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J. M. Paden applied to be admitted to membership, and having complied
with the rules, was unanimously elected.

On motion of W. L. Calhoun, the Secretary and Treasurer were especially
requested to be present at the next meeting.

On motion of Captain Milledge, the meeting adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., Monday Night, — 17, 1887.
No quorum present. Weather very cold and disagreeable. The President
and Vice-President both sick. No meeting.

B. J. Davis, Secretary.

Atlanta, Ga., April 12, 1887.

An extra meeting of the Association was held in the City Court room.

The President called the meeting to order at 8 o'clock p. m., and explained
the object of the call, being a request of the Ladies' Memorial Association for
our assistance in the observance of memorial day; whereupon the Hon. W. L.
Calhoun read the following preamble and resolutions:

The Ladies' Memorial Association, of this city, having entrusted the Ful-
ton County Confederate Veterans' Association with the duty of arranging tor
a suitable observance of Memorial Day, on the 26th instant, and for the future,
therefore —

1. Resolved, We accept the trust with a profound appreciation of its re

2. Resolved, The duty imposed is sacred, and though shadowed by the
memories it inspires, will always be performed witli pleasure.

3. Resolved, The Executive Committee of this Association is empowered to
confer with the Ladies' Memorial Association, and after consultation with
them, make all necessary details and arrangements for a complete and appro-
priate observance of the day.

4. Resolved, That every member of this Association turn out, assembling
at the Court House, at half-past two o'clock p. m., wearing the badge of the

5. Resolved, That at the request of Commander Wright, Colonel !.. P.
Thomas will command the line, appointing such assistants as may be necessarj .


On motion of Colonel George T. Fry, these resolutions were adopted unan-


On motion of Captain John L. Conley, the following resolution was cor-
dially agreed to:

Resolved, That every Confederate soldier in the county of Fulton and ad-
joining counties, and all others that may be in the city, be invited to join the
procession on Memorial Day, whether they be members of this Association or

President Wright had read a letter from the President of the Augusta Con-
federate Survivors' Association, inviting members of this Association to attend
a reunion on Memorial Day at Augusta, and, on motion of Colonel Thomas,
was requested to acknowledge its receipt in his most courteous and elegant

terms. '

After a brief discussion of the picnic subject, the meeting adjourned till

Monday night, the 25th instant.

Atlanta, Ga., April 25, 1887.

The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association held its annual
meeting in the City Court room, at 8 o'clock p. m„ President Wright presiding.

On the call of the roll seventy-five members answered to their names. The
call revived memories of "Auld Lang Syne." Quite a discussion was had as
to the advisability of putting the absentees on double duty, but without arriv-
ing al any conclusion, the further consideration of the matter was postponed.

The "minutes of the preceding meetings, October 18, 1886, and April 12,
1887, were read and adopted.

The President made his annual address, a report of which is appended,
together with the reports of the Secretary and Treasurer.

Alter considerable discussion, it was agreed by the Association to hold
monthly instead of quarterly meetings, on third Monday night of each month

at s o'clock p. in.

On motion of Captain W. W. Hulhert, the following resolution was


Resolved, By the Ladies' Memorial Association and the Confederate Vet-
erans' Association, thai the merchants and businessmen of Atlanta be requested
t<> close their respective places of business, on the afternoon of the 26th instant,
in order thai all may participate in the memorial exercises.

Dr. Henry L. Wils,»n offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Besotted, Thai it is the sense and request of this Association, that the citi-
/, us respectfully devote all their floral offerings to-morrow to the graves of our
dead heroes,

Pre-idem Wrighl spoke very feelingly of the propriety of inviting all Con-
federate^, who sympathize with us in these memorial exercises, to join in the
procession to morrow.

Captain II. II. Colquitt moved thai the morning Constitution he requested
to publish the Following call, which was adopted:



Headquarters Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association.

All members of this Association are urged to meet at the Court House, at
half-past two o'clock p. m., to-day, and march to the cemetery. All Confed-
erate Veterans, whether members of this Association or not, are requested to
join with us. The sons of Confederate soldiers are also invited to meet with
us, and have a place assigned them in the march to the cemetery. Let every
old soldier, and every son of a Confederate soldier, turn out and aid in this sol-
emn tribute of respect to those who died in the service of their country.

W. A. Wright, President and Commander.
B. J. Davis, Secretary.

The rules were suspended, on motion of Colonel George T. Fry, and the
following officers were elected viva voce to serve the Association for the ensuing
year. Major J. Gadsden King being called to the chair to preside in the elec-
tion of President:

President and Commander — William A. Wright.
Vice-President — John Milledge.
Secretary — B. J. Davis.
Treasurer — Amos Fox.
Chaplain — G. B. Strickler.

Executive Committee— H. H. Colquitt, J. Gadsden King, W. W. Hulbert,
G. T. Fry, L. P. Thomas.


Atlanta, Ga., January 25, 1887.
Mr. President — I hereby submit my report of moneys received and dis-
bursed for the year ending April 25, 1887:


Moneys received from all sources $243 50


Paid Treasurer *!64 00

Fees and commissions 67 85

Incidental expenses 11 65

$243 50

B. J. Davis, Secretary.

Atlanta, Ga., June 17, 1887.

The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association met in the City
Court room, and was called to order at 8:30 p. m. by the Vice-President, Capt.
John Milledge. The roll was called and absentees noted.

Colonel George T. Fry moved the appointment of a committee of tivc, with
Captain C. T. Furlow as chairman, to memorialize the Legislature in the inter-
est of the maimed soldiers. Captain W. G. Newman seconded the motion.

The following committee was appointed: C. T. Furlow. chairman; Geo.
T. Fry, Amos Fox, W. G. Newman, and T. B. Wilson.


The following dew members were regularly elected: Dr. D. Smth. of
( , (llIaill Beutley's company of Georgia State Troops; Captain J. H. Ketner of
,'.„„. ,. / ift eenth Arkansas; Solomon Benjamin, of Company L, Tenth
South Carolina Volunteers; G. E. Roesel, Company I, Cobb's Legion.

I >■• 1 )' Uvigny offered the following resolution:

Besolved That the Secretary be directed to notify members in arrears of
tl „. amounl ;,f their dues request payment, and report at next regular meeting.

The resolution was seconded and adopted.

<■,,„,!„ Milk-due and Captain Newman, on the part of the committee ap-
Doin tJto co-operate with the Ladies' Memorial Association, for the purpose
!,;„„;,,,,,.■ headstones for the soldiers graves, reported that suitable stones
niuM be had for $1.50 apiece. The committee was requested to continue to

' D r I). Smith, a newly elected member, said he would give $25 to the
cause which was received with enthusiastic applause.

Captain Newman moved that General Gordon be invited to address our
aex i meeting on the importance of our Association and the necessity for sus-
taining it. Carried amidst applause. •

Colonel George T Fry off ered some resolutions touching the Confederate
flag episode, which were, after considerable discussion, tabled. Adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., July 18, 1887.
Tll( . meeting was called to order by the President, at 8:30 p. m., in the
Superior Court room. Roll was called and absentees noted.

Minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed.

Captain W G Newman, of the Headstone Committee, reported progress.

I .der to star! the ball in motion, said he would subscribe five headstones.

One for nimself, wife, and one for each of his three children. The following
subscriptions were made:

W Q Newman, 5; W W Eulbert, 1; C T Furlow, 1; A\ A Benton, 1; II
Pranklyn Starke, 1; W A Love, 1; C F D'AWigny, 1; R F DeBelle 1; JP
Vustin" 1 P McQuaid, I; W P Mitchell. 1; Geo 11 Hynds, 1; C W Motes, 5;
CO Greene 5; J B Shodden, 2; F M Myers, 2; A P Rice, 1; B II Catchmgs,
I QeoT Frj k W M Harbin, 1;THP Bloodworth, 1; W L Calhoun, 10.

Captain C T Furlow on the part of the committee, appointed at previous
meeting to memorialize the Legislature in behalf of the maimed soldiers, sub-
mitted the following report, which was received and adopted:

We, the undersigned committee, appointed to prepare a memorial to the
lat'ure, requesting a change in the manner of paying maimed and disabled
Confederate Boldiers, respectfully submit the following:

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia: The
Fulton County Confederate Veteran-' Association respectfully represent unto
y0UT honorable body thai by Act, approved September 20, 1879, certain pro-
visions were made to supply maimed Confederate soldiers with artificial limbs

,„„.,. in five years. That said Ad was amended September 26, 1883, SO as to
allow Baid provision to be made once in three years.


Your petitioners respectfully show and represent unto your honorable body,
that they are advised and believe it is the desire of a very large proportion of
the beneficiaries, under said Act, to have the said Ad so altered and amended
as to allow and provide that the sum specified to be paid to each of the bene
ficiaries in said Act named be divided into three equal parts; and thai one-third
of such sum be paid to each beneficiary annually in cash instead of tri ennially
as now provided by law.

Your petitioners further pray that the legislation now pending before your
honorable body, looking to increase of the beneficiaries, Paragraph 1. Section
1, Article 7, of the Constitution of 1877, be so shaped as to allow said newly
made beneficiaries to draw their money also in annual installment.

C. T. Fmu.ow, Chairman

W. G. Newman,


Atlanta, Ga., August 17, 1887.

The Association met in the City Court room, at the Court House.

The President being absent, Captain Hugh H. Colquitt was called to the
chair, and the business of the meeting proceeded with.

The minutes were read and adopted, and the regular order of business

Under the head of new business, Dr. K. C. Divine called the attention of
Association to the necessity of providing a fund for the assistance and relief of
poor and needy ex-Confederate soldiers; to our imperative duty to provide for
them, and suggested the propriety of appointing a committee to solicit and re-
ceive regular donations from every one willing and able to contribute for such
purpose, not only from old soldiers, but from our sons and daughters, and all
others willing to help. Said committee to disburse the funds thus raised.

Mr. John C. Campbell and Dr. C. F. S. D'Alvigny spoke feelingly in favor
of the suggestions of Dr. Divine.

Dr. Divine was very earnest in his efforts, and anxious that the Association
should take hold of his proposition and put it in working shape; systematize it.
and raise money by voluntary subscription. At present he would give one do).
lar a month, and if he ever got able he would give more.

Mr. George B. Forbes also gave one dollar, and said he was in favor of
raising money for the establishment of a Confederate home, and to keep funds
on hand for the assistance of poor and needy Confederates.

Captain W. G. Newman suggested that a public meeting he held on a day
specified, and that Mr. Henry \V. Grady, and other distinguished gentlemen,
be invited to address the meeting in the interest of Dr. Divine's proposition for
the good of the cause.

Captain F. M. Myers moved that the chair appoint a committee of five to
arrange for such meeting. Dr. D'Alvigny se< ded the motion, and the num-
ber of the committee was increased to nine. The motion prevailed, and the
chair was requested to appoint the committee at his leisure.


m , • .ii«l the attention of the Association to Mr. Francis Fontaine's
, J^towlh t^manTof the Confederacy," about to be published and
book, Etowan, a nu Dr0 posed that half the proceeds arising from

££X^£Z12£?Z - — ' ° f • — fOT °~

TS^wtl^ apathy .ith «, object of the
The meet in P c the cha , r was requeste( l to

""""''"""' LtZ toeonfer w itt the author of the book, and pre-
" P1 ""° t £•' be ubmitted to our next meeting. Mr. Conlcy ashed
paeanimo,, ncm.^ commiU ee, and on motion, the presiding

"„■ TZ i X H Solc^u, M made chairman of the committee.
° fflC TI,, 1 - i g r s the committee appointed under Captain Mye^resoiution:
. M 1 , s M Inuum, John Keely, W A Hemphill, G B W*MD™j
H, ,,rv ll'ekl, C B Hanleiter, J A Pitten, W L Calhoun, C F S D Alv.gny

' ' £S^^K^^-: H H Col t| „i lt . dob,, C

r-miubell, John F Jones.

| m, .notion of Colonel J. Franklyn Starke, the meeting adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., September 19, 1887.

The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association met in the City
Court room, at the Court House.

The meeting was called to order by the President at 8 o'clock p. m.

The roll was called and absentees noted.

Judge W. L. Calhoun, on the part of the sub-committee of three from the
Special Relict Committee, submit ted the following report:
Capt C R. Hanleiter, Chairman Special Belief Committee :

Sir- \s chairman of the sub-committee, appointed from your committee,
toco-operate with the sub-committee of the Ladies' Memorial Association in
the management of the Charity Concert, for the benefit of our disabled Con-
federate soldiers, given on the evening of the 15th instant, and as Treasurer of
lh( . tul|1 i realized therefrom, 1 have the pleasure of reporting that the concert
waB a grand success in .very particular-financially and otherwise. The sum
realized therefrom is $528.75, which 1 now have in hand to be disposed of as
the Association may direct.

Much credit is due Mrs. John Milledge, Mrs. W. A.Wright, Mrs. Dr.
Olmstead and Mrs. GeorgeT. Fry, who composed the sub-committee of ladies,
and to Mr II II. Colquitt, Mr. Charles D'Alvigny, my associates in the sub-
committee of gentlemen, as to the general committee, for the success of the
,.,„„,.,., i trusl thai il will nol be oul of place for me to suggest, that if pos-
sible to take it from immediate want .luring the winter, a portion of this fund
Bhould be Bel aparl as a Eund, to be added to from time to time, to purchase a
^ a ear the citj for a permanent home for our Confederate soldiers, who are
onanle to provide for themselves. I believe that if we had a suitable site near


Atlanta it would not be very long before suitable buildings would be erected
thereon, and ways and means provided for the support of the inmates. I hove
this much confidence in the charity and patriotism of our people Thanking
the General Committee for the honor and trust conferred on me, I am

Yours truly, VY. L. Calhoujt,

Chairman Sub-Committee.

Captain C. R. Hanleiter, of the Special Relief Committee, submitted the
following report:

The undersigned, in behalf of the Special Committee ) appointed at your
last regular meeting to devise ways and means by which to raise a fund for the
relief of needy Confederate Veterans, having given the subject serious consid-
eration, and having had full and free discussion of the subject in all its hear-
ings with the ladies composing the Memorial Association, beg leave to reporl
progress, as follows:

1. The ladies of the Memorial Association have consented to give a series
of entertainments, consisting of vocal and instrumental music, tableaux, ret i
tations, etc., at intervals during the fall and winter seasons in aid of said funds.
The first of these entertainments was given ou the 15th instant, at DeGive's
Opera House, and was participated in by many of the most distinguished mu-
sicians of the city, as will be seen by reference to the accompaning programme,
which we recommend shall be preserved among the records of the Association.
To say that this entertainment was one of the most brilliant and enjoyable ever
given in Atlanta, we think all will admit; that it was a social and financial
success (having netted over $500), who can wonder when we state that the in-
valuable services of the ladies and gentlemen whose names appear in tin- pro-
gramme, were all generously and cheerfully given free of charge; that the
largediearted proprietor gave us the use of his splendid opera hous •. and his
gentlemanly ushers emulated the liberality of their chief; that Major Mecaslin
gratuitously furnished the gas for lighting; that each of our livery owners con
tributed the use of one carriage and driver free; that Messrs. Phillips & Crew
donated the use of one of their splendid Knabe pianos; that I'. II. Snook gave
us the use of chairs, etc., free, and last, though by no means least in value or
less worthy of appreciation (because there was no niggardly expenditure of
printer's ink in "booming" the venture, all our advertising and printing was
freely contributed by the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Journal, Ercning Capi-
tol, the Avalanche, and Messrs. A. M. Bcrgstrom, V. P. Sisson, 15. P. Bennett,
W. C. Dodson, and J. P. Harrison & Co. In short, every individual, with
very few notable exceptions, approached by your committee, seemed inclined
with the desire to give in the furtherance of our benevolent object. Long may
their coffers remain full and their hearts warm.

2. Permission has been obtained from the Directors of the Piedmont \'.\
position to place a certain number of boxes (to he appropriately labeled), in
conspicuous positions in the main building, in which to receive voluntary en
tributions fiom visitors to the fund soughl to he secured.

3. With the approval of Mrs. Milledge and -Mis. Fry. representing the La-
dies' Memorial Association, your committee by a unanimous vole, nave accepted
a proposition submitted to them in writing by a committee of gentlemen from


„ . , v^nfintion mvitin"- our co-operation with said society in
the Atlanta Musica ^ 0C ^;™^e given in the hall of the House of
arranging for two grand musicale , to be giv one .half of the net

■^s^s^ss t £tvid 5 :: t ::tiief ^ * *, *»«*

1)1V1,U ' w of all Sn^ to said entertainment. Each member of our
EXE hISJE tSi his utmost influence to fill the hall of the House

° f rrror^r^f — — of Confederate Yetemns

nd citizen be held in the basement of the county court house, at intervals

i n, nt of October proximo, and a committee of five be appointed

fr„"! ^Association, whose duty it shall be to arrange for the same and pro-

^'"^lluWn.^Iuseveral conferences, the sad neglect by the Legislature and
,„.,„;;. of the State, the disabled and needy Confederate Veterans being fre-
1 ' ,, llentall v referred to S. M. Inrnan, Esq., stated that, after mature

E2LS ^tSeTeatntLt feasible plan would be for the State to sell
(llil , bu il d ing and devote the proceeds of the sale to the purchase of
! l : U,tu be occupied as a home by all indigent Confederate veterans.
! ,, . atinll ,, !h( . h ome, he thought, should not be restricted to any particu-
' ; .;. DU1 the selection of same be left to commissioners, to be appointed
)iv ,„. ( ; „ V( . ninl , and instructed to locate at any eligible, healthy and accessible
,, in be Stat,, whose authorities would obligate themselves to make the
)( .,. ;ll prions for its endowment and support. Mr. Imnan's sugges-
*™Z hailed with great enthusiasm by the committee and the ladies present,
!„,,„. same was ordered to be reported to the Association. Whether Mi.
. ,„• ome other plan, for a home for disabled and indigent ex-Confeder-
';:;!;,,;„, be finauy adopted, it seemed highly important that so grand a
scheme should be fostered by this Association, and as much time would be re-
quired to gather and arrange proper data for presentation to the Legislatuie,
V( . h;m . a ; pointe d Messrs. 8. M. [nman, W. L. Calhoun and L. P Thomas a
™Z1JL ... correspond with the several Ordinaries of the St^e a*ing
such information as will enable said committee to present full statistics of th<
Qumbei ;m(1 cond itioi, of all Confederate veterans in each county in the State,
,„,, to em bodv the same in a memorial to be presented by them to the Legisla-
ture at it- nexl session. We respectfully requesl the Association to confirm
the nDpointment of said sub-committee. ^

8 We recommend thai all young men. whose lathers and brothers honor-
. llllv WO re the gray, be cordially invited to complete their once talked of organ-
ization as -Sons of Confederate Veterans." and thai they be affectionately

requested I Derate with this Association, and the Ladies' Memorial Associa-

,. ,„ m :ill fu rther endeavors to relieve the necessities and provide for the com-

,,„., of the remaining remnant of thai heroic band.

; We als,, recommend thai the following committees be further ap-
"Viret. A committee of three to superintend the const met ion and labeling


of the boxes for the Exposition, to place them in position under direction of
the Directors, and to count and pay over to the Treasurer all moneys thus con

Second. A committee of rive to report to the Association, at its next meel
ing, rules and regulations for the safe keeping and proper disbursement of said
relief fund, which shall be kept separate from all other funds of the A - ..

In conclusion, your committee acknowledge themselves at a loss for words
with which to express their admiration and gratitude to the ladies of the Me-
morial Association, for the zeal and hearty co-operation evinced by them in the
furtherence of the object we have sought to obtain. Especially nave Mrs.
John Milledge, Mrs. George T. Fry, Mrs. W. A. Wright, ami Mrs. Dr. 01m-
stead, won all our hearts by their great kindness in introducing the subject
matter of our mission to their sisters of the Memorial Association, and enlist-
ing enthusiastic aid and co-operation of the many whole-souled ladies and gen-
tlemen who have already and who will, from time to time, assume special roles
in future entertainments for the benefit of our fund.

We would do violence to our convictions of justice, were we to withhold
the meed of praise due certain members of our own committee, to-wit: lion.
W. L. Calhoun.Dr. C. F. S. D'Alvigny, and Captain H. H. Colquitt. To their
indomitable energy, beautiful courtesy, and excellent tact as a sub-committee,
much credit is due for the pleasant memories we shall always retain of our firsl
concerted effort to relieve the necessities of our unfortunate comrades.

C. R. Haxi.kitkk, Chairman.

Mr. Henry W. Grady entered the room and was loudly called for. On
being escorted to the stand, he made a few T brief remarks in a very happy way,
and asked on the part of the Piedmont Exposition Company, that a committee
of fifty from our Association be appointed to prepare for a grand reunion of
"the blue and gray" at a barbecue, to be given by the Exposition Company, at
Kennesaw Mountain, during the exposition.

General P. M. B. Young was called on and made an old-time ringing speech
to the boys, and was loudly applauded.

In response to Mr. Grady's request, the President was instructed to appoint
at his leisure the committee of fifty.

Speeches were made, supporting the motion, in patriotic and gallanl form
by Captain Milledge, Captain Calhoun, Colonel McBride, Judge Robert I..
Rodgers, and others.

Colonel Franklyn Starke moved the appointment of a committee of three
to accept and to take charge of any and all donations that might he made by
exhibitors at the Piedmont Exposition for the benefit of the Veterans, which
motion was unanimously carried.

Dr. Divine offered a resolution that the President he allowed cue week to
appoint the various committees, authorized by this meeting, which was unani-
mously adopted.

The following new members were elected: G. W. Beavers, J. K. Wilson,
John M. Boyle, John B. Webb, J. C. Hull', William T. Buzbee, A. E M<

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