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Atlanta, Ga., January '27. 1800.

The Association Was railed to order by the President, and after prayer by
the Chaplain, the minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

('apt. Milledue, chairman of the committee appointed<to report on the
feasibility of getting up a dinner at our ne\i memorial day, was -ranted furth-
er lime, and also v. \\ Ryan, chairman of the Committee on Certificate of

M. C. Kiser, chairman of the Finance Committee, appointed to solicit sub
BCriptions to the Davis Widow and Orphan fund, reported $8,530.39 as having


been collected and turned over to Hon. W. L. Calhoun, who lias been ap-
pointed by Gen. John B. Gordon, Commander-in-chief of (lie Confederate Vet-
erans, as the custodian of such funds.

Amos Fox, Treasurer, submitted his quarterly report, showing balance on
hand of $2,007.86, which was referred to the Executive Committee.

The death of comrades Jerry E. Johnson and W. II. Benton were re-

The following preamble and resolution, by Captain John Milledge, was

Whereas, a quarter of a century has passed since the war ended, on the
26th day of next April (Memorial Day), and, whereas, here at the capitol of
Georgia lie buried more Confederate dead than any other point in the Stale, it
seems peculiarly proper that the next memorial day should be celebrated in
Atlanta with more than usual solemnity and ceremony, therefore be it —

Resolved, That a special committee of seven be appointed to make the
necessary arrangements in preparation for the occasion.

In pursuance of winch the President appointed the following: Capt. Jno.
Milledge, H. C. Hamilton, E. P. Black, W. A. Hemphill, D. G. Wyly, L. P.
Thomas, G. T. Fry.

The following resolutions, by G. T. Fry, were adopted:

Resolved, That from and after this date, on the withdrawal of any member
of this Association in the manner provided by the Constitution and By-laws,
such member shall be entitled to receive from the Secretary a certificate of res-
ignation or withdrawal. Said certificate shall state the fact of membership;
that he was in good standing in the Association at the time of his withdrawal:
that bis dues are all paid, and thai he be commended to any other Confederate
Veterans' Association.

Resolved, That the Secretary be, and is, instructed to prepare and have
printed a blank certificate suitable to carry into effect the first of these reso-

F. M. Myers offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Whereas, as it is our desire to possess a likeness of our late honorary mem-
ber. Henry W. Grady, therefore be it—

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the chair to cany out
the first part of these resolutions, and be authorized to purchase tor tin- Asso
ciatiou a likeness of our deceased comrade, at a cost not to exceed the sum
of twenty-five dollars.

In pursuance of which the President appointed the following committee:
F. M. Myers, J G. King, George Bynds.

The following preamble and resolution was adopted:

Whereas, believing it would be a good idea fortius Association to adopt
some plan for the purpose of creating a Widow and Orphans Fund, to be paid
to such beneficiaries on the death of any member, therefore be it—

Resolved, That a committee of six, consisting of Amos Fox. chairman; .1.
H. Ketuer, G. S. Prior, Harry Krouse, and \V. B. Burke, are hereby appointed
to formulate a plan by which such a fund can be created.


It was also ordered by the Association that only such members who are
exempt from the payment of dues, and those who have paid up their dues to
date, shall be entitled to have their names enrolled on the Roster of this Asso-
ciation now being prepared for that purpose.

On motion of Rev. T. P. Cleveland, and adopted by a rising vote, the fol-
low ing committee was appointed to prepare suitable resolutions on the death of
H. W. Grady: T. P. Cleveland, chairman; B. F. Abbott, General P. M. B.
Young, J. H. Ketner, W. A. Fuller, Col, G. T. Fry, and Robert L. Rodgers.

On motion of C. D'Alvigny, the following committee of three was ap-
pointed to prepare suitable resolutions of sympathy for Gen. Longstreet on the
death of his wife: C. D'Alvigny, Rev. J. W Jones, and J. H Shadden.

The thanks of the Association were tendered Col. L. P. Thomas for his
very able and interesting paper, and Mr. F. T. Ryan was appointed to prepare
a paper to be read at our next meeting

The following Veterans were admitted as membeis: Wm Stewart, co G,
38th Ga; John White, co F, 17th Ga; W D Ivey, 2d Lieut co D, 12th Ga; II
L At water. Q M Dept of Miss; A Howell, Corp co E, 1st Ga Vols; George H
Holliday, private Bat Ga Cadets.

The following Veterans having complied with our By-laws, etc., as to dues,
made application for membership, which, under the rules, must lie over to the
next regular meeting:

J T Word, co C, 35th Ga; J J Toon, commiss'nd by Isham G Harris, of
Tenn; S C Henson, co F, 4th Ga; .IAS Baisden, co A, 4th Ga; F T Brosius,
Sergt co A, Lee's battalion, Va; J M Brosius, Sert co A, Lee's battalion, Va;
H T Phillips, Army P M, Army of Tenn; J L Bell, co K, 7th Ga; II W Brox-
ton, co A, Atlanta arsenal bat; W T Anderson, co B, 27th Ga.

On mot ion, the Association adjourned.

Atlanta, Ga., February 17th, 1890.

The Veterans met in regular session in their Hall. All officers present.
After prayer by the Chaplain, the minutes of last meeting were read and

The quarterly report of the Treasurer was received, and ordered to be
spead upon the minutes of the Association.

1889 treasurer's report.

Oct. 27, to balance on hand $2,170 !>1

L890 Jau 1, to cash rent Atlanta Artillery in lull 32 00

Jan. I , to cash interest on certificates. 55 20

Jan. 20, to cash from .1 F. Edwards, Secretary 19 25

$2,277 3(5
1889 Nov. I, by cash paid W. II. Gray— order Ex Oom..$ 20 60
Nov. I. by cash by order President burying J. M. Farmer 20 00

Nov. 5, by cash paid Voucher No. ;:, order Ex. Com 43 00

Nov. 23, by cash paid Voucher No. 1, I.. Orrie, order Re-
lief Committee 10 00


Nov. 23, by cash paid Voucher No. 5, T. Leach, order Re-
lief Committee .-> oo

1890— Jan. 6, by cash paid Voucher No. (S, order K\ Com 181 50

Jan. 6, by cash paid Mrs. Humphreys, order Association. . 10 00

Jan. 20, by cash paid Voucher No. 7, W. II Thompson,

order Relief Commit tee 10 00

Jan. 21, by cash paid Voucher No. 8, J. H. Jones, order

Relief Committee loot)

Jan. 21, by cash paid Voucher No it, Wiley Dull', order

Relief Committee 10 00

Jan. 27, balance on hand 2, Oil? 86

$2,271 36

Mr. F. T. Ryan reported the cost of having 500 copies of certificates of
membership engraved for $175, and a resolution was passed thai .ill those
members who are willing to pay $1 for their certificate to enroll their names on
a list to be kept at Dr. Fox's office until a sullicienl amount is subscribed to
have the certificates engraved.

Rev. T. P. Cleveland, chairman of the II W. Grady .Memorial Commit
tee, submitted a report which was adopted, and same ordered to he spread
upon the minutes.

Mr. C. D'Alvigny, chairman of committee appointed to prepare suitable
resolutions of condolence for Gen. Longstreet, on the death of his wife, sub
mitted a report, which was adopted, and ordered spread upon the minutes, and
a copy of same be sent Gen. Longstreet.

The committee appointed at our last meeting to formulate some plan to
create a burial fund, submitted a report, which was adopted, and all members
of this Association can become members by subscribing to the agreement, in
the hands of Dr. Fox.

The committee on memorial service reported progress, and was granted
further time.

By resolution the President was authorized to draw his warrant on the
Treasurer for $25, to pay for the portrait of our late comrade, Hon. Henry W

The thanks of the Association were tendered Mr. F. T. Ryan for his able
and interesting paper on the battle of Chickamauga.

Mr. Z. A. Rice was appointed to prepare the paper to he read at our nexl

A communication was received from Mr. John O. Wadded, calling alien
tion to the condition of the graves of Confederate soldiers buried on Johnson-
Island in Lake Erie, and asked thai a contribution of one hundred dollars be
raised in Atlanta to assist in carrying out the plan of Rev. 8. 8. Sweet, of lm\
ing the graves attended to properly, and in pursuance of which the President
appointed the following committee to solicit subscriptions: II. F. Starke, chair
man, F. T. Ryan, C. D'Alvigny.

The following veterans having made application Tor membership at our
last meeting were admitted : W T Anderson, co I'.. 37th 6a; John 'I' Ward, co
C, 35th Ga; J J Toon, C 8 A; Solomon C Henson, co F. 4th Ga; J A 8 Baifl


den, co A, 4th Ga; F J Brosius, Color-Sgt, Lee's Battalion Va troops; John M
Brosius, O S, Lee's Battalion Va troops; H T Phillips, P M, Army Tenn; Jas
L Bell, eo K; 7th Ga; Hezekiah W Broxton, co A, Atlanta Arsenal Battalion.

The following Veterans having complied with our by-laws as to dues, etc.,
made application for membership, which, under the rules, lay over until the
next meeting : T M DeLaury. co C, Phillips' legion ; F E Henson, co F, Gate
City Guard, 1st Ga; S H Jones, co D, 1st S C; Arch Avery, co A, Cobb's legion
cavalry; Aug It Churchill, co E, 1st Ga Battalion ; D C Goza, co K, 20th Ga ;
Elbert Collins, O S co B, 42d Ga.

The death of comrade W. H. Thompson was reported.

Atlanta, Ga., March 17, 1S90.

At a regular meeting of the Confederate Veterans' Association of Fulton county,
the following officers were present : John F Edwards, Amos Fox, Rev T P Cleve-
land, Robt L Rodgers, L P Thomas, H F Starke, J H Ketner, EDL Mobley, S H
Landram, Z A Rice, S M Powell, Henry Mitchell.

In the absence of the President the Association was called to order by Col L P
Thomas. After prayer by the Chaplain, the minutes of the last meeting were read
and adopted.

Capt Milledge, chairman of the committee on Annual Dinner, to be given on
Memorial Day, reported progress, and asked for further time, which was granted.
Also further time was granted the committee on Memorial Exercises, to enable them
to complete all arrangements.

Col. Starke, chairman of the committee appointed to solicit contributions to
aid in placing headstones at the graves of Confederate soldiers buried at Johnson's
island, asked for further time, which was granted.

The hat exhibited by W. W. Hulbert was adopted as the uniform hat of this
Association, and any member desiring to provide himself with one of them can do
so by giving his order to A O M Gay. Price of hat $1 25.

The following resolution was adopted :

Resolved, That the Visiting committee at once investigate the condition of the
family of the Confederate soldier killed to-day by the cars of the W & A. R. R.Co.,
and, if found to be in want to render them the same assistance as if he was a mem-
ber of our Association.

The following Veterans having made application for membership at our last
meeting were admitted : Angus R Churchill, co E, 1st Ga battalion; D C Goza, co
A, 20th Ga; Elbert Collins, Orderly Sgt co B, 42d Ga; T D DeLaney, co C, Phillips'
legion; F E Henson, co C, Gate City Guard ; Sam Henry Jones, co D, 1st S C; A
Avery, co A, Cobb's legion.

The following Veterans having complied with the rules, etc., as to dues, made
application for membership • J A Loftis, co E, 24th Ga; James F Murphy, co F, 4th
Ga; Jno D Stocker, co B, 25th S C; Wiley Duffie, co D, 4th Ga; G S Barnesley, co
A. 8th Ga; T H Weaver, Sgt co I, 7U1 Ga; W S Blair, co G, 41st Ga; B B Crew, co
G,4th Tenn; W A Williamson, 4th Ga; W D Stratton, Lt co I, 9th Tenn; R O


Foard, co F, 1st N C; John Burns, co C, 21st Ga ; Isaiah J Prim, co D, 53d Ala; T
C Langley, co B, 42d Ga; R J Carmichael, co A, 1st Ga; J L Chaffin, co C, 22d Ga!
O F Owen, co D, 7th Texas ; J J Hansford, co B, 3d Ga ; J J Logue, co D, 16th
Tenn; L Minis, Q M Dept Miss Troops; J Lowry, co L, 3d Ga.

The thanks of the Association was tendered to Col. Z. A. Rice, for his able

Col. H. F. Starke was appointed to prepare the paper for our next meeting.

Adjourned. J. F. Edwards, Sec'y.

. Atlanta, Ga., April 21, 1S90,

At the annual meeting of the Confederate Veterans' Association of Fulton
county, Pres. W. L. Calhoun, was in the chair. After prayer by Mr. Garrison, the
minutes of the last regular meeting, and the called meeting held April 14th, 1890,
were read and adopted.

Col. Starke then read his paper on Gen. Van Dorn, for which he received the
thanks of the Association.

Dr. I. T. Tichenor was appointed to prepare the paper for our next meeting.

Comrade Collins was reported to be in distress, and $10 was ordered to be
paid to him by the Treasurer.

Judge Robert L. Rodgers, the Historian, read a portion of his History of the
Association from its organization to the present time, and stated that it was in the
hands of the printer, and would soon be ready for distribution. The probable cost
would be 50 cents per copy.

Dr. Amos Fox, Treasurer, made his annual report, showing a balance on hand

of $1,845-

The Secretary's report showed amount collected from dues and fees during the
past year, $329.58 ; amount due and uncollected, $632; and our membership at 583.

These two reports were referred to the Executive committee.

Capt. W. D. Ellis, as chairman of the committee on Transportation, reported
that he had made very favorable arrangements with the railroads regarding rates
from all points, to persons desiring to attend our Memorial exercises on the 26th

The proposition of Dr. Fox, with reference to selling badges, in order to raise
money to complete the work on the monument grounds at Westview Cemetery,
was approved by an unanimous vote of the Association.

The following members were elected as officers of the Association for the en-
suing year: W. L. Calhoun, President and Commander; F. T. Ryan, Vice-President;
John F. Edwards, Secretary; Amos Fox, Treasurer; Rev. T. P. Cleveland, Chaplain;
Dr. K. C. Divine, Surgeon; Judge Robert L. Rodgers, Historian.

By resolution, the President was authorized to name the Executive, Visiting.and
Relief committees, to be ratified at our next regular meeting.

A Reception committee of five members, consisting of Capt. R. M. Clayton,
Major Starke, Jep. Langston, Major Slaton, W. H. H. Futrell, and Major J. Gads-
den King, were appointed to remain in the Hall from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Memorial
Day, to receive trie visiting Veterans and record their names.


On motion, all business men are asked to close their places of business from 3
to 5 p.m. on Memorial Day.

An amendment of the Constitution was submitted by Dr. Fox, which, by our
rules, must lie over to the next meeting.

On motion of Dr. Amos Fox, our comrade J. M. Paden, who left one leg on
the battlefield, was placed on the exemption list.

The following Veterans having made application for membership at our last
meeting were admitted : L Mims, Q M Dept, Miss; J J Logue, co D, 16th Tenn; J
J Hansford, co B, 3d Ga; O F Owens, co D, 7th Texas; J L Chaffin, co C, 226. Ga;
R C Cammack, co A, 1st La; T C Langley, co B, 42 Ga; Isaiah "J Prim, co D, 53d
Ala cav; John Burns, co C, 21st Ga; R O Foard, co F, 1st N C, W A Williams, 4th
Ga; W D Stratton, Lt co I, 9th Tenn; B B Crew, 4th Tenn cav'y; W b Blair, co G,
41st Ga ; T H Weaver, Sgt co I, 7th Ga ; Geo S Barnesley, co A, 8th Ga ; Wiley
Dufhe, co D, 4th Ga; J D Stocker, co B, 25th S C ; James F Murphey, co G, 5th
Ga; J A Loftis, co E, 22d Ga; John M Lowry, co L, 3d Ga.

The following Veterans having complied with our by-laws, as to dues, etc., made
application for membership, and the rules were suspended in order to elect them
at this meeting : Rev A G Thomas, chaplain 7th Ga ; M H Camp, co E, loth Ga;
P K Fowler, co K, 18th Ga; R P Davis, co B, 27th Ga Bat; J J Pelot, bugler, co A,
1st Ala; G W Herndon, co K, 7th Ga; F Harris, co K, 5th Ga; W N Hawks, co G,
2d Ga; E H Bloodworth, Lt co G, 3d Ga; Albert E Horton, co F, 14th Texas; J J
Sneed, co F, 53d Ga; W A Phillips, co K, 22d Ga ; J Cunningham, Captain co C,
6th Ga; Geo W Adair, Aid Gen Forrest Staff; Gen Phil Cook, Com Cook's brigade;
Jos H Morgan, co B, 2d Ga cav'y; John Berkle, co B, 1st Ala; E M Roberts, 8th Ga;
A C Heggie, co A, 14th Ga; A C Wilson, co G, 19th Ga; D E Williams, co A, 2d
Ga; John J White, co C, 35th Va cav'y; Miles Turpin, co D, 1st Ga; John Lovette,
co E, nth Va; A H Kent, co B, La; John Trammell, co D, 2d Ky; G W D Cook,
2d Lt, co B, Cobb's legion; S M Buchanan, co D, 44th Ga; John Brown, co C, 8th
Ga; W W Edwards, co E, 6th Ala ; Henry C Smith, Sgt co I, 22d Ga ; C P, John-
son, co G, 5th N C.

There being no other business for this meeting the Association adjourned.

John F. Edwards, Sec'y.



The last Memorial Day was observed with more interest than any we have
ever had before In our meeting of our Association for February, 1890, Col.
John Milledge first moved that a committee be appointed to make suitable
arrangements for the proper observance of Memorial Day of this year. The
motion was favorably considered, and the general committee was authorized to
select special committees for detail work. The general plan was to arrange for
a memorial address, and to invite all the Generals of the Confederate armies,
and all the old soldiers of the Confederate armies, to meet with our Association
in Atlanta, for one grand reunion, and observe the Memorial Day with us—
anniversary of the quarter centenary since the cessation of hostilities in the
war between the States

The committees did their respective duties faithfully and in a commenda-
ble manner. Invitations were sent to all the Confederate Generals living, and
all the soldiers were invited through the medium of the Press all over the coun-
try. The invitations were accepted by a great many, and great was the joy in
the hope of meeting and greeting again, the first time since the gloomy days of
1865. The day came, and it was a lovely, balmy day, pleasant and bright, just
such a day that for its own natural pleasantness and brightness, and sweetness,
might be considered as a happy event in our lives, "whUe the days are going
by." The Constitution of April 27th gave this statement of it, which I may
adopt here as appropriate :


Atlanta witnessed on this occasion the largest and most enthusiastic reunion of
the Confederate Veterans that has taken place since the war. A large number
gathered here on Veteran's Day of the Piedmont Exposition, but not so many by
half as were to be seen on this day. The day, therefore, will take its place as a red
letter day in the annals of the Veterans, and the occasion, with its patriotic accom-
paniments, will be long remembered as a memorable one in the history of Atlanta.
Every feature of the programme in which the Veterans took part was full of sugges-
tions, even to those who bore no part in the war between the States, and many of
the incidents were mast touching.

Those who had served through the war together met in Atlanta for the first
lime since the surrender. Some of them made no effort to conceal their emotions,
but literally fell on each other's necks and wept. It was a reunion that was in the
nature of a love feast, and the grizzled Veterans went about among their old com-
ra les with sparkling eyes, glowing cheeks, and all the ardor and enthusiasm of
suddenly renewed youth.

The enthusiasm with which the Veterans greeted their old commanders em-
bodied the most pathetic significance. As Gen. Joseph E. Johnston rode through
the streets, accompanied by General Kirby Smith, the carriage was seized, the horses


detached, and the Veterans literally carried the vehicle to the opera house. The
devotion they manifested toward their old-time leaders was sanctified by defeat.

Never again, perhaps, shall we see such a gathering of the Confederate Veterans.
They compose an army that must march on without recruits. The Veterans and
their leaders are growing old Overwhelmed in the field, they have had a hard fight
with fate and circumstance since the war. In this fight they have won a glorious
victory, and in both struggles they have received honorable scars.

Their gathering in Atlanta at this time was for a three-fold purpose : To lay
the cornerstone of a Home for Confederate soldiers — the building of which is the
result of the eloquent appeals of Henry W. Grady — to pay a tribute to the Confed-
erate dead, and to renew old memories and associations. In carrying out this pur-
pose they had the affectionate sympathy and hearty aid of every honest heart in
Atlanta. By their presence they have given a new impetus to our Confederate
Memorial ceremonies, and have brought the hearts of busy people into a closer and
fresher communion with the memories of an honorable and a glorious past. The
little children who witnessed the scenes and incidents of the day will remember it,
and the older people will welcome this refreshing addition to their experiences.

No day, set apart for devotion to the memory of those who gave their lives for
the South, was ever more appropriately observed.

Old Veterans, ladies whose hearts were made to bleed by the war, young men
who know of the bloody strife only in story and song, and maidens with hearts full
of veneration for those who rest in Oakland, took part in the exercises.

Atlanta was never more patriotic, and never before did she entertain more
Veterans. All in all, the day was what Atlanta would have had it. All the Veterans
awoke in the morning to the consciousness that it was Memorial Day, and there was
much to be done. The first duty to be performed was to lay the cornerstone of the
Home, which will soon shelter the disabled Veterans who fought for the Lost Cause.

This is an interesting and important institution in our midst, and may be
properly considered as the result of efforts which had their origin in this Asso-
ciation, and to the fostering care of our members.

ll may be proper just here to give an account of it, so that its history may
be known and preserved The proposition for a Soldiers' Home was discussed
in our Association soon after our organization, and in numerous meetings, up
to Sept.. 1888, when it wis discussed more particularly, and an address was
issued by our Executive committee, as shown in this history. At length,
when the interest was well pointed for the cause, our very worthy honorary
member, Mr. Henry \V. Grady, made an eloquent appeal to our people, and
tin Soldiers' Home seemed to take shape and dimensions at once.

The Constitution of April 26, 1890, thus narrates the history of "The
Soldiers' Home:"

"One year ago this month the firs! step inward establishing a Confederate
Veterans' home in < leorgia was taken.

"Previous to thai time some of those who loved the old soldiers who

foughl for the Confederacy, had indeed indulged in Utopian dreams of whal

should be done to provide the poor, and the old. and the maimed with shelter.

but these good men had been satisfied with dreaming, and no practical steps

had been taken.


"In the North, a committee, under the chairmanship of Major Joe Stewart,
had, during the month of March, endeavored to raise a fund to build Confede-
rate Veterans' homes in the South. Their success, however, had been anything

but encouraging, and, after many appeals to the citizens of New York, Major
Stewart announced that he had collected only $1,500.

"On the morning of the 6th of April, the citizens of Atlanta and of Geor-
gia were electrified by finding that a master spirit had taken the matter in

"Mr. Henry W. Grady had realized the false position in which the Georgia
veterans and the people of the State were being placed, lie grasped the helm,
and with one burst of eloquence he roused the people of the entire State to

"It was on the night of the 5th of April, that Mr. Grady wrote the words
'Come back, Major Joe Stewart ! come back!' and it was the following editorial
which the next day penetrated to every part of the State :

"Isn't it time for the committee that is soliciting funds in New York for a Con-
federate Veterans' home to recall its appeal and close up its work ?

"The poverty of our old veterans has been dragged through the North until it
is a sorry tale too often told. Their wounds and their rags have been exposed, even
as were those of Bilisirius of old, and not to the credit due to their cheerful forti-
tude, and to the manliness of our people. We have never had any heart in this

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