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delegations step to the front of the platform and vote as they are

Proceeded to ballot.

On motion of Comrade E. P. Simpson of Post 142 it was
voted that a committee of five be appointed to receive, sort and
count votes for Senior Vice-Commander.

On motion of Comrade Dennis Meehan of Post 7 it was voted
to lay above on table, pending the counting of the ballots for

Comrade F. H. Buffum of Post 139 presented the following
report for Committee on Address of Department Commander and
other officers : —

Your committee, to which was referred the address of the
Commander, has attended to the duty assigned it and respectfully
presents the following report : —

Concerning the approval which the address gives to the cus-
tom of some Posts on Memorial Day, of " assembling in a quiet
way" . . . going to the cemeteries . . . then dismissing, etc.,
and subsequently holding a public service in some hall in the
evening, —

The committee endorses so much of the suggestion as refers
to holding a public service on the evening of Memorial Day and
earnestly recommends the general adoption of the practice. So
far as the address may approve of dispensing with the parade on
Memorial Day, the committee cannot endorse it. The public
demonstration on that day in military parade is one of the most
emphatic tributes which the veteran can render to his fallen com-

Concerning the recommendation in the address for a Memorial
Service in some church on the Sabbath previous to Memorial
Day, —


Cordially approved and recommended.

That the report of the Trustees of the Soldiers' Home be pre-
sented to the Annual Encampment, —


Disapproving Annual Encampment, —


Concernino- the remark contained in the address, i.e., " I am
of the opinion that the day for parades and camps of the Grand
Army are past. Disguise it as we may, the fact is the men are
too old to endure the tramp, etc." —

Your committee cannot endorse these sentiments, and recom-
mend that no action be taken which shall discountenance or in
any way tend to check public parades of the G.A.R.

On the recommendation that " worthy soldiers, not members
of the Order, be invited to attend the meetings when visitations
are made," —

The committee recommend that caution be exercised, and
that the matter be left to each Post.

Concerning the remark in the address doubting the good
results of Encampments under canvas, —

Your committee recommends the adoption of the suggestion.

Yonr committee earnestly commends the recommendation of
the address relating to the division of the Committee on Nom-
ination, in the interest of securing a full delegation to the National

Your committee believes the suggestions in the address rela-
tive to the Woman's Relief Corps should be generally regarded,
and that the said Auxiliary Corps should receive the cordial sup-
port of the G.A.R.

The committee is of the opinion that the suggestions concern-
ing a publication of the reports of Annual Encampments should
be acted upon and carried out without delay.

Concerning the recommendation that the delegates to the
National Encampment be instructed to advocate the change in
Article VIII., Chapter II., of the By-Laws, which refers to drop-
ping the names of candidates after the second ballot, —

The committee cannot approve the same, and recommend that
no such action be taken.

Concerning the recommendation relative to the rule regulating
the question of arrearages that the word "may" be substituted
for " shall" in the action of the Posts dropping members when
six months in arrears, —

The committee considers that the recommendation should be
carried out.

Your committee approves the recommendations of the address
relative to transfers and reports in favor of instructing the dele-
gates to the National Encampment to advocate the changes


Youi' committee calls the attention of the Encampment to the
omission in the address of the services of Judge Advocate Loring
and two members of the Department Staff.

Respectfully submitted in F., C. and L.,

For the Committee.

During the reading of the foregoing report, the Committee
on Ballot for Department Commander reported as follows : —

Whole number of votes cast 381

Necessary for a choice 191

Wm. H. Hart, Post 35, Chelsea, had . . 130
Geo. S. Evans, " 30, Cambridge, " . . 128
H. M. Phillips, " 16, Springfield, " . . 123

There being no choice, proceeded to a second ballot for
Department Commander.

Commander Linehan of Post l.j, Boston, chairman Committee
on Resolutions, reported as follows : —

Resolution 1. Leave to withdraw.

Alpha Hall, No. 18 Essex Street,
Boston, Jau. 26, 1883.

Resolved, That the delegates of this Post to the Department Con-
vention present the following communication to the Convention : —

(Joiamander and Comrades: An appeal from the decision of • the
National Commander, declining jurisdiction, Avas made by Post 15 to the
last National Encampment; that appeal was referred by the Encamp-
ment to the incoming Commander. This Post has received no decision
and now aslis this Department what steps they shall take to secure a
decision in a matter they consider of importance to all Grand Army


E. F. Rollins, Adjutant.

Resolution 2. Referred to National Encampment.

Alpha Hall, No. 18 Essex Street,

Boston, Jan. 26, 1883.

Resolved, That the delegates from this Department to the next

National Encampment urge the amendment of the Rules and Regulations

so that Posts shall not be required to reobligate former members upon


E. F. Rollins, Adjutant.


Resolution :). Adopted.

Alpha Hall, No. 18 Esskx Stkekt,
Boston, Jan. 26, 1883.
Resolved, That Post 15 earnestly protests against the unofficial pub-
lication by comrades of private Grand Army matters in the public prints
as being contrary to the Ritual and to the obligation every comrade has
assumed ; and that this Department take the necessary caution to prevent
its recurrence in the future.

E. F. Rollins, Adjutant.

Resolution adopted by Post G6.

Besolved, That the Delegates to National Encampment secure such
changes in our installation service as will be more satisfactory to the

JOHN S. BECK, Commander







Committee on Ballot for Department Commander reported as
follows : —

Whole number of votes cast 365

Necessary for a choice 183

Wm. H. Hart, Post 35, Chelsea, had . . 148
Geo. S. Evans, " 30, Cambridge, " . . 126
H. M. Phillips, " 16, Springfield, " . . 91

There being no choice, proceeded to a third ballot for Depart-
ment Commander.

Comrade E. P. Simpson of Post 142 moved the question in
regard to appointing a committee to receive, sort and count votes
for Senior Vice-Commander be taken from the table. [Carried.]

The Commander appointed the following committee : —

E. P. Simpson of Post 142; R. J. Hamilton of Post 16;
P. Allen Lindsey of Post 30; M. H. Heathcote of Post 34;
J. F. Capelle of Post 57.


The Committee on Ballot for Department Commander reported
as follows, viz. : —

Whole number of votes cast 359

Necessary for a choice 180

Geo. S. Evans, Post 30, Cambridge, had . 11)3
Wm. H. Hart, " 35, Chelsea, " . . 165

J. D. Billings, " 94, Canton, " . . 1

And Comrade George S. Evans of Post 30, Cambridge, was
declared elected Department Commander for the ensuing year.

A ballot was at once ordered for Senior Vice-Commander.
After all had voted and the committee had retired. Comrade Wm.
H. Hart of Post 35, Chelsea, moved that a committee of three be
appointed to wait upon Comrade Geo. S. Evans and introduce
him to the Encampment. Commander Fellows of Post 35, Wm.
H. Hart of Post 35, and John W. Lee of Post 12 were appointed.
The committee retired and in their absence the Committee on
Ballot for Senior Vice-Commander reported as follows : —

AVhole number of votes cast 414

Necessary for a choice 208

J. D. Billings, Post 94, Canton, had . . 257
C. M. Whelden, " 125, Pittsfield, " . . 149
Scattering 8

And Comrade John D. Billings of Post 94, Canton, was
declared elected Senior Vice-Commander for the ensuing year.

The committee appointed to wait upon Comrade Evans
escorted him to the platform, and he was duly presented to the
Encampment, and in a short, earnest speech accepted the position,
thanked the comrades for their confidence, and promised to devote
one-half of his time to the work of the Order, and announced to
the Encampment that he had appointed Comrade Alfred C.
Monroe of Post 13, Brockton, his Assistant Adjutant-General.

Nominations for Department Junior Vice-Commander being
in order. Commander Geo. C. Joslin of Post 2, South Boston,
nominated Comrade H. A. Sawyer of Post 5, Lynn, seconded
by John L. Parker of Post 5. Comrade John W. Hersey of
Post 16, Springfield, nominated Comrade William A. Sloane of
Post 37, Spencer.


Proceeded to a ballot while the committee were out counting.

Comrade George H. Patch moved, and it was voted, that a
despatch be seut to Past Department Commander Horace Binnej'

The Committee on Ballot for Department Junior Vice-Com-
mander reported as follows : —

Whole number of votes cast 318

Necessary for a choice 160

William A. Sloane, Post 37, Spencer, had , 245
Horace A. Sawyer, " '>, Lynn, " . Go
Scattering 8

The Assistant Adjutant-General was instructed by a unani-
mous vote to cast a ballot bearing the name of Comrade James
H. Wright of Post 63, Natick, for Medical Director, and Com-
rade John W. Lee of Post 12, Wakefield, for Chaplain of the
Department for the ensuing year. The ballot was cast as directed,
and the comrades named were declared elected.

Comrade Dennis Meehan of Post 7, Boston, for the com-
mittee appointed to nominate five comrades to serve on the Council
of Administration, reported a complete list, which was read, and
then moved the Assistant Adjutant-General deposit one ballot
bearing the names as reported by the committee. There was no
objection ; the ballot was cast as directed, and the following com-
rades were declared elected, viz. : —


Charles H. Parsons
W. W. Scott . .
Richard F. Tobin .
J. Cushing Thomas
Benj. Pitman

Post 45, Gloucester
" 10, Worcester
" 30, South Boston
" 15, Boston
" 82, Marblehead

Comrade Geo. S. Merrill of Post 39, for the committee
appointed to prepare a list of delegates and alternates to National
Encampment, reported a complete list, which was read, and he
then moved that the Assistant Adjutant-General deposit one ballot
bearing the names as reported by the committee. There was no



objection ; the ballot was cast as directed, and the following com-
rades were declared elected, viz. : —

Representatives to National Encampment.

delegate- at-large.
James F. Meech Post 10, Worcester.


Wm. H. Hart .
Wm. M. Olin .
Andrew C. Stone
Chas. S. Anthony
Thos. J. Ames .
W. H. H. Emmons
Hart well S. French
Chas. M. AVhelden
W. S. Frost . .
C. H. Coburn .
Thos. H. Hill .
J. Paysou Bradley

Post 35, Chelsea
" 26, Boston
" 39, Lawrence
" 3, Taunton
" 53, Leominster
" 23, East Boston
^' 5, Lynn
" 125, Pittsfield
" 43, Marlboro
" 120, Lowell
" 33, Wo burn
" 2, South Boston


M. R. Greeley Post 58, Weymouth


Andrew F. Smith .
A. A. Seaverns .
Geo. G. Bailey .
E. S. Horton
G. H. Smith . .
E. C. Spofford . .
Philip H. Creasey .
A. B. Wentworth .
Myron P. Walker .
Benj. A. Hathaway
Geo. W. Nason
Geo. W. Powers

Post 1, New Bedford
31, North Scituate
121, Hyde Park
145, Attleboro
71, Holyoke
50, Peabody
49, NcAvburyport
144, Dedham
97, Belchertowu
76, Plymouth
60, Franklin
15, Boston

Comrade Adams moved, and it was voted, that the incomiug
Council of Administration purchase a suitable testimonial, not to


exceed seventy-tive dollars, and present it to Comrade James F.
Meech, the efficient Assistant Adjutant-General, for his faithful
labors in the interest of our organization for the past seven years.

The usual vote of thanks to the retiring officers was passed,
and upon a call for business there was none presented.

Past Department Commander Austin S. Cushman then
installed the following officers: Commander, Geo. S. Evans;
Senior Vice-Commander, John D. Billings ; Junior Vice-Com-
mander, Wm. A. Sloane ; Medical Director, James H. Wright;
Chaplain, John W. Lee ; Assistant Adjutant-General, A. C.
Monroe; Comrades Chas. H. Parsons, Benj. Pitman, R. F.
Tobin, and J. C. Thomas of the Council of Administration.

Upon a second call for business, and none being presented,
the Encampment dissolved at 3 p.m.

A true account of the proceedings.


Assistant Adji it ant- General.


General Orders and Circular Letters.
Series of 1882.

Headquarters Department ok Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

53 Tremont St , Room 3.

General Orders, \ Boston, Feb. 2, 1882.

No. 1. j

I. Having been elected Comniander of this Department, I accept
the honor conferred upon nie and assume the duties of the office.

Realizing fully the responsibilities, and the inability of my unaided
eflbrts to carry forward the Avork of the Order, I call upon all comrades
to join in the upbuilding of the Grand Army in our Commonwealth.

The results of the past year shonld be a stimulus to renewed eflbrts,
and a determination on the part of comrades to enlarge the membership
of their own Posts, will increase the aggregate number of our Depart-
ment, and add to the efficiency of the Order.

No good reason exists why evei'y ex-soldier or sailor should not
associate with us in the prosecution of our woi'k of Charity, in advancing
the sentiment of Fraternity, and in cultivating the principle of Loyalty,
which is the foundation upon which our Republic rests.

Much, of course, depends upon the earnestness and activity of those
who hold positions of responsibility, but every comrade, however humble,
can do something to promote the good Avork, and if in everything pertain-
ing to the Grand Army we lay aside all motives of ambition and personal
feeling and make everything subordinate to the welfare of the Order,
Ave shall be rewarded Avith success and be prouder than ever of our con-
nection Avith the Grand Army of the Republic.

II. I desire to express the appreciation of this Department to com-
rade E. T. Raymond of Post 10, Worcester, Avho for the past six (6)
years has ably tilled the position of Assistant Quartermaster-General.
The duties of civil life compelled him to decline a reappointment under
the new administration, and in behalf of the comrades of the Depart-
ment, I tender to Comrade Raymond their grateful thanks for past ser-
vices, and the most sincere Avishes for his future success and prosperity.

III. The foUoAving comrades are announced as the Official Staft" of
the Commander; they will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

Assistant Adjutant-General, James F. Meech of Post 10, Worcester.
Assistant Quartermaster- General, George L. Goodale of Post 66,

Inspector, William L. Baird of Post 5, Lynn.
Judge Advocate, E. B. Loring of Post 15, Boston.
Chief Clustering Officer, Alfred C. Monroe of Post 13, Brockton.

IV. All official correspondence must be signed by Post Commanders
and addressed to the Assistant Adjutant-General, Avhose office hours Avill



remain as heretofore, viz., from 10 to 12 and 2 to 4 daily, except Sundays
and Saturday afternoons, when the office will be closed.

By command of
..... . , GEORGE II. PATCH,

James F. Mbech, Deparment Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-Genend.


Grand Army of the Republic
53 Tremont St., Room 3

Boston, March 25, 1882.


General Orders, |
No. 2. I

I V list of the officers elected at the Annual Encampment of this
Department held at Boston, January 30 and 31, appears in the Koster
accompiuying this Order. Two Rosters are forwarded to each Post
one to be tiled with General Orders, the other is for the use of the Post

ComraancU^r^ following comrades are appointed on the Staff of the
Department Commander, and they will be obeyed and respected accord-


E. p. Simpson . .
A. M. Tilton . .
P. Allen Lindsay
E. P. Connig . -
Benj. Pitman . .
CO. Fellows . .
Philii) H. Creasey
Leonard E. Thayer
Charles Newhall .
Willard Y. Gross
Timothy 8. Atwood
Frederick G. Pope
M. O. Wheaton
George E. Teele

So. Framingham.











So. Boston.



E. P. Gibbs ....
M. J. Ferrin
George I'ierce . . •
T. M. Remington . .
Theodore Leutz . .
H.A.Sawyer . . .
Loviis .J. Elwell . .
J. A. Black . . . .
Samuel A. Gushing Jr
.Tosiah G. Cook . .
William H. Thomas .
Alfred B. Hodges
Fred J. Lyon . . .
Frederick Grant . .

Stonehani .
Shelburne Falls.
, Dorchester.
No. Hanson.
Hingham Centre.

Ill \diutants' and (iuartermasters' reports for farst 1st) quarter
will be due A ril 1, and it is important that they should be forwarded

romptly Vd utan s and Ciuartermasters are reminded that hey should
"Xr not only regarding the number reported 1-^ ..uarter bu account
for the o-ains and losses, and give the names as called foi in the recapit
ulition of muster roll, and notes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Care should be exemsed
that the number remaininq in good standing in form .V an the numbei
pScl for on form B shall ag^ee. Post Commanders will see that a

P, irements are complied with, and after signing both reports, foMNaid
the same, together With the,..r capita tax (8 cents per member), to these
Ilead.piart^rs. . ^^ ,^^ council of Administration held ear^

h, Vphriiai V it was unanimouslv " voted that, in the opinion of the Council
of V^mlSl-ltiom U is not expedient to try the experiment of an Encamp-

""•^V'uteS'oTpL'Js is' invited to the accompanying circular rela-
tive ^o\hfpropisedLimment to General James .V. Garfield, late President


of the United States, to be erected by his late comrades in arms. Any
contributions to the fnnd may be forwarded to Department Headquarters,
and will be duly credited, and the result published in General Orders at
a later date.

"VI. The following Posts have been organized since the Depart-
ment Encampment : —

W W. Rockwell Post 125, Pittsfield, Byron "Weston, Commander
James H. Sargent Post 130, Medway, A. W. Barton, Commander.
Charles Chipman Post 132, Sandwich, S "Wills Hunt, Commander.
Hubbard "V. Smith Post 140, Athol, W. E. Jaquith, Commander.
Frank D. Hammond Post 141, Harwich, Geo. M. Munsell, Com-

"VII. The address of any member of Company I, 2d Regiment
"Veteran Reserve Corps, who served in that command while stationed at
Auburn, New York, during the winter of 1864-5, is desired at these

By command of

Official: GEORGE H. PATCH,

James F. Meech, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant- General .

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

53 Tremont Street, Room 3.

General Orders, ) Boston, April 19, 1882.

No 3. \

I. In order to bring comrades and Posts into more intimate rela-
tions Avith Department Headquarters and at the same time enable the
Commander to ascertain the condition and needs of the several Posts, the
following officers are hereby detailed to visit the Posts whose numbers
appear against their names :

William "h. Hart, Department Senior "Vice-Commander . . . 68,149
John D. Billings, Department Junior Vice-Commander, 10, 21, 26, 56,

57, 143

Azel Ames, Jr., Medical Director 33,42,75

George L. Goodale, Assistant Quartermaster-General . . .13, 36, 120

William L. Baird, Inspector 34, 82, 95, 118

E. B. Loriug, Judge Advocate 2, 58, 104, 113

A. C. Monroe, Chief Mustering Officer, 20, 52, 73, 76, 78, 87, 93, 132, 141

COUNCIL OF administration.

William A. Sloane 16. 38, 65, 97, 103, 107

William S. Frost 9, 44, 80, 96

William S. Brown 7, 30, 88

Charles H. Parsons 67, 106


E. P. Simpson 62, 81, 117

E. P. Gibbs 19, 2s, 29, 43, 54. 64, 77. Si], 98, 136

A. M Tiltou 39, 49, 100, 101

M. J. Ferrin 40,66,119,148

P. Allen Lindsey 15, 23, 134, 139

Geo. R. Pierce ' 1", 79, 123, 126, 140


I P. Connig 48,53,59,09,109,115,116

T. M. Remitigton 24, 25, 70

Benj. Pitraau . . 45

C. O. Fellows 4, 5

H A. Sawyer 11, 35, 50, 90

P. H. Creasey . 47, 108, 114, 122, 128, 151

L J. Elwell G. 78, 22, 105, 135

L. E Thayer 37, 61

J. A. Black . 27, 51, 85, 131

Chas. Newhall . . 12, 89, 99

S. A. Ciishing, Jr. . 32, 60, 102, 130

Willard Y. Gross 94, 121, 144

T S. Atwood 74, 83, 110, 111, 124, 127

Wm H. Thomas 31, 112

Alfred B Hodges ... 1, 8, 4G, 145, 146

M. O. Wheaton 3, 55, 72. 91

Fred J. Lyon 41,71,84,125

Geo E Teele 63, 92, 142

These visits are for instruction and information and as it is impor-
tant that they should be made as soon as possible, it may be necessary
to call special meetings of Posts in some instances, therefore Command-
ers of Posts will govern themselves accordingly. Posts will be expected
to exemplify the work of the Order including muster-in. The traveling
expenses will be assumed by the several officers named, therefore it is
expected that all local expense Avill be paid by the Post visited.

A report of these visits will be made at once to these headquarters
on the blanks provided for that purpose.

II. Badges that may be wanted previous to May 30 should be
ordered at once and comrades should I'emember that they can only be
supplied through their Post Quartermaster. All supplies must be paid
for when ordered or they will be sent CO.D. at expense of Post. Small
orders, viz , less than $1.00, may be prepaid with postage stamps.

By command of
Official: GEORGE H, PATCH,

James F. Meech, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Pkpart.ment of Massachusetts,
Grand Army of the Republic.
53 Tremont St., Room 3.
General Orders, \ Boston, May 1, 1882

No. 4. I

In accordance with the provisions of Rules and Regulations, and in
compliance with General Orders No. 15, from National Headquarters,
Tuesday, May 30, will be observed as Memorial Day.

Memorial Day l)elougs to the Grand Army of the Republic, for it
commemorates all that was grand and noble in the sacrifices made by our
comrades who died that the Nation might live. By act of the Legislature
it has been given as a sacred legacy to the present and future generations
of our own loved Commonwealth. Let us then, citizen and comrade,
unite on that day, in paying tril)Ute to the men who on the gundecks of our
navy, or in the ranks of our army, showed to the world a heroism une-
qualled, a patriotic spirit undaunteil and a record unsullied.

We are an army to whom no recruits can come. Only veterans can
join the Grand .\rniy. The resistless artillery of time steadily decimates


our ranks, and day by day we grow fewer and Aveaker. But as we stand
shoulder to shoulder treasuring in our Fraternity a wealth of grand
memories of those we commemorate, let us believe that the comradeship
that binds ns to them in a great and noble cause is not wholly severed.
Their task is done. Their solemn obligation, which we took in unison
with them, has been fulfilled But life brings for ns each day new
responsibilities and new duties. They have laid aside their armor; we
must bear the heat and the burden of the day for a time ; and as they,
true to duty, to country and to God, faltered not where duty lead them,
so let us, in the Grand Army of the Republic, fulfill all the obligations
we have assumed. And when

On fame's eternal camping ground
Our silent tents are spread,

and our names have been added to the silent majority, we shall not have
lived in vain And in the active and present work of our Order we shall

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 14 of 64)