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visit them several times, and I know of no institution that is bet-
ter managed, whose beneficent results are more apparent, and
whose claims should meet with a more prompt and hearty response.
Thanks to the sisters of the Relief Corps, the Home is constantly
receiving embellishments, and the wants of the men are looked
after as only mothers, wives and daughters can oversee and relieve.
These good sisters are in earnest in assisting the trustees in the
proposed fair for the benefit of the Home, and you will not, I feel
sure, fail in doing your part to make it a success.

Our National Encampment, through its Committee on Pen-
sions, is seeking such amendments of existing pension laws as
shall increase tlie pensions of widows, minor children, and the
total or partially maimed soldier; shall create pensions for the
dependent ])arents of the soldier who left no widow or minor chil-
dren, for disabled and dependent soldiers who have reached sixty-
five years of age, without requiring proof of origin of disability,
and for all disabled ex-prisoners of war, without requiring proof
that disability is the result of imprisonment; and shall provide an
equitable equalization of bounties. That committee report that,
"There are now pending over two hundred and fifty thousand
pension applicants, of the eyeless, legless, armless and sick, and
of the widows and orphans of comrades deceased. It is estimated
that four-fifths of this list are delayed and their present adjudica-
tion prevented from the lack of testimony which the lapse of


twenty years, and the death of witnesses since the war, render
unattainable." In view of these facts, my comrades, it seems to
me that it is just and equitable, wise and charitable, that we throw
all the weight of our associated and personal influence in obtain-
ing the results which this committee are seeking, and that we
refrain from participation in or sympath}' with any movement which
would hinder or embarrass this. In a recent order the Com-
mander-in-Chief calls attention to the '' Mexican Pension Bill,
with amendments," now pending in Congress, as covering many
of the recommendations just enumerated, and urges immediate
petitioning for its passage by the House of Representatives. Let
us respond promptly and heartily.

In the absence of any prescribed topics to be brought for-
ward by the Department Chaplain in his annual report, I have
reckoned on your indulgence in presenting the foregoing. In
conclusion, I call your attention to a fact which we cannot too
deeply ponder, as the remembrance of it will be a spur and incite-
ment to the use of opportunity and the discharge of obligation. I
allude to the fact that there is necessarily a limit to the numerical
strength of our organization and also to its existence. Unlike all
other associations which are worthy of enlisting our energies for
their growth and efficiency, the Grand Army of the Republic
cannot be made perpetual. It will terminate its existence as mor-
tality consigns the honorably discharged soldiers and sailors of
the war for the preservation of the Union to the common lot of
man. We can have no successors. Every year diminishes the
possible number of recruits to our ranks, as it hastens the coming
of our own impotence. Today, therefore, while it is called
today, let us lengthen and strengthen our lines, closer clasp the
bonds that unite us, renew our vows of duty, discharge our obli-
gations, and, so -caring for those who were dear to our departed
comrades, receive to ourselves and be enriched by that which is
greater than all else attainable by mortals, — the consciousness
of the approval and blessing of Almighty God.

Respectfully submitted in F., C. and L ,

Department Chajylain.

On motion of Comrade Chas. B. Fox of Post 68, it w^as voted
to appoint a committee of five to whom may be referred the
address of the Department Commander and other officers, for
such action as will be necessary. The Commander appointed
Comrades Charles B. Fox of Post 68; C. W. C. Rhoades of
Post 26 ; J. W. Walker of Post 30 ; John L. Knight of Post 16,
and H. S. Buuton of Post 121.


Moved and voted that a committee of five be appointed to
receive communications from Posts and comrades and report

The Commander appointed Comrades J. P. Maxfield of Post
42; Charles F. King of Post 139; Ivory R. Allen of Post 35 ;
Arthur Neilson of Post 2 ; and Darius Hadley of Post 15G.

Comrade E. B. Loring of Post 15 at this point arose and
addressed the Commander as follows : —

At a meeting of the delegates of this Convention in favor of
the Eight-Dollar Pension Bill, I was requested to present to this
Convention the following motion : —

Moved, That this Department is in favor of the passage of the
Lovering Bill, H.R., No. 6463, and that our delegates to the next
National Encampment be instructed to so vote and act as to put the
Grand Army of the Republic on record in favor of that bill.

A moment ago I was spoken to by Comrade O'Donuell of
Post 2, who asked me to give way to him for a moment, in order
that he might introduce a motion looking to the free discussion of
this subject. I think he is opposed to me on this question, but
I hope his motion will prevail.

Comrade J. H. O'Donuell of Post 2 : Commander, I under-
stand the motion introduced by Comrade Loring to be this : that
the election of delegates to the National Encampment will depend
greatly upon the action taken here tonight. I an:, I need not
say here, utterly and wholly opposed to the so-called Lovering
bill. I do not believe in it in part or in w'hole ; but I do desire
and hope that the fullest and freest possible discussion will be
given to it tonight, that the Commander will not entertain a motion
for the previous question, or any motion that tends in any way
to shut off debate, so long as any two comrades desire to debate it.

Comrade Loring then in a very able manner presented his
question, and was listened to with marked attention and fre-
quently applauded.

At this point, on motion of Comrade Chas. B. Fox of Post
68, it was voted that when the Encampment adjourn it be to
meet at nine o'clock a.m., in Tremont Temple, Jan. SO, 1885.


Comrade Thomas Langlan of Post 15 : I have a communi-
cation which I desire to present and have referred to the proper
committee, asking the Department to petition the Legislature for


a law giving cities and towns the right to lease halls to Posts of
the G.A.R. in their vicinity; as they cannot rto it as the law now

Comrade J. L. Knight of Post 1(5 offered the following
resolution : —

Besolvp.d^ That it is the voice of this Encampment that the head-
quarters of this Department be retained in the city of Boston

Comrade Augustus H. Wright of Post 73 : I desire to ask the
committee to whom communications are referred, to take in
charge the communications from Post 73, submitted to the last

The discussion upon the pension bill was then resumed ;
Past Department Commander Austin S. Cushman of Post 1
speaking in opposition.

Past Commander-in-Chief Geo. S. Merrill of Post 31) moved
that when the discussion of this evening shall have been con-
cluded, it shall be resumed at the morning session at ten o'clock,
and that the vote be taken at eleven o'clock. After some debate
the latter part of the motion in regard to the time of taking the
vote was lost, and the former part of the motion was adopted.

Comrade J. P. Maxfieid of Post 42 moved that the dis-
cussion be limited to ten miuutes for each speaker.


The discussion of the main question was again resumed.
Past Commander-in-Chief George S. Merrill of Post 39 and Past
Department Commander J. G. B. Adams speaking against the
bill, and Past Department Commander Geo. H. Patch of Post
142 in its favor.

At this point, a few moments before midnight, Comrade
Geo. L. Goodale of Post 66 moved that the Convention
adjourn to meet at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Before this motion was acted upon Department Junior Vice-
Commander R. F. Tobin moved that a committee of five be
appointed to report a list for Council of Administration.


The Commander appointed the following committee : —

Geo. H. Innis of Post 2; H. M. Fisher of Post 22; W. L.
Robinson of Post 10; E. W. Lathrop of Post 16; P. D. Smith
of Post 99.

Adjourned at 12.15.



Tremont Temple, Jan. 30, 1885.

The Encampment was culled to order at 9.10 a.m. bv
Department Commander John D. Billings.

Comrade C. B. Fox of Post 68 moved that a committee of
seven be appointed by the Conmiander to retire and nominate a
list of delegates and alternates to the National Encampment,
and that the committee report on printed slips, giving the names
of the delegates and alternates and the Posts to which they belong.

Comrade Whitney of Post 68 seconded the motion.

Comrade Stiles of Post .") : I am in favor of the motion as
made by Comrade Fox, but desire to have it understood that the
list as presented by that committee is not the official list of this
Encampment, and shall not work to the prejudice of any list
presented by any other comrade.

Commander Billings: Every comrade who has a seat on
this floor has a right to present a list of delegates, if he chooses.

The motion was then adopted.

Commander Billings appointed the following comrades as
the committee : —

A. S. Buswell of Post 7; Oliver H. Downing of Post 15;
George D. Stiles of Post 5 ; John H. O'Donnell of Post 2 ; E. S.
Horton of Post U5 ; William C. Pomeroy of Post 8G ; Louis
Stone of Post 64.


Comrade Charles B. Fox of Post 6S submitted a report for
above committee, and to save time moved that the report be
acted upon, section by section.

The motion was adopted.

First. That the recommendation that a committee of five
be appointed by this Coaveutiou, to collate and publish the
history of this Department prior to the term of Commander
Hawes, be approved and the Convention provide for such com-


Second. That the linaneial policy of the Department should
not be determined by the Council of Administration, but the
Council be instructed to report a plan for the consideration of
the next Department Convention.



Third. That three hundred dollars be appropriated for the
actual travelling expenses of the Department Commander, on
official duties, or the Senior or Junior Vice-Commander when
acting in his place ; and that the expenses of the Department
Commander and Assistant Adjutant-General to the National
Encampment be paid by the Department as recommended.


Fourth. That the National Encampment be requested to
authorize the public installation of Post officers at special meet-
ings called for that purpose.

Fifth. That the committee indorse that portion of the Com-
mander's address relative to the uniforming of Posts.


Sixth. That in the judgment of this Convention, it is inex-
pedient, if not illegal, to hold regular meetings of Posts upon

Quite a discussion followed, which was participated in by
Comrades Leutz of Post 21 ; Lee of Post 12 ; Department Chap-
lain Richard Eddy of Post 4 ; and Comrade Baker of Post 16.

Department Junior Vice-Commander Tobin moved as an
amendment that the recommendation be referred to the delegates
to the National P^ncampment to secure such a decision of the
Encampment as shall determine the legality or illegality of hold-
ing meetings on the Sabbath.

A motion was made and adopted that the amendment be
laid on the table.

Commodore Fox of Post 68 moved to take from the table so
much of the report of the committee as referred to holding of
Post meetings on Sunday.


The recommendation of the committee was then adopted.

Seventh. That Posts be recommended to provide for the
actual expenses of their Delegates to Department Conventions.
Comrade Parsons of Post 86 moved that it be laid upon the table.

Lost, and the recommendation of the committee was adopted.

Eighth. That the committee approve that portion of the
Commander's address relative to the circulation of petitions by
individual Posts.

After considerable debate, the recommendation of the com-
mittee was rejected.


NintJi. That the question of lotteries at fairs of G.A.K.
Posts being a purely judicial question, it is inexpedient for this
Department at the present time to take action thereon.


Tenth. That two hundred dollars be appropriated for clerk
hire for the Assistant Adjutant-General as recommended.


Eleventh. That the Convention approve the sentiment
expressed in the Commander's address relative to the action of
the G.A.R. in this Department at the recent National election.


Twelfth. That no recommendation is recjuired from your
committee on that portion of the Commander's address relating
to pensions, it being well understood that the subject will be con-
sidered by this Convention.


Thirteenth. That we recommend the suggestion of the
Medical Director be referred to the consideration of the Council
of Administration.

Adopted. CHAS. B. ¥0X.




The Assistant Adjutant-General read the following despatch

from Nebraska : —

Beatrice, Neb., Jan. 29, 1885.

A. C. Monroe, Assistant Adjutant-General ,

Department of Massachusetts, G.A.B.,
The Department of Nebraska in Annual Encampment assembled

send greetings to the comrades of Massachusetts.

Department Commander.

The hour having arrived for the further consideration of the
eight dollars per month pension bill, the subject was debated by
the following comrades.

Thomas Langlan of Post 15; Geo. A. Ordway of Post 88;
Geo. D. Stiles of Post 5 ; Oliver H. Downing of Post 15,—
speaking in favor of the bill. And John Reed of Post 56 ;
Milton Townsend of Post 39 ; Department Chaplain P^ddy of
Post 4 ; Charles B. Fox of Post 68 ; Thomas W. Higginson of
Post 56, — speaking against the bill.


The Assistant Adjutant-General reported for the Committee
on Credentials as follows : —

Number of comrades entitled to seats in this Encampment 554

Number present 478

Divided as follows : —

Department officers 10

Past Department Commanders 5

Post Commanders 146

Delegates 317

Total 478

Comrade J. W. Hill of Post 12 moved that the discussion
close at 12 m.


Comrade E. B. Loring of Post 15, according to the rules of
debate, claimed the privilege of closing the discussion on this
question, which was granted.

The time having arrived for taking the vote. Comrade Chas.
B. Fox of Post 68 moved that the vote upon the resolution be
taken by sections rising, with two tellers from opposite sides to
return the vote.

Comrade Downing of Post 15 moved that the Assistant
Adjutant-General call the rolls of the Posts and the Post vote.

Comrade Fairbanks called attention to the rules of order
governing the Encampment, which allow any three delegates from
different Posts to demand the calling of the roll.

Three delegates asked for the roll-call, and it was ordered.

Assistant Adjutant-General Monroe then called the roll,
resulting in the rejection of the resolution by a vote of 213 yeas
to 254 nays, as follows : —


Senior Vice-Commander J. W. Hersey.
Medical Director James Oliver, Jr.
Oomicil of Administration J. Gushing Thomas.
Past Department Commander George H. Patch.

Post 1. Fred A. Washburn, N. H. Greene, George P. Gifford.

Post 2. George H. Innis, Wm. F. Clarke.

Post 3. A. M. Clark, H. D. White, George E. Dean, G. T. Fisher.



Post 5.

Post 7.

Post 8.
Post U.
Post 12.

Post 14.
Post 15.

Post 16.
Post 19.

Post 20.

Post 21.

Post 23.

Post 24.

Post 29.

Post 30.

Post 32.
Post 38.
Post 34.
Post 40,
Post 45.
Post 46.
Post 50.
Post 51.
Post 53.
Post f.7.
Post 59.
Post 60.
Post 63.
Post 66.
Post 68.
Post 71.
Post 72.
Post 74.
Post 75.
Post 78.
Post 79.
Post 81.
Post 82.
Post 84.
Post 85.
Post 86.
Post 87.
Post 88.
Post 89.
Post 92.
Post 95.
Post 97.
Post 100.
Post 103.
Post I05.
Post 106.
Post 108.
Post 110.

G. C. Neal, G. D. Stiles, J. McFarlane, J. L. Parker, H A

Sawyer, W. H. Brown, C. H. Waitt, A. A. Davis, C;has

Lloyd, A. S. Wright, H. F. Seger, C. L. Hill, C. H. Stratton,

W. J. Pike, L. O. Kirk, I. Buffington.
J. Wakefield, A. S. Buswell, E. B. Meeban, A. E. Perkins

G. B. Pratt, T. Churchill, D. Meehan.
A. P. Vaughn, C. A. Howes.

T. H. Haskell, J. W. Hill, I. W. Derby, Z. R. Knowles.
A. S. Atherton, O. Walton, R. F. Draper, W. N. Tyler,

J. W. Lee.
N. H. Houghton, T. N Drawbridge.
J. A. Keefe, E. B. Loring, Thomas Langlan, GeorgeW. Powers,

O. H. Downing, W. H. H. Andrews, G. B. Hutchinson.
E. F. Cross, C. R. Kaplinger.
A. March, J. R, Hamilton, R. Tucker, J. D. Littlehale, B. M.

D. W. Snow.
Theo. Leutz.

L. W. Clarke, J. C. Littlefield, S. M. Weale.
G. W. Hastings.
U. P. Ballard.
Samuel Hall, J. W. Walker, E. J. Dolan, P. A, Lindsey,

J. Kinnear.
W. J. Blake, W. S. Calif.

L. J. Hammond, A. P. Barrett, Thomas H. Hill.
Mark Heathcote, A. D. Burton,
S. Derby, T. Griffin.

C. H. Parsons, Sidney Gardner, A. C Andrews.
Henry Ogden.

G. F. Barnes, Frank E. Farnham,
J. S, Cooke, C. H. Deyo.
C. Kenney, J. ,J. Bailey.

C. O. Welch, J, F. Capelle, J. S. Kennev.
W. E. Burpee.

W, M. Comey.

D, E. George, F, P, Simonds, C, P. Currier, D. W. Ricker.
J. S. Beck.

L Moulton, Jr.

W. H. Abbott, J. J. Callannan, P. J. DonneJIv.

G. W. Pratt.

W. B Seavey.

S. L. ColJey, J. Best, C B, Carlin.

W, H. Gurney, J. E, Bates, A. C. Brigham,

O. Dalrymple, J. D. Follett, George H. Kearn.

B. H. Dow.

J, Bartlett, B. A. Phillips, J. B. Graves, Jr., J. W. Coffin.

C. Sanderson.

G, S. Marsh, F. P. Clark.
J, B. Parson.
H, A. Monk,

C. A. Follett, G. A. Ordway, W. P. Martin.

J. Hanners, J. H. Kendall, "H. B. Wallis, F. A. Wallis.
A. J. Wilson, B. F. Sanliorn.
P. H. Xourse, G. W. Gale.

A. W Morse, M. P. Walker,
J. S. Tapley, J. Minnehan.

B. F. Tucker.

D. C. Haviland, H. E. Taylor.
T, F. Parsons, W, G. Peckham.

E. P. Wildes.

N. H. Tirrell, G. Hollis.



Post 114. C. O. Roberls.

Post 116. Z. Sawtelle, J. Dodwell.

Post 118. P. Gardner, J. I. Adams.

Post 121. G. G. Bailey, Jr., W. C. Eustis, L. B. French.

Post 122. C. L. Tucker, F. I. Snell.

Post 123. S. N. Gould, Charles Grey.

Post 124. E. E. Edson, F. M. Kingman.

Post 126. G. H. Lewis.

Post 128. H. P. Boynton.

P6sT 129. L. Gibney, W. F. Byrne.

Post 130. G. R. Drake.

Post 1.S4. Benjamin Phoenix.

Post 1.3.5. H. M. Ross, C. J. Nourse.

Post 139. J. F. Davlin, C. F. King.

Post 140. W. H. Heustis, L. A. iSawin, W. E. Jaquith.

Post 141. George N. Munsell, C. H. Packard.

Post 142. J. W. Kirby, G. A. Reed.

Post 144. C. C. Nichols.

Post 145, E. S. Horton.

Post 146. G. T. Fisher.

Post 147. B. R. Franklin.

Post 149. D. W. Thompson, H. S. Flagg.

Post 150. Jason Mann, E L. Oolson.

Post 1.54. F. C. Hill, C E. Bailey.

Post 1"6. D. Hadley, R. H. Jenkins.

Post 158. H. C. Joyner.

Post 159. F. Shurtleff, C. H. Trash.

Post 160. E. Wilber, W. H. Perkins.

Post 161. C. H. Harding, M. T. Allen.

Post 162. E. E. Barnard, Thomas W. Burnham.

Post 163. D. P. Howard, E. L. Wheeler,

Post 164. C. C. Burdett, G. H. Johnson,

Post 166, J. A. Loomis.

Post 170. F. Drake, G. H. Chapin.

Post 176, E. D. Hutchinson, J. W. Knox,
Total, 213,


Department Commander John D. Billings.

Junior Vice-Commander fJichard F. Tobin.

Chaplain Rev. Richard Eddy.

Council of Ailministration W. W. Scott, John McDonough,

Edward McKay, Charles H. Tracy.
Assistant Adjutant-General A. C. Monroe.
• Assistant Quartermaster-General Thomas E. Barker.

Chief Mustering Officer George H. Bonney. Jr.
Past Department Commanders A. S. Cushman, George S,

Merrill, J, G. B. Adams, George W. Creasey, George S. Evans.

F. C. Luce, C. T. Burgess.

Arthur Neilson, J. P. Bradley, J. H. O'Donnell.

E. C. Gould, J. E. Marshall.

D. F. Travis. Wm. Birch.

C. G. Brigham, S. O. Howe, "Wm. H. Trow.

W. L. Robinson, S. F. Babbitt. J. K Churchill, C. N. Walker,
T. S. Jenks, J. E. Bigelow, H. Fairbanks, Thomas O'Gara,
George A. Blunt, C. W. Putnam, J. B. Lamb, J. F. Meech.

George A. Grant, B. O. Caldwell, C. E. Tribou, S. J. Wade.

C. H. Allison, N. E. Abbott, F. L. Perry, E. W. Lathrop,
N. Smith, George Smith, John Baker, J. L. Knight.

A. L. Barrett, H, W. Kidder.


Post 10.

Post 13.
Post 16.

Post 17.



Post 22. Joseph Hancock, Thomas Coyne, H. M. Fisher.

Post 25. E. J. Hill.

Post 26. J. E. Killian, C. W. C. Rhoades, William M. Olin, H. A. Wright.

Post 27. O. B. Chaffee, F. G. Hyde.

Post 28. J. E. Anderson, G. B. Johnson.

Post 29. W. D. Newiand, L. F. Bond.

Post 31. A. A. Seaverns, George W. Wilder.

Post 34. Samuel Worcester.

Post 35. I. R. Allen, G. W. Marsh, H. T. Holmes, J. C. Loud, F. O.

Barnes, J. T. Lakin, Geo. E. Hussty, H. Hinckley, D. O.


Post 36. H D. Durgin.

Post 37. H. Chase, C. N. Hancock, Henry Bemis.

Post oS, E. U. Goodell.

Post 39. J. J. Stanley, G. H. Flagg, J. L. Lamprey, D. F. Kiley, J E.

Shepard, D. Crockett, A. W. Belcher, A. E, Holt.

Post 40. J. P. Litch.

Post 4L E. R. Lay, T. Mann, L. B. Walkley, C. C Westover.

Post 42. F. B. Peabody, M. N. Peabody, G. H. Richardson, C. H. Rich-
ardson. E. W. Thompson, H. W. Allen, J. P. Maxfield.

Post 43. J. R. McCrillis, W. S. Frost, E. C. Marsh, J. W. Barnes.

Post 44. A. P. Greenough, S. F. Draper.

Post 46. J. H. Abbott, J. M. Deane, J. Corcoran, J. E. Fonlds, F. Mc-


Post 47. W. H. Johnson, J. Jackson, Thomas M. Arnold, J. M. Davis,

W. Goodrich.

Post 4S. Francis Lovejoy.

Post 49. J. A. Mills, Thomas E. Cutter, P. H. Creasey, Luther Carter,

L. G. Weston, C. J. Cutter.

Post .^3. T. A. Hills.

Post 54. J. L. Bruce, Fred Miller.

Post 55. George Allen.

Post 56. D. Jewett, T. W. Higginson, J. Reed.

Post 57. A. M. Lunt.

Post 58. B. S. Lovell, J. M. Whitcomb, C. W. Hastings, F. A. Bicknell.

Post 59. G. W. Rockwell.

Post 60. W. E. Nason.

Post 6L W. F. Sanford. R. L. Day.

Post 62. W. A. Wetherbee, J. T. Swett, D. A. Conant.

Post 64. William Lowrie, L. L. Stone, J. Stuart.

Post 6'). F. H. Moore.

Post 66. S. G. Jepson, G. L. Goodale.

Post 67. E. Sanley, R C. Allen.

Post 68. C. D. Stiles, C. B. Fox, E. F. Snow, H. E. Gieenwood, E. C.


Post 70. C. F. Brown.

Post 73. Aug. Wright, B. S. Atwood. ,

Post 74. E. T. Harvell.

Post 76. B. A. Hathaway, J. O. Brown, J. Shannon.

Post 80. W. C. Penniman, F. W. Bullard, David Chase.

Post 81. C. W. Smith.

Post 83. Samuel Hollis.

Post m. W. C. Pomeroy, J. Keach, H. M. Abbott.

Po.ST 87. W. L. Gage.

Post ^0. Geo. W. Kenney, Jos. W. Haynes.

Post 91. Seth Talbot.

Post 93. E. F. Gil let.

Post 94. J. Lin field.

Post 96. Josiah Proctor, P. Sargent.

Post 98. C. A. Gross, D. B. Lincoln.

Post 99. G. W. Chandler, P. D. Smith.




Post 101. N. E. Ladd.

Post 102. G. A. Fletcher, J. W. Bradlee.

Post 10 .. W. C. Tracy.

Post 104. C. H. Wakefield, W. S. Whiton.

Post 107. Chas. Upham, .J. H. Smith.

Post U 9. E. W. Stone.

Post 112. G. A. Ayling.

Post 113. Aug. Sanderson, Aug. N. Sampson, J. C. Cook.

Post 114. M. P. Brew.

Post 11.5. M. P. Palmer, Tiiomas Gilson.

Post 119 C. T. West, G. D. Harrington.

Post 120. W. W. Tuttle, J. Robbins, B. F. Freeman, H. M. Potter, H. J.


Post 121. H. S. Bunton.

Post 12o. O. L. Wood, W. F. Harrington, W. H. Charaberlin.

Post 126. E. N. Jones.

Post 127. E. Pendleton.

Post 128. Nathaniel Shatswell.

Post 130. H. A. Walker.

Post 131. F. M. Lamb, Henry Bisco.

Post 132. P. T. Hrown.

Post 1.33. W. H. Wade, A. W. Burton.

Post 1.36. G. A. Brown.

Post 138. C. B. Sanders, C. W. Parker.

Post 143. W. E. Lons, W. Y. Gross.

Post 144. Henry W. Weeks, J. V. Abbott.

Post 14.5. G. L. Jillson, M. O. Wheaton.

Post 147. F. W. Sloan.

Post 148. E. B. Stillings.

Post 152. C. E. French, W. H. Burnham.

Post 1.53. Levi Bostwith, G. Q. A. Bryant.

Post 1.5.5. G. E. Fuller.

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 32 of 64)