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a uniform company out of our Association, and uniforming and equipping the

Referred to the committee revising the Constitution.

The following Veterans having complied with our By-laws, etc., as to dues
were admitted as members:

J. R. Drake, private co K, 7th Ga.; W. G. Gibson, private co A, Lsl Ga.
Vol.; A. G. Howard, Orderly Sergeant, 12th Ala.; II. T. Bead, private co C,
Cobb's Legion; Lawrence Lutz, private coE, 1st La.; John M. Farmer, private
co A, 40th Ga.

On motion, the Association adjourned.

Atlanta. Ga., April 36th, 1889

At the annual meeting of the Association all the officers wen- present.
The Association was called to order by the President, and after prayer b]
the Chaplain, the minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The report of the Secretary and Treasurer, which had been examined In
the Executive Committee and found correct, were received and ordered Bpread
on the minutes.

The report of the Surgeon of the Association was read and ordered Bpread
on the minutes.

The Committee on Relief and Visiting, submitted verbal reports through

the chairmen.

secretary's report.

John F. Edwards, Secretary, in account with the Pulton Countj Confcd
erate Veterans' Association:
1889 — To amount dues and initiation fees collected from Sept. 18th,

1888, to April 22, 1889 • ,: "' ""

Less ten per cent, commission ' '

| I

Paid over to Dr. Fox, as per receipts

Balance due the Association *



Amos Fox, Treasurer, in account with Fulton County Confederate Vet-
erans' Association for 1889:

Feb. 18, to balance as per last statement $2,229 52

Feb. 18, to cash from J. F. Edwards, Secretary 20 25

Feb. 23, to one-half milk bill T. L. Johnson 9 25

March 26, to cash from J. F. Edwards, Secretary 109 47

April 22, " " " 160 55

$2,529 04

Feb. 20, by Voucher No. 30, W. L. Mehaffy $ 5 00

Feb. 20, by Voucher No. 31, Dan J. Irby and Ives, on pic-
tures 15 70

Feb. 25, by Vouchers Nos. 32 and 33, C. Powell & L. Orril 15 00

Merch 9, by Voucher No. 34, J. T. Stocks, coal for fair 7 00

Maroh 16, by Vouchers Nos. 35 and 36, Bain & Kirkpatrick 10 90
March 26, by Voucher No. 37, Haverty & Co., 8 ft table. . . 35 00

April 1, by Voucher No. 38, freight and gas bill 1 95

April 3, by Voucher No. 39, \}i ton coal 7 50

April 13, by Voucher No. 40, V. P. Sisson, printing 19 25

April 29, by Vouchers Nos. 41 and 42, Childress and Leach 10 00

April 22, by Voucher No. 43, J. P. Harrison & Co ' 4 20

April 22, by Voucher No. 44, postage stamps, etc 213 25

April 26, balance on hand 2,184 29

$2,529 04

Atlanta, Ga., April 26, 1889.
Received of W. L. Calhoun, President, one-half net proceeds of Veterans'
Fair, $1,806.36, with which I paid one-half of T. L. Johnson's milk bill,
amounting to $9.25, and one-half of J. T. Stocks' coal bill, amounting to
$3.50, and I submit herewith receipt from Mrs. John Milledge, President of
the Ladies' Memorial Association, for $1,793.61— amounting in all to $1,806.36.
Fifteen hundred and sixty dollars of the above balance at Neal's banking
company on interest. Amos Fox. Treasurer.

surgeon's report.

To the Officers and Member* of the F. C C. V. Association :

GENTLEMEN — I have the honor, as Surgeon of this Association, for the
year ending April 25, 1889, to make the following report. My duties have been
veiv light, having been confined to the examination of applicants for Slate
pensions, some of which, tomygreal surprise and regret, have been refused.
though the law. as understood by me, was in each instance strictly complied
with In addition to this duly 1 professionally attended — Terrell, late of
Mercer's brigade, who, 1 regret to say, died on the third day (April 20, 1889),
after my firsl visit. I have ever held myself in readiness to obey any call which
might be made on me. and was willing and anxious at all times to render any
service in my power, Respectfully submitted,

K. C. Divine, Surgeon.


The following Veterans having complied with our By-laws, a- to dues, were

admitted as members:

M D Mauldin, private, 9th Ga Artillery; I) P Brown, private, Bth Qa Ar-
tillery; J N Fricks, private co C, 1st S C Rifles; I)r II c Timmona, sergeanl co
C, 56th Ga; H T Smith, private co B, 15th Ga; DLedbetter, privateco K. 18th
Ga; L A Rusch, sergeant co D, 1st S C Artillery; 1) Buice, private CO II. 7th
Ga; R A Autry, private co E, 2d Ala; G G Crawford, surgeon McLaw'a divta
ion; WDR Norris, private co I, 14th Ga; M F Edwards, musician co I). 4th
Ga; J H Jones, private co K, 38th Ga; W G Eaton, private; G .1 Dallas, cap!
and A Q M, post duty; J M Osborn, orderly sergeant co F, 7th Ga Cavy; (II
Clarke, private co C, 2d Va; Dr T H Kenan, aid to (Jen W II II T Walker; J
C Kirkpatrick, private co A, 63d Ga; Jacob Ammel, private co F. 8th Qa; E
M M Hooper, Q M Sergt, 1st S C Infantry; P J McCuDough, private CO K. 7th
Ga; M E Maker, private, LaFayette Artillery, Charleston; J II Franklin, ser
geant-major, 30th Ga Vol.

The following members have died since our last memorial services in < >, i,,
ber, 1888: A. B. Culberson, C. R. Wellborn, W. G. Newman, and John W.

The Committee on Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws, through its
chairman, Capt. John L. Conley, submitted their report, which was considered

seriatim, and adopted:


Confederate Veterans' Association.


Section i. This Society shall be known as Confederate Veterans' Asso-
ciation, of Fulton county, Georgia.

ARTICLE II— Objects of the Society.

Section i. The objects of the Association are the conservation of Confederate
memories, the promotion of fellowship, and the cultivation of friendship between
the surviving officers and soldiers of the army, navy, marine and signal corps, and
other organizations in the service of the Confederacy ; the exhibition of loyal res p ect
to the recollections and impulses of a Confederate past ; the encouragement and prac
tice of manly virtues; the extension of reasonable aid and sympathy to fellow-
members in seasons of sickness and distress, and, in case of death, burial and the
rendition of suitable funeral honors.

ARTICLE III— Membership.

SECTION I. Those only shall be admitted to the privileges of membership who
were in the military or naval service of the Confederate States, or either of them,
during the late war between the States, and who were honorably discharged, by
parole or otherwise therefrom, and who have brought no discredit on the service

Sec. 2. Every application for membership shall be in writing, and shall state


the applicant's age, birthplace, and residence when entering the service, his rank,
command and date (as near as may be) of entry, and his rank, command, and date
(as near as may be) of discharge or parole.

Sec. 3. The application shall be presented at a regular meeting of the Associa-
tion • shall be accompanied by the initiation fee and one year's dues, and shall be
endorsed by two members of the Association, who shall vouch for the eligibility of
the applicant.

Sec. 4. The application shall be received and published to the Association,
and shall lie over for one meeting, and shall then be voted upon by the Association.
Upon the question of admission the vote shall be by ball ballot, and five black balls
shall exclude the applicant, but this rule may be suspended by unanimous consent,
and the applicant be elected by a viva voce vote.

Section II.

1. The son of any member of the Association, or of any person now de-
ceased who if in life would be eligible to membership, who shall have attained the
age of eighteen years, or any other male descendant of such person who may have
attained the age of twenty-one years, may be received into the Association as an
Auxiliary Member in the same manner in which members are received, and shall
pay the same fees and dues as are required of members, but no Auxiliary Member
shall have the right to vote, hold office, or participate in the business of any meet-
ing of the Association.

2. An Auxiliary Member shall be entitled to wear the badge of the Associa-
tion after the death of the Veteran, under whom he claims the right of admission
to the Association.

Section III.

Distinguished persons who were in the civil, military, or naval service of the
Confederate States, or either of them, or their lineal descendants, may be elected to
Honorary Membership in the Association, in such manner and at such times as the
Association may deem proper.

ARTICLE IV— Meetings.
Section I.

1. Regular meetings of the Association shall be held on the third Monday in
each month, at 7.30 p. m.

2. The meetings in July, October, and January, with the annual meetings in
April in each year, shall be deemed quarterly meetings for the purpose hereinafter

3. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held on the third Monday
in April, at 7:30 o'clock p. m , at which time officers of the Association for the
ensuing year shall be elected. All members of the Association in good standing
shall be ebgible to any office therein, except Surgeon, who shall be qualified as
hereinafter specified.

4. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President, or by
the Executive Committee, should occasion require.

5. At the annual meeting, in addition to the election of officers, as hereinbe-
fore provided, the history of the Association for the preceding twelve months shall
be submitted. Ollicers shall make their reports. A full exhibit of all acts and dis-
bursements shall be presented, and the condition and prospects of the Association
shall be laid before the members for their information and action.

6. At the quarterly meetings, in like manner, shall be presented and acted
upon, the reports of the officers, for the preceding quarter, and the operations of the
Association shall be ascertained and discussed.

7. At any meeting of the Association, nine members shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business.


ARTICLE V— Officers.
Section I.

1. The officers of this Association shall be —

A President and Commander,

A Vice-President,

A Secretary.

A Treasurer,

A Chaplain,

A Surgeon,

A Historian,
who shall be elected at the annual meeting, except in case of an election to fill a
vacancy, which may be held at any regular meeting.

2. All elections shall be by ballot, unless dispensed with by unanimous con-
sent when they may be by a viva voce vote. In case of a ballot, the majority of all
the votes cast shall be necessary to a choice. If there should be no election on the
second ballot, the name receiving the smallest number of votes shall be dropped,
and so on in successive ballots until an election is had.

Section II.

I The President and Commander shall preside at all meetings of the Asso-
ciation, and shall take command at all public demonstrations. He shall, on all
occasions, lend his counsel, aid, and encouragement to the best interest of the

2. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside, or take


Section III

I The Secretary shall preserve a due record of all the proceedings, and,
under" the supervision of the presiding officer conduct the correspondence of the
Association. He shall keep a substantial book of membership, wherein shall appear
the names of all who shall connect themselves with the Association. In this register
of membership shall be entered the name, residence, rank, age, command or or-
ganization to which each member was attached at the time of the surrender or the
Confederate armies, or at the time of his honorable discharge.

2. He shall notify all members of their election, and perform all such other
duties as legitimately appertain to his office. In consideration of the faithful dis-
charge of such duties, he shall be exempt from the payment of all dues.

3 . It shall be the duty of the Secretary to receive and collect all i»itijjfi«
fees, and all dues of every sort, and turn over the same to the Treasurer foi which
service he shall receive a commission of ten per cent, of such fees and dues.

Section IV.

I It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive from the Secretary all
moneys and take charge of all valuable properties belonging to the Association. A
m^ belonging to the Association shall be by him, from time to deposed
in some bank of repute in the city of Atlanta, to be des gnated b) gjgjfgj
Committee, to the credit of himself as Treasurer of the Association. Hei ha 1 keep
a correct account of all moneys received and disbursed, and shall sabmitregul
reports of the same, with supporting vouchers, at each quarterly meeting of ^e Ass O-
caCn. His books and accounts 5 shall be at all times open ^ij»«ct»£
' _ „ -.. —j o„i ,,f an amiiin nresented shall be

CiatlOn. HIS DOOKS anu auuuins auau ««, . nvide

the Executive Committee, and no payment of an account presented s h I be r nade
by him until the same shall have been examined and approved of, in writing, bj
that committee.

2 In consideration of these and all other duties
office, he shall be exempt from the payment of all dues.


Section V.

1. It shall be the duty of the Chaplain to conduct the devotional exercises of
the Association ; to deliver at least one sermon before the Association in each year ;
to minister to the sick ; to officiate at the burial of deceased members when re-
quested, and to perform such other duties as may appertain to his sacred office.

2. In consideration of the faithful performance of the duties of his office, the
Chaplain shall be exempt from the payment of all dues.

Section VI.

I. It shall be the duty of the Surgeon to visit and prescribe for such members
of the Association as may need medical attendance, when requested to do so by
a member of the Visiting Committee.

2 No person shall be elected to the office of Surgeon who is not, or has not
been, a practicing physician or surgeon.

Section VII.

I. The duties of the Historian shall be to present to the Association, at each
annual meeting, a history of the preceding year, and of such other matters as he
may deem of interest to the Association.

ARTICLE VI— Committees.
Section I.

1. There shall be standing committees as follows —

An Executive Committee. A Visiting Committee.

A Relief Committee. A Committee on Hall and Rooms.

2. Standing committees shall be elected by the Association at the annual meet-
ing, except the Committee on Hall and Rooms, which shall be appointed by the
presiding officer. Vacancies on such committees may be filled at any regular meeting
of the Association.

3. All other committees than those above enumerated shall be appointed by
the presiding officer for the time being.

Section II.

1. The Executive Committee shall consist of seven members, five members to
be elected, and the President and Commander to be the chairman, and the Vice-
President to be a member ex-officio of this committee.

2. This committee shall have a general supervision of the affairs of the Asso-

3. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to inspect and verify the
Treasurer's ?.ccounts prior to each quarterly meeting. They shall also examine into
and pass upon the correctness of all bills presented, before they are paid ; prescribe
a form of voucher to be used, and at least one member of this committee shall
countersign any check drawn by the Treasurer upon the funds of the Association,
except as hereinafter provided.

4. The Secretary of the Association shall be ex-officio secretary of this com-

Section III.

1. The Visiting Committee shall consist of five members, whose duty it shall
be to visit the sick and ascertain the needy members of the Association, and make
report thereof to the Association, that proper steps may be taken to alleviete the suf-
ferings of such members.

2. Members of this committee who have served three months may, upon re-
quest, be relieved from further service at any quarterly meeting, and an election
shall at once be held to fill the vacancy.


Section IV.

1. The Relief Committee shall consist of five members, whose duty it shall be
to examine carefully and act upon all applications for relief from the funds of the
Association, as herein provided.

2. This committee shall report quarterly to the Association on all applications
for relief whether granted or not.

Section V.

1. The Committee on Hall and Rooms shall consist of five members, whose
duty it shall be to take charge of and see that the Hall and Rooms of the Association
are properly cared for.

2. The Hall and Rooms of the Association shall not be used for any other
purpose than the meeting of the Association and its committees, without the per-
mission, in writing, of a majority of this committee.

ARTICLE VII— Fees and Dues.
Section I.

1. The initiation fee shall be fifty cents, and the annual dues one dollar, and
shall be paid to the Secretary. Members desiring to do so may pay the annual dues
in quarterly installments.

2. The Association, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee,
may levy upon each member an annual assessment not to exceed two dollars, for the
purpose of meeting any deficiency of the annual revenue of the Association.

Section II.

1. Upon attaining the age of three-score and ten, any member may, on re-
quest, be placed on the retired list, when he shall be exempt from the payment of all

2. The Association may exempt from the payment of dues any member who?
by reason of wounds or bodily infirmity, is incapable of earning a living.

Section III.

1. For absence, without sufficient excuse, from any meeting of the Associa-
tion, an officer shall be fined fifty cents. Absence from funeral details, except for
good cause, shall be punished by a fine of fifty cents. Excuses shall be heard and
disposed of at each regular meeting. When confirmed, all fines shall be immedi-
ately payable to the Secretary, who shall proceed to collect the same.

2. All defaulters in the matter of dues, fines, and otherwise, shall be reported
by the Secretary at each quarterly meeting.

Section I.

1. In case any Confederate Veteran shall encounter pecuniary distress or seri-
ous illness, upon application it shall be the duty of the Visiting Committee to see
that he is cared for, and if assistance is needed it shall be the duty of the Visiting
Committee to make a written request each week on the Relief Committee for funds
of the Association, not to exceed five dollars per week during the continuance of
the necessity. It shall then be the duty of the Relief Committee to endorse the re
quest "approved" or "disapproved." In case of approval it shall be the duty of the
Treasurer to pay the money or grant the relief. Two members of the Visiting Com-
mittee must sign the request, and two members of the Relief Committee shall sign
the endorsement. These committees shall present a report at each quarterly meet-
ing of all acts and disbursements in this behalf.

2. Should any member of this Association die, whose private means will
not suffice for his proper sepulture, suitable and reasonable provision to be made for
his interment from the common treasury, upon order of the presiding officer.


Section II.

1. Upon the death of any member of the Association, a detail shall be made
of six members by the presiding officer, to attend the funeral, if in the city of Atlanta
or vicinity, to represent the Association in paying the last token of respect to our
late brother.

2. The demise of any member shall be reported by the Secretary at the next
quarterly meeting of the Association ; and upon the Minute Book, on a page to
be dedicated to such use, entry shall be made of the name, age, date of birth, and
death of the deceased, and of his rank and command in the Confederate service.

3. On the third Sunday in October in each year a Memorial Service shall be
held that a proper tribute of respect may be paid to those members of the Associa-
tion who may have died during the preceding year, the arrangements for which ser-
vice shall be made by the Executive Committee, assisted by the Chaplain.

ARTICLE IX — Miscellaneous Provisions.
Section I.

1. Any member in good standing may, by written resignation, acted upon at
any meeting, withdraw from the Association.

2. Each member of the Association shall provide himself with the badge of
the Association, as now established, which badge shall be worn upon the left lappel
of the coat on all public occasions.

Section II.

1. Should charges affecting the honor and integrity of any member of the
Association be preferred, it shall be the duty of the presiding officer to appoint a
special committee of not less than three, whose duty it shall be to inquire diligently
into the facts of the case, hear the accused, and make full report at the next regular
meeting of the Association. At that meeting such report shall be carefully consid-
ered, and approved, modified, or rejected. If so directed by the Association, the
offending member may thenceforth be barred the privileges of membership. Of
this fact he shall be promptly notified by the Secretary.

2. For good cau^e shown, such offending party may, at a subsequent meeting,
be re-instated by and with the consent of not less than three-fourths of the members

Section III.
The Association shall not, nor shall any member thereof, engage in any enter-
prise, business, or undertaking in its interest, without the same having been first
approved by the Association at a regular meeting thereof.

ARTICLE V.— Order of Business.
Section I.
The order of business at all regular meetings shall be as follows :
1. Roll call by the Secretary and noting of absentees, but this roll call shall
extend to and include only the officers and members of committees, except when the
roll of the entire membership shall be ordered to be called by a vote of the Associa-
tion. 2. Reading the minutes of the last meeting, and confirmation or modifica-
tion of the same. 3 Does any member know of a member sick or in distress?
4. Report of Treasurer. 5. Report of Visiting Committee 6 Reports of
other officers and standing committees. 7. Reports of special committees.
8. Cases of members in default considered. 9. Charges preferred, considered
and disposed of. 10. Unfinished business. 11. Applications considered and
acted on. 12 Elections. 13. New business. 14. Communications.
15. Miscellaneous business. 16. Adjournment.

A RTIGLE X I — Amendments.

Section I.

This Constitution may be amended, added to, or abrogated upon a two-thirds
vote of the members present, at any regular meeting of the Association, one month's
notice of the proposed change being first given in writing.


Capt. Conley was requested to have a number of -aid Constitution and I'.v
laws printed and bound for the use of the Association.

The Association then wenl into an election of officers and Btanding com-
mittees for the ensuing year, which resulted as follows:

President and Commander— W. L. Calhoi v

Vice-President — H. H. Colquitt.

Secretary — John F. Edwabds.

Treasurer — Amos Fox.

Chaplain — T. P. Cleveland.

Surgeon — Dr. K. C. Divine.

Historian — Robert L. Rodgers.

Executive Committee— W. L. Calhoun. II. II Colquitt, L. 1'. Thomas, .1
L. Conley, H. F. Starke, J II. Ketner, C. D'Alvigny.

Relief Committee — Z A. Rice, chairman; George Forbes, Henry Mitchell,
Thos. H. Williams, Martin Nally.

Visiting Committee — Rev. T. P. Cleveland, chairman; 8. M. Powell. 8. II.
Landrum, S. J. Allen, John J. Doonan

The Committee on Hall and Rooms was appointed by the President, a- fol
lows: Amos Fox, chairman: Major Jas. A. Anderson, W. II. Clayton, C. \\
Motes. W B. Burke.

Mr. George B. Forbes offered the following resolution, which was adopted
by a rising vote:

Re-aired, That the question of perfecting the Roster of the Association lie

referred to the Executive Committee, with power to act.

J. F. Edwards offered the following resolutions, which were adopted bj a
rising vote:

Resolved, That Mr. Henry W. Grady be elected an Honorary Member of
our Association, with the right to wear the badge.

Resolved, That the Treasurer is hereby directed to present a badge to II.
W. Grady, suitably engraved

Resolved, That the President is hereby directed to communicate the action
of this Association to Mr. Grady.

On motion, the Association adjourned.

Atlanta, Qa . Maj 31, 1889

At the regular meeting of the Fulton County Confederate Veterans Lsso

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