Head Master till Christmas.

3 Mr. Jeudwine was tenth Wrangler in 1794.

4 The name of the Rev. R. Fizell, Assistant Master, occurs in the school register under the
year 1808.

5 From the school register we learn that Mr. McEvoy was Writing and Assistant Master in
1813. No traces of any other Assistant Masters can be found until 1810.

6 Mr. Evan Griffith was in holy orders, and a member of St. John's College, Cambridge,
when Dr. Butler wrote to him, in July, 1809, arranging that he should come to Shrewsbury as an
Assistant Master in the following January (Add. MSS. Brit. Mus., 34,583). He graduated B.D.
as a " ten year man" in 1813.

7 Mr. Fitzpatrick became Writing and Assistant Master at Shrewsbury in 1814, and remained
there for seven years. He was known all the time by some fictitious name, which is not
given in the Butler papers.

8 We learn from a letter from Dr. Butler to the Trustees, dated March i8th, 1814, that up to
that time he had only had two assistants, one for the upper school and another for the lower.
Mr. C. W. Smythe appears to have been engaged as a second assistant for the upper school
in 1816.

9 In a letter to the Rev. Evan Griffith, dated Sept. 3oth, 1818, Dr. Butler mentions his resolve
to engage Mr. Field as a Temporary Master. His name occurs subsequently in a memorandum
of Mrs. Butler's, dated Dec. 2oth, 1818.

10 The Rev. Charles Smith graduated as B.A. in 1819, as M.A. in 1822, and as B.D. in 1829.
He returned: o Cambridge in 1821 as fellow and tutor of his college, and was also made Vicar of
St. Mary-the-Less, Cambridge. In 1833 he was instituted to the college living of Newton, in
Suffolk. Died July 2ist, 1891, aged 93.





Mr. Wharton 1

Thomas Sheepshanks, 2 B.A., Trinity College,

Richard Periam Thursfield, 3 B.A., St. John's
College, Cambridge.

Mr. J. Smith, 4 Writing and Assistant Master

James Harrison, 5 Scholar of Queen's College,

Frederic Iliff, 6 B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge

John Mort Wakefield, 7 B.A., St. John's College,
Cambridge .....

Frederic Hildyard, 8 B.A., Trinity College,

Edward Baines, 9 B.A., Christ's College, Cambridge

Nathan Hubbersty, 10 B.A., scholar of St. John's
College, Cambridge ....



Resigned in 1 820
on account of

Christmas, 1824.

August, 1 820

August, 1820 Christmas, 1822.

August, 1 82 1
August, 1 822




Feb., 1 826

Christmas, 1822.

Christmas, 1833.



Christmas, 1828.

Probably in

1 The identity of this master is uncertain. Probably he was John Thomas Wharton, of
Pembroke College, Cambridge, who graduated B.A. in 1817 and M.A. in 1820.

2 Mr. Sheepshanks, who was an old Salopian, and had taken his degree in January, wrote to
Dr. Butler on March 22nd, 1820, offering himself as successor to Wharton, who was about to
resign on account of illness. He was ordained while he was a Shrewsbury master.

3 Mr. Thursfield was son of the Rev. Richard Thursfield, of Pattingham, near Wolverhampton.
At Shrewsbury School, 1810-15 ' scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge ; second Bell's Scholar,
1816 ; B.A., 1819; Curate of Shrawardine, Shropshire, 1850; Rector of Sidbury, Bridgnorth,

4 Mr. J. Smith was universally known among the boys as "Piff." His form room was for
many years in a small house at the back of the Ball Courts. It was for a long time the custom
for all boys below and including the " Fourth" to go to "Piffs" room on Saturdays to say the

5 Mr. Harrison was son of the Rev. Robert Harrison, of Temple Sowerby, Westmoreland. He
matriculated at Queen's College, Oxford, on June i6th, 1814, aged 20, and was a scholar of his
college from 1815 to 1818. FOSTER.

6 Mr. Iliff graduated B.A. in 1823, M.A. in 1826, and D.D. in 1838. He was ordained soon
after going to Shrewsbury as a master.

7 Mr. Wakefield was son of John Wakefield, Esq., of Northwich, Cheshire. At Shrewsbury
School, 1816-1821 ; B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1825; M.A., 1828. Had accepted a
mastership at his old school before January i2th, 1825 (Butler Papers, 34,585). Candidate for
the second-mastership in 1847, when all the assistant masters united in a testimonial to the
electors in his favour. Left Shrewsbury in 1852, his mind having given way, and died shortly
afterwards. He was Incumbent of Little Berwick at the time of his death.

8 Mr. Frederic Hildyard was son of the Rev. William Hildyard. He graduated at Trinity
College, Cambridge, B.A. in 1825 and M.A. in 1828; fellow and tutor of Trinity Hall, 1832;
Rector of Swannington, Norfolk, 1840-1891. Died November 4th, 1891. Educated at Shrews-
bury School, 1813-1821.

9 Mr. Baines was an Old Salopian, 1816-1820; B.A. (4th Classic) 1824. He resigned his
mastership on being appointed one of the examiners for the Classical Tripos of 1829.

10 Mention is made of a master named Hubbersty in a letter written to Dr. Butler by one of the
other masters in October, 1827, and his name occurs again in a letter written by Miss Butler to
her brother at Cambridge in the following month. Mr. W. O. Foster, of Apley Park, remembers
being admitted by him at Bromfield's Hall in August, 1826. We may safely identify thismaster
with Mr. Nathan Hubbersty (B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1826), who ultmately
succeeded his father, the Rev. Nathan Hubbersty, B.D., as Head Master of Wirksworth.
Grammar School about 1832. The Shrewsbury master took holy orders, and was made P.C. of
Dethick, in Derbyshire, in 1839. A younger brother of his was at Shrewsbury School from
January, 1827, to June, 1829. He resigned the head-mastership of Wirksworth in 1851, but was
still living in 1881.



John Price, 1 B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge

Benjamin Hall Kennedy, 2 B.A., St. John's
College, Cambridge ....

John Young, 3 B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge

Thomas Williamson Peile, B.A., Trinity College,

Arthur Willis, 4 B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge

Thomas Butler, 5 B.A., St. John's College,

Thomas Frederic Henney, 6 B.A., Pembroke
College, Oxford ....

Thomas Lloyd, 7 B.A., Christ Church, Oxford

The Rev. James Ind Welldon, 8 B.A., Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge, Second Master

The Rev. Benjamin Hall Kennedy, D.D., St.
John's College, Cambridge, Head Master

Signer Albizzi, 9 Modern Language Master

John James Barlow, B.A., 10 St. John's College,
Cambridge . . . .





October, 1827.

Oct. 1 4th,

October, 1828.

Nov., 1827
Oct., 1828

Christmas, 1828.

Feb., 1829


Feb., 1834









Christmas, 1 84 1.



1 Mr. Price was son of the Rev. James Price, of Pwllycrochen, near Abergele. At Shrews-
bury School, 1818-1822. Proceeded to college in October, 1822 ; recorded equal to Bell Scholar,
1823 ; third Classic, 1826.

2 Mr. B. H. Kennedy went into residence at Cambridge in October, 1828, having accepted a
classical lectureship at St. John's College. His place at Shrewsbury was taken by Mr. T. W.

3 Mr. Young succeeded Mr. John Price in November, 1827. B.A., 1825 (head of second class
in Classical Tripos); M.A., 1828; D.D., 1840. Head Master of the Keepier Grammar School,
Houghton-le-Spring, 1838 ; resigned 1856. Died 1872. Ordained soon after he went to Shrews-
bury. Said to have been an able man, and an excellent reader and preacher. He was House
Master in Jee's Hall all his time at Shrewsbury.

4 Writing to her son at Cambridge on February isth, 1829, Mrs. Butler alludes to Mr. Willis
having just begun work as a master. He graduated B.A. in 1828 and M.A. in 1831. Ordained
while at Shrewsbury. House Master in Bromfield's Hall. Head Master of Ludlow Grammar
School, 1838-1850.

5 Mr. Thomas Butler was the Head Master's only son. Born November a8th, 1806. At
Shrewsbury School, 1815-1825. Head boy during last few months of his stay at school. Re-
corded equal to second Bell Scholar, 1826 ; B.A. (Senior Optime and seventh Classic), 1829 ; M.A.,
1839 ; Rector of Langar, 1834. Died 1886.

6 Mr. Henney left Shrewsbury in 1838, and was succeeded by the Rev. W. J. Kennedy. He
resided at Oxford the rest of his life. Died 1 859.

7 Mr. Thomas Lloyd, son of William Lloyd, Esq., of Ludlow. At Shrewsbury School,
1815-1830; B.A. (2nd class lit. hum.), 1834; M.A., 1837. His name occurs in the prize lists of
1836 as a master, but not in those of 1837. Head Master of Hanley Castle, Shropshire, 1845.
Died 1871. He appears to have succeeded Mr. T. Butler some time between Midsummer and
Christmas, 1834.

8 Afterwards for many years Head Master of Tonbridge School.

9 It appears from a letter written by Bishop Butler on November 29th, 1836, that French had
already become part of the regular school work at Shrewsbury (Life and Letters of Dr. Butler,
vol. ii. p. 205).

10 Mr. Barlow graduated B.A. in 1838 and M.A. in 1850. His name stood first in the list of
Senior Optimes in 1838, and he also took a third class in Classics. He was House Master in
Jee's Hall, and appears to have had the chief charge of the mathematical instruction in the
school for a time, besides taking one of the lower forms. Subsequently ordained. Vicar of
St. Mark's, Gloucester, 1847-1868; Vicar of Kempsford, 1868. Died 1880.





John William Hall, 1 M.A., Trinity College, August,

Cambridge . . . . . 1838.

The Rev. William James Kennedy, 2 B.A., St. August,

John's College, Cambridge . . . 1838.

William Linwood, 3 B.A., Student of Christ August,

Church, Oxford .... 1840.

Thomas Saunders Evans, 4 B.A., St. John's February,

College, Cambridge . . . . 1841.

Alfred Tolver Paget, 5 B.A., Fellow of Gonville August,

and Caius College, Cambridge . . 1840.

Thomas Amand Bentley, 6 Modern Language February,

Master ..... 1842.

Edwin Hamilton Gifford, 7 B.A., Fellow of St. August,

John's College, Cambridge, Second Master . 1843.

Vanden Bempde Johnstone, 8 B.A., Emmanuel February,

College, Cambridge .... 1843.


October, 1844.


Christmas, 1842.
October, 1847.



Christmas, 1847.

1 Mr. Hall graduated B.A. in 1835 and M.A. in 1838. He was ordained in 1840, and is said
to have been an Assistant Curate at St. Mary's Church ; Assistant Master at Cheltenham College,
1844-1846 ; Curate of West and South Hammerfield, Essex, 1846-1849 ; Curate of Woolly, near
Wakefield, 1849-1868; Curate of Writtle and Vicar of Highwood, Essex, 1871-1876; Vicar of
Baddesley South, Lymington, 1877. Died 1893.

2 Mr. W. J. Kennedy, youngest son of the Rev. Rann Kennedy, was educated at Birmingham.
He gained the Person Prize at Cambridge, and would, in Dr. Kennedy's opinion, have been
among the first three in the Classical Tripos had he not failed to obtain a place in the list of
Senior Optimes. B.A., 1837 ; M.A., 1844 ; Secretary to the National Society, 1843-1849 ; one of
her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, 1848-1872 ; Vicar of Barnwood, Gloucestershire, 1877.
Died 1891.

3 Mr. Linwood, only son of William Linwood, Esq., of Birmingham, was educated at Bir-
mingham before going to Oxford. While at college he gained the Hertford, Ireland, Craven and
Boden Sanscrit Scholarships. First class in lit. hum., 1839 ; Student of Christ Church, 1837-1851 ;
ordained while at Shrewsbury; Curate of St. Chad's, 1840-1842; resided at Oxford for many
years after leaving Shrewsbury; Public Examiner in Classics, 1850-51. Died September 7th,
1878, at Birchfield, Birmingham. Author of a Lexicon to ./Eschylus, an edition of Sophocles, and
other classical works (Diet. Nat. Biog.~).

4 Mr. T. S. Evans, son of David Evans, Esq., of Belper, surgeon, was born in 1816. At
Shrewsbury School, 1829-1835 ; Porson Prizeman at Cambridge, 1838 ; B.A., 1839 ; M.A., 1845 ;
ordained by Bishop of Lichfield, 1844; Curate of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, 1846-1847; Assistant
Master at Rugby, 1847-1862 ; Canon of Durham, and Professor of Greek and Classical Literature
in Durham University, 1862. An excellent draughtsman and modeller, and noted from his boy-
hood for his enthusiastic affection for architecture. He had great skill and taste in verse compo-
sition, and many of the gems in Sabrinc? Corolla are his work. Professor Evans died at
Weston-super-Mare in 1889, and was buried at Durham {Memoirs of T. S. Evans, D.D., late
Canon of Durham, by JOSEPH WAITE, D.D.).

5 Mr. Paget was nineteenth Wrangler in 1839; ordained 1841; M.A., 1842; Curate of St.
Mary's, Shrewsbury, 1843-1847; Rector of Kirstead, Norfolk, 1855-1862. His dry humour and
clever caricatures are still fresh in the memory of many Old Salopians. He took Jee's Hall when
Mr. Johnstone left in 1851, but moved into the house under the archway in the following year.

6 After more than fifty years' connection with the school Mr. Bentley died on May 3rd, 1893.
For many years he filled the office of " Penal Master," or "Secretary for Discipline." A stained
glass window has been placed in the school chapel as a memorial of his long services to 'Shrewsbury.

7 Mr. Gifford was at Shrewsbury School, January, 1838, to October, i8?g ; Pitt University
Scholar, 1842; fifteenth Wrangler, Senior Chancellor's Medallist, and bracketed Senior Classic, 1843;
M.A., 1846; D.D., 1860; ordained by Bishop of Lichfield, 1844; Head Master of Birmingham,
1848-1862 ; Honorary Canon of Worcester, 1853-1877 ; Select Preacher at Cambridge, 1864 and 1869 ;
Rector of Walgrave, Northants, 1866-1875; Examining Chaplain to Bishop of Peterborough, 1865-
1869, and to Bishop of London, 1869-1889 ; Warburtonian Lecturer at Lincoln's Inn, 1871-1877 ;
Rector of Much Hadham, Herts, 1875-1886 ; Select Preacher at Oxford, 1879 ; Archdeacon of
London and Canon of St. Paul's, 1884-1889.

8 Mr. Johnstone, who had been at Shrewsbury School as a boy from 1838 to 1839, was a
scholar of his college; B.A., 1843; M.A., 1847; ordained 1844; Curate of St. Mary's, Shrews-
bury, 1845-1852 ; House Master in Jee's Hall for some years. After leaving Shrewsbury Mr.
Johnstone became Curate of Hurstmonceaux, Sussex, and subsequently of Itchen, near Stoke.
He died April i 5 th, 1 858.




The Rev. William Arnold Buckland, 1 B.A., Christ
Church, Oxford.

The Rev. George Charles Swayne, 2 M.A., Fellow
of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Thomas Northage Henshaw, Writing and Acci-
dence Master .....

The Rev. William Burbury, 3 M.A., Fellow of St.
John's College, Cambridge, Second Master

Edward Calvert, 4 B.A., St. John's College,

The Rev. Gerald Moultrie, 5 B.A., Exeter College,
Oxford .....

The Rev. George Farncombe Wright, 6 M.A.,
Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge .

Henry Greenwood, 7 B.A., Demy of Magdalen
College, Oxford ....

Eli Willcox Crabtree, 8 B.A, St. John's College,
Cambridge .....

Herbert Clementi Smith, 9 B.A. , St. John's College,

The Rev. William Eccles Jones, 10 M.A., Jesus
College, Oxford . .

Edward Calvert, 11 M.A., St. John's College,

August, 1844 Christmas, 1846.



Before Mid-
summer, 1847.


August, 1852.

Before Mid-







August, 1 860.




February, 1859.
Christmas, 1854.
Christmas, 1858.






1 Mr. Buckland was a nephew of Dean Buckland and of Dr. Arnold. B.A. (yd class lit.
hum.), 1843 > M.A., 1845 ; ordained 1843 ; Vicar of Ravensthorp, Northants, 1847. Died 1865.

2 Mr. Swayne graduated B.A. (2nd class lit. hum.) in 1839 ; M.A., 1841 ; B.D., 1851 ; ordained
1843; Scholar of C.C.C., 1835-46; Fellow, 1846-1851; Chaplain of Havre-le-Grace, 1877.

3 Mr. Burbury graduated B.A. as fourth classic in 1843 and M.A. in 1846. In 1852 he married
Charlotte, eldest daughter of Dr. Kennedy. In 1861 he became Rector of West Felton, Shrop-
shire. Died 1866.

4 Mr. Calvert, scholar of St. John's College, graduated B.A. in 1852, M.A. in 1855, and LL.D.
in 1870.

5 Mr. Gerald Moultrie, eldest son of the Rev. John Moultrie, the poet, was educated at Rugby
and Oxford. B.A., 1852; M.A., 1856; Chaplain to Dowager Marchioness of Londonderry,
1855-1864; Chaplain of Barrow Gurney, 1864-1869; Vicar of Southleigh, 1869; Warden of St.
James's College, Southleigh, 1873. Died April 25th, 1885. Author of various poems and hymns
(Diet, of Nat. Biog.\

6 Mr. Wright was seventh Wrangler in 1853; M.A., 1856; Assistant Master at Wellington
College, 1859-1861 ; Rector of Lambourne, Essex, 1887-1893 ; Rector of St. Mary Abchurch
with St. Lawrence Pountney, 1893.

7 Mr. Greenwood matriculated at Queen's College, Oxford, December i4th, 1848, aged 18.
Crewe Exhibitioner at Lincoln College, 1849-1851 ; Demy of Magdalen, 1851-1866 ; B.A., 1852 ;
M.A., 1855; Rector of Beelsby, in Lincolnshire, 1866-1896. Died October, 1896, at Scar-

8 Mr. Crabtree was eighth Wrangler and in the third class of the Classical Tripos in 1858 ;
M.A., 1861 ; Fellow and Tutor of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1860-1867; H.M. Inspector
of Schools, 1867-1874. Died 1874.

9 Mr. H. C. Smith, scholar of St. John's College, graduated B.A. (2nd class, Classics) in 1859 ;
M.A., 1862 ; ordained by the Bishop of Lichfield, 1859 ; Curate of Reepham, Norfolk, 1862-64 ;
Curate of Battle, Sussex, 1864-67 ; Curate of Grantham, 1867-70 ; Precentor and Minor Canon of
Manchester Cathedral, 1870-78; Fishbourne Lecturer at Berwick-on-Tweed, 1877.

!0 Mr. W. E. Jones was educated at Shrewsbury School ; Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford,
53-59 5 and class in Mods, and 2nd class in lit. hum. ; B.A., 1856 ; M.A., 1859 \ Fello

llow of his

College, 1859-81 ; Greek Lecturer, 1860; Latin Lecturer, 1862 ; Vice-President, 1873 ; Bursar, 1878.
H Mr. Calvert was appointed Head Master of the Government School in Trinidad in 1858, but
after a few months he resigned, and, returning to England, became again an Assistant Master at
Shrewsbury in August, 1860; appointed School Bailiff and Treasurer in 1886; resigned 1897.





George William Fisher, 1 M.A., Christ's College,

The Rev. John Rigg, 3 B.D., Fellow of St. John's
College, Cambridge, Second Master.

Edwin Trevor Septimus Carr, 3 B.A., Christ's
College, Cambridge ....

The Rev. John Samuel Lillistone, 4 M.A., Fellow
of Jesus College, Cambridge .

The Rev. John Chapman, 5 B.A., Emmanuel
College, Cambridge.

The Rev. Thomas Wolseley-Lewis, 6 M.A., Jesus
College, Oxford ....

George Preston, 7 B.A., Fellow of Magdalene
College, Cambridge ....

The Rev. Frederic William Burbidge, 8 M.A.,
Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge

The Rev. Henry Whitehead Moss, 9 B.A, Fellow
of St. John's College, Cambridge, Head

George Thomas Hall, 10 B.A., Scholar of Trinity October, 1867.
College, Cambridge.

Charles John Scott Churchill, 11 B.A., Corpus February,
Christi College, Oxford . . . 1870.

August, i860. Christmas, 1871.
1861 . 1872.

Easter, 1862. Michaelmas,

Michaelmas, 1863.

1863 . May, 1870.

September, June, 1865.

Midsummer, 1869.

Michaelmas, 1867.

August, 1866.

1 Mr. G. W. Fisher was Scholar and Tancred Student of Christ's College, Cambridge, 1854-60 ;
thirty-third Wrangler, 1857; M.A., 1860; ordained by Bishop of Lichfield, 1862; Diocesan
Inspector of Schools in Dioceses of Rochester and St. Alban's, 1872-81. Died 1898.

2 Mr. Rigg was eleventh Wrangler and in the third class of the Classical Tripos in 1846 ; M.A.,
1849 ; B.D., 1856. The last Second Master. Resigned early in 1872 and died soon after. The
fine west window in the School Chapel at Kingsland was placed there in his memory.

3 Mr. Carr was elected Bell's Scholar in 1859, and graduated B.A. as eighth Classic in 1862 ;
M.A., 1865 ; Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St. Catherine's College in 1862 ; President and Tutor,
1868; Rector of Little Shelford, Cambs., 1893.

4 Mr. Lillistone graduated B.A. (ninth Classic) in 1855; M.A., 1858; Classical Lecturer,
1863-1869, at Jesus College.

5 Mr. Chapman graduated B.A. in the second class of the Classical Tripos in 1856.

6 Mr. Wolseley-Lewis was at Shrewsbury School 1852-1854 ; Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford,
1855 ; second class in Class. Mods, in 1857 ; first class in Natural Science in 1858 ; Second Master
of Llanrwst Grammar School, 1860; Assistant Master of Llandovery Grammar School, 1861-
1863 ; Head Master of Llanrwst, 1865-1870 ; Second Master of Junior Department in Cheltenham
College, 1870-1892.

7 Mr. Preston was educated at Shrewsbury, and took a first class in the Classical Tripos at
Cambridge in 1864; Fellow of Magdalene College, 1865-1869; Assistant Master at Shrewsbury
School, 1864-1870, and at King Edward's School, Birmingham, 1870-1872 ; ordained 1869 ; Head
Master of Ruthin G. S., 1872-1875 ; Head Master of the King's School, Chester, 1875-1888 ;
Rector of Fransham, Norfolk, 1888.

8 Mr. Burbidge was fifth Senior Optime and seventh in the first class of the Classical Tripos in
1862; M.A., 1865; ordained 1865; Assistant Master of Eastbourne College, 1867-1869; Vice-
Principal of Trinity College, Eastbourne, 1869-1872 ; Principal of Saltley Training College,

9 Mr. H. W. Moss graduated B.A. in 1864, and was ordained by the Bishop of Ely. His
college and university distinctions are recorded elsewhere. Appointed Prebendary of Hereford
in 1887.

10 Mr. G. T. Hall graduated as thirty-eighth Wrangler and in the second class of the Classical
Tripos in 1867 ; M.A., 1870 ; ordained by the Bishop of Lichfield, 1867. Educated at Shrewsbury
School, and had been head boy for some time when he left in 1863.

11 Mr. C. J. S. Churchill took a second class in Classical Moderations in 1867; B.A., 1870;
M.A., 1872 ; ordained by the Bishop of Lichfield, 1880.





Mr. Webster, Writing and Assistant Master

Reuben Saward, 1 B.A., Fellow of St. John's

College, Cambridge.
John Clement Primrose Aldous, 2 B.A., Jesus

College, Cambridge ....

Richard Prowde Smith, 3 B.A., St. John's College,
Cambridge .....

Arthur Herman Gilkes, 4 B.A., Christ Church,
Oxford .....

George Herbert Lock, 5 B.A., Fellow of Clare
College, Cambridge ....

Edward Branthwaite Moser, 6 B.A., St. John's
College, Cambridge ....

Harry Brunning Constance Delevingne, 7 B.A.,
Jesus College, Cambridge

Arthur Frederic Chance, 8 B.A., Scholar of Trinity May, 1880.

College, Cambridge.
Frank Ewan Bennett, 9 M.A., New College,


1870 . 1882.

May, 1871. Christmas, 1874.

February, 1875.

September, Midsummer

1872 . 1873.

January, Midsummer,

1873 . 1885.



September, Christmas, 1877.



William Smith Ingrams, 10 B.A., Exeter College,

Walter Dodsworth Haydon, 11 B.A., New College, September,

Oxford . . . 1884.

Thomas Edward Pickering, 12 B.A., University September,
College, Oxford .... 1885.

Rev. Thomas Alexander Ashburnham Chirol, 13 September, 1890.
M.A., Exeter College, Oxford . . . 1885.

1 Mr. Saward graduated B.A. as fourth Classic in 1870 and M.A. in 1874; elected Fellow of
his college in 1871, and retained his fellowship till 1879.

2 Mr. J. C. P. Aldous was nineteenth Wrangler in 1872 ; M.A., 1875 ; Fellow of Jesus College,
1874; ordained 1872; Chief Naval Instructor on board H.M. training ship Britannia, 1875;
Chaplain to cadets, 1879-1896 ; Curate of Townstal, Dartmouth, 1896 ; Vicar of Duffield, Derby-
shire, 1897.

3 Mr. R. P. Smith graduated as twenty-eighth Wrangler in 1865 ; M.A., 1874.

4 Mr. A. H. Gilkes was educated at Shrewsbury School, 1860-1868 ; Junior Student of Christ
Church, Oxford ; first class in Classical Moderations, 1870, and, in the final Classical School, in
1873 ; Head Master of Dulwich College, 1885.

5 Mr. G. H. Lock was ninth Wrangler in 1873 elected Fellow in 1873.

6 Mr. E. B. Moser was educated at Shrewsbury School, 1864-1870; Scholar of St. John's

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