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Hospital supply train, in May, ISGl.

VII. Post No. 5 of Lynn notifies these headquarters that John J.
Mason is not in good standing in that Post, and is not worthy of

Bv command of

Ofiicial : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjrttant-General .



Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic

12 Pemberton Sq , Room 6

General Orders, \ Boston, June 30, 1883.

No. 7 /

I. I wish to call the special attention of Post Commanders to the
necessity for promptness in forwarding reports for the present quarter.

The reports from tlie Department must he sent to National Head-
quarters at Omaha by July 15, to entitle the Department to representation
at Denver. In order to accomplish this, the reports from Posts must
all be at these headquarters not later than July 10 I trust that Post
Commanders will attend to this matter, and see that their reports are
ready and forwarded at once.

II. I Avould call the attention of Post Commanders to the necessity
of carefully examining the reports before forwarding them, as much
valuable time is lost in being obliged to return reports for correction.
This can all be avoided by the exercise of a little care, and by following
the instructions given on each blank form. All Posts from whom correct
reports have not been received by the 15th of July will be reported in
General Orders, in accordance with instructions frorh National Encamp-

III. The following new Posts have been organized since last
General Orders : —

Martha Sever Post 154 of Kingston, Geo. H. Bonney, Jr., Com-
Marcus Keep Post 155 of Monson, Alvin A. Gage, Commander.
James A. Perkins Post 156 of Everett, Wm. H. Dennett, Commander.

IV. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters, viz.: — Any enlisted men of Co. H, 14th U.S. Infantry,
engaged in the second battle of Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862. Any member
of the crew on U.S. Steamer Mi >ntg ornery ott" Wihnington, N.C., 1863
and 1864. Two members of Co E, 13lh Mass. Infantry, who served in
said company from July 2, 1861, to April 12, 1863, who knew James B.
Dunn. Any two members of the 18th V R.C. stationed at Annapolis
Junction in June, 1864.

V. The findings and sentences of the court-martial of Benj T.
Reed and Daniel O'Donovan of Post 5, Lynn, are hereby approved, and
they are dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

VI. General Orders, No 12, and Circular from National Headquar-
ters are hereby promulgated.

By command of
Official: GEORGE S. EVANS,

A. C. Monroe, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, \

Grand Army of the Republic, >■

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6. )


Boston, Mass., July 10, 1883.
The Department Commander, Assistant Adjutant-General and Dele-
gates to the National Encampment will leave Boston on Wednesday
evening, July 18, for Denver, Col., to attend the Eighteenth Annual


Dnrinff the absence of the Assistant Adjutant-General, these head-
cjnarters Avill be under the char<re of Asst. Q M -Gen. Charles (J
Fellows, -whose office hours will be from 2 to o p.m., except Saturday.

As most of the business and correspondence pertaininj? to' the
Department will have to la,y over until the return of the Assistant
Adjutant-General, I trust that comrades will ij:overn themselves accord-
ingly, and make no request of these headquarters, except Avhat is abso-
lutely necessary, until his return, which Avill be some time durin"- the
week beginning August 5. "

The office will be open as usual from 9 to 12 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m a
young man being in attendance to furnish neci-ssary supplies.

I would again urge upon Post Commanders, who have not already
done so, the necessity of at once sending in their Quarterly Reports for
the second quarter, as it is absolutely necessary that the' consolidated
Report of the Department be made up before our departure for the
National Encampment.

Trusting that my comrades will be governed by the request of this

I am yours in F , C. and L ,

Department Commander.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, )

Grand Army of the Republic, V

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6. )

General Orders, \ Boston, Sept. 11, 188:5.

No. 8. I

I The Department Commander feels proud to be able to say to his
comrades of the Department that Massachusetts was represented by its
full delegation at the National Encampment at Denver, Colo., and that
while smaller in numbers than some of the other Department.s, its influ-
ence for good was the e<|ual of any Department represented.

The Convention, as a whole, was a complete success, both in the
transaction of the business regularly brought before it, and in the selec-
tion of officers for the ensuing year. The reports of the various officers
Avere full of encouragement, especially that of the Adjutant-General, in
which he shows the wonderful gain in membership during the past year
of 75,000 comrades. With a membership, July 1, of 180,000 comrades in
good standing, we have every reason to be proud of our organization.
The immense gains in the West should be an incentive for renewed
action on our part to bring Avithin the ranks of our Order all the worthy
and deserving soldiers and sailors of the Union, and I appeal to my
comrades, from P>erkshire to the Cape, to l)uckle on the armor with a
determination that our "glorious" Department shall be kept well up in
the front numerically, so that in the next National Encampment it can-
not be said that Massachusetts has been l)ehind in the advancement of
our organization.

The reception and entertainment of the delegates were all that could
be desired. The G.A R. of Colorado, the citizens, the municipal authori-
ties of Denver, and especially the State authorities, are deserving of our
deep gratitude for the warmth of the reception, their many kindnesses,
and the excellent opportunitv attbrded all of witnessing the wonderful
scenery and advancement of the State of Colorado

II. The New England delegation to the National Encami)ment
adopted resolutions complimentary to the Chicago, Milwaukee .^t St. Paul



R.R., Avhich are so well deserved that they are herewith enclosed, with
the request that they be read at the next Post meeting.

III. I feel that I would be derelict in my duty were I to fail to
express my high appreciation of the valuable services rendered this
department during our absence by the Asst. Q.M -Gen., Charles 0.
Fellows. The prompt and able manner in which lie discharged all the
duties of the Assistant Adjutant-General's office, his coolness and deci-
sion during the terrible suspense consequent upon the reported accident
to our train (and for which he has been commended by so many of
his comrades), deserves the gratitude of the comrades throughout the

IV. General Orders, Nos. 13 and 14, with circular from National
Headquarters, with General Orders, No. 1, current series, are hereby
promulgated. The above Orders Mere not received at these headquarters
until August 9, hence the delay in sending them out.

V. Correct reports from one hundred and fifty-one Posts of this
Department, for second quarter ending June 30, were received at this
office within the time allowed, for Avhich they have the thanks of the
Department Commander. The remaining live Posts, viz , Post 20, Cole-
rain ; Post 92, Brighton ; Post l;55, Shrewsbury ; Post 137. East Douglas ;
and Post 150, Montague, are consequently announced in arrears for
reports, in accordance with paragraph II , General Orders, No. 7, from
these headcjuarters. It is to be hoped that a repetition of this report
will not be necessary.

VI. The following new Posts have been organized since last
General Orders : —

Elrridge B. Pii'er Post 157, Walpole, Geo. E. Craig, Commander.
Capt. E. T. Dresser Post 156, Housatonic, Wm. McDonald, Com-
John A. IIawes Post 159, East Boston, Flavel ShurLleff, Commander.

VII. The addi'ess of the following named pei'sons is wanted at
these headquarters: Any member of Co E, 9th Mass. Infantry; Lieut.
Henry G. Morey, Co. D, ioth Mass. ; Sergeant James Gibson, 13th Mass.,
afterwards Adjutant, 59th Mass. ; Lieut. Duett C. Clark, Co. F or M, 3d
Mass. Cavalry; Capt. Marsh A. Fei-ris, Co I, 30th Mass.

VIII It is the desire of the Trustees of the "Soldiers' Home in
Massachusetts " that the Sul)Scription Cards issued to the Posts of this
Department be returned to the Treasurer as soon as possil)le.

IX. The flndings and sentences of the court-martial of James W.
Cranshaw of Post 47, Haverhill, and John J. Mason of Post 5, Lynn, are
hereby approved, and they are disjhouorably discharged from the Grand
Army of the Republic.

By command of
Official: GEORGE S. EVANS,

A. C. Monroe, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant- General.

Headquarters Department of Mass.\chusetts, )
Grand Army of the Republic, -
12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6. )
General Orders,"! Boston, Oct. 10, 1883.

No. 9. ;

I. The new National Countersign having been forwarded to Post
Commanders, it should be promulgated at the next Post meeting onh/ to
members in good standing.


II. Comrade E. P. Gibbs, Chief Mustering Officer, having tendered
his resignation, on account of removal from the State, the same is hereby
accepted. The Commander cannot part vpith Comrade Gibbs without
expressing his gratitude for the prompt, faithful and earnest manner in
■which he has performed all duties devolving upon him, and for the deep
interest he has always taken in the welfare of the Department. Hoping
that in his new field of labor he ma.y find a bright and prosperous future,
and realizing fully that our Department's loss will be Michigan's gain,
we bid him a hearty God-speed.

III. Aide-de-Camp A. M. Lunt is hereby appointed Chief Mustering
Officer of the Department. He will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

IV. The Department Inspector has completed his arrangements for
the fall inspection. Commanders of Posts will render the Inspecting
Officers all the assistance possible in the discharge of their duties. It
may be necessary to call special meetings of Posts in some instances.
Posts will be expected to exemplify the work of the Order, including
Opening and Muster-in. Travelling expenses Avill be assumed by the
Department, therefore it is expected that all local expenses will be paid
by the Post inspected A report of these inspections Avill be made at
once to these headquarters on blanks provided for that purpose.

The following comrades Avill inspect the new Posts assigned to them :
S.V.C. John D. "Billings, Post 159 ; J.V.C. Wm. A. Sloane. Post 160;
A.Q.M.-G. C. O. Fellows, loC ; Inspector H. A. Sawyer. i7; Chief Mus-
tering Officer A. M. Lunt will inspect the Posts formerly assigned to his
predecessor; Aides-de-Camp Samuel A. Cushing, 154; F. L. Perrv, 155;
Justin B. Willard, 129; C. M. Whelden, 158; OTa. lugalls, 157.

Assistant Inspectors Avill enter upon their Avork immediately, in order
that every Post in the Department may be inspected by the first of
December. They will forward their reports to these headquarters as
soon as possible after inspections. There must not be a Post neglected
this year. Assistant Inspectors who cannot perform their Avhole duty
"Will notify these headquarters in due season.

V. The National Council of Administration having made large con-
tracts by which the prices of supplies have been reduced, the Department
Commauder feels pleased to ])e able to announce that these head(|uarters
will hereafter furnish badges at 60 cents each, Rules and Regulations at 5
cents per copy, and applications for membership at the rate of 50 cents
per hundred.

I would suggest that the price of the badge now be charged in the
muster-in fee, and that the badge presentation, which is most significant
and impressive when properly done, be adopted by the Posts of this
Department. This service adds greatly to the value of our honorable
badge. The reduction in the price of Rules and Regulations should war-
rant the presentation of a copy to each comrade upon his becoming a
member of the Order. Lack of knowledge of these rules has frequently
caused misunderstanding in Posts. The price of applications for mem-
bership having been reduced one-half, Post Commanders should see to it
that there is always a sufficient supplj' on hand.

VI. The following new Post has been organized since last General
Order : —

Alanson H.\milton Post 160, West Brookfleld, J. G. Warren, Com-

VII. The address of the following named persons is wanted at
these head(iuarters : Wm. Nichols, Jr., Surgeon 3d Mass. Heavy Artil-
lery, or George E Piukham, Assistant Surgeon same regiment; Sergeant
25th Mass Infantry who had charge of Camp Pickett near Newburn, N.C.,
in the spring of i865; John A. Urich, Private, Co. K, 15th N J. II. A.;


Capt. John McDonald, 13th Invalid Coi'ps, Camp Berry, Portland, Me.
Any member of Co. F, 24:th Mass., between October, 18C1, to June, 1864:.
VIII. The findings and sentence of the court-martial of Michael
Ford of Post 58, Weymouth, are hereby approved, and he is dishonorably
discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

By command of
Official: GEORGE S. EVANS,

A. C. Monroe, Dejxirtment Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, \

Grand Army of the Republic, [^

12 Pemuerton Sq , Room 6. )

General Orders, "I Boston, Nov. 20, 1883.

No. 10. /

I. The Department Commander desires to draw the attention of
Post Commanders and Quartermasters to the matter of suspended mem-
bers. The first quarter of this year showed a suspended membership of
•463; second quarter, 4"J6 ; and the third quarter, 429. The Commander
feels that this is far in excess of what it should be, for in looking over
the suspended lists he finds the names of many comrades who would feel
badly if they knew they were suspended, and Avho would cheerfully pay
their dues upon solicitation to do so. He would therefore impress upon
Commanders the necessity of seeing to it that Quartermasters do their
Avhole duty in this matter. While he desires a strict compliance with the
Rules and Regulations in the matter of suspensions, he is satisfied that
the number can be greatly reduced if the Quartermaster makes a special
eflfort to collect the dues, and he trusts that such an eftbrt will be made
this (juarter, in order that we may make a better showing Jan 1, 1884.
While our Department is making a steady and healthy gain in member-
ship, we should realize that every suspended member is one lost.

II. For several years past the number of recjuests for special assisn-
ment of installing officers has been on the increase, and on many occa-
sions the re<]uests are made so late that the assignments cannot be made.
The Chief Mustering Officer desires to comply with all reipiests made iu
this direction, and would urge upon Posts having a particular choice iu
this matter, the necessity of making early application to these headquar-
ters for such details. It would be well to make the selection the night
the officers are elected or as soon thereafter as possible.

III. A year's supply of blank Adjutant's and Quartermaster's reports
with envelopes have been sent to each Post Commander. If the same
have not been received, notice should be sent to these headquarters with-
out delay.

IV. Attention is called to the election of Post officers, delegates
and alternates to the Department Encampment, one delegate and one
alternate for every fifty members reported in good standing for third
quarter ending September 30, with one additional for more than one-half
that numl^er, but every Post, whatever its membership, shall be entitled
to one delegate. This election mnst be held at the ^lirst 7'egular meeting
in December. Herewith enclosed find lilank credentials for reporting
the same; one copy only is to be forwarded to this office.

V. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters : —

Patrick Gately, 69th New York Infantry; any members of Co. F, 7th
Maine Regiment, who served from '61 to '63, who knew Wm. Folteeu of


said company; Benj T. O. Snow, Quartermaster Serjeant Co. B. 1st
Mass. Cavalry; the Surgeon at Point Lookout from '62 to T>4- Henry
Barnes, Surgeon 54th Mass. Infantry; Capt. Charles G. Chipman, Co. D
54th Mass. Infantry. '

VI. A badge was found in Boston having engraved thereon the
name of John McDermott, Co. H, 5th Ohio, which the owner can have by
applying to Capt. John I) Miller, Commander of Post 29, Waltham, and
proving property.

VII. A badge of personal valor presented by Congress to one who
served in the Navy has been found, which the owner can have by calling-
at these headquarters and proving property. "

VIII. The findings and sentence of the court-martial of V. P. Park-
hurst of Post 109, East Templeton, are herebv approved, and said Park-
hurst is dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Repul)lic.

By command of

Official: Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, )

Grand Army of the Republic, ^

12 Pemberton Sq., Room G. \

Boston, Dec. 1, 1883.

Through the courtesy of the Directors of the Foreign Exhibition in
Boston, an invitation has been extended to the Posts of this Department
to visit the exhibition free of charge. In accordance with this invita-
tion, the Department Commander has assigned Wednesday, December
12, as Grand Army Day, Avhen all comrades in good standing, appearing
in uniform or with G.A.R. badge, will be admitted free during the day
and evening.

Arrangements are also being made for a reduction of fares on the
ditterent lines of railroads, and it is safe to sav that a irenerous reduction
will be made on the majority of the lines, if not upon all

Posts accepting this invitation, and who Avill attend in a body in the
evening, are requested to notify these head(iuarters at once, iii order
that proper assignment may be made, giving the probable number of
comrades that will attend. It is the desire of the Department Com-
mander that such Posts march to the Fair in a bodv. Posts will there-
fore report to the Assistant Adjutant-General, whose headquarters will
be near the centre gate of the Charles Street ALall, on Boston Common,
immediately upon their arrival on the ground, when they will be assio-ned
their positions in line. " "^

The column will leave the Common promptly at 7.15 o'clock, p.m.
Posts unable to reach the Common by that hour will i)roceed direct to
the Fair on Huntington Avenue.

By command of

umcial : Department Commander

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant AdnUant-General .


Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, 1

Grand Army of the Republic, >

12 Pemberton Sq , Room 6. J

General Orders, \ Boston, Dec. 26, 1883.

No. 11. i

I. General Orders, Nos. 6 and 7, from National Headquarters, are
hereby promulgated.

II. Comrades: Since the last General Orders death has visited our
Department, and removed from our midst one of our best knoAvu and
most highly respected Fast Department Chaplains, Comrade the Rev.
Warren H. Cudworth, of Joseph Hooker Post No 23. By his death
the Department of Mass. G.A R. and every soldier of the Commonwealth
has lost one of the most genial, devoted and charitable friends. Whether
as Chaplain of that gallant regiment, the First Massachusetts, in which
he took so much pride, or at the side of that noble old soldier, Gen Joe
Hooker, whom he loved so dearly, he was ever ready to extend a helping
hand and a kind word to his comrades when opportunity offered. His
large-heartedness, his generosity to the needy and destitute, his uniform
kindness to soldiers of every grade and condition, endeared him to
every member of our organization. During the past year he had become
thoroughly interested in our Soldiers' Home, and had conducted the
Sunday services on several occasions, much to the gratitication of the
inmates and of all concerned, and we had hoped that in the future he
might have been one of the bright rays of sunshine that would make
glad the hearts of those who were sorrowing or sulfering in that noble
institution. As a soldier. Comrade Cudworth was universally loved and
admired; as a citizen, he was esteemed and respected by all classes ; and
as a member of the Grand Army of the Republic and its Department
Chaplain, he had won the affection and admiration of every comrade with
whom he had become associated. His record on the field was a glorious
one. Upon his return home, he resumed his chosen profession, and it
can be truly said of him, " He died in the service of his Master."

"Tender and loving and hot tears flow
For the kindly and loyal heart laid low;
But ever calm and sweet is the sleep
Of him, whom God and the angels keep."

III. The following named comrades are hereby detailed as Master-
ing Officers, and will install the officers of the Posts Avhose numbers
appear against their names : —

George S. Evans, Department Commander, Cambridge, 21, 10, 60, 68,

John D. Billings, Department S V Commander, Cambridgeport, 10, 94,


W. A. Sloane, Department J.V. Commander, Spencer 37

Richard F. Tobin, C. of A., South Boston 23,56,57,63

Alfred C Monroe, A.A.G , Boston 13, 26

C. O. Fellows, A.Q M.-G , Chelsea 156

A. M. Lunt, Chief Musteriug Officer, East Cambridge . . 33, 66, 132


J. G. B Adams, Past Department Commander, Lynu 50

Geo. H. Patch, Past Department Commander, South Framingham . 30

Edward W. Rhodes, Attleboro 133

F. O. Barnes, Chelsea 35

Geo U. Vinal, Scitiiate 31

A. A Smith, Colerain 93

Hawks Fearing, Ilingham 104

Geo. C. Joslin, South Boston 5

John S Beds', ]Medford 4, 12

George R. Pierce, Shelburne Falls 20

Oliver H. Ingalls, Franklin 130

J. Frank Dalton, Salem 34, 82

C. H. Richardson, Lowell 42

John A. Pratt, Quincy . . 88

Geo. L. Goodale, Medford 120

S. T. Chamberlain, Gardner I53

J Albert Blake, Danvers 90

Charles Hardy, Stoueham 75

H. S. Bunton", Hyde Park 121

H. T. Bingham, Manchester 152

E. P. Simpson. South Framingham 142

T. C. Lucas, Taunton . . . " 3

Chas. A. Tenney, Sterling 59

Galan HoUis, Randolph 110

Geo. T. Fayweather, Westboro 96

W. S. Frost, Marlboro 43, 80

Henry P. Woodbury, Beverly . 89

Geo. H. Innis, South Boston 149

A. AV. Wells, Adams 126

A W Fulton, North Adams 79

Wm. M. Olin. Roxbury ... 11, 18

Andrew J. Smith, New Bedford 1

James Noonan, Lawrence - 100

Charles H. Leonard, Plymouth 76

Harry Crosby, Holyoke . . 147

John Scates, South Boston 7

Wm. R. Vinning, South Abington 78

Theo. L. Kelly, Boston .... 2, 15

S. J. Fowler, Brookfield 38

Benj. Pitman, Marblehead 128

Geo. H. Walker, East Douglas 105

E. P. Clark, Westfield . ^ 103

P. Allen Lindsley, Cambridge 36

Benj. A. Bridges, Holliston 6

Chauncey Morse, Millbui'y 70

Alex. Smart, Merrimack 114

R. W. Rand, Orange . 140

David L. Hodges, Dedham 144

Samuel A. Gushing, Jr 98

Chas. Grey, Athol 150

A. M. Tilton, Haverhill 47

L. C. Lane, Waltham 29

W. E. Day, Georgetown 108

Wm. H. Seymour, Charlestown 134

IV. The Commanders of the above indicated Posts will communi-
cate at once Avith their mustering ofticers, giving time and place of
installation. In case the comrade designated above for any Post cannot


be present, and where uo comrade has been detailed by the Chief Mus-
tering Officer, any National or Department officer or past Post Commander
(in his own Post) in good standing (except the retiring Commander) may
act. In no case will the officers of any Post be installed until all reports
and dues have been forirarded (See page 51 of the Service Book.)

V. Blank bond for Post Quartermaster is hereby forwarded to each
Post. Blank credentials have been furnished, on which the return of
election of Post Commanders, Delegates and Alternates is to be made.
It is hoped that Commanders who have not forwarded a copy already
will do so at once, in order that the Roll Call for the Department Encamp-
ment may be completed.

VI At the coming session of the Department Encampment, which
will be held in this city, January 30 and 31, it is proposed to have a bau-

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 24 of 64)