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***-2??? T to* WH Chapman, SMInman, C W Seidell. H
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;■,;;;;:.;",: L K bSUTh L U.. H W Verstile, T Ryan, A P Woodward,

C R. i. chairman; W. A. Hemphill, G. G. Roy, K. c. uiv
'■ "gSL Contribution Boxes: L. P. Thomas chairman; S. M. In-

*£££!T£*£& "Hedge, chairman; d. C. Camphell,

Q T pry, T. R Cleveland, T. H. P. Bloodworth Frank i V n

( ,„ mmitl( . ( . on Dona tion 8 : Hugh H. Colquitt, chairman; H. Franklyn

Btarke, W. C. Dodson.

on motion, the Association adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., October 15, 1887.

The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association met at the Court
1I() J,!: in ,,„. ( !ity court room, President Wright presided, and Captam F. M.

" U V:;:t $££%«* . resolution that Captain P. M Myers he elected
ArfSS Secretary! and that be be the custodian of the hook of Mmutes, winch
shall be kepi al the courl house.

, !a ptaiD (' R. Hanleiter submitted the following report;

The committee appointed at your lad meeting to draft rules and regula-

,i for the disbursement of the lately acquired relief fund of this Association

^pectfully submit the following resolutions, which they think sufficient foi
the purpose:

Eeaolved That all applications for aid or relief by ex-Confederate officers
or soldiers whether of the army or navy (having honorably acquitted them-
selves), shall so certify ... the Treasurer in their warrant upon him for such
sum as in their judgment will afford the required relief.

B w,w, That the funds of this Association shall consist, first, of a Gen-
eral Fund to be derived from membership fees and dues, fines, etc., and
...I,,,,,, of a Relief Fund, to be derived from donations of whatever source.
The General Fund shall be devoted to the defrayment of the current expenses
„, t he Association, and shall be drawn against only when authorized by a vote

„,• the A siation, a1 a regular meeting, or in ease of emergency, by the fres-

i.1,,,1 or Chairman of the Executive Committee.


The Relief Fund shall be held sacred for the purpose of its creation, viz:
The relief of disabled and indigent ex-Confederate officers and soldiers, and
shall be paid out only to the order of a majority of the members of the Eteilef
Committee, which order shall distinctly state the name and company, or regi-
ment, of the person for whose relief the sum shall be drawn.

C. R. Hanleiter, Chairman.

The report was acted on by sections, and then adopted as a whole.

Judge Calhoun made a report as to additional money that had come into
his hands.

Captain Hanleiter submitted the following, which was adopted, viz:

Whereas, the ladies of the Memorial Association, of Fulton county,
having graciously aided, and with great success, in creating a relief fund tor
this Association, be it —

Resolved, That they be invited to participate in the disbursement of the
same, by reporting to the Relief Committee all cases of need coming to their
knowledge among the mothers, widows, or families of ex-Confederate veterans,
with such recommendation on each case as they may see proper to make.

Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to furnish an official copy of
this action to Mrs. Milledge, President of the Memorial Association, with re-
quest that the same be communicated to said body.

Captain Hanleiter offered the following, which was adopted:

Whereas, this Association having been in existence about eighteen months,
during which period no formal report of its finances has been made, and —

Whereas, it is important to the well-being and prosperity of societies, as
of men and corporations, that their financial affairs should be known to all
interested —

Resolved, That the Secretary and Treasurer be requested to make to the
Association, at its next regular meeting, full reports of all moneys received
from membership fees and dues, fines, etc., and all other sources since its organ-
ization, as well as the amount paid out, to wdiom, and for what purpose.

Captain Milledge, chairman of the Committee on Mass Meetings, made his
report that it was not feasible, and asked for further time, which was granted.

Mr. Forbes offered a resolution that the Secretary be ordered to request
Mr. Jones, in writing, to postpone his lecture, which was amended by Captain
Milledge, by appointing Mr. Forbes to make the request.

Dr. Fox moved to amend by putting on ('apt. Milledge and Col. Thomas,
which prevailed.

Judge Calhoun moved that the Association take tickets fur the concerl and
try to sell them.

Mr. Wilson moved that a committee of ten be appointed to go up the rail-
road to meet the President of the United States. Carried.

The following committee was appointed: Judge Calhoun, chairman; Dr.
Fox, Colonel Thomas, Captain Milledge, Colonel McBride, Colonel Starke, W.
T. Wilson, F. M. Myers, J. C. Campbell, Major Dunwoody.

The committee on disbursement of Relief Fund, is as follows: L. I'.
Thomas, D. G. Wylie, K. C. Divine, J. L. Crenshaw, Amos Fox.


Captain Hugh H. Colquitt submitted the following report:
To the Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association:

At the monthly meeting of this Association, held third Monday night in
August last, the undersigned committee was appointed to confer with Mr.
Francis Fontaine, relative to a book of which he is the author, and entitled
"Etowah, a Romance of the Confederacy," and a certain per centage of net
receipts arising from the sale of said book, respectfully report:

Thai Mr. Fontaine proposes to appropriate one-half of the net proceeds,
after deducting commissions for every book sold, whether sold by himself or
others, arising from the sale of his said book, to the building of a home for
maimed and disabled Confederate soldiers. The said amount to be paid to this
Association in such manner as may be hereafter decided. Your committee un-
hesitatingly indorse the objects for which the book was written, and recom-
mend that subscription be made to it by each member of the Association, by
all Confederate soldiers, and by the people of the South at large.

Hugh H. Colquitt,
Jno. C. Campbell,
John F. Jones,


On motion, the Association adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., November 21, 1887.

The Association met in the City Court room, at 8 o'clock p. m., and was
called to order by Y ice-President Milledge, who presided in the absence of the

The roll was called and absentees noted.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed.

Captain Calhoun, on part of the Special Relief Committee, made the fol-
lowing report :
To the Confederate Veterans' Association :

I submit the following report of cash received by me for the Association
since \\\\ last report. From one conceit, at DeGive's Opera House, in addition
to the amount formerly reported, as follows:

From ( iaptain 1 [any Jackson ami others $ 10 00

From Yellowstone Kit 550 00

$560 00

Respe< i fully submitted, and the direction of the Association is asked as to
the disposition of the fund. \\. L, Calhoun.

Captain Calhoun was asked to turn over the money thus accounted for to
Dr. Fox, Treasurer of the Association.

Dr. D'Alvignj suggested the appointmenl of a committee to aid Prof.
Barilli in getting up a concerl for the benefit of the Association.

1,11 motion, the chair appointed the following as said committee: Drs.

D'AI\ ignj . FOX, and Divine.


On motion of Captain Calhoun, the thanks of the Association were n
tended to Colonel J. Franklyn Stark,-, by a rising vote, for his /,al and interest
in the benefit given this Association by Yellowstone Kit.

Captain F. M. Myers offered the following preamble and resolutions which
were unanimously adopted amid the greatest enthusiasm:

Whereas. Yellowstone Kit, in a spirit of unusual generosity and charity

did undertake, at great expense and trouble to himself, a benefit <, '„,

the -day of November, at Peters' Park, the entire proceeds to go fn,- the
Relief Fund of the needy and destitute Confederate soldiers; and whereas his
exhibition promised to be one of great success, had it no, been interrupted
and broken up by the conduct of A. Wickers, which, under the circumstances
was unwarranted and of no profit to the said Wickers. thTefore he it —

Resolved, That this Association return their heartfelt thanks to Yellowstone
Kit for his generous and noble effort to assist our needy comrades, and con-
gratulate ourselves that he was able to turn over to us the amount of $550, the
proceeds of his exhibition as far as it went. And we do recommend him in good
people wherever he may go, and especially to ex-Confederates, as an honest,
good-hearted, liberal-minded man, deserving esteem and respect.

Resolved, That we condemn, in unqualified terms, a man who will ruth-
lessly break up a charitable entertainment, when he was put on notice thai the
whole proceeds of said entertainment would go to the benefit of the poor and
needy of any community.

On motion of Colonel Starke, the Secretary was directed to furnish a copy
of the resolutions to the daily papers for publication; also, to furnish Yellow
stone Kit with an enrolled copy. Adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., December 19, 1887.

The Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association met in the basement
of the Court House, at 8 o'clock p. m.

Captain Forbes acted as Secretary. The roll call was dispensed with.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and continued.
Dr. Amos Fox, Treasurer, submitted the following report:


April 27 — To cash from B. J. Davis, Treasurer. . . $ ;;:; 00

May 13 — To cash from Frank Myers (contributed) s no

June 21 — To cash from B. J. Davis, Secretary 3 50

July 19— To cash from B. J. Davis, Secretary 00

October 29 — To cash from Captain Couch, exposition gates (i 80

December 5 — To cash from Frank Myers, Asst. Secretary I*- : *, >

December 9 — To cash from Frank Myers, Asst. Secretary 12 05

* 90 05


May 13— By cash paid band Memorial day $30 00

May 17— By cash paid Harrison & Co (P. C.) 2 50

June 30— By cash paid Harrison & Co. (P. C.) 2 50

July 27— By cash paid W. C. & Co. (badges) 14 65

November 12 — By cash paid provisions (S. A. Stroud) 2 50

December 5 — By cash paid M. Kutz & Co. (ribbon) 15 00

I (ember 9— By cash paid janitor (C. H.) 2 90

Balance 20 60

$ 90 05


September 24 — To cash W. L. Calhoun, proceeds concert $ 528 75

December 19 — To cash W. L. Calhoun, proceeds concert 10 50

December 19— To cash W. L. Calhoun, Yellowstone Kit 550 00

$1,089 25

October 26— Paid voucher No. 1, K. C. Divine $ 5 00

October 26 " " 2, C. Powell 5 00

October 26 " " 3, G. W. Herndon 5 00

March 5 " " 4, A. N. Cox 5 00

March 15 " ,: 5, B. F. Ponder 5 00

March 25 " " 6, S. A. Stroud 5 00

March 28 " " 7, W. A. 5 00

December 9 ''8, John Burns 5 00

December 19 " " 9, G. M. Cullum 5 00

Balance cash in bank 1 ,044 25

$1,089 25

B. J. Davis, Secretary j made the following report:

T< i cash for fees and dues $58 75

By cash paid Treasurer $44 50

By cash paid janitor and other incidental expenses 8 45

By cash commissions retained 5 80

$58 75

The death of the following members was announced: J. H. Reed, "W. M.
Williams. A. It. McCutcheon.

II K. \V. Childless, Company I. Nineteenth Mississippi Volunteers, was
elected a member. Association adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., February 21, 1888.

The Association mel in the City Court room, at 8 o'clock p.m. The Pre-
sident and Vice President being absent, Captain Hugh II. Colquitt was called
tn the chair, on of Dr. Alvigny.

.Minute- of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed.

Treasurer Fox, referring to his reporl made at last meeting, said it should
have iin luded an item to the eii'eei that he had deposited $560.50 of the special
fund in the Neal Bank for three months, on interest at four per cent.


The action of the Treasurer was endorsed by the meeting.

Dr. D'Alvigny spoke of the necessity of hiring a hall for the regular,
monthly and annual meetings of the Association.

Dr. Fox followed on the same line, and suggested thai the K. of I*, hall
could be had for our meeting at $50 per year, perhaps less.

On motion of Col. Thomas, Dr. Pox was authorized to make the necessary
arrangements; rent of hall not to exceed $50 per annum, and advertise nexl
meeting accordingly.

Col. Thomas suggested the propriety and importance of providing for
Memorial Day exercises. After some discussion, it was agreed thai the Execu-
tive committee should take the matter in hand, confer with the Ladies' .Memo
rial Association, and make all necessary arrangements.

Col. Thomas moved the appointment of a committee of six to devise a plan
for erecting headstones over the graves of the Confederate dead at Oakland
cemetery. The following committee was appointed : Col. L. P. Thomas, chair
man; Capt. John Milledge, Dr. Amos Fox, Dr. K. C. Divine, Dr. C. F. S.
D'Alvigny, and Col. Robert L. Rodgers.

On motion of Dr. D'Alvigny, a vote of thanks was tendered Prof. Barilli
and the Polymic club. Adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga.. Match 19, 1888.

The Association met in the hall of the Knights of Pythias at 8 o'clock p.
m. Call of the roll was dispensed with. Minutes of the last meeting were
read and confirmed.

Dr. Amos Fox made a report for ('apt. HughH. Colquitt, of the Execu-
tive committee, stating that he had secured the services of Col. Tims. (J Jones,
of Alabama, as orator of the day for memorial services.

Col. L. P. Thomas made a verbal report for the committee on headstones;
and asked for further time, which was granted.

Captain Milledge gave a history of the work already done for the graves of
the "unknown dead," by the Ladies' Memorial Association.

Capt. Calhoun, Capt. Milledge, and Col. Fry, joined in suggesting and
discussing various plans for raising necessary funds.

On motion of Col. L. P. Thomas, the following members were added t"
the committee, viz.: W. L. Calhoun, G. T. Fry, 1). J. Irby, .1. V. Bishop, II.
Franklyn Starke, Mike Haverty.

On motion of Capt. Frank Myers. Col. L. P. Thomas was requested to
confer with Capt. Wright, President and Commander of the Association, and
render him such assistance as lie may need in the command of the veterans on
Memorial Day.

Capt. Calhoun asked that the Headsti a committee be authorized to ae

date with them such citizens as they may think proper in their plan for raising

Dr. Fox reported that he had secured the hall of the K. of P. for $80 per
year, which was received and adopted.


Dr. Amos Fox was added to the committee on Badges, and the committee
as constituted (Fox, Calhoun, and Divine) was requested and instructed to se-
cure a permanent badge by the next regular meeting.

The following new members were elected, viz.: H. H. Marshall, co. G,
12th 6a.; Bayard L. Mcintosh, 2d Sergeant co. B, 18th Ga. Battalion; S. M.
Pegg, co. B, 27th Miss. Vol.; J. C. Baird, co. I, IstGa. Regulars. Adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., April 16th, 1888.

The Association met in K. of P. hall, at 8 o'clock p. m. Roll was called
and absentees noted. Minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed.

Col. L. P. Thomas of the committee on Headstones, reported progress,
and asked for further time, which was granted.

Dr. Amos Fox reported for committee on Baiges, and exhibited samples of
designs, which was adopted as the permanent badge of the Association.

(apt. Conley moved that none but the silver or white metal badge be used
by members on all parades and public occasions. The motion was discussed
by Col. Fry, Dr. D'Alvignv, Mr. Verstille, Robert L. Rodgers, Capt. Hugh H.
Colquitt, Capt. Milledge, and others.

Col. Fry moved to table the resolution. The motion was seconded, put
and lost. The original motion of Capt, Conley was adopted.

Col. Fry moved that the members of the Association be allowed six months
in which to furnish themselves with the badges; which motion was discussed
by the following members: Conley, Calhoun, Colquitt, Crenshaw, and McBride.

('apt. Hugh II. Colquitt moved to amend by requiring the Treasurer of
the Association to buy and keep on hand 25 white metal badges for the use of
members who may he unable to supply themselves. The amendment was ac-
cepted and the motion prevailed.

Dr. Pox moved Jo amend the by-laws by changing tlie night for meeting
from the t'linl .Monday night to third Saturday night in each month.

A motion was adopted inviting all Confederate veterans in the city and
county, and all visiting Confederates to unite with us on Memorial Day, and
the Secretary instructed to have the invitation published.

John \V. Butler, co. <;. Mih S. C. Infantry ; Dr. Henry Jervey, S. C. Ar-
tillery; Col. Roberl F. Maddox, Lt. Col. 42d Ga. regiment, and Colonel 2d Ga.
Reserves, were elected members. Adjourned.


Atlanta, Ga., April 25th, 1888.

The Association met in their hall at K.:50 a. m. President Wright presid-
ing. Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed.

Dr. Fox moved thesuspensi >f the rules for the election of new mem-
bers. The motion prevailed; and the following were elected : .(no M Connelly,
co A. Btb Ga. Battalion Artillery ; II C Hamilton, co G, 3d Ga.; Otto Spahr,'


band 42d Ga.; J D Edwards, Hays headquarters 1st La. Brigade; R 8 Ozburn
co E, 30th Ga.; Capt W A Fuller; J 15 Turner ; Geo 11 Eddleraan, co C, lOtn
Ga.; MMcSweeny, Capt co D, 10th Tenn; Joseph B Allen. CorpcoA, 1 Til, <;.,.;
W A Childress, co K, 38th Ga.; Rev John Win Jones, Chaplain Lee's Staff, A
of N Va. ; Gabriel Jacobs, co A, Cobb's Legion Infantry; Jaa A Audi
Capt and Insp Field Trans A of Tenn.; .las M Couper, Adjl 20th Miss.; \Y II
Osburn, co F, 1st Ga. Vols.; S M Powell,,,, a Cobb's Legion ; J MLidell,
Capt co H, 16th Ga.; Jas D Ely, private eo 11. 54th Ga.; T F Brewster, l
54th Ga., and afterwards A A Surgeon 1st Ga.

The roll was called. The President announced as the next business the
election of officers for the ensuing twelve months.

Dr. Fox nominated Capt. W. L. Calhoun for President. The rules were
suspended on motion of Maj J Gadsden Kong, and Captain Calhoun was elected
by acclamation.

Captain Hugh H. Colquitt was nominated for Vice-President. The rules
were suspended and he was elected by acclamation. .

Captain F. M. Myers was nominated for Secretary. The rules were sus-
pended and he was elected by acclamation.

The rules were suspended and Dr. Amos Fox was elected Treasurer l>y ac-

Dr. Fox nominated Dr. G. B. Strickler for re-election as Chaplain. John
L. Conley nominated Rev. T. P. Cleveland. The ballot resulted : Cleveland
34; Strickler 30. On motion, Mr. Cleveland's election was made unanimous.

The following gentlemen were nominated for the Executive committee: L.
P. Thomas, John L. Conley, K. C. Divine, J. Gadsden King. Frank T. Ryan.
The rules were suspended and they were elected by acclamation.

Mr. Garrison moved the appointment of a committee of three to escort the
presidentelect to the chair. Messrs. Garrison, Irby, andD'Alvigny wereap
pointed, and executed their commission amidst greal applause.

Captain Calhoun, taking the chair, spoke as follow-, ;

Gentlemen of the Association : Language will fail me in the attempt to expre-*-
to you my appreciation of the honor conferred in selecting me as President and
Commander of the Association. I have often in the past felt grateful for honors
bestowed, but never has my heart been touched as it has been to-night. You know
that*I did not seek it. I was willing and content to occupy an humble position in
your ranks. I have assembled with you not for honor, not for office ; but as a vete-
ran for veterans, to perpetuate the memories of the lost cause — a cause sacred to as;
a cause which, in our opinion, involved civil liberty, private property, honor, patriot-
ism, homes, and firesides — a cause "sustained by conviction and consecrated by in-
heritance." The people of the Southern States believed thit most sacred rights had
been infringed; that the class of property which constituted their wealth had been
endangered — all in violation of the letter and spirit of the declaration of independ-
ence and fundamental law enforced in the Constitution ; that this was a breach of
the compact between the States in the formation of the Union; and that they, there-
fore, had the legal and just right to withdraw from it for their protection. Was DOt
the defense of these principles and rights worthy of the sons of the South, and of
the shedding of our best blood, and sacrifice of our most valuable live-. If we had /


submitted without a struggle, we would have proved recreant to our ancestral faiths,
and deserved the scorn and reproach of the brave in every land. Our noble women
— God bless them — whose patriotism and devotion never nagged during the entire
struggle, and to whom Mr. Davis, in beautiful language, dedicated his great work
in defense of the South, would have lost respect for us, and consigned us to a posi-
tion which no brave or chivalrous man could occupy. Our sunny skies, beautiful
trees, and bright flowers, would have frowned upon us. No ! No ! we could not
desert our country. Through this organization, and by all other means, let us pro-
claim to our descendants that we were not traitors. We meet here as brothers, to
revive and cherish the memories of that great contest. To-morrow is Memorial
Day. We will go in a body to the graves of our comrades. It will arouse sad
memories, yet they will be sweetened by the thought that fair and tender hands are
paying tribute to their bravery and self-sacrifice, by decorating their graves with the
beautiful flowers of our own sunny clime. If it be true that the spirits of the dead
visit the earth, I doubt notthey will be there to remain silent and invisible witnesses
of the holy tribute. Comrades ! brothers ! we too shall soon be there. Our ranks
are thinning. Even upon the youngest of our members the wrinkles and gray hairs
of age are gathering. We should be true to each other in all respects. If one of
us in the great battle of life falls, fainting by the wayside, we must raise him up. If
one passes over the river, we must honor his memory. We must do our duty. Gen.
Lee, our great captain, said "duty is the sublimest word in our language.'' A noble
legacy of wisdom ! I thank you from my heart for your kindness to me. As your
presiding officer, I invoke your sympathy and patience. I can do nothing without
them. I shall endeavor to so conduct myself as to command your respect, and I
hope and believe that we can in a few years make our organization an honor to our-
selves and to our country. At any rate, we can still be true and kind to each other,
and at last round up our lives with the satisfaction of knowing that we have not lived
for self alone, but have accomplished some good in this world.

dipt, I limb H. Colquitt, Vice-President, being called, spoke as follows :

My Comrades and Friends : I thank you for the honor you have conferred in
electing me an officer in the Confederate Veterans' Association. I thank God that
there are so many of us still alive to come together and cherish the blessed memories
of the past. Permit me to call attention to some reasons that ought to inspire
us to active, earnest effort in keeping alive this organization. There has an
idea gone abroad that the "New South" is peopled with a new race of men ; that
the present prosperity of our section is due to men who have grown up and developed
since the war. This is not true. At a meeting of the Manufacturers' Association of
this city, some months ago, I stated that the material development of this section had
been brought about by Southern men ; that with few exceptions every paying manu-
facturing industry among us was managed and controlled by Southern men, and
thai Northern and foreign capital had only aided, in a manner, enterprises conceived
and carried forward to success by our own people; that the wonderful building up
of our own State, and adjoining States, from the desolate waste left after the ravages
of war, was our own work Shortly afterwards the Atlanta Constitution entered
into an examination on this line, and published elaborate details that fully sustained

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