Gilbert Cope.

Genealogy of the Sharpless family, descended from John and Jane Sharples, settlers near Chester, Pennsylvania, 1682, together with some account of the English ancestry of the family, including the researches by Henry Fishwick, P.H.S., and the late Joseph Lemuel Chester;and a full report of the bi-ce online

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Online LibraryGilbert CopeGenealogy of the Sharpless family, descended from John and Jane Sharples, settlers near Chester, Pennsylvania, 1682, together with some account of the English ancestry of the family, including the researches by Henry Fishwick, P.H.S., and the late Joseph Lemuel Chester;and a full report of the bi-ce → online text (page 1 of 142)
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Lj'^ ^ \i.u^ •/ ■/ 5^Jii^ L i-^f

li 'i^<' <t2-*>(_

y-Z-CL^CJi^ K

John Sharpless,

(No. 1500.)




John and Jane Sharpies,




Henry Fishwick, F. H.S., and the late Joseph Lemuel Chester, LL. D. ;


Full Report of the Bi-Centennial Reunion of

Compiled by







^n^'ft 1887.

Dindo PrlnUng and Publlshine C
u South Third Street







with an appendix,

containing memorials of the dying sayings, s^c.

of several deceased members of the

family: not before published.







^Edition of iSid.l


EVERY author has, or ought to have,
a reason for his undertaking; and I conclude
some wUl wonder what induced me to write
the history of an individual family, which is
not likely to contain any thing very interest-
ing to the public.

For their information I may say, that it
arose from a desire in some of the family,
to have a rec&rd preserved, as perfect as it
can be obtained (at this late period) of
the emigration to, and settlement of their
Ancestors, in this, then wilderness country;
and also of the situation and connection of
their descendants at the present time ; and not
through a desire of exalting themselves, by
publishing to the world, their imperfect and
uninteresting history; which is intended to
be kept pretty much within the family, or
those concerned. In writing such a history,
considerable difficulty presents, for want of
records being kept of occurrences as they

took place ; therefore the author hopes to be
excused for the omissions and errors which
may occur ; as the former is unavoidable, for
want of information; and the latter must be
expected, considering his resources for ob-
taining materials ; which, in many instan-
ces, depended on the memory of individ-
uals ; and that, in some cases, wiU, no
doubt, prove incorrect ; but I judge, correct-
ness in all cases wiU not be expected, under
such circumstances . The history begins with
the first emigrants to this country, by the name
of Sharpies, at least as far as we know; and
continues their genealogy to the present time;
keeping principally to the name in question;
though the descendants out of the name, are
as much of the family, and as nearly allied,
as those of the name : yet to trace them aU,
would open too large a field for my present
plan, or for the satisfaction of my readers ;
therefore I have established a rule, to which I
have adhered throughout ; and that is, to pro-
ceed no farther out of the name, than second
Cousins : that is, if a woman marry, she
changes her name ; if she have children mar-

ried, I mention their marriage, and name their
children, and then leave them.

Of the first family who came to this country,
only three brothers lived to marry, therefore
I have divided their history into three parts,
beginning with the eldest, and tracing his
descendants to the present time ; then the
second and third in order.

I have met with a Deed, containing the
grant of the Province of Pennsylvania to
WUliam Penn, by King Charles II. also the
grant of one thousand acres thereof, by Wil-
liam Penn, to John Sharpies, the first settler
of that name ; an exact copy of which I pro-
pose inserting, as an introduction to the his-
tory, with William Penn's name engraved
from his own hand writing.

It appears by the Deed, that the name was
originally spelled with single s, at the last,
which makes it pronounce Shar-ples, as Ap-
ples : but as it is universally pronounced
Sharp-less, it is frequently spelled so, and I
think properly so ; though as it is necessary
to preserve a uniform method of spelling

throughout the history, I thought proper to
attend to the original.

I expect some will conclude, that in re-
presenting so large a family, many interes-
ting anecdotes, &c. would be introduced :
but as it is not my plan, neither would it be
generally satisfactory, that I should give a
history of the lives of individuals ; and as
but few circumstances have presented, which
I thought worthy of insertion, little more
must be expected, than what may be termed
a Family Record, stating some circumstan-
ces respecting the first settlement of the
family in this country, and shewing the situ-
ation and connection of their children, and
their children's children, unto the fourth and
fifth generation. My original plan was to in-
sert the trades and occupations of individuals ;
believing it would be satisfactory to many,
to know what business their connections
follow; but as people frequently change their
occupations, for that and other reasons, I
concluded to omit that part. As to dates, we
must be content with having the years in
which marriages, deaths, &c. took place; and
that, in many cases, cannot be ascertained.


This work was naturally inspired by the former edition, and its
compilation was suggested to the writer at various times within the
past twenty-five years ; but the movement inaugurated by J. Clemson
Sharpless, and earnestly espoused by others, for a bi-centennial family
gathering in 1882, was the culminating cause of its inception. As a part
of the history of the book, the following minutes are offered :

At a meeting of the subscribers for the publication of the proceedings of the Sharpless
Bi-Centennial and Family Record, held at the office of Samuel L. Smedley, City Hall, Phila-
delphia, December loth, 1882, at 3 P. M.

Present, J. Clemson Sharpless, William Sharpless, Samuel L. Smedley, Philip P.
Sharpies, Sylvester Garrett, William C. Sharpless, Samuel J. Sharpless, John Sharpless,
William Bancroft, John S. Garrigues, Henry Palmer, Elton B. Gifford, Casper T. Sharpless.
Of twenty-five subscribers thirteen were present. Ezekiel Hunn, Jr., and Gilbert Cope, were
also present by invitation.

Philip P. Sharpies was unanimously chosen to preside, and on motion of J. Clemson
Sharpless, Samuel L. Smedley was appointed Secretary.

Samuel L. Smedley stated that the committee appointed at the Bi-Centennial had met at
West Chester in the nth month, and carefully considered the object of their appointment,
and were unanimously of the opinion that a circular should be issued to obtain tvventy-five
subscribers at $100 each, to assume the responsibility of the publication of a Family Record,
and that the requisite number having been obtained on the 6th instant, J. C. Sharpless had
issued the call for this meeting.

The paper was then read with the signatures thereto, as follows :

Sharpless Bi-Centennial Record, 1682-1882.

The Publication Committee appointed by resolution passed at the Sharpless Bi-Centen-
nial Meeting, held the 24th day of August, 1882, for the purpose of preparing and publishing
a memorial of the event, and an extension of the family genealogy, have carefully considered
the subject, and have reached the following conclusions :

ist. That the interest manifested is so great as to give the assurance that the publication
of such a work is not only warranted, but very generally desired and demanded at the present

2d. That the Genealogical Record should be prepared with great care, and be made
so complete as to be a credit to the family and all concerned.

3d. That in order to accomplish this considerable labor and expense will have to be
incurred before the work reaches completion.

4th. That the publication should be made by representative men of the family, and not
by any individual assuming responsibility or issuing it for profit ; the aim being to furnish the
work as complete in material and execution as the price will warrant.

5th. It is believed that the whole expense can be met by the disposal of five hundred
copies at $5 per copy, amounting to $250x3, and that not more than half that amount will be
required in preparing the work previous to printing and distribution.

6th. The most feasible plan proposed is for twenty-five representative men to divide
the responsibility into as many shares, equivalent to twenty-five shares at $100 each.

7th. That $2S shall be paid by each subscriber when the list of subscribers is complete,
making up a fund of J625 to commence and carry on the work : additional instalments, if
required, to be called for when directed by the subscribers ; and no subscription to be binding
until twenty-five names are subscribed.

8th. That when five hundred copies have been disposed of the money advanced to be
reftinded to the subscribers in full, or books, in lieu of money, may be taken at the subscribers'
option ; and if distribution is made before five hundred copies are sold, the cash and books on
hand to be distributed pro rata.

9th. The subscribers to appoint a Treasurer, and take such measures as they shall deter-
mine as best adapted to carry the above into effect as speedily as possible.

loth. The undersigned are subscribers to the amount of gioo each, for the purposes
and conditions above specified.

Signed by J. Clemson Sharpless, William Sharpless and Philip P. Sharpies, West
Chester, Pa.; Samuel L. Smedley, Casper S. Garrett, Sylvester Garrett, William C. Sharpless,
Samuel J. Sharpless, Henry W. Sharpless, Charles W. Sharpless, William Sellers, John Sellers, Jr.,
Philadelphia, Pa.; John Sharpless, Henry Palmer, Chester, Pa.; William P. Bancroft, Edward
Bringhurst, Wilmington, Del.; Casper T. Sharpless, Camden, N. J.; John S. Garrigues, Bryn
Mawr, Pa. ; Elton B. Gifford, Media, Pa. ; J. Kersey Sharpless, A. H. and C. C. Sharpless,
Catawissa, Pa.

(Four others who had signed afterward withdrew.)

J. Clemson Sharpless moved that an Executive Committee of five be appointed, who
shall have full control and management of the preparation and publication of the Sharpless
Family Record and proceedings of the Bi-Centennial held at Chester on the 24th of August,
1882, which was unanimously agreed to, and J. Clemson Sharpless, John Sharpless, William
C. Sharpless, Samuel L. Smedley and Henry Palmer, were appointed the committee.

A motion that the President of the meeting, Philip P. Sharpies, should be ex-officio a
member of the committee, was also agreed to. John Sharpless moved that William C. Sharpless
be elected Treasurer, which was also agreed to unanimously, and he accordingly appointed.

Elton B. Gifford moved that the Executive Committee call for the payment to the
Treasurer of the first instalment of $25, and that notice of his appointment be sent to the
subscribers, which was approved.

Samuel L. Smedley remarked that in a work like the present a great mass of information
could be collected with comparative ease, while in completing full details a small amount of
obscure matter demanded time and labor in much greater proportion, and the Executive Com-
mittee would have to determine what amount of this latter they would be warranted in entering
into, but this could be determined as the work progressed. Experience shows that a large
amount of correspondence and investigation must be made, requiring the persevering attention
of those in charge ; members of the family by early and determined effort could aid much,
but it had been expected to call in the professional assistance of Gilbert Cope, who by years of
research had collected such complete data as could nowhere else be found in the State, who
could forward the work more rapidly than any other person who could be selected.

Gilbert Cope was called on to express his views, and said that he had much work on
hand so that he could not give to this his undivided attention, but was willing to undertake
the task, and do the best he could, because he felt a deep interest in the undertaking.

The appointment of Gilbert Cope was favorably received, and the matter was referred to
the Executive Committee.

William C. Sharpless inquired whether an early effort should not be made to ascertain
what response might be given in the way of subscriptions for copies of the work, but it was
concluded that it would be best to direct the efforts to the collection of the family records
first. The subject was referred to the Executive Committee. On motion adjourned to meet
at the call of the President of the meeting.

Executive Committee Minutes.

The Executive Committee met immediately after the adjournment of the Subscribers'

Present, J. C. Sharpless, Philip P. Sharpies, W. C. Sharpless, Henry Palmer, Samuel
L. Smedley.

J. Clemson Sharpless was appointed Chairman, and Samuel L. Smedley, Secretary.

It was agreed upon to engage Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, to give all the time he
possibly could. He being present consented thereto.

It was determined that an abstract of the proceedings of the meeting be sent to the
subscribers, by the Treasurer, giving notice to pay the first instalment, and J. C. Sharpless in
conjunction with Gilbert Cope, were requested to prepare the necessary blanks and circulars
and have them printed.

Other meetings were held from timfe to time as the work progressed,
and questions arose for determination. At one of these it was decided to
engage the services of Henry Fishwick, an English antiquary, in making
researches into the early history of the family prior to the emigration ; by
which means considerable interesting information was obtained.

The compiler wishes to acknowledge the kindness of many persons
who have assisted in the work beyond their own immediate records, and
his intercourse with whom, either in person or by correspondence, has been
truly pleasant. Among those, not of the family, who have assisted materi-
ally, he is under special obligations to T. M. Potts, of Canonsburg, Pa., and
J. Mortimer Dutton, of Chester, Pa. It is to be regretted that some mem-
bers of the family have not shown a proper interest in the work, but have
manifested either indifference or objection to furnishing their records. In
this day of genealogical publications, it is unnecessary to offer any apology
for such a work, yet its true value will be better appreciated in the future.


West Chester, Pa. ,

loth month, 1887.


p. 25, line 18, after "others" insert a comma instead of a period.

p. 78, first line, read 1684 instead of 1864.

p. 129, Isaac Sharpies, writer of the letter given, was the son of William and Phebe Sharpies.

p. 171, line 8 from bottom, read 1699 instead of 1669.

p. 180, last line, read Blakey instead of "Balkey."

p. 194, line 18, read Hannah instead of "Susanna" Owen, of Chester.

p. 232, No. 456, Robert Crosley left issue.

p. 288, No. 782, Alice Sharpless, d. 8, 29, 1887, aged 85 years.

p. 303, No. 971, Ruth Yarnall, d. Media, Pa., 9, 22, 1887, aged 85.

p. 306, Isaac Engle, according to one account, d. 2, 20, 1805, aged 47 years, i month.

P- 333. No. 1387, John T. Davis, d. 2, 21, 1887, aged near 96.

P- 339. No. 1446, Nathan Sharpless, m. Hesteranne Liston.

p. 341, No. 1487, Phebe Walter, b. 12, 18, 1822.

p. 343, line 10 from bottom, George Martin, m. Edith Sharpless.

p. 350, For further information of Jane Edwards, No. 415, see p. 1086.

p. 361, Abigail Eldridge, No. 1702, d. 4, 17, 1887, aged near 94.

p. 366, No. 1777. For Steadman read Stedman.

No. 481, Elizabeth Dunn, m. James Paiste, son of William.
p. 369, No. 1829, Sarah Yarnall, d. 8, 9, 1887, in 72d year,
p. 387, No. 2059, Joseph Jackson, born i, 5, 1825, instead of 6, 5, 1825 ; and No. 2061,

Rebecca, was bom 8, 24, 1829.
p. 389, Insert No. 2074 >^. Eli C. Piersol, b. 4, 4, 1837, (see p. 680).
No. 2077, Grace, b.-3, 4, 1844.

No. 2080, Elizabeth Campbell, m. 1,4, 1883, Theodore F. Cummings, druggist, of
Scottdale, Westmoreland Co., Pa., b. Washington twp., Fayette Co., i, 27, 1856;
son of James Cummings and Louisa Heister, of Scottdale, where they reside.
Child, Clayton, b. 3, 10, 1884.
p. 412, Insert No. 2299^, Hannah Iddings, (see p. 731).
p. 426, line 4 from bottom, for country read county,
p. 427, No. 2451. Read Franklin instead of B. Franklin,
p. 428, No. 2485, Palmer Pyle, b. 8, 10, 1810, according to his Bible.

No. 2492, Robert F. Pyle, d. 3, 17, i860, according to his record,
p. 435, No. 2635. For Susanna's birth and death, see also p. 804.
p. 436, No. 2637, Salome W. Heacock, d. 10, 24, 1838, according to her son Elmer.
p. 439, No. 2697, Phebe Parsons, b. 7, 28, 1819 ; d. 9 mo., 1821.

p. 454, No. 803, Samuel Sharpless, m. 2nd wife, Mary Ann Rogers, daughter of Joseph
Rogers, ofWillistown, by whom he had a daughter Ella E., who d. 4, 19, 1887,
aged 21 years. Her death resulted from being thrown from a carriage by the run-
ning of her horse,
p. 477, No. 3257, Benjamin Simonson, m. Maria Johnson.
p. 482, Esther Howard, widow of George, (No. 948), d. i, i, 1887, aged 82.


p. 484, No. 3380, Phebe Ann Hamor, d. 12, 16, 1886.

p. 488, No. 3443, Margaret Gaskell, d. 1,2, 1837, by her daughter's account.

p. 504, No. 3810. For Gutchins read Getchins.

p. 537, No. 4294, Caroline Howell, m. Abel " Pannepacker. "

p. 540, No. 4335, Elisha Swinney, d. Eddington, Pa., i, 26, 1887.

p. 552, No. 4485, Sarah J. Howard, d. Newark, 6, 23, 1887.

P- 565, No. 4673, Dr. J. S. Hill, d. Ardmore, Pa., 5, 3, 1887.

P- 576, No. 4846. For Fennimore read Fenimore.

p. 577, No. 4855. For Bennington read Benington.

p. 582, No. 4901, Lydia Anna Thatcher, buried Chichester, i, i, 1887.

p. 595, The children of Benjamin Coulson, were not born at the places named, but Ellen died

at New Sharon, and the others live near Coal Creek P. O.
p. 596, No. 51 10, Mary Ann Evans, d. 4, 10, 1887, aged near 86.
p. 611, No. 5387, Nancy Weaver, d. 1865, not 1855.
p. 612, No. 5409. For Vernard read Venard.
p. 615, No. 5459, Dell Pennell, m. Sarah May Hill. His step-mother and brother William

died 8 mo., 1887.
p. 617, No. 1710, Sarah M. Pennell should be Sarah W. Pennell.
p. 618, Nos. 5504 and 5506, erase " No further record."
p. 624, No. 1744, Sidney Ann Gilpin, m. " Evan " Lewis,
p. 627, No. 1774, Ann Sharpless, widow of Amos, d. Thornton, Del. Co., 12, 5, 1886:

buried at Bethlehem M. E. Church.
p. 632, No. 5717. For Dingass read Dingess.
p. 642, No. 1875, Mary Pennell, should be 1 871, &c.
p. 648, No. 5764, William A. Ford, should be No. 5964, &c.

No. 5959, Seth K. Sharpless, m. Nettie Gelette.
p. 651, No. 6009, John P. Overholt, m. 12, 30, 1878.

Sharpless Worrall, No. 1921, d. 3, 8, 1887.
p. 688, No. 6479, Sidney R. Sharpless, d. 9, 19, 1887.
p. 690, No. 6492, Charles B. Sheppard, d. i, 5, 1887.
p. 737, Read Blanche "A." Thomas, child of No. 6856.
p. 763, No. 2413, Thomas J. Sharpless, removed to Media, Pa., where he died, 9, 16, 1887,

from the effect of a spider's bite.
P- 765, No. 6929, Anna M. Haines, m. Howard Darlington, b. Thornbury, Chester Co., 10,

5, 1822 ; son of Abraham Darlington and Susan Hoopes, of that place. They

reside in West Chester, Pa. Children, —

Eugene Spencer, b. 3, 7, 1846; d. 8, 8, 1847.

Charles Howard, b. West Chester, 8, 23, 1848; m. 2, 5, 1874, at Woodstock, 111.,
Louise Hart. Residence, Phillips, Wisconsin. Children, Hart, b. 11, 25, 1875 :
Ernest Marshall, b. 2, 5, 1878: Ethel, b. 4, 15, 1880; Edith M., b. 3, 11, 1882.

Herbert, b. West Chester, 2, 25, 1851 ; m. Chicago, 111., 2, 15, 1876, Catharine A.
Flynn, b. Hudson, N. Y.; daughter of John Flynn and JaneMcCann, of Chicago.
He is in the insurance business at Chicago, where were born his children, Jennie,
10, 17, 1878: Herbert Spencer, 3, 29, 1880: Grace Howard, 10, 8, i88i :
Harley Chester, 5, 23, 1884.

Alice Lea, b. 7, 18, 1854; a crayon artist, West Chester, Pa.

Florence May, b. i, 9, 1861 ; d. 6, 12, 1885, unmarried.

Arthur, b. 5, 25, 1862; d. 8, 11, 1864.
p. 766, No. 6937, Henry C. Derrick, m. Emma C. Barker, in 1854. Second m. 7, 21, 1858,

to Mary E. Terry, and 3rd to Matilda F. Casby, 9, 23, 1868. Children, Henry

Sharpies, b. 6, 15, 1855: Guy H., b. 2, 4, 1870: Anna P., b. 2, 5, 1873:

Dabney C, b. 9, 9, 1874; d. i, 2, 1878: Cornelia C., b. 11, 28, 1879:

Clarence, b. 9, 7, 1881.

Henry S., m. 10, 6, 1880, Sue Hales, and has Emma H., b. 6, I, 1881, and

p. 766, No. 6938, Josephine Derrick, m. Abner D. Fowlkes, and had Anna P., b. 12, 9,

1856: Georgia Derrick, b. i, 21, 1859: Emma L., b. 12, 31, 1861 : Estella D.,

b. 9, 27, 1864: Abner D., b. 10, 2, 1866; d. 3, 27, 1867. By 2nd husband.

Dr. Henry J. Garrett, she had Etta H., b. 2, 24, 1871, and Josephine T., b. 5,

4, 1876.

Anna P., m. i, 23, 1879, Benjamin Whitaker, and had Benjamin, b. 10, 8, 1882.
Georgia D., m. 12, 2, 1880, Thomas L. L. Temple, and had Gertrude C, b. 9, 8,

p. 766, No. 6939, Estelle Derrick, m. James H. Gilmore. Children, Estelle, b. 9, 9, 1858 :

Lucretia D., b. 9, 18, 1859: Margaret S., b. 12, 28, 1862: Anna L., b. 12, 11,

1864: James H., b. i, 28, 1868.

Estelle, Jr., m. 11, 30, 1875, George E. Penn. Children, Lucretia R., b. 9, i,

1876: Gilmore, b. 6, 2, 1878 : Clarence B., b. 2, 28, 1880: Anna, b. 8, 27, 1882 :

Janie Preston.

Lucretia D., m. 9. i, 1881, Samuel B. Woods. Children, Edgar L., b. 5, 28,

1882 : James Gilmore, b. 8, 6, 1884.
p. 766, No. 6941, Georgine Montgomery Derrick, m. 10, 16, i860, Dr. Henry J. Garrett, and

had children, Georgie Gilmore, b. 9, 28, 1861 : Clarence D., b. 12, 15, 1863.
p. 769, No. 2439, Hannah S. Hammond, d. 10, 6, 1887.
p. 770, line 10 from bottom, read Catharine instead of Chatharine.
p. 778, Insert No. 69711^. Hannah, b. 6, 5, 1840, m. Amos C. Sharpless (No. 5642). Her

name was omitted in the record of her father's family, furnished by her brother Eli.
p. 820, line 19. Insert Samuel before "Ivison."
p. 917, line 23. For "Arthua" read Arthur,
p. 948, line 14. For " Joseph" read James H, Boatwright.
p. 970, No. 3873. For "Nate" Yarnall read Kate Yarnall.
p. 1014, No. 4370, Rebecca J. Barnes, d. Millville, N. J., 5, 14, 1887.
p. 1022, Mary J. Davis, wife of David Davis, (No. 4398), d. 8, 21, 1887.
p. 1038, line 14 from bottom, for " Budd " read Bubb.
p. 1 106, first line. For " Rohbert " read Robert.

p. 1 140, line 9. For James "Stewart" Brown read James Stuart Brown,
p. 1197, line 16 from bottom. For " Cohn " read Cohu.
p. 1203, No. 6063, Jacob H. Way, M. D., d. Tempe, Arizona, 9, 3, 1887.

[There are doubtless other errors which the compiler would be pleased to have pointed


Portrait of John Sharpless, (No. 1500) (frontispiece.) page

Sharpies Hall, near Bolton, Lancashire, England facing 10

Sharpless Bi-Centennial Group, (right) " U

Sharpless Bi-Centennial Group, (left) '| '5

House built by Joseph Sharpies about 1700 " 4°

Entries from an old Bible Record '' 45

Receipt for Money paid to William Penn " 72

Marriage Certificate of John Sharpies and Hannah Pennell " 86

First Friends' Meeting House at Chester, Pa 99

Friends' Meeting Houses, Middletown, Delaware Co., Pa i&z.m% 133

Marriage Certificate of George Smedley and Jane Sharpies "^ 135

Marriage Certificate of Henry Howard and Hannah Sharpies " 136

Marriage Certificate of Daniel Sharpies and Sarah Coppock " 148

Friends' Meeting House, Willistown, Pa 200

Seventh-Day Baptist Church, Shiloh, N. J 211

Portraits of Benjamin Sharpless, Catawissa, Pa.; Benjamin Ferris, Wilmington, Del.; Esther Garrett

and Gilbert Cope ^^"^'^^ ^47

Friends' Meeting House, Catawissa, Pa " ^47

Friends' Meeting House, Springfield, Pa 284

Friends' Meeting House, Birmingham, Pa 291

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