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IV. I take great pleasure in expressing my satisfaction with the
invaluable assistance rendered many of our Posts the current year by
the various Woman's Relief Corps, which are au.xiliarv to them. I
believe them deserving of our f idl recognition and support Post ollicers
desiring to establish such Corps can obtain definite and complete infor-
mation by addressing the Department President of the Order, Mrs. M
Susie Goodale, Medford, Mass.

V. The address is wanted at this office of some member of Com-
pany C, 11th Conn ; some one who served on board the United States
sloop Wachiiisett; the captain of the 6th Mass. Batterv, in 1862, or some
member of said Battery; Capt. John Rock. Companv F, 22d Mass.
Infantry; Sergeant Cogau, in charge of General Hospital at Xewbern
N.C.. in 1804

VI Comrades are hereby notitled to look out for a man by the
name of Daniel \V. Ford, claiming membership in Posts 11 and U9 " He
does not belong to either Post, and is pronounced a beat. Also look out
for a man l)y the name of Selden L. Taylor, claiming to belong to Cutler
Post 48. Togus, Maine. The Commander of said J'ost informs these
headquarters that he also is a flrst-class fraud.

VII. The findings and sentence of the court martial of Charles W
Sears and Edward W. Doten of General Lander Post, No. 5, Lynn, and
•Adrian D. Ruggles, of James H Sargent Post, Mo. 130, Medvvav, are
hereby approved, and they are dishonorably discharged from the Grand
Army of the Republic.

By command of

Otticial : Department Commander.


Assistant Adjutant General.

Hkadqu.\i{Tkrs Depaktmkxt of Massachusetts, )
Grand Army of the Rkpumlic, [
12 Pembertox Sq , Room (!. j
General Orders,! Boston, Oct. 1, 1884.

No. 8. r

I. The regular fall inspections of this Department will occur as
usual. A form for this purpose will immediately be issued by the Inspec-
tor, who by special instructions is required' to see that no Post is
inspected before October 15, and that all reports of Assistant Inspectors
are at these headquarters on or before December 1. Post Commanders
will do what they can to facilitate the work of inspection to prevent
delay. This promptness is necessary to allow the Inspector ample oppor-
tunity to consolidate the reports.

II. In accordance with a suggestion made in General Orders, No. 3,
promulgated from these headquarters March 31, many additional Posts
provided themselves with a set of arms for Post officers. There is now
not a very large number without them Will not these make a special
eflort to e(iuip themselves ere the year closes ? Where the Post cannot
attbrd to defray the expense, it is believed the community will subscribe
for such an object if solicited. At all events, no comrade should feel
obliged to decline any office because he cannot attbrd to equip himself.


III. By request of the Department Inspector, the foUo^ving addi-
tional assignment of Posts to be inspected is made : —


Dennis Linehan 1(J3

W C. Pomeroy 1G4, 166

Alonzo H Perry . . 165

John E McClellan . . 167, 173

E. P. Morton .... 168

A. A Harrington 169

Lysander Wood 170

R. \V Kand 171

F. M. Harrington 172

Charles Fay 174

Sydney Sibley 175

S! Wells Hunt 55

IV. The reports for the third quarter are now due. A large major-
ity of these reach headquarters within ten days Cannot the officers of
the other Posts see that theirs arriye within the same time ? A fe\v days'
delay of a report may seem a trifling matter to a Post Commander or an
Adjutant, but it is a serious hindrance to the Assistant Adjutant-General,
who must keep all other reports awaiting its arrival ere he can send his
consolidated returns to National Headquarters.

I desire to call attention to some of the errors made in reports The
most frequent one made is a misstatement of the balance on hand in last
report. If the Quartermaster would look at his last report, a copy of
which should be on rtle, this error would not occur. Again, the Adju-
. tant's and Quartermaster's reports do not agree as to the number in good
standing. This can be avoided by comparing them. The two reports
with the 2^er capita tax should be forwarded at the same time and never

V. The charter of Post 55 of Taunton is hereby revoked, and that
number is assigned to a new Post at Proviucetown.

VI. In the last General Orders from these headquarters the second
line of the first paragraph should read, " a net gain of over 74,000 com-
rades," instead of 7,400.

VII. The following new Posts have been organized since the last
Order Avas issued : —

Washburn Post 175, Lancaster, H. M. Nash, Commander.
J. C. Freeman Post 55, Proviucetown, Geo. H. Nickerson, Com-

VIII. Comrades, we are entering on the last quarter of the year.
Let us make it a profitable one to the Order. Let us use all honorable
means to increase the respect for and confidence in us now entertained
by the people. If they remain as true to us as we were and are to
them, Ave shall never need for a dollar with which to discharge our char-
itable obligations.

Again, the interest in the Grand Army was never so great as now.
Let us avail ourselves of it to enlarge our mem))ership, Avarmly inviting
those whose pride restrains them from coming forward at this late day.
Urge no veteran unduly to join, for the favor is on his side, not yours;
and seek no veteran's membership whose record in military or civil life
may be a reproach to the Order. His room is better than his money.
Such men have in years gone by kept away hundreds whose presence
Avould have been alike honorable to them and creditable to us. Many of
these latter are coming in now. Let us give them, even at this eleventh
hour, a comrade's welcome.


IX. The address of the Comnuinder-iii-Chief, Avith the report of the
Committee on Pensions and the Council of Administration, which ^vere
presented to tlie last National Encampment and adopted, has been sent
to the Commanders of the Posts in the Department.

X The address is wanted at this office of Lieut. W. H. Ha3'den, 1st
Mass Heavy Artillery; some member of Company K, 11th Mass , Avho
kncAV John Long of said company; some member of Company K, 4th
U.S. Artillery; some member of Company I, KUh Mass. Infantry, Avho
knew .John Gastner.

XL General Orders, Nos. 3, 4, and 5, from National Headciuarters
are hereby promulgated.

Bv command of

Official : Department Commander .

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adiutant-General.

Headquaktehs Department of Massachusetts, \
Grand Army of the Republic, >
12 Pemberton Sq., Room (5. )
General Orders, 1 Boston, Nov 28, 1884.

No. 9. )

I. Comrades : As my official year draws to its close, I desire to call
the attention of Posts to their suspended membership The reports for
the third (piarter showed a suspended list of six hundred and seventy-
seven comrades. I have no desire to bequeath any such legacy as this to
my successor in office, and therefore urge the comrades to see that no
worthy member is allowed to remain on this list. Many of our Posts,
both large and small, have no suspended list, although complying strictly
with Rules and Regulations. This is largely due to the excellent man-
agement of the Quartermaster, aided by the comrades of the Post, who
ofttimes know nothing about the number of members suspended. I
won III not have a single unworthy or disatlected veteran carried by the
Order in contravention of the Rules; yet on the other hand no comrade
should be subjected to the annoyance of being dropped or suspended,
because by being engrossed in active business he has inadvertently
allowed his membership to lapse. Let us better this state of things, and.
reduce our suspended list the current tiuarter to a minimum.

II I regret to report Posts 20, 92, IK), 129, 137, 157, 164, 167, 170, as
not having sent in their last quarterly returns on time. It is hoped that
the Commanders of these Posts Avill make a special ett'ort to be prompt
with their returns for this the final quarter, so as to facilitate the making
up of the annual,reports to be presented to the Department Encampment.

III. The following new Posts have been organized since the last
order from these headquarters : ■ —

Gen. Horace C. Lee Post 17f;, Huntington, E, D Hutchinson, Com-

Scott Bradley Post 177, Lee, D. M. Wilcox, Commander.

IV. A Ten-cent Fund has l)een established by the Woman's Relief
Corps, in aid of Anna Ella Carroll, who " spent health, strength and for-
tune in services rendered the government in the prosecution of the war."
She is now old, broken-down and destitute. Comrades or their friends
desiring to contribute their mite to so worthy and deserving an object,
will forward it to Mrs. .Vbbie M. Gannett, Mald^, Mass , who will
properly account for all such sums.


V. Sickness having compelled the resignations of Aides-de-Camp
S. T. Chamberlin and John H. Gould, they are hereby accepted.

Comrade Charles H. Fuller of Post 163 is hereby appointed Aide-de-
Camp on 'my personal Stall'. He will be obeyed and respected accord-

"VI. The Department Inspector is hereby instructed to make such
details from the Staft as in his judgment seem advisable, to complete
the inspection where previous details have, from any cause, failed to
perform the duty assigned them.

VII. Particular attention is directed to the election of delegates and
alternates to the Department Encampment. This election must be held
at the first regular meeting in December. The ratio of representation is
as follows : One delegate and one alternate for evei'y tifty members
reported in good standing at the end of the third quarter, ending Sep-
tember !50, with an additional delegate and alternate for the fraction
when it is more than one-half that number. But every Post, whatever
its membership, is entitled to one delegate. (See Eulesand Regulations,
Cliap. Ill , Art. II.) lilank credentials have been forAvarded on which
to make returns One copy only will be sent to these headquarters

VIII Comrades, one full month remains in which to swell the net
increase for this Grand Army year. We can show a gain of 2.500 worthy
veterans if each Post of less than seventy-live members shall muster at
least two more recruits, and larger Posts a proportionate number. Let
us do this, and the close of another year will see this Department 20,000

IX. The address is wanted at this office of Capt. B. F. Josselyn.
11th Mass. Infantry; Capt. W. Irving Allen, 31st Mass. Infantry: any
member of Company E, 2Sth Mass. Infantry, from December, isfil, to
December, 18G2; a member of Company A, 3d Mass. Cavalry, who knew
George Molloy; any member of the United States marines on board ship
CoIorarJo, Avho knew Eben D. Blake ; John Instone, Company K. .jSth
Mass. Infantry; any and all ex-offlcers United States Navy; Dennis
Linehan and Michael Murphy, Company F, 1st Mass. Cavalry.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, \
Grand Army of the Republic, -
12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6. )
General Orders, ") Boston, Dec. 10, 188-1.

No. 10. I

I. Comrades: By Rules and Regulations it is provided that Post
officers shall be installed into their respective offices at the first stated
meeting in January. Posts desiring the services of a particular com-
rade for this purpose will first secure his consent to perfoim the duty,
and then at once notify these headciuarters of their choice, when he will
be detailed by the Chief Mustering Officer. The details thus made will
be reported in the next General Order. Do not delay, but act in the mat-
ter at once. Your wishes should be known here not later than the 27th
inst. The expenses of the installing officer should be borne by the Post,
but it is suggested that both time and expense may be saved the Post by
securing the services of the Senior Past Post Commander to act as mus-
tering officer.


II. Post 178, Otis, Warren O. Hawle}', Commander, has been organ-
ized since last General Orders.

Ill The Trustees of the Soldiers' Home request the Adjutant of
each Post to send to these headquarters the name and P O address of
each comrade, to whom they may mail an Annual Report of that excel-
lent institution.

IV. The address is wanted at this office of the surgeon in charge
at Portsmouth Grove Hospital, Uliode Island, from Sept 10 to Dec 11,
18G2; Thomas Ward, Private, Company A, ;3d Mass. Heavy Artillery.

V. General Orders, No. 8, from National Head(|uar*ters is hereby

By command of

Official : Department Commander.


Assista n t Adjiita lit- General.

Headquarters Dei'.artment of Mas.saciiusetts, )
Grand Army of the Kepublic. >

12 PtMliERTOX S(J , HOOM fi. |

General Orders, "l Boston. Dec. 29, 1884.

No 11. i

I. The following named comrades are hereby detailed as mustering
officers by Comrade George H Bonney, Jr , Chief Mustering Officer of
the Department, and will install the officers of the Post whose numbers
appear against their names : —

John D. Billings, Department Commander .... ... 68, 8(5

John W Hersey, Department Senior Vice-Commander . . 103, U7, 16«
Kichard F Tobiu, Department Junior Vice-Commander 18, 23, 30, 1.59
Edward McKay, Council of Administration ....... 130, 163

A. C Monroe, Assistant Adjutant-General 2, 36, 87, 156

S. A Cashing, Jr., Department Inspector ... .... 32

George H Bonney. Jr . Chief Mustering Officer . .... 16.5

John W. Kimball, Past Department Commander 153

George W. Creasey, Past Department Commander ..... 5
G. H. Patch, Past Department Commander . .... 57, 102

G. S. Evans. Past Department Commander . . . 4, 7, 16, (2, 125, 161
Charles O Fellows, Past Assistant Quartermaster-General . . 21, 35

Charles H Leonard . . ..... 76, 154

Thomas Swasey 82

John Collins .... ... . . 6

William H Morgan ... 89

William S. Frost 43, 80

William C Litchlield 54

William H Eastman 34

Tristram Talbot 122

I. H. Goodhue ... 65

P. Henry O'Connell 90

AVilliam H Thomas 104

John S Heck ... 75

George T. Fayeweather 96

Orrin Dalrymple 79

William L. Gage . 58, 88

David Dunliar 31

Alonzo G. Furbush . 63


Dennis Linehan 15

John A Bearse 49

Jeremiah Norris 149

Rodney D. Looniis 70

F. F. ilarlow 78

Louis L Stone 175

Georije E. Goodrich 19

Isaac^M Holt 121

Samuel C Hunt 1

Eugene R. Prior lOR

D.'j. Starbnck 134

S. Wells Hunt 55

E. P. Wildes 108

Charles H Deyo 51

Daniel F. Kiley 42

Georiie W. Corev 173

K. W. Hand . ' 140, 162

Geofiie L Goodale 66

H. T. Hrii-ham 67

Lucius Field 04

S. H. Smith 126

John F. Dolan .172

Charles F. Perkins 81

George W. Rockwood 59

C. H. Taft 144

George J. Sanger 152

Alexander Smart 114

Edward P. Miles 138

R. B. Dickie 158, 177

Darius Hadley 95

John H. Abbott 133

James Bracken . 168

H. M. Converse 160

Cyrus T. Batchelder 50

Charles Grey 123

William H. Brown 118

George H. Walker 105

Harry A Cushman 3

N. E. Ladd 101

Charles H. Colburn ... 120

C R. Bartlett 136

Charles H. Clark 176

A. A. Burrill 22

D H. Smith 145

William Spaulding 12

F. W. Polley 53

R. C Jenkins 14

W. H. Eastman 128

Georse R. Peirce 150

David L Hodges 169

Dexter Hager 164

B. S. Atwood 13

Fitz J. Babson 45

Frank 0. Barnes 56

E. R. Jewett 91

A. H. Cogswell 100

Charles F. Urann 43

.V. A. Seaverns 112

George M Fisk 117


II. The Commanders of the above indicated Posts should at once
communicate with their officers, irivinu- time and place of
installation, and the most direct way of eettinij there. In case the com-
rade designated above for any Post cannot be present, and Avhere no
comrade has been detailed by the Chief Mnstering Officer, any National
or Department officer, or Past Post Connnander (in his own Post) in
iiood standino; (except the retirinij- Commander) may act. In no case
will the officers of any Post be installed until all reports and dues have
been forwarded. (See Service Book )

III A year's supply of blank Adjutant's and Quartermaster's reports,
with blank bond for Post Quartermastei-, have been sent to each Post
Commander If the same have not been received, notice should be sent
to these headcpiarters at once.

IV The Eighteenth Session of the Department Encampment will
be held in this city January 28 and 29. It is proposed to have a ban(|uet
at the close of the meeting. In order that the committee may work
understaudingly, Commanders of Posts are requested to send to this
office at their earliest opportunity, on the enclosed card, the names of
comrades of their respective Posts who will jjurchase tickets to the same.
Price of tickets $1.00. Promptness is desirable in this matter, as only
five hundred tickets can be issued, on account of the capacitv of the hall.

V. The address is wanted at these headquarters of Assistant Sur-
geon Frederick E. Porter, or any officer who served on United States
gunboat Tuscmnhia in 18f;;3.

VI. The following new Posts have been organized since the last
Order was issued : —

Samuel F. Wood Post 179, Barre, B. F. Brooks, Commander.

Post 180. Concord, George P. How, Commander

VII General Orders, Nos. 9 and 10, from National Headqiuirters.
are herewith promulgated.

By command of


Official: Dppartmnit Commnnder.


Aiisistant Adjutant-G enerah

)OM 0. )

Headquarters Department ok Massachu
Grand Army ov the Rei
12 Pkmberton Sq., Room
General Orders, I Boston, Jan. .".. 188.-

No. 12. /

I The annual Encampment of this Department will meet at Faneuil
Hall, Boston, Thursday evening, January 29, at seven o'clock, and con-
tinue the session at Tremont Temple, January ."JO.

II. It is earnestly desired that every Post in the Department shall
be represented by its full delegation, and as arrangements are making
for transacting more of the business than usual at the evening session'^
delegates should be on hand punctually and stay through the meeting.
Posts should pay the expenses of their delegates, if necessarv to secure
this end

III. The ratio of representatives has already been published in
General Orders, No 9. In the absence of a Post Commander, the Senior
Vice-Commander may represent the Post, or if both are absent, the
Junior Vice-Commander may act.

IV. Comrade Charles D. Stiles, Commander of Post GS, will detail
an Officer of the Day, Officer of the Guard, an Orderly, and eight com-


rades, to act as guard during the Encampment. This detail will report to
the Assistant Adjutant-General at Faneuil Hall at 6 p m., on the 29th.

V. After the adjournment of the Encampment, a banquet will be
served at Faneuil Hall, to which Governor Robinson, Mayor O'Brien, and
other distinguished guests have been invited. Only five hundred tickets
will be issued at $1 00 each, and as delegates are flrst to be supplied, it
is hoped they will order tickets through their Post Commanders without
delay, so that if any are left, they can be sold to comrades desiring

VI. The Department Commander takes pleasure in calling attention
to a Avork recently compiled by Comrade Robert B. Beath, Past Com-
mander-in-Chief, under the title of the " Grand Army Blue Book." which
gives to each section or article of the Rules and Regulations, in notes
appended thereto, the decisions of Commanders-in-Chief, or opinions of
the Judge Advocate-General bearing thereon, with additional notes, ex-
planations or suggestions, by Comrade Beath. The system of references
adopted in this book, with the varied inforniatioa it contains, not easily
accessible in any other form, makes this work one of great value to every
officer or comrade desiring to be fully informed on Grand Army laws
and usages. Each Post should have a copy and keep it for reference by

The sale of this book is not restricted to Posts alone, but can be pur-
chased by comrades from these headquarters at $1.00 per copy. Every
Post officer should be well informed on the laws governing the Post, and
in this book Avill be found the information necessary to an intelligent
performance of his duty.

VII. The address of Captain Ladd, Assistant Quartermaster First
Division Ninth Army Corps, in front of Petersburg, near City Point, Va ,
July, 1864, is wanted at these headquarters.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.


Assistant Adjutant-General .




Department of Massachusetts, G.A.R,


John D. Billings, Commander . Cautoii.

John W. Hkksev, Senior Vice- Commander . Springfield.

Richard F. Tobin, Junior Vice-Commander, Cambridge.

James Olivkb, Jr., iWedicai /Hrec^or . Atliol.

Rev. Richard Eddy, Chaplain Melrose.

Council of Administration.

W. W. Scott Worcester.

J. CusHiNG Thomas Boston.

John McDonocgii South Boston.

Edward McKay Milford.

Charles H. Tkacy Cliicopee.

Official iStaf.

A. C. yiOSYiOE, Assistant A<l}vtant-General .
Thomas E. Barker, Assista^it Q.M.-General,
isAMUEL A. Gushing, Jr , Insjycctor .
John H. YiA'RUX, Judge Advocate
Geo. H. Bonney, Jr., Cliief Musterina Officer,

A. \. Harrington,
Justin B. Willard,
David Dunbar,
John S. Be( k,

S. Wells Hunt,
Fred. A. Washhurn.
Dennis Linehan,
Hubert O. >rooRE,

B. Kead Wale.s,
E. B. Meehan,
Alvin R. Bailey,


yi Pemberton Sq., Room (!, Boston
12 Pemberton Sq., Room (>, Boston.
5 Merchants Row, Boston.
23 Court Street, Boston.



East Weymouth.



New Bedford.






John H. Abbott,

E. P. Morton,

W. A. Wetiierbee,
Lysandeu AVood,
Alonzo H. I'ekry,
I'ETEu Snyder,
w. c. pomekov,
Wm. L. Gage,

F. M. Harkington,

E. Warren Harback,
H. N. Harkiman,

Pall River.





No. Adams.


So. Braintree.






Aides-de- Camp ( Continued) .

Charles Fav,
R. W. Rand,
Chas. H. Wyman,
Lyman W. Clark,
C. W. C. Rhoades,
Horace J. Gray,
A A. Seavekns,
Samuel Worcester,
Wm. H. Matthews,
Jeremiah Xorris,
Chas. H. Clark,
S. F. Draper,




E. Rostou.



No. Scituate.






John H. Gould,
Chas. F. Ubann,
Chas. L. Tucker,
Robert B. Dickie,
Darius Hadley,
H. A. Cushman,
Ernest Wagner,
E. T. Haryei,l,
S. T. Chamberlain,
John E. McClellan,
Leach Clark,"
Wm. H. Coan,









So. Gardner.




Beprescntatives to Nationnl Encampment.


alternate -at-lakge.

James F. Meech,

Chas. M. Whelden,
Henry C. Hall,
J. A. G. Richardson,
Geo. a. Fletcher,
John E. Killian,
Andre\v C. Stone,
John MacFarlane,
Wm. H. Estey,
Geo. G. Bailey, .Ir.,
Chas. O. Welch,
Thus. H. Hill,
Chas. S. Anthony,
M. R. Greeley,
E. B. Stillings,











Hyde Park.

E. Cambridge.



S. Weymouth.


John L. i >tis,

F. O. Barnes,
J. H. Abbott,
S. F. Keyes,
E. S. Horton,
C. Frank Luthee,
Wm. H. Wakren,
Thos. E. Barker,
J. W. Sawyer,


E. H. Dyer,
E. P. Davis,
J. T. Capelle,
H. M. Phillips.

1'. A. LiNDSEV,



Fall River.



North Adams.





South Boston.


East Cambridge.



Past Department Commanders.

Austin s. Cushman,
Francis a. Osborn,
A. B. R. Sprague,
*James L. Bates,
William Cogswell,
A. B. Underwood,
John W. Kimball,
George S. Merrill,

New York.








Horace Binney Sargent,

John G. B. Adams, Lynn.

*John a. Hawes, Fairhaven.

George W. Creasey, Newbuiypoit.
George H. Patch, ScFramingham.

George S. Evans, Cambridge.

* Deceased.


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