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Assistant Adjutant-General .

He.vdquarters Department of Massachtsetts,

Grand Aiimy ok thic Republic,

12 Pembekton Sq., Room 6.

General Orders, \ Boston, April 8, 1885.

No. 3. r

I. In accordance with General Orders No. 13, National Headquarters,
a thorough inspection of all the Posts in this Department is hereby
ordered, and as the inspections are to be completed and reports for-
Avardod by May 15, it may be necessary in some instances to call
special meetings of Posts. It is hoped that Commanders of Posts Avill
do all they can to aid the inspecting oflicers

II. Comrade Geo. D Stiles of Post 5, Lynn, is appointed Aid-de-
Camp, on the Start" of the Department Commander, and will be obeyed
and respected accordingly.


III. The following Aides-de-camp are hereby detailed to act as
Assistant Inspectors, and are assigned to duty by the Department
Inspector to the several Posts, as follows : —

E W. Lathrop 41,86,160

David Duubar 31, 78, 98, 104

Thos. Langlau 21, 32, 88, 159

Sidney Sibley 28, 69, IIG, 153

Horace J Gray 7, 68, 134

Wm. L. Gage 2, 52, 76, 110

E Warren Harback 14,18,22,24,167

Chas. H. Fuller 43, 54, 63, 64

E. J. Dyer 23, 113, 144

Benj. A. Sawyer . . . . • 112,124,127

H. C. Comins . 71,97

Geo. H. Trescott 16, 176

H. M. Converse 131, 160

J. A. Loomis 103, 147, 164

George Perkins .... .... . 30,81,115,119

E. K. Bly 8, 145, 146, 170

Thos. J. Ames . . 19, 48, 172, 175

A. S. Atherton 42, 75, 149, 161

Frank B. Peabody 39, 101, 138, 180

Charles E. Woodward . 107, 155, 179

B. F. Brooks 85, 109

Geo. E Teele 33, 36, 66

D. H. L. Gleason 62, 92, 121, 142

Emerson Stone 38, 51, 65

Geo. T. Fayweather 10, 135, 163

Edwin C Gould 12, 56, 148

Geo. R. Spooner 79, 125, 158

E. D. Hutchinson 178

Jos. B. Everdean .... . 4, 57, 40

Henry W. Weeks 117, 130, 133, 169

Cyrus T. Batchelor . . 5, 45, 95, 118

Geo. N. Munsell .... 55, 132

Wm. McDonald 126, 177

Chas. H. Spencer 11,26,29,139

Chas F. Urann 15, 99

Thomas J. Tute 87, 102, 143

Geo. W. Corey 27, 61, 137

Flavel Shurtleff 34, 60, 156

Geo. A. Ayling 73, 74, S3

E. C. Marsh ' 9, 53, 80, 96

Thomas K. Gay 1, 3, 46, 91

Oliver H. Ingalls 25, 129, 157

Wm A. Croak 58, 72, 94

W. H. Cross 50, 82, 90, 106

L M. Alden 13, 141, 154

Benj. A. Hathaway Ill, 165

Samuel S. Pratt . . 35, 67, 128

J. Albert Mills 47, 114, 122

N. H. Houghton 6, 44, 105

T. Spencer ,Jenks 37, 70, 77, 136

Wm. E. Jaquith 17, 150, 162

.Arthur Smith 123, 140, 171, 174

Chas C. Burdett 20, 84, 93

J Warren Berry 100, 108, 120, 151

Henry Hutchins 168, 173

Geo. D. Stiles 49, 89, 152


IV. The attention of comrades is called to the renewed interest
manifested in our Oi'der by the lars^e increase of membership the past
year. Much still remains to be done; there are tliousands of honorably
discharged soldiers and sailors in our State who are eligible to member-
ship in our Order. We should use every effort to interest them in our
work ; every comrade, however humble, can do something to help swell
our ranks. I would recommend to each Post the appointment of a com-
mittee of active, zealous workers to make an immediate and systematic
canvass of the city or town in which they are located, and not rest con-
tent until all who are worthy and eligible are enrolled under the
banner of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.

V. The address is wanted at this office of any comrades of Co. E,
13th Mass. Inf., who knew Sergt. Henry Dove of said company: any
comrade of the 36th Mass. Inf who was in the convalescent camp at
Crab Orchard, Ky , in Fall of 1803; John H. Doughty, Post Surgeon at
Newbern, N.C , in 1863; Wra. Harrington or Jeremiah Reardon, Co. K,
146 N.Y. Regt.

VI General Orders, No. 14, from National Headquarters, is here-
with promulgated.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

X. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjittant-General.


Grand Army of the Republic, V
12 Pemberto.v Sq., Room 6. )
General Orders, } Boston, May 7, 1885.

No. 4. \

In accordance with Rules and Regulations and in compliance Avith
General Orders, No 15, from National Headquarters, Saturday, May 30,
will be observed by the comrades of this Department as Memorial Day.

The Department Commander with couHdeuce commits to the various
Posts and comrades of the Department the duty of making suitable
arrangements for the proper observance of this, to us, the most hallowed
and sacred day of all the year, and trusts that Post Commanders and
comrades will endeavor to make such arrangements for its observance
as will be a credit to our organization and an honor to the memory of the
brave men whose graves we decorate ; and above all to discountenance
everything that would tend to make the day aught else than that Avhich it
was intended to be, a JSlemorial Day.

How fitting and appropriate that in this beautiful springtime, when
nature is robed in her fairest and best, a grateful people should tui'n
aside from the usual duties of life, and gathering together the choicest
of the rtoral gems which nature so bountifully provides, cast them as a
heart-otfering upon the graves of our patriotic dead.

And also how fitting and proper that on this day our schools should
close their doors, and turn aside from their usual duties, that our youth
may join in the exercises and thereby catch the inspirations and learn the
loyal lessons of patriotism and devotion which those whose memory we
thus honor practiced so well. Above all, how fitting and appropriate it
is, my comrades, that we should lead in this pilgrimage to these sacred
shrines, for to us the observance of this day has a peculiar significance
all our own, for these brave men whose memory we thus honor were our
comrades, and bound to us by ties welded in the fire of battle.


Let us, therefore, see to it that no coinratle's grave is passed by
unhonored, but that the flag they so bravely defended, and in defence of
which they died, waves over each, and that every mound is strewn with
fairest and sweetest of spring flowers.

It is earnestly desired and requested that Posts will, if possible,
malie arrangements to attend service at some place of public worship on
the Sabbath preceding Memorial Day.

By command of


Official : Departmp/nt Cnmmaiider.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic.

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6.

General Orders, \ Boston, May 25, 1885.

No. 5 J

I. Circulars Nos. -1, 5, 6 and 7, from National Headquarters, are
herewith promulgated.

II. The headquarters of this Department, during the National
Encampment at Portland, June 23, 24 and 25, will be at the armory in
the old City Hall, at the junction of Congress and Middle streets, near
the Preble House, where rooms have been engaged for the Department
Commander and delegates. At these headquarters Avill be found writing
material and a Staff officer on duty to attend to the wants and comfort
of the comrades.

It is hoped that all comrades from Massachusetts will make an effort
to visit Portland during the Encampment, and go prepared to take part
in the parade on the 23d. If your own Post is not present in a body,
fall in with some other Post, for as our Department is the largest in
the New England States, much will be expected of it, and it is in our
power to make the parade, as far as Massachusetts is concerned, a grand
success. Her sous never failed to respond when called upon at the battle
front. We cannot afford to tarnish her i-eputation now.

III. Commanders of Posts that have made arrangements to attend
the National Encampment in a body, are requested to notify these head-
quarters by the 15tb of June, stating the number of men they expect to
have in line. The hour and place of assembly, and to whom to report,
with all details will be announced in future orders.

IV. The address is wanted at this office of Corp. Lyman B Park-
hurst, Chas. .\. Green, or any member of Co. D, 15th Mass. Inf., who
knew Sergt. John S Knight of said company; Nath'l Goodwin, Co. M,
32d Mass^ Inf . ; John Waitt or Sergt. Prouty of Co. L, said regiment ;
any member of Mess No, 2, of the crew of U.S. S. Mohegan, who were
in the bombardment of Fort Fisher, 1864; any member of Co. I, 4th
Mass. Cav. ; Geo. McKona, Co. G, 3d Maine, transferred to the 17th
Maine; Capt. A. S. Parker, or John L. Daniels, Co. F, 61st Mass. Inf.;
Geo. W. Clark, Asst. Surgeon 17th Mass. Inf.; John Kinsley and Chas.
Smith, or any member of the crew of U.S. Gunboat Cherokee, 1864; Capt
Joseph Gilbert, 1st Lieut. Joseph Everhart, 2d Lieut. John McGinnes,
Co. C, 91st Pa. Inf.


V. The findings and sentence of the court-martial of Wm. IT. Lover-
ino:, Quartermaster of Chas. H. Stevens Post 53, Leominster, and Chas
Batchelder of Major How Post 47, Haverhill, are hereby approved, and
they are dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

By command of
Official: JOHN W. HERSF.Y,

A. C. Monroe, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6.

General Orders, ") Boston, June 12, 1885.

No. 6. f

I. General Orders, Nos. IG and 17, from National Headquarters are
hereby promulgated.

II. Comrade P. H O'Connell of Post 90, Dan vers, is appointed
Aide-de-Camp on the Statt' of the Department Commander, and will be
obeyed and respected accordingly. This appointment is made on account
of his distinguished service and sutlering.

III. The fare from Boston to Portland and return, via Boston &
Maine Railroad, .^3.00; via boat, $1.50.

From local points on Boston & Albany, Fitchl)urg, and Boston, Hoosac
Tunnel 6b Western, and Central Vermont railroads, rates will be made
based on three and one-half cents per mile one way.

From all points in New England, tickets to be good for going pass-
age June 19 to 24, 1885, inclusive ; returning until June 30, 1885, inclusive.

Trains leave Boston, via Boston & Maine, Western Division, 9 a m.,
12 30, 3.30 and 6 p.m. : Eastern Division, 7.30 and 9 a m., 12.30 and 7 p.m.
Those desiring quarters at the Camp, hotels or private families address
Comrade A. M Sawyer, Secretary of the Executive Committee, No. 398
Congress street, Portland.

IV. I desire to call the especial attention of Post Commanders to
Paragraph III , General Orders, No. 5, this Department.

V. Upon the arrival of Posts at Portland, Commanders will report
either personally or by their Adjutants at the headcjuarters of the Depart-
ment of Massachusetts (Old City Hall, junction of Congress and Middle
streets), to A C. Monroe, Assistant Adjutant-General, giving the num-
ber of men in their commands and where they are located. Full details
of the parade will then be given It was expected that these would be
published in Orders, but not having been received from the Chief Marshal
they cannot now be promulgated.

VI In order that the drill may be uniform througho\it, the Depart-
ment Commanders of Posts are earnestly requested to accustom their
commands to the following movements : Fours right, fours left, right by
twos, form fours, right front into line, right forward fours right. These
movements are very simple and can be learned in a very short time, and
if used by all the Posts, will add much to the appearance of the Massachu-
setts division

VII. The Department of Massachusetts will be honored at Portland
by being made a division under the command of the Department Officers.
To show that this is appreciated, it is hoped that the division will be a
large one, and that all comrades who possibly can do so will be there.
All whose Posts are not present in a body are requested to report at
headquarters to the Assistant .Vdjutant-General, and will be assigned a
place in line. The route will be a short one, and none will be overtaxed.
The Department Commander hopes that no comrades from Massachu-


setts Avill content themselves with being spectators, but will participate
in the parade.

All comrades wishing to visit Portland l)y rail will apply'to their
Post Commanders for a certificate, Avhich will enable them to purchase
tickets at reduced rates. If the Post goes as a body each Commander can
purchase all the ticl%ets necessary by exhibiting one certificate, but each
comrade going alone will need one.

VIII The address is wanted at this office of any member of Com-
pany A, 3d Mass. H.A. ; any shipmate who served on U.S. S. Varuna at
New Orleans, 1862, who remembers Wm. Perkins of said ship ; any mem-
ber of first detachment, 8th Mass. Batt.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assiiitant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,
Grand Army of the Republic,
12 Pemberton Sq., Room (>.
General Orders, \ Boston, June 20, 1885.

No. 7. /

The following details are announced for the parade at Portland, Me.,
on Tuesday, June 23, 1885 : —

The headquarters of this Department will be at the junction of Mil-
burne and North streets, after 10 a.m , until the column moves.

This Department of the Grand Army of the Republic Avill constitute
the Third Grand Division, and will form promptly at 10.30 a.m. on Mil-
burne street, with the right resting at North street, making a continuous
line as follows : —

Department Colors.
Drum Corps.
E. K. Wilcox Post 16, Springfield, Aug. 9, 1867 — I.'jO men, Chas. H. Allison Com-
mander, escort lo Department Commander John W. Hersey and Staff.
Past Dei)artment Commanders.
Delegates to the Encampment.

The Department will be divided into three sub-divisions. The first
division will be under command of Comrade Richard F. Tobin, Senior
Vice-Commander, whose headquarters Avill be at the corner of Milburne
and North streets, where the following Posts constituting the first sub-
division will report promptly and be assigned position in line in the
order given below^

General Lander Post 5 of Lynn, Feb. 27, 1867— 300 men, Geo. C.Neal Commander-
Charles Russel Lowell Post 7 of Boston, M arch 11 , 1867 — 150 men, Jeremiah Wake"
field Commander.

John A. Andrew Post 15 of Boston, Aug. 6, 1867 — 150 men, John Keefe Com-

W^ashington Post 32 of South Boston, Nov. 6, 1867 — 25 men, W. J. Blake Com-

Theodore Winthrop Post 35 of Chelsea, Nov. 16, 1867 — 100 men. Ivory Allen Com-

Benjamin Stone, Jr., Post 68 of Dorchester, Oct. 6, 1868-123 men, Charles D.
Stiles Commander.

Abraham Lincoln Post 11 of Charlestown, April 23, 1867 — 75 men, Thomas H.
Haskell Commander.

Major G. L. Stearns Post 149 of Charlestown, Dec. 11, 1872 — 25 men, D. W.
Thompson Commander.

John A. Hawes Post 159 of East Boston, Sept. 7, 1883 — 60 men, Flavel Shurtleff

NeedhamPost39of Lawrence, Dec. 10, 1867 — 100 men, James J. Stanley Com-

The second sub-division will be under command of Comrade Chas.
D. Nash, Junior Vice-Commander, whose headquarters will be on Mil-


burne street. The following Posts constitute the second subdivision,
and will be formed iu the order given below.

Colonel Allen Tost 45 of Gloucester, Jan. -21, 1870 — 75 men, W. H. Cross Com-

Major How Post 47 of Haverhill, Jan. 28, 1868 — 75 men, W. H. Johnson Com-

V".'r"l.F°^*^ ■''*' °^ Peabody, April 28. 1879 — 25 men, Geo. F. Barnes Commander.

J. H. Chipman, Jr., Post 89 of Beverly, June 5, 1869 — 50 men, John Hannus Com-

Ward Post 90 of Danvers, June 8, 1869 — 50 men, S. S. Pratt Commander

Phil H. Sheridan Post 34 of Salem, Nov. 15,1867 — 64 men, Samuel Worcester

General James Appleton Post 128 of Ipswich, Jan. 17, 1882 — 50 men, Luther
Wait Commander.

H- ?; ^i?"* ^°®* ■* ^^ Melrose, Feb. 19, 1867 — 30 men, E. C. Gould Commander.

H. M.Warren Post 12 of Wakefield, Aug. 16, 1S67 — 100 men, A. S. Atherton

Wm.H. Smart Post 30 of Cambridgeport, Oct. 23, 1867 —150 men, Samuel Hall

B. F. Butler Post 42 of Lowell, Jan. 15, 1868 — 100 men, Frank B. Peabodv Com-
mander. ^

J. P. Gould Post 75 of Stoneham, Dec. 15, 1869 — 50 men, S. C. Colley Commander
General Wadsworth Post 63 of Xatick, Julv23, 1880 — .50 men, D. E" George Com-
mander. ' " ^""^

James A. Garfield Post 120 of Lowell, Oct. 26, 1881 — 1.50 men, W. W. Tuttle Com-

Isaac Davis Post 138 of Acton, May 2, 1883 — 40 men, Charles B. Sanders Com-

The third sub-division will be under command of Comrade B. Read
Wales, Department Inspector, whose headquarters will be on ]Milburne
street. The following Posts constitute the third sub-division, and will
form in the order given below.

George H, Ward Post 10 of Worcester, April 13, 1867 — 150 men, W. L. Robinson

Edwin V. Sumner Post 19 of Fitchburg, Aug. 16, 1807—140 men,' Ira G. Wilkins

Gilman C. Parker Post 153 of Winchendon, March 6, 1883 — 30 men, T. K. Parker
Commander. '

W. W. Rockwell Post 125 of Pittsfield, March 10, 1882— 100 men O L.Wood

Fletclier Webster Post 13 of Brockton, Julv 1. Ih67— 50 men. Georee A Grant
Commander. " , & « k

Richard Borden Post 40 of Fall River, Jan. 22, 1868 — 75 men, John H. Abbott

Hartsuff Post 74 of Rockland, Jan. 11, 1869— 75 men, E. T. Harvell Commander
ColUngwood Post 76 of Plymouth, Jan. 19, 1869 — 40 men, B. A. Hathawav Com-
mander. •'

Martha Seaver Post 154 of Kingston, Mav 24, 1883 — 30 men, Frank C. Hill Com-

Reynolds Post r<S of AVeymouth, July 2, 1868-150 men, B. S. Lovell Commander

Timothy Ingraham Post 121 of Hyde Park, March 11, 1870 — 50 men, G. G Bailev'
Jr., Commander. ' • ' j>

Paul Revere Post 88 of Quincy, June 4, 1869 — 60 men, J. M. Holt Commander.

Posts will assemble at the time and place mentioned above, and be
assigned to their proper position in line by Division Commanders.

A guidon will be placed at the proper point to indicate the right of
each sub-division.

The command will move by columns of platoons of eight flies front,
Avith a guide, and unless otherwise ordered, or to pass 'obstacles, will
retain this formation throughout the parade, preserving Avheeliug dis-
tance. Comrades in the ranks must be cautioned not to salute while
marching. The salutes will be given by officers, baud, drum corps and

Full information in regard to amusements and 'entertainments will be
found in the official program of the Executive Committee.

By command of
<^fflcial : JOHN W. HERSEY,

A. C. MoNROK, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-General.



Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, )

Grand Army of the Republic, >■

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6. )

General Orders, "I Boston, July 16, 1885.

No. 8. /

I. The National Encampment G.A.R. recently held in the city of
Portland, Me., was the most successful and enthusiastic in the history
of our organization, and can but result in great good in the upbuilding
and strengthening of the Order, especially in our own Department ; and
I desire to improve this opportunity to express to the Department Officers,
both past and present, and to the comrades of the Department, my appre-
ciation and sincerest thanks for the interest manifested l)y them on that
occasion, which resulted in the excellent display that our Department
made, as to members present, perfect discipline and general appearance.
The Department Commander feels that he cannot speak in terms of too
high praise and appreciation of the comrades who contributed so much
in bringing about these gratifying results.

Whilst we did not, as a Department, secure all that we desired in
the way of National Officers, yet I can but congratulate my comrades that
in the selection of officers of the National Woman's Relief Corps, that
grand and noble organization which has done and still is doing so much,
especially in our own Department, to aid us in carrying forward the
charitable work of our Order, 3Iassachiisetts aijain came to the front, and
Mrs. Sarah E, Fuller of East Boston, the tried and true friend of the
soldier, was elected National President; a result that can but gladden the
heart of every comrade who has ever been brought withih the circle of
her influence.

The reports now coming in indicate that we are still on the upward
wave and the comrades have not been idle during the past quarter, but
are determined not to remain quiet nor be content until every worthy old
soldier and sailor is brought within our ranks. I sincerely hope and
trust that even in these vacation months of the present quarter, we may
not cease our ettbrts nor slacken our zeal for the interests and prosperity
of our organization, but that every comrade may resolve that he will do
something at least to help forward the good work, so that we may be
ready when the heated season is past to enter upon a vigorous fall cam-
paign, in which there shall be a forAvard movement along the line.

II. The following nevs' Post has been organized : —

Galen Ork Post 181, Needham, A D Kingsbury, Commander.

III The address is wanted at this office of Capt W. S. Potter, Co.
.V, (i2d Mass Inf.; of Dr. Hamilton, surgeon in charge of Portsmouth
Grove Hospital, R I , in 1863; of Captr Edwin L. Knight, Co. E, 10th
Mass Inf.; of Capt. II B Welch, Co. C, 5th Mass. Cav.; any officer or
comrade of Co. H, 9th Mass. Inf. ; of Samuel Mills, Sergeant Co. D, 2d
Mass. H.A. ; any shipmate on the U.S. S. ConsteUation. from 1861 to 1864
who knew John Glenn, a master at arms on said ship.

IV The findings and sentence of the court-martial of George P.
Buzzell of Major How Post 47 of Haverhill are hereV^y approved, and he
is dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant- General.


Hkadquarters Department op Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6.

General Orders, 1 Boston, July 24, 1885.

No. 9. i

Comrades: It is with feelings of profound sorrow that the Com-
mander has to announce to the comrades of this Department the death of
our honored and beloved comrade, the illustrious soldier and statesman,
the invincible leader, the magnanimous conqueror.

General in. S. Grant,

who died on the morning of the 23d in St., surrounded by his family and

With what intense anxiety have we as a people, and especially his
comrades, watched him, as for months he has been heroically ])attling
with that relentless foe which knows no conqueror; and though we may
have loved and honored him in the past, how much more have we loved
and honored him in the terrible struggle which has just closed in which
he has manifested in a sublime degree the same grand and heroic
qualities that always characterized him, and which made him the savior
of a nation and the idol of its people.

Who, my comrades, can more fully realize and measure the loss we
as an organization and a people have sustained in the death of an honored
and beloved commander than those who followed where he led, and who
stood with him in those terrible years of strife and sutlering, when the
fate of the nation and the freedom and happiness of the oppressed hung
trembling in the balance, which finally culminating at Appomattox, has
forever made the name of Ulysses S. Grant honored and revered by the
patriotic and liberty-loving people the wide world over.

But while we mourn our loss, my comrades, it is Avith a soldier's
submission that we bow at the shrine where is laid our honored com-
mander and beloved comi-ade. The Department Commander would
respectfully suggest that as far as practicable Posts at once call special
meetings and appoint committees to act in conjunction with the citizens
of the various localities in which Posts are situated, and make arrange-
ments for public services suitable to the occasion on the day the funeral
shall take place. In recognition of the great loss which we as an organ-
ization have sustained in the death of our comrade, it is hereby ordered
that the charters and colors of the various Posts of the Department be
suitably draped in mourning and that mourning be worn by Department
and Post Officers, when on duty, for the period of sixtj^ days.

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