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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography

March, 1969




Gerald Breese
Department of Sociology
Princeton University



Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor
Post Office Box 229
Monticello, Illinois 61856

Council of Planning Librarians Exchange Bibliography 70

Modernization and Urbanization:

Existing & Potential Relationships

in the 'Third World'

Gerald Breese

Department of Sociology
Princeton University

The seemingly inexorable course of modernization - now prepon-
derantly associated with urbanization - in newly developing countries
has led observers such as John Friedmann (1961) to note that "Urban
culture has successfully invaded the countryside in what is surely the
most comprehensive imperialism known to history." While it is true
that both modernisation and urbanization in newly developing countries
still have a long way to go, both quantitatively and qualitatively,
there is everywhere considerable evidence of creeping - and in some
quarters, galloping - urbanization.

Urbanization is here defined to include changes in the numbers
and proportions of the population living in cities as well as related
changes in life style. Modernization may be defined in several ways.
Wilbert E. Moore (1963) provides a working definition of modernisation
as "the total transformation of a traditional or pre-modern society into
the types of technology and associated social organization that char-
acterize the 'advanced', economically prosperous, and relatively stable
nations of the Western World." It is not an exclusively contemporary
phenomenon, but the rate of modernization appears to be accelerating in
recent times. The countries of the developing or 'Third World' in our
society are attracting increasing attention.

The attempt to study existing and potential relationships between
modernization and urbanization is beset with difficulties. Not unexpect-
edly, sufficient and good data are generally lacking. In addition,
understanding these relationships involves knowledge of a wide range
of social and physical phenomena, as well as how these have continued
to change through time. As the very least it is important, first, to
comprehend the details of the cioderni2.ation process in its typical
and variant forms. As for analyzing the relationships of modernization
to urbanization, such matters as the following must be taken into
account in detail.'

Definitions: urbanism, urbanization, modernization
Industrialization and modernization

Scale and pace of modernization and urbanization

Cause and effect in the growth of urban areas
Migration vs. indigenous growth

2 CPL Exchange Bibliography 70

Primate, multiple center and other patterns of urbanization
The questions of ever-urbanization and related issues

The structure and growth of urban areas

Uncontrolled urban settlements - the universal case

The urban individual - family organization - institutions

Caste and class

Formal and informal association patterns

Public administration and government

National and regional planning for cities of newly developing

Economic base - housing - community facilities
Urban area planning
Technology and new city forms

Policy dilemmas related to national development in a world


This bibliography aims to provide references to a basic set of
readings on both modernization and urbanization. It is divided into
three parts: I - Selected Urbanization Bibliographies, II - Basic
Background Sources, III - Selected Journal Sources. Since it seemed
undesirable to expand the bibliography to the point where it might
approach comprehensive coverage of all the literature on these sub-
jects as well as references on specific cities or limited aspects
of modernization, the Selected Urbanization Bibliographies for
particular countries or major areas of the world were assembled for
quick identification. The Basic Background Sources part is unsuited
to division by subject matter, partly because virtually every reference
cuts across several aspects of the subjects covered herein. It has
been possible, however, to indicate by an asterisk those basic back-
ground sources which profitably might be consulted first. The Selected
Journal Sources has b^en compiled to indicate those journals which
most consistently and often appear to include materials on moderni-
zation and urbanization in newly developing countries. With some few
exceptions the call numbers shown are based on the Library of Congress

It would be presumptious to claim that this bibliography is either
comprehensive or exhaustive. It does attempt to provide some balance
over the diverse aspects of these subjects that appear important to
take into account. Some types of references have intentionally been
largely omitted; others have doubtless been inadvertantly or otherwise
overlooked, and will be included in any revision (suggestions are in-
vited). Among the types of references generally omitted are census
data compilations, foreign language sources - most of which can be
found in the French and German bibliographies noted, and references

Digitized by the Internet Archive

in 2010 with funding from

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

3 CPL Exchange Bibliography 70

to contributions of individuals included in collections of readings.

A few items have been included even though they were not accesible

to the compiler for inspection, on the grounds that they have been

str. ted to be useful by other students in the field. It is also

important to note that most planning reports and monographs on specific

cities have been eliminated for reasons of space. On the other hand,

some items have been included when a search of the literature has

revealed that they appear to be the only articles or books published

on particular aspects of modernization or urbanization. As is logical,

such countries as Japan, South Africa and Australia have not been

covered in spite of their having rapid development features. Unfortunately,

circumstances and linguistic limitations have also precluded incorporating

references to urbanization and modernization in mainland (communist)

Chini - a theatre of major change in the 'Third World'. Except for

the considerations noted above, the tendency has been to err moderately

in the direction of inclusion rather the exclusion of what some might

consider marginal materials.

The literature on modernization and urbanization is proliferating
at an almost exponential rate, but is still spotty in many respects.
Any revision of this bibliography will permit considerable weeding and
replacement as continuing research achieves publication. Currently,
domestic urbanization is "center stage" in capturing the attendicr. o.'
developed portions of the world. But urbanization in the 'Third World'
is just emerging from the wings of the stage and urgently merits most
careful study.

This bibliography is a revision of reading lists originally pre-
pared partly in connection with the compiler's own continuing research
and partly in connection with teaching Sociology 545: Modernization and
Urbanization, a graduate course in the Department of Sociology at
Princeton University.

4 CJL Exchange Bibliogrrphy 70

Part I: Selected Urbanization Bibliographies

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5 CPL Exchange Bibliography 70

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Note: As the title indicates, this list does not

include special bibliographies on Modernization.
Such bibliographies are generally included in
items marked with an asterisk (*) in the main

6 CPL Exchange Bibliography 70
Part II: Basic Background Sources

NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk are 'general background' sources.
Items marked with a "(B)" include substantial listings of addi-
tional sources.

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7 CPL Exchange Bibliography 70

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