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Ten mT^T T'' Gain<JSVi,,(> Ge » * J Henderson, Covington

Gen M A Stovall, Augusta Gen LaF tte McL ^

Gen A R Lawton Savannah Gen D H Hill Mill( , (1 , ( . vill „

Ten P 7a' ; nei ' iCi : S Gen Montgomery Gainer, Rome

Gen F If? rT' AUgUSta GeU JameS P Si "-' Co ^o D

Gen F M Isom, Griffin Gen Wm Philli M ■

Gen G M SorrelhSavannah Gen L j Gartr.]]. Atlanta

Co W R Ross, Macon Col F M L , ^

n 7, 2T?' Columbus Co1 R B Nishet, Eatonton

Co John C Nichols, Blackshear Col W P Price, Dahlonega

Col Geo N Lester, Cumming Col Mark A Hardin, Atlanta

Maj Jos B Cummings, Augusta Maj J H Butt Gainesville

Mai Jos A Blance, Cedartown ("apt J M Kell, Sunnyside

Capt John T Erwin, Washington Capt H H Carlton Athens

Capt Thos B Cabaniss, Forsyth Capt B E Russell, ' Bainbridffe

Capt John Keely, Atlanta Hon W E Smith, Albany
Rev G B Strickler, Atlanta.

oo J*,*? COmmittee t0 receive visitJ ng ^terans established headquarters at No
~8 W all street, just opposite the passenger entrance to the Union Passenger
Depot, April 29th, with Dr. Amos Fox, chairman, and Messrs. Georse T Prv
W. W. Hulbert, W. T. Wilson, Wm. McConnell, W. G. Newman Daniel
Irby, Harry Krouse, J. A. Anderson, E. J. Roach, J. S. Todd J F Jones C
T. Furlow, S. H. Landrum, J. S. Wilson, John H. Fitten, John R Towers!
D. G. Wylie, George Forbes, M. C. Riser, E. S. Gay, and P. McQuaid.

On the morning of 30th of April the Secretarv established himself at the
headquarters of the Reception Committee, at No. 28 Wall street where lie re
mained enrolling names of veterans, and distributing badges, until the assem
bling of the Association, 9 o'clock a. m., May 1st.

Several hundred veterans met Mr. Davis at the depot, Friday afternoon
April 30th, and escorted him to the residence of .Mrs. B. II. Hill, on Peachtree


On May 1st, 9 o'clock a, m., several thousand veterans gathered from all
parts of the State, formed at the Court House, and marched to Marietta street
with Colonel W. A. Wright in command. The column headed with about one
thousand members of the Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association.
They were placed in position with open ranks, when the greal chieftain, ex-
President Jefferson Davis, of the Southern Confederacy, passed through' the
lines and reviewed his "boys in gray."

The command of old veterans was then assigned its position, and look up
the line of march to the Hill statue, and, after participating in the unveiling
ceremonies, were disbanded.


Atlanta, Ga., May 17, 1886.

'" ";; l ;r r™« 1££Z£ IJLtoL**. an. afcout one

hundred and tifty veterans. reading of the minutes

The call of the roll was dispensed with, also the reading o

° f ";• I'trf "/'MeBride of the Executive Committee, reported that the
, SSad prepS Constitution for the Association, which he was ready

"' ^oTmotion of Captain H. H. Colquitt, the report of the committre was re-

*^Z2^£E'~* in its entirety. It was then taken up hy

"*££? ^ were critically discussed, and some alterations and amend-

mCn W^chtction had been adopted, the Constitution, on motion of Capt.
George B. Forbes, was adopted as a whole, and is as follows:

I. This Society shall be known as The Fulton County Confederate Vete-

LN II AS Those T only 'shall be admitted to the privileges of membership who were in
the service of the Confederate States, or either of the several Southern States,
during the late war between the States, and who were honorably discharged there-

'"'ill The objects of this Association are the conservation of Confederate memo-
ries the promotion of fellowship, and the cultivation of friendship between the sur-
viving officers and soldiers of the army, navy, marine and signal corps, and other
organizations in the service of the Confederacy; the exhibition of loyal respect to
the recollections and impulses of a Confederate past; the encouragement and prac-
tice of manly virtues ; the extension ot reasonable aid and sympathy to fellow-
members in seasons of sickness and distress, and, in case of death, the rendition of
suitable funeral honors.

IV The officers of this Association shall be— i, a President and Commander ;
. a Vice-President ; 3 . a Secretary ; 4 , a Treasurer ; 5 , a Chaplain; 6, an Executive
Committee of five members, with the officers of the Association ex-offiao members,
the President and Commander to be the chairman ; 7, a Visiting Committee of five

V The annual meeting of the Association shall be held on the day preceding
Manorial 1 >ay in each year, unless that day should be Monday, and in that event on
the Saturday preceding; the meeting to be held at 8 o'clock p. m., at which time
officer* Of the Association for the ensuing twelve months shall be elected. All
members of the Association in good standing shall be eligible to any office therein.

VI. Ml elections shall be by ballot, unless dispensed with by unanimous con-
sent, when they may be by a viva voce vote. In case of a ballot, the majority of al


the votes cast shall be necessary to a choice. If there should be no election on the
first ballot, the name receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped, and so
on in successive ballots until an election is made.

VII. Quarterly meetings of this Association shall be held on the third Mondays
of July, October, and January of each year, at 8 o'clock p. m.

VIII. Extra meetings of the Association may be convened by the President
should occasion require.

IX. At the annual meeting, in addition to the election of officers, as hereinbe-
fore provided, the history of the Association for the preceding twelve months shall
be submitted and considered ; officers shall make their reports ; a full exhibit of all
acts and disbursements shall be presented, and the condition and prospects of the
organization shall be laid before the members for their information and action.

X. At the quarterly meetings, in like manner, shall be presented and acted
upon, the reports of the officers, for the preceding three months, and the operations
of the Association shall be ascertained and discussed.

XI. At any annual, quarterly, or called meeting of the Association, fifteen mem-
bers shall constitute a quorum sufficient for the transaction of business.

XII. The President and Commander shall preside at all meetings of the Asso-
ciation, and shall take command at all public demonstrations. To the best interests
of the Association he will, on all occasions, lend his counsel, aid and encourage-
ment. In his absence the Vice-President shall preside, and take command.

XIII. The Secretary shall preserve a due record of all the proceedings, and
under the supervision of the presiding officer, conduct the correspondence of the
Association. He shall keep a substantial book of membership, wherein shall appear
the names of all who shall connect themselves with the Association. In this register
of membership shall be entered the name, residence, rank, company, regiment, bat-
talion, or other organization to which each member was attached at the time of the
surrender of the Confederate armies. He shall notify all members of their election,
and perform all such other duties as legitimately appertain to his office. In conside-
ration of the faithful discharge of such duties he shall be exempt from the payment
of all dues, and receive a commission of ten per cent, of all moneys paid into the

XIV. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to receive and collect all initiation
fees, and all dues of every sort, and turn over the same to the Treasurer.

XV. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive from the Secretary all
moneys, and take charge of all valuable properties belonging to the Association. All
moneys belonging to the Association shall be by him, from time to time, deposited
in some bank of repute in the city, to be approved of by the presiding officer of this
society, to the credit of himself as Treasurer of the Association. He shall keep a
correct account of all moneys received and disbursed, and shall submit regular
reports of the same, with supporting vouchers, at each quarterly and annual meeting
of the Association. His books and accounts shall be at all times open for the in-
spection of the Executive Committee, and no payment of an account presented shall
be made by him until the same shall have been examined and approved by at least
one member of that committee. In consideration of these and all other duties pro-
perly appertaining to his office, he shall be exempt from the payment of all dues.

XVI. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to inspect and verify the


Treasurer's accounts prior to each quarterly and annual meeting. They shall also
examine and pass upon the correctness of all bills presented before they are paid.
At least one member of this committee shall countersign any check drawn by the
Treasurer upon the funds of the Association.

XVII. In case any member of this Associaton shall encounter pecuniary dis-
tress and serious illness, upon application, it shall be the duty of the Visiting Com-
mittee to see that he is cared for and assisted from the funds of this Association, to
the extent of not exceeding five dollars per week during the continuance of such

XVIII. Should any member of this Association die, whose private means will
not suffice for his proper sepulture, this committee shall cause suitable and reasonable
provision to be made for his interment from the common treasury. The committee
shall present a report at each quarterly and annual meeting of its acts and disburse-
ments in this behalf.

XIX. The members of this committee may, upon request, be relieved at the
expiration of any quarter; and it shall be the duty of the President and Commander
to detail other members to fill the places of any thus relieved.

XX. Upon becoming a member of this Association, each person shall at once
pay to the Secretary, as an initiation fee, the sum of fifty cents, and subscribe to the

XXI. The dues of this Association shall be twenty five cents quarterly, in ad-
vance, payable by each member to the Secretary.

XXII. Any member in good standing may, by written resignation, acted upon
at any quarterly meeting, withdraw from this Association, provided his dues are all
paid to date.

XXIII. Candidates for admission to the membership of this Association shall
submit a request in writing, which application shall be accompanied by the initiation
fee. The vote upon the question of admission may be taken at any annual, quarter-
ly, or called meeting of the Association. It shall be either by ballot or viva voce,
and one-fourth of all the votes cast shall be necessary to exclude the applicant.

XXIV. Each member of this Association shall provide himself with the badge
of the Association, as it may be established by the Executive Committee, which
badge shall be worn upon the left lappel of the coat on all public occasions.

XXV. All vacancies occurring in the offices of this Association (except in the
case of the Visiting Committee, as hereinbefore provided) shall be filled by ballot, or
acclamation, at the first regular meeting convened after the same shall occur. Officers
so elected shall hold office until the next annual meeting.

XXVI. Upon the death of any member of this Association, a detail shall be
made of members by the President and Commander, to attend the funeral, if it is in
this city or vicinity, to represent the Association in paying the last token of respect
to our late brother.

XXVII. The demise of any member shall be reported by the Secretary at the
next quarterly meeting of the Association ; and upon the minute book, on a page to
be dedicated to such use, entry shall be made of the name, age, date of birth, and
death of the licensed, and of his rank in the Confederate service.

XXVIII. Should charges affecting the honor and integrity of any member of
thia Association t>e preferred, it shall be the duty of the presiding officer to appoint


a special committee of not less than three, whose duty it shall be to inquire diligently
into the facts of the case, hear the accused, and make full report at the next regular
meeting of the Association. At that meeting such report shall be carefully considered
and approved, modified or rejected. If so directed by the Association, the offending
member may thenceforth be barred the privileges of membership. Of this fact he
shall be promptly notified by the Secretary. For good cause shown, such offending
party may, at a subsequent meeting, be reinstated by and with the consent of not
less than three-fourths of the members present.

XXIX. For absence, without sufficient excuse, from annual, quarterly, or called
meetings of the Association, an officer shall be fined fifty cents, and a member twenty-
five cents. Excuses shall be heard and disposed of at each regular meeting. When
confirmed, all fines shall be immediately payable to the Secretary, who shall proceed
to collect the same. All defaulters in the matter of quarterly dues, fines, and other-
wise, shall be reported by the Secretary at each regular meeting.

XXX The Association, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee,
may levy upon each member an annual assessment not to exceed two dollars, for the
purposes of meeting any deficiencies of the annual expenses of the Association.

XXXI. Upon attaining the age of three-score and ten, any member may, on
request, be placed on the retired list, when he shall be exempt from the payment of
all dues.

XXXII. The order of business shall be as follows :

1. Roll call by the Secretary and noting of absentees.

2. Reading the minutes of the last meeting, and confirmation or modification
of the same.

3. Report of Treasurer.

4. Report of Visiting Committee.

5. Reports of other officers and standing committees.

6. Reports of special committees.

7. Cases of members in default considered.

8. Charges preferred, considered and disposed of.

9. Unfinished business.

10. Applications considered and acted on.

11. Elections.

12. New business.

13. Communications.

14. Miscellaneous business.

15. Adjournment.

XXXIII. These rules of order and government may be amended, added to, or
abrogated, upon a two-thirds vote of the members present, at any regular meeting of
this Association.

The first business after the adoption of the Constitution was the following
resolution, offered by Captain W. S. Turner.

Resolved, That the President and Commander appoint a committee of three
to prepare a letter to be sent Hon. Jefferson Davis, expressing to him the warm-
est sympathy of "The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association" on
account of the illness which confines him to his home.


The resolution was passed by a rising vote, and the following committee
was appointed: W. S. Turner, chairman; K. C. Divine, and J. Gadsden King,
who prepared the following letter:

Atlanta, Ga., May 20, 1886.
lion. Jtfferson Davis, Beauvoir, Mixs.:

Dear Sir — On the completion of our organization by the adoption of
Constitution and By-Laws, its first act was the unanimous passage of the
above resolution, and in accordance therewith we beg to assure you we were
pained to hear of your prostration on your return home, and to convey to you
( mi wannest sympathy and most affectionate solicitude for your welfare,' and
may we not add that we hope you may not only experience a speedy restora-
tion, but be spared for many years to a loving people, who know how to appre-
ciate devotion to Truth, Justice, and Principle, so magnificently illustrated in
your entire lite.

.May health, happiness and prosperity attend you here, and when called in
the course of nature to "cross the river," may you peacefully pass from the
love of your countrymen to those richer and higher honors "which the world
can neither give nor take away."

We have the honor, sir, to be very truly and sincerely your obedient ser-
vants. W. S. Tuner,

K. C. Divine,
J. Gadsden King,


Beauvoir, Miss., August 15, 1886.

Gentlemen — I was seriously ill when your letter and the resolutions of
"The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association" was received. After I
gol better, I asked for the resolution, and it was found. Had the resolution,
and the leticr accompanying it, been less tender and expressive, I could then
have answered it, but I will frankly acknowdedge that it excited me, rendered
me unable at that time to reply, and so it was postponed until looking over
some letters, I find with surprise and regret that a due acknowledgment has not
been made.

Please, gentlemen and friends, present to your Veteran associates assurances
(if the gratitude with winch I cherish the expression of their sympathy in the
time of illness. Prom no other source than that of the Veterans of the war
lor tbe maintenance of our inherited rights, could the expression of sympa-
thy and regard give as much of joyous consolation.

Fraternally yours, Jefferson Davis.

Messrs. W. S. Turner, K. ('. Divine, J. Gadsden King, committee.


Atlanta, Ga., July 19, 1886.

Tbe Pulton County Confederate Veterans' Association met in the basement
of the I lourl I louse, al 8 o'clock p. m,

Tbc roll was called and absentees noted.

'I 'he minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed.

The report of the Treasurer was called for, but was not forthcoming on
account oJ Treasurer's absence.


The Secretary made the following report:

Atlanta, Q \.. Julj 19, 1886
Colonel W. A. Wright, President and Commander :

Sir— For the quarter ending July lit. 1886, ! beg to suhmil the following


Moneys received from assessments on Executive Committee for use of

bands, April 26 and May 1st x ;,o i m

From fees and dues <is no

$148 00


Disbursed for office and incidental expenses $ ; ti:>

Commissions retained II 86

Paid to Treasurer 136 00

si is 1)0

I also have to report the death of the following members since our last
meeting, viz: Daniel Pittman, H. L. Williams, E. B. Lovejoy, M. Bridwell,
R. H. Atkinson.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

B. J. Davis, Secretary.

On motion of M. S. Cohen, the report of the Secretary was received and

The names of Henry Gullatt and Augustus Shaw were proposed for mem-
bership and vouched for by Captain C. R. Hanleiter. A vote was taken, re
suiting in their unanimous election.

The Secretary was instructed to dedicate a page of the Minnies to each
deceased brother mentioned in his report.

On motion of Colonel G. T. Fry, the Twenty third Article of the Const!
tution was so amended as to require, all applications for membership to be in-
dorsed hy two members of the Association, and accompanied by the initiation

Colonel C T. Fry moved the appointment of a committee of three to ob-
tain a square or plat of ground, in West view Cemetery, for the use of the

The motion was adopted, and the President and Commander appointed the
following committee: George T. Fry, chairman, and .1. D. Garrison.

On motion of Captain C. R. Hanleiter, it was ordered thai the funerals of
members shall be considered "public occasions," and so observed.

The Secretary was instructed to have list of members published, to include


only such members as have paid their fees and dues. No benefits shall accrue
to those veterans who have not paid.

Captain W G. Newman made a motion, which was seconded and advo
cated by Colonel A. J. McBrideand Isaac Boyd, that the Secretary be required
to solicit membership to the Association among the veterans of the city and
coun^ a 1 "iggest d that he be allowed the sum of twenty-five cents for each
new member obtained up to the next quarterly meeting. The motion pre-

Colonel Mark A. Hardin moved that the Secretary be allowed and paid,
as compensation for services already rendered, the sum of twenty-five cents for
each member obtained up to date, which motion also prevailed.

The Executive Committee, on motion of Captain W. W. Hulbert, was re-
quested to select, at an early day, a permanent badge for the organization And
on motion of Captain F. M. Myers, W. C. Dodson was requested to meet with
the committee to assist in the selection. The committee to have power to
adopt and provide a suitable badge.

On motion of M. S. Cohen, the meeting was adjourned until the next reg-
ular meeting.



Born August 21, 1835,

At Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Captain Company C, First Confederate Cavalry, C. S. A.

Died May 23, 1886, Atlanta, Ga.


Born January 1, 1813,

In Wilkinson County, Georgia.

Captain Company H, Nunnally's Battalion,

Georgia State Troops, C. S. A.

DrED June 15, 1886, Atlanta, Ga.


Born October 4, 1840, at Smyrna, Georgia.

Sergeant-Major Seventh Georgia Infantry, C. S. A.

Died June 24, 1886, Atlanta, Ga.


Born March 3, 1828, in Edgefield County, S. C.

Enlisted in Confederate States Aiimv April 25, 1861,

at Augusta, Georgia.

Second Lieutenant Confederate Light Guards,

Company G, Third Regiment Georgia Volunteers (Inf.)

Died June 25, 1886, Atlanta, Ga.

Born October 18, L838
Captain Company C, First Georgi \ Regulars, C. S.
Died June 17, 1886. Atlanta, Ga.



Born June 5, 1846, at Marysville, Bloi m Coi vn. Tl rn.

Entered Confederate States Service,

In General John II Morgan's Cavalry, in 1861.

Died Feb. 26, 1887, Atlanta, <; \.


Atlanta, Ga., October 18, 1886.

The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association met in the basement
of the Court House, at 8 o'clock p. in., President and Commander W. A.
Wright in the chair, and C. T. Furlow acting as Secretary.

On motion of Catain A. J. West, roll call was dispensed with.

Minutes of last meeting were read, and on motion of J. D. Garrison, was

Owing to the absence of the Treasurer, no report from that official was

The following report was submitted by the Secretary, to-wit :

Atlanta, Ga., October 16, 1886.
W. A. Wright, President and Commander F. C. C. V. A.:

Silt — I have the honor to submit as follows:
Received from members for fees and dues $80 00

$80 00

Retained as commissions, as per resolution of July 19th $50 00

Paid into the Treasury 15 00

Incidental expenses — janitor, porter, etc 2 15

Balance due Treasurer 13 35

$80 00

Respectfully, B. J. Davis, Secretary.

Colonel George T. Fry, chairman of the committee to secure lot in West-
view Cemetery, reported progress, and the committee was granted further

Captain W. W. Hulbert, chairman of the committee on permanent badge,
submitted the following report, which was adopted, viz: The committee re-
commend the adoption of the badge designed by Stilson — with shield. Confed-
erate flag, gun with head and footstone, gun, sword and bayonet. Lettered
('. S. A. on lace, and on reverse side to be engraved F. C. C. V. Asso'n. Or-
ganized — day — 1886, and members name. Badges to cost $1 each, and as
soon as one hundred have been subscribed and paid for, the badges to be

The Executive Committee offered the following preamble and resolutions,
which, after discussion, were adopted:

Wiikukas, it has been customary for a joint committee from the Senate
and House of Representatives to take charge of the inaugural ceremonies of
the Governor, it is therefore —

* Besolred, That when the General Assembly and such committee has been
appointed, and the day for the inaugural fixed by joint resolution, we tender

to -aid commit! ur hearty co operation in the ceremonies in such manner as

ma\ be agreeable to said committee, and expressive of our high esteem for the

Besotted further, Thai should we participate in the inaugural ceremonies,
we cordially invite all Confederate Veterans, who may visit the city on the day


of such ceremonies, to unite with us in any public demonstration that may be
had on that occasion.

Resolved further, That the President of this Association appoint a commit-
tee of twelve to confer with the joint committee of the General Assembly, and
the committee from the Governor's Horse Guards, for the purpose of complet-
ing all necessary arrangements.

The President appointed the following committee on inaugural ceremonies,
to-wit: W. L. Calhoun, chairman; L. P. Thomas, W. W. Hulbert, A. J. Mc-
Bride, Amos Fox, W. D. Ellis, J. Gadsden King, I. S. Boyd, E. G. Moore, F.
M. Myers, R. M. Clayton, P. McQuaid.

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