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Journals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive online

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Post .58. Owen Corr, age 50; private, Co. C, 28th Mass.

Post 60. Joseph Grant^ age 45; private, Co. F, 12th R.I.

Post 63. Nathan Jones, age .55; private. Co. I, 89th Mass.

Post 68. David P. O'Reilley, age 44; private, Co. E, 1st R.I. Art.

Post 68. Robert Bishop, age 86; private, Co. A, 1st Heavy Art.

Post 68. Robert A. Miller, age 45; 1st lieutenant, Co. B, 9th Mass.

Post 72. Andrew J. Keene, age 55; private, Co. I, 1st Mass. Cav.

Post 73. Lorenzo Williamson, age 51; private, Co. K, 7th Mass.

Post 74. Isaac R. Harrington, age 65; private, Co. A. 60th Mass.

Post 74. Howard A. Wheeler, age 8H; private, Co. E, 4th Mass.

Post 74, John Burrill, age 51 ; corporal, Co. G, 43d Mass. ; private, Co.

E, 2d Heavy Art.

Post' 78. Joshua Cook, age 47; private, Co. D, 38th Mass.

Post 82. Daniel Dailey, private, Co. G, 19th Mass.

Post 86. I. H. Wentworth, age 40; private, 8('th Unattached H.A.

Post 86. John Regan, age 63; farrier, Co. G, 3d N.Y. Cav.

Post 86. Chas H. Daniels, age 42; private, Co. C, 10th Mass.

Post 86. John A. Prentiss, age -53; sergeant, Co. A, 51st Mass.

Post 87. Wm. Miller, age 58; private, Co. K, 2d Mass. Batty.

Post 89. Henry P. Woodbury, age 48; captain, Co. F, 28d Mass.

Post 89. Henry P. Lascom age 46; private, Co. E, 8th Mass.

Post 89. Maurice B. M. Younger, age 42: private, Co. G, 17th Mass.

Post 89. Wm. H. Rich, age 40; private, Co. L. 4th Heavy Art.

Post 90. Freeman A. Chase, age 44; private, Co. D, 8th N.H. Inf.


Post 94. Nelson S. White, age 44 ; private, Co. A, 4th Mass.
sergeant, Co. A, 24th Mass.
captain, ;^lst U. S. Col. Inf.

Post 100. John Q. A. Kelley, age 55; private, Co. C. 9th N.H.

Post 101. Wm. G. Eaton, age 65; private, Co. A, 33d Mass.

Post 102. Chas. Bronsdon, age 49; private, Co. I, 3Sth Mass.

Post 103. B. W. Keyes, age 44; private, Co. I, I2!st Ohio.

Post lOo. Chas. E. Brookes, age 52; private, Co. I, 51st Mass.

Post 113. Solomon Horcy, Jr., age 47; lieutenant-colonel, 21st Mass.


Post 115. Abbott M. Messer, age 37; private, Co. B, 26th Mass.

Post 128. Henry Haskell, age 41; private, Co. L, 1st Heavy Art

Post 130. Alexander H. Mullen, age 32; private, Co. E, 3d Mass Cav

Post IbU. Patrick O'Donnell, age 43; private. Co. I, 19th Mass

Post 139. Joseph Bush, age 57; major, 25th U.S. Inf.

Post 139. John Montague, age 54; private, 3d Mass. Batty

Post 140. Paul Tatro. age 37; private, Co. G, 34th Mass.

T>^^'^ ItV ;^r^^" W. Nickerson, age r.2; private, Co. B, - 9th New York.

Post 149. Michael Kelly, age 31 ; musician, Co. H, 59th Mass

Post l.oO. Benj. F. Noyes, age 52; captain. Co. D, ^Sth Mass.

Post Ut. Henry Barlow, age 57: private. Co. C, 3d Pt.I. H. Art.

Post 158. James S. Young, age 41; private, Co. F, 49th Mass.

Post 1o8. Albert B. French, age 4 1 ; private, Co. C, 37th Mass.

Post lo9. Thomas Garvey, age 42; seaman, U.S.S. Saratoqa.

Post IhO. Patrick G. Dillon, age 42; sergeant, Co. D, 3d Mass. Cav

Post \m. William A. Judd, age 45; private, Co. E, 43d Mass

Post 170. Ethan E. Cobb, age 57; lieutenant. Frontier Cav


General Orders.
Series of 1884-85.

Headquarters Department ok Massachusetts, )
Grand Army of the Republic, |-
12 Pemherton Sq., Room (i. )
General Orders, 1 Boston, Feb. 5, 1S84

No. 1. /

Comrades : By the almost unauimous vote of your representatives I
have been called to the highest office in your sift. Its duties I liereby
assume. Such unanimity I must interpret as the expression of your
intention to co-operate with ine most Iieartily in the year which is before
us. With such an inspiriting prestige of success I gladly talie up the
work where my predecessor has left it Let us direct our eftbrts anew
to the strengthening of our beloved Order Let us make all of our Posts
so strong and attractive that no veteran, whatever his former rank or
present social station, can consistently withhold his membership and
influence longer from the grand cause in which we have labored so con-
tinuously and Avith such gratifying success.

Comrades, our Department never stood so strongly in all respects as
it stands today, and we are still on the upward wave. The number of
veterans yet lingeriug outside wari'ants the sanguine opinion that we
shall attain a strength of 25,000 comrades at no distant day. Why not?
There must be at least 40,000 men among us eligible to join the Order.
What soldier or sailor, having an honorable war record and now a worthy
citizen, can ofl'er a justitiable cause for not actively engaging in that work
Avhich is as much his heritage and duty as our own?

If there exist an}' such cause anywhere, see to it that it is speedily
removed, so that this Grand Army of ours shall constitute an order of
American no])ility whose work and worth shall stand, the wonder and
delight of future genei'ations.

The following comrades have been appointed members of my Oflicial
Statt" They will be obeyed and respected accordingly : —

Assistant Adjutant-General , Alfred C. Monroe of Post 13, Brockton.
Assistant Quartermaster-General, Thomas E. Barker of Post 4u,

Inspector, Samuel A. Gushing, Jr., of Post 68, Dorchester.
Jtidge Advocate, John H. Hardy of Post 3G, Arlington.
Chief Mustering Officer, George H. Bonney, Jr , of Post 154, Kingston

Headquarters of the Department will be at 12 Pemberton Square as
heretofore, to which all oflicial correspondence should be directed.

To insure speedy delivery, all personal correspondence intended for
the Commander should be addressed to him at Carabridgeport.

By command of

Official: Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.




Grand Army «>p the IlEPUiiLic, -
12 Pemberton Sq., Koom 0. )
Boston, March 11, 1884.

General Orders, 1
No 2. /

I. The following comrades are appointed on the Staff of the Depart-
ment Commander, and tliey will be obeyed and respected accordingly : —


A. A . HHrriiigton .
■lustin B. Willanl .
David Dunbar . .
John S. Beck . .
S. Wells Hunt . .
Fred. A. Washl)iirn
Dennis Linelian
John L. I'arker . .

B. Read Wales . .
E. B. iMeehan . .
Alvin R. Bailey
Charles Fav ." . .
R. W. Rand . . .
Chas. H. Wyman
Lvman W. Clark .
C.'W. C. Rhoades .
Horace J. Gray . .
A . A . Seaverns . .
Samuel Worcester
Win. H. Matthews
Jeremiah Norris
Chas. H.Clark . .
S. F. Draper . . .



East Weymouth.



New Bedford.









East Boston.



North Seituate.






John H. Abbott

E. P. Morton . . .
W. A. Wetherbee .
Lysander Wood
.Alonzo Perry . .
Pel er .Snyder . . .
W. C. Po'meroy .
Wm. L. Gage '. . .

F. M. Harrington .
E. Wairen Harback
H N Harrimau
.)ohn H. Gould . .
Chas. F. Urann . .
Chas. B. Tucker .
Robert B. Dickie
Darius Hadley . .
H. A . Cushman
Ernest Wagner

E. T. Harvell . .
S. T. Chamberlain .
John E. McClellan
Leach Clark . . .
Wm. H. Coan . .

Fall River.





North Adams.


South Brain tree.












South Gardner.




II. It will be impossible to assure Posts the attendance of Depart-
ment officers at camp-tires, fairs, etc., unless ihey at first confer with
these headquai'ters before making their arrangements, as engagements
are often made several weeks in advance.

III. Requisition blanks containing a corrected price list of articles
furnished by these headquarters is hereby forwarded Orders for l)adges
that may be required for Memorial Day should be sent at an early date,
in order that a supply may be obtained.

IV I would call attention of Post Commanders to the necessity of
the Adjutant in making out his report, due April 1, to include in his report
of those lost during the quarter by death, not only the name of the com-
rade, but the company and regiment in which he served; those whose
service was in the navy give name of ship, squadron and station, in
order to properly carry out the recommendation in regard to a ^Memorial
page that was unanimously adopted by tlie Department Encampment.

V. The address is wanted at this office of Capt. Chauncy O. Noyes,
Company D, 8d Maine Infantry, and of Helon Brooks, same company and
regiment; any shipmate who served on board United States Steamer
Lfiuipec from 1864 to ISfiO; any officers of United States Steamer P(^Hf/?((«
during July and August, 18G5: Sergt. Timothy Casey, Company K, 2d
Mass. Infantry: Geo. 1{ Phillips, Company D. 2d Mass. Infantry ; any
member of Company F, I'd Mass II. A. ; Capt Chas. II. Smith, 32d Mass
Infantry: any memi)er of Company A, 20th Mass. Infantry

VI. The following Posts have been organized in addition to those
hitherto reported : —

WonuRN Post 101, Woburn, George Perkins, Counnander.
Manton Taft Post ItJ2, Turners Falls, Edward Barnard. Com-

By command of

A. C. .Monroe, Department Commander .

Assistant Adjntanl-General.



Headquarteks Dei'artment of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

12 Pemberton 8q . Room 6

General Orders, | ' Boston, March 31, 1884.

No. 3. /

I. An iuspection of all the Posts in this Department havinor been
ordered from National Headquarters, the annual spring visitation had for
the past two years Avill be dispensed with, and the inspection ordered by
the Commander-in-Chief substituted for it. Post Commanders will
govern themselves accordingly.

I[. The increased number of appointments on the personal Statf is
designed in part to relieve the elected officers of the Department from
inspection duties, but so far as possible it is hoped that they will interest
themselves in the welfare of the Order in their immediate vicinity and
accompany the Assistant Inspector when it is convenient.

Ill Comrade John L. Parker of Post 5 having felt compelled to
resign his position as Aide-de-Camp, the same is hereby accepted, and
Comrade Hubert O. Moore of the same Post is appointed in his stead

IV. The following Aidesde-Camp are hereby detailed to act as
Assistant Inspectors, and are assigned for duty by the Department
Inspector to the several Posts as follows : —


A. A. Harrington 72,91,117,121

Justin B. Willard 27, 34, .51, 131, 136

David Dunbar 74, 87, 88, 124

John S Beck 4, 33, 75, 11.5, 160

S. Wells Hunt 141

Fred A AVashburn 3, 132, 136

Dennis Linehan 11, 30, 35, 156

Hubert O Moore 23, 50, 67, 82

B. Read Wales 10,57,113,159

E. B Meehan 21, 32. 92, 102

Alvin R Bailey 29, 62, 63

Chas. Fay 71, 85, 9, , 107, 155

R W. Rand 123, 140, 1.50, 162

Chas. H. Wyman 28,53,59,69,116

Lvman W. Clark 2, 15. 26

C. W. C, Rhoades 7, 56. 68, 139

Horace J. Gray 36,66,81,134.161

A A. Seaverns 76, 83, 104

Samuel Worcester ..." 89, 90, 128

Wm. H. Matthews 12,40,119,148

Jeremiah Norris .... . 34, 78. 143, 149

Chas. H. Clark 84 ,86, 103

S F. Draper 6, 38, 43, 54, 142

John H. Abbott 1.8

E. P. Morton 25, 70, 129, 137

W. A. Wetherbee 80, 110, 144

Lysander Wood 13. 52

Alonzo H. Perrv 111,127,154

Peter Snyder 20, 93

W. C. Pomerov 16, 41, 125, 147

Wm L. Gage " 58, 73, 94

F. M. Harrington 9, 19, 44, 64

E. Warren Harback 14, 18, 22, 24

H. N. Harriman 49, 101, 122, 151

John H. Gould 60, 61, 130, 157


Chas F. Uraiiii 39. 48, 100, 138

Chas. L. Tucker 108, 114

Kobert B. Dickie 79, 126, 158

Darius Hadlev 47, 95, 118

H. A. Cnshnian 4(j, 133, 145

Ernest Wagner 42, 99

E. T. Ilarvell 31. 98, 112

S. T. Chaniberliu 17, 28, 77. 109, 153,

John E McClellau 65, 105, 135

Leach Clark . . . ■. 45, 96, 106, 152

Wm. H. Coan 5, 120

v. As this Department is acknowledjied to lead all others in thor-
oughness and efficiency in the work of the Order, Post C^oniinanders are
especially enjoined to ■welcome and facilitate the most thorongh inspec-
tion, to the end that our advanced standing may not only ])e maintained
but improved upon, and Assistant Inspectors are expected to give com-
plete and accurate information on all points where it seems needed.

VI. Many of the Posts own a complete set of equipments for Post
officers. All of the other Posts should follow this example ; for while
there is no objection to an officer providing his own, it ought not to be
required of him. Posts owe it to themselves to see that the huinblest
comrade in their ranks shall not be debarred from accepting its liighest
official honors by reason of a proper pride or limited means. It is ear-
nestly hoped that this matter will at once receive serious consideration
oy the Posts interested. Such ecpiipments may be had through these
headquarters, if desired, l)y addressing the Assistant Adjutant-General.

VII. The folloMiiig new Post has been organized since last General
Orders, viz. : —

Gkx. J. G. FoSTKii Post 163, Chas H. Fuller, Commander.

VIII. The address is wanted at this office of Capt. Joseph Parsons,
Co. L, 3d Mass. II A. ; Lieut. James E March, 32d Mass. Infantry ; Dr.
Charles E. Warren, surgeon, 97th U.S.CT. ; Samuel Beals, Co A, 1st
Battalion Mass. II. A.

IX General Orders, Nos. 8 and 9, from National Headquarters are
hereby promulgated.

Bv command of

Official: Department Commander.


Assistant Adjntnnt-Gencral .

Headqiartkrs Department of Massachusetts, i
Grand Army of the Rkpublic,
12 Pemijerton Sq , Room 6 )
General Orders, \ Boston, May 3, 1884.

No. 4. )

In obedience to Rules and IJegulatious and in conformity with Gen-
eral Orders, No. 10, from National Headquarters, Friday, May 30, will
be observed by the comrades of this Department as Memorial Day.

This is the day of all the year most hallowed to us; the day on
which we gladly leave the routine of our daily avocations and illustrate
again our loyalty to tlie memory of our deceased comrades, by gathering
at the ■' Bivouacs of the Dead," and standing over the heroic dust of the
men Avhose unselfish patriotism and devotion to principle kept this people
a nation and enforced the decree of freedom issued by the sainted Lincoln,
perform the sadly pleasant duties of decoration peculiar to our Order.


On that clay let every place of business be closed Let every one of
the more than fifteen thousand veterans now included in our membership
he found in the ranks. Let the twice fifteen thousand soldiers and sailors,
who have not yet found it in their hearts to ally themselves with us and
assume their share of the burden which we are beariny- for them, give us
at least the encouragement of their participation in the commemorative
services of the day Let the merchant and manufacturer, who owe so
much to the veterans of the Rebellion, attest their personal interest by
their presence. Let pcertj class of citizens swell the procession as it takes
its way to the cemetery. The presence of woman need not be bespoken.
She is always there. She who is yet the faithful and devoted auxiliary
of the soldier living, has ever done her full part toward keeping his mem-
ory a continued living presence for good before the world. Let the chil-
dren of all ages be there and learn anew the lessons of patriotism, which
no other day in the year can teach and emphasize so eft'ectively.

It matters not if the strains of martial music are wholly wanting to
the occasion ; it matters not if costly floral decorations cannot be obtained ;
even the absence of the graceful orator and his classic eloquence cannot
materially impair the beauty and harmony of the day. The simple pres-
ence of the veteran bending over the grave of a former comrade, to plant
a flag or drop a blossom, while childhood looks on in wonder, manhood in
sympathy and approval, and womanhood and old age are moved to tears,
furnishes a scene far more impressive than the most enchanting music,
and far more eloquent than speech.

A few Posts in this Department havt: made a practice of decorating
the graves of veterans in previous wars. The practice is a good one for
general adoption, it being only an extension of the sentiment embodied
in our services, so as to include the memory of the patriots who have
preceded our late comrades.

Post Commanders ai'e hereby requested to make arrangements for
services at some place of public worship on the Sunday preceding Memo-
rial Day, in accordance with the recommendation of the Commander-in-

Full reports of the proceedings of the day will be forAvarded to these
head(iuarters as soon as practicable after the ;50th, and it is suggested
that Post Commanders consult their own couveuieuce by arranging with
their local papers to make such reports accurate and complete

By command of

Official : Deparlmvnt Commander.


Assistant Adj ii ta nt- €4 en era I.

Hkad(juarte];s Department oe Massachusetts,
Grand Army of the Republic,
12 Pembertox S(j., Room C.
GENEiiAL Orders, ) Boston, June 23, 1884.

No. 5 \

I It is proposed to show the condition of the various Departments
at the next Annual Encampment, which meets at Minneapolis, July 2;5.
The Department of Massachusetts has a reputation at National Head-
quarters for promptness and completeness of (|uarterly returns unequalled
by any other That reputation Ave must sustain The Adjutant-General
of the Order asks for the report of this Department before July 12. but
to assure that he shall have it, reports of Posts must reach these head-
((uarters not later than July 5. Post officers, who are prone to be tardy.


Avill make a note of this. Voiir delay Avill he our dissrrace. Let there
not 1)0 one report Avantinji' on the date specified. Our colors are now
at the front; keep them there. We have earned the position. Remem-
ber, not later than July ").

II Comrades, the close of this, the second (luarter, finds us still in
a thrivina: condition. Five new Posts have been organized since I-\'bru-
ary 1 ; two more are awaiting organization, and petitions are out from
which four others are confidently expected ere the close of tlie next
quarter. Meanwhile many of the old Posts have been making lar"-e
additions to their membership, and the exercises of Memorial Day itis
believed, have never enlisted the participation of so large a portion of
the public as Avas the case the current year — an omen in which we siiould
take a just pride

Let the forward movement continue Let us make the Order so
strong that no respectable veteran can stav out of it, and no disreputable
veteran get in, and thereby not only continue to deserve, l)Ut to increase
the public respect and confidence noAv so generally accorded us

in The following new Posts, not heretofore reported, have been
organized, viz. : —

FK.4NCIS A Clary Post 164, Conway, G. H Johnson, Commander
William Wadswokth Post 165, Duxburv, Beni A SaAvver Com-
mander. - . !

Gko C. Strong Post 166, Easthampton, Justus Lyman, Commander

Jksse L. Reno Post 167, Whitinsville, II. F. Taft't, Commander.

IV. I would again call the attention of Post Commanders to the
necessity of the Adjutant, in making out his report for second quarter,
ending June 30, to include in his report the company and regiment, name
of ship, squadron and station of those lost by death.

V The address is wanted at this office of Lieutenants Ford, Russ
and Morse, and George Edwards. Companv B, 31st Mass. Infantry Any
officer or member of Company B. 18th Mass Infantry; any member of
Comi)any G, 1st Mass Cavalry: any man who served on V S. Steamer
rotniashi from August, 186-1, to June, 1865; Capt. Leonard Gordon. Com-
pany E. 3d Mass H.A. ; any member of Company M, 1st Mass Cavalry
who knew Nathaniel T. Myers; any member of Company A, 19th Mass.!
who knew Oscar Rabethge; any member of Company K,' 13th New York
H.A., Avho served on gunboat Hem,; Capt C. \. Dolan. Company D 3oth
Mass : any member of Company II, 2d California Cavalry.

VI The findings and sentence of the court-martial of George W.
Cole of Post 35, Chelsea, and George T. Evans of Post 7, Boston, are
hereby approved, and they are dishonorably discharged from the Grand
.Vrniy of the Republic.

By command of


'"^'''^' ■ . Department Commander.

A C. Monroe,

Assistant AOjnt ant- General.

Hkaim^carters Department of Ma.ssachusetts, )
Grand Army ok the Republic. ■-
12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6 \
Geni: i;al Orders, ) Boston, July 15, 1884.

No 6. /

I The National Encampment (i.V.H. will convene at Minneapolis
the 23d inst A full delegation is expected to attend from ibis Depart-
ment, leaving Boston via the Fitchburg Railroad on Friday the 18th


iiist., at six p M. From the 19th to the 25th inclusive, headquarters will
be closed for repairs. The Assistant Adjutant-General will not return
until August 4, and all correspondence requiring immediate attention
sliould therefore be deferred until that date; but an office boy Avill be in
attendance on and after the 2()th to answer the ordinary routine wants
of Posts.

It is to be regretted that all of the Posts in the Department did not
respond to the appeal for prompt quarterly returns, a large number not
arriving till after the oth, and Posts No. CO, 64, 127, 137, 145 and 150 not
being received in season to include in the consolidated returns sent to
National Headquarters. Where the Adjutant or Quartermaster is prone
to be tardy in making liis reports, the Post Commander should give the
matter his personal attention. From the Posts whose reports have been
received, hoAvever, a total net gain of nine hundred and fifty members is
reported for the quarter just ended, a showing in which every comrade
must be interested.

II. The regular meetings of Friedrich Hecker Post 21 of Boston
will be held in Wadman Hall, No. 17(i Tremont Street, on the second
and fourth Wednesday

III. The following new Post has been organized since last General
Orders: Post No. KiS, Southbridge, G. W. Corey, Commander.

IV. The address is wanted at this office of John M. Foster, hos-
pital steward, 5th Regiment Mass., nine months.

By command of

Official : Department Coianiander.


Assititaiit Adjutant-General .

Headcjuarteus Depakt.ment of Mas.sachusetts,

GrtAND Akmy of the Republic,

12 Pembehtox Sq.. Room 6.

General Orders, | Boston, Sept. 3, 1884.

No. 7. ;

I. The annual address of Past Commander in-Chief Beath shows a
net gain in membership of over 7,400 comrades. Of this number the
Department of Massachusetts contributed fully its proportionate part,
and it gives me great pleasure to announce that the interest still con-
tinues. Even this (luarter, usually the quietest in the year, will shoAv a
creditable gain. Much of this will come from new Posts, six of which
have been organized in less than six consecutive weeks, with others
soon to follow.

The following are the new Posts referred to and not hitherto
reported : — Post 16!) of Norwood, Post 170 of Mansfield, Post 171 of
Northfield, Post 172 of Bolton, Post 173 of Sturbridge, Post 174 of

II. Comrades, we are passing through a critical period in the
history of the Order Temptations to drag it into politics allure too
frequently and potently. Already Posts have 1)een charged with per-
verting it to partisan purposes Any Post or Department which per-
mits this disloyalty to the Order deserves the rebuke which must surely
follow. While it is settled beyond all cavil that the veteran surrenders
none of his rights as a citizen when he joins the Grand Army, yet it
must be clearly understood, on the other hand, that a Post, as such,
knows neither candidate nor party. It would be idle, and time worse
than wasted, to attempt answers to all the criticisms and sneers


addressed to us, but judicious leadership should keep Posts from taklii"
even eciuivocal positions, especiallj- durinir a political canvass.

III. Comrade Sydney Sibley of Post 10 is herebv appointed Aide-
de-camp on my personal Staff", vice Wyman resii-ned He will be obeyed
and respected accordingly This appointment was conferred some time
since, but was overlooked in preparing General Orders.

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 34 of 64)