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By command' of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.



Headquarters Department ok Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic

12 Pemberton Sq , Room 6

General Orders, "I Boston, Sept. 2G, 1885.

No. 10. /

I. The Commauder desires to express to the comrades of the Depart-
ment his appreciation and thanks for their earnest etibrts in the past in
building up and strengthening our Order throughout the Department,
and also to congratulate them upon the success which has attended their
labors. The experience and observations of the past few months has
more thoroughly convinced the Commander than ever before that the
Grand Array of the Republic is an organization which may Avell engage
the attention and most earnest endeavors of every honorably discharged
soldier and sailor, and one wliich they need not be ashamed to belong to,
and certainly one wliich they caiuiot afford to remain outside of, and
believing that every comrade of the Department is in sympathy with him
in this feeling, he earnestly hopes that every one, Avhatever may be his
position, will strive during the few remaining months of the year, by
earnest and persistent personal work, to bring into our ranks every
worthy veteran who is entitled to membership in our Order, so that our
Department may still maintain the honorable position Avhich it now
occupies among the Departments of the country.

II. I desire to call tlie especial attention of Post otticers to the sus-
pended list, and trust that every effort possible will be made to reduce it
to its lowest possible limits.

III. The Department Inspector will completciarrangements for the
annual fall inspection of tlie various Posts, and it is hoped that Post
officers and comrades will afford the Assistant Inspectors every facility
for making a thorough and systematic inspection of their Posts.

IV. Adjutants' and Quartermasters' reports for third quarter Avill
be due October 1, and I hope they will be forAvarded promptly. All
Posts who fail to get their correct reports to these headquarters by the
15th of October will be reported in General Orders. Post Commanders
will see that the reports are in his hand by October 1, also that the Adju-
tants' and Quartermasters' reports agree as to the number in good
standing, sign and forward same together, never singly, with 'per capita
tax (8 cents per member) to the Assistant Adjutant-General. In case
the Commander is away the Senior Vice-Commander should sign and
forward same Avithout delay.

V. Comrades are warned against John Casey, a suspended member
of Post 42 of LoAvell. He is reported to these headquarters by the Com-
mander of Post 42 as a first-class beat and not deserving of aid Com-
rades are also Avarned to look out for one Charles S. Kingslej', claiming
to belong to James A Garfield Post 7, Department of the Potomac,
Washington, D C-, who has victimized several Posts in Massachusetts.
Said Kingsley can have a fit or broken arm Avhenever it is for his interest
to do so; he is not only a beat but a scoundrel, and has been dishonor-
ably discharged from the Order.

VI. The Grand Army decoration button adopted by the National
Encampment can be obtained at these headquarters. Price ten cents.

VII. The address is Avanted at this office of Sergt. Geo. A. Chute,
Co. K, 59th Mass Inf.; Wm. Nichols, Surgeon 3d Mass. H.A.; Surgeon
Hall Curtis, James Emmerton, J. C. Barrington and J. H. Denney,
Assistant Surgeon, all in 2d Mass. H.A. ; Patrick O. Hare and Henry
Smith, Co. M, 2d Mass. H.A. ; Lieut Jas. C Ring, Co. C, 1st Frontier
Cav. ; any member of Co. C, 1st Mass. Cav. ; Sergt. Geo. H. Morse, Co.
C, 29th Mass. Inf. ; any member of Co. E, 4th Mass. Cav. ; any member


of Co. G, 19th Mass. Inf.; any member of Co. A, 23cl Mass. Inf., who
knew Lysander F. Thompson of said company; of James G. Anderson,
Co. H, 27th Mass. Inf. ; any member of Co. K, 146th N.Y. Inf. ; of some
shipmate on U.S. Gunboat Ironage, when she was lost ofl" Wilmington,
N.C., who knew Joseph J. Gilman ; of any shipmate on board U.S. S.
Fearnanght in 1862, Avho knew John C. Smith of said ship; of any
shipmate on board U.S. Gunboat CarundeJet in 1861, who knew Henry
Smith, seaman on said gunboat; of Newton E. Hitchcock of U.S. S.
Vermont; of some commissioned officer of the 1st Mass. Inf., or 9th
Mass. Batty., who knew Marcellus E. Fay of said regiment and battery.
VIII. The findings and sentence of the court-martial of George A.
Bent of Paul Revere Post 88 G.A.R. of Quincy are hereby approved, and
he is dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.


Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic

12 Pemberton Sq., Room 6

General Orders, \ Boston, Oct. 12, 1885.

No. 11. /

In accordance with Paragraph No. 3, General Orders, No. 10, each
Post will be inspected previous to December 15. Post Commanders are
requested to do all in their power to aid the Assistant Inspectors so that
the returns may not be delayed, holding extra meetings whenever neces-

In addition to the assignments previously made, General Orders,
No. 3, the following inspections are announced : —

Thos. J. Ames 59

A. A. Smith 79

E. W. Lathorp 107

B. A. Hathaway 112, 127

L. M. Alden .' 124

Wm. McDonald 125

H. M. Converse 155

E. D. Hutchinson 1.58

H. C. Comins 179

Henry W. Weeks 181

By command of

B. Read Wales, Department Commander.

Department Inspector.

Official :

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

3M 6. )


Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,
Grand Army of the Refubij
12 Pemberton Sq. Room

General Orders, \ Boston, Nov. U, 1885.

No. 12. i

I. At a regular quarterly meetiug of the Council of Administration
held October 22, one member being alisent, after a thorough discussion
the following motion was unanimously adopted : " That the Council of
Administration consider it inexpedient to follow out the suggestions con-
tained in Circular No. 1 from National Headquarters, in regard to the
Grant Monument Fund, and that the Department Commander and Assist-
ant Adjutant-General be requested to express the views of the Council
relative to this matter in the next General Order." The reason for this
action expressed by the above vote is as follows : That while as a Depart-
ment we yield to none in our love and admiration for him whose memory
this proposed monument seeks to perpetuate, yet we can but feel the
plan suggested in the Circular for the accomplishment of this object is
not our proper and legitimate work. The Grand Army living and dead
have already raised a monument to the honor and memory of General
Grant that is grander and nobler than auj^ that can be built of bronze,
marble or granite; one that will stand long after all these have crumbled
away. We heartily believe in a monument for our old commander and
comrade, one as grand and costly as was ever raised by a grateful nation
in honor of its defenders. But we feel the Grand Array as an organiza-
tion ought not to be called upon to assume the burden and responsibility
of this undertaking, but this task should be performed by a grateful
people who are today reaping such substantial benetits because of the
heroic and self-sacrificing services which he and those who stood with
him rendered to their country. To comply with the request in the Cir-
cular that a sum equal to fifteen cents per capita for each member in
good standing be contributed would take $2646.45 from the funds of the
Posts of this Department, and would in many instances seriously cripple
and hinder them in carrying forward their charitable work. In view of
the fact that winter is close upon us, and as our comrades grow older
they become less able to care for themselves, the demands upon our funds
will be such that Ave do not feel justified in asking the Posts to make this
appropriation. This, of course, does not preclude any Post or comrade
who may feel disposed from making voluntary contributions in aid of
this object; and any money so contributed and forwarded to Assistant
Adjutant-General, Department Headquarters, will be accounted for and
forwarded by him to the Quartermaster-General.

II. The attention of Post Commanders is called to the provisions of
Chapter 189 of the Public Statutes passed by the last Legislature. It is an
act authorizing cities and towns to appropriate money to aid soldiers and
their families, the same to be disbursed by Posts of the Grand Army.
Posts desiring to avail themselves of the provisions of this act should
see that in towns articles are inserted in the warrants prior to the meet-
ing for the election of town officers; and in cities, that the matter is
brought to the attention of the City Councils in due season to secure
favorable consideration. For the information of all Posts and comrades
the statute is printed below.

"Section 1. Any city or town may appropriate any sum of money
for necessary aid to soldiers and sailors and their families, and to the
families of the slain ; and may by special vote entrust such sura or any
part thereof to any Post of the Grand Army of the Republic located in
such city or town, to be disbursed under its direction to any such per-
sons residing in such city or town ; provided^ that the treasurer or other


financial officer of snch Post shall make an annual return to such city or
town under oath, containing an itemized and specillc statement of the
disposition of such sums made by such Posts during the preceding year,
and shall exhibit his vouchers for such disbursements to any committee
of such city or town for examination.

" Sect. 2. The officer designated in Section 1 to hold and disburse
said money shall, before receiving the same, give a bond for the faithful
discharge of his trust to the city or town, paying over the same in such
sums and with such sureties as the mayor and aldermen or the selectmen
may require."

III. A year's supply of blank Adjutants' and Quartermasters' reports
with envelopes have been sent to each Post Commander. If the same
have not been received notice should be sent to these headquarters with-
out delay.

IV. Attention is called to the election of Post officers, delegates and
alternates to the Department Encampment, one delegate and one alter-
nate for every fifty members reported in good standing for third quarter
ending September 30, Avith one additional for more than one-half that
number, but every Post, whatever its membership, shall be entitled to
one delegate. This election must be held at the first regular meeting in
December. Herewith enclosed find blank credentials for reporting the
same; one copy only is to be forwarded to this office.

V. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters : Dr^ Alpheus E Hoyt, Surgeon 25th Mass. Inf. ; Michael
Butler, 1st Sergt. C Batt., U.S. Engineers; any member Co. C, 2d Mass.
H.A , Avho knew Samuel Anderson of said company ; any member Co H,
8th Mass. Inf., who knew Samuel Anderson; Harrison Jenkins, Co. H,
1st Mass. H.A., Surgeon of U.S. S. Tallapoosa from September, 18G4, to
November, 1865; Capt. C. B. Wilder, A.Q.M. U.S. Vol., appointed from
Mass, 1863; Sergt. Reynolds, Co. B, 5th Vt. ; Lieut. HarrLson O.
Simonds, 5th Mass. Batty. ; Wm. H. Thompson of the U.S. S. Mahaska in
1862-63; any member Co D, 3d Mass. Cav., who knew Patrick Doyle of
said company; Lieut. John Doherty, 9th Mass. ; any member Co. H. 1st
U.S Cav.

VI. The reports for third quarter from the following Posts did not
reach these headquarters until after the 15th of October,"namely : Nos.
48, 70, 126, 167, 175.

VII. A Post Commander's badge has been found and left at this
office, which the owner can have by proving property.

VIII The findings and sentence of the court-martial of Comrades
Dennis Gleason, James O'Conner and Edward McKenna of Major How-
Post 47 of Haverhill, and David Lyon of Henry Bryant Post 98 of Cohas-
set, are hereby approved and they are dishonorably discharged from the
Grand Army of the Republic.

IX. General Orders, Nos. 7 and 8, and Circular No. 1 from National
Headquarters are herewith promulgated.

By command of

Official: Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant- General.


Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, )
Grand Army of the Republic, l
12 Pemuerton Sq., Room 6 )
General Orders, "I Boston, Dec. 11, 1885.

No. 13. /

I. General Orders, No. 9, and Circular No. 2 from National Head-
quarters are lierewith promulgated.

II. The order announcing Mustering Officers will be issued on or
about December 2.5. Posts desiring the services of a particular comrade
for this purpose will tirst secure his consent to perform the duty, and
then at once notify tliese headquarters of their choice, when he Avill be
detached by the Chief Mustering Officer. Recommendations must be
received previous to the above date, and in no case will an assignment
be made unless the Post or its representative so designates.

III. In accordance with a resolution adopted by the Nineteenth
National Encampment at Portland, installation maybe conducted publicly
at a special meeting to be held for that purpose, but no part of the open-
ing or closing services or signs of recognition are to be used.

IV. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters: Any member of the 27th Mass. Regiment who was con-
nected Avith the Avagon train at Winchester, Va., in October and Novem-
ber, 1864; Capt. Edward S. Tuteene, 61st Mat^s. Regiment; Col Fillebrown,
who served in a Maine regiment and was stationed at the old Kerr Build-
ing, corner of Main and Water streets, Winchester, Va. ; Capt. Daball,
5th Conn. Regiment, stationed at the jail in Winchester, Va., under Gen-
eral Banks ; Capt. William H. Chapman, Co. I, 2Gth Mass. Inf. ; Lieut.
John Jones, Co. E, 4th Mass. H.A ; -atiy shipmate on board of U.S. S.
Ironage when she was lost.

V. The findings and sentence of the court-martial of Comrade
Richard H Rowell of Post 174 of Greenfield are hereby approved, and he
is dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

By command of
Official: JOHN W. HERSEY,

A. C. Monroe, Department Commander.

Assistant Adjutant-General.

Headquarters Department of Massachusetts, i
Grand Army of the Republic, [•
1 Pemberton Sq , Room 11. )
General Orders, \ Boston, Dec. 28, 1885.

No. 14. /

I. The following named comrades are hereby detailed as Mustering
Officers by Comrade Charles Fay, Chief Mustering Officer of the Depart-
ment, and will install the officers of the Posts whose numbers appear
against their names : —

John W Hersey, Department Commander, Springfield . 16, 86, 103, 179
Richard F. Tobin, Department Senior Vice-Commander, South Boston,

11, 15, 23, 58, 92
Chas. D. Nash, Department Junior Vice-Commander, South Abington, 73

A C. Monroe, Assistant Adjutant-General, Boston 4, 13

B. Read Wales, Department Inspector, Boston 8, 130

Chas. Fay, Chief Mustering Officer, Springfield 176

John G B. Adams, Past Department Commander, Warnersville . 78
Geo. W. Creasey, Past Department Commander, Boston . . . .26, 30
George H. Patch, Past Department Commander, Boston . . . . 7, 62



Geo. S. Evans, Past Department
John D. Billinirs, Past Departm
Geo. L. Goodale, Past Assistant
Francis A. Osgood, Marbleliead
Wm. Spaulding, Wakefield .

A. A. Seaverns, North Scitiiate
Chas. F. Stearns, Winchendon
Frank B. Pea body, Lowell
Wm. C. Litchfield, Berlin . .
Wra. L. Gage, Braintree . .
Alex. Smart, Merrimac . .
H. C. Sherwiu, Ayer . . .
Wm. H. Thomas, Hingham .
E. D. (ioodell, Brookfield . ,
Geo. W. Marsh, Chelsea . .
George O. Bent, South Framing

B. J. Starbuck, Boston . .
Samuel B. Turner, Quincy

J. Albert Roberts, Danvers .
H. I) L. Gleason, Natick . .
Rodney D. Loorais, Millbury
Geo li. Pierce, Slielburne Falls
Cyrus T. Bachelor, Peabody .
Wm. S. Frost, Marlboro . .
Charles Grey, Jr., Athol . .
T. X. Drawbridge, Hopkinton
A. A. Burrell, Milford . . .
Wm. McDonald, Housatonic .
Edward C. Martin, Attleboro
Wm. H. Eastman, Salem . .
Henry B. Pierce, Abington .
A E. Chamberlain, Holliston

C. A Taft, Dedham . . .
Timothy Andrews, Essex . .
Tristram Talbott, Newburyport
J. Albert Mills, Newburyport
Charles E. Peabody, Haverhill
G. W. Nason, Boston .
Samuel M. Weale, East Boston
A. P Morton, Webster . .
Edwin Dews, New Bedford .
E. K. Biy, New Bedford
James F Davlin, Somerville .
Eugene R. Prior, Rockport .
Edwin Earp, Lynn ....
Charles II. Leonard, Plymouth
Charles P'razer. Clinton . .
Geo. E. Teele, Watertown
John F Cunningham. Sandwich
E. Warren Harback, Upton .

J. Walter Bradlee, Milton
A. S. Atherton, Wakefield .
Edwin Legg, Brookfield . .
J. H. Goodhue, Warren . .
N. E. Ladd, Groveland . .
E. W Lathrop, Springfield .
Horace J. Grav, Cambridgeport
R. AV. Rand, Orange . .
James Maguire, Beverly .

Commander, Cambridgeport, 5, 68, 81,
ent Commander, Cambridgeport . 56
Quartermaster-General, Medford





, e-s

, 171


Geo. Perkins, Montvale 75

Aug. N. Sampsou, Boston 113

Flavel Shurtleff, East Boston 156

J. A. Richmond, Shelburne Falls 20

Robt. (j. Sargent, Newbnrj'port 49

C. H. Coburn, Lowell 120

D. M Wilcox, Lee 158

Wm. B. Wallace. Saxonville 142

C. B. Bartlett, Rutland 136

Alex. R. Holmes, Canton 72

C. P. Winslow, Westboro 80

Wm. L Robinson, Worcester ............. 53

Henry W. Weeks, Dedham 181

E. P. Jewett, Boston 91

Geo E Dean, Taunton 3

David L. Hodges, Boston 169

Thos. H. Aunable, Attleboro 133

Wm. E. Jaqueth, Athol 17

James L. Wilbur, New Bedford . . 146

A. E. Pratt, NorAvood 157

Louis L. Stone, Clinton 175

Geo. D. Stiles, Lynn .... 95

E. P. Mills, Hudson 172

C. H. Clark, Westfleld 41

A. H. Cogswell, Methuen 100

Jos. R. Loring, Shrewsbury 96

II. The Commanders of the above indicated Posts should at once
communicate with their Mustering Officers, giving time and place of
installation, and the most direct way of getting there. In case the com-
rade designated above for any Post cannot be present, and where no
comrade has been detailed by the Chief Mustering Officer, any National
or Department officer, or Past Post Commander (in his own Post) in good
standing (except the retiring Commander) may act. In no case will the
officers of any Post be installed until all reports and dues have been for-
warded. (See Service Book.)

III. The nineteenth session of the Department Encampment will be
held in this city, January 27 and 28. It is proposed to have a banquet
at the close of the meeting. In order that the committee may work
understandingly. Commanders of Posts are requested to send to this
office, at their earliest opportunity, on the enclosed card, the names of
comrades of their respective Posts who will purchase tickets to the same.
Price of tickets, $1 GO. Promptness is desirable in this matter, as only
five hundred tickets can be issued, on account of the capacity of the hall.

IV. The following new Post has been organized : —

Cyrus M. Wheaton Post 182, Somerset, Amasa Gray, Jr., Com-

V. The address of the following named persons is wanted at these
headquarters : Any member of Co. B, 19th Mass. Inf., who knew Willard
Lothrop of said company ; Surgeon in charge of Darby Hospital, Phila-
delphia, in 1862 and 1863; Capt. F. H. Hathaway, Co. C, 10th U.S.
colored regiment; H. Phelan, who was in command of U S. S. Da>/Ught
on James River, Virginia, in 1865; the Post Surgeon at Charleston, S C,
x\pril, 1865, or any member of Battery B, 3d Regiment N.Y. L A. ; any
member of Co. D, 1st N.Y. Lincoln Cav. ; of Wm. H. Harrison, Co. L,
3d Mass Cav.

By command of
Official : JOHN W. HERSEY,

A. C. Monroe, Department Commander:

Assistant Adjutant-General.


Headquarters Department of Massachusetts,

Grand Army of the Republic,

1 Pemberton Sq., Room 11.

General Orders,") Boston, Jan. 7, 1886.

No. 15. /

I. The Annual Encampment of this Department will meet at Tre-
mont Temple, Boston, Wednesday evening, Januar}' 27, at 7 o'clock, and
continue the session at Tremont Temple January 28.

II. It is earnestly desired that evei'y Post in the Department shall
be represented by its full delegation, and as arrangements are making
for transacting more of the business than usual at the evening session,
delegates should be on hand punctually and stay through the meeting.
Posts should pay the expenses of their delegates, if necessary, to secure
this end.

III. The ratio of representatives has already been published in
General Orders, No. 12. In the absence of a Post Commander, the Senior
Vice-Commander may represent the Post, or if both are absent, the
Junior Vice-Commander may act.

IV. Comrade Wm. H. Poole, Commander of Post 11, Avill detail an
Officer of the Day, Officer of the Guard, an Orderly, and eight comrades,
to act as guard during the Encampment. This detail -vvill report to the
Assistant Adjutant-General at Tremont Temple at C p m. on the 27th.

V. After the adjournment of the Encampment, a banquet will be
served at Faneuil Hall, to Avhich S. S. Burdett, Commander-in-Chief,
Governor Robinson, Mayor O'Brien, Collector Saltonstall and other dis-
tinguished guests have been invited Only five hundred tickets will be
issued, at one dollar each, and as delegates are first to be supplied, it is
hoped they Avill order tickets through their Post Commanders without
delay, so that if any are left they can be sold to comrades desiring them

VI. The Department Commander takes pleasure in announcing to
the comrades that the second edition of the Blue Book, incorporating
amendments to the Rules, decisions and opinions adopted by the National
Encampment at its session in Portland, Me., is now ready.

It is a complete manual of ready reference to all decisions, opinions
and resolutions of the National Encampment upon the Rules and Regu-
lations now in force which are appended as notes to the article or section
to which they refer, thereby avoiding a tedious search of the authorities.
Each Post should have a copy, and keep it for reference by comrades.

The sale of this book is not restricted to Posts alone, but can be
purchased by comrades from these headquarters at one dollar per copy
Every Post officer should be well informed on the laws governing the
Post, and in this book will be found the information necessary to an
intelligent performance of his duty.

VII The address of the following named persons is wanted at
these headquarters : Any member of Co. G, 20th V.R.C , in 1864 and 1865,
who knew Henry Vierkant of said company; of Lieutenant Harmon,
Co. E, 55th Mass. Inf ; of James Gardner, 1st Sergt. Co. E, 55th
Mass Inf.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant- General.


Headquarters Department of Massachusktts, )
Grand Army of the Republic, [■
1 Pemberton Sq., RoOxM U. )
General Orders, } Boston, Jan. 28, 1886.

No. 16. )■

Comrades : I feel that I cannot suffer the relations that have existed
so pleasantly and, I trust, profitably between us during the past year to
be severed without improving this, my last, opportunity of expressing
to you my sincere thanks for the many courtesies and fraternal greetings
which I have received at your hands during my term of office, and the
memory of which shall linger with me through all the future years of my
life, proving to me, I trust, a constant inspiration more and more to love
and labor for the interests and advancement of this great comradeship,
which is so dear to each one of our hearts.

I also desire to congratulate you, my comrades, upon the harmony
that has prevailed and the success that has attended us in the work of
our Encampment, and I especially desire to congratulate you upon the
officers of your choice for the ensuing year.

Comrade Tobin, the Commander-elect, needs no words of introduc-

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