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There being no further business, the following officers were
installed by Comrade A. B. Underwood, the Senior Past Depart-
ment Commander present : —

Department Commander .... John D. Billings
Department Senior Vice-Commander, John W. Hersey
Department Junior Vice-Commander, Richard F. Tobin

Medical Director James Oliver, Jr.

Chaplain Richard Eddy

Assistant Adjutant-General . . . Alfred C. Monroe

fW. W. Scott
J. Cushing Thomas
Council of Administration . . . \ John McDonough

Edward McKay
I^Chas. H. Tracey
There being no further business, the Eighteenth Encamp-
ment of the Department of Massachusetts was declared dissolved.

A true copy of the proceedings.


Assistant Adjutant- General.



In accordance with the custom adopted for the past two or
three years, a very large number of delegates to the Convention
proceeded to Faneuil Hall at the close of the Encampment, for the
purpose of partaking of a banquet which had been prepared for
the occasion. Besides the delegates, there were a large number
of comrades present from all sections of the State, which com-
pletely filled old Faneuil Hall. Five hundred comrades sat down
to the repast.

After the comrades had ail been comfortably seated. Assist-
ant Quartermaster-General Fellows announced from the outpost
that the Governor had arrived, when Commander Evans immedi-
ately proceeded to the ante-room, and presently appeared with the
Governor, who received a most enthusiastic reception.

The retiring Commander, George S. Evans, presided, and
upon his right at the table upon the platform sat His Excellency
the Governor, George D. Robinson ; Department Commander-
elect John I). Billings; Comrade Augustus P. Martin, Mayor of
Boston ; Comrade Geo. A. Marden, Speaker of the House of
Representatives, and others. Upon his left were Comrade Samuel
Dalton, Adjutant-General of Massachusetts ; Comrade Henry B.
Peirce, Secretary of the Commonwealth; Past Commander-in-
Chief Geo. S. Merrill, and others. The newly elected Depart-
ment officers and a number of Past Department Commanders were
also upon the platform.

At the close of the excellent banquet (which was furnished
by Caterer Tufts in his usual ample and satisfactory manner), and
after cigars had been lighted. Commander Evans called the com-
rades to order, and in a short speech, in which he bid all a most
cordial and hearty welcome to this gathering of representative mem-
bers of the Grand Army of Massachusetts, he happily introduced
to the comrades the Governor of Massachusetts, George D. Robin-
son, who, though not a soldier himself, was one whose heart beat
in full sympathy with everything that pertains to the welfare of
the soldier.

The Governor received a most cordial welcome, was listened
to with the closest attention, and was frequently heartily applauded.
He said that it would have afforded him the greatest gratification
if the honor of addressing the members of the Grand Army as the
Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth had been assigned to seme


one who was a member of the orgauizatiou ; but the gratitude he
desired to express for the greeting he had received came from
one who was not lacking in his appreciation of loyalty for those
who had served their country. Private citizen though he was, he
could not but feel that the Grand Army, in the selection of its
officers, honored its private soldiers, for those that were great
today sit tomorrow in obedience to those who are elected. Massa-
chusetts Avould always appreciate her soldiers, and the time would
never come when the Governor of the Commonwealth would not be
proud to welcome them. Though it was not his privilege to take
part in the civil strife, yet he recognized the men who did, and
would always be glad to meet them. After expressing surprise
that although the war ended twenty years ago the Convention
seemed to be composed largely of young men, the Governor
alluded to the work of the Grand Army of Massachusetts, which
during its existence of seventeen years had expended upward of
S600,000 in charity, and said that it Avas a most remarkable and
a most honorable record. In eloquent words the Governor spoke
of the inspiring memories of Faneuil Hall, whose walls still echoed
with patriotism uttered by the patriots who had assembled therein,
and pointing to the portrait of Webster making his great speech
before the Senate of the United States, repeated the declaration
of that statesman, "Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One
and Inseparable." Though it was a grand sight when the soldiers
of the country imperiled their lives for the liberty for which Web-
ster contended, it was a still grander sight when at the end of
four years of war they had laid down their arms and resumed the
duties of citizenship. In conclusion the Governor paid a tribute
to the power of the organization, the highest ideal of American
citizenship, and he did not wonder that the affection between com-
rades grew stronger as the years went on ; and in the hands of
such men, he well knew that in the future, as in the past, the
destiny of the Commonwealth would be safe.

At the conclusion of the Governor's speech, a despatch was
read from the Department of Vermont, then in session (in reply
to one sent in the morning), congratulating the Department of
Massachusetts upon its success ; also a congratulatory despatch
from the Department of Illinois, to which the Assistant Adjutant-
General was requested to reply.

" His Honor Mayor Martin of Boston — a comrade of Post
15" — was next introduced and received -with the utmost enthu-
siasm. He expressed his pleasure as one of the members of the
organization in being able to greet his comrades on behalf of the
grand old city of Boston, which had always done and always would
do much for the defenders of the country. Eeferring to the Gov-
ernor's surprise at seeing so many young men present. General
Martin said that the men who were middle-aged when they served


in the army bad nearly all passed away, and only the younger
soldiers were now left. He expressed the satisfaction he experi-
enced in meeting with soldiers, and hoped that the members of the
Grand Army would renew their interest in its work.

Comrade John D. Billings, the newly elected Commander,
made an earnest speech, in which, after referring to the growth of
the Grand Army in Massachusetts, he congratulated his comrades
on the fact that it had not 3'et reached the zenith of its prosperity,
and spoke of the necessity of keeping up the standard of the
Order, so that all soldiers not members would desire to get into
the ranks.

"The Speaker of the House of Representatives, and a Past
Commander of Post 42," was the introduction given Hon. George
A. Harden, who "broke the boys all up" b}' several facetious
army stories, and then, alluding to the retiring Department Com-
mander, said that his (Comrade Evans') wife w^ent to school to
him, and there learned that Christian resignation that permitted
her to consent to the absence of her husband for six months of
the past year. Returning to a serious vein, he said that the Legis-
lature was always ready to support the soldier element in anything
that was just and proper. He paid a fine compliment to Mayor
Martin, saying, " His guns today were served as faithfully in the
interests of good government as they were in the olden days on
the battlefields of Virginia."

Past Department Commander George H. Patch responded
for the Past Department Commanders, and at the conclusion of
his speech called Commander P^vans to his feet, and in behalf of
the comrades of the Department of Massachusetts, presented him
with an elegant gold watch and chain.

Commander Evans, in a voice choked with emotion, thanked
the comrades for their kindly remembrance, and pledged the hest
efforts of the remaining years of his life to the work of the Order.

The watch is a heavy hunting-case Howard railroad time-
keeper. On the outside is a facsimile of the outline of a Grand
Army badge, with the monogram " G. S. E." engraved on it.
Inside the case is the inscription : —

Past Department Commander
George S. Evans,


Comrades of the Dept. of Mass.,


Jan. 318T, 1884.

The chain is solid gold, of cable pattern, and the whole out-
fit was encased in a neat and ornamental box.


General Orders and Circular Letters.
Series of 1883-4.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, )
Grand Ahmy of the Republic, >-
12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6. )
General Orders, \ Boston, Feb. 5, 1883.

No. 1. i

I. Having been elected and installed as Commander of this Depart-
ment for the ensuing year, I hereby assume the duties and responsibilities
of the office.

II. Comrades : Never in the history of our organization have its
prospects looked brighter than today. With a membership of over 12,000,
and a surplus in our treasury, we have every reason to be grateful for
the successes of the past two years. Yet, comrades, we must not rest
here ; there are in our good old Commonwealth thousands of worthy sol-
diers and sailors who have not associated themselves with our Order.
To bring those within our ranks should be the first duty of every com-
rade throughout this Department, I therefore appeal to all my comrades,
whether wearing the official bar of office or simply the honorable badge
of our Order, to interest themselves in this work. Place the record of
our organization before them, explain the principles upon which it is
founded and the good it has accomplished, and I believe that every man
who fought for his counti'y will esteem it a privilege to associate him-
self with the truly representative organization of the grand old army and
navy that saved the republic

III. I desire in this my first order to bring prominently before mj''
comrades of the Department the "Soldiers' Home in Massachusetts,"
an institution now in operation over six months, and a success in every
sense of the word. A large number of our comrades have been and are
being cared for under its roof. To assure its permanency it requires
our united assistance Comrades, let us see to it that we leave nothing
undone that will redound to its benefit. It was made possible by the
Grand Array of the Republic, — we ivill make it permanent.

IV. The following comrades are announced as the " Official Staff "
of the Commander ; they will be obeyed and respected accordingly : —

Assistant Adjutant-General, Alfred C. Monroe of Post 13, Brockton.
Assistant Quartermaster-General, Chas. O. Fellows of Post 35,

Inspector, Horace A. Sawyer of Post 5, Lynn.
Judge Advocate, John L. Rice of Post 16, Springfield.
Chief Mustering Officer, E. P. Gibbs of Post 9, Hudson

V. After a continuous service of seven years as Assistant Adjutant-
General, Comrade James F. Meech severs his connection Avith these head-
quarters. As one who having several times served with him in various
capacities, I hereby desire to express my high appreciation of his valuable



services to this Departmeut, as a competent, faithful and interested officer,
and I feel that I express the sentiments of my comrades throughout the
Department when I wish him abundant success and Godspeed in any and
all of his future undertakings

VI. After Feliruary 10 the Department Headiiuarters will be at No.
12 Pemberton Square, Room G.

VII. All official correspondence must be signed by Post Com-
manders, and addressed to the Assistant Adjutant-General, whose office
hours will be from 9 to 12 and 2 to 4, except Sundays. Saturday after-
noons the office will be closed at 3 o'clock.

By command of

Department Commander.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6.

General Orders, \ Boston, March 10, 1883.

No. 2 f

I. The following comrades are appointed on the Staff of the Depart-
ment Commander, and they will be obeyed and respected accordingly : —


A. M. Lunt . . .
Samuel A. Gushing
Isaac M. Holt . .
Frank P. Simonils .
E. P. Jewett . . .
George A. Fletcher
Thos. L. OBrion
Geo. W. Kenny . .
Geo. H. Innis . .
James Oliver . . .
Harry Crosby . .
Deniijs Meehan . .
Daniel T. Duhig .
E. C. Spofforrt . .
Daniel F. Kilev . .

East Cambridge.








South Boston.

Athol Centre.






John S. Beck . . .

Justin B. Willard .

Tho3. Swazej' . . .

Fred L. Perry . .

James A. Black . .

Willard Y. Gross .

Ivory R. Allen . .

Oliver H. Ingalls .

Theo. Leutz . . .

S. Wells Hunt . .

Wm. D. Wood . .
Fred A . Washburn

Charles Frazer . .

Chas. M. Whelden .

E. "W. Thompson .












New Bedford.




II. A list of officers elected at the Annual Encampment of this
Department, held at Boston, January 29 and 30, appear in the Roster
accompanying this Order.

III. Posts making arrangements for camp-fires, fairs, etc., and
desiring the presence of the Department Commander or his Staff, would
do well to consult these head(|uarters before making dates.

IV. As all blanks'for reports are now supplied to Posts free of cost,
I trust there will be no delay in promptly making reports which are due
April 1.

V. Requisitions for badges that may be required for Memorial Da}'
should be forwarded iraraediatel.v, that a supply may be obtained.

VI. Comrades are warned against one Frank D. Harrington, a
dropped member of Perley Post No. 37 of Laconia, N.H., who has been
imposing upon and defrauding members of the Order in this Department.

VII. The address is wanted at this ofl3ce of Lieut. Herbert Wads-
worth, 28th ^Maine Infantry; any comrade of the 2d Mass. Heavy Artil-
lery; Giles G. W. Johnson, Sergt. Company A, 19th ^lass. Infantry, and
Corp. Arthur M. Davis, Co. A, 19th Infantry.


VIII. The following new Posts have been organized since last Gen-
eral Orders : —

H. O. P. Sargent Post 152 of Essex, Timothy Andrews, Com-

Oilman C. Parker Post 153 of Wiuchendou, C. T. Stearns, Com-

IX. Herewith enclosed find slips embodying the changes made in
the Ritual at the last National Encamjament. Post Commanders will see
that they are carried into effect at once.

X. General Orders, No. 8, and Circular from National Headquarters
are herewith promulgated.

By command of GEORGE S. EVANS,

Official : Dejxcrtment Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,
Grand Army of the Republic,
12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6.
General Orders, 1 Boston, March 12, 1881.

No. 3. /

Comrades : For the second time we are called to mourn the death of
a former Department Commander

Comrade John A. Hawes of Post 1, New Bedford, and Commander
of this Department in 1880, died at his residence, in Fairhaven, Mass.,
Saturday morning, March 10.

In recognition of the faithful services he rendered our Order, and in
remembrance of the great love he cherished for the principles of the
Grand Army of the Republic, all Department and Post officers will, for
thirty days from the date of the reception of this order, wear the usual
badge of mourning upon the left arm and sword hilt when on duty, and
the charter of each Post Avill be di'aped in mourning in honor of our
departed comrade.

By command of GEORGE S. EVANS,

Official : Department Commander

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant- General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6.

General Orders, \ Boston, April 2, 1888.

No. 4. ;

I. The experiment of making a visit to Posts in the spring, tried
last year, proved so successful, where the visits were made, that it has
been thought best to continue the same this year. The following officers
are hereby detailed to visit the Posts whose numbers appear against
their names : —

John D. Billings, Department Senior Vice-Commander . . 4, 13, 57, 68
William A. Sloane, Department Junior Vice-Commander 38, 51, 131, 136
James H. Wright, Medical Director 6, 14, 18, 43, 44, 80



Charles H. Parsons G7, 82, 106

W. W. Scott 24, 37, 53, 64, 70, 135-

Richard F. Tobin 6, 7, 23, 32

J. Cnshins Thomas 36, 56, 72, 133

Beuj. Pitman 34, 118, 152

Charles O. FelloAvs, Assistant Quartermaster-General 2, 12, 21, 75, 90

Horace A. Sawyer, Inspector 10, 15, 45, 49, 113

John L. Rice, Jiulsje Advocate 41, 86, 125

Edward P. Gibbs,^Chief Mustering Officer . . . 19, 20, 93, 123, 140


A. M. Luut 29, 33, 35, 132, 134, 141

Samuel A. Cushiug 81, 76, 78, 94, 104

Isaac M. Holt 74,83,98,111,112

Fred. L. Perry 71, 85, 97, 107

Harry Crosby 16, 84, 103, 147

John S. Beck 30, 40, 69, 148

Wm. D Wood 101, 108, 114, 151

Frank P. Simouds 9, 22, 105, 142, 144

Justin B. Willard 25, 28, 59, 77

James Oliver 17, 109, 116, 150, 153

Chas M. Whelden 79, 126

Fred. A Washburn 46, 146

Oliver H Ingalls 130, 137

Daniel F. Kiley 42, 120

E. W. Thompson 39, 99, 100

Theo. Leutz 102

S. Wells Hunt 8

James A. Black 27, 61, 65

E P. Jewett 1, 3, 55, 117

Thos. L. OBrion 26, 58, 62

Geo. A. Fletcher 63, 92, 121

Thos Swasey ... 50, 89, 95

E. C. Spofford 47, 91

Chas. Frazer 48, 54, 96, 115

Ivorv R Allen 11, 87, 139

Geo. W. Kenny 66, 125, 128

Geo H. Innis 60, 145, 149

Dennis Meehan 88, 110, 143

Daniel T. Duhig 81,119,138

David Dunbar 52, 73, 124, 127

These visits are for instruction and information, and should ])e made
as soon as possible, at least before Memorial Day. It may be necessary
to call special meetings of Posts in some instances. It is hoped that
Commanders of Posts will aid the Department officers in this respect.
Posts will be expected to exemplify the work of the Order, including
Muster-in. Travelling expenses will be assumed by the visiting officers,
therefore it is expected that all local expenses will be paid by the Post
visited A report of these visits will be made at once to these lieadquar-
ters on blanks provided for that purpose.

II Comrade David Dunbar of Post oS, Weymouth, is hereby
appointed as Aide-de-Camp to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation
Ton account of sickness) of Comrade W. Y. Gross of Post 143, Brook-

III. The address is wanted at this office of Lieut Abner R Mott,
Co. I, 21st Mass Inf., transferred to Co I, 36th Mass. Inf.

By command of
Official: GEORGE S. EVAXS,

A. C. Monroe, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant- General.


Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, )

Grand Army of the Republic, [-

12 Pemrerton Sq., Koom 6. )


General Orders, ") Boston, May 4, 1883.

No 5. i

Comrades : In accordance with our Rules and Resulations and Gen-
eral Orders, No. 10, National Headquarters, Wednesda.y, May 30, will be
observed as Memorial Day.

The Posts of this Department are expected to make suitable arrange-
ments for the proper observance of the day, inviting the public generally
to participate with them upon this occasion Each and every comrade
of this Department is expected to throw aside for this day the cares and
labors of life, and devote himself to the decoration of the graves of his
fallen comrades

Let no comrade's grave be neglected. See to it that the flag, for
whose honor they died, waves over eacli. Lay upon their graves the
laurel and the rose, strew them with the buds and blossoms of spring,
and tenderly cherish their memories and the sacrifices they made for a
nation redeemed.

From the memories that cluster around their graves bright creations
spring up to light the pathway of the living, stimulating them to a
nobler thought and a better life. For every loyal form that fell beneath
the blood-red stroke of battle a hundred virtues rise in the shape of
Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty, to walk the world and bless it, and
every tear that sorrow drops upon the graves of onr dead comrades upon
Memorial Day sheds a sweet benediction upon the living Comrades, as
you stand beside these honored mounds, vivid memories will arise of the
ardent, brave, courageous and generous who lie beneath them. To
those comrades life was dear, the ties of home sacred, the hopes and
prospects of the future bright, yet moved by the purest patriotism, they
voluntarily relinquished all for their country's honor.

I confidently hope for such observance of the day as shall testify
how revered are the patriotic dead, how sacred the cause in which they
fell, and how under our banner of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty we
pledge ourselves anew to preserve their memories, and to faithfully
guard the charges sealed to us by their precious blood.

I would urge upon my comrades of this Department the necessity of
discountenancing upon Memorial Day, every form of amusement, such
as boat racing, dancing, etc., which seem to be growing up among us,
and which are carried on by unthinking people. Refrain from them,
denounce them upon all occasions as a sacrilege upon the day made
sacred to the memory of those who died that this nation and country
might remain undivided under a common fiag.

Comi'ades will discontinue the use of the words "Decoration Day,"
which is a misnomer, and hereafter, upon all occasions use the words
" Memorial Day," as per vote of the National Encampment at Baltimore,
Md., June, 1882.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant- General.



IIkadquauters Depaktment of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic

12 Pemberton Sq., Koom 6

General Orders, \ Boston, May 15, 1883.

No. 6 /

I. General Orders, No. 11, aud circular from National Headquarters
are hereby proinulijated.

II. Comrades : — As we are nearing Memorial Day, and there seems
to be at the present time a deep interest manifested in our Order
throughout the State, I desire to appeal to all my comrades of this
Department for a rencAved effort to bring within our fold every worthy
and deserving soldier aud sailor of the Union. It is very evident that
the Memorial Day exercises of this year will be of unusual interest, as
the public generally have become interested, and the women and children
are ready and anxious to lend a helping hand. Our old comrades in
arms outside of our organization are looking on in astonishment at the
enthusiasm created over the Grand Army of the Republic today, aud it
seems to me that this is an opportune time to add to our membership,
and to bring into our ranks those men who should be with us upon that
day to pay their tribute of honor aud respect to their dead comrades.
Every comrade can do something towards recruiting his Post; I there-
fore ask that each comrade take this appeal to himself and do Avhat in
him lies to the end that our organization may be strengthened and our
ranks filled upon Memorial Day.

III. Post Commanders will use every endeavor to have their com-
rades in line upou that day, and thus show to the world that we at least
have not forgotten the cause for which they died and the sacrifices made
by our dead comrades.

IV. Post Chaplains will forward to these headquarters a full
account of the Memorial Day exercises of their Posts, also an account
of the services held the Sunday preceding, in order that they ma\^ at
some time be placed in proper shape.

V. A new Post has been organized since the date of last General
Order, viz : William II. Freeman Post 129, MUlville, John Ferguson,

VI. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters, viz.: Capt. ,7ohn D. Brown, Co. B, 43d Regt., U.S C.T. :
Lieut. H. Lee Clark, Co. H, 2d Mass. H.A ; Lieut. Perpeute, Co. E,
2d Mass Cav. : Lieut. John T. Small, Co. A, 19th Mass. Inf. ; Capt. Rufus
B. Plummer, Co. C, 20th Mass. Inf. ; Corp. Geo. Carter, Co. A, 21st Mass.
Inf.; any comrade serving on U.S. Gunboat Nipsic in 18G4; names of
two comrades of Co. A, 1st U.S. Art.; names of any two members of
Co. II, 20th Mass. Inf.; Dr. McCall, Surgeon in charge of Mt. Pleasant
Hospital, Washington, D. C, 18G4; also Dr. Fransau, Surgeon, same
Hospital ; also the address of one Brewster, of the guards of 2d Div.

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 23 of 64)