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A.J.Lowd ... .Salem.

Cyrus T. Batcheldor . Peabody.

Rodney D. Loomis . . Millbury.

Russell L. Doane . . Alhol Ct?ntre.

J H. Balcom .... Ashland.

C. F. Paine .... Groveland.
Wm. 1'. Warren . . . Woburn.
Harlow Chapin . . . Monson.
Edwin Legg .... Brookfield,

E. P. Miles Hudson.

J.H.Abbott .... Fall River.

Benj.Phenix .... Boston.

W. H. Abbott .... Holyoke.

J. Walter Bradlee . . Milton.

Isaac Call Swampscott.

Chas. A. Gross . . . Cohassett.

Wm. L. Hicks . . . Roxbury.

Wm. H. Evelith . . . Cambridge.

A. P. Chamberlaine Concord.'

B. F. Chamberlain . . Sandwich.

II. A list of officers elected at the Annual Encampment of this
Department, held at Boston, January 27 and 28, will appear in the
Roster. Two Rosters will be forwarded to each Post, one to be tiled
Avith G ()., the other for the use of the I'ost Commander.

III. Adjutants' and Quartermasters' reports for first quarter will
be due April 1, and I trust they will be forwarded promptly Adjutants
and Quartermasters are reminded that they should confer not only
regarding the number reported last quarter, but account for gains and
losses, and give the names as called for in the Recapitulation of Muster
Roll and notes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Care should be exercised that the number
remaining in good standing in Form A, and the num))er paid for on
Form B, shall agree. I would call the attention of Post Commanders to
the necessity of carefully examining the reports, seeing that all require-
ments are complied Avith, and after signing both reports, forward the
same, together Avith the per capita tax, six cents per meml)er in good
standing^ to these headquarters. Bear in mind the fact that the per capita
tax has been reduced from eight to six cents per quarter.

IV. May 30 falling onSunday this year, Memorial Day will l)e
observed in "this Department on Monday, the 31st. The Act making
Memorial Day a legal holiday in this State provides that when it falls on
Sunday, the foUoAving day is to be observed. Rules and Regulations also
make the same provision.

V. Comrades are Avarned against J. W. Hammond, Avho is traveling
about asking assistance and claiming to be a member of Gen. Sedgwick
Post 17 of Orange. The Commander informs me that said Hammond is
a dropped memljer and uuAvorthy. Also a man l)y the name of Walker,
claiming nieml)ership in George H. Ward Post 10 of Worcester. The
Commander of Post 10 says he never belonged to that Post and that he
is a fraud. Head him oft'.

VI. The address of the folloAving named persons is wanted at these
headquarters : any member of Co. E or Co F, 20th Mass. Inf. in ISGl or
1862 who kncAv Arthur Johnson of said Regiment; of any inmate of Libby
Prison from December. 18G2, to March, 1863, Avho kncAV J. H. Phalen of
the gunboat Daylight; of any officer or enlisted men of Co. I, 22d Mass.


Inf.; the Hospital Steward of Jert'erson Barracks, New (hMeaiis, in 180;>;
any member of the 6th Mass Light Battery in 18G4 who i<new Tliomas
Guard of said Battery; any memljer of the 20th Mass. Inf. who has any
knowledite of the whereabouts or evidence of death of Wm. Knott, an
unsigned recruit of said regiment; of William P. Higgins, :!d Mass. H. A. ;
of Col. Nelson Green, 70th N.Y. Vols.; any member of Co. C, ;id Mass.
Cav. ; any member of Co. F, 22d Mass. Inf., Avho knew Jeremiah O'Sulli-
van of said Company in 1861; any member of Company C, 1st Mass.
Inf., who knew Geo. Garran of said Company; of Henry Bruce, Hospital
Steward at United States Hospital, Annapolis, Md. , in 1802 and 1863; of
Orderly Sergt. Wm. Henry Jacoljs, Sergt. John Pennaman, and Sergt.
John Prouty, all of Company G, 3'Jth Mass., captured on the 19th day of
August, 1894, and taken to Belle Island, Va.

VII. Posts in extending their invitations to the Department Com-
mander and Staft" to attend camp-fires, opening of fairs, etc., and desir-
ing the presence of Past Department Commanders, should so state in
their invitations, naming those they would like.

VIII The proceedings, findings and sentence of the court-martial
in the trial of Fred A. Wilder and Horace A Manley of John A. Andrew
Post l.T, Boston, are hereby approved, and they are dishonorably dis-
charged and dismissed from the Grand Army of the Republic.

IX. General Orders, No. 11, from National Headquarters, is here-
with promulgated.

By command of

Official : '^Department Commander.

A. C. Monroe,

Ai^sistant Adjutant- General.

Heaixjuartkus Department ok Massachusetts, \
Grand Army of the Republic, [-
1 Pkmberton Sq., Room 11. )
General Orders, ) Boston. April 17, 1886.

No. 3. )

I. In accordance with General Orders, No. 12, National Headquar-
ters, a thorough inspection of all the Posts in this Department is herel)y
ordered, and as the inspections are to be completed and reports forwarded
by May 25, it may be necessary in some instances to call special meetings
of Posts, It is hoped that Commanders of Posts will do all they can to
aid the inspecting ofllcers.

II. Comrades Wm. E. Long and John Keach having tendered their
resignations as Aides on the Department Commander's Staff, the same
are hereby accepted.

III. The following Aides-de-Camp are |hereby detailed to act as
Assistant Inspectors, and are assigned to duty by the Department Inspec-
tor to the several Posts as follows : —


E. W. Lathrop 71, 85, 103, 183

A. S Atherton 4, 5

Thomas Langlan 11,23,30

Jeremiah Wakefield 32, 149

Wm. J. Blake 21, 50, 144

E. P. Jewett 117. 133, 145, 170


Fred C. Hills 63

Thos. H. Haskell 134, 139, 156

A. J. Wilson 62, 181

C. H. Waketiekl 31, 58, 87

C. C. Haskell 93, 162, 164

Win. H. Brown 34, 50, 159

James Cuthbert . . 53, 59, 153

T. I. (iuinu 66, 148

Darius Haclley 75, 82, 92

A. R. Holmes 72, 157, 169

R. L. Atherton 147, 150, 171

R C. Calder 106, 152

A. B. Tierce 18,142,163

C. M. Spragiie . 35, 118

O. L. Wood 126, 158, 177

Wra. H. Johnson 39, 99, 114

Wm. P. Martin 15, 73, 78

Lvsander Wood 13, 52, 94

Wm. A. rrescott 12, 36, 40

L. M. Alden 1, 132

T. F. Ellsworth . • 45, 49, 122

James W. Joyce . . . 100, 101

Thos. W. Cook 46, 146, 182

J. H. Harrison 38, 65, 70

Jas K. Churchill 77, 80, 135, 167

r. H. O'Connell 67, 128

C. E. Bailev 76, 127, 165

H. N. Horton 125, 178

Major Bacon 7, 161

Isaiah Hutchins 48, 64, 180

H. H. Collamore 83, 98, 156

Louis E. Stone 19, 174

H. M. McCloud 86, 97, 165

G. Q. A. Bryant 109, 116. 123

Laurence Gibney 25, 27

J. C. Madigan 60, 91, 130

M. H. Stevens 119, 138

J R. Loring 28, 96, 136

Chas B. Carlin 33, 42

Wm. H. Belcher 14, 22, 129

Owen B. Chaffee 61, 168, 173

J. F. Hunter 20, 79, 174

A. E. Paine 74, 124

B. F. French 140, 179

A. J. Lowd 47, 90

Cyrus T. Batcheldor 89, 120

Rodney D. Loomis 10, 24, 105, 137

R. L. boane 17, 69

J. H. Balcom 6, 9, 43

C. F. Paine 108, 151

Wm. P. Warren 81, 102

Harlow Chapin 16,51, 107

Edwin Legg 37, 131, 160

E. P. Miles 154, 172

J. H. Abbott 3, 8

Benj. Phenix 57

Wm. H. Abbott 41,84,155,176

J. Walter Bradlee 88, 110, 121

Isaac Call * 95


Chas. A Gross 104, 111, 112

Wm. L. Hicks 2, 68, UP.

Wm. H. P^velith 26, 20

A. P. Chainbcrlaine 44, 113, 115

R F. Cliainberlain 55, 141

IV. The address is wanted at tliis oflice of (ieo. II. Coy, Edward
Ford, Tlios. Maloney, all of Co. C, 9th Mass. Inf. ; of 2d Lieut. Jas. G.
Aniory and 1st Sergt. Lyman U. Lee, both of Co M, 2(1 .Mass. II. A ; any
member of Co. E, 18th Mass. Inf., who remeniliers Marcus Soule of said
company being shot through the lungs; of (apt. All)crt G. Mack, Lieut.
Frank R. Vandyke and Sergt. Robert Moi'gan, all of the 18th N Y. IJatt :
any member of Co. F, l!>th Mass. Inf ; any member of Co. F, 20th Mass.
Inf.; any member of Co. U, 2d Mass. Cav., who remembers Luther J.
Palmer of said company ; any member of the crew of the Cumhfrland or
Coivjress, who remembers Thomas Navin ; any shipmate on board U.S.
frigate Sabine in 186.S; of 1st Sergt. Co. H, 56th Mass. Inf.

V. Comrades are warned against rendering assistance to B. (>.
Marvin, claiming membership in Post 140 of Athol. The Commander of
Post 140 informs these headquarters that said Marvin is a dropped mem-
ber and unworthy.

VI. The following new Posts have been orgaui/ed since last Gen-
eral Orders : —

Sek(;t. Plunkktt Post 184, Ashburnham. M. M. Stowe, Commander.
L.vDi) «.<: Whitkey Post 185. Lowell, Dr. G. E. Pinkham, Commander.

VII. (Jeneral Orders, No. 15, from National Headquarters, is here-
witii promidgated.

Rv command of

Official: Department Commander.


Assinta)U Adjutant- (J encral

IIk.mxjiaktkks Depautmknt ok Massaciilsetts, I
Gkand Akaiy of the Repubeic, -
1 Pemberton Sq., Room U. \
General Orders, ^ Boston, May 4, 1886.

No 4. /

I. In compliance with (ieneral Orders, No. 16, from National Head-
(inarters, Monday, May .">1, will be observed in this Department as
Memorial Day.

Comrades, to you is entrusted the proper conduct of the ceremonies
of this day. Discharge those duties with a dignity and solemnity befit-
ting the occasion, and worthy the patriots whose deeds they commem-
orate. See that garland and wreath decorate, and that the Flag of our
I'nion floats above the grave of every soldier and sailor who died that
liberty might live. AVhilst not unmindful that these tokens of love will
not add to their happiness; that their eyes will not behold the flag they
loved so well, and for Avhich they were willing to suffer so much; that
eulogy and commendation will not cause a responsive throb in those
pulseless breasts, yet let their heroism and unselfish patriotism be recalled,
that your cnvn may be exalted, that you may be led to pledge anew fealty
to your country and be reminded of your sacred obligations to these
fallen comrades.

It is recommended that all e.\ soldiers, not members of our Order,
be invited to participate. The awakened memories of the days of war,



— of the camp, the bivouac, the march, the ensanguined field, — memories
of tlie lirave men M'ho shared those hardsliips and faced deatli with them,
may quicken their hearts to a sense of duty towards the dependent ones
of those comrades wlio have bowed to the great conqueror — death, and
a desire may be born for closer union with the survivors.

The citizens, old and young, should be urged to give up their daily
avocations, and unite Avith us in this service, to the end that the elders
may be reminded of the pledges made to the soldiers in the dark days of
the rebellion, when hope had almost fled, and it seemed that treason
would be triumphant ; that they be reminded also of the sacred obliga-
tions they owe to those who suHered and died to make secure and valuable
their property, their lives and their liberties; that the young maybe
taught by these solemn ceremonies that the priceless heritage of fi-eedom,
won through years of suffering and bloodshed by the patriots of 1876, no
less bravely defended by the patriots of 1861 to 1865, should be most
zealously guarded, and that they should ever be ready to devote their
services, their fortunes and their lives to its maintenance.

Every laudable ett'ort should be made to array public opinion against
the custom, which has arisen in may places, of making the day one of
pleasure, devoted to excursions, games and races. Not thus can the les-
sons of the day be impressed upon the minds of young men, who must
assume the responsibilities of citizenship. Let us labor to make it indeed
a Memorial Day; that in recalling the achievements of our heroic dead,
every American may draw fi'esh inspiration and patriotism.

I cannot too strongly urge upon Posts the duty of attending divine
service in a body on Sunday preceding Memorial Day.

Post Commanders are requested to forward to these headquarters
the usual reports of the observance of the day.

II. General Orders, Nos. 16 and 17, from National Headquarters, are
herewith promulgated.

P.J' command of

Official : Department Cmamande.r.

A. C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-General .

He.adquauters Department ok Massachusetts,

Gr.^nd Army of the REiniBLic,

1 Pemberton Sq , Room 11.

General Orders, ") Boston, June 26, 1886.

No. 5. /

I. I wish to call the special attention of Post Commanders to the
necessity for promptness in forwarding reports for the present quarter
The reports from the Department must be sent to National Headquarters
at Washington by July 15. In order to accomplish this the reports from
Posts must be at these headfjuarters not later than July 10. I trust that
Post Commanders will attend to this matter, and see that their reports
are ready and forwarded at an early date.

II. I would also call the attention of I'ost Commanders to the neces-
sity of carefully examining the reports before forwarding them, as mnch
valuable time is lost in being ol)liged to return reports for correction.
This can be avoided by the exercise of a little care, and by following the
instructions given on each blank form.

III. The address is wanted at these headquarters of Capt. Seth M.
Barber, Co. H, 15th Regt. Vet Reserve Corps; of Sergt. Chas. W.


Seagar, Co. II, 56th Mass. Inf. ; of Valentine K. Stone, Hospital Steward,
IStli Mass. Inf.; of James F. Smith, Co. F, 7tli Conn. Inf.; any member
of Co. I, 11th Mass Inf., who knew Joseph I. Lovett of said company;
any meml)er of Co K, .57th Mass. Inf.; of 1st Lieut Andrew J. Morse
and 2d Lieut William Carlton, both of Co. C, 2d La. Cav. ; of 1st Lieut.
Hollls C. I'inkham, 2d Mass. Cav.; of Corp. Bacon and Priv N. B.
Tul)b, Co. G, .5th U.S. Cav.; of John Stevens, Daniel Hurley and James
McKenna, all of Co. H, 20th Mass. Inf. ; any member of Co. I, 42d Mass.
Inf. ; of Frank Bears, C. Sullivan, Co I. 32d Mass. ; any member of Co.
F, 20th Mass. Inf., of some member of Co C, 1st Mas«. Cav., who remem-
bers Daniel W. Kimball of said company: of John M. Flynn, Co. I, 32d
Mass. Inf.; of Capt. Peter J. liooney, Co. TI, 5th Mass. Cav.; of John
Baker, I'riv. 12th Ind Batt., Mass. Light Inf ; some shipmate of U.S.
Receiving Ship Princeton, also from U.S. Steamship St. Louis, who
remembers Michael Fitzgerald; of John McCarthy of the Gunboat IIov-
</Ma/;, in 18()3-r)4 ; some shipmate of U S S. Tristvm ShujUum, in 1864,
who knew John B. Nutter; of C M Fuller, on (iunboat Ozark,
Mississippi Squadron, in 1864; any shipmate on board U S.S. St. Law-
rence, in August, 1863, who knew Michael Towers; any shipmate on
board U S S. Aiu/nsta, who knew Roswell Nichols; any shipmate on
board U.S.S. Monadnocl-, in 1864-65, Avho kneAV Edward McBride, Asst.
Engineer John Basney of the U.S S. Massasoit; any of the officers or
crew of the U.S S. Mahaska in 1865.

IV. Comrades are cautioned against giving relief to a man by the
name of Charles Kasman, Co. B, 2dth Mass. Regt. He claims member-
sliip in Post 2, Vermont. The officers of said Post say they have no
such member, and that he is a fraud. Said Rasman is 5 ft. 7 in. in
height, and gets a pension for the loss of a finger on right hand. Head
him off.

V. General Orders, Nos. 18, 19 and 20, from National Headquarters,
are herewith promulgated.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.


A.isi.stant Adjntant-deneraJ.

Hkadquartkks Dkpautment of Massachusktts.

Grand Army of the Repurlic,

1 Pemrf.rton S(2 , Room 11.

General Ori>krs, \ Boston, Julv 17, 18S6.

No. 6. i

I. At the last Department Enrampmont a committee w'as appointed
to act in concert with the Council of Administration to consider the
expediency of forming a Veterans' Rights Association The committee
and Council have held several meetings, and as the result of their labors
I send you several copies of a Preamble and Constitution adopted by
them for a basis upon which to form such an association. In view of
the importance of this subject, the Department Commander trusts each
Post will give it a careful consideration.

II. In accordance with Art. I , Sec. 3, of said Constitution, Posts
will elect or Commanders appoint two delegates to attend a Convention
to be called Sept. 8, 1886, hour and place of meeting to be announced in
subsequent orders. Posts should not elect or Commanders appoint dele-
gates until the subject has been thoroughly discussed, with the view of


sending comrades avIio may fully represent the opinions of their Post on
this matter.

III. The Department Commander, Assistant Adjutant-General,
Assistant Quartermaster-General and delegates to the National Encamp-
ment ^vill leave Boston for San Francisco on Thursday, July 22, at
4.30 P.M.

During the absence of the Assistant Adjutant-General these head-
(juarters will be under charge of Department Inspector B. Read Wales,
■whose office hours will be from 4.15 to 5.30 v m., except Saturday, when
the office will be closed.

.\s most of the business and correspondence pertaining to the Depart-
ment will have to lay over until the return of the Assistant Adjutant-
(ieneral, I trust that comrades will govern themselves accordingly, and
make no requests of these head([uarters except what is absolutely neces-
sary until his return, Avhich will be about August 23.

IV. The headquarters of the Department in San Francisco will be
at No. fUa Stockton street, S.W. corner California street. All comrades
from Massachusetts are reiiuested to report there .Vugust 2, when they
will be furnished with a ribbon badge. For the honor of the " Old Bay
State," the Department Commander hopes all comrades will go prepared
to take part in the parade and show the comrades of the raciflc Coast
that Massachusetts is always ready Avhen duty calls.

V. The address is wanted at these headquarters of Capt. J. C.
Wenthrop, 62d Mass. Inf ; of Capt. Bott, Co. K, 11th Mass. Inf.; any
officers of the 7th Mass. Batt. L.A.; any shipmate who served on the
Monitor Canunicus in 1861.

VI. General Orders, No. 21, from National Headquarters, is here-
with promulgated.

By command of

Official : Department Commawh'r.

A. C. MoxuoK,

Assistant Adj iitant-irencrul .


Grand Akmy of thk Republic,
* 1 Pemberton Sq , Room 11.

General Orders, i Boston, Sept. 22, ISsO

No. 7.

I. The Department Commander desires to congratulate the com-
rades of the Department upon the large number in attendance upon the
National Encampment at San Francisco. The courtesies and hospital-
ities of the comrades and people of California extended to our delegates
and comrades Mill be held in grateful rememl^rance.

II. Adjutants' and Quartermasters' reports for third quarter end-
ing September 30 should be at these headquarters by the 10th of Octol)er.
I trust they will be forwarded promptly. The Adjutants and Quarter-
masters should have their respective reports ready to hand to the Post
Commander at the close of the last meeting night of the quarter.

III. The attention of Posts is particularly invited to the accom-
panying circular from a committee of the Board of Control of the
"Veterans' Rights Union and Employment Bureau." It must be borne
in mind that each Post in this Department is equally interested in the
success of this Association, as its organization was ordered by vote of
the Department Encampment. I trust this appeal from the committee
will be responded to promptly. All contributions should be sent to


Comrade J. Echvin Hunt, Treasurer of the Association, 1 reniherton
Square, Uoom 11.

IV. Tiie matter of lioldiny a reunion of the (irand Army, referred
to the Council of Administration by vote of tlie Department Encamp-
ment, was duly considered by them and deemed inexpedient to attempt it
this year.

V. The address is wanted at these headquarters of Capt. C. E.
Mitchell, or any officer or shipmate of U.S.S. Baltimon', who remembers
Henry Rand, second-class fireman on said ship; of some comrade of Co.
1). ;5d Mass. Cav., who remembers Asa Caswell of said company; of
James O'Connell, 1st Sers;t. Co. C, 1st Mass. Cav. ; of any of the officers
or crew on board U.S.S. MinncsoUi, at the capture of Fort Fisher, who
remember Howes Mays on said ship.

VI. The proceedintjs, tindings and sentence of the court-martial of
Comrade Charles H Chandler of Post 30, (J.A.R., are hereby approved,
and he is dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic.

VII. General Orders, No. 2, from National Headquarters, is here-
with proraulsated.

By comnuiml of


^*^'<-'''l ■ I)epartme7it Commamh-r.


Assifitant Adjntaitt-Goieral .



fRAND AhMV of the RePUHUC, [■

1 Pembertox Sq., Room 11.)

General Orders, \ Boston, Nov. 12, 188r..

No. 8. )

I. General Orders, No. 3, from National Iiead(inarters, is herewith

II. More definite information in regard to the headstones for sol-
diers' graves, mentioned in National Orders, No 3, will be given to Posts
as soon as the proper Ijlauks are furnished the Department.

III. Particular attention is directed to the election of delegates and
alternates to the Department Encamiiment. This election must be held
at the first regular meeting in December. The ratio of representation
is as follows : One delegate and one alternate for every fifty members
reported in good standing at the end of the third (|uarter"cudiiig Septem-
ber ;>0, with an additional delegate and alternate for the fraction when
it is more than one-half that number. But every Post, Avhatever its
membership, is entitled to one delegate and alternate (See Rules and
Regulations, Chap. Ill, Art. 11.)" Blank credentials are herewith
enclosed on Aviiich to make returns. One copy onlv will be sent to these

IV. A year's supply of blank Adjutants' and (Quartermasters'
reports, with l)lank bond for Post Quartermaster, have been sent to
each Post Coumiander. If the same have not been received, notice
should be sent to these headquarters at once.

V. The original muster of Fred. C. Floyd, a comrade of Post 12.") of
this Department, having by General Orders, No. 6, issued from these
head(|uarters Oct. 27, 1,S75, been declared null and void by reason of an
alleged rejection of said comrade on a former application made by him
to another Post of the G A.R , and it now appearing that the alleged
rejection of said comrade was illegal and improper, and that when he
Avas mustered into the G A ]{ he was eligible as a candidate, he has bv


authority of the National Encampment, GA.R , granted at its last ses-
sion in San Francisco, Cal., and by the unanimous vote of the Council of
Administration of this Department, been declared to be a comrade of
the GAR in good standing, and he will hereafter be regarded and
received as such Tost 125, of which Comrade Floyd was a member,
being no longer in existence, he has been granted the usual transfer card
from these headquarters.

VI. The address is wanted at these headquarters of Capt. David
Linnehan, Co. D, 11th Mass. inf.; of some comrade of Co. L, 13th Fa.
Cav , who remembers Robert Bailey of said company ; of Duncan Robin-
son of the U S S. Lackawanna in 1864; of some comrade of Co. C, 11th
U.S Inf. ; of any member of 2d Mass. H.A. who remembers David Good-
win of said regiment; of any member of Co. H, 25th N.Y. Cav., who
remembers Wm. Gardner of said company.

VII. Comrades are cautioned not to give any assistance to Rowland
C. Whicher, claiming to be an inmate of the Soldiers' Home atTogus, Me.
I have a letter from the Comnuinder of the Fost there, stating that
Whicher is a beat of the first water, and not to trust him under any cir-
cumstances Also look out for ojie William Ashton, Co. I, 4th R.I., Inf.
He is a dropped member of Fost 48, Department of Maine, and is
unworthy of assistance.

VIII. The pi'oceedings, findings and sentence of the court-martial
in the trial of Comrade Charles Stone of Fost 125, G.A.R., Fittsfield, are
hereby approved, and he is dishonorably dischai-ged and dismissed from
the Grand Army of the Republic.

By command of

Official : Department Commander.

A C. Monroe,

Assistant Adjutant-GeneraL

Headquarters Department ok Massachusetts, )
Grand Army of the Republic, >
1 Femberton Sq , Room 11. )

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