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Blanchard of Post 53.

On motion of Comrade Samuel Worcester of Post 34, it was
voted that a committee of eleven be appointed by the Chair to
prepare a list of candidates to be voted for as delegates and alter-
nates to the National Encampment, and the following comrades
were appointed : —


Samuel Worcester of Post 34: C. H. Rust of Post 16;
J. B. Lamb of Post 10 ; C. B. P^ox of Post 68 ; Thos. Langlan of
Post 15 ; Dennis Meehan of Post 7 ; J. P^verett Pierce of Post 66 ;
Isaac C. Day of Post 101 ; George G. Bailey of Post 121 ; Albert
Loring of Post 71 ; W. W. Tuttle of Post 120.

Past Department Commander Patch offered the following
preamble and resolutions : —

Wheueas, The comrades of the Department of Massachusetts
received with emotion of profound grief the sad intelligence of the death
of Past Commander-in-Chief Gen. John A. Logan. Therefore

Resolved, That in this sudden calamity the Department mourns the
loss of an inestimable comrade, possessed of qualities rarely united in one
man. In his devotion to principle he was unmoved by attack and insen-
sible to fear. Against the weakness that power and position sometimes
bring to men of high official station, he stood like a wall of steel. In
every pu1)lic duty he bore the stamp of one confident as to his own posi-
tion, and considerate to the rights of his fellow men. His vigor of intel-
lect, supereminent patriotism, and irrepressible devot'iou to his country
gave to the nation at large a permanent interest in his welfare and well

Besolved, That the great heart of the Grand Army of the Republic
of Massachusetts beats in sympathy with the widow of him who was a
leader among men, a servant of his friends and comrades, and loyal and
devoted to every interest of this organization, whose future he made
lasting and secure.

Besolved, That on the list of brave and true men, both rank and file
and leaders of our loved organization, who in the past have given it
undying lustre, the Grand Army of the Republic has no more honored

It was moved and adopted that the resolutions be suitably
engrossed and framed, and forwarded to Mrs. Logan.

At this point, on motion of Comrade Chas. B. Pox of Post 68,
it was voted that when the P^ncampment adjourns it be to meet
at 9.30 A.M. tomorrow at Tremont Temple.

Comrade Samuel M. Weale of Post 23 offered the following
resolutions : —


Whereas, The services and sacrifices of the veteran soldiers, sail-
ors and marines, who served in the army and navy of the United States
during the war for the preservation of the Union, have secured upon a
firm and lasting foundation our existence as a nation, the perpetuity of
our free institutions, and the blessings of peace and unexampled pros-


perity, whicli are the ackno-wledijed fruits of their heroic sacrifices and
patriotic devotion ; and

WiiEHKAS, The surviving veteran soldiers, sailors and marines who
so largelj' contributed to this grand result may justly claim a partial ful-
filment of the pledges so freely made when their services were needed,
and for the consummation of Avhich they have waited until all other cred-
itors of the nation have been satisfied ; and

"Whereas, The surviving veterans of the War of the Rebellion have
now passed the meridian of life, and many of their numbers have reached
the period of old age, while all are i)rematurely old by reason of their
service or the poverty and want to which they have since been subjected.

Ileaolved, That we as delegates and representatives of the Depart-
ment of Massachusetts, Grand Army of the Republic, in Convention
assembled, indorse and respectfully recommend to the favorable consid-
eration of Congress for the relief of the veteran soldiers, sailors and
marines who served in the military or naval forces of the United States,
during the War of the Rebellion, the following bill, viz. : —

•' Be it enacted that all soldiers, sailors, or marines who served in
the army and navy of the United States for the period of three montlis
or more, at any time between the fourteenth day of April, 1861, and April
19, 18G5, and were honorably discharged therefrom, shall, in considera-
tion of such service, receive from the government of the said United States
a i)ension of eight dollars per month for the remainder of their lives, and
this act shall take eftect upon its passage "

liesnlved. That it is the sense of this Convention that the minimum
amount of any pension for disability should not be less than twelve dollars
per month ; and that upon the decease of such pensioner, if married, the
same should be continued to his widow, so long as she remains unmarried.

Comrade John H. O'Dounell of Post 2 offered the following
motion which was carried : That the above resohitions be referred
to Committee on Resohitions, to report at 10 30 o'clock tomorrow,
and also that they be printed and distributed to members of the

On motion of Medical Director C. I). Hendriclvson, a com-
mittee of five was appointed by the Chair on resolutions, viz. : —

Medical Director C. D. Hendrickson of Post 17 ; Edward F.
Rollins of Post 15; J. E. Hunt of Post 20; ,^. B. Brewster of
Post 70; W. H. Gurney of Post 78.

It was voted, on motion of Past Department Commander
Billings of Post 186, that the Committee on Delegates and Alter-
nates to the National Encampment report a printed list of same
at 11.30 o'clock tomorrow; and on motion of Past Department
Commander Adams of Post /J, that the Committee on Candidates


for Council of Administration report at the same time and in tlie
same manner.

Comrade George E. Harrington of Post 23 offered the fol-
lowing resolution : —

Besolved, That it is the sense of this Eucanipmeut, representing
nearly 20,000 veterans, citizens of Massachusetts, that a pension of $12
per month be granted by this government to all disabled veterans of the
late Rebellion, whether the disability was incurred during the Avar, or
since that time, providing such disability is not incurred by immoral con-
duct. Also, that all widows of veterans be entitled to a pension of $12
per month. And that the Department Commander be instructed to notify
the senators and members of Congress from this State that the Depart-
ment of Massachusetts. G.A R. respectfully but earnestly solicit their
aid and co-operation in behalf of the above measures, and that the National
Pension Committee be requested to provide for said measures in their
pension recommendations now before Congress.

On motion of Comrade John H. O'Donnell of Post 2, it
was voted, that all resolutions be referred to the committee on
same, without debate.

Comrade Charles H. Baker of Post .3 offered the following
resolution : —

Besolved, That this Convention indorse the action of the National
Pension Committee, and that our delegates to the next National Conven-
tion lend their earnest support to them in their future eftbrts

On motion of Past Department Commander Creasev of Post
49, it was unanimously adopted by a rising vote that the follow-
ing telegram be sent by the Department, viz.: —

Gen. Horace Bixney Sargknt,

Past Department Commander, Los Angeles, Cal. :
" For Avhat he was and what he has been to us, we remember him
to-day.' '

(Signed) A. C MONROE, A. A. G.,

For tlie Convention.

On motion of Past Commander-in-Chief Merrill, the En-
campment adjourned at 9.30 p.m.


The Encampment was called to order at 9.30 a.m., by
Department Commander Richard F. Tobin, who called on acting
Department Chaplain E. A. Horton to invoke the divine blessing.

Communications and resolutions from comrades and Posts


being iu order, Comrade Seth L. French of Post 18 offered the
following resolution : —

Besolved, That it is tlie sense of tliis Convention tliat a law sliould
be enacted by tliis Commonwealth prohibitinii all persons Avearing the
Grand Army badge who are not entitled to that privilege.

Referred to Committee on Resolutions.

Comrade Tristram Griffin of Post 40 offered the following
resolution : —

Besolved, That it is the sense of this Department, iu Convention
assemiiled, that Post Commanders as delegates to the Department
Encampment represent the Posts to which they belong; that they are
subject to the same lawful orders and to the same discipline of their
Posts, in case they neglect or refuse to obey their lawful orders, as any
regularly elected delegate.

Referred to Committee on Resolutions.

On motion of Comrade Charles B. Fox of Post 68, it was voted
that a committee be appointed to appear before a committee of
the Legislature and urged the completion of the navy record, and
the following were appointed by the Chair: —

Charles B. Fox of Post 68 ; P. H. Kendricken of Post llo ;
G. A. Churchill of Post 68; Richard F. Tobin of Post 2;
Thomas Keefe of Post 35.

Comrade Charles B. Fox of Post 68 offered the following
motion : —

I move that this Encampment appropriate the sum of three
thousand dollars for the support of the Veterans' Rights Union and
Employment Bureau of this Department for the ensuing year and
that the said sum of three thousand dollars shall be paid to the
Bureau in such sums and at such times as their necessities shall
require upon the requisition of the Bureau.

On motion of Comrade J. A. Keefe, the above motion was
laid on the table until after the report of Committee on Com-
mander's Address. At this point Commander-in-Chief Lucius
Fairchild was announced at the outpost. Commander Tobin
appointed Past Commander-in-Chief Geo. S. Merrill as a com-
mittee to escort him to the platform.

The Commander-in-Chief w:is accompanied by the following
members of his Staff": Comrades Henry E. Taiuter, Judge Advo-
cate-General ; S. B. Jones, Aide-de-Camp, Omaha, Neb. ; Ed.


T. Chapman of Post 1, New Bedford; Alien G. Shepherd of
Post 5, Lynn ; Dennis Linnehan of Post 15, Boston; E. F. Cross
of Post 16, Springfield; Wm. S. Hixson of Post 35, Chelsea;
Geo. H. Prescott of Post 41, Westfield ; Charles H. Ross of
Post 2, South Boston; George A. J. Colgan of Post 7, Boston;
Justin B. Willard of Post 10, Worcester; A. L. Norris of Post
30, Cambridgeport.

Commander Tobin introduced the Commander-in-Chief to
the Encampment, who happily responded.

Comrade Wm. H. Poole of Post 11 offered the followiug
resolutioDS : —

Besolred, That it is the sense of this Conventiou that comrades
who by virtue of the vote of this Department have at any time become
permanent members of the National Encampment, or as delegates have
been elected to seats therein for a definite period, are alike the represent-
atives of this Department, and as its agents are responsible for the
faithful discharge of any duty intrusted to them by this Encampment.

Hesolved, That we as representatives of the Posts of this Depart"
ment condemn tlie erroneous views which have obtained on this subject,
that representatives and delegates elected by the votes of its members
and charged with its instructions may violate the same with impunity

Resolved, That this Convention regards with indignation and alarm
the flagrant disregard of its strongly expressed sentiments at the recent
Convention in San Francisco, and the wilful or mistaken action of a part
of the delegation from this Department on the question of representa-
tion and the indorsement of the Eight-Dollar Service Tension Bill.

Referred to Committee on Resolutions.

Comrade Samuel Weale of Post 23 offered the following
changes in the Rules and Regulations, and moved that they be
referred to the delegates to the next National Convention : —


Article II. of Chapter IV., National Encampment. Mem-
bership. Section 1. Strike out the words " and Past Vice-
Commanders-in-Chief " in the fourth line of first paragraph and
insert the word " and" before the words ''Past Commander-in-
Chief" in third line. The section will then read: —

Section 1. The National Encampment shall be composed : First.
Of the Commander-in-Chief and Past Commander-in-Chief so long as
they remain in good standing in their respective Posts, and the other
officers named in Article IV., Section 2 of this chapter.


Strike out the words " Vice-Commauders," in the first Hue
of second paragraph, and all after the word " Department" in the
fourth line to end of paragraph, which will then read: —

Second. Of the Commanders and Assistant Adjutant-Generals of
the several Departments, and the Commander and Assistant Adjutant-
General of each provisional Department.

Strike out paragraph third and substitute paragraph fourth
with the following alterations. Strike out the words " one thou-
sand," wherever occurring in said paragraph, and substitute
therefor the words " five hundred." Strike out five hundred in
the seventh line, and insert the words "half that number," and
the paragraph will read : —

Third. Of one representative at large from each Department, and
one representative for each five hundred members in good standing
therein; and one additional representative for a final fraction of more
than half that number: such representatives to be elected by the Depart-
ment Encampment as provided in Chapter III., Article IX. Any
Department having less than five hundred members, and more than half
that number, shall be entitled to one representative in addition to one
representative at large.

On motion of Comrade Chas. A. Stott of Post 42, it was
voted to divide the resolutions on two points : first, that relating
to Past Department Commanders ; and second, the basis of rep-
resentation. On the proposition relating to Past Department
Commanders having a voice in the National Convention, a dis-
cussion ensued. Comrades Chas. B. Fox and H. G. O. We^nnouth
in favor, and Comrades Stott, Creasey and Billings against.

Comrade Chas. B. Fox of Post 6)^ offered the following pre-
amble to above amendments, which was accepted : —

Whereas, It is evident that the time is near at hand, if it is not
already arrived, when the increase in the number of life membership of
the National Encampment threatens to deprive that body of its represent-
ative character, the foUowing amendments are proposed : —

On motion of Comrade E. W. Thompson of Post 185, the
whole matter was laid on the table until after tlie report of the
Committee on the Commander's Address.

Comrade C. D. Ilendrickson of Post 17, Chairman of Com-
mittee on Resolutions, reported as follows : —

On the resolution of Comrade Harrington of Post 23, your
committee recommend that it be rejected.


After discussion by Comrades Fox, Adams and Merrill in
favor, and Comrade Hendrickson for the committee against, the
resolution was adopted.

On the resolution offered by Comrade Chas. H. Baker of
Post 5, the committee recommend that it be rejected.

On motion, it was laid on the table.

On the resolution offered by Comrade Samuel Weale in
regard to the Eight-Dollar Service Pension Bill, the committee
recommend that it be adopted.

Recommendation of the committee adopted by a rising vote,
three hundred and one in favor, one hundred and sixty-nine

On the resolution offered by Post 13, relating to unauthor-
ized persons wearing the G.A.R. badge, the committee would
report it be adopted.


On the resolution of Post 40 by Comrade T. Gritfiu relating
to Post Commanders being instructed by their Posts at the
Department Convention, your committee would recommend it i>e


On the resolutions of Comrade Wm. H. Poole of Post 11,
your committee report the rejection of the first resolution.


On the second resolution your committee recommend that it
be rejected.


On the third resolution your committee would recommend its


At this point the Assistant Adjutant-General reported for
the Committee on Credentials as follows : —

Number entitled to seats in this Encampment 618

Number present 542

Divided as follows: —

Department Officers 12

Past Department Commanders 7

Post Commanders 156

Delegates oG7

Total 542


Comrade D. R. Pierce, chairman of Committee on Com-
mauder's Address and Reports of Department Officers, made the
following report : —

First. The proposition that the delegates to the National
Convention vote and work for the Eight-Dollar Service Pension
Bill, your committee deemed inadvisable to consider, as the reso-
lutions of Comrade Weale covering the same matter had been
reported on by the Committee on Resolutions.


Seco7icl. That the sum of three hundred dollars be appro-
priated to pay the actual travelling expenses of the Department
Commander when on official duty, or the Senior or Junior Vice-
Commander, when acting in his stead ; that when either of these
otHcers are absent from home upon official duty, as above specified,
and necessarily incur hotel expense, such expense shall be paid
by the Department, provided that the total expenditure covered
by this recommendation shall not exceed the sum of three hundred
dollars, and also provided that all bills embraced in this recom-
mendation shall be subject to the approval of the Council of


Third. That the expenses of the Department Commander
and Assistant Adjutant-General to the National Encampment be
puid by the Department.


Fourth. That the sum of two hundred dollars be appropri-
ated for extra clerk hire, to assist the Assistant Adjutant-General
in the clerical work of his office.


Fifth. That the per capita tax be restored to thirt^'-two
cents in place of twentj'-four cents as at present.

After discussion by Comrades Pierce, Patch and Adams the
recommendation was adopted.

Sixth. That this Encampment petition the General Court
for the passage of the so-called Soldiers' Exemption Bill, and that
Posts in the Department be requested to urge the senators and
representatives of their respective districts to aid in the passage
of the bill.

(Comrade J. L. Knight dissents.)

Majority report of the committee adopted.


Seventh. That this Encampment instrnct its representatives
to the National Encampment to secure, if possible, an amend-
ment to the Rules and Regulations which will unseat Past Depart-
ment Commanders in the National Encampments unless they are
regularly elected representatives.

(Comrades Geo. H. Patch and J. L. Knight dissent.)

On motion. Comrade Samuel Weale's amendments in relation
to this subject were taken from the table and reread, discussion
followed, Comrades J. P. Maxfield and Past Department Com-
mander Evans against, and Comrade Weale in favor. The pre-
vious question being ordered, the recommendation as above and
the amendment relating to the same introduced by Comrade Fox,
were defeated.

On the amendment of Comrade Weale relating to the repre-
sentation of the Department at the National Convention that one
in five hundred be substituted for one in one thousand, the Con-
vention so instructed its delegates to the National Encampment.

Report of Committee^ on Commander's Address resumed.

Eighth. That the committee cordially indorse the suggestion
of the Department Inspector relating to the prescribed form for
inspection, and recommend that the incoming Council of Admin-
istration consider the same, with a view to asking the representa-
tives to the next National Encampment to try to secure a revision
of the present form.

Recommendation of the committee adopted.

On a question of privilege, Comrade Samuel AVorcester of
Post 34 introduced the following resolutions : —

Whereas, An organization known as the Massachusetts Servie-e
Pension Association, a body not responsible to the Grand Army, and
having no necessary connection therewith, has for two successive years
attempted to control the action of this Convention on several matters of
the highest importance, and has gone so far as to dictate its nomina-
tions ;

Whereas, Only a minority of the members of said Association are
delegates in this body and amenable to its discipline, but it has included
men who were not in good standing in their respective Posts, and others
who, for various reasons, are said not to find a prolonged stay in Massa-
chusetts desirable or conducive to health, and since such Association
assumes, by the vote of a majority of its members, who are not delegates
in this body, to control the votes of those who are at once members of
the organization and of this Convention, thus grossly usurping the power


belonging to the Posts, in whom alone such power rests; therefore be it
Bosolved, That this Department, in Convention a.ssembled, hereby
denounces such action as a gross impertinence and an unwarranted inva-
sion of its rights and privileges, a course Mhich, if persisted in, is calcu-
lated to destroy the freedom and usefulness of the Grand Army in this
State, and that those delegates and officers who may continue to co-oper-
ate with the members of said Association, or any similar one, should
understand that such conduct is subversive of good order and discipline,
and worthy of censure, as being a violation of the rights and privileges
of the Posts of this Department and of the Dei)artuient itself. Re it

Jiesolvcd, That the spectacle of an elected officer of this Depart-
ment acting as president at a meeting of soldiers and comrades when
the official acts of his chief, the Department Commander, were denounced
without reproof by him is, in the opinion of this Department, a breach
of discipline and of the privileges of the Convention, and should not be
repeated Be it further

Resolved, That this Convention is fully competent to transact its
business and elect its officers without assistance from any other organi-
zation whatever.

Referred to Committee on Resolutions, who, tlirough Cliair-
man C. D. Hendrickson, reported immediately that the resolutions
be rejected.

Comrade C. A. Stott of Post 42 moved their indefinite post-
ponement, which was carried.

Comrade Charles B. Fox of Post 68 offered the following
resolution, which was adopted : —

Resolved, That this Convention emphatically condemns the action
of members of the Grand Army of the Republic Avho, as members of
other organizations, attempt by nominations for the officers of this Con-
vention to control the action of the Department Convention.

A motion was made to indefinitely postpone its consideration,
which was defeated by a vote of 178 yeas to 271 nays, and the
resolution was adopted by a heavy viva voce vote.

On motion of Comrade Charles H. Tracy of Post 103 it was
voted to proceed to the election of officers.

Comrade Geo. H. Innis of Post 2, as chairman of committee
to prepare a list of candidates to be voted for as Council of
Administration, reported as follow s : —

George L. Goodale of Post 66 ; W. A. Prescott of Post 35 ;
Malcolm Sillars of Post 90 ; Arthur A. Smith of Post 20 ; Edwin
P. Jewett of Post 91.




Comrade Samuel Worcester of Post 34, as chairman of
Committee to Select Delegates and Alternates to the National
Encampment, reported as follows : —


Georo;e H. Innis Post 2, South Boston


Thomas J. Tute .
Edward F. Rollins
N. E. Ladd .
Isaac M. Holt .
Theodore Leutz
E. W. Lathrop
John S. Beck .
Chai'les H. Tracy
George E. Pinkham
AVilliam H. Abbott
Horace A. Sawyer
A. M. Dudley . .
J. B. Brewster
G. F. Thompson
Alva .1. Wilson
George G. Bailey
Peter D. Smith
E. B. Macy .
W. H. Chamberlin

Post 7, Boston
" 15, Boston
" 101, Groveland
88, Quincy
2], Boston
16, Springfield
•• 66, Medford
•• 103, Chicopee
•' 185, Lowell

71, Watertown

5, Lynn
34, Salem
76, Plymouth
10, Worcester
•' 92, Brighton
•' 121, Hyde Park
'• 99, Andover
•• 19, Fitchbuig
'• 125, Pitts field


George D. Stiles Post 5, Lynn


C. D. Stiles . .
Joseph Gregory
John Fj. Killian
Benjamin S. Lovell
William H. Poole .
Frank E. Martell .
W. A. Stinson
J, B. Parsons .
Warren O. Hawley

Post 68, Dorchester
- 82, Marblehead

26, Roxbury
•• 58, Weymouth

11, Charlestown
*• 30, Cambridgeport

Online LibraryGrand army of the republic. Dept. of MassachusettsJournals of the encampment proceedings of the Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. frm 1881 to 1887 inclusive → online text (page 51 of 64)