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1881 to 1887 Inclusive

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Department of Massachusetts
G. A. R.

From i88i to 1887 Inclusive.

Reprinted by

Order of the Department Encampment

OF 1900.


E B. Stillings & Co., 368 Congress Street.


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Encampment at Boston, 1882

General Orders of Department Commander Creasey,

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Encampment at Boston, 1883

General Orders of Department Commander Patch .

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Encampment at Boston, 1884 . .

General Orders of Department Commander Evans .

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Encampment at Boston, 1885

General Orders of Department Commander Billings,

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Encampment at Boston, ISSfi . . . .

General Orders of Department Commander Hersey .

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Encampment at Boston, 1887

General Orders of Department Commander Tobin .

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Encampment at Boston, 1888 . . . .

General Orders of Department Commander Nash

Roster of Department Officers and Posts . . . .
Portraits of Department Commanders :

George W. Creasey, facing

• George H. Patch "

George S. Eyai^s /c
John D. BilUiigSc' '
John W. Hersey
Richard F. ToMtt,'
Charles D. Nash,'





At the Thirty-fourth Annual Encampineut held at Boston in
February, 1900, Department Commander John E. Oilman, in his
address, said : " 1 suggest the consideration by this Encampment
of the advisability of creating a similar committee to that of 1892,
with authority to continue the publication of the early history of
the Department, beginning with 1881, and including as many
administrations as will make books of convenient size. Should
this plan be adopted, I would further suggest as an economical
measure that for the purpose of distribution to public libraries,
four hundred extra copies of the reports of this and subsequent
administrations be printed and retained at headquarters until a
sufficient number accumulate to make another book, when practi-
cally the only expense would be the binding."

The Committee on the Commander's Address reported the
following which was adopted by the Encampment : —

"That this Encampment authorize the printing of the Pro-
ceedings of the Department Encampment beginning with that of
1881 Tnd continuing to that of 1899 inclusive, and insufficient
numbers for distribution to every public library in the State, that
the history and good work of our organization may be placed in a
position and condition for permanent preservation. The printing
of four hundred extra copies we most heartily endorse and we
offer the following : —

•' Bcsoh-ed, That the same committee as was appointed by resolution
of Department Encampment in 1892, viz. : Past Department Commander
George W. Creasev ; Past Department Commander Austin S. Cushman;
Past Department Commander John D. Billings; Comrade William M.
Olin, Post 20; Comrade George \V. Powers, Post 15. be such committee
to carry out the provisions of this recommendation and to complete said
history and cause the same to be printed."

In compliance with the above instructions the committee have
caused to be printed this volume embracing the administrations of
1881 to 1887 inclusive, which together with the volume entitled:
" The p:arly History of the Department," furnishes a complete
record of our Order from the organization of the provisional depart-
ment in 18^6 to and including the administration of Commander
Nash in 1^87.






Boston, 1882.
january 30.— evening session.

The Annual Meeting of the Department of Massachusetts,
Grand Army of the Republic, convened at Faueuil Hall, Boston,
Jan. 30, 1882, at 7 o'clock p.m., in compliance with General
Orders No. 11 from Department Headquarters, and was called
to order at 7.40 by Department Commander George W. Creasey.
The Officer of the Day reported all present members of the Order.

Prayer was offered by Department Chaplain John W. Lee.

Commander Creasey announced the Encampment opened in
due form and appointed the following Committee on Credentials,
viz.: the Assistant Adjutant-General; Comrade W. A. Sloane
of the Council; Comrade George W. Powers of Post 15; Com-
rade George L. Goodale of Post 66 ; Comrade John D. Billings
of Post 94.

Commander Creasey reported that the Commander-in-Chief
was in waiting and desired to visit the Encampment, and that he
had taken the liberty to appoint a committee of three, consisting
of Charles A. Stott of the Council, Charles B. Fox of Post 68
and Andrew C. Stone of Post 39, to wait upon the Commander-
in-Chief and escort him to the platform. The committee retired
under escort of four Aides-de-Camp and immediately returned
and presented to the Department Commander, who in turn
presented to the Encampment, Commander-in-Chief George S.
Merrill of Lawrence, Mass.; William G. Haskell of Lewistou,


Department Commander of Maine, and Silas A. Barton of Lynn,
of the National Council of Administration.

The Commander-in-Chief was accompanied by the following
members of his staff, viz.: Adjutant-General William M. Olin ;
Assistant Adjutant-General Alfred C. Monroe ; Senior Aide-de-
Camp John G. B. Adams; Aides-de-Camp Edward A. Fiske,
George G. Bailey, Jr., George H. Innis, W. J. Mansfield, and
Assistant Inspector-General Thomas H. Hill.

The party was enthusiastically received and after the interest
in the reception had subsided the regular business proceeded.

On motion of Comrade Stott of the Council, it was

Voted, That the reading of the records of last Department
Encampment be dispensed with.

The Assistant Adjutant-General reported for the Committee
on Credentials as follows : —

Number of comrades entitled to seats in this Encampment 383

Number present 293

Divided as follows : —

Department officers 13

Past Department Commanders 3

Post Commanders 98

Delegates 179

Total 293




Commander Geohge W. Cueasky.

Senior Vice- Commander . . . . Benjamin S. Lovell.

Junior Vice- Commander Royal B. Wight.

Medical Director *Azel Ames, Jr.

Chaplain John "W. Lee.

Council of Administration.

tJOHN SCATES. Charles A Stott. Benjamin A. Bridges.
William A. Sloane William S. Frost.

Official Staff.

Assistant Adjutant- General .... James F. Meech.

Assistant Quartermaster-General . . Edward T. Raymond.

Inspector William L Baird.

Judge Advocate William H. Hart.

Chief Mustering Officer Alfred C. Monroe.

Past Department Commanders.

A. B. Underwood -
George S. Merrill

Horace Binney Sargent.
John G. B. Adams.

[Only the names of comrades present are given.]

Post 1. Commancler James L. Wilbur.

Post 2. Commander George A. Thayer, William S. Brown, H. S.

Post 3. Commander T. C. Lucas, A. B. Hodges, J. W. Brown, D. S.

Post 4. Commander Chas. O. Boyd, James Pope.
Post 5. Commander Horace A. Sawyer, S. A. Barton, George A. Hunt,

Alex. S. Wright, Kirk Stark, Gustavus A. Badger, A. A.

Davis, Geo. F. Batchelder, John L. Parker, Frank Swain,

Thomas T. Hines, C M. Sprague, H. H. Babb, C. W.

Sears, C. K. Mansfield, J. W. Colcord.
Post (!. Wm. Birch, R. S. Dorr.
Post 7. Commander Dennis Meehan, Thomas J. Tute, George B.

Martis, Patrick W. Doherty.
Post 8. Commander B. W. Bump, C L. Starkey.
Post 9. Commander Rufus Howe, Chas. L. Woodbury.

•Reported sick. tNot present.


Post 10. Commander T. M. Kemington. T. J. Hastings, J. B. Lamb,

S. F. Babbitt, Geo. F Thompson, W. L. Robinson, E. L.

Drury, F. H. Rice, J. B. Willard, H. T. Buck.
Post 11. Commander Thomas Crozier, Alvin R, Bailey, Henry E.

Post 12. Commander W. J. Manstield, W. N. Tyler, George H. Teague,

AS. Atherton.
Post 13. .John B. Parker.
Post 1.5. Commander Richard F. Lynam, J. dishing Thomas, Thomas

Langlan, George O. Noyes, George W. Powers, Chas. H.

Post 16. Commander .Tames 0. Smith, John L. Rice, .John L. Knight,

Fred L. Perry, George Smitli.
Post 17. Commander A L. Shattnck, R. W. Rand.
Post 18. Commander Ezra Morse, Thomas Taylor
Post 19. Commander James Cuthburt, John F Bruce, Moses Hoyt,

George A. Sawyer.
Post 20. Commander Geo. H. Carpenter, Henry A. Howard.
Post 21. Commander Theodore Leutz, Philip Wachter.
Post 22. Commander B. H. Montague, Geo. L. Maynard.
Post 23. Commander Eben B. Lincoln, Wm. H. H. Emmons, George

A. Butler, Geo. E. Harrington.
Post 24. Not represented.
Post 25. Geo. M. Rice.

Post 26. Commander Wm. M. Olin, Jediah P. Jordan, John E. Killian.
Post 27. Commander Leonard E. Thayer, J. E. Nichols.
Post 28. Commander H. O. Sawyer, W. L. G. Haskins.
Post 29. Commander John H. Whelon, James H. Fisher.
Post 30. Commander Edward J. Dolan, P. Allen Lindsey, W. T. Alden.
Post 31. Commander A. A. Seaverns, Thomas F. Bailey.
Post 32. Commander A. C. Belcher, James A. Kelly.
Post 33. Commander Charles H. Harding, B. F. Whittemore, Albert

P. Barrett.
Post 34. Commander J. Frank Dalton, James Arrington, James H.

Anderson, William L. Welch, Lewis R. Pratt, John

Post 35. Commander Chas. O Fellows, H. T. Holmes, G. W. Marsh,

H. Hinckley, G. H. Buck, C A. Merriam
Post 36. Horace Durgin.
Post 37. Commander Jarvis H. Jones, Walton Livermore, James A.

Post 38. J. M. Bellows.
Post 89. Commander John F. Hogan, .\ndrew C. Stone, Moses F.

Hutchins, C U. Bell, David S. Crockett, John Upham, ,Jr.
Post 40. Commander E. E. Currier, Thos. E. Barker.
Post 41. Commander C. H. Watson
Post 42. Commander Charles W. Sleeper, E. W. Thompson, C. H.

Richardson, J. P. Maxfield, F. B. Peabody, H. W. Allen.
Post 43 Commander A. M. Page, R. D. S. Mortimer, J. R. McGrillis.
Post 44. Commander S. F. Draper, Francis Wright, George Cantello.
Post 45. Commander Charles H. Parsons, D. S. Watson.
Post 46. Commander Frank McGraw, Edward 0. Driscoll, John H.

Abbott, Joseph E. Nye
Post 47. Commander Chas. E. Peabody, A. M. Tilton, J M. Davis,

E. G. W. Cartwright, D. S. Kimball.
Post 48. Commander John Q A. McCollister, John H. Sprague.
Post 49. Commander Daniel B. Whiting, Philip H. Creasey, Thomas

E. Cutter, J. Albert Mills, Daniel M. Felch, Caleb P.

Davis. Jr.


Post 50.

Post 51.
Post .52.
Post 53.
Post 54.
Post 55.
Post 56
Post 57.
Post 58.

Post 5Jt.
Post 00.
Post Gl.
Post G2.
Post 63.
PO.ST 64.
Post 65.
Post 66.

Post 67.
Post 68.

Post 69.
Post 70.
Post 71.
Post 72.
Post 73.
Post 74.
Post 75.

Post 76.
Post 77.
Post 78.
Post 79.
Post 80.
Post 8 1 .
Post 82.

Post 83.
Post 84.
Post 85.
Post 86
Post 87.
Post 88.
Post 89.

Post 90.

Post 91.
Post .92.
Post 93.
Post 94.
Post 95.
Post 96
Post 97.
Post 98,
Post 99

F. Hobart.

Commander Windsor M. Ward, William II. Hildretb, George

B. Miller, John J. Sheehan.
Commander .Tohn S. Cooke, Osborn Gallup.
George G. Smith. ,„.,,,

Commander T. J. Ames, S. F. Maynard, S. A. Meads.
Commander .John L. Bruce, S. E Chamberlam.
Edsrar G. Blandin.

Commander Wm. H. Eveleth, James E Barrows.
Commander J. F. Capelle, Otis S. Brown, W. F. Marks.
Chas. :W. Hastings, Chas. S. Redmond, Geo. A. Gushing,

David Dunbar.
Commander A. H Melendy, A. H. Newhall.
Commander George W. Nason, George E. Lovejoy.

A. K. SnoAV, John M. Clarke

Commander U W. Downs.

Commander Frank P. Simonds, D. H. L Gleason.

Commander Louis L. Stone.

Commander Amos Bliss. J H. Goodhue.

Commander John S. Beck, George L. Goodale, J. Henry

Commander Henry T. Bingham, Edwin P. Stanley.

Commander Herbert S Cole, Chas. B. Fox, Wm. C. Cumings,
S. A. Gushing, Jr.

Not represented.

Commander Rodney D. Loomis, H

Geo. H. Smith, Geo. E.Whitaker.

Luther S Bryant, John Mills. , r^ o *. i

Commander A H. Wright, John W. Sproul, T. S. Atwood.

John W. Wheeler, E. T. Harvell. ^ ^ o-„ t

Commander L. P. Benton, C K. Johnson, T. C. Silke, James
O. Laughlin.

Commander John Shannon, Benj. A. Hathaway, S C. Wright.

Commander Isaac Damon, J. H. Gleason.

Commander Timothy Reed, Chas D. Nash, William K. Vining.

Commander Peter Snyder, E. O. Wiley, F. H. Fleming.
Commander Chas. P. Winslow, Louis J. Elwell.

George E. Teele. ,,. ^ ,

Commander Samuel B. Hidden, Jr., Beiij. Pitman, Joseph

Commander R. C. Waterman.
Not represented. „ ,, i

Commander Chas. E. Woodward, George S. IVIarsh.
Not represented.

Commander Henry A. Monk, E. S. Dean.
Commander Isaac M. Holt, William P. ISIartin
Commander William H. Morgan, John W. Mcknight, James

Maguire. ^. ,

Commander George W. Kenney, AViUiam T. Damon. Timothy

D. Crowley.
A. L. Bundy. ^ ^ , .

Commander A. B. Collier, Thomas L. Perkins.
Commander G. R. Pierce.

John D. Billings. ^ ^^ , „

Commander James IT. Boyce, Chas. A. Newhall.
Commander D. M. Bailey, F. M. Harrington.
Not represented.
Not represented.
Commander Peter D. Smith, A B. Cutter.


Post 100. Not represented.

Post 101. Commander Chas. F. Payne, N. E. Ladd.

Post 102 James W. Fletcher.

Post 103. Commander C. H. Tracy, Chester H. Bullard.

Post 101. Commander I. Frank Goodwin, Peter N. Spragiie.

Post 105 George S. Ball.

Post 106. Not represented.

Post 107. Commander H. R. Stoughtou, William Holbrook.

Post 108. Not represented.

Post 109. Not represented

Post 110. Commander William A Croak, John Mahony.

Post 111. Commander Henry H. Collamore, Sylvanus Shedd.

Post 112. Commander Alpheus Thomas, Frank Dyer.

Post 113. Commander T. R Mathews, A. N Sampson.

Post 114. Commander Chas. 0. Roberts, Alex. Smart.

Post 115. Commander M P. Palmer, Chas. Blood.

Post 116. John D Edgell.

Post 117. Jonathan G. Wight.

Post 118. Commander W. G. Earp, John R Merritt.

Post 119. Not represented.

Post 120. Commander Chas H. Coburn, C. F Uraun, G. C. Bassett,

J. S. D'Evelyn.

Post 121. Commander Geo. L. Eldridge, David W. Lewis, George H.


Post 122. Commander M. M. Dennett, L. F. Currier.

Post 123. Commander James Oliver, Charles E. Taft.

Post 124. Not represented.

Po.'^T 126. F. L Wheelock.

Post 127. Commander Charles Atwood, Josiah G. Cook.

Post 128. Commander Leach Clark.

Post 131, Commander R. H. Newton, J. D. CogswelL

Post 134. G. W. Johnson.

Post 135 Commander Hammond W. Paige, Samuel Jordan.

Post 136. Not represented.

Post 139. Commander Martin Binney, John M. Woods.

Post 142. Commander Chas H. Fnlfer, N. S. Robinson, E. P. Simpson.

Post 143. Commander T. W. Clements, W. Y Gross.

Post 144. Not represented.

Post 145. Commander Edward W. Rhodes, Fred L. LeBarron.

Post 148. Commander Wm. A. Suoav.

Post 149. Commander Wm. H. Seymour, D. D. Pike.

Post 151. Commander Ephraim Bailey.

The next business was the reports of the Department
officers, commencing with the address of the Department Com-
mander, George W. Creasey, as follows: —



Comrades: I do not propose to commence my report by
reminding the sensitive natures before me that another year has
passed, another milestone on the road of time has been left behind
us ; for, however conscious we may be of the fact and however
much the faded jiotvers of the past remind us of the sad havoc
time is making among the human race, yet there are some of our
number who delude themselves with the idea that with them time
is at a standstill and that nature in its solemn round has been

We are again assembled as comrades of the Grand Army to
review our labors for the past year and to make such provision
for the year upon which we have just entered as will enable us to
exemplify in the fullest degree the great value of our organization
and to awaken in us a renewed friendship for each other, a
greater charity for those who look to us for encouragement and
support, and a stronger loyalty to the government under which we
live and for which so many of our associates freely gave their lives.

In presenting to you the present condition of the Department,
I shall endeavor to do so in as clear and concise a manner as
possible, that whatever questions you may be called upon to dis-
cuss or legislate, you may do so understandingly and in such a
manner as will be of permanent benefit to the Department.

There are several questions of importance that were referred
by the last annual Encampment to the present Department
officers, the first of which was the petition presented by my
immediate predecessor to our State Legislature, asking that
Memorial Day be made a legal holiday. The petition was favor-
ably reported upon by the Military Committee of the Legislature
to whom it was referred. The bill passed and on the eighth day
of March last the Governor of the Commonwealth approved the
same by affixing his official signature to the bill. The pen used
by his Excellency in performing this act he has presented to the
Department in the following words: " With this pen was signed
the bill making Memorial Day a legal holiday. It is presented to
the Department of Massachusetts, Grand Army of the Republic,
in response to whose petition the bill was enacted." Later his
Excellency announced the action of the Legislature and called
upon the people of the Commonwealth to observe the day by the
following proclamation : —

Whkreas, At the recent session of the Legislature, the thirtieth
day of May in each year, beini? the clay set apart for the decoration of
the <j;raves of deceased soldiers and sailors, and known as Memorial
Day, was made a legal public holiday ; and Avhereas, this is the first year
in which it is so by law ;


Now, Therefore, I call atteution to its observance. Let us reap
as they sowed, not war, but peace ; not hate, but love ; not discord and
chains, but Union and Liberty. Let us scatter their graves Avith the
everlasting not the cypress. So through tears shall unbend the rainbow.

" With malice toward none, with charity for all," with firmness in
the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the
work we are in ; to bind up the nation's wound ; to care for him who'
shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphans ; to do
all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among our-
selves and with all nations.

Given at the Executive Chamber this twentieth day of May, in the
year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one.

By his Excellency the Governor,

Hexry B. Peirce,

Secretary of the Commonwealth.

It has been said of Memorial Day that there is a falling off
in the enthusiasm. This is natural where a great event recedes
into the past and a younger generation forgets what was vivid to
their fathers ; but the making of the day a legal holiday, the
proclamation by the governor, the general suspension of business
throughout the Commonwealth, the joining in the service of manj'
who have been deprived of the privilege by the demand of labor,
the united observance of the day by the Posts of Suffolk County,
made our last Memorial Day a memorable one. Let our interest,
comrades, in the services commemorated to the memory of our
departed associates be renewed and strengthened with each
recurring year, that those who follow us on the stage of life may
be continually reminded of the patriotism, devotion and self-
sacrifice of those who preserved in the days of rebellion what our
fathers so heroically contended for and established in the days of
the Revolution.

The recommendation of the Council of Administration, as
contained in paragraph" B " of their report of last year, that the
delegates to the National Encampment secure if possible the
repeal of Sections 3 and 4, Article IV., Chapter V., of the Rules
and Regulations, and the inserting of a new section to the effect
that a comrade may be suspended and may be dropped, instead
of shall 6e, was presented to the National Encampment through
the Committee on Rules, Regulations and Ritual. The report of
the committee being adverse to the proposed change, the Encamp-
ment refused to make the alteration.


Immediately after the last Department Convention, quite a
number of articles appeared in the daily papers of Boston, giving
the history of various pension claims and illustrating the delays
in the Pension Office at Washington in the settlement of pensions.



John A. Andi-ew Post 15 of this Department, anxious to be
of service to those who are justly entitled and greatly ni need of
?he pension allowed by the government, adopted a senes of reso
unions eallincr attention to the unsatisfactory working of the
PensSn Ottice, a copy of which they fonvarded to Department
Headquarters, as well as to each Post in the Department.

At about the same period circulars were being sent through
the country by the then Commissioner of Pensions, showmg the
vastTcumulaLn of claims at the Pension Ortice and the insuth-
dent means at his disposal of settling the f^^J^^^^^^
able lime. In response to the resolutions of Post 1. , foity-thiee
Posts ithis Department forwarded memorials to the President,
requesti^o him to urge upon Congress the necessary legislation to
S the difficulty. The Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army
Tent circulax^ throughout the country recommendmg a petition
ask no for the passage of the bill known as the ' «^ - ty Sjirgeon
Bill ''" The Suffolk County Grand Army Association sent though
Us Pension Committee a delegation to the Department Com-
mander, urging upon him to send a delegation to Washington to
?^-ther if possible some measure of relief. Deeming the mattei
o sufficient importance and remembering Jhe -soUUion adopted
at the last Department Convention to the effect, That the
Commander of this Department be instructed to forward a memo-
Sato the President and Congress of the United States, urgurg
the immediate passage of such laws as shall be effectual in settling
as s3ilv as possible the just claims of pensioners and prevent-
inV d fiLdulent claims," the Council of Aclministration wa
coin^ned and at an adjourned meeting held to consider the
sub ect it was unanimously voted that a delegation be sent to
WaihVnoton. The delegation, consisting of the Department
Commander, the Department Senior Vice-Commander Benj b.
Loveu! Comrade Charles A. Stott of the Council ot Administra-
t^^r^nd Comrade E. B. Loriug of Post lo, proceeded at once
{nVaTl gZ: wL.-e they we-e ioioed by .be Medica,
nf the Deoartment, Comrade Azel Ames, Jr. Ihe delegation
Is corSy recei;ed by the Commissioner of Tensions, who
rnormed thJm that they' were the /r.s. ^'epresenta tive body of
soldiers who had ever visited Washington in the interest of the
pensioLr Every opportunity was afforded them by the com-
mTssione to become familiar with the working of his office and to
rierand the reasons for the great and in very many instance
unnecessary delays in the settlement of claims. It ^as found bj
Tcareful examination of the report of the commissioner, as well
as by in onnation from him, that there were at that time thirty-
one thousand unsettled claims on ^le at the Pension Office, that
were nresented between the years of 1861 and i860.

In consultincr with the members of the Pension Committee
as wen as wrCongressmen who had given the subject much


thought and altention, it was found that the members of Congress
themselves were at a loss for a remedy of the evil ; that the
subject needed discussion in Congress, and that the only thing
that could be done at that session in Congress was to secure as
large an appropriation as possible for additional clerical force in

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 1 of 64)