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,"580 HlSTOIiV DEPT. OF MASS., <;.A.K.

As no rules can be laid down for the rating of Posts and eacb
Assistant Inspector must use his own standard of excellence, this
rating is not absolute ; yet to some extent it will serve to show
the advance made by the Posts in this Department.

The Relief Funds of many Posts were replenished during the
last quarter of 1<S85, as will be shown by later returns.

Every Post has been inspected, the returns tabulated, and
are annexed. The report of the spring inspections was for-
warded to the Inspector-General at the proper time, and elicited
from him words of commendation and congratulation at the con-
dition of affairs in the Department. The fall inspection shows
that still higher ground has been taken, and I feel assured that
the future of our Department will not shame its past record.

When the Grand Army was first organized, the majority of
its members had been but recently discharged from military ser-
vice, and were unwdling to recognize discipline as necessary. In
these later years, the need has become more apparent, and, like
good soldiers, they have placed restraint upon themselves, thus
elevating the ?>ior«/e of the Order ; and I congratulate my com-
rades upon the advance in this respect.

To the comrades who have acted as Assistant Inspectors, I
return my most heartfelt thanks for the kindness and courtesy
which I have received, and for the faithful manner in which their
duties have been performed. Every request has been answered
by a prompt compliance, and they have shown a great interest in
the welfare of the Posts assigned to them.

I shall remember with great pleasure the kind words and
deeds which I have received from the various members of the
Council. Our meetings have been very pleasant and the delibera-
tions harmonious.

Permit me to tender to the Commander, through you, my
sincere congratulations upon the condition in which he leaves the
Department, and also to thank him for the many kindly words
and favors which I have received at his hands.

I remain.
Yours in F., C. and L.,





Headquarters Dept. of Mass., G.A.R.
Boston, Jan. 28, 1886.
A. C. Monroe, Assistant Adjutant-General.

Comrade : I have the honor to submit here my report for
the past j'ear. Early in the year, by request of the Department
Commander, I made an official visit to a Post in this Department
that from internal causes was in a critical condition.

Prominent members of the Post were alarmed, and had ap-
pealed to the Department Commander for counsel and assistance.

The duties were exceedingly delicate and advisory, but a
line of action was suggested and acted upon which 1 am happy to
report resulted in restoring harmony and prosperity.

I attended the second and fourth quarterly meetings of the
Council of Administration. I installed the officers of Post 107 of
Palmer and Post 176 of Huntington; and assisted in the instal-
lation of the officers of Post 174 of Greenfield, and the dedication
of their Post headquarters ; also assisted in the formation of Post
184 of South Hadley Falls.

Have made twelve visits to Posts, and attended the dedica-
tion of two soldiers' monuments.

In closing this brief report, I desire to express my apprecia-
tion of the fraternal kindness received in all my official and fra-
ternal relations, and especially am I indebted to Department
Commander Hersey for the many courtesies which demand my
sincere thanks.

Yours in Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty,

Chief Mustering Officer.


Headquarters Dept. of Mass., G.A.R.,
Boston, Jan. 25, 1886.
Alfred C. Monroe, Assistant Adjutant- General.

Comrade : I have the honor to report that during the past
year I have given eleven official opinions on questions submitted
to me concerning elections, the conduct of business in Posts,
courts-martial, and on other points involving construction of the
Rules and Regulations. I have been detailed and acted as Judge
Advocate in one Department court-martial, which was terminated
by the entr}' of a nolle prosequi under the approval of the Depart-
ment Commander.

Yours in F., C. and L.,

Judge Advocate.



Headquarters Deft, of Mass., G.A.R.,
Boston, Jan. 27, 1886.

Commander and Comrades : The Coiiucil of Administration
have held four regular meetings and one special meeting, all of
which have been fully attended.

At the meetiug of March 2, the Assistant Quartermaster-
General was instructed to invest $2,000 in two savings banks,
$1,000 in each.

At the meeting of October 22, Post 141 of Harwich was
given permission to change their headquarters to South Chatham.

The headquarters of the Department were removed to No. 1
Pemberton Square; by so doing a saving of $100 has been made
to the Department in rent.

The Council would respectfully recommend that the sum of
$300 be appropriated by this Encampment, the same as last year,
to be used in paying the travelling fares of the Commander while
on official visits, and of the Senior and Junior Vice-Commanders,
when acting for him on official business ; also, that the travelling
fares of the Commander and Assistant Adjutant-General to the
National Encampment be paid by the Department.

We have, through a committee appointed for the purpose,
carefully examined the books and accounts of the Assistant Adju-
tant-General and the Assistant Quartermaster-General, together
with the bills, vouchers, funds, and supplies on hand, and can
vouch for the correctness of their reports now in your hands.

Your Council desire to express their appreciation of the faith-
ful, earnest and efficient service rendered by our retiring Com-
mander ; also to thank his efficient Assistant Adjutant-General
for the courteous treatment and ready assistance received from
him during our term of office.

Respectfully submitted in F., C. and L.,

JOHN Mcdonough,


Council of Administration.



Headquarters Deft, of Mass., G.A.R.,
Boston, Jan. 27, 1886.
A. C. Monroe, Assistant Adjutant- General.

Sir: In compliance with duties of the honorable position to
which I was elected one year ago, and which I accepted with a
feeling of honest pride and gratification, I now have the honor to
submit the following report : —

I have tried, under the many embarrassing circumstances in
which, during the past year, I have been called upon to represent
the Department of Massachusetts, G.A.R., as Medical Director,
to do my dut}^ in advancing the interests of our organization, to
which we all owe so much loyalty and devotion. I have cheer-
fully rendered whatever service I could to all needy and suffer-
ing comrades, both in the matter of obtaining pensions, gaining
admission to soldiers' homes, writing letters, etc.

I have made many visits to Posts (more especially where a
good time seemed imminent), and also where the good of the
Order and the interests of the boys seemed to demand my pres-
ence, and had it not been for appearing quite superfluous in the
presence of our gallant Assistant Adjutant-General, I should have,
in any emergency, considered it my duty to have looked after the
interests of the girls also. But, joking aside, it is my humble
opinion there is need of a decided change in the duties of the
Medical Director and Post Surgeons towards this Order. That
is, there should be specific duties attached to said offices ; and I
sincerely urge and recommend that some action be taken by the
next Convention to secure from all P( st Surgeons a semi-annual
or annual report, to the Medical Director, of amount of service
rendered comrades and their families gratuitously, also any labor
done by them in securing pensions, etc., — the Medical Director
to be required to render reports to the Surgeon-General. Such
reports would inevitably cause all Posts, in the future, to elect
only professional men to the office of Surgeon ; and it cer-
tainly should be required by the State Department that such
should be the case, for it is certainly absurd to elect an officer to
said position who has no professional claim or title to the same.
It can only bring discredit upon Posts which continue to pursue
such a course. In closing this very imperfect report, allow me to
thank all for the many kindnesses and courtesies extended to me
during the year.

I have the honor to be.

Very respectfully.

Your obedient servant,


Medical Director.



Headquarters Dept. of Mass., G.A.R.,
Boston, Jan. 27, 1886.

No special duty has fallen to the Chaplain during the year.
He has been able to attend all but one of the regular meetings of
the Council of Administration. He is glad to be able to say that
he found himself in full accord with his comrades, the other mem-
bers of the Council. Among the Department officers no death
has occurred, so that the Chaplain has had no occasion to act as
a comforter to the mourner or as a eulogist for the departed.
His duties have been confined to accompanying the Department
Commander in official visits to Posts, camp-fires, fairs and dedica-
tion of soldiers' memorials. The opportunities to form new
acquaintances among the men who periled life for the nation's
safety have been gladly accepted, and respect for them is strength-
ened by the wider acquaintance. The Chaplain trusts that his
successor in office will find the toil equally light, and the pleasures
equally great, for the coming year.



Past Department Commander Cushman moved that a special
committee of five be appointed by the Chair to consider the sub-
ject matter of General Orders, No. 12, from these headquarters,
relative to the Grant Memorial Fund.

Past Department Commander Geo. H. Patch amended the
motion : —

That inasmuch as the Council of Administration had con-
sidered this matter and passed upon it, that their action on the
same be ratified by the Encampment.


On motion of Comrade E. C. Whitney of Post 68, it was
voted that a committee of five be appointed by the Chair to con-
sider the Commander's address and report of officers, said com-
mittee to report at Thursday morning session, and the following
committee was appointed : —

Edmund C. Whitney of Post 68 ; Myrou P. Walker of Post
97 ; David R. Pierce of Post 15 ; J. A. Lakin of Post 41 ; John
L. Knight of Post 16.

At this point, on motion of Comrade Chas. B. Fox of Post
68, it was voted, that when the Encampment adjourns it be to
meet at nine o'clock a.m., tomorrow, January 28.


Comrade J. H. O'Donnell of Post 2 submitted the following
motion : —

That a committee of seven be appointed by the Chair to pre-
pare a list of candidates to be voted for as delegates and alter-
nates to the National Encampment.

Comrade E. B. Loring of Post 15 offered an amendment to
above, as follows : —

That Comrade O'Donnell's motion be postponed until after
the discussion and vote on the Eight-dollar Pension measure is
decided by this Encampment.

Comrade O'Donnell accepted the amendment, and the motion
as amended was carried.

On motion of Past Department Commander Geo. H. Patch,
it was voted, that a committee of five be appointed by the Chair,
to whom all communications and resolutions from comrades and
Posts shall be referred.

The following committee was appointed : —

Chas. B. Fox of Post 68 ; Alfred F. Sears of Post 13 ; Beuj.
S. Lovell of Post 58 ; John R. McCrillis of Post 43 ; W. C.
Pomeroy of Post 86.

The following communications were received from comrades
and Posts.

Comrade Jas. Frey of Post 5 offered the following : —

Commander and comrades, 1 move th'at the delegates to the
National Encampment be instructed to use their efforts to have
Chap. IV., Art. II., of the Rules and Regulations of the Grand
Army of the Republic so amended as to exclude all past officers
of the National and State Encampments from having any vote or
voice in either National or State Encampments.

On motion, the above referred to Committee on Resolutions.

Comrade H. G. O, Weymouth of Post 42 offered the follow-
ing resolutions : —

Upsolved, That we, the Department of Massachusetts, Grand Arin.v
of the Republic, desire to place on record our deep sense of loss in the
death of our beloved and distinjiuished comrade, Gen. George B. Mc-
Clellan. His skill as a commander has shed lustre upon the name of the
American soldier. As a patriot, he was ever ready to serve his country
in any capacity, and we recall with grateful pride his invaluable services
as organizer and commander of the first disciplined army of the late war,
which desei'ves from us as soldiers and citizens that earnest recognition



and hearty indorsement which •will in the future surely be accorded him
in the history of our country.

Besohied, That these resolutions be spread upon our records, and
an engrossed copy be transmitted to the family of our'deceased comrade,
with the heartfelt sympathy and respect of this Department.

On motion of Comrade O. M. Cousens of Post 42 it was
voted, " That these resolutions be accepted and adopted by this
Department, and the Assistant Adjutant-General be instructed to
carry out the instructions therein."

Adopted unanimously by a rising vote.

Comrade H. G. O. Weymouth of Post 42 offered the follow-
ing resolutions : —

Whereas, The admission to permanent membership in the National
Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, as provided by Art. II.,
Sees. 1, 2, 3, of Chap. IV., has increased the representative vote of the
Encampment to an extent which threatens its continuance as a repre-
sentative body ; therefore,

Besolved, That the delegates from this Department be, and they are
hereby instructed to prepare and present to the National Encampment
such amendment to the Rules and Regulations as will hereafter, if
adopted, limit life membership to Past National Commanders only.

Post 22 of Milford offered the following : —

Resolved, That the Commander of this Department be instructed to
draw up a petition in the name of the Department, to be presented to the
Legislature, now in session, that a law be enacted giving the Grand Army
Posts or detachments thereof, and all other citizens of this State, liberty
to enter into any burial place in this Commonwealth on Memorial Day,
so called, for the purpose of decorating the graves of soldiers and sailors
buried therein.

Resolutions offered by Post 68 : —

Whereas, The Grand Army of the Republic, during its existence of
more than eighteen years, has firmly established itself in the confidence
of the people ; and

Whereas, Ample opportunity has been oflered to all honorably dis-
charged soldiers and sailors of the Union Army and Navy to acquaint
themselves with its objects and join its ranks ; and

Whereas, A large number of honorably discharged soldiers have
neglected or refused to unite with our Order, and assist in carrying on
its noble work of relief to suflering comrades, but in many instances,
when in want or distress, have been prompt to call for aid from our
relief fund ; therefore,

Besolved, That our delegates to the National Encampment be
instructed to advocate such changes of the obligations and Rules and


Regulations of the Grand Army of the Republic, as shall leave the subject
of the relief of soldiers, not members of the G.A.R , who have had an
opportunity to unite with it, to the discretion of the several Posts.

Comrade E. B. Loring of Post 15 offered the following
motion : —

That this Encampment indorse the Lovering Eight-dollar
Pension Bill, Forty-ninth Congress, H.R., No. 1096, and that
the delegates to the National Encampment are hereby instructed
to so vote and work at that Encampment as to put the G.A.R. on
record in favor of that measure.

On motion of Comrade P. Powers of Post 126, it was voted
that the discussion on all questions be limited to ten minutes for
each comrade, and no comrade be allowed to speak but once on
each question.

On motion of Comrade Chas. B. Fox, it was voted that when
the vote be taken on the pension measure, it be taken by a yea
and nay vote.

Comrade Loring presented his question in an able manner,
and was followed by Comrade J. H. Abbott of Post 46, speaking
in opposition.

On motion of Past Department Commander Geo. H. Patch,
it was voted that the debate on the pension matter be suspended
for a few moments, in order that he might submit the following
motion : —

That the vote whereby the appointment of Committee to
Nominate Delegates and Alternates to the National Encampment
was postponed until after the Eight-dollar Bill was decided, be

Motion carried and the following Committee to Nominate
Delegates was appointed : —

John H. O'Donnell of Post 2 ; James H. Holmes of Post
37; C. C. Burdett of Post 164; Walter Cutting of Post 125;
Thos. M. Arnold of Post 47 ; Thos. W. Cook of Post 1 ; J. J.
Calanan of Post 71.

Discussion upon the Pension Bill was then resumed, Comrade
Darius Had ley of Post 156 speaking in favor of the bill.

On motion of Comrade T. J. Quinn of Post 57, it was voted
that the vote on the question of pension measure be taken at 1 1
A.M. Thursday, 28th inst., unless sooner reached.


On motion of Department Senior Vice Commander R. F.
Tobin, it was voted that a committee of five be appointed by the
chair to nominate a list of candidates for the Council of Adminis-

The following committee was appointed : —

Geo. L. Clapp of Post 86; J. B. Lamb of Post 10; Frank
McGraw of Post 46 ; John E. Killian of Post 26 ; T. M. Currant
of Post 5.

On motion of Comrade E. B. Macy of Post 19, the Encamp-
ment adjourned at 11 o'clock p.m.


Thursday, Jan. 28, 1886.

The Encampment was called to order at 9.30 a.m., by
Department Commander John W. Hersey, who called on Depart-
ment Chaplain Rev. E. A. Perry, to invoke the Divine blessing.

On motion of Comrade A. Neilson of Post 2, it was voted
that a committee of nine be appointed by the Chair, to consider
the expediency of formiug a Veteran Rights Union Association.

The following were appointed : —

Arthur Neilson of Post 2 ; Wm. S. Hixon of Post 35 ; Thos.
Langlan of Post 15 ; S. M. Weale of Post 23 ; J. Everett Pierce
of Post 66 ; Wilbur F. Lane of Post 7 ; Thos. H. Haskell of Post
11 ; J. E. Killian of Post 26 ; Geo. D. Stiles of Post 5.

Committee on Credentials reported as follows : —

Number of comrades entitled to seats in this Encampment 583

Number of comrades present 519

Divided as follows : —

Department officers . 13

Past Department Commanders 7

Post Commanders 155

Delegates ..... 344

Total 519

Discussion resumed on the pension question by Comrades
E. B. Loring of Post 15, D. Hadley of Post 156, J. B. Ever-
dean of Post 35, Past Department Commander G. W. Creasey,


J. W. Walker of Post 30, Wm. A. Prescott of Post 35, Wilbur
E. Lane of Post 7, D. R. Pierce of Post 15,- in favor; and Com-
rades W. S. Shurtleff of Post 16, Chas. Fay of Post 16, J. H.
Abbott of Post 46, J. Baker of Post 16, A. C. Stone of Post 39,
Past Commander-in-Chief Geo. S. Merrill and W. C. Pomeroy of
Post 86, against.

At this point Commander-in-Chief S. S. Burdett was
announced at the outpost. Commander Hersoy appointed Past
Commander-in-Chief Geo. S. Merrill and Past Department Com-
mander Geo. S. Evans a committee to escort him to the platform.
The Commander-in-Chief was accompanied by the following mem-
bers of his Staff : Comrades W. F. Gierke of Post 2 ; L. Bartell
of Post 1 of Massachusetts ; Samuel Jones of Omaha ; Past Com-
mander-in-Chief Paul Van Dervoort of Omaha. Commander
Hersey introduced the Commander-in-Chief to the Encampment,
who happily responded.

Eleven o'clock having arrived, at which time the vote on the
pension question was specially assigned, the Assistant Adjutant-
General proceeded to call the roll, which resulted as follows : —


Commander John W. Hersey.
Senior Vice-Commander Kichard F. Tobin.
Junior Vice-Commander Chas. D. Nash.
Medical Director Walter H. Leighton.

Council of Administration John McDonough, Horace A Sawver

Assistant Adjutant-General Alfred C. Monroe '

T> . ^^^\ Department Commanders Geo. W. Creasey, Geo. H. Patch.

Post 1. Fred &. Washburn, Andrew J. Smith, Thomas W. Cook, Edward

n ., T. Chapman, Fred S. Tabor, S. C. Chamberlain.
Post 2. C. H. Whiting, Geo. H. Innis, W. F Gierke.
Post 3. I^e^vls B. Hodges, Benj. Morris, Alden H. Blake, Duncan S

Post 4. Edwin C. Gould.

Post 5. T. M Currant, F. H. Bean, Fred P. Larrabee, Geo. C. Hig-ins
W. A. Cotton, David Walker, Frank G. Keliey, Wilhs l'
Hidden, Jas. Frey, Thos. Payton. Warren Bailey, C. m!
Sprague, C. H. Robinson, John Forrest, C. B. Smith S H
Davenport, Fred Fitts, Geo. D. Stiles. '

Post 7. Wilbur F. Lane, Thaddeus Churchill, Jeremiah Wakefield, Geo.
A. J. Colgan, Patrick W. Doherty. Geo. B. Martis, Stephen
o T ^^M^^^' ■^- ^- Cherry, Chas. H. Whitney.
Post S. Jas. M. Sampson, Thos. B. Griffiths, Chas. W. Tm-ner
Post 9. Chas G. Brigham, Geo. W. Poor, C H Hill
Post 11. Wm H. Poole, Isaac W. Derby, Thos. H. Haskell, John Reade,
Chas. Raymond. '

Post 12. Arloii S Atherton, W. S. Harris, Wm. N. Tyler, Justin Howard,

U. h. Kolfe.
Post 13. Alfred F. Sears, Nat'l D. Toppan, Wm. R. Bunker, Chas. E.
Tribou, Francis M. Shaw.



Post N.
Post U).

Post 16.
Post 17.
Post 18.
Post 19.

Post 20.
Post 21.
Post 22.
Post 23.

Post 24.
Post 25.
Post 29.
Post .30.

Post 31.
Post 32.
Post .33.
Post 34.

Post 35.

Post 36.
Post 37.
Post 38.
Post 39.
Post 40.

Post 42.

Post 45.

Post 46.
Post 47.

Post 48.
Post 49.

Post 50.
Post 51.
Post 52.
Post 53.
Post 54.
Post 57.
Post 58.

Post 60.
Post 61.
Post 63.
Post 65.
Post 66.
Post 67.
Post 68.
Post 69.
Post 70.
Post 71.
Post 72.

N. H. Houghton, A. O. Thompson.

David K. Pierce, E. B. Loring, Geo. W. Powers, Samuel Can-
ning, David O. Felt, Moses H. Cleaves, J. Cushing Thomas,

Francis E. Bealin, Thos. Langlan.
E. F. Cross.

Albert L. Barrett, A. L. IShattuck, G. A. Drake.
G. C. Fiske.
Edwin F. Putnam, Fred M. Peckham, Sidney Sibley, Geo. S.

Gilchrist, Edward B. Macy.
Loren B. Moore.
Theodore Leutz.

Henry Hancock, Henry A. Pond.
Edward Preble, Lyman W. Clark, Samuel M. Weale, Lyman W.

George M. Newton.
Ezra J. Hill.
J. Beatey.
Wm. H. P. Plummer, Samuel Hall, P. A. Lindsey, E. J. Dolan,

J. W. Walker, .J. Kinnear.
Geo. O. Vinal, Henry H. Chubbuck.
W. J. Hlake, P. Lynch, D. McCarty.

Wm. P. Warren, Charles W. McDonald, Oliver M. Wade.
T. Wilson Nye, Amos Stillman, Albion M. Dudley, Edward C.

Nelson H. Sibley, Jos. B. Everdean, A. G. Beane, Geo. W.

White, Geo. W. Marsh, Chas. A. Litchfield, Wm. A. Pres-

cott, Wm. S. Hixon, fUias. O. Fellows.
Major Bacon.
Chas. P. Barton, Chas. A. Boyden.

E. D. Goodell.
James Lane.

F. E. West, Frank J. Scott, Nathan Newhall, Charles E.

John Welch, H. G. O. Weymouth, John F. Murphy, John E.

Quinn, O. M. Cousens, Andrew J. Boies, C. A. R. Dimon.
Sidney Gardner, Benj. F. Cook, Chas. H. Parsons, Albert C.

•T. L. Delmage, R. Booth.
Thos. M. Arnold, Wm. H. Johnson, Benj. A. Sawyer, Walter

Goodrich, Carl Jensen, John C. Goodwin.
John H. Sprague, H. C. Sherwin.
Henry Martin, John Burke, Caleb P. Davis, Jr., Russell T.

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