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»ny statement. It was shown that in every branch of industry, Southern men and


Southern capital, had done, and was still doing the work, and that the leading spirits
were, in almost every instance, our own people. Now, I state to you that the men
who have done this great work of making a new empire out of the desolation at the
close of the warj are not men of the new period, but the same men who fought
heroically our battles, and who, when peace came, with fortitude withstood the fear-
ful pressure of reconstruction. Look about you. Examine the record to-day, and
you will find in every branch of human industry the truth of this statement. Among
the railroads, in the busy marts, in the factories, in the mines, in the professions, in
the pulpits, on the farm, in the legislative halls, in agricultural pursuits, in every-
thing, everywhere, you will find that the foremost men are ex-Confederate soldiers.
The men who have built up your manufactories, and to-day manage them success-
fully ; the men who are at the head of your vast railway systems ; the men who
control your press ; the men who control your large mercantile houses ; your judges,
your leading preachers, your wise lawyers, your statesmen. All ! all ! I say, were
our Confederate soldiers. The men who fought the battles of the country are to-day
the leaders of thought and the moulders of public opinion. Who led us through the
wilderness of reconstruction, and planted our feet in this land that flows with milk
and honey? The ex-Confederate soldier ! Who is to-day at the head of the great
railway system of your State ? An ex-Confederate soldier ! Who to-day guide's
your ship of State on its course of honor and progress ? An ex-Confederate soldier !
Who to-day stands in the halls of the Nation as the leader and exponent of the po-
litical faith of our fathers, honored and trusted all over this great continent ? An
ex-Confederate soldier. There may be a "New South," but the spirit that animates
and guides it, the blood that pulses through its every vein — the will that gives it
force and power, is still embodied in the same men who bared their breasts to the
bullets, and rushed unterrified with the "rebel yell" to the mouth of thundering
cannon. " 'Tis true, 'tis pity, and pity 'tis 'tis true," that we are pressing rapidly
out of the scene. Soon, very soon, death will beat our last tattoo. The youngest
among us show the signs of approaching old age, hence it behooves us to stand close
together, elbow to elbow, for the small space that is left to us. Hence it is that we
should be active now in keeping alive this Association, and by earnest effort make it
strong enough to give aid to the sick and poor, and a decent burial to the dead. No
great government stands ready to pour out its pensions for our help. We must de-
pend on ourselves and the generous aid of our own people. With a strong organi-
zation, properly directed, we can go before our people and present a claim that no
man can refuse. It was a glorious struggle, grandly carried to the end by noble
men. Let us never for a moment forget it, and to-morrow, as we march to the cem-
etery, let each man's heart swell with proud emotion, that he was once a Confede-
rate soldier. As we look on each grave of our soldier dead, as we think of him
who rests there in eternal sleep, let us bow our heads in silent reverence, for there a
hero lies buried. I accept the office you have so kindly tendered me, and will dis-
charge its duties to the full measure of my ability.

The thanks of the Association were tendered by a rising rote to the retiring

President and Vice-President.


Dr. Fox, Treasurer, submitted the following report :


January 1, To cash on hand in Bank $ 20 90

April 17, To cash from B. J. Davis, Secretary 7 00

April 19, To cash from F. M. Myers, Assistant Secretary 2 25

April 23, " " " " " 75

February 1, By cash paid to W. C. Dodson, voucher 14 $ 7 00

March ' 24, " C. E. Langford, " 24 100

April 21, " Hall rent, March, April and May 9 00

|30 90

17 00

April 25, Balance on hand $ 13 90


Jan'y 1, To balance on hand $ 483 75

" 2, To cash from Barilli's concert 74 50

$558 25

Jan'y 20, Paid J. M. Kemp voucher 10 $ 5 00

" 20, " W. S. Shomp " 11.... 5 00

" 22, " A. W. Landrum " 12 5 00

'• 30, " E. B. Newbern " 13.... 5 00

Feb'y 2, •' A. N. Cox " 15 5 00

" 7, " S.A.Stroud " 16.... 5 00

•' 29, " Williams " 17.... 5 00

March 1, " Hanny&Dunlap " 18 7 50

'• 2, " A. J. Haltivvanger " 19 3 35

" 3, " C.H. Swift & Co, for coffin. " 20.... 25 00

" 20, " Vouchers 21, 22 and 23 20 00

" 21, " C. D'Alvigny - " 25.... 5 00

April 10, '• C. A. Ritcher " 26... 500

Mar. 27. " F. C. McLendon " 27.... 5 00

April '21. '• \V. Smith . " 38.... 5 00

" 28, • Amos Fox " 31 29 50

145 75

Balance on hand in Bank $413 50

By certificate of deposit in Neal's Bank 560 50

Total on hand $973 00

Secretary Davis submitted the following report :

Dr. io fees and dues collected $ 103 00

( !r. I»,v amount paid Treasurer $51 50

" Janitor, insurance and expenses 8 50

retained as commissions 43 00

$103 00


Col. Thomas, of Headstone committee, reported progress. The committee
proposes to hold a Fair in September next.

Capt. Colquitt moved that the special committee be continued, and the

motion prevailed.

On motion of Dr. D'Alvigny, the office of Surgeon was created, under a
suspension of the rules.

Drs. Divine and Todd were placed in nomination. Dr. Divine received
34 votes ; Dr. Todd received - votes. Dr. Divine's election was made unani

Moved and seconded that the husiness men be requested to close their places
of business at one o'clock p. m. on Memorial Day. Carried.

The President urged, in a neat address, members to attend the memorial

All ex-Confederates were, by resolution, invited to join with our Associn
tion to-morrow.

The President appointed the following Visiting committee : Dr. £. J.
Roach, Dan. J. Irby, Michael Haverty, John F. Edwards.

Atlanta, Ga., Monday. May 21, 1888

The Association met, with President Calhoun in the chair. All the officert
were present but the Treasurer, who was absent from the city.

By motion of Vice-President Colquitt the roll call was dispensed with.

The minutes of the former meeting were read and adopted.

Then President Calhoun made the following report of the Executive com
mittee :

"As ex-officio chairman of the Executive committee, I have the honor to report
that the committee has met twice since the last meeting of the Association, and have
had under consideration several matters involving our welfare and future prosperity.
On the subject of providing permanent quarters for our general meetings, the con -
mittee was unanimous in the opinion that we should do so, and appointed a sub-
committee to make a selection, and report to our committee. They did so, and
ascertained that the entire upper story of the building located on Hroad street, at
the S. E. corner of the bridge, consisting of one large hall and three small rooms,
with a passage between, could be rented for twenty-live dollars per month, or the
hall alone at twelve and a half dollars per month, and that we could have until OOI
next meeting to determine whether we would accept the same. The committee have
also had under consideration the reports of the officers handling the finance! of the
Association, and have appointed a sub-committee to make examination thereof. The
sub-committee now have in hand the material necessary to complete their work, and
will submit a detailed report at the next meeting. The Executive committee will
hereafter meet on the first and third Monday nights in each month, and on the third
Monday night one-half hour before the meeting of the Association.
Respectfully submitted,

W. L. Calhoun, Chairman.

J 38

Captain Colquitt moved, and seconded by John Campbell, Esq., that the com-
mittee be authorized to take Dr. Connally's Hall at $2$ per month, as soon as it
can be done.

Committee on the Fair asked for further time, and on motion of John Campbell,

Esq., it was granted.

Captain Colquitt moved that the Secretary be directed to ask the press to take
notice of our Fair.

The Rev. Mr. Cleveland moved that a committee of three of our Association
from each ward, be appointed to solicit members for the Association. Carried.

The Rev. Mr. Cleveland rose to a question of privilege, and thanked the Asso-
ciation in very appropriate and pretty language for the honor of electing him Chap-

Major King moved that Captain Colquitt write a letter of thanks to Col. Jones,
of Montgomery, Ala., for his beautiful address on Memorial Day. It was seconded
by Rev. Mr. Cleveland, and carried by a rising vote.

Major King moved that all papers in reference to the late Confederacy be ob-
tained; and Captain Colquitt amended by adding that all things pertaining, besides
papers, be obtained if possible, to be put into our archives.

The President reported that he would let the old Relief committee stand in
part and put three new members on. The committee is L. P. Thomas, Amos Fox,
Volney Dunning, R. M. Clayton, Chas. D'Alvigny.

Dr. D'Alvigny moved that cards be struck off with list of officers and commit-
tees on them. Seconded and carried.

Captain Colquitt moved that the Secretary publish each meeting the day before
we meet. Carried.

F. M. Myers, Secretary.

Hall F. C. V. Association, Atlanta, Ga., June 18, 1888.

The Association met, President Calhoun in the chair. All officers present.

On motion of Vice-President Colquitt roll was suspended. Minutes read and
adopted, after correction by Vice-President Colquitt.

The President stated that under the contract made with Dr. Connally that the
hall had been rented at the rate of $25 per month.

Captain Conley moved that the Executive committee take such steps as to the
dedication of our New Hall as may seem proper.

Dr. Fox moved an amendment, so that the same committee see to the furnish-
ing of the hall, which was carried as amended.

Col. Thomas made a report of his Fair committee, and proposed to change the
time of the Fair to November. Col. Thomas suggested that the committee meet
some day before our next meeting in July, when Vice-President Colquitt suggested
that Col. Thomas call the committee at as early a day as possible; then Vice-Pres.
Colquitt suggested that we take our new hall as soon as it was ready.

Col. Thomas suggested that we have a picnic at Grant's Park, and further that
we have the Association picnic on the 22d July.


Captain Colquitt suggested that we have a committee to name the day through
the papers, and that we see Mr. Marsh and go to Salt Springs. He moved that a
committee be appointed to take the matter in hand.

Col. Abbot amended Col. Colquitt's motion, that the President appoint a
committee of five to report to the President, and that he report through the Press to
the Association. Passed.

Captain Colquitt moved that the President appoint a committee to represent our
Association at each of the regimental reunions. Passed.

Dr. Fox introduced the following resolutions —

Resolved, That the Honorable Jefferson Davis be elected an honorary member
of the Association, and that the Secretary notify him of his election.

Resolved, That the Association present him a suitable badge, with a letter from
its President, expressive of our unchanging devotion to him, and the cause he loved
so dearly; and when called hence by Divine authority to a better home, that he
will bequeath this badge to the "Daughter of the Confederacy," to be kept by her
as an heir loom, from the soldiers who were ever constant to the principles of the
old South. Carried by a rising vote.

Mr. Garrison made application to be put on the retired list.

Mr. S. J. Allen moved that our Chaplain, or some minister of his choice
preach to us at our Hall once a month. Amended by Col. Thomas, that we have
annual services by our Chaplain at such place and time as he may select. Carried.

Moved by Major Starke, and seconded, that all names that were offered and
properly vouched for, and the fee of admission paid, that they be admitted. Passed.

The President made a few remarks as to the duty of the members to attend the
funeral services of our deceased brethren.

Rev. Dr. Cleveland suggested that we have a memorial service over our dead
brothers. Whereupon Captain Conley moved the following resolutions :

Resolved, That there be held on the third Sunday in October, in each and every
year, a memorial service as a matter of respect to those members of the Association
who may have died during the preceding year.

Resolved, further, That the details of such memorial service shall be arranged
by the Executive committee. Passed.

The Picnic committee : Col. Abbott, Hammond, Martin, Nally, Major Starke,
Geo. A. Webster.

The following named persons were admitted to membership : B. F. Abbott, A.
J. Pinson, L. J. Laird, S. J. Allen, Alexander Northington, James B. Warren, Sam'l
Hape, W. R. Hodgson, L.J. Bloodworth, A. J. Hunt, V. A. Wilson, J. I). William-.

F. M. Myers, Secretary.

Hall F. C. C. V. Association, July io, 1888.

The Association met, President Calhoun in the chair. All the officers present,
but the Treasurer and Chaplain. Minutes read and approved.

The following named persons were elected members: M. G. McKenzie, Kufaula
Light Artillery; J. J. Griffin, co. B, 8th Ga Vol.; V. A. Wilson, co. E, 7th Ga ; I.
M. Ponder, W. L. Bryan, co. D, 13th Ga.; John B. Thompson, co. K, 3S1I1 ( .


H. Williams, co. H, 42c! Ga.; J. A. Bridwell, co. D, 1st Conf. Regiment ; Jerry
Lynch, co. B, 4th Ala.; L. T. Mitchell, Corporal co. A, 8th Ga.; Warren Jourdan,
co. F, 1st Ga. Vols ; Wm. J. Bartley, co. G., 3d Ga.

The matter of Captain G. B. Forbes' application for one or two rooms of the
Association was referred to the Executive committee.

The President spoke of the dedication of the hall, and stated that the commit-
tee bad decided to put it off until September.

Secretary F. M. Myers tendered his resignation, which was accepted.

Major King moved that the Secretary be requested to retain his office until his
successor was elected.

Mr. S. J. Allen moved that the Association have a transparent sign so that
visiting soldiers would find where our hall is.

Under the head of communications, the Secretary read a reply from Honorable
Jefferson Davis.

Major King moved that the letter of Mr. Davis be spread on the minutes, and
that the letter be filed among the archives of our Association. Carried.

The President called the attention of the Association that one hundred chairs,
and desks for the Association, had been purchased.

Moved by Major King, that we do now adjourn, which was carried.

F. M. Myers, Secretary.

Hall F. C. C. V. A., July 26th, 1888.

Association met pursuant to a call by the President, for a special meeting.
President in the chair. Secretary and Treasurer present.

Col. B. F. Abbott, chairman of the committee on Picnic, made a report
thai he was in conference with the Chautauqua Association, to have a picnic at
their grounds at Salt Springs, and after some discussion and a statement by
Mr. Henry Grady, the Association, by unanimous vote, adopted the 4th of
.Inly as the day lor the Picnic, and Salt Springs as the place.

.Moved and carried that the President be authorized to invite O. M. Mitchell
(Jrand Army Post, and any oilier persons or organizations he may see tit.

Dr. .). Stainback Wilson, Surgeon General Hospital Richmond, and then
Surgeon lOtb Georgia, was elected a member of the Association. Adjourned.

George B. Fokbes, Acting Secy.

Hall F. C. C. V. A., August 20, 1888.

The Veterans met in their Hall. Calling the roll was dispensed with.
In the absence of the President and Vice President, Col. L. P Thomas
was called to the chair, and J. F. Edwards to act as Secretary.
Minutes of the last meeting was read and adopted.
On motion of Dr. Fox, .1. F. Edwards was elected permanent Secretary.


On motion of Dr. Fox. a page of the minute journal was sel apart to the
memory of Capt. John Kcely, and the Secretary was instructed to have it
suitably inscribed, giving date of birth and death.

Capt. John L. Conley, through Dr. Fox, presented the Veterans with sev-
eral handsome steel engravings; for which, upon motion of .Mr. Roberts, hi
received their hearty thanks.

On motion, Dr. Fox was requested to report at the next regular meeting
the cost of having these engravings framed.

The following Veterans were elected to membership, having paid dues and
initiation fee : J. H. Mathews, co. F, 2d Kentucky Cavalry; W. J. Spink*, 1st
Lieut, co. I, 1st Kentucky Cavalry; W. Cook, co. F. 8th Ga. Regulars.

On motion, the Veterans adjourned.

J. F. Edwards. Secretan .

HallF. C. C. V. A.. October 1. isss.

The Veterans met in called session in their hall, with President ( lalhoun in
the chair. All the officers present.

The minutes of last regular meeting read and approved.

The following resolution was offered by Dr. Fox, that

Whereas, the West View Cemetery Association having offered a fifty foot
square lot as a burial place for the members of this Association, provided they
erect a monument, costing not less than rive hundred dollars, within two years;
therefore be it

Resolved, That we, the Confederate Veterans' Association of Fulton county,
accept the same, and that the money for erecting this monument he raised by
private subscription, and that this matter be referred to the Executive commit-
tee, to perfect all details relating to this offer. Adopted.

By Capt, John L. Conley —

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the President I'm- tin-
purpose of formulating a plan admitting the sons of veterans as members of
our Association. Adopted.

By Capt. W. G. Newman —

Resolved, That in the appointment of escorts to attend funerals, the firs)
named member shall be chairman, and that the escort shall meet in the hall of
the Association at the hour designated, and proceed in a body under the charge
of the chairman, in further discharge of their duties assigned them. Adopted.

By Capt. H. H. Colquitt—

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed as a Btanding committee
on rooms. It shall be the duty of this committee to correspond with the lead-
ing newspapers and periodicals, and ask them to furnish copies of their publi
cations for the reading rooms of this Association. It shall also be their duty i.
secure relics of the late war to be placed in the rooms of this Association, and
it shall be their duty to have a general supervision of the hall and rooms ,>\ the
Association. Adopted.


By President W. L. Calhoun —

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association are tendered to Gen. John B.
Gordon, Capt. E. P. Howell, and Henry W. Grady, for their appropriate and
beautiful addresses delivered on the occasion of our dedicatory exercises. To
.Mr. Cleveland and Dr. Strickler for their services, and to the ladies and gen-
tlemen who honored us with their presence ; and to Prof. Wurm's Orchestra
for the sweet music rendered voluntarily and which added so much to our
pleasure. Adopted.

The following committees were appointed from each ward in the city,
whose duty it will be to solicit new members of our Association :

First Ward— 11. Haverty, S. M. Inman, K. C. Divine.

Second. Ward— Geo A. Webster, George Hillyer, J. S Mitchell.

Third Ward— Goo. B. Forbes, J. D. Garrison, R. M. Clayton.

Fourth Ward—T P. Cleveland, Geo. T. Fry, W S. Thomson.

Fifth Ward—Z. A. Rice, A. P. Woodward,\j. S. Todd.

Sixth Ward—G. S. Prior, H. H Colquitt, M. C. Kiser.

The following correspondence was read by the President, and on motion
was ordered to be spread upon the minutes.:

Atlanta, Ga., June 19th, 1888.
Eon. Jefferson Davis, Beauvoir, Miss. ;

Dear Sir — In discharge of the pleasant duty imposed upon me by the en-
close,! resolution of the Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association, I
have the honor to send herewith the badge of the Association, and to assure
you that the presentation of it evidences in the highest degree our appreciation
of your exalted character. Your ability, devotion to country, noble struggle
lor the perpetuation of our Government as the Fathers made it, and heroic self-
sacritice lor the people of the South has not been paralleled. The events of
your life will form the highest page in the records of deeds of those brave spirits
who foughl for liberty. Rest well assured that you have the love of our peo-
ple, and their most earnest wishes for your good health, happiness and long
hfe- Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Wm. Lowndes Calhoun, President, etc.

Beauvoir, Miss., July 17th, 1888.
Wm. Lowndes Calhoun, Esq., President, etc:

Dear Sir— I gratefully acknowledge the honor conferred upon me by the
Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association, in the resolution which you
enclose to me. and the beautiful gold badge which accompanied it. The value
of the gratifying offering is enhanced by the fact that the Association gave the
reversion of it to my daughter, so as to perpetuate the token beyond the dura-
tion of my lite. In the history of human events it has often happened that
success was no! attained 1>\ the jusi cause, hut we have consolation in the fact

"'••'t virtue and truth, if overturned bj force, have usually been vindicated by
the avenger Time Your Association, and others of a kindred character,
musl serve the grand purpose f giving to posterity a just appreciation of the
cause and conduct, for and by which the veterans strove in most unequal war
'" maintain the principles consecrated by the blood of (he American revolution

Please presenl my cordial acknowledgment to your Association, and believe
me, Fraternally, Jeffekson Davis,


The following named Veterans were admitted as members of this Asso-
ciation, having conformed to our by-laws relating to dues, etc. : (Irani Wilkins,
Troup artillery; L. B. Anderson, Major 7th Ga.; J. Colton Lyr - int CO.
I, 1st S. C. ; George H. Force, co. B, 2d S. C.;B D. Lee, tsl Lieut, co. K. 64th
Ga.; Henry Jennings, Lieut. Troup artillery, \V. W. Boyd, Q. M. Sergeanl
64th Ga.; J. H. Porter, co. D, 3d Ga. ; D. M. Bain, CO. K, 40th Ga.; II. I.
Offenwhite, co. A, Lieut Paul's battery; W. H. Clayton, CO K. Lieut. 7th Ga.;
Joseph Thompson, Lieut C. S. A.; Robert F. Lester, 1st Lieut, and then Sur-
geon co. B, 1st Ga. ; E. N. Blount, 1st Lieut, co. B, 26th Ga.; R. M. Farrar,
Railroad city battalion; W. F. Baker, Q. M. S., 11th Ga.; John C. Reed, Capt.
co I, 8th Ga. ; H. H. Cabaniss, Ga. Mil. Institute; Dr. James S. Lawton, Ass.
Surgeon Martin's Regulars; Louis Gholstein, 1st Lieut, co. G, 1st Tenn. ; \V.
H. Thompson, co. D, 30th Ga.; Benj N. Williford, Bergeanl co. F, 8th Ga.;
J. W. English, Lieut, co. D, 2d Ga. ; J. C. Fuller, co. B, 2d Ga.»J.G: Russell,
Q. M. Sergeant co. H, 27thGa.;W. A. Hansel!, Captain Engineer corps; J.
R. Parks, co. I, 16th Ga, ; Chas. J. Oliver, Chaplain Cabell's battery; John A.
W. Fleming, co. C, Cobb's legion ; J. M. Caldwell, co. G. 9th Ga. ; \\ . 11
Crabtree, co. C, 34th Miss.

The following committee were appointed by the President on Furnishing
and Decorating the Hall and Rooms : H. H. Colquitt, chairman; W. A. Hemp-
hill, H Franklyn Starke, J. Gadsden King, Amos Fox.

On resolution of Dr. Fox to form an auxiliary corps of Son^ of Veterans :
JohnL. Conley, chairman; W. A. Wright, J. H. Ketner, Z. A. Rice, L. P.


The following is the resolution referred to —

Be it Resolved, That Sons of Confedefate Veterans may be elected as aux-
iliary members of the Fulton County Confederate Veterans' Association, by
paying initiation and dues, with all the privileges except voting. And when
the sire passes away the sons may be allowed to vote. Adopted.

J. F. Edwards, Secretary.

HallF. C. C. V. A., Monday Night, Oct. 15th, 1888.

The Veterans met in regular session, with President Calhoun in the chair.
All officers present. Minutes of last meeting read and adopted. Calling of the
roll was dispensed with.

Dr. Amos Fox, the Treasurer, submitted his report, showing s."iiio deposit-
ed in bank drawing interest, and $118.45 deposited in bank subject t<> cheek.

The committee appointed on Dr. Fox's resolution, to report on plan to ad
mit Sons of Veterans as members of our Association, asked through its chair-
man, Mr. John L. Conley, to be relieved of further consideration of the Bubject,

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